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3.Van Gogh Cut Off His Own Ear3.梵高自割其耳If you ask a random person to describe Vincent van Gogh, theyre more than likely to tell you he cut off his ear and mailed it to his girlfriend. None of that ever happened—but the truth is probably even more gruesome.你只要随便找个人问关于文森特·梵高的事,他极有可能告诉你,梵高自割其耳并将其赠与女友实际上,这纯属子虚乌有,但真相甚至更为残酷The new theory on van Gogh ear is that it was sliced off by his fellow painter Paul Gauguin during a fight. After looking through old records and letters from van Gogh, historian Hans Kaufmann believes that the two painters got into a scuffle, during which van Gogh threw a wine glass at his friend. Gauguin responded by unsheathing his sword—as you do—and sliced off van Gogh ear; he then made up the entire story of van Gogh going mad so that he wouldnt be arrested.有新的研究表明,梵高的耳朵是被他的好友画家保罗·高更用剑削下历史学家考夫曼(Hans Kaufmann)对梵高书信及相关著作进行一番研究之后认为,梵高与高更曾有过一次争执,梵高将一杯葡萄酒泼在高更身上,高更自然不甘示弱地拔剑相向(换做你也会这样),并砍下了梵高的一只耳朵随后高更编造了整个故事,称梵高已疯,如此他便逃脱了牢狱之灾There was obviously a rash of it going around because the homosexual lovers Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine got into a similar scuffle. In their case Rimbaud stabbed Verlaine in the hand with a k—under the influence of absinthe—and then proceeded to get a rather painful reprimand in the behind, which landed Verlaine in the clink.很显然,这可能不过是高更愤怒下的鲁莽之举,因为同性恋人亚瑟·兰波 (Arthur Rimbaud)与保尔·魏尔伦 (Paul Verlaine)也曾有过类似的打斗,期间,醉酒的魏尔伦用刀刺伤了兰波的手腕,事后他也被逮捕入狱,受到相应的惩罚.Humans Evolved from Apes.人类由类人猿进化而来In this scenario Christians have it right—but not the way they think. Early classes on evolution usually leave one basic impression: humans evolved from apes. Go to a zoo, and you can watch your genetic ancestors frolicking and flinging poop at each other.基督徒在这个问题上的看法虽然正确,但事实却不是他们所想的那样早期关于人类进化的观点通常都有这样一个基本思想:人类由类人猿进化而来去动物园逛逛,你就能够看见你的遗传祖先嬉戏玩闹,互掷粪便But that not the way it happened. After all, evolution works by eliminating the inferior species while the stronger, better-adapted ones thrive. If that had happened then there wouldnt be any apes left, because we would have outcompeted them. The more likely theory is that humans and the great apes—chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans—started with a common ancestor, and then evolved in separate directions over the years. Specifically: four, eight, and twelve million years ago, respectively.但事实远非如此可别忘了,进化是在淘汰弱者,留下更能适应环境的强者基础上进行的如果我们当真是由类人猿进化而来,那现在就不应该有类人猿的存在,因为它们本该在;优胜劣汰;的原则下为我们所淘汰关于进化现在有了一个可能性比较大的新解,即人类与类人猿(黑猩猩、大猩猩和红猩猩)曾拥有共同的祖先,然后随着时间的推移分化成两具体产生分的时间分别是:四百万、八百一千二百万年前And it still happening—in the animal kingdom, at least. Researchers believe that less than one million years ago the eastern and western gorillas parted evolutionary ways, and are now developing in different directions.这种分过程现在仍在发生——至少动物界还存在类似分过程研究人员认为,一百万年前左右东西方大猩猩就曾产生分,现在它们各自向着不同的方向继续发展1.Thanksgiving (All of It)1.