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惠州妇幼保健院男科专家仲恺新区医院看男科怎么样惠州男科比较好的医院 A French collector on Monday returned 24 gold ornaments stolen from 2,000-year-old tombs to China, following a similar action earlier this year.在周一,一位法国的收藏家返还了24件从具有2000年历史的古墓中盗出的黄金饰品,类似的事情在前一年也发生过Christian Deydier made the hand-over while visiting northwest China#39;s Gansu Province. They will be stored in Gansu Provincial Museum, according to the State Administration of Cultural Heritage.根据国家文物局表示:克里斯蒂安·戴迪安在他到访中国西北城市甘肃时,举办了这个文物移交仪式.这些文物会存放在甘肃省物馆。The gold items came from tombs in Dabuzishan in Gansu. They belonged to residents of Qin, one of the many kingdoms during the Spring and Autumn period (770 -476 ) of Chinese history. In 221 , the king of Qin united the kingdoms and became China#39;s first emperor.这些黄金饰品都是从甘肃大堡子山挖出的.历史上这里属于秦国.秦国处于中国历史当中的春秋战国时期(公元前770—476年).在公元前221年,秦始皇统一了所有王国并成为了中国第一任皇帝Deydier and another French collector Francois Pinault returned 32 artifacts from the same tombs in July, the first time cultural relics have been successfully returned to China following bilateral negotiations between the Chinese and French governments.戴迪安和另一位法国收藏家弗朗克斯·皮诺特在7月归还了同一个古墓出土的32件手工作品,这是在中国政府和法国政府双边会谈后,第一次成功的把文物归还给中国While attending an exhibition on the tombs, Deydier said he hoped all Dabuzishan artifacts lost in foreign lands could soon ;return home and be united.;在参加古墓文物展出时,戴迪安称,他希望所有大堡子山遗失海外的文物都可以尽快“被返还到家园团聚”Xia Hongmin, vice governor of Gansu, extended gratitude on behalf of the provincial government, to Deydier for his two generous acts.甘肃省副省长夏红民,代表甘肃省政府对戴迪安的慷慨举动表达了他们的谢意Tombs in Dabuzhishan were badly looted during the 1990s and a large number of relics, including the gold ornaments, were smuggled abroad. The gold ornaments may have been used to decorate coffins or for horse armor.大堡子山古墓的文物在上世纪九十年代被大量的掠夺,包括黄金饰品在内被抢夺到了海外。这些金属饰品也许曾经被用于装饰棺材和马匹盔甲Earlier this year, a 1,000-year-old Buddha statue, with a mummified monk inside, was pulled from a Hungarian exhibition following allegations that it was stolen from a Fujian village. Its Dutch owner said he was willing to give it back to the village if it is proved to have been stolen from there.在今年早些时候,在匈牙利展出的一尊内部有1000年历史的风干僧人的佛像,被指控是从福建省一个村子偷走的。该文物的荷兰持有者称如果可以实是从那里偷走的,那么就会归还给当地. /201509/401406Last month Ricardo Hausmann, a normally mild Harvard academic, set off the equivalent of a financial bomb. The economist suggested that Venezuela had aly defaulted on many of its suppliers, its oil service contractors, and its citizens. So who or what might come next?上个月,通常温和的哈佛(Harvard)学者里卡多#8226;豪斯曼(Ricardo Hausmann)不啻引爆了一枚金融炸弹。这位经济学家表示,委内瑞拉已对其许多供应商、石油务合同商以及国民违约了。那么,接下来可能对谁或者哪个领域违约呢?When Hausmann suggested Wall Street, the market reaction was huge. Indeed Venezuelan bonds, undercut by the falling oil price, have been dropping ever since. Yet it turns out that Venezuela’s latest default has been, in fact, to China. Given that Beijing is one of Caracas’ closest allies, this is surprising. It is also bullish for Wall Street.豪斯曼对华尔街(Wall Street)的提醒,引起了市场的巨大反响。实际上,因油价下跌而被压低的委内瑞拉债券,从那时起价格一直在下跌。但事实明,委内瑞拉最新的违约对象其实是中国。鉴于中国是委内瑞拉的最亲密盟国之一,此事颇令人惊讶。这也利好华尔街。Venezuela has long been a major recipient of Chinese loans, accounting for half of Beijing’s lending to the region. Since 2006, it has taken on bn of oil-backed debt. Last year, Rafael Ramirez, the former head of state-oil company PdvSA, revealed that these payments-in kind absorbed over half of Venezuela’s 640,000 barrels per day of oil exports to China. But no more, it seems.