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Polls Show Obama Benefits from Economic Concerns金融危机影响奥巴马和麦凯恩竞选  New poll results indicate that U.S. voters are concerned with the financial crisis and it is having an impact on the presidential election campaign between Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain.新的民调显示,美国选民关注金融危机,而金融危机正在影响民主党人奥巴马和共和党人麦凯恩之间的总统竞选活动。The latest Washington Post/A News poll shows Senator Obama leading Senator McCain by 50 to 46 percent. Last week, Obama held a nine-point lead.华盛顿邮报和美国广播公司新闻节目最近的民调显示,奥巴马以50%对46%领先于麦凯恩。上个星期,奥巴马曾领先9个百分点。But Quinnipiac University's latest survey in Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania finds Obama leading McCain by a substantial margin in all three states, which are considered critical in the state-by-state electoral voting on November 4.但是昆尼皮亚克大学在俄亥俄州、佛罗里达州和宾夕法尼亚州的最新调查发现,奥巴马在这三个州里都大幅领先于麦凯恩。这三个州被认作是11月4号各州选举团投票中至关重要的州。Obama leads McCain by eight points in both Ohio and Florida, and by 15 points in Pennsylvania.奥巴马在俄亥俄州和佛罗里达州都以8个百分点领先于麦凯恩,在宾州领先15个百分点。Quinnipiac polling director Peter Brown says voter concerns about the economy and the ongoing financial crisis appear to be helping Obama and hurting McCain.昆尼皮亚克大学的民调项目主任布朗说,选民对经济的关注和目前的金融危机似乎有利于奥巴马,不利于麦凯恩。"Largely, it is the economy," said Peter Brown. "Fairly or not, voters blame the incumbent party for the mess on Wall Street. And that has certainly redounded to Senator Obama's favor and to Senator McCain's detriment."布朗说,“大体上看,是经济原因。不论公平与否,选民将华尔街的乱局归咎于当政的党派。所以,这当然让奥巴马获益,让麦凯恩受害。”Both presidential candidates say they support a revamped financial rescue plan in Congress, and both now spend much of their time on the campaign trail talking about economic issues.两位总统候选人都说,他们持国会修改金融拯救计划,而且两人现在都在竞选途中花大部分时间谈论经济议题。This is Senator McCain during a campaign stop in Missouri:麦凯恩在密苏里州竞选时说:"If we fail to act, the gears of our economy will grind to a halt," said John McCain. "This is a moment of great testing. At such moments, there are those on both sides of this debate who will act on principle."“如果我们不采取行动,我们经济的齿轮将停止转动。这是重大考验的时刻。在这样的时刻,辩论的双方都具有按原则办事的那些人。”McCain says he is better equipped to deal with the economic problems because of his record as a budget-cutter and as a political maverick willing to work with both major political parties during his long tenure in Congress.麦凯恩说,他更适合于处理经济问题,因为在他于国会的长期任职期间,在他的纪录中包括参与预算削减,他曾作为有独到政见者,乐意和两大党进行合作。Senator Obama has made economic concerns the centerpiece of his argument that his election as president would bring change to Washington.奥巴马参议员把对经济的关注作为他若当选总统就能改变华盛顿这一论点的核心。Obama says it is important for Congress to act quickly in a bipartisan way on the credit crisis. But Obama also leaves no doubt that he is blaming eight years of Bush administration economic policies for the current problems.奥巴马说,国会本著跨党派的精神在信用危机问题上迅速采取行动,这很重要。但是奥巴马还是毫不含糊地把目前的经济问题归咎于布什政府8年来的经济政策。"This crisis in the final verdict on this failed philosophy, a philosophy that we cannot afford to continue," said Barack Obama. "We cannot have eight more years of this philosophy. And that is why I am running for president of the ed States of America!"奥巴马说,“这场危机是对这一失败理念的最终判决。我们经不起这一理念的继续。我们不能让这一理念重复8年。所以这就是我现在要竞选美国总统的原因。”The next major event in the campaign is Thursday's debate between the two vice presidential candidates, Republican Sarah Palin and Democratic Senator Joe Biden.竞选活动的下一个重要进展是星期四两位副总统候选人--共和党人佩林和民主党人拜登之间的辩论。Most experts give Biden an edge heading in the debate because of his long experience as a Senator in Washington, and because Palin has seemed hesitant in recent television interviews.多数专家认为拜登在辩论中占优势,因为拜登有在华盛顿长期担任参议员的经验,还因为佩林在最近的电视访谈中显得犹豫不决。