感恩节(及其有关的一切)Here the lie: Pilgrims on the Mayflower arrived at Plymouth Rock in . Unprepared the harsh winter, they were saved by the friendly natives, who gave them food and taught them how to plant corn. The following autumn, on their first harvest in the New World, they had a feast to commemorate the hardships they had survived, and Pilgrim and Indian (sorry, Native Americans) joined hands in celebration.我们的教科书是如此描述的:年英国清教徒搭乘;五月花;号船抵达 ;普利茅斯圣岩;(Plymouth Rock),由于没有为严冬做好足够的准备,友好的当地人对他们施以援手,为他们提供食物并教授他们如何种植玉米不久他们便在这片新大陆上迎来了第一个丰收之秋,并且特意举行了一次盛宴以纪念他们过去的艰辛,其间,清教徒与印第安人(抱歉,应该是美洲原住民)欢聚一堂,其乐融融但这不过又是一个谎言The real story is a touch more cruel, murderous, and genocidal. Three years bee the Pilgrims arrived, European fisherman and settlers had introduced a plague that had swept through the tribes of coastal New England and wiped out nearly ninety-six percent of the entire population. There were reportedly so many bodies that settlers would leave the towns rather than deal with them—only to introduce the bug to the next tribe they encountered. One report from a man named Howard Simpson stated, ;Villages lay in ruins because there was no one to tend them. The ground was strewn with the skulls and the bones of thousands of Indians who had died and none was left to bury them.;真实的历史更为残酷血腥,甚至近似于种族灭绝三年前清教徒还未来到这里时,欧洲渔民和定居者就曾带来了一场瘟疫,新英格兰地区的所有部落都遭逢此难,96%的居民丧生据称,当时欧洲定居者对因瘟疫丧生的尸体不加处理,任其留在印第安人的居住范围之内,最后导致瘟疫向其他各个部落蔓延开来霍华德·辛普森(Howard Simpson)曾经提到,;村庄成了废墟,无人照管成千上万的印第安人尸骸遍地,无人埋葬;There also evidence that the Pilgrims aly knew about the plague, and so chose Cape Cod because they knew that the Indians had aly been wiped out, leaving cleared lands and corn fields ripe the taking. Even worse, the Pilgrims would steal food and tools from any Indians left alive, who were too weak to fight back. But the settlers in Virginia were actually eating the Indians, so I guess the Pilgrims werent that bad by comparison. Yes, I did say eating them.有据表明,这些清教徒原本就已经知道这里曾爆发过瘟疫,正是由于这样他们才选择在科德角(Cape Cod)登陆他们早就知道印第安人几近灭绝,留下大片领土和等待收割的玉米地更糟的是,这些清教徒甚至从无力抵抗的幸存者手中掠夺粮食和工具但相较于弗吉尼亚曾经的欧洲定居者嗜食印第安人的行为,我觉得这些清教徒倒是仁慈了许多对,你没听错,欧洲定居者曾经的确嗜食过印第安人,这可是不争的事实翻译:李念 来源:前十网 3889

  7.Tiger Shark7.虎鲨Tiger sharks are carnivorous fish that get their name from the stripes found on their bodies when they are young. Tiger sharks can grow up to feet in length, and the largest tiger shark every recorded weighed 1,00 pounds. They have very sharp teeth and very powerful jaws. Their bite is so powerful that they can crack the shells of turtles, which is a very difficult feat. Tiger sharks, along with great white sharks and bull sharks, are know attacking humans. However, because tiger sharks arent very picky about what they eat, they often kill humans while a great white shark would usually just bite and swim away. A tiger shark stomach contents has revealed stingrays, seals, birds and even old tires – talk about an unrefined palate!