长期以来,委内瑞拉一直是获得中国贷款的大户,占到中国对拉美贷款总量的二分之一。自2006年以来,该国接受了500亿美元石油持贷款。去年国有石油公司——委内瑞拉国家石油公司(PDVSA)的前掌舵人拉斐尔#8226;拉米雷斯(Rafael Ramirez)透露,这种以石油偿还贷款的方式占该国每日64万桶对华石油出口的逾一半。但是,看来以后不会这样了。Last week, Venezuela’s national gazette made it official that Caracas no longer needed to export 330,000 barrels bpd to China to pay for its loans. Instead, according to BancTrust, a boutique investment bank, PdVSA can now send as much or as little oil to Beijing as it wants. Furthermore, the terms of the loans have been extended beyond their current three years, perhaps indefinitely. China’s Ministry of Commerce has since confirmed the changes, pointing out they were made at Venezuela’s request.上周,委内瑞拉全国性报纸公开称,该国不再需要每日向中国出口33万桶石油以偿还贷款。相反,小型投行BancTrust表示,PDVSA现在向中国出口石油量的多少,完全由其自己决定。另外,贷款期限已在当前的3年基础上延长,可能是无限期的延长。中国商务部后来已实了这一变动,并指出这是应委内瑞拉的要求而做出的。This de facto debt rescheduling tells us several important things. First, it is another confirmation of Venezuela’s economic and financial distress. To service its Chinese debts at lower oil prices, Venezuela would have had to export comparably more oil. But the country cannot increase oil output quickly. Nor does it have the financial wherewithal to service its Chinese debts in cash instead; foreign reserves are aly under pressure. So something else had to be done.这一实际上的债务延期告诉我们几个重要事实。第一,这再次实了委内瑞拉的经济与金融困局。要在更低油价下偿还中国债务,委内瑞拉将不得不出口更多石油。但该国无法迅速提高石油产量,同样也没有财力以现金偿还中国债务。该国外汇储备已在承压。所以必须采取其他措施。Second, China apparently agreed to the debt rescheduling perhaps because its banks believed in taking the long view. After all, Venezuela has the world’s largest oil reserves – so one day it will pay. But was the rescheduling China’s preferred choice? As the old saying goes: if you owe the bank , you have a problem, but if you owe the bank m, the bank has a problem. Either way, China is unlikely to be a source of fresh finance for Venezuela from now on.第二,中国看来同意了债务延期,可能是因为中国的认为应该放眼长远。委内瑞拉毕竟拥有世界最大的石油储量,所以总有一天它将偿还债务。但债务延期是中国的首选吗?正如古谚所说:如果你欠5美元,那么你将有麻烦,但如果你欠500万美元,那么将有麻烦。不管哪种情况,从现在开始,中国都不可能成为委内瑞拉获得新融资的来源国了。Lastly, Venezuela now has 330,000 bpd of oil – equivalent to almost m a day or bn a year — that it can use for other ends. One use might be to ease the import crunch that has resulted in shortages of so many basic goods, such as toilet paper. Another might be to divert resources to meet international bond payments. Either way, Venezuela is struggling and so far Wall Street is still being paid. But for how much longer?最后,委内瑞拉现在有每日33万桶的石油——折合价格接近每日2500万美元、每年90亿美元——可用到其他用途了。可能用途之一是缓解进口资金紧张,后者已导致诸如卫生纸等众多基本商品的短缺。另外可以转作偿还国际债券之用。不管哪种情况,委内瑞拉都在拼命挣扎。迄今华尔街仍收到该国的还款,但这种状况还能延续多久呢? /201410/338081河源和平县医院男科

惠城友好医院割包皮With its engaged audience of 150 million young ers, BuzzFeed has been the envy of many traditional media companies. Earlier this year, the company has even attracted an acquisition bid from Disney DIS -0.70% .社会新闻媒体BuzzFeed拥有1.5亿热情的年轻读者,让许多传统传媒公司羡慕不已。今年早些时候,这家公司甚至吸引了一份来自迪斯尼公司(Disney)的收购要约。At the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen, Colo. today, BuzzFeed’s founder and chief executive Jonah Peretti said Disney was worth entertaining, even if BuzzFeed plans to stay private. “[Disney CEO] Bob Iger is a very impressive guy, and I enjoy talking to him,” he said. “And if someone can convince George Lucas to sell Lucasfilm and Steve Jobs to sell Pixar, they’re worth having dinner with.”