But Palin did get good reviews in her debates when she ran for Alaska governor two years ago and won, and some analysts say a competent performance in Thursday's debate could ease some doubts that she is up to the job of being vice president.但是佩林两年前在竞选阿拉斯加州州长时的确曾获得好评,并且赢得竞选。一些分析人士说,在星期四辩论中的有力表现可能减少人们对她是否胜任副总统职务抱有的疑虑。200810/51425Medvedev Calls for Rule of Law in Russia俄罗斯当选总统呼吁人们尊重法治   In a long interview with Britain's Financial Times newspaper, Russia's President-elect Dmitri Medvedev shares his views about the country's economy, foreign policy and civil society. The next Kremlin leader is also calling for people in and out of the Russian government to respect the rule of law. 俄罗斯当选总统梅德韦杰夫接受英国金融时报的长篇采访时阐述了他对俄罗斯经济、外交政策和公民社会的观点。梅德韦杰夫还敦促俄罗斯政府内外的人尊重法治。Dmitry Medvedev told the Financial Times the challenge facing Russia is to translate its recent economic success into social programs, including housing, healthcare, and education.  梅德韦杰夫对金融时报说,俄罗斯面对的挑战是把最近的经济成功转化为社会项目,包括住房、保健和教育。Mr. Medvedev notes that Russia has more gold and currency reserves than ever to protect itself against fluctuations in global markets, though he acknowledges the country is not isolated from their complexities. 他指出,俄罗斯比以往任何时候拥有的黄金和货币储备都更多,这能保护俄罗斯抵御全球市场的波动。不过他承认,俄罗斯跟全球市场的复杂情况并不是绝缘的。The president-elect says Russia must suppress the inflationary surge which developed in its economy late last year. He says that surge resulted from the integration of Russia into the world economy, and represents a price of Russian membership in the club of global economic powers. 梅德韦杰夫说,俄罗斯必须遏制通货膨胀,从去年底俄罗斯经济中开始出现通货膨胀。他说,通货膨胀上升是俄罗斯融入世界经济的结果。这代表俄罗斯加入全球经济强国俱乐部的代价。The next Kremlin leader says he considers the prospect of Georgian and Ukrainian membership in NATO to be extremely troublesome for European security, but is not opposed to referenda in those countries to decide the issue. 这位克里姆林宫的下一位领导人说,他认为,格鲁吉亚和乌克兰加入北约的前景给欧洲安全带来非常多的麻烦。但是他不反对在那些国家举行全民公决,决定这个问题。He says the U.S. proposal to build a missile defense shield in Central Europe could also upset what he calls a "fragile balance of forces and facilities" in Europe, but adds that Moscow will consider recent American proposals to allay Russian concerns. 梅德韦杰夫说,美国建议在中欧建立导弹防御体系,这也可能破坏他所称的欧洲脆弱的力量平衡和设施平衡。但是他补充说,莫斯科将考虑最近美国提出的建议,这些建议是为了缓解俄罗斯的关切。On domestic issues, Mr. Medvedev acknowledged that Russians have a habit of violating the law, from ordinary people bribing police officers and buying pirated intellectual property to government officials who interfere in the decisions of court judges. He notes that President Putin's decision to step aside is unprecedented for a Russian leader, but consistent with the constitution. 在国内问题上,梅德韦杰夫承认俄罗斯人有违反法律的习惯,小到普通老百姓向警察行贿,购买盗版的知识产权,大到政府官员干预法官的决定。梅德韦杰夫指出,普京总统决定交出大权,这对俄罗斯领导人来说是前所未有的,但是这也是符合宪法的。Mr. Medvedev says Mr. Putin's move means that Russia is at last developing a tradition of respecting all constitutional and other legal procedures. 梅德韦捷夫说:“普京的行动意味着俄罗斯终于发展出尊重所有宪法和司法程序的传统。”Alexey Arbatov, a former member of parliament and a historian at the Russian Academy of Sciences, told VOA that Mr. Medvedev now has a chance to encourage the separation of powers to develop an independent Russian judiciary.  阿巴托夫是前任议会议员,他现在是俄罗斯科学院的历史学家。他说,梅德韦杰夫现在有机会鼓励权力分离,发展独立的俄罗斯司法体系。Regarding press freedom, Arbatov agrees with Mr. Medvedev's claim that the Internet gives Russians free access to information. But the analyst says television, which reaches the greatest number of Russians, is controlled by the state. 在新闻自由方面,阿巴托夫同意梅德韦杰夫的说法,即因特网给予俄罗斯人民自由获取信息的渠道。但是阿巴托夫说,吸引俄罗斯受众最多的媒体电视是国家控制的。