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成都阿杰形象设计学院学习韩式定妆水晶唇秀眉多少钱巴中纹绣培训资料Whatever you think of the UK prime minister, Theresa May has a very rough road ahead. If Hillary Clinton becomes US president, she will join Mrs May at the top of the glassiest of “glass cliffs”.无论你对英国新首相持何看法,特里萨#8226;梅(Theresa May)的未来之路将非常坎坷。如果希拉里#8226;克林顿(Hillary Clinton)当选美国总统的话,她将与梅一道站在最危险的“玻璃悬崖”上。The phrase describes the tendency for women to be preferred over men for precarious jobs. Among chief executives, lawyers, prospective members of parliament, even secondary school student representatives, studies show women are often assigned the intractable tasks, the risky cases and, according to analysis of UK elections, the harder-to-win constituencies.“玻璃悬崖”描述了一种倾向性,即女性比男性更易于被推上危险职位。对首席执行官、律师、准议会成员、甚至中学学生代表等群体的研究显示出,女性常常被分派棘手的任务、高风险的案件以及(对英国大选的分析显示出)较难赢下的选区。Hurrah for that, you may say: it should be cause for celebration that women don’t shy from such roles. I suppose it is a perverse sign of progress that, after centuries of men serving as dud presidents, failed youth leaders and losing barristers, women should get their shot. But the reasons women seem to get these tricky roles are a depressing sign of the sluggishness of advances towards gender parity. Worse, the consequences if these women fail could set back future generations of aspiring female leaders.这太棒了,你或许会说:这应该值得庆祝,因为女性没有回避这些角色。我认为,这是一种不正常的进步迹象,表明在男性充当无用的总统、失败的青年领袖及失意的大律师等角色几个世纪后,应该轮到女性大显身手了。但是,女性看似得到了这些棘手的职位,其背后的原因却是性别平等进展缓慢的令人沮丧的信号。更糟糕的是,如果这些女性失败的话,结果可能打击到未来几代有抱负的女性领导者。Professors Michelle Ryan and Alex Haslam of the University of Exeter did the first detailed research into the idea, and adopted the term “glass cliff”, after a lazy article in The Times in 2003 implied that appointing women to boards “wreaked havoc on companies’ performance”.英国埃克塞特大学(University of Exeter)教授米歇尔#8226;瑞恩(Michelle Ryan)与亚历克斯#8226;哈斯拉姆(Alex Haslam)率先对这一现象进行了详细研究,并引入了“玻璃悬崖”一词。此前,《泰晤士报》(The Times)2003年刊发的一篇蹩脚文章暗示称,任命女性进入董事会“对公司业绩造成了严重破坏”。The Times article was a correlation-does-not-equal-causation classic. Not only did women board members not trigger share price collapse, their appointment tended to follow periods of underperformance, whereas men were winning board seats at companies with more stable stocks.这篇文章是一个“相关不等于因果”的典型范例。女性董事会成员不仅没有引起股价暴跌,她们的任命还往往是在企业股价表现不佳之后,而男性通常会在股价更稳定的公司获得董事会席位。At about the same time, I interviewed Jack Welch, a self-confessed “neanderthal” on gender balance, who mused that he was worried that three prominent female chief executives — Carly Fiorina, then at Hewlett-Packard, Pat Russoof Lucent (later Alcatel-Lucent) and Anne Mulcahy of Xerox — had been handed impossible tasks. If they failed, he said, it would set back efforts to develop more women for such roles.大约在同一时期,我采访了在性别平等方面自称持古老看法的杰克#8226;韦尔奇(Jack Welch)。他沉思道,自己担心三位杰出的女性首席执行官——当时执掌惠普(Hewlett-Packard)的卡莉#8226;菲奥莉娜(Carly Fiorina)、朗讯(Lucent,后来的阿尔卡特-朗讯(Alcatel-Lucent))的陆思(Pat Russo),以及施乐(Xerox)的安妮#8226;马尔卡希(Anne Mulcahy)——被交予了不可能完成的任务。他说,如果她们失败了,将挫伤让更多女性担当此类角色的努力。Ms Fiorina and Ms Russo’s fortunes did slide — and men took over from them. Ms Mulcahy led a turnround of Xerox and passed the baton to company insider Ursula Burns.菲奥莉娜、陆思的命运确实不济——男性接替了她们的职位。马尔卡希领导施乐实现了扭亏,并将指挥棒交给了公司内部的乌苏拉尔#8226;伯恩斯(Ursula Burns)。