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四川妇保医院在哪里?四川省成都第四人民医院正不正规My fellow citizens:同胞们:At this last presidential inauguration of the 20th century, let us lift our eyes toward the challenges that await us in the next century. It is our great good fortune that time and chance have put us not only at the edge of a new century, in a new millennium, but on the edge of a bright new prospect in human affairs -- a moment that will define our course, and our character, for decades to come. We must keep our old democracy forever young. Guided by the ancient vision of a promised land, let us set our sights upon a land of new promise.藉此二十世纪最后一届总统就职演说之际,让我们一起远眺在下一个世纪我们将要面临的挑战。所幸的是,时间和机遇不仅将我们置身于一个新世纪的边缘,一个新的千年,而且是人类事业史上一个光明的崭新前景的边缘,这个时刻将会决定我们未来数十年的道路和特点。我们必须使我们古老的民主永葆青春。在“希望之乡”这一古老憧憬的指引下,让我们着眼于新的“希望之乡”。The promise of America was born in the 18th century out of the bold conviction that we are all created equal. It was extended and preserved in the 19th century, when our nation sp across the continent, saved the union, and abolished the awful scourge of slavery.美国的希望源于十八世纪一种无畏的信念:人皆生而平等。随着十九世纪,我们的国家横跨大陆,拯救了联邦,废除了恐怖的奴隶制的蹂躏,这一希望得以进一步发展和维护。Then, in turmoil and triumph, that promise exploded onto the world stage to make this the American Century.然后,在动荡和胜利之中,这一希望奔上了世界的舞台,使这个世纪成为美国的世纪。 /201304/236773雅安市第一人民医院妇科 In late March 1996, soon after I had moved to Stanford for grad school, my Dad had difficultly breathing and was driven to the hospital. Two months later, he died. I was completely devastated. Many years later, after a startup, after falling in love, and after so many of lifes adventures, I found myself thinking about my Dad.1996年3月下旬,就在我到斯坦福上研究生不久,我爸爸呼吸出现困难,被送到了医院。两个月后,他去世了。我当时几近崩溃。许多年以后,在我重新振作后,在我谈恋爱后,在我体验了如此多的人生经历后,我发现自己总是想起父亲。Lucy and I were far away in a steaming hot village walking through narrow streets. There were wonderful friendly people everywhere, but it was a desperately poor place--people used the bathroom inside and it flowed out into the open gutter and straight into the river. We touched a boy with a limp leg, the result of paralysis from polio. Lucy and I were in rural India--one of the few places where Polio still exists. Polio is transmitted fecal to oral, usually through filthy water. Well, my Dad had Polio. He went on a trip to Tennessee in the first grade and he caught it. He was hospitalized for two months and had to be transported by military DC-3 back home--his first flight. My Dad wrote, ;Then, I had to stay in bed for over a year, before I started back to school.; That is actually e from his fifth grade autobiography.露西和我曾去过一个遥远的异常炎热的村庄。穿过狭窄的街道,到处都有非常友好的人,但那是一个一贫如洗的地方——人们使用的是室内卫生间,水流过露天的水沟,径直流进河里。我们抚摸着一个瘸腿的男孩,瘸腿的原因是得过小儿麻痹症。露西和我曾去过印度的农村——那里至今仍是小儿麻痹症存在的少数几个地方之一。小儿麻痹症是通过排泄物传播到口腔,通常是通过脏水。嗯,我的父亲有小儿麻痹症。是他在一年级时去田纳西州旅行时患此病的。他在医院治疗了两个月,是军用飞机DC-3把他送回家的——那是他第一次坐飞机。我的爸爸是这样写的:“那时,在我开始回到学校之前,我不得不呆在床上一年多。”这实际上是从他的五年级自传中引用的。 /201309/257083The letter s: ;Remember, there are distinctive qualities that set apart the successful Chinese....strive to excel in all you do; be a superb parent willing to curtail your own pleasure for the sake of better nurturing your children; be generous, fair, tolerant, eager to learn from other cultures while sharing your own. But beyond these attributes, remember to have an absence of arrogance and boastfulness; have unfailing courtesy, forbearance, sensitivity of others feelings and above all, the ability to diffuse your anger and grievance, not by surppressing them but by transforming them into helpful, positive emotions. In an age and environment of pretension, you have a precious Chinese cultural heritage which we are proud to pass down to you.....;信里这样写道:“记住,成功的中国人具有和其他人不同的特质...