Arbatov says all national TV channels remain under rather solid control of the executive branch. Programs, hosts, and managers, are all controlled, he says, as are the decisions of who to invite or not to invite as guests. 阿巴托夫说,所有全国性的电视频道仍然受到行政当局相当牢固的控制。他说,电视节目、主持人和管理人员都受到控制。节目邀请哪位嘉宾,不请哪位嘉宾的决定也受到控制。Referring to the office he is about to assume, Dmitry Medvedev told the Financial Times that the Russian president carries the greatest responsibility for the country's state of affairs. He adds that the job is not like a light that can be turned off with a switch. 梅德韦杰夫谈到他即将出任的总统一职时对金融时报说,俄罗斯总统在国家事务方面承担最大的责任。他又说,总统这个工作不像一盏灯,只要一拨开关就灭了。200803/32189They are the most important things, if you are like me, you mute the game and watch the spots. And P. Diddy is in the, back in for Diet Pepsi now. 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M: Ron Rogge from the University of Rochester is heading up the ( the)newly-weds study. And Dr. Gail Saltz is a psychiatrist here in New York and Today contributor. Good morning to both of you. R amp; G: Good morning, Matt. M: Ron, 40% of these marriages are...the divorces ( 40 got )are happening in the first 5 years of marriage. Why are those first 5 years so turbulent? R: Well, merging your lives together is a really complicated and difficult thing. Suddenly your business partner, your roommates, for most couples, you'll also become parents together, and the joy and the fun that you have with each other can get lost in that tangle. M: And maybe you had unrealistic expectations going into it. You didn't stop and talk about the things that you should've talked ( should've done )about when you were still dating. R: True. That. . . . we actually find that, you know, a lot of couples argue about sex, money, finances, urm, chores. But it turns out it doesn't matter as much what you are arguing about. It's how you handle those problems. M: And actual(ly), and this is what you comment because you say that really one of the ways to avoid this is to remember what you learned in kindergarten. Explain that. R: Well, it really comes down to being nice to each other. You know, when problems come up, when you have a problem, your partner has a problem or there's a problem between the two of you, trying to handle it with kindness will give you a really long way. M: Gail, is it. . . is it that easy as all about being nice to each other, sharing your toys and getting naps when you need them? G: We all know it's , it's an extension of that. The , the take peace talk about communication. And that is so key because you're never gonna be each other's clones. So you're always gonna have to negotiate, you're always gonna have to compromise, and you can't do that unless you talked to the person about what's going on . The other thing is that the feeling of being understood. Nothing makes you feel intimate like feeling like your partner really understands ya. M: So, clearly in a lot of these marriages especially the ones that're ending in divorce, that line of communication is closing down somehow. (Yes. ) So, so how do ya keep it open because stuff happens as the expression goes? G: That's correct. But it takes time. You see you've brought up unrealistic expectations and that's true, this is an expectation that it should be bliss. You shouldn't have to say much. This person is in my corner aly. So I can just go out and do my things in the world and kind of ignore and come home and they'll just be there. But that's not true. It does take time. It does take effort to communicate. It takes a concerted effort and you have to be vulnerable which lots of people don't want to do. M: On Wall Street