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be up in arms about / over sth------对...大动肝火Hello, everyone! 欢迎大家来到小强英语! 在中文中,形容一个人非常恼火,我们会说“某人大动肝火”,在英语当中也有类似的表示“大动肝火”的短语——be up in arms,通常的搭配为 ;be up in arms about / over sth;. 以后表达“很生气”就不要只是“very angry”,可以用;be up in arms ;。我们来看一下例句:The boss is up in arms about the company’s poor sales record in the past few months.由于公司最近几个月销售业绩不佳,老板正大动肝火。Residents are up in arms about a plan that the government prepares to build a factory, which will pollute the local river.居民们对政府准备新建一个工厂的计划非常生气,(因为)这个工厂会污染当地的河流。本期我们学习了“大动肝火”的英语表达;be up in arms (about/over sth.);,希望大家好好记住这个实用的短语。不过大家平常与人相处可要控制自己的情绪,大动肝火易伤人又伤己。好了,本期的节目到此结束,我们下期再会。与小强互动,请关注新浪微@小强英语!本栏目由原创,。 /201408/317548

Nicola: So Kate, tell me about your favorite music!尼科拉:凯特,跟我说说你最喜欢的音乐吧!Kate: Id say my favorite music would have to be the Beatles.凯特:要说我最喜欢的音乐那一定是披斗士。Nicola: Yeah.尼科拉:嗯。Kate: I love the Beatles, cause they always make me happy and Ive grown up with the Beatles凯特:我喜欢披头士,因为他们总是会让我感到快乐,我是听着披头士的音乐长大的。Nicola: Uh-huh, so youre parents listen to it?尼科拉:啊哈,你父母也听披头士的歌吗?Kate: Yeah, so we have all these old 45s when I was younger and this record player, and so we had loads of like Simon and Garfunkel and the Beatles and the Stones so that was the music I grew up listening to, and thats what I still really love.凯特:没错,我们有所有的45转唱片,我小的时候有这种唱机,我们有大量的唱片,包括西蒙和加芬克尔、披头士以及滚石乐队,我就是听着这些音乐长大的,这就是我非常喜欢的音乐。Nicola: Oh, awesome, and so do you like have a favorite song or?尼科拉:哦,真棒,那你有最喜欢的歌吗?Kate: Yeah, probably its ;Happiness is a warm gun; which is on the White Album.凯特:有,曲名是《Happiness is a warm gun》,收录在《白色专辑》中。Nicola: Yeah, right, right, cool.尼科拉:哦,对,对,真酷。Kate: I love all their albums. But I havent been to Liverpool yet. Id like to go. That would be nice.凯特:我喜欢他们的所有专辑。不过我还从没去过利物浦。我很想去。那一定很棒。Nicola: And do you have a favorite Beatle?尼科拉:那披头士乐队中你最喜欢的是谁?Kate: John Lennon, definitely. Hes definitely the coolest. I like his songs.凯特:绝对是约翰·列侬。他绝对是最酷的。我喜欢他的歌。Nicola: Do you like his individual work?尼科拉:你喜欢他的个人作品?Kate: Yeah.凯特:没错。Nicola: Yeah尼科拉:好的。Kate: Yeah. Some of them, like ;Imagine; is really good. Yeah, hes definitely my favorite. Though, I quite like George as well. That was sad when he died, cause he was, yeah, he was real individual. I like Ringo, but Paul not so much.凯特:嗯。其中有一些,比如《想象》,真的非常棒。他绝对是我最爱的成员。不过我也很喜欢乔治。他去世的时候太令人伤心了,他是真正有个性的人。我也喜欢林戈,不过觉得保罗一般。 /201311/266525

  Situation 3 Im working on it.Did you finish your chemistry assignment?Im working on it.Class astarts in twenty minutes.I know.Do you think you can finish it?I can finish if you quit bothering me.Did you finish your chemistry assignment?Im working on it.Class starts in twenty minutes.I know.Do you think you can finish it?I can finish if you quit bothering me.I thought you could play the guitar.No,I cant,but Im working on it.What does that mean?Im trying to learn to play.Better learn fast.The recital is next month.I know,Wish me luck.I thought you could play the guitar.No,I cant,but Im working on it.What does that mean?Im trying to learn to play.Better learn fast.The recital is next month.I know,Wish me luck.Mary,do you have that reservation on the night flight to Chicago yet?No,not yet,Mr.Jones,but Im working on it.What seems to be the problem?I dont know,I just keep getting a busy signal.Well,keep working on it.yes,sir.Mary,do you have that reservation on the night flight to Chicago yet?No,not yet,Mr.Jones,but Im working on it.What seems to be the problem?I dont know,I just keep getting a busy signal.Well,keep working on it.yes,sir. /201208/195416