所有事情都要努力做得最好;做一个愿意为培育自己子女放弃自己的快乐的杰出母亲;要慷慨、公正、宽容;不仅要乐于和别人分享你自己的文化,还要热情学习别人的文化。除此之外,切记不要骄傲自大、自吹自擂;要时刻保持礼节,容忍别人,理解别人的感受;最重要的是,要化解你的怒气和悲痛,不是压抑它们,而是把它们转变成积极的、有利的情感。在浮夸的年代和环境中,你又珍贵的中国文化传统,我们为能把它传递给你而骄傲...”And so, with my parents definition of distinguished leadership in my drawer at all times, I have pushed forward to redefine aggressive as assertive, yet hopefully never abrasive, to insure that Im tough enough to make the hard decisions, but never unfairly, always treating people well...reminding myself at all times to have the humility and sensitivity which is expected in the Chinese culture, adapted to the needs of the pressing business environment which requires a healthy dose of outwardly expressed confidence and courage.于是伴随着抽屉里我父母对杰出领导力的定义,我敢于将攻击性重新定义为决断性,但希望避免伤及他人,来确保我在做出艰难决定时能足够强硬,但又不失公正,始终善待别人...提醒自己既要时刻保持中国文化所倡导的谦逊和感性,同时也要有商界高压力环境所要求的外显的自信和勇气。 /201303/232082新都区第一人民医院治疗龟头炎多少钱

四川大学华西医院评论怎么样I want to send my very best wishes to everyone observing the holy month of Ramadan. This is an incredibly special time of year for Muslims at home and abroad a time for charity, for contemplation and community. First, charity. This is one of the things that Islam is all about. Here in Britain, Muslims are our biggest donors – they give more to charity than any other faith group. We see this spirit of giving all year round from the mosques running sports clubs for local children to the Muslim groups selling poppies for Remembrance Day, to those people from around the country who put their wellies on, rolled their sleeves up, and went to help the families hit hardest by this winters storms. Ramadan is a time when that spirit comes to the fore and I am so proud when I hear, every year, about the millions of pounds raised for good causes for those less fortunate than us here in Britain, and those who are suffering in wars and in famines overseas. Second, Ramadan is a time for contemplation to fast, and to pray, and to think deeply about others. This Ramadan, I hope that we can reflect upon a key aspect of our shared history, the bravery of those who fought and died for our freedoms nearly 100 years ago. Just days after Eid, we will be marking 100 years since the First World War. More than a million men and boys from India fought with our troops during that conflict and many thousands of them were Muslims. They travelled across the world to fight to defend our freedom, guided and sustained by their bravery, comradeship, and, above all, by their faith. Their selflessness and their courage helped to secure the liberties we all enjoy today, so this Ramadan – and this centenary – we will remember them and reflect upon their sacrifice. Third, Ramadan is a time for community. And there is nothing that exemplifies this more than those nightly afters, when the fast is broken, the dates are opened, and all that great food is served. Last year I was delighted to see how many community iftars were taking place across the country, in mosques and in community centres, in parks and even in tents. Again this year Government is supporting the Big Iftar programme, with hundreds more communities, from Leeds to Luton, Woking to Manchester, throwing open their doors, so that people of all faiths and none can break b and get to know their neighbours. So wherever you are this holy month, let me wish you, once again, Ramadan Mubarak.201503/364373成都市第二人民医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱 I only wish that some of those musicians were here with us today,so you could see at firsthand how utterly extraordinary they are.查尔斯海泽伍德:我多希望他们今天也能在这儿,你们就能亲眼看到他们是多么非同寻常。Paraorchestra is the name of that project.帕拉乐队就是这个项目的名字。