虎鲨属食肉型鱼类,因幼时身上就长满条纹而得名虎鲨可长到英尺长,记录在案的最大的虎鲨重00英磅它们有尖利的牙齿和有力的下颚,咬力大到能将海龟壳咬碎,而这绝非一般海洋生物所能做到虎鲨、大白鲨和牛鲨都因攻击人类而闻名但是,虎鲨可不挑食,大白鲨通常只是咬一口就游走了,虎鲨却会杀死人类虎鲨的不挑食绝非浪得虚名,它们会吃黄貂鱼、海豹、海鸟甚至是旧轮胎There used to be a myth that these indiscriminate predators could be the cure cancer. This idea rested on the fact that sharks dont get cancer. In the 1970s, researchers found that cartilage prevented the growth of new vessels in tissue, and these new vessels are one of the key components of cancerous tumors. Because sharks have skeletons made entirely from cartilage, the researchers reasoned that a shark skeleton would be the best hope new therapies. This therapy was never proven nor has it been clinically tested in America. But even still, LaneLabs still sells cartilage pills today and the market shark cartilage was estimated to reach million in 1995. Untunately, this has decreased the number of sharks in North America by up to 80 percent, and as it turns out, sharks actually do get cancer.曾有传言称,这些食肉者们能治疗癌症,因为鲨鱼不会得癌症世纪70年代,研究人员发现,软骨组织会抑制新血管的生长,而这些新血管恰恰是构成肿瘤细胞的重要组成部分之一因为鲨鱼的骨骼完全是由软骨而来,研究人员推断,鲨鱼的骨骼可为新疗法带来希望但是这一疗法从来没有被实也没有被美国临床测试过即使如此,Lane实验室还是出售软骨药丸据估计,药丸在1995年交易额已达到三千万美元不幸的是,这使得北美鲨鱼总数下降了80%;而事实明,鲨鱼也会得癌症6.Giant Squid6.大王乌贼Giant squids are some of the most mysterious creatures of the sea as well as being the biggest invertebrate on earth. Measuring around 33 feet, the largest giant squid ever found truly was a giant weighing nearly ,000 pounds and measuring 59 feet in length. Giant squids are elusive in their natural habitats and difficult to study. Most of what we know about them is from deceased squids that have washed up on beaches. It was not until that the first images of a live giant squid were taken. Giant squids have been found on beaches all over the world but it is still hard to say how far they swim or what their exact habitats are. These humongous squids also have massive eyes because they live so deep in the ocean that they do not see any light. Little is known about the giant squid but it is possible that when given the chance, they will kill and eat small whales, implying that those massive tentacles must be very strong.大王乌贼是海洋中最神秘的一类生物,也是地球上最大的无脊椎动物大王乌贼一般长约米,最大的大王乌贼则长达18米,重达900千克大王乌贼在自己的栖息地内总是来无影去无踪,很难加以研究目前我们只能通过死亡后被海水冲到岸边的乌贼了解其相关信息直到年,才首次拍到活着的大王乌贼影像我们在世界各地的沙滩上都见到过大王乌贼的身影,但至今仍很难说清楚它们究竟能游多远或者它们的栖息地到底在哪里这类巨型鱿鱼的眼睛大得惊人,因为它们常年生活在深海,看不见亮光对于大王乌贼,我们知之甚少,但我们可以推测,如果有机会,它们甚至可以杀死并吃掉幼年鲸鱼,这意味着大王乌贼巨大的触角必须非常强壮The sperm whale is one the greatest predators of the giant squid but with their giant eyes, giant squids have an early warning of the approach of their massive predators.抹香鲸是大王乌贼的捕食性天敌,但大王乌贼有自己的天敌预警方法,它们巨大的双眼可以帮助它们早早发现抹香鲸的靠近5.Lion Mane Jellyfish5.狮鬃水母One of the only creatures longer than the imagined giant squid is the lion mane jellyfish, whose tentacles can reach0 feet long. This is longer than the average body of a blue whale! Their bodies are 95 percent water and they have no bones or blood. They dont even have brains. Yet, jellyfish are some of the longest surviving predators swimming in our seas. Jellyfish have been swimming our oceans about 650 million years, which is bee the dinosaurs even stepped onto the Earth. The lion mane jellyfish will eat fish and even other jellyfish, and they can do this because despite not having brains, they are very powerful swimmers. Their swimming is what allows them to get away from predators and also to hunt and kill their own food. Unlike other sea creatures, jellyfish do not have teeth. They use their tentacles to poison and paralyze their prey bee swallowing it whole.