  Todd: OK, Michael, you are into spear fishing!好的,迈克尔,你喜欢!Michael: Yes, I enjoy going spear fishing.是的,我喜欢。Todd: OK. Can you talk about that a bit.好的,你能跟我们聊聊吗。Michael: Yeah, sure. Spear fishing basically is a sport that you dive under the wate with the aid of flippers, wet suit and weights but you dont use oxygen at all its all, you hyperventilate before you go down to get your oxygen levels up then you dive down...yeah, and then you hafta you sometimes hide under rocks or actually stalk the fish, and when you see a species that is edible and of legal size you can catch the fish.好的。就是一种潜到水下的运动,你需要穿戴脚蹼,潜水衣,加重砝码,但不用带氧气瓶,只准备这些设备就行了,你要在下潜前吸气,吸收了足够的氧气再下潜到水中……在水下你有时要躲到岩石后,或是追踪鱼群,等你看到那些可食用的,体型大小能够被捕捉的鱼就可以下手捕捉了。Todd: Oh, Wow. Now spear fishing, does that mean you throw the spear!哦,哇。说到,现在还用矛吗?Michael: No, you use spear guns which uses surgical rubber to propel the spear you just pull it down to cock it. Its kind of like a crossbow without the cross piece at the front.不,用水下鱼,这种鱼用手术用橡胶推进鱼,你只要对准目标扣动扳机就行了。它就像一个前面没有横梁的弩。Todd: So do you ever see sharks down there?你有没有在水下见到过鲨鱼?Michael: Yeah, you occasionally see sharks, it depends on where you are. You see a lot of, there are some sharks called wabby-gones which are harmless sharks and they are actually quite friendly, and they wont attack you, but if youve caught some fish and you keep them on your purse and the blood goes into the water it can attract bigger sharks, and a few times when weve been spear fishing, weve actually had the sharks come down and take the fish while were there and its a little bit scary but the sharks themselves are, they just sit there and watch you in the water. Theyre kind of like dogs, they, its scary because they follow you, and they look at you, and you turn around and theyll be sitting there looking at you so most of the time we like to, when we catch the fish, to keep the blood out of the water we put them on a float that floats a fair way away from actually where you are fishing as a safety precaution, if you know you see too many sharks you just get out of the water...but no, its nice and exciting.见过,下水会偶尔见到鲨鱼,这取决于你在哪里了。这儿有一种叫做wabby-gones的鲨鱼,数量很多,他们是无害的,实际上它们很友好,它们不会袭击你,但如果你已经抓到鱼了,还把抓到的鱼放在口袋里,鱼的鲜血渗进海水中,它有可能吸引来更大的鲨鱼,有几次我们时,有鲨鱼游过来找鱼吃,那些鲨鱼有点儿吓人,它们只是在水里一动不动地看着你。它们就像猎犬,有点儿吓人是因为它们会跟着你并且注视着你,你到附近去,鲨鱼还是在那里静静地看着你,所以大多数情况下,我们会避免鱼的血液流到海水中,我们把捕到的鱼都放入到浮舟中,为确保安全,浮舟会距离地点有一定距离。如果你发现你的地方聚集了许多鲨鱼,你就要马上上岸……虽然危险,但是一件愉快,令人兴奋的事。注:译文属原创,,。 /201210/205731。


  In a special interview, SIDEWALKS host Maaika Westen talks to the new actress, whose making her acting debut in the film, “The Flowers of War.”Born in Nanjing, Jiangsu, she talks about how she audition for the role of Yu Mo and working with director Zhang Yimou (“Raise the Red Lantern,” “Ju Dou,” “Hero,” “House of the Flying Daggers”) and star Christian Bale. /201207/192462

