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汉中市妇幼保健院价格表成都市青白江区人民医院怎么样There is nothing surprising about Donald Trump’s admiration for Vladimir Putin. 唐纳德#8226;特朗普(Donald Trump)敬佩弗拉基米尔#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin),这没有什么让人惊奇的。The would-be US president and the Russian leader share an authoritarian bent. 这位美国总统候选人和俄罗斯领导人都有一种威权倾向。They disdain multilateral engagement in favour of the raw politics of power. 他们蔑视多边接触,喜欢原始的强权政治。Above all, they are transactional. 最重要的是,他们都是交易型的人。Deals are to be shaped by narrow definitions of national interest, unconstrained by international rules or shared values.协议将受到狭隘定义的国家利益的影响,不受国际规则或公认价值观的制约。Mr Putin wants to erase the humiliation of the collapse of the Soviet Union. 普京想抹掉苏联垮台带来的屈辱感。Mr Trump promises to make America great again. 特朗普承诺让美国再次伟大。The reason for the Russian leader’s bad personal relationship with Barack Obama is the US president’s wounding refusal to indulge the fantasy of superpower parity. 俄罗斯领导人跟巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)的个人关系很差,因为美国总统拒绝让普京陶醉于两个超级大国平起平坐的幻想,令他受伤。Perhaps Mr Trump has the better understanding of Russian psychology. 或许特朗普更懂得俄罗斯人的心理。He never ceases to praise Mr Putin as a strong and decisive leader.他一直称赞普京是一个坚强果断的领导人。The Republican party’s contender for the White House is not alone in cosying up to the Kremlin. 向克里姆林宫示好的,并不只有这位美国总统候选人。Populists across Europe — Marine Le Pen’s National Front in France, Nigel Farage’s UK Independence party and the fascist Jobbik and Golden Dawn in Hungary and Greece respectively — have all tipped their hats to Moscow. 整个欧洲的民粹主义者——马琳#8226;勒庞(Marine Le Pen)所属的法国国民阵线(National Front)、奈杰尔#8226;法拉奇(Nigel Farage)所属的英国独立党(UKIP)、匈牙利的法西斯主义尤比克党(Jobbik)和希腊的金色黎明党(Golden Dawn)——都向莫斯科方面表达过敬意。Mr Putin also has sympathisers on the left. 普京在左翼阵营也有持者。Britain’s Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is more comfortable denouncing US imperialism than challenging Russian revanchism.英国工党(Labour)领袖杰里米#8226;科尔宾(Jeremy Corbyn)更愿意谴责美国的帝国主义,而不愿挑战俄罗斯的复仇主义。Until recently the foreign policy establishment was quietly preparing for a Hillary Clinton presidency. 直到不久以前,外交政策领域的体制内人士一直在悄悄地为希拉里#8226;克林顿(Hillary Clinton)当选总统做准备。Mr Trump’s candidacy was a nightmare it would surely wake up from on November 9. 特朗普成为候选人是一场噩梦,这场梦注定会在11月9日醒来。The mood has changed. 情绪已发生了变化。As the polls have tightened, Republicans and Democrats have begun to imagine Mr Trump as commander-in-chief. 随着民调持率差距的拉近,共和党人和民主党人都开始想象特朗普成为总司令的情形。A dark quip among US generals — that they would remove the circuit boards before handing over the so-called nuclear football — no longer seems quite so amusing.美国将军们当中的一个黑色俏皮话——他们在移交所谓核足球(美国总统授权发动核攻击所用的手提箱——译者注)之前会把电路板取下来——不再显得特别好笑了。The fears are that the shy Trump supporters may not be showing up in the polls, that antipathy to Mrs Clinton could see centrists stay at home, and that the resolve of white working-class voters to punish the elites could overwhelm Mr Obama’s winning coalition of educated whites, Hispanics and African Americans. 人们担心,害羞的特朗普持者或许没有反映在民调数字中,对希拉里的厌恶可能让一些持中间立场者呆在家里,白人工人阶级选民惩罚精英的决心会压倒当年帮助奥巴马取胜的受过教育的白人、西语裔和非洲裔美国人的联盟。Faced with compelling evidence of Mr Trump’s mendacity, misogyny and racism, too many people reply that he doesn’t really mean all that stuff.面对特朗普表现出的撒谎、厌女症和种族主义的确凿据,太多人的回答是,他并不真是那个意思。The organising fact for the rest of the world is that the US is the only nation that matters just about everywhere. 