唯一比想象中的大王乌贼还要长的海洋生物就是狮鬃水母了其触须长度可达36米,这可比蓝鲸的平均体长还要长!狮鬃水母体内含水量达百分之九十五,它们没有骨头或血液,甚至没有大脑然而,水母却是在海域中生存时间最长的食肉动物约6亿5千万年前,水母就已生活在海洋中,这甚至比恐龙在地球上出现的时间还早狮鬃水母会捕食鱼类,甚至是其他水母,虽然没有大脑,但它们都是游泳健将,所以捕食对它们来说是轻而易举的事强大的游泳技能使得它们能够逃脱天敌的魔爪,又能轻松猎杀自己的食物不同于其他海洋生物的是,水母没有牙齿它们先用自己有毒的触须刺螫猎物,待猎物麻痹后,再大快朵颐.Sperm Whales.抹香鲸Sperm whales are not the biggest whale swimming in the ocean, even at a whopping 35 tons, but that does not stop them from being midably powerful creatures. Sperm whales are the owners of the largest brains of any creature known on Earth. Sperm whales are impressive swimmers who can dive in excess of 3,000 feet below the surface to find food, and because they are mammals, they have to hold their breath the whole 90 minute return trip! Sperm whales can be found anywhere in the ocean and prefer meals of squid. Sperm whales hunt squid though a method which involves them flipping upside down in order to create a vacuum which can hoover a squid up from up to three feet away. Many squids are easy pickings the huge whales and their vacuum mouths, but species like the giant squid are just big enough to fight back. There have been several notable occurrences of sperm whales fighting with giant squids, and some sperm whales have even been found with the marks of a squid suckers on its body, a testament to the strength of the giant squid.成年体重高达35吨的抹香鲸不是海洋中最大的鲸鱼,但这并不能阻止它们成为强大的生物 抹香鲸是地球上所有已知生物中头脑最大的生物抹香鲸的潜水能力极好,可以在3000多英尺深的海域内寻找食物,鉴于哺乳动物的属性,它们必须在90分钟的回程内屏住呼吸,保存体内含氧量!抹香鲸广泛分布于各大海域,喜食乌贼抹香鲸猎捕乌贼的方法极妙:它们猛然翻滚身体、俯冲而下,利用水流形成真空,靠着这股水压把距离自身-3英尺的乌贼吸入口中许多乌贼能轻易发现鲸鱼和它们真空的嘴并适时地进行反击,而抹香鲸似乎也乐在其中有些抹香鲸身上遗留下的吸盘印迹可以表明,巨型乌贼会与抹香鲸缠斗,且巨型乌贼的战斗力也不容小觑The sperm whale may not be the biggest and most powerful mammal in the sea, but it ancestors were certainly contenders the title. A fossil of a huge sperm whale was found in the Peruvian desert in . The fossil was namedLeviathan melvillei, after Herman Melville, the author of the ultimate seaman novel Moby Dick. The whale probably lived around million years ago and is an example of what is probably one of the most powerful predators ever found. It had a skull that was 3 meters long and jaws filled with 36 centimeter teeth., possibly some of the biggest teeth ever found.抹香鲸也许不是海洋中体型最大的和力量最强的哺乳动物,但它们的祖先可称得上是“海中霸主”年,一块巨型抹香鲸化石在秘鲁(Peruvian)沙漠中被发现为了纪念最伟大的航海小说——《白鲸记(Moby Dick)的作者赫尔曼·梅尔维尔(Herman Melville),这块化石被命名为梅尔维尔鲸(Leviathan melvillei)这条鲸鱼可能生活在万年前,是迄今发现最强大的食肉动物它的头盖骨长达3米,下颚嵌36厘米长的牙齿,可能是已发现的最大的牙齿校对:庄粉玲 编辑:橘子 3865

  This post is part of our weekly series: This week we collected some beautiful and stunning animal photos around the web you. Animal photos sometimes are hard to capture, because they wont stay still nor some animals will even attacking you. Here are great photos we picked you, enjoy the post.周,我们从网络上搜集了一些可爱迷人的动物照片动物类照片比较难拍摄,因为它们不是静止不动的,而一些动物甚至会攻击你这里为你精选了张出色的照片,敬请欣赏。