they look at the stock market and they say it's a good indicator what happens in the first couple of weeks in January, generally tells you how the market's gonna do all year long. So were you saying that these first couple of years of marriage is gonna tell you how you, what your chance of survival is? R: It's amazing. We can see the seeds of divorce in the first month of marriage when couples are saying, "we are blissfully happy, we will never get divorced". And yet, if they are not handling these things well, if they are not keeping the fun in their relationship and really nurturing their relationship, we can see that it's probably gonna head down on a wrong path. M: Gail, let's get to some of your tips. Give more than take. G: You know, it's interesting. My parents told me this all along as I was growing up. If you give each other 80%, you'll both be getting plenty, right? I think about that in my own marriage and I think about that in people I counsel all the time. Give a lot. People always are so concerned about staking out their territory. That doesn't work. Give a lot. M: Next know how to fight? G: So important because you can have a little skirmishes, and you will, and those are okay, but if you let them fester, you get the big brouhaha and that'll break up the marrige. M: And , and show lots of affection that one couple said, "we still hold hands a little bit. Do more than that. Get in there , it will be affectionate. " Right? G: Absolutely. R: But we asked couples, you know, "How much affection would you like? Well, would you like to change in your relationship? "And it's amazing how often, both the husbands and wives will say, "I'd like to have more affection. " G: But it means being"vulnerable", you have to, in order to show each other affection. By the way, the bedroom is a big barometer for what's going on there. There're lots of sexual fights that can end a marriage. Sex is important. M: And you are gonna follow these 1, 600 people, these 8 hundred couples over the,over the course of 4 years. I would imagine just the evaluation, the process may help a lot these couples coz' they are gonna talk about it. R: Well, you know, they really like, in general, when we asked couples, they like to participate. M: Very good. A lot for more. Ron, thank you so much. Gail, thank you very much. R: Pleasure. 200808/46528

Bush Heads To Asia For Weeklong Trip布什夫妇启程前往亚洲访问U.S. President George Bush is on his way to Asia for talks with leaders in South Korea, Thailand, and China - where he will attend the opening of the Olympic Games. 美国总统布什正在前往亚洲的途中。他将在那里和韩国、泰国和中国的领导人举行会谈。他还将在北京参加奥运会的开幕仪式。White House officials say the president's talks in Seoul will deal with trade and military matters. 白宫官员说,布什总统在首尔的会谈将涉及贸易和军事问题。But hanging over all the discussions here will be North Korea and efforts to deal with Pyongyang's nuclear ambitions. 可是,最最重要的讨论还是北韩和如何对待平壤核野心的问题。Since Mr. Bush last met with South Korean President Lee Myung-bak in April, North Korea has submitted a long-awaited declaration of its plutonium-related activities. It has also destroyed the cooling tower at its reactor at Yongbyon. But President Bush has made clear those steps are only the beginning. 自从布什今年4月和韩国总统李明会晤以来,北韩递交了一份外界期待已久的清单,列出了和钸有关的核活动。北韩还炸毁了宁边核反应堆的冷却塔。但是,布什清楚地表示,这些行动仅仅是一个开始。"We are concerned about enriched uranium and proliferation, and human rights abuses, ballistic missile programs," said President Bush. "I view this process as a multi-step process where there will be action for action." 他说:“我们对铀浓缩、核扩散、侵犯人权和弹道导弹项目都感到关注。我认为,这整个过程将分几步走,每一步都要有具体行动。”