在世界其他地区看来,基本事实是美国是唯一在世界各地都具有重要性的国家。It is no longer the hyperpuissance of the 1990s and has lost the appetite to remake the world, but the capacity of a thin-skinned, shoot-from-the-hip president to wreak havoc is chilling. 美国不再是1990年代那个超级强国,也失去了重塑世界的意愿,但如果一位易怒、做事鲁莽的总统上台,那么其造成破坏的能力是令人恐惧的。A lot of people in Washington are trying to persuade themselves that the checks and balances in the system would restrain him. 在华盛顿,很多人在努力劝自己,美国体制中的制衡机制将对他构成约束。Judging from my conversations this week, they are not succeeding in the task.从我最近的谈话判断,他们在这项任务上没有成功。The obvious fear is that a temperamentally unstable president Trump would lash out in a crisis. 人们显然担忧的是,气质上不稳定的特朗普总统在危机期间将会失控。Robert Gates, the Republican former US defence secretary, says simply that he is unfit to be commander-in-chief. 共和党人、前国防部长罗伯特#8226;盖茨(Robert Gates)简要地说,他不适合担任总司令。Mr Trump’s reaction to the latest bomb outrage in New York fitted the pattern. 特朗普对不久前纽约发生的爆炸事件的反应符合这个模式。The US had to knock the hell out of them#8201;…#8201;do something serious over there — them being indeterminate and over there being the Middle East.美国必须痛打他们……在那里认真地做些事——他们不知道指谁,在那里指的是中东。The bigger danger lies in Mr Trump’s promise to withdraw — to tear up trade deals such as the North American Free Trade Agreement, throw up trade barriers against China, repudiate the Paris climate change agreement and the nuclear deal with Iran, and abdicate responsibility for the security of east Asia and Europe. 更大的危险在于特朗普做出的撤退承诺——撕毁北美自贸协定(NAFTA)等协议、建立针对中国的贸易壁垒,拒绝批准巴黎气候变化协议和与伊朗达成的核协议,放弃保卫东亚与欧洲安全的责任。Mr Trump’s policies are shot through with contradictions but one constant drumbeat is his belligerent isolationism. 特朗普的政策相互矛盾,但一个不变的主题是他好战的孤立主义。America will go it alone. 美国将会单干。Hyper-realism, some call it. 有些人称之为超现实主义。Dangerous is a better word.一个更确切的词是危险。The present global order — the liberal, rules-based system established in 1945 and expanded after the end of the cold war — is under unprecedented strain. 当前全球秩序——1945年建立并在冷战结束后扩大的自由主义的、以规则为基础的制度——正在承受前所未有的压力。Globalisation is in retreat. 全球化正在后退。At a conference in New York organised by the US branch of the Ditchley Foundation I heard a distinguished American elder statesman remark that he has never known a period when the world had been simultaneously buffeted by so many upheavals and crises.在纽约一场由迪奇雷基金会(Ditchley Foundation)美国分会组织的会议上,我听到美国一位杰出的老年政治家表示,他从不知道有哪段时期,世界同时受到这么多巨变和危机的冲击。The list is a familiar one. 这是一份大家熟悉的清单。Mr Putin is trying to redraw borders in Europe, the Middle East is in flames, European unity is fracturing, jihadi terrorism is sping, pluralism is challenged by authoritarianism, China is contesting the status quo in the South China Sea and its neighbours are rearming in response, populists are storming the citadels across advanced democracies.普京正试图重画欧洲国家的边界,中东燃起战火,圣战恐怖主义行动在蔓延,多元主义遭到威权主义的挑战,中国正试图改变南中国海(South China Sea)的现状,促使邻国开始重新武装自己,民粹主义者们在各个发达民主国家冲击要塞。To Mr Trump, the answer is American retreat. 对特朗普而言,就是美国撤退。He wants to build walls. 他想建造高墙。He questions the US security umbrella in the Pacific — maybe Japan and South Korea should get their own nuclear weapons? He undercuts the credibility of Nato’s defence of Europe — the US might stand by if Russian troops marched into the Baltic states. 他质疑美国在太平洋的安全保护伞——或许日本和韩国应当发展自己的核武器?他削弱了北约(Nato)保卫欧洲的可信度——如果俄罗斯军队长驱直入波罗的海国家,美国或许会袖手旁观。There is no sense in any of this that American national security is safeguarded by alliances and international order.美国国家安全靠联盟和国际秩序来保障的理念,对特朗普来说毫无意义。