  A: 欢迎大家来到这期的美语训练班! 我是杨琳!B: 我是Mike! 杨琳,来告诉大家今天都要学什么?A: 没问题! 今天,我们要跟着电脑达人学学怎么自己修电脑,聊聊怎么用合适的方法炒别人鱿鱼,还要告诉你怎么说料事如神!B: Fixing computers? Sounds like you need a professional! It just so happens that I know a guy who is quite handy with computers....me!A: Well, I thought people good with computers usually have high IQ? 哈哈,好了,不开玩笑了! 我们言归正传,赶快先来进入第一个单元,Learn a Word!Learn A Word - 1577 see something coming今天我们要学的词是 see something coming. See is spelled s-e-e; and c-o-m-i-n-g; coming; see something coming. See something coming是预料到某事会发生。I wasnt surprised when the company closed down. You could see it coming. 公司关门我并不吃惊。这是意料之中的事。研究发现,美国的二氧化碳排放量降到了近20年来的最低点,Many of the worlds leading climate scientists did not see the drop coming. 大部分权威气象学家都没料到会出现这个情况。After last years dry winter, forecasters see big snows coming to cities from New York to Washington, D.C. 继去年干燥的冬天之后,天气人员预测,今年冬天,大雪会席卷从纽约到华盛顿的多座城市。好的,今天我们学习的词是 see something coming, see something coming, see something coming...A: Ok, so Mike, how was the party last weekend? Did you meet anyone interesting? Did you...meet the future Ms. Bond?B: Hahaha, you know what? Actually I found this totally cool, cute....A: 啊? 什么什么? 快说!B: Dog. OMG its a basset hound and he was so friendly!A: Ah....I didnt see that coming....B: Well, its probably because youre not the sharpest tool in the shed......A: Youd better watch out, youre about to be on the firing line. You do understand that I know Kongfu, right?B: Hahaha, really? what style? 吃饭吃得快的方式吗? But you did just mention a really good term: on the firing line. Lets listen to todays Words and Idioms and find out what it means!Words and Idioms - 985现在播送美国习惯用语第 985讲。我是杨琳。M:我是Steve Baragona.最近,我们的一个制片人制作的短片引起了轩然。短片谈的是环境保护问题,而其中一位科学家认为全球变暖只是一个噱头,这种说法马上引起了其他很多科学家和公众的不满,很多人表示了对这个观点的反对,制片人也被批评报道偏颇,不够严谨。她的处境让我想到一句习惯用语, 那就是:M: On the firing line. Firing is spelled f-i-r-i-n-g, and line; l-i-n-e, line. On-the-firing-line. On the firing line.Firing line, 是射击线,开火线的意思,那么on the firing line, 在火线上,引伸出来意思就是处于容易被攻击的位置上。就像上面提到的例子:The producer of the show ended up ON THE FIRING LINE for presenting only one side of the argument. 制片人因为只介绍了对全球气候变暖的一种看法而受到批评。 在下面的例子里,一系列的问题食品带来了公众恐慌。我们来听一听:M: ;Last month, there was an terrible outbreak of people getting sick from contaminated spinach. Some Americans even died. Not long before, a similar incident happened with peanut butter. Thats why the public became very angry at government officials. Theyll probably remain ON THE FIRING LINE until citizens can be assured of the safety of our food. ;[这段话是说: 上个月,出现了一轮公众因食用受污染的菠菜而患病的事件,这些蔬菜甚至导致有些人死亡。不久前,市面上还出现过有问题的花生酱。这激起了公众对政府官员的愤怒情绪。在市民们重新对食品安全感到放心之前,这些政府官员可能会一直是大家批评的对象。]食品安全可不是小问题,政府确实应该对这种问题负责! 想起我租的公寓,租赁办公室一直在提高租金。在租户会议上,They were clearly on the firing line; they were grilled about why the renters had to pay more. 他们显然变成了租户的众矢之的,人们纷纷质问为什么要没完没了地上涨租金。好的,我们再来听听刚才那段话:M: ;Last month, there was an terrible outbreak of people getting sick from contaminated spinach. Some Americans even died. Not long before, a similar incident happened with peanut butter. Thats why the public became very angry at government officials. Theyll probably remain ON THE FIRING LINE until citizens can be assured of the safety of our food. ;一般在中国家庭里,财政大权都掌握在妻子手里。其实很多美国家庭也一样。下面例子里的这个人就要讲讲他妻子是怎么控制家庭预算,降低生活开的。咱们一起来听一听:M: ;My wife controls the budget in the house. She says we have to cut down on spending. That means buying new clothing, going out to restaurants and taking a summer vacation are all ON THE FIRING LINE now. Shes against any purchases until theres enough money to pay for them. ;[这段话是说:我妻子掌握家里的财政大权。她说我们得减少开。这就意味着买衣,下餐馆,和夏天出去渡假全都可能被取消。她觉得在有足够的钱以前,不应该再有任何不必要的消费。]大家注意,on the firing line可以用来形容人的情况,也可以用来形容事,形容事的时候意思就是可能被取消。比如说,Because of the huge tax bill, my plan to purchase the New iPad is on the firing line. 因为得交好多税,买最新版 iPad 的计划很可能泡汤。