  N9nM[i|rob^ztS30hRo.%R^KaZRmgO8npn;K5MWioThese photos have not been photoshopped, they were just taken at the perfect time!i,I^m.0,3j这些图片都不是photoshop软件P出来的,只是抓拍得恰到好处!_)Gcwd6NXI.This hilarious animal picture says: ;See? I have been working out lately!;L7uQd^b37z;怎么样?我最近健身效果不错吧!;R;sUkDVW~Kq;z;fU8zEJLA#0YvSGpgi_FOckcBrtI-x0Xer9dgX8@@UqQOKN%!gps-Er 7697

  1. Creative Japanese Pastry Packaging 日本创新的糕点包装What do you think of when you hear dungeons and dragons, ghost and goblins or kings and queens? If you said castles, you are not alone sire. Some of these legendary ones are found in the Europe. Castles consist of a group of tified buildings with thick walls and towers.. Today, monarchs still reside in some very popular ones, such as Windsor Castle. Others serve as tourist attractions and museums. The wealthy even have the luxury of residing in some majestic ones.地下城和恶龙、幽灵和地精或者国王和王后,这些词会让你想到些什么呢?如果你的是“城堡”,那么阁下您不是唯一这样说的有些梦幻般的城堡就坐落在欧洲城堡是由一组墙厚塔高的加强型建筑所组成的时至今日,君主贵族们依然居住在一些非常有名的城堡中,比如温莎城堡另一些城堡则被用作旅游观光胜地和物馆也有超级大富豪们享受着居住在宏伟庄严城堡之中的奢华So here I have compiled some of the most beautiful castles in Europe. I hope you will like it.这里汇集了欧洲的最美丽的几座城堡,希望你会喜欢Leeds Castle – Kent, England利兹城堡——英格兰,肯特郡Considering how patriotic and proud Englishmen are, this comes as no surprise, but Leeds is the self-proclaimed “loveliest castle in the world.” Visit this extraordinary castle just once and you will find yourself agreeing with the English about their claim.考虑到英国人的爱国热情和自豪感,这座城堡的入选并无悬念,不过利兹堡是自我宣称的“世界上最可爱的城堡”只需来这座非凡的城堡游览一次,你就完全赞同英国人的那自我宣称了 18

  Misha - Moscow 1980The Moscow Olympic bear "Misha" was developed by the renowned illustrator of children’s books Victor Chizikov. It took the illustrator six months to draw one hundred variations of the bear that also carried the full name Mikhail Potapych Toptygin. "Misha" was finally unveiled on December 19th, 1977. Misha was featured on hundreds of different pins, as a plush toy, in plastic, porcelain, rubber, wood, glass and metal. Misha also appeared on a stamp.500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.style.cursor'hand'; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" onclick"if(!this.resized) {return true;} else {window.open('http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_98319338.jpg');}" alt"" src"http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_98319338.jpg" onload"if(this.width>500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" border0>  米沙是1980年莫斯科奥运会吉祥物这只由俄国一位著名儿童文学家呕心沥血创造的俄国熊,于1977年月19日呈现在公众面前除了被做成各种产品,米沙还出现在了专门发行的邮票上 3356寻找价值  Look Value - People who have money to spend don’t skip theprocess of comparing prices and seeking out deals just because they cantechnically afd to pay the most expensive item. They look value  寻找价值:那些有钱人都不会因为自己能买的起贵重商品而忽略比较商品的价格并找出最低交易点的过程他们都会寻找价值 019