If the polls are to be believed, Mr Trump has wrested momentum from Mrs Clinton in the presidential race. 如果民调结果可以相信,那么特朗普在总统竞选中已夺走了希拉里的势头。This does not mean he will win on November 8. 这并不意味着他将在11月8日获胜。The structure of the electoral college gives him only a narrow path to the White House. 选举人团的构成,只给他留了一条通往白宫的窄路。And there are three debates ahead. 前面还有几场辩论。But the unthinkable has become the plausible. 但是,不堪设想的事情已变得看似可信。We should be more than worried. 我们应当感到异常担忧。Neither America nor the world can afford a lurch into Trumpian isolationism.无论是美国还是世界,都承担不起陷入特朗普式孤立主义的后果。 /201609/468970内江市妇幼保健院是属于私立还是公立? BEIJING — If there is ever a time when one truly understands what it feels like to live alongside 1.4 billion people in the world’s most populous nation, it is the annual Golden Week holiday in China.北京——如果说真有那么一个时刻可以让你体会到,和世界人口第一大国的14亿人一起生活是什么感觉,那就是中国一年一度的黄金周了。The holiday always begins on Oct. 1, the celebration of the Communist founding of the People’s Republic in 1949. And this year, the crowds have gotten even more epic in scale, with hordes of travelers taking to the highways, the rails and the air. (Also, of course, to tourist camels in the Gobi, horses on the Tibetan Plateau and boats on the Yangtze River.)这个庆祝共产党1949年建国的假期一向从10月1日开始。今年,人群的规模更大,游客成群结队地涌向公路、铁路和空中。(当然,也有不少人涌向戈壁滩上用于搭载游客的骆驼、青藏高原上的马匹和长江上的游船。)People’s Daily, the Communist Party newspaper, said 589 million people were expected to travel this week — almost twice the population of the ed States.党报《人民日报》称本周预计会有5.89亿人出游,这几乎相当于美国人口的两倍。Though tourists may gripe about the crowds, they are a welcome sight for Communist Party leaders who say that China must move to a more consumer-driven economy. The country’s economic growth has been fueled for many years by infrastructure investment, which officials say is economically and environmentally unsustainable.尽管游客可能会抱怨人群拥挤,但对共产党领导人来说,这是一个他们乐见的迹象,他们认为中国必须转向更依赖消费驱动的经济。多年来,推动中国经济增长的一直是基础设施投资。官方称这种方式在经济和环境上不可持续。But “sustainable” means different things to different people. Photographs of miles-long traffic jams on highways and oceans of people at the country’s top attractions are circulating online this week.但“可持续”对不同的人来说含义不同。本周,网上流传着长达数英里的公路交通堵塞和中国著名景点人山人海的照片。On Tuesday, the official Twitter account of People’s Daily posted one such photo from the Forbidden City, in Beijing. It said the palace had sold 20,000 tickets within two hours on Sunday, or 166 tickets a minute.周二当天,《人民日报》的官方Twitter账号就发布了这样一张照片。照片的拍摄地是位于北京的故宫。该报称周日当天,故宫两小时内售出了两万张门票,相当于一分钟售出166张。The newspaper also pointed out the miseries of being on the road. Early Tuesday, it reported via Facebook (which, like Twitter, is blocked in China) that 500 people had become stuck on Mount Hua overnight after heavy winds forced a cable car to stop operating.《人民日报》还指出了在路上的痛苦。周二凌晨,该报通过Facebook(和Twitter一样,在中国属于被屏蔽状态)报道,在大风迫使一辆缆车停止运行后,500人在华山上被困一夜。One photograph online showed fog and mist enveloping the mountain, and others showed many elderly tourists and women and children gathered in a cave near the mountaintop cable car station. Mount Hua, or Huashan in Mandarin, is a sacred Taoist mountain in Shaanxi Province that is about 7,067 feet tall. The West Peak, where the cable car station is, has an altitude of 6,850 feet.网上的一张照片显示华山被云雾笼罩,其他一些照片上则是很多上了年纪的游客,以及女性和儿童聚集在山顶索道站附近的一个岩洞内的情景。华山是道教圣地,位于陕西省境内,高约7067英尺(约合2154米)。索道站所在的西峰海拔约6850英尺。