From Seoul, Mr. Bush travels to Thailand where he will highlight conditions in another trouble spot - neighboring Burma. 布什离开首尔后将前往泰国,他在那里将强调指出缅甸目前的动荡局势。While the official stated reason for his visit is to celebrate the 175th anniversary of U.S.-Thai relations, the president will also be meeting with Burmese dissidents and will get a briefing on relief efforts following Cyclone Nargis. 虽然有关官员说,布什访问泰国是为了庆祝美国和泰国建交175周年,但是布什在泰国还将会晤缅甸的持不同政见人士,并听取关于纳尔吉斯热带风暴灾后救援情况的报告。But most media attention is likely to be focused on First Lady Laura Bush. She will travel to the Thai-Burmese border to visit a refugee center, and a clinic. 不过,媒体可能会把更多的注意力放在第一夫人劳拉身上。她将前往泰缅边界,参观一个难民营和一个诊所。They will arrive together in Bejing on the eve of the Olympic opening ceremonies. When Mr. Bush walks into the main stadium Friday evening, local time, he will become the first U.S president in history to attend an Olympic games outside the ed States. 布什夫妇将在北京奥运会开幕式前夕一同抵达北京。当布什总统在北京时间星期五晚上走进奥运会主体育馆时,他将成为历史上第一位在美国本土以外参加奥运会的美国总统。"I view the Olympics as an opportunity for me to cheer on our athletes," said Mr. Bush. "It's an athletic event." 布什说:“我认为,奥运会是我为美国运动员加油鼓劲的机会。这是一个体育活动。”But experts in Asian affairs say if the president thinks he can go the Beijing Olympics as just another sports fan, he is very mistaken. 但是,亚洲事务专家们说,如果布什以为他可以以一个体育迷的身份出席北京奥运会,那他就大错特错了。Derek Mitchell is an analyst with the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington - a private group that conducts research on foreign policy matters. 华盛顿战略和国际研究中心是一个对外交政策进行研究的民间组织,米切尔是该组织的分析员。"It is going to be difficult for him in public," said Derek Mitchell. "But he enjoys sports. And I think he really wanted to go because of the sports. But whether he gets embarrassed while there - it is not going to be just an issue of an individual, it is going to be an issue of the ed States prestige." 他说:“对布什来说,他的这些举动不容易被公众接受。不过他喜欢体育运动。我认为,他真的是因为想看比赛才去的。不过,布什是否会因此遭遇到尴尬局面,这已经不是他个人的事情,这关系到美国的声望。”The president has said he will bring up issues such as human rights in China just not at the Olympics. He met with a group of Chinese democracy advocates at the White House last week, and he plans on attending church while in Beijing to reinforce calls for greater religious freedom.200808/45487

Pentagon says AFRICOM Will Be Ready for Full Operations October 1美国防部称将按时成立非洲司令部   The U.S. Defense Department says it is committed to launching its new Africa Command on time in October, and with the same capabilities as other major U.S. military commands. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Theresa Whelan made the comment in a VOA interview. 美国国防部表示正在争取在今年10月按时成立新的非洲司令部。这个司令部具备美军其它主要军事司令部的功能。美国国防部副助理部长惠兰在接受美国之音采访时发表上述谈话。The Defense Department's top Africa official says Africa Command, which has been operating in a preparation phase for eight months, will be y to take responsibility for all U.S. military engagement with the continent on schedule.  美国国防部这位负责非洲事务的官员说,非洲司令部进行了8个月的准备阶段工作,现已准备好按时担负起美国在非洲大陆军事行动的任务。"We are confident that by 1 October AFRICOM will be enabled, and will be able to carry out the existing missions of the current combatant commands that are responsible for Africa. And the leadership here in the Pentagon is very committed to doing whatever it takes to make that a reality," she said. 惠兰说:“我们相信,非洲司令部将在10月1日之前开始运作,能够执行非洲现有的战斗指挥任务。五角大楼的领导层都积极地致力于尽力实现这一计划。”Some military officers outside the Africa Command team have expressed concern about whether the new organization will have the structure and staff necessary to supervise the full spectrum of activities that usually fall under U.S. military regional commands. Those range from training foreign militaries to humanitarian operations to combat. But in an interview for VOA's Press Conference USA, to be broadcast this weekend, Secretary Whelan said Africa Command will be y. 