好的,我们再来听听刚才那段话:M: ;My wife controls the budget in the house. She says we have to cut down on spending. That means buying new clothing, going out to restaurants and taking a summer vacation are all ON THE FIRING LINE now. Shes against any purchases until theres enough money to pay for them. ;今天我们学习的习惯用语是on the firing line, 意思是处于被攻击的位置。好的,这次[美国习惯用语]就到此结束,我是杨琳,我是Steve Baragona。谢谢各位的收听。A: Speaking of which, my old computer is on the firing line.B: Wait...whats wrong with your old computer?A: My old Mac is super slow now. It takes about 3 minutes to just start it and always freezes in the middle of a show!B: You know what? You should just consult me...Im a computer expert. Maybe I can even offer you a discount on my consulting fee if you agree to cook me some Chinese food...Hmmm...A: 好的听众朋友,我们可以直接忽略Mike了。(B: What?) 今天的美语三级跳里,我们就要跟着电脑达人去诊断一下电脑问题。一块来听吧!Computers: Beginner今天我们为您播出“美语三级跳”节目“电脑”单元的初级课程。Chloe 的电脑出了点毛病,她打电话给朋友Matt,让他帮忙看看。Professor: Thats right, Winnie. Isnt it good to have friends who understand computers?那可不,有电脑达人当朋友真不错!Chloe: Hi Matt, thanks for coming over to help me fix my computer.Matt: No problem. I know everything about computers. Whats the problem?Chloe: I cant surf the Internet. What do you think the problem is?Matt: Well it could be a software problem, or it could be a hardware problem.Matt说,只要是有关电脑的东西,没他不懂的,口气还真大,希望他不是吹牛。Professor: Well, we will see. Winnie, what is wrong with Chloes computer?她说,她不能 ;surf; the Internet. Professor Bowman, surf 不是冲浪的意思么?Professor: Yes, but you can also use it to talk about browsing the Internet. For example, I spend three hours every day surfing the Internet.我明白了,surf the Internet 就是上网。Matt 说,Chloe的电脑不能上网,这不是hardware problem--硬件的问题,就是software problem - 软件的问题。Professor: Thats right! Lets see if Matt can help fix the computer.Matt: Well, lets see if the computer can turn on. Here, Ill just press the power button.Chloe: Uh ... Matt? Thats not my computer. Thats my TV.Matt: Huh? Oh yes, of course. Where is your computer?Chloe: My computer is over on the desk. See? It is turned on, but when I try to open the browser, there is no connection to the Internet.这个Matt,怎么连电脑和电视都分不清!他说开电脑,却伸手去按 TV 的 power button--电视开关!Professor: He doesnt sound like a computer expert at all.可不!不过 Professor, Chloe说,她想打开 browser的时候,没法连接网络。Browser就是上网用的浏览器吧?Professor: Correct. You can also say you opened a browser window.哦....open a browser window 就是打开一个浏览窗口。我倒真想看看Matt是不是真懂电脑。Matt: Hmm .... have you tried re-starting your computer?Chloe: Matt, of course I tried re-starting my computer. That was the first thing I did!Matt: Really? Well if that didnt work, I dont know what to do.Chloe: Thats your only idea? You said you know everything about computers. I should have just called technical support.Matt: Well re-starting the computer always works for me.我猜的没错!Matt 唯一的办法就是re-start the computer,重新启动电脑,这谁不会啊!对了,重启电脑是不是也可以说 re-boot the computer?Professor: Thats right. Re-start and re-boot mean the same thing.看来,Chloe对Matt很失望,觉得自己还不如打电话给电脑公司的technical support--技术务部门呢。Professor: Matt has one more idea to fix the computer. Lets listen.Matt: Wait! I know how to fix the problem!Chloe: Great! What should we do?Matt: We should contact the Internet company to see if their service is down. Lets log on to their website to find their phone number.Chloe: Uh, Matt? The Internet isnt working. How can we log on to the website?Matt: Oh yeah.Professor: So Winnie, what is Matts solution for fixing the computer?Chloe: 他出馊主意说,去网络公司的网站找他们的联络电话,然后打过去问问是不是网络出问题了!Professor: Exactly. But thats impossible because the Internet is down.