China Central Television, the main state television network, reported on Monday that 14.4 million people traveled by train on Saturday, the first day of the holiday week, an increase of 15 percent over the same time last year. More than 500 additional trains were put into service, it said.主要官方电视台中央电视台周一报道,上周六——长假开始的第一天——有1440万人乘坐火车出行,比去年同期增加了15%。报道还称此次增开了逾500列火车。Air passengers that day numbered 960,000, a 6.4 percent increase over 2015.飞机乘客人数达到96万,比去年增加了6.4%。Driving was also popular because governments do not collect tolls on roads during this time, “which led to the inevitable gridlock on the country’s highways,” the television network said. The same report said traffic on a six-mile stretch of road in Shanghai ground to a halt.自驾也非常流行,因为政府在节日期间不收公路过路费,“这不可避免地导致公路上出现交通大堵塞”,中央电视台报道。其中还提到,在上海一段六英里长的道路上,交通陷入了停顿。Police officers were using drones to help monitor traffic conditions during the holiday, according to Xinhua, the state news agency. It ed the Ministry of Public Security as saying that 214,000 officers were on the roads on Saturday. There were 55,000 cases of speeding violations, 1,100 cases of drunken driving and 3,100 cases of the illegal use of emergency lanes, the report said.据官方通讯社新华社报道,十一期间警方使用无人机监控交通状况。报道援引了公安部的说法称,上周六有21.4万名警察在路上执勤。报道还称,当天有5.5万违规超速案件,1100起醉驾和3100起非法使用紧急通道的案件。A photograph in a slide show on the website of Xinhua showed cheek-by-jowl crowds beneath an outdoor archway at the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum in Nanjing.新华社网站上发布的一组幻灯片中,一张照片显示了南京中山陵一道牌坊下肩接踵的人群。Domestic tourism has been on the rise in China for years, with the Golden Week period generating more revenue for most tourism-related businesses than any other week of the year.多年来,中国境内游规模一直在增长,与旅游相关的大多数生意在黄金周期间产生的收入,比一年中的任何其他周都多。In 2015, Chinese tourists made four billion domestic trips, twice as many as in 2010, according to government data. That number is also much more than the 122 million trips they made abroad last year.官方数据显示,2015年中国境内游达40亿人次,是2010年的两倍。这个数字也远远多于去年的1.22亿人次境外游数量。Beijing has been quiet outside of the most popular tourist attractions like the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace. On streets that are usually clogged on workdays, there are few cars. Many restaurants are closed.在故宫、长城、天坛和颐和园等热门景点之外的北京非常安静。工作日,街道上往往会出现交通拥堵,节日期间却少有车辆。许多餐馆也停止营业了。One resident, Mu Shuhua, said he was staying in town this week. Outside it, he said, “there are too many people traveling.”一位名为穆舒华(音)的市民表示,他这周一直待在城里。外面“太多游客了”,他说。 /201610/469773The global public health emergency involving deformed babies emerged in 2015, the hottest year in the historical record, with an outbreak in Brazil of a disease transmitted by heat-loving mosquitoes. Can that be a coincidence?2015年,全球出现了涉及婴儿畸形的公共卫生紧急情况。这一年也是有历史记录以来最热的一年。这种由喜热的蚊子所传播的疾病在巴西爆发,是否可能只是巧合?Scientists say it will take them years to figure that out, and pointed to other factors that may have played a larger role in starting the crisis. But these same experts added that the Zika epidemic, as well as the related sp of a disease called dengue that is sickening as many as 100 million people a year and killing thousands, should be interpreted as warnings.科学家称,要确定是否属于巧合需要进行多年的研究。他们指出这次危机可能另有原因。但是,这些专家还补充说,兹卡的疫情以及与之相关的登革热的传播应该被视为一种警告。后者一年最多能感染1亿人,并造成数以千计的人们死亡。Over the coming decades, global warming is likely to increase the range and speed the life cycle of the particular mosquitoes carrying these viruses, encouraging their sp deeper into temperate countries like the ed States.在未来几十年,全球变暖可能造成那些携带这些病毒的特殊种类的蚊子的活动范围扩大和生命周期加快,进而促使这些疫病向美国等温带国家扩展。