在科罗拉多州阿斯彭召开的《财富》科技头脑风暴大会(Fortune Brainstorm Tech)上,BuzzFeed创始人兼首席执行官乔纳o柏瑞迪表示,虽然即使BuzzFeed打算继续保持私营身份,但是迪斯尼依然是一家值得款待的公司。“(迪斯尼公司CEO)鲍勃o伊格尔是一个令人印象深刻的人,我喜欢跟他聊天,”他说。“如果有人能说乔治o卢卡斯卖掉卢卡斯电影公司(Lucasfilm),说史蒂夫o乔布斯卖掉皮克斯动画工作室(Pixar),那就非常值得跟他共进晚餐。”Earlier this year, BuzzFeed made waves in the media industry by publishing the New York Times Innovation Report, an internal document that outlines the paper’s challenges in transforming The Gray Lady into a digital media company. BuzzFeed itself was referred to several times in the report, along with digital media startups such as Vox Media and Upworthy.今年早些时候,BuzzFeed发布的《纽约时报创新报告》(New York Times Innovation Report)概述了“灰色女士 (译注:纽约时报别称)”在其转型为一家数字媒体公司的征途中所面临的种种挑战,引起了传媒界的巨大关注。这份报告多次提及BuzzFeed自身,以及Vox Media和Upworthy等数字媒体初创公司。Peretti said he believes the Times was actually too hard on itself. If he were writing the report, it wouldn’t be focused on the various tech products that the Timeslacks. ”The challenge is not that they need some feature some competitor has. It would be about the shift to digital,” he said.柏瑞迪说,他实际上认为《纽约时报》对自身过于严苛。要是他来撰写这份报告,它就不会重点阐述《纽约时报》欠缺的各类高科技产品。他说:“他们面临的挑战不是需要增加一些竞争对手具备的功能,而是如何转向数字化。”“One big mistake people make across all of business is to want to become what you’re not. People get obsessed with [their competitors]. If you’re in TV, you want to be online and be cool and webby,” he said. “If you’re cool and webby, you want to buy and produce original shows,” he said.“各类传媒公司经常犯的一个大错是,他们都想变成不符合自身业态特征的事物。人们总是迷恋(竞争对手)。如果你是一家电视台,你总想上线,实现酷酷的网络化生存,”他说。“如果你是一家在线媒体,你又打算购买和制作原创节目。”“Copying BuzzFeed in general is not a good strategy,” Peretti added. “The best way to success is to think of what you’re really good at and extend yourself in those areas.”“总的来说,模仿BuzzFeed不是一个好战略,”柏瑞迪补充道。“走向成功的最优路径是,想一想自己真正擅长的东西,然后全力开拓这些领域。”One thing BuzzFeed did recently, which the New York Times would not likely copy, is delete some old articles. Earlier this week Gawker reported that several BuzzFeed posts from 2010 and 2011 had disappeared from the site because they did not meet the site’s current “editorial standards.” On stage at Brainstorm Tech today, Peretti said those posts were from an earlier version of BuzzFeed, before the company hired editor-in-chief Ben Smith to turn BuzzFeed into a professional news organization.《纽约时报》不可能效仿BuzzFeed最近在做的一件事情——删除一些旧文章。多媒体客站点Gawker本周早些时候报道称,BuzzFeed在2010年到2011年期间发布的某些文章已经从这个网站上消失了,因为它们不符合该网站目前的“编辑标准。” 柏瑞迪在《财富》科技头脑风暴大会的舞台上发言称,这些文章源自BuzzFeed的早期版本。在后来聘请的总编本o史密斯的引领下,Buzzfeed已经转变为一家专业新闻机构。Those posts were done before BuzzFeed had a copy desk, a style manual, and a team of reporters. “It was almost the product of a different company, like before our pivot,” he said. “[It was] before we pivoted to being a journalistic organization—from a lab to being a place that creates professional content.”这些文章是在BuzzFeed成立新闻编辑部、编撰写作风格手册、组建一记者团队之前发布的。“它差不多可以说是另一家公司的产品,”他说。“我们随后转型成了一家新闻机构——从一个实验室转变成了一家创造专业内容的新闻网站。” /201407/312873惠阳市秋南医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱 In Confucian philosophy it is taken for granted that children will look after their parents. In 21st-century China, things are proving to be very different. With most adults working full time, plus the demographic issues resulting from the one-child policy, the country presents a fascinating case for those interested in the social and economic challenges of ageing populations, not to mention the business opportunities.