非洲司令部小组以外的一些军官表示,他们担心新的非洲司令部是否具备监管美军地区司令部通常监管的全方位行动所需的组织机构和工作人员。这些行动包括培训外国军队、实施人道主义行动以及进行战斗。但是惠兰在接受美国之音的《美国记者招待会》节目采访时说,非洲司令部会做好这方面的准备。这个节目将于这个周末播出。"As far as the kinetics, yes, because that area of the world will fall under Africa Command, to the extent that we find ourselves in a position of having to do things like that it will certainly be the Africa Command commander who will be responsible and will make the recommendations to the secretary of defense," she said. 惠兰说:“正如动力学原理一样,是的,因为世界上这个地区将处于非洲司令部的监管之下,我们不得不有所作为,所以非洲司令部司令自然要担负起责任,并向美国国防部部长提出相关建议。”Africa Command is to handle all of the continent, except for Egypt, taking over areas now covered by the U.S. commands for Europe, the Middle East and Asia.  非洲司令部是要监管除埃及之外的整个非洲大陆,接管目前由美军欧洲司令部、中东和亚洲司令部所监管的地区。But officials have said AFRICOM will not have any combat forces permanently assigned, and does not plan to station troops on the continent, beyond the contingent aly in Djibouti. One concern is related to U.S. and coalition naval operations off the east coast of Africa, and a senior officer tells VOA decisions about that have not yet been made. 但是有关官员说,非洲司令部不会拥有常设战斗部队,也没有计划在非洲大陆部署部队,除了在吉布提驻扎了一部队以外。有一个担忧的问题与美国和盟国海军在非洲东海岸的行动有关。一位高级军官对美国之音说,他们对此还没有做出决定。A decision that has been made is related to the controversial issue of where Africa Command's headquarters will be. U.S. officials had wanted it on the continent by October, but that has been delayed. Theresa Whelan says the headquarters will remain in Germany for now, but she hopes AFRICOM will be able to have offices in several places on the continent before long.  美国国防部对一个有争议的问题做出了决定,就是非洲司令部总部的地点问题。美国官员原来要求10月之前在非洲大陆建立非洲司令部,但是现在推迟了。惠兰说,目前非洲司令部仍然设在德国,但是她希望非洲司令部不久将在非洲大陆的许多地方成立办公室。"If we are to be able to engage in partnership with African nations we obviously have to be present there. We can't phone it in. Partnership requires being able to look people in the eye and being able to work with them side by side. So, there are certain things that will require, in order for us to be effective, we will have to be present there for sustained periods of time," she said.She says in addition to the public offer by Liberia to host an AFRICOM site, seven other countries have privately said they would be willing to do so.  她说,除了利比里亚公开表示愿意让美军非洲司令部在利比里亚设立机构以外,还有7个国家已经私下表示也愿意这样做。AFRICOM is being structured differently than other U.S. combat commands. It has a senior State Department official as one of its deputy commanders, and a sizable contingent of diplomats and aid officials on its staff. Officials say the command's focus will be on development and security assistance, and on helping African countries keep terrorists out. But Secretary Whelan acknowledges the command will have to demonstrate that to African leaders and their people, many of whom are concerned that the creation of AFRICOM will result in a more militarized U.S. policy toward the continent."I think we also recognize that words only go so far and ultimately it's what you do that counts. And so we're fully prepared that the Africans will take a wait-and-see attitude and it'll be up to AFRICOM after 1 October to prove itself to them," she saidSecretary Whelan says Africa Command should have the resources to make its mission clear. She expects it to be provided more money for engagement with the continent than has been possible under the current system, but she could not say exactly how much more money. 200805/40584

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