Recent research suggests that under a worst-case scenario, involving continued high global emissions coupled with fast population growth, the number of people exposed to the principal mosquito could more than double, to as many as 8 billion or 9 billion by late this century from roughly 4 billion today.近期的研究表明,最糟糕的一种情况是,随着全球温室气体的大量排放和人口的高速增长,有可能接触这种蚊子的人口将翻番,目前是40亿左右,到本世纪末将多达80亿或90亿。“As we get continued warming, it’s going to become more difficult to control mosquitoes,” said Andrew Monaghan, who is studying the interaction of climate and health at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo. “The warmer it is, the faster they can develop from egg to adult, and the faster they can incubate viruses.”“随着全球变暖,控制蚊子将越来越困难。”安德鲁·莫纳甘(Andrew Monaghan)说。安德鲁在科罗拉多州尔德的美国国家大气研究中心(National Center for Atmospheric Research)研究气候与健康的互动关系。“天气越热,蚊子从孵化到成年的速度就越快,病毒繁殖的速度也就越快。”Aly, climate change is suspected — though not proven — to have been a factor in a string of disease outbreaks afflicting both people and animals. These include the sp of malaria into the highlands of eastern Africa, the rising incidence of Lyme disease in North America, and the sp of a serious livestock ailment called bluetongue into parts of Europe that were once too cold for it to thrive.人们怀疑,气候变化是人畜感染一系列疾病的一个原因,尽管这一点尚未得到实。这些疾病包括东非高原地区的疟疾,北美莱姆病的发病率升高,欧洲部分地区的牲畜出现的严重的蓝舌病疫情,那些地区之前因为太冷,很少出现这些疾病。In interviews, experts noted that no epidemic was ever the result of a single variable.在访谈中,专家指出没有任何一种传染病是仅由一个变量引起的。Instead, epidemics always involve interactions among genes, ecology, climate and human behavior, presenting profound difficulties for scientists trying to tease apart the contributing factors. “The complexity is enormous,” said Walter J. Tabachnick, a professor with the Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory, a unit of the University of Florida in Vero Beach.相反,传染病常常涉及基因、生态、气候、人类行为等多种因素的互动,所以科学家很难把单个因素分离出来。“原因极为复杂。”佛罗里达大学(University of Florida)位于维罗比奇(Vero Beach)的佛罗里达医学昆虫学实验室的教授瓦尔特·塔巴奇尼克(Walter J. Tabachnick)说。The epidemics of Zika and dengue are cases in point. The viruses are being transmitted largely by the yellow fever mosquito, Aedes aegypti. That creature adapted long ago to live in human settlements, and developed a concomitant taste for human blood.兹卡和登革热就是典型的例子。这些病毒主要是由感染黄热病的伊蚊传播。这种生物早已适应了在人类聚居地生存,并因此喜好人类的血液。Cities in the tropics, the climate zone most favorable to the mosquito, have undergone explosive growth: Humanity passed a milestone a few years ago when more than half the population had moved to urban areas. But spending on health care and on basic public health infrastructure, like water pipes and sewers, has not kept pace. Mosquito control has also faltered in recent decades.热带是最适合蚊子生存的气候带,而那里的城市正在经历迅猛的增长:几年前人类就跨过了一个里程碑:一半以上的人口已迁居到城市地区。但是公共医疗和公共卫生基础设施的投入,比如水管和下水设施,仍是滞后的。近几十年对蚊子的控制也出现了放松。The mosquito lays its eggs in containers of water, of a sort that are especially common in the huge slums of Latin American cities. With unreliable access to piped water, people there store water in rooftop cisterns, buckets and the like. Old tires and other debris can also become mosquito habitat.蚊子在盛水的容器中产卵,这种容器在拉丁美洲城市的大型贫民窟中尤其常见。由于没有可靠的管道用水,那里的人们会把水存放在屋顶的水箱、水桶和类似的容器中。旧轮胎和其他垃圾也可能成为蚊子的栖息地。Water storage near homes is commonplace in areas where Zika has sp rapidly, like the cities of Recife and Salvador in northeastern Brazil, and where dengue experienced a surge in 2015, like S漀 Paulo, Brazil’s largest state.