按照儒学观点,子女照顾年老父母是天经地义的。但在21世纪的中国,情况已经变得大为不同。由于大多数成年人都有全职工作,加上独生子女政策引发的人口问题,中国不仅给研究人口老龄化所引发社会与经济挑战的人提供了一个极有吸引力的例子,而且因为老龄化而蕴含着巨大商机。For just this reason Florian Kohlbacher moved to China in August after 11 years studying demographic change in Japan — almost 50 per cent of the population of Japan is aged 50 or older.正因如此,弗洛里安#8226;科尔巴赫(Florian Kohlbacher,见上图)去年8月来到了中国。此前,他花了11年研究日本人口变化——该国50岁以上人口已经占到总人口的近50%。Now he is associate professor of marketing and innovation at the International Business School Suzhou, part of Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, where he will head up the Research Institute on Ageing and Society.科尔巴赫现为苏州西交利物浦大学国际商学院的营销与创新学副教授,并将领导老龄化与社会研究所(Research Institute on Ageing and Society)。The business school will take the lead in the institute to focus on the business implications of population ageing, though at least 10 other departments, including public health, architecture and industrial design, will be involved,该商学院将牵头组建该研究所,重点研究人口老龄化蕴含的商业意义,而包括公共卫生、建筑和工业设计在内的至少10个其他院系也将参与研究。Nationwide problems全国性问题With a population of 1.4bn, part of the issue in China is its scale, says Prof Kohlbacher, although the one-child policy has exaggerated the demographic trend. On top of this is China’s economic status. Japan was rich before the rise in its ageing population; China is not there yet. “The whole social system is not y for this,” warns Prof Kohlbacher.科尔巴赫表示,由于拥有14亿人口,中国的部分问题与其规模有关,但独生子女政策又放大了这种人口老龄化趋势。还有一个问题是中国的经济状况。日本在出现人口老龄化问题之前已经是个富国,而中国目前还不是富国。“整个社会体系并未准备好迎接人口老龄化,”科尔巴赫教授警告称。A Chinese government report published in September pointed out that 8 per cent of China’s consumption related to products and services for older people, a market worth Rmb4tn.去年9月中国政府公布的一份报告指出,与老年人相关的商品和务占中国国内生产总值(GDP)的8%,老年市场潜力达4万亿人民币。By 2050, according to the report, that proportion of gross domestic product will rise to a third.该报告预测,到2050年,老年人消费占GDP的比例将提高至三分之一。“This is a real business opportunity,” says Prof Kohlbacher. “Though 2050 might be far away, this is something to work on immediately. But companies are not putting much thought into it.”“这是一个实实在在的商机,”科尔巴赫教授说,“虽然2050年还很遥远,但现在就要采取行动,而企业界对此并未予以太多关注。”It is an attitude he finds hard to fathom. “Managers have problems converting these trends into specific applications. Management is about uncertainty, but demographics is one area where forecasting actually works.”他觉得这种态度令人费解。“企业管理者在具体利用这些趋势方面存在问题。管理必然面对不确定性,但在人口问题上,预测确实有用。”Impact on business对商业的影响First there is the ageing workforce. In China women usually retire at 55 and men at 60, so companies are losing people with tremendous experience and knowledge.首先是存在老年劳动力。在中国,女性一般55岁退休,男性60岁退休,因此企业正在流失具有丰富经验和知识的人才。Second, life expectancy in China is now 76, which means a healthy old age is increasingly achievable, which could lead to a tremendous demand for products and services for the “silver-hair market” as it is known in China, either through the adaptation of existing products or the development of new ones.其次,中国目前的预期寿命是76岁,这意味着健康的晚年可期,将导致对“银发市场”商品与务的巨大需求,企业可以通过对现有产品进行改造和开发新产品,满足这种需求。The travel industry is a prime example, says Prof Kohlbacher. “It was something they [older people] couldn’t do in their youth because China was cut off.”科尔巴赫教授说,旅游业就是一大例子。“由于中国以前比较闭塞,他们(老年人)年轻时无法旅游。”