Such “sample of one” anecdotes vex the academics. But the point stands. Some women won’t even approach the edge of the cliff if they see their role models slipping over it. The phenomenon could lead to stagnation in women’s progress.此类“个例”令学者苦恼。但道理还是成立。如果看到自己的偶像从悬崖跌落,有些女性甚至将不愿再向悬崖边缘靠近。这种现象可能导致女性进步的停滞。Pointing to the cliff can be risky, too, if it reinforces female and male stereotypes. Female leaders are sometimes extolled for stepping up to the brink, as in the occasional suggestion following the UK’s EU referendum that it would take a woman to “clean up the mess the boys made”. When women succeed in such perilous roles, they sometimes get put on a glass pedestal which may be equally precarious — like the one occupied by the Icelandic financiers and politicians who filled the gaps at the top after its financial crisis.指出玻璃悬崖的存在也有风险——如果这样做加深了有关男性与女性的刻板印象的话。女性领导者有时会因站上悬崖而大受赞扬,正如英国公投退欧后不时出现的暗示,即需要一位女性来“收拾男人们留下的烂摊子”。当女性在这些危险角色中获得成功时,她们有时会被送上一个可能同样危险的玻璃高台——就像冰岛金融危机后填补高层空缺的冰岛金融家和政客一样。There are, however, important reasons why everyone needs to chip away at the glass cliff.然而,人人都有责任敲掉玻璃悬崖,其中的原因很重要。When Prof Ryan describes this phenomenon to audiences of women and girls, she says they are often “deflated”. Raising the issue, however, at least forces selection committees to address their unconscious bias.当瑞恩教授向成年和青少年女性听众描述这一现象时,她说,她们常常“会泄气”。然而,提出这一问题至少可以迫使负责选拔人才的委员会克他们无意识的偏见。Understanding the phenomenon helps expose old-fashioned ways of thinking in business and politics. Prof Ryan’s later research found women were sometimes being set up for a fall, while sometimes women get the job because of “men not wanting to fail and taking a step back”, which sounds familiar from the aftermath of the UK referendum.理解这一现象有助于揭露商业和政治领域陈旧的思维方式。瑞恩教授后来的研究发现,女性有时成为应对失败的“替罪羊”,而有时获得任命是因为“男人不想失败而后退一步”——听起来与英国公投退欧后的情况类似。At a time of crisis, organisations have a licence to appoint leaders who look different, not necessarily because they will bring change, but because the decision to appoint them merely signals change. Separate research found, for instance, that Japanese companies in difficulty appointed (male) foreigners as chief executive.危机时期,组织倾向于任命看起来不一样的领导者,未必是因为他们会带来改变,而是因为任命他们的决定本身就预示着改变。例如,另一项研究发现,处于困境中的日本企业会任命(男性)外国人士为首席执行官。As long as men hold most senior positions, women will be set up as fall-girls. Given their chance of a cushier job is more limited, they may feel obliged to accept cliff-edge roles.只要男性掌控着大多数高级职位,被推向高位的女性注定将跌落。考虑到她们得到较轻松职位的机会更为有限,她们也许会感到不得不接受处于悬崖边缘的角色。It would be odd not to want Mrs May to succeed. If she does not, though, she must be judged a failed prime minister, not a failed “female prime minister”. Only then will it be possible to fight another phenomenon: “the saviour effect”.不希望梅成功的想法将很奇怪。不过,如果她没有成功,必须以一位失败的首相评价她,而非一位失败的“女首相”。那时我们才有可能对抗另一现象:“救世主效应”。Women who lead struggling companies are much more likely to be replaced by a man, another recent study shows, as a sign that things have returned to normal. Such is the turmoil in UK and US politics, some stability would be welcome. But this is one norm that should be scrapped.另一项最新研究显示,领导处于困境中的公司的女性更有可能被男性接替——作为公司已回归常态的标志。这就是英美两国政治正在经历的动荡,一定程度的稳定将受到欢迎。但这种模式应被抛弃。 /201607/455929四川蓝美人化妆学校纹绣绣眉培训好吗 什邡市学韩式秀眉多少钱

