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浙江第五医院预约挂号平台金华义乌永久性脱毛多少钱--01 19:: 来源:东阳市妇幼保健院祛眼袋手术多少钱 英语能力>英语作文>初一英语作文 初中英语暑假作文:难忘的假期生活 -- 19:5:18 来源: It was a sunny day today,when I got up in the morning,I decided to see my grandparents.so I took the bus got there at noon,they were happy to see me,and i was very happy,too.In the afternoon,my farther asked me to help him water the plant,and I was happy to see the flowers smiling in the wind.In a word,today is a ungetive day.because I saw my relatives helped people.年新重点词汇集锦:construction -- 18:18: 来源:qnr 有些单词,动词用的多,有些单词名词用的多,construction这个单词,就是那种很典型的用名词多过动词的情况,当然我们也经常是在用名词来表示动词的意思比如我们在之中会见到这样的用法,Materials and methods of construction are integral parts of design of architecture structures. 就是一个很典型的例子很显然“建筑”,“建设”这两个词义最重要的  construction  k#601;n#7;str#65;k#63;n; k#601;nˋstr#65;k#63;#601;n n  [U] action or manner of constructing; being constructed 建筑, 建造的活动或方式; 施工; 建设:  the construction of new roads 新道路的施工   eg:The new railway is still under construction, ie being constructed. 新铁路尚在敷设中.   eg:The wall is of very solid construction, ie is solidly constructed. 这堵墙构筑得非常坚固.   eg:[attrib 作定语] the construction industry, ie the building of roads, bridges, buildings, etc 建筑业.  [C] thing constructed; structure; building 建造物; 构造物; 建筑物:   a complex construction of wood and glass 木和玻璃综合结构的建筑物   eg:The shelter is a brick construction. 掩护所是用砖构筑的.  [C] way in which words are put together to m a phrase, clause or sentence 造句法  eg:This dictionary gives the meanings of words and also illustrates the constructions they can be used in. 本词典提供词义解释, 并举例说明遣词造句的方法.  [C] (fml 文) sense in which words, statements, etc are to be understood; meaning (对词语﹑ 言辞等所作的)解释, 意义, 意思  eg:What construction do you put on his actions? ie How do you understand their purpose? 你对他的行为作何解释?   eg:The sentence does not bear such a construction, ie cannot be understood in that way. 这句话并不含有那样的意思. 词汇 集锦 词汇 新 重点 考试 construction浙江金华市第五医院看病怎么样