就是!Chloe的问题就是不能上网,Matt却要上网查东西,这不是瞎出主意么!对了,Professor, Chloe说 Internet is down, 就是说网坏了吧?Professor: Yes. For example, you can say ;I couldnt go to work today because the subway is down.; You can also say that your E-mail or phone service is down.我明白了。希望Chloe不是因为什么急事需要上网,要不然都让这个假行家Matt给耽误了!Professor: Well, lets listen next time to find out!A: 原来, Chloe cant surf the Internet, 上不了网,请了她的好朋友Matt来帮她看看。Matt说,这不是hardware problem,硬件问题,就是software problem,软件问题。Matt让她reboot the computer,重启电脑,然后就没招啦! 这个Matt,根本就是个水货嘛!B: Yeah, not everyone has the same level of expertise as I have....(A: ugh...) seriously though, people who pretend to know things just irritate me. I knew this guy in college, he looked great on paper, but he constantly got fired after being hired for just two to three months. It turns out the only real skill he had was to interview well and brag about himself on his resume.A: Yep. 不懂装懂最烦人了! 不过虽然被炒鱿鱼是很惨,炒别人的鱿鱼其实也不容易! 今天的Business Etiquette里,部门经理Peter就得开除一名雇员,这不,他正在跟同事讨论该怎么办,咱们一起去听听吧!礼节美语 - Youre Fired - Part I部门经理 Paul Chen 和他的上司 Sue Krammer 要开除一名雇员。P: Sue, I really need your help with this one.S: Oh? Whats the problem?P: Ive been asked to fire Tom Smith.S: Oh...yeah...firing someone is hard. Ive had to do it many times.P: I hate it. Its probably the worst part of my job as a manager.S: But...it has to be done and somebodys got to do it. In this case...you.Paul 要解雇 Tom Smith, 问 Sue 该怎么做。Sue 说,开除手下确实是一件头痛的事情,但 Somebodys got to do it. 总要有人去做。P: I know...I just want some advice on how to do this properly.S: Well, lets review Toms case, shall we? First question: Have you given him fair warning?P: I believe so. I spoke to Tom in March and in May. I informed him he was on probation.S: OK...so he knows hes on thin ice. So this action isnt going to be a complete surprise to him, right?P: No. He should understand by now that the company is not really happy with his performance.Paul 说,他事先警告过 Tom. I informed him he was on probation. on probation 意思是留职查看。换句话说,He knows hes on thin ice. on thin ice 如履薄冰,在这的意思就是他知道公司对他的表现不满意,知道自己可能会丢饭碗。S: I think you should simply give Tom a list of behaviors the company has found unacceptable and then fire him. You cant allow him to drag you into an argument or debate. In this case you are merely the messenger and its really not personal.P: And if he promises to change and do better?S: You have to firmly but politely let him know that the time for improvement has passed.Sue 建议,可以列举Tom种种令人不满的表现,然后告诉他被解雇了,不给他争辩的机会。You cant allow him to drag you into an argument or debate。因为Paul只是传达上级的决定,you are merely the messenger。你只不过是个传信的,Its not personal. 不是针对个人,只是公事公办而已。如果Tom保改过自新呢?Sue 建议,要 firmly but politely 既坚定又客气地告诉他,没有机会了。S: Are you planning on asking him to sign a release form?P: Yes. The policy is if you voluntarily sign a paper accepting your termination, you get 6 weeks of severance pay. Otherwise, if you wish to challenge the decision, you get just two weeks.S: Ok...good. So go ahead and call him in. Remember: keep it simple. Inform him of the decision and tell him why, then explain the severance deal.P: Ok...here goes. (Picks up phone) Kathy, please ask Tom to come in...thanks.公司规定,如果员工自愿 voluntarily, v-o-l-u-n-t-a-r-i-l-y, voluntarily 签字接受解雇的决定,就可以得到六个星期的遣散费 severance pay, severance is spelled s-e-v-e-r-a-n-c-e, 否则只有两周。