重庆/纹绣价目表培训学校哪家好Rodrigo Duterte, the flamboyant president of the Philippines, has spent this week in Beijing executing a dramatic pivot away from the US, his country’s closest ally, and into the arms of the rising superpower, China.行事高调的菲律宾总统罗德里戈.杜特尔特(Rodrigo Duterte)利用本周对北京的访问,上演了一场脱离该国最亲密的盟友美国、转投崛起中的超级大国中国怀抱的大戏。During his four-day trip, his first to a country outside the Asean bloc since becoming president in June, he said it was time to say goodbye to the US and claimed that only China [could] help the Philippines. 这是杜特尔特自6月就任总统以来首次访问东盟(ASEAN)以外的国家,在为期四天的访华行程中,他表示,是时候对美国说再见了,并宣称只有中国(能够)帮助菲律宾。If followed to their logical conclusion, his words would represent the most significant realignment of geopolitical power in the region since the cold war.从遵循他此番言论的逻辑推导出的结论来看,此番言论将代表着冷战结束以来亚太地区地缘政治力量最重大的一次调整。In spite of his uncompromising language, Mr Duterte may well in fact be playing the tides between the US and China rather than reversing the Philippines’ fundamental strategic posture. 尽管言辞坚定,但实际上,杜特尔特很可能只是在美中之间见风使舵,而非要彻底转变菲律宾的根本战略立场。Nonetheless, he should recognise that this is a highly dangerous endeavour, not only for his country but also for the broader region.尽管如此,他应该认识到,这是一种高度危险的尝试——不仅对菲律宾,对整个地区而言也是如此。Mr Duterte is bashing Washington to ingratiate himself with Beijing, but his rhetoric risks alienating both of the world’s biggest powers. 杜特尔特痛批华盛顿来讨好北京,但他的话有可能同时疏远这两个世界头号大国。Manila appears to be betting that the US will not abandon one of its closest regional allies just because of the colourful insults Mr Duterte has directed at Barack Obama.马尼拉似乎赌的是美国不会仅仅因杜特尔特对巴拉克.奥巴马(Barack Obama)出言不逊就放弃其关系最密切一个地区盟国。But in referring to the US president as the son of a whore, Mr Duterte reveals a worrying lack of finesse that may serve him ill if US-China tension in the region ramps up. 但杜特尔特称美国总统是婊子养的言论,暴露出他严重缺乏手腕,这一点可能会让他吃苦头——如果美中在亚太地区的紧张关系加剧的话。In addition, Washington may be less than willing in the future to look past Mr Duterte’s more substantive threats, such as pledging to cancel the joint military exercises that form a key part of the US military presence in the region.此外,未来华盛顿可能不会愿意无视杜特尔特发出的更实质性的威胁,如誓言取消与美国的联合军事演习,而这些军演正是美国在亚太地区军事存在的关键部分。On China’s side of the equation, Mr Duterte is walking an even trickier path. 就中国这一头而言,杜特尔特走的是一条更难把握的道路。If Manila is hoping for more Chinese trade and investment as a reward for tilting towards Beijing’s strategic position in the disputed South China Sea, this may pay off to some extent in the short term. 如果马尼拉希望用在南中国海争端中向北京的战略立场倾斜,来换取中国更多的贸易和投资,短期内或将有一定的效果。There is ample evidence of China rewarding regional allies, such as Cambodia, that support it in political disputes.大量据显示,中国会对在政治争端中对持自己的地区盟友(如柬埔寨)给予回报。But Beijing sees the South China Sea as a binary issue; it regards the 41 disputed islands and land features as its own territory and it plans to take all of them back. 但北京方面认为南中国海是一个二元问题,它将41个争议性岛屿及地物视作自己的领土,并计划全部收回。Thus, emollient words are unlikely to satisfy China for long. 因此安抚性的话不太可能长久令中国满意。Manila risks falling prey to a diplomatic dynamic in which China exacts the surrender of territorial claims as downpayments for investment and trade pledges. 马尼拉有可能成为这一外交事态的牺牲品,即中国会要求其以放弃领土主张作为投资和贸易承诺的定金。Such an outcome could quickly pall, eroding Mr Duterte’s popularity at home and the tough guy image he has burnished through a ruthless domestic crackdown on drugs.