浙江省金华儿童医院医生介绍口语词汇背景介绍之四面楚歌 --30 :: 来源: 老大哥 Big Brother老大哥.指 "老大监视者",喻国家的监控机构,国家的独裁者,以及某一地区、组织中起决定作用的人或因素源自英国文学作品英国88家乔治·奥维尔(George Orwell,19-1950)在他的作品《198中,塑造了一个**的独裁者Big Brother(老大哥)他控制着一个极权国家,并将人民置于他的高压管制之下他甚至通过电视接受器,对每一个家庭进行严密的监视 "老大哥"又有了"监视"的意思目前在网络届流行一种英文软件Big Brother,可以周期*地监视网络状况此语在首字母小写的情况下,通常指兄长或担任兄长和老大哥角色的人所以在使用中应该区别这两种不同的表达方式四面楚歌 between Scylla and Charybdis在西拉和克里布迪斯之间喻腹背受敌或左右为难,与汉语 "四面楚歌"或"进退维谷"相似出自希腊神话西拉和克里布迪斯是荷马(Homer,约公元前8-公元前7世纪)史诗《奥德塞(Odyssey)中描写的两个海怪,分别盘踞在墨西拿海峡两边的巨岩上西拉原是一个美丽的仙女,后被情敌海洋女神用魔法变成了一个面目狰狞的妖怪,有六头六颈十二足她隐身洞中,六个头伸出洞外时狂吠不止,并不时地猎取海中动物船舶穿过海峡时,西拉便伸出头去,每个嘴里都要吞吃一个水手人们根据这个神化,便将海峡那个大岩礁命名为西拉在海峡的另一边,靠近西西里岛的一块巨石上,长着一棵高耸入云的无花果树,树下居住着另一个凶恶可怕的海怪克里布迪斯他一日之间,三次吞吐海水凡经过此处的动物和船只,都有被它吞没的危险荷马史诗的主人公奥德修斯在西拉和克里布迪斯之间航行时,他的船和水手都被吞没,只剩下他孤身一人爬上了克里布迪斯的无花果树,才幸免于难后来,据说海怪克里布迪斯偷了大力神赫尔克里斯的牛,遭到雷击后编程了海上大漩涡往来于墨西拿海峡的船只,一边要绕过西拉岩礁,一边要避开克里布迪斯漩涡,真是进退维谷,左右为难在英语里,相似的成语还有between the devil and the deep sea(在妖魔和深海之间),指身陷绝境或处于水深火热之中 口语 词汇婺城区妇幼保健医院咨询 (TOEFL)词汇精选天巧记(5) -- 18::35 来源:qnr (April, th)   Ten Diplomatic Friction  A newly inaugurated impervious US submarine with diesel impetus was taking an imperative task near an insular navy base in Japan. As it made its way across the intrinsic flows, an inconceivable fish boat suddenly emerged in front of them. The indolent captain was so imprudent and inert that he turned the steer too late. It was a big submarine with great inertia and the fish boat was in an inept position. It was stricken hard, and the influx of water into the boat’s interior space caused the boat to sink in impotence.  The imposing accident incited incisive diplomatic frictions after short interlude. Incensed local fishermen were indignant and impetuous. They incriminated the US navy insulting their nation. Some of them even instigated local governors with inordinate incentive.  A group was set up to inquire the accident. After some inquisitive inquiry, they imputed the matter to the fish boat and tried to act as the intermediary to intercede between the fishermen and the US navy. However, the local fishermen were insubordinate and intrepid. Although they’re indigent and make livings on indigenous products, they decided to indict the US navy. Their action gained impassioned support and incessant invocation from the mass people. They hoped the insolent US navy could pay the indemnity.  The impassive governors, however, feared being implicated in the trouble. They intimidated the fishermen by instilling that, the US navy had innate privileges, and insinuated that their inflexible indictment was ineligible. But the fishermen were indomitable and inverted the infusing. The lawsuit began eventually.  All the crew of the submarine was interrogated. Finally all the incredulity dissipated: the intrinsic fault lay in the captain’s incipient operation error. Although almost impeccable in the past, there’s no impy him. When the indented judgment text was announced, the fisherman improvised an impromptu verse to mock the government’s improvident waste of time. 词汇 词汇 天巧记 TOEFL浙江省人民医院抽脂多少钱

磐安县儿童医院上下班时间年(TOEFL)考试词汇归纳:关于"水果"的英文单词 --5 :: 来源:qnr 年(TOEFL)考试词汇归纳:关于"水果"的英文单词 词汇 归纳 词汇 英文单词 水果 考试 TOEFL 年万能句式:开篇结尾类金句 --9 3:50:36 来源: 同学们最近有没有感觉到春天的脚步越来越近了,伴随着万物复苏的春天英语四级考试又快要和大家见面了备考需要同学们记住一些万能句式下面小编为大家整理了年万能句式:开篇结尾类金句,供各位考生参考  年万能句式:开篇结尾类金句  开篇  1) Many nations have been faced with the problem of ...  ) Recently the problem has been brought into focus.  3) Recently the phenomenon has become a heated topic.  ) Recently the issue has aroused great concern among ...  5) Nowadays there is a growing concern over ...  6) Never in our history has the idea that ... been so popular.  7) Faced with ..., quite a few people argue that ...  8) According to a recent survey, ...  9) With the rapid development of ..., ...  结尾  1) From what has been discussed above, we can draw the conclusion that ...  ) It is high time that strict measures were taken to stop ...  3) It is necessary that steps should be taken to ...  ) In conclusion, it is imperative that ...  5) There is no easy method, but ...might be of some help.  6) To solve the above-mentioned problem, we must ...  7) In summary, if we continue to ignore the above-mentioned issue, more problems will crop up.  8) With the efts of all parts concerned, the problem will be solved thoroughly.  9) We might do more than identify the cause ; it is important to take actions to ...  ) Taking all these into , we ...  ) Whether it is good or not positive or negative, one thing is certainclear...金华市中心医院治疗痘坑多少钱兰溪市人民医院激光去斑手术多少钱



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