Sue 最后提醒 Paul, 要 keep it simple. 越简洁越好。A: Paul解释说,他已经告诉Tom: he was on probation, 留职查看,he knows hes on thin ice, 如履薄冰。Sue说,解雇他的时候要keep it simple,越简洁越好,让他知道这是上级的意思,you are merely the messenger, 你只是传信儿的。最重要的是: You cant allow him to drag you into an argument or debate. 不给他争辩的机会。B: Thats why I think I can never be a manager.A: Ehmm?B: Its awful to have to fire someone and take away their livelihood. I just dont think I can do that.A: Yep. 领导可不好当啊! Paul终于把Tom叫到了办公室,准备动手了! 咱们赶快接着去听听吧!礼节美语 - Youre Fired - Part IITom Smith 被叫到部门经理 Paul Chen 的办公室。Tom: Good morning, Paul. How are you?P: Im well, thanks. Take a seat. This is Sue Krammer from the head office.T: Hi, Sue.S: Hi.P: Tom, theres no easy way to say this so Im just going to say it. We are letting you go.Paul 开门见山,告诉 Tom 公司决定解雇他。在这种情况下,要说 We are letting you go, 不能说 youre fired。T: Go where?P: Um...we mean we are terminating your employment here.T: You mean youre firing me?P: Um...yes.T: Wow! Mind telling me why?P: Weve warned you about some of your unacceptable behaviors several times now. Also, we feel you are under performing or not up to the standards we demand here.T: (belligerent) Really? How so?Tom 显得很意外,气愤地质问道,Mind telling me why? 能告诉我为什么吗?Paul 解释说,公司觉得 you are underperforming, underperform, u-n-d-e-r-p-e-r-f-o-r-m, 意思是工作表现不佳,not up to the standards 不符合要求。Tom 很不客气地让 Paul 举例,这时候 Sue 说话了。S: If I might interject, here. Tom, your file says that last month you called up a client and chewed him out...without authorization. Tom, that is simply unacceptable.P: You are frequently late and weve received more than a few complaints about your abrasive style with co-workers.T: All right...but I have good explanations for all of that. You see......S: I dont want to interrupt, Tom, but its important that you understand that this decision comes down from the top. Paul and I are just the messengers. It would be best if you understood that this decision is final.Tom 上个月在电话里 chewed a client out 痛骂客户。chew someone out 是严厉责骂的意思。此外,他上班还经常迟到,对同事态度粗鲁,he has an abrasive style with co-workers. Tom 想争辩,Sue 果断地说,这是上头的决定,the decision comes down from the top, and the decision is final. 是不可改变的。T: So Im fired and thats that?P: Yes, you are being let go. But we would be happy to help you in any way we can.S: If you need a general reference letter we can provide one, but if they call and ask if you were fired we will have to tell the truth. Thats the law.P: We can offer a six week severance package if you accept your termination.T: Fine. Ill pack up my stuff and be out of here by Wednesday.S: Thanks for understanding, Tom. We wish you well.P: Yeah. Please do email me if you have further questions.Tom 无可奈何地问,so Im fired and thats that? 我就这么被开除了?回答当然是肯定的。公司愿意给他写例行推荐信,但如果用人单位打电话了解情况,公司也不能隐瞒他被解雇的事实。Tom 同意在解聘书上签字,收拾东西走人 pack up and be out of here。A: See Mike, you really need to listen to your supervisor, me, otherwise you run the risk of being fired! For example, I really like cupcakes...B: (sarcastically) Really? I would have never guessed........A: a 好了同学们,这次节目时间就到这里了。 /201412/349191Finn: Hello. Im Finn.芬恩:大家好,我是芬恩。Li: And Im Li.莉:我是莉。Finn: And were whispering–were talking very quietly-because we are about to watch an awards ceremony for the best dancer in the UK.芬恩:我们要小声说,我们要悄悄说话的原因是我们要收看英国最佳舞者的颁奖典礼。Li: Yes–I think its going to begin now. Shh.莉:对,我想马上就要开始了。嘘。Awards Host: And the award for best dancer this year goes to… Timmy Tapper!