  Jada Pinkett Smith has announced that she will not be attending or watching the Academy Awards.贾达·萍克特·史密斯声明拒绝参加或观看奥斯卡颁奖礼In a posted to Facebook Monday morning, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the actress posed some powerful, thoughtful questions.美籍黑人女演员贾达·萍克特·史密斯于当地时间1月18日一早在Facebook发布一则视频面对镜头,她频频发问,颇有些振聋发聩的味道巧的是,那天正好是马丁·路德·金纪念日;Is it time that people of color recognize how much power, influence, that we have amassed, that we no longer need to ask to be invited anywhere?; she said in the . ;Maybe it time that we recognize that if we love and respect and acknowledge ourselves in the way in which we are asking others to do, that that is the place of true power.;她在视频中说:“有色人种是否已经意识到自己手中的力量和影响力了呢?有色人种是否已经意识到我们去任何地方都无需再等待别人邀请?或许,是时候我们爱自己、尊敬自己、认可自己,就像我们要求别人对待我们的那样,这才是真正力量所在”Pinkett Smith called change, saying that ;it our responsibility now; to make the difference.萍克特·史密斯呼吁一种改变,她说做出改变是“我们当前的责任”;Begging acknowledgement, or even asking, diminishes dignity and diminishes power. And we are a dignified people and we are powerful,; she said. ;Let do us, differently.;“乞求、甚至是请求别人的认同都会贬低尊严,削弱力量我们有尊严,我们也有力量让我们就做自己,和别人不一样的自己”Fellow member of Hollywood Spike Lee also addressed the #OscarsSoWhite controversy this morning, saying that he, too, will be skipping the Awards show this year.当天上午,好莱坞黑人导演斯派克·李也在Facebook上就“白人的奥斯卡”发表声明,称不会关注今年的奥斯卡颁奖礼In an Instagram post, the director condemned Hollywood execs not using their power to bring more stories about people of color to the big screen.斯派克·李还发布了一条Instagram谴责好莱坞高层未能善用自己的权力,让更多有色人种的故事走向大银幕;The truth is we aint in those rooms and until minorities are, the Oscar nominees will remain lilly (sic) white,; he wrote.他写道:“事实是,我们还未走进奥斯卡殿堂而在此之前,奥斯卡提名会一直只选择白人”「注:李用“洁白的”(lily)一词形容白人,不过拼错了(lilly)」Following the backlash of yet another year of #OscarsSoWhite, Jada Pinkett Smith expressed her dismay on the awards lack of diversity.这已是奥斯卡奖第二年遭到“缺乏多样性”的质疑了而史密斯本人在此前亦表达过不满The ;Magic Mike XXL; actress, , sent out a series of tweets over the weekend.上周末,这位参演了《魔力麦克的岁女演员连着发了好几条推特;At the Oscars ... people of color are always welcomed to give out awards ... even entertain, but we are rarely recognized our artistic accomplishments,; she wrote, adding, ;Should people of color refrain from participating all together?;她写道:“奥斯卡颁奖礼喜欢选择有色人种作为颁奖嘉宾,甚至是作为表演嘉宾,而我们的艺术成就却鲜获认可有色人种是不是应当联合起来拒绝参加奥斯卡?”She continued, ;People can only treat us in the way in which we allow. With much respect in the midst of deep disappointment.;“别人只能用我们能接受的方式对待我们但恕我直言,我对现实很失望”Pinkett Smith isnt alone in her thinking. Following the nomination announcement last week, Rev. Al Sharpton slammed the Academy overlooking black actors.这么想的并不只是萍克特·史密斯一人上周奥斯卡提名公布后,阿尔·夏普顿也谴责奥斯卡忽视了黑人演员;Yet again, deserving black actors and directors were ignored by the Academy -- which reinces the fact that there are few, if any, blacks with real power in Hollywood,; he said in a statement provided by the National Action Network. ;Being left out of awards consideration is about more than just recognition a job well-done; winning an Oscar has long-lasting cultural and economic impacts.;在国家行动网络提供的一项声明中,夏普顿说:“应当获得奥斯卡荣誉的黑人演员和导演再次被忽视了,这进一步明好莱坞中有实权的黑人数量极少被奥斯卡排除在外不只关乎影视事业评价——获得奥斯卡奖对文化、经济都有持久影响”This year, out of the people nominated in the acting categories at the Oscars none are people of color. None.今年,表演类别奖项提名的人之中没有一个有色人种,连一个都没有Furthermore, in the nominated films that include non-white cast members, only white contributors have been recognized with nominations. One key exception is Alejandro González I#1;árritu, who up Best Director ;The Revenant;.此外,在有非白人参演的被提名电影中,只有白人演员获得了提名唯一的例外是亚利桑德罗·冈萨雷斯·伊纳里多,他凭借《还魂者获得本届奥斯卡最佳导演提名 038

