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梅河口做试管多少钱农安县治疗子宫肌瘤多少钱长春上环医院哪个好 1.惯用口语句子:Can you fill this prescription me?你能替我配这个处方吗?Please make up the prescription.请照处方配药Can I get this prescription filled?这处方能在这儿配吗?OTC medicine doesnt require a prescription.非处方药不需要处方就能买OTC(指药品)无需持处方购买的,是“over-the-counter”的简称,其中“counter”指“柜台”I have diarrhea. Do you have medicine it?我拉肚子,有什么药可以吃吗?I feel very sore in my knees. What medicine shall I take7我膝盖很疼,我该吃什么药呢?diarrhea n. 痢疾,腹泻sore a. 疼痛的knee n. 膝盖Id like some pain-killing drugs.我想买点儿止痛药pain-killing a. 止痛的Which cold medicine is better?哪种感冒药好一些?Is this effective to cure cold?这药对治疗感冒有效吗?effective a. 有效的,起作用的Are these tablets available over the counter?这些药片在柜台处可以买到吗?tablet n. 药片This is reducing the fever,and this will relieve the pain and subdue the inflammation. Right?这是退烧的,这个可以消炎止痛,对吗?reduce v. 减少,降低 relieve v. 减轻,解除subdue v. 抑制,降低,减轻inflammation n. 炎症,发炎Could you tell me how to take this medicine? Could you tell me how I take this medicine?您能告诉我这药怎么用吗?How many times a day should I take this medicine ? How many times should I take daily?这药每天吃几次?daily ad. 每日Does this drug have any side effects? What are the side effects of this drug?这药有副作用吗?Is this medicine safe?这个药安全吗?No side effects?没有副作用吗?side effect“副作用” 3756A: Mr Edgar, hello again. May I introduce Zhu Fengwei, your new Personal Manager?Edgar先生,您好请允许我介绍朱锋伟,您新的私人经理C: Nice to meet you, Mr Edgar.很高兴见到您,Edgar先生B: The same to you, Mr Zhu. Tell me a little about yourself ……很高兴见到你,朱先生告诉我一些关于你的情况……C: Im the Head of this branch Corporate Section and Ill be dealing with all your financing affairs, requests and anything else linked to your company.我是这家分行公司部的负责人,我将负责所有您的融资事务、需求和其他任何与责公司有关的业务B: That wonderful. Im very pleased that we have got this sorted out so quickly.那太好了我很高兴我们如此之快地解决了此事C: We aim to please, Sir.我们的目标就是让您满意,先生B: What we really require at the moment is some help with cash collection. Recently, since we started doing a lot of cash business, we seem to have so much lying around. I have to send one of my assistants to the bank every day with a big bag of cash, which I dont think is very safe.我们目前真正需要的就是帮助我们收现金最近,因为我们开始做大量的现金业务,我们那里似乎到处都是现金我不得不让我的一位助 理每天带着一大包现金到来,我认为这很不安全C: I couldnt agree more. We can help you with that, no problem. We can send an armoured car to your place of business to collect the cash on a daily basis, with a schedule to suit your own.我完全同意我们可以帮您办理,没有任何问題我们可以每夭派一个装甲运钞车到您的办公地点收取现金,取款的时间您的需要来定B: That exactly what we need. So, let get this moving. What do you need from me?这正是我们需要的那么,我们就着手办理吧你们需要我做什么吗?C: I just need to have you fill in this documentation and we can begin the contract. It as simple as that!我只需要您填写此文件,然后我们就可以开始执行合同了就这么简单! 69吉大医院的信誉

吉林省妇女医院是不是公立医院九台区中医医院周末有上班吗 长春白求恩医科大学第一医院看妇科好不好

九台市妇幼保健站怎么样好吗 Security Tips To Protect Computers From ScamsIt'is nearly impossible to defend oneself from the kind of cyber attack that targeted Google Inc. and more than 30 other companies. But for the average computer user there are some common-sense steps that can help protect against viruses and other malicious computer code.- Install antivirus software. This can protect a computer against known malicious programs that could allow a hacker to steal personal information. Cyber criminals release thousands of new programs each day so it is important to update antivirus software.- Install software patches. Companies such as Microsoft Corp. and Adobe Systems Inc. are constantly issuing small updates to the Windows operating system and PDF er in response to newly identified security bugs. Users should be sure to install these so-called patches.- Be suspicious. Consider attachments to emails, links on social-networking sites and files for download on Web sites guilty until proven innocent. These are the most common ways that criminals load malicious software onto a victim's computer.-- Be vigilant in public. Sign out of your Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail account when using a public computer and clear the Web browser's cache, cookies and history. Then close the browser.-- People with access to sensitive information need to take extra precautions. They could be targeted by a hacker who could takes steps, including sending malicious software in an email, that appears to come from someone the victim knows. One way to guard against this is to encrypt important files. Also, businesses should deploy systems that track where sensitive information is being sent.-- Use strong passwords. Create passwords that are a mix of numbers, letters and symbols. Don't use common words or personal information. Don't use the same password on multiple sites. Put one on your cellphone. /201001/94792吉大第三医院治疗妇科炎症好吗长春第一医院收费



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