这样的结果可能会迅速失去吸引力,损害杜特尔特在国内的人气,以及他通过在国内无情镇压毒品而提升的硬汉形象。What is more, any territorial concessions by Mr Duterte that run counter to the ruling of an international tribunal this year would undermine the rule of law in the region and potentially embolden Beijing. 此外,杜特尔特作出的任何领土让步如违反国际仲裁庭今年作出的裁决,都将破坏该地区的法治,并可能为北京壮胆。The tribunal found that China lacked a legal basis to multiple claims in the South China Sea.该仲裁庭认为中国对南中国海的多项主张缺乏法律依据。Mr Duterte is not the only one who needs to engage in careful reflection. 杜特尔特不是唯一需要仔细思考的人。Washington too should recognise that it is partly responsible for Manila’s flirtation with China. 华盛顿方面也该认识到它对马尼拉与中国之间的互动负有部分责任。Mr Obama’s rebalancing towards Asia has been halfhearted, and the US has taken the loyalty of countries such as the Philippines for granted. 奥巴马的转向亚洲战略一直实施得不温不火,美国也一直将菲律宾等国的忠诚视为理所当然的事情。It needs to show greater commitment to its regional friends.美国需要展现出维系与亚太地区盟友之间友情的更大决心。For Mr Duterte, it is not too late to reverse course on his rash excursion into diplomatic adventurism. 对杜特尔特来说,现在从他草率涉足的外交冒险主义这条路上掉头还不算太晚。He should make it clear to the Americans that he has no intention of abandoning their alliance. 他应该向美国人表明自己不打算放弃他们的联盟。Setting the US and China against one another over such an incendiary issue as the South China Sea is foolhardy. 在南中国海这样一个一点就着的问题上挑拨美中两国互相对立是愚蠢的。The Philippines leader should see this before it is too late.菲律宾领导人应及时看清这一点,以免追悔莫及。 /201610/473183雅安半永久好学吗 成都素秀国际学校做平眉多少钱

成都/美甲纹绣师 China#39;s housing minister said on Monday that governments will stop building rental housing units to accommodate migrant workers and people displaced by demolitions or renovations of urban residences or shantytowns.住房和城乡建设部部长28日在全国住房城乡建设年度工作会议上表示,政府将停止建设面向农民工、城市房屋拆迁户、棚户区改造安置人员的公租房。Instead, subsidies will be ramped up for those in need of rental housing, and people will be encouraged to find their own accommodations from private owners.取而代之的是,政府将向有需求者发放租金补贴,鼓励他们通过市场筹集房源。Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development Chen Zhenggao raised the issue at the ministry#39;s annual work conference, saying it#39;s part of the country#39;s agenda for boosting the rental housing market.住房和城乡建设部部长陈政高在年度工作会议上提出了这项决议,并且表示这是国家推进出租房市场的一部分议程。That agenda dovetails with a broader plan to assimilate 274 million migrant workers as urban residents, providing a new source of demand for housing, education and other consumption tied to the economy.这一议程的出台,恰逢中国推出2.74亿农民工市民化的计划,旨在刺激楼市、教育等与经济息息相关领域的消费。The approach outlined by Chen marks a major shift from the previous approach under which governments built massive amounts of rental housing and assigned units to applicants, analysts said.分析人员指出,陈政高部长概述的这一方法,是相比以前方法的一个重大转变。在以前,政府建立了大量的出租房屋并分配给申请人。By the end of 2014 there were 16.6 million units of public rental houses, according to the ministry. Of the 36 million units of State-funded homes that China pledged to build from 2011 to 2015, rental housing accounted for nearly one-third.根据该部门的数据显示,截止2014年底,共有1660万个单位的公共租赁住房。中国政府在2011-1015十二五规划中表示要全力完成的3600万套保障性住房中,出租房占近了三分之一。The rest included affordable housing and shantytown renovations.其他的则是包括经适房和棚户区改造。 /201601/419261成都/臻美国际纹绣学校学习韩式半永久雾眉毛多少钱成都素秀江南韩式半永久学校学习绣眉纹眼多少钱



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