颁奖典礼主持人:今年的最佳舞者授予的获奖者是……蒂米·泰柏。(Applause)(掌声)Timmy Tapper: Erm, thank you!蒂米·泰柏:呃,谢谢!Awards Host: Timmy, would you like to say a few words?颁奖典礼主持人:蒂米,你想说点什么吗?Timmy Tapper: Yes, erm, thank you… to… everybody! Thanks.蒂米·泰柏:好,呃,谢谢……谢谢大家!谢谢。Awards Host: Great. Well thank you Timmy. Youve done a fantastic job this year!颁奖典礼主持人:太棒了。谢谢你,蒂米,你今年的表现非常出色!Finn: (whispers) Li, what happened? He was like a rabbit in the headlights.芬恩:(耳语)莉,发生什么了?他好像被震住了。Li: I dont know, he was very nervous. But what did you say, Finn, about rabbits?莉:我也不知道,他太紧张了。不过芬恩,刚刚你说了什么,跟兔子有关的?Finn: Oh, rabbits, yes. A rabbit in the headlights. Its a phrase used to describe someone who is so nervous that they cant move or speak.芬恩:哦,兔子,是的。我说的A rabbit in the headlights,这个短语用来形容某个人因为极度紧张,不能移动或是说不出话来。Li: I see. Someone who is too nervous to move or speak. But why does it involve headlights–the lights at the front of a car?莉:我明白了。某个人太紧张了,以至于不能移动或是说不出话来。不过为什么要用车头灯这个词啊,这不是指车前面的灯吗?Finn: Well if you think about if you are driving a car at night and you have your headlights on. Suddenly, a rabbit appears in the middle of the road. But it is too scared by the car driving towards for it to run away. Its a rabbit in the headlights.芬恩:你想想如果你在晚上开车,你就必须要开开车头灯。这时突然,一只兔子跑到了路中间。兔子被开过来的车吓坏了,以至于它并没有逃走。就是说它被震住了。Li: Thats a rabbit in the headlights. Oh, Finn, I think Timmy Tapper wants to say something.莉:就是它被震住了。哦,芬恩,我认为蒂米·泰柏想说些话的。Finn: Oh yes.芬恩:是啊。Timmy Tapper: Oh, sorry. Can I just say one more thing?蒂米·泰柏:哦,抱歉。我能再说句话吗?Awards Host: Sure, go ahead, Timmy!颁奖典礼主持人:当然了,请吧,蒂米!(Timmy starts tap dancing)(蒂米开始跳踢踏舞)Awards Host: Well, isnt that amazing!颁奖典礼主持人:哇,是不是很不可思议?Li: Ha ha. I think Timmy was nervous speaking in front of everyone here just now, but now hes happy to express himself through tap dancing!莉:哈哈。我认为刚才蒂米在大家面前说话太紧张了,不过现在他乐于用踢踏舞来表达自己的情感!Finn: He looks very happy doesnt he? And while Timmy dances, I have some advice for everyone. If you want to speak confident English, and not be like a rabbit in the headlights, why not visit our website explore our free English learning materials?芬恩:他看起来很快乐,不是吗?在蒂米跳舞的时候,我要给大家一些建议。如果你想说流利的英语,不想做害怕表达的人,那你为什么不访问我们的网站找些免费的英语学习资料呢?Li: bbclearningenglish.com.莉:网址是bbclearningenglish.com。Finn: Thats it. Bye.芬恩:没错。再见。Li: Bye.莉:再见。(Timmy tap dancing)(蒂米跳踢踏舞) 译文属 /201408/318713



  Im beat! 累死我啦!Beat是俚语,就是指very tired,关于beat的俚语解释还有很多,很多人熟悉的Michael Jackson的那首歌Beat It,有些CD封面翻译成打击它,而实际上beat it在这里也是一个俚语的词组,即闪开,一边儿去的意思。 /201303/229089

  Jessica: Kate, where are you from?杰西卡:凯特,你来自哪里?Kate: Im from London in England.凯特:我来自英国伦敦。Jessica: OK, and your heritage is..?杰西卡:好,那你的祖籍是?Kate: My heritage is Irish. My grandparents were Irish, both sets of grandparents.凯特:我的祖籍是爱尔兰。我祖父母都是爱尔兰人,外祖父母也是爱尔兰人。Jessica: Oh, wow. What part of Ireland were they from?杰西卡:哦,哇。他们来自爱尔兰的哪里?Kate: Theyre from Galway City.凯特:他们来自戈尔韦市。Jessica: Where is that?杰西卡:那是哪里?Kate: Thats on the west coast of Ireland. Its really beautiful there. Absolutely gorgeous.凯特:在爱尔兰的西海岸。那里非常美。极其的漂亮。Jessica: Great, and do they move to England?杰西卡:很棒,他们后来搬到英国了吗?Kate: Yeah, my grandfather actually came over to become a priest, but obviously he didnt. So yeah, then, he met my grandmother who also come over from England and then they got married. So, yeah, my name is an Irish name. Kates an Irish name and Kenny as well, my surname. Its a very Irish name.凯特:对,实际上我祖父来到英国想成为牧师,但是当然他并没有当牧师。之后他遇到了同样来到英国的我祖母,然后他们结婚了。所以,其实我的名字是爱尔兰名字。凯特是爱尔兰名字,当然我的姓氏肯尼也是爱尔兰姓氏。