Need for innovation创新需求Pharmaceuticals is another obvious market, as are care homes and nursing services. And in the west premium cars are popular with older people, says Prof Kohlbacher. What is more, in China, older people have money to spend. Traditionally they passed on wealth to their children and grandchildren, but the one-child policy has changed this and they are now thinking more about themselves.制药业是另一个显而易见的市场,还有养老院和护理机构。科尔巴赫教授说,在西方,高端护理在老年人当中很受欢迎。此外,中国老年人手头有钱。传统上,他们会把财富留给子女和孙辈,但独生子女政策改变了这种情况,他们现在会更多为自己着想。“This means things are special in China. It can aly serve as a laboratory for us to study an ageing society,” he says. He believes this research will become more significant in future. “A lot of things here have to be built from scratch, so it is a new approach.”他说:“这表明中国有着特殊的情况。中国已经可以成为我们研究老龄化社会的一个实验室。”他认为,这种研究在今后会变得更加有意义。“中国的许多东西都要从零开始,因此这是一条新的道路。”Alternative research其他研究项目In the US, Boston College has an institute for ageing and work, while MIT Sloan has its AgeLab focusing on the labour market. But given the scale of the problem, rues Prof Kohlbacher, the levels of research are woeful.在美国,波士顿学院(Boston College)设有一个老龄化与工作研究所,麻省理工学院斯隆管理学院(MIT Sloan)设有专门研究劳动力市场的老龄实验室(AgeLab)。但科尔巴赫教授遗憾地表示,由于老龄化问题已经相当严峻,当前的研究水平还很低。 /201504/369401惠州市第一人民医院看男科怎么样

惠城区医院男科挂号Manufacturing in China contracted to an 11-month low this month, according to a preliminary ing of an influential index tracking the sector by HS.根据汇丰(HS)制造业采购经理人指数(PMI)的“预览版”读数,3月中国制造业活动已收缩至11个月内的最低点。Manufacturing in China was worse than expected, according to a closely-watched ;flash; index by HS and Markit. The preliminary ing for March was 49.2, against of a ing of 50.7 in February and versus expectations of 50.5. Any score less than 50 indicates contraction.这一受到密切关注的指数由汇丰和Markit共同编制,最新“预览版”读数显示中国制造业状况比预期更糟。本月这一读数为49.2,不仅低于2月份的50.7,也低于50.5的预期数值。该读数低于50表示相关产业处于收缩中。The sector has last contracted in January, with a ing of 49.7, according to the index.根据这一指数,中国制造业上次出现收缩是在今年1月,当时读数为49.7。But taken as an indicator about the Chinese economy as a whole the monthly survey should be treated with a degree of caution. The HS index is heavily skewed towards small, private companies and tends to be more volatile than China#39;s official PMI, which focuses more on state-backed companies. However the last ing for the official PMI, which came in at 49.9 in February, also pointed to a worsening economy.不过,要用该读数衡量中国经济总体状况还需谨慎。汇丰的PMI指数更为偏向小型民营企业,波动性往往大于更关注国有企业的中国官方PMI指数。不过,中国官方上次公布的2月份PMI指数也只有49.9,同样显示中国经济在恶化。Annabel Fiddes, economist at Markit said:“The HS Flash China Manufacturing PMI signalled a slight deterioration in the health of China#39;s manufacturing sector in March. A renewed fall in total new business contributed to a weaker expansion of output, while companies continued to trim their workforce numbers.Markit经济学家安娜贝尔#8226;菲德斯(Annabel Fiddes)表示:“汇丰预览版中国制造业PMI指数表明,3月份中国制造业的情况略有恶化。新增业务总量再次下滑,令产出增长势头继续减弱。同时,企业也在继续削减员工人数。“Meanwhile, manufacturing companies continued to benefit from falling input costs, stemming from the recent global oil price decline. However, relatively muted client demand has led firms to pass on savings in a bid to boost new work, and cut their selling prices at a similarly sharp rate.”“与此同时,近期全球油价下跌导致进口成本下滑,继续令制造业企业受益。然而,相对低迷的客户需求令企业以差不多同样大的幅度调降了销售价格,以便将节省下来的成本回馈客户,从而提升新增业务量。” /201503/366170 河源龙川县看男科医院惠州友好医院口碑



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