在兹卡病毒迅速传播的区域,比如巴西东北部城市累西腓和萨尔瓦多,以及2015年出现登革热病例激增的巴西最大州圣保罗,都有在民宅附近存水的习惯。Altogether, dengue killed at least 839 people in Brazil in 2015, a 40 percent increase from the previous year. Worldwide, dengue is killing more than 20,000 people a year.2015年,巴西共有至少839人死于登革热,比上一年增加40%。而全世界一年有超过2万人死于登革热。 多名专家在访谈中称,疾病爆发的一个主要原因很可能是城市化、人口增长和跨国旅行造成受风险人口增加。他们认为气候变化只是压垮骆驼的最后一根稻草。Several experts said in interviews that a main reason for the disease outbreaks was most likely the expansion of the number of people at risk, through urbanization, population growth and international travel. They see the changing climate as just another stress on top of a situation that was aly rife with peril.多名专家在采访中说,疾病爆发的一个主要原因很可能是随着城市化、人口增长和跨国旅行,面临风险的人群扩大了。他们认为在已经有重重危险的局面中,气候变化只是其中的一重压力。While they do not understand to what degree rising temperatures and other weather shifts may have contributed to the outbreaks, they do understand some of the potential mechanisms.虽然他们并不知道气温升高和其他气候变化因素,对疫情爆发的作用有多大,但是他们明白其中一些潜在的机制。The mosquitoes mostly live on flower nectar, but the female of the species needs a meal of human blood to have enough protein to lay her eggs. If she bites a person infected with dengue, Zika or any of several other diseases, she picks up the virus.蚊子大多以花蜜为生,但是雌性蚊子为了产卵,需要吸人血来提供充足的蛋白质。如果它叮了已感染登革热、兹卡或其他几种病的人,它就携带了该种病毒。The virus has to reproduce in the mosquito for a certain period before it can be transmitted to another person in a subsequent bite. The higher the air temperature, the shorter that incubation period. Moreover, up to a point, higher temperatures cause the mosquitoes to mature faster.病毒需要在蚊子的体内繁殖一段时间,才能在下一次叮咬时传播给他人。温度越高,病毒繁殖所需的时间就越短。而且在某个限度以内,温度越高,蚊子的成熟就越快。With rising temperatures, “You’re actually speeding up the whole reproductive cycle of the mosquitoes,” said Charles B. Beard, who heads a unit in Fort Collins, Colo., studying insect-borne diseases for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. “You get larger populations, with more generations of mosquitoes, in a warmer, wetter climate. You have this kind of amplification of the risk.”温度上升“实际上会加速蚊子的整个繁殖周期,”查尔斯·B·彼尔德(Charles B. Beard)说,“人口增加了,在更潮湿、更炎热的气候里,存活的蚊子世代也增多了,这就放大了风险。”彼尔德领导着一个位于科罗拉多州科林斯堡的团队,为亚特兰大的疾病控制与预防中心(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta)进行昆虫传播疾病研究。In principle, the risk from continued global warming applies not just to temperate countries, but to cities at high altitude in tropical countries. Researchers are keeping a close eye on Mexico City, for instance.理论上,全球持续变暖所带来的风险,不仅涉及温带国家,还涉及热带国家的高海拔城市。比如,研究人员正在密切关注墨西哥城。With 21 million people in the city and its suburbs, Mexico City is the largest metropolis of the Western Hemisphere. While the lowlands of Mexico are plagued by yellow fever mosquitoes and the viruses they transmit, the country’s capital sits on a mountain plain that has — up to now — been too cold for the mosquitoes.墨西哥城的城区和郊区一共有2100万人,它是西半球最大的都市。虽然在墨西哥的低地,感染黄热病和其他病毒的蚊子到处肆虐,但是墨西哥的首都位于较寒冷的山顶平原,至少目前蚊子还无法在那里生存。But temperatures are rising, and the mosquitoes have recently been detected in low numbers near Mexico City.但是随着气温的升高,墨西哥城附近最近发现了少量的蚊子。“The mosquito is just down the hill, literally,” Dr. Monaghan said. “I think all the potential is there to have virus transmission if climatic conditions become a bit more suitable.”“蚊子已经来到山脚下了,”莫纳甘士说。“我觉得只要气候条件再合适一点,病毒就有可能开始传播。” /201602/427713龙泉驿区人民医院做彩超多少钱

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