是一个很普遍的爱尔兰名字。Jessica: Wow, so now what was it like having Irish grandparents in England?杰西卡:哇,那来自爱尔兰的祖父母在英国感觉怎么样?Kate: I think initially for them it was difficult when they first came over because there werent many jobs for the Irish and there as quite a lot of prejudice against the Irish, but its wonderful having Irish heritage because theres such funny warm kind people. Really interesting. They can tell a good story so it was great to have that.凯特:我想刚开始的时候,他们刚过来的时候觉得很困难,因为当时没有什么工作提供给爱尔兰人,而且对爱尔兰人也有许多偏见,但是拥有爱尔兰血统很棒,因为他们都是风趣又热情的人。他们真的很风趣。他们可以讲很棒的故事,所以拥有爱尔兰血统很棒。Jessica: Yeah, so have you been to Ireland?杰西卡:嗯,那你去过爱尔兰吗?Kate: Oh, yeah. Many times. Yeah.凯特:哦,是的。去过很多次。Jessica: Did you go and see where they grew up and...杰西卡:那你有去看过他们成长的地方或是……Kate: Yeah.凯特:是的。Jessica: Cool.杰西卡:不错。Kate: Its a beautiful place. Ive been there lots of times. I want to go back. Definitely. Really lovely country and the people are so friendly. Its so beautiful there.凯特:那是个非常漂亮的地方。我去过那里很多次。我想回去。一定要回去。那真是一个可爱的国家,那里的人们都非常友好。那里真的非常美丽。 /201311/266029

  上次我们学了几个由down这个词组成的习惯用语。今天再要讲的几个习惯说法也包括down, 而且还都是复合词。 Down这个词最基本的意思是“向下”或者“降低”。今天要学的第一个习惯说法是:downplay。 Downplay这个习惯说法出现在四、五十年前,组成downplay这个复合词的第二部分是play,play这个词可以解释为“播放”音乐或者“弹奏”乐器。这样说来downplay这个词原来的意思可以是低声地播放或者演奏。这也许就是downplay这个习惯说法的出典,当然作为习惯说法是取它的象征意义的。我们听个例子来体会它的意思吧。说话的人在跟同事议论他们的老板。他们公司刚争取到一笔大生意的合同,那意味着公司的业务将大有发展,但是他看不惯老板宣布这条特大喜讯的方式。我们听听他怎么说:例句-1:This will double our business for the next three years. But its strange how much he downplayed such good news when he told us. Maybe hes afraid that well all ask him for higher salaries because well all have to work harder than now.他说:这份生意合同在今后三年会把我们的业务加一倍,但是奇怪的是老板却轻描淡写地向我们宣告这么好的一条消息,可能是老板生怕我们都会要求他加工资的缘故吧,因为这一来我们都不得不比现在更卖力地干活了。这种业务大有发展的消息原是值得好好庆贺一番的,而这位老板可能是唯恐张扬了会激起员工纷纷来争工资待遇,所以有心低调处理这个宣告,可见downplay这个习惯说法意思是“轻描淡写”或者“低调处理”。有些语言学家认为downplay这个习惯说法来自钢琴的弱音踏板,弹钢琴的时候踩下弱音踏板会使乐声比平常低柔,这就产生了另一个习惯说法:soft- pedal。 Soft-pedal由soft和pedal两个词组成,原意是钢琴的弱音踏板,而在中间用连词符号连接、当动词用的时候,soft-pedal就跟 downplay一样,表示“低调处理”或者“轻描淡写”了。******今天要学的第二个习惯说法是: downsize。 Downsize这个词的后半部分是size,它可以解释为规模,那么 downsize可不就是降低或者缩小规模吗?在经济萧条时期很多人会失业,因为不少公司企业用裁员这种方法紧缩开、增加盈利来渡过困难时期。这时你就常会听到downsize这个说法了。这个词要是直译,意思是缩小人员规模,其实就是“裁员”或者“解雇员工”,只是听来比dismiss之类表示解雇的词来得委婉,不那么刺耳。我们来听个例子。这是一位电台记者在报导近来的经济衰退如何影响电脑行业和电脑网络公司的业务:例句-2:This year the decline of business had been difficult for many of these firms who had done so well earlier. Many have had to downsize, some have gone out of business and people who had been doing very well are now busy looking for work.他说:今年业务的低落给这些早先欣欣向荣的公司带来了困难,许多公司不得不裁员,有些甚至倒闭了。这一来原本干得相当出色的那些人如今却在忙于找工。这里的习惯说法downsize意思就是裁员。******今天要学的第三个习惯说法由三个单词合成,中间都用连词符号相连。这个复合词是: down-to-earth。 Earth是“大地”的意思,down-to-earth这个习惯说法往往用来说某一种人,表现他们什么样的品质呢?我们听个例子来体会吧。说话的人要描述他公司的同事对新经理的看法:例句-3:She comes from a wealthy family and went to a top school but Im glad to say despite that shes really down-to-earth: she understands what we do, is warm and friendly and treats us all like equals. Thats why I say shes truly down-to-earth.这位经理出生在富裕家庭又上了第一流的学校。这样的背景很可能会造就一个高高在上的人,但是尽管如此,她却能体谅下属的工作,而且热情友好又平易近人,所以说她确实是个脚踏实地的人。这样看来down-to-earth用来描述脚踏实地的品质,它的意思就是踏实谦逊。另外有个习惯用语很容易跟down-to-earth相混淆,它是: down to the ground。Down to the ground看来和down-to-earth相似,实际上它们表示不同的意思,down to the ground含义是“完全、彻底地”。例如,有人可以这样说自己的房子:My house suits me right down to the ground. 他表示:“我对我的房子完全心满意足。” Down to the ground用来描绘完全彻底的程度。 /201410/331320

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