  The cast of the hit sitcom Friends are to ree a two-hour special, according to US broadcaster N.美国全国广播公司(N)发消息称,著名情景喜剧《老友记的主演们将重新聚首,参与录制两小时的特别节目The actors behind Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross have all signed up the special, a tribute to director James Burrows.瑞秋、莫妮卡、菲比、乔伊、钱德勒和罗斯的扮演者们都已确定将出演这一致敬导演詹姆斯·伯罗斯的特辑Burrows helmed numerous episodes of the program and has just celebrated directing his 1,000th TV program.伯罗斯执导过不少《老友记剧集,而此次特别节目是为了庆祝伯罗斯执导第00集美剧而筹划But N entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt suggested the six Friends may not appear together.不过N部主席罗伯特·格林布拉特暗示,六位“老友”可能不会同时出现;Im hoping all six will be in same room at the same time,; he told reporters. But he added: ;Im not sure we logistically can pull it off.;他告诉记者:“我当然希望他们六人能同时出现在一个房间内”但他补充道:“我不敢保在具体安排时一定能办得到”Fans of the show have been hoping more than a decade to see Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer back on screen together, but previous attempts have fallen short.十多年了,老友粉们一直盼着珍妮佛·安妮斯顿、柯特妮·考克斯、丽莎·库卓、马特·勒布朗、马修·派瑞和大卫·修蒙能再次聚首荧屏,但以前的尝试都未成功The program ended in , series and a decade after it premiered on US screens. It made international stars of its little-known cast, winning a slew of awards and a huge audience in the process.《老友记年播完第十季后剧终,彼时距该剧初登美国荧屏已有年此前鲜有人知的剧中演员后来都成了国际巨星在此过程中,该剧也收获了无数奖项,俘获了一众粉丝As well as Friends, Burrows was behind the camera several of America much-loved sitcoms, including Cheers, Frasier, and The Bob Newhart Show.除了《老友记,伯罗斯还拍过不少其它深受观众喜爱的美国情景剧,比如《欢乐酒店、《欢乐一家亲、《鲍勃纽哈特秀等The special is scheduled to be broadcast on 1 February on N.致敬特辑将于月1日在N台播出 0。



  The file photo shows Vietnamese soldiers wearing colorful traditional costumes instead of modern military unims during a parade. 越南士兵身穿五颜六色的传统饰参加阅兵The file photo shows male troopers wearing skirts during a parade in Fiji. 斐济男性士兵身穿短裙参加游行The file photo shows military personnel wearing unims with fans on top of their heads during a parade in India.印度士兵头顶扇子The file photo shows French troops parading through a city dressed in capes.法国士兵身穿斗篷,格外威风The file photo shows Malaysian soldiers wearing mop-like unims in a parade.马来西亚士兵身穿像拖布一样的装参加游行The file photo shows Thai soldiers wearing hats shaped like pitayas during a parade.泰国士兵游行的帽子像火龙果的形状The file photo Iranian soldiers wearing white unims with only openings eyes and mouths.伊朗士兵全身以白色覆盖,只露出眼睛和嘴巴The file photo shows Iranian troops wearing grass-like costumes, which is a perfect camouflage in the battlefield in Iran.伊朗士兵身穿伪装饰The file photo shows Iranian troops wearing boxer costumes in different colors during a military parade.伊朗士兵穿着不同颜色的拳击参加军事游行 3963

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