If any of you thinks you want to help me in any way,to achieve what is a fairly impossible and implausible dream still at this point,please let me know.如果你们中的任何人想以任何方式帮助我们,来实现这个目前还是个不大可能难以置信的梦请告诉我。Now my parting shot comes courtesy of the great Joseph Haydn,wonderful Austrian composer in the second half of the 18th century spent the bulk of his life,in the employ of Prince Nikolaus Esterhazy, along with his orchestra.我的告别表演是关于约瑟夫海登,他是18世纪下半叶一个伟大的奥地利作曲家他和他的乐队,受雇于尼古拉斯埃司塔哈吉王子。Now this prince loved his music,but he also loved the country castle that he tended to reside in most of the time,which is just on the Austro-Hungarian border,a place called Esterhazy a long way from the big city of Vienna. 这个王子很喜欢他的音乐,他也喜欢他一直居住的那个城堡,它座落在奥地利匈牙利边境,一个叫埃司塔哈吉的地方离维也纳很远的地方。Now one day in 1772,the prince decreed that the musicians families,the orchestral musicians families,were no longer welcome in the castle. 1772年的一天,王子谕知音乐家的家人,乐队成员的家人,不再受他欢迎。They werent allowed to stay there anymore; they had to be returned to Vienna,as I say, an unfeasibly long way away in those days. 他们不能再住在城堡里,他们必须返回维也纳,那可是段遥远的路途。You can imagine, the musicians were disconsolate.可以想像,音乐家们很伤心。Haydn remonstrated with the prince, but to no avail.海登向王子抗议,但是没用。So given the prince loved his music,Haydn thought hed write a symphony to make the point.鉴于王子热爱音乐,海登写了一首交响曲来表达他的意愿。And were going to play just the very tail end of this symphony now.下面我们将演奏这首交响曲的结尾。And youll see the orchestra in a kind of sullen revolt.你能感受到一种阴郁的反抗。Im pleased to say, the prince did take the tip from the orchestral performance,and the musicians were reunited with their families.我很高兴地说,王子从乐队的表演中感受到了,乐队成员们能和家人一起了。But I think it sums up my talk rather well, this,that where there is trust,there is music by extension life.我想这能说明一切了,有信任就有音乐-生命的延续。Where there is no trust,the music quite simply withers away.没有信任音乐就会枯萎。201503/362044崇州市妇女儿童医院属于私人医院吗

双流县中医院泌尿系统在线咨询Ive always been an optimist我天生乐观,and I suppose that is rooted in my belief that the power of creativity and intelligence can make the world a better place.坚信人类凭创造力和聪明才智可以让世界日益美妙,这一设想一直根植于我的内心深处。For as long as I can remember, Ive loved learning new things and solving problems.自从记事起,我就热衷于接触新事物、挑战难题。So when I sat down at a computer for the first time in seventh grade, I was hooked.可想而知,我上七年级时第一次坐在计算机前是何等着迷,如入无我之境。It was a clunky old Teletype machine那是一台锵锵作响的旧牌机器,and it could barely do anything compared to the computers we have today.和我们今天拥有的计算机相比,它相当逊色几乎一无所用,But it changed my life.但正是它改变了我的生活。When my friend Paul Allen and I started Microsoft 30 years ago,30年前,我和朋友保罗·艾伦创办微软时,we had a vision of ;a computer on every desk and in every home,;我们幻想实现“在每个家庭、在每张办公桌上都有一台计算机”,which probably sounded a little too optimistic at a time when most computers were the size of refrigerators.这在大多数的计算机体积如同冰箱的尺寸的年代,听起来有点异想天开。But we believed that personal computers would change the world.但是我们相信个人电脑将改变世界。And they have.今天看来果真如此。And after 30 years, Im still as inspired by computers as I was back in seventh grade.30年后,我仍然象上七年级的时候那样为计算机而狂热着迷。I believe that computers are the most incredible tool we can use to feed our curiosity and inventiveness -- to help us solve problems我相信计算机是我们用来满足好奇心及发明创造的最神奇的工具——有了它们的帮助,that even the smartest people couldnt solve on their own.甚至是最聪明的人凭自身力量无法应对的难题都将迎刃而解。Computers have transformed how we learn, giving kids everywhere a window into all of the worlds knowledge.计算机已经改变了我们的学习方式,为全球各地的孩子们开启了一扇通向大千世界知识的窗户。Theyre helping us build communities around the things we care about它可以帮我们围绕我们关注的事物建立“群”,and to stay close to the people who are important to us, no matter where they are.让我们和那些对自己重要的人保持密切联系,不管他们身处何方。201308/251405 成都市中西医结合医院门诊电话成都钢铁厂职工医院妇科咨询



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