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Pu Songling (1640~1715), courtesy name Liuxian, or Jianchen, was a Chinese fiction writer whose Liaozhai zhiyi (1766; ;Strange Stories from Liaozhai#39;s Studio;; Eng. trans. Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio) resuscitated the classical genre of short stories.蒲松龄(1640~1715 ),字留仙,又字剑臣,小说家,他的《聊斋志异》复兴了短篇文言小说这一文学体裁。Pu#39;s impressive collection of 431 tales of the unusual and supernatural was largely completed by 1679, though he added stories to the manuscript as late as 1707.蒲松龄的431篇志怪故事的收集工作基本上于1679年完成,但是直到1707年他还在添加小说稿。The work departed from the prevailing literary fashion that was dominated by more realistic huaben stories written in the colloquial language.这部作品与当时盛行的文风不同。当时,文坛上占据主导地位的是现实主义的“话本”,话本用白话写成。Pu instead wrote his stories in the classical idiom, freely adopting forms and themes from the old chuanqi (;marvel tales;) of the Tang and Song dynasties.但是蒲松龄却用文言文写小说,并且自由地采用唐宋“传奇”的形式和主题。Although Pu lived and died as an obscure provincial schoolteacher, his work gained fame when it was first printed some 50 years after his death, inspiring many imitations and creating a new vogue for classical stories.尽管蒲松龄一生都仅是个地位不高的教书先生,但是他去世50年后,其作品一经出版就带来了声望,从而使很多人模仿他的作品,进而使文言小说再度流行起来。He is credited with having adapted several of his tales into ;drum songs;, a popular dramatic form of the time.蒲松龄还把他的几个故事改编成“鼓词”(当时流行的一种戏剧形式)。The colloquial novel Xingshi yinyuanzhuan (1644~1661); ;A Marriage to Awaken, the World;;Eng. trans. The Bonds of Matrimony), which realistically portrays an unhappy contemporary marriage, was attributed to him by some scholars.有些学者认为《醒世姻缘传》(约1644~1661)的作者也是蒲松龄。《醒世姻缘传》对当时不幸福的婚姻做了现实主义的描绘。 /201602/426403

A survey shows over 80% of college students are plagued by procrastination, requiring epic all-nighters to finish papers and prepare for tests.一项调查显示,超过八成的大学生被拖延症所困扰,这才有了大伙通宵达旦写论文或备考的壮观景象。Roughly 20% of adults report being chronic procrastinators. But Adam Grant writes in the NYT that most people think procrastination as a vice for productivity. But it#39;s actually a virtue for creativity.近两成的成人承认自己是慢性拖延症患者。但是亚当·格兰特在纽约时报上写道,大部分人认为拖延症是效率的大敌,但实际上它是创造力的表现。According to Grant our first ideas are usually our most conventional but when you procrastinate, you#39;re more likely to let your mind wander giving you a better chance of spotting unexpected patterns.根据格兰特所说的,我们的第一个想法通常是我们最习惯的那个想法。但当你有所拖延的时候,其实这更有可能会让你的思维活跃起来,这也会给你提供一个发现意外模式的机会。Experts say procrastination encourages divergent thinking.专家称,拖延激发了发散性思维。Even some monumental achievements are helped by procrastination. Grant says that according to those who knew him, Steve Jobs procrastinated constantly, Bill Clinton has been described as a ;chronic procrastinator; who waits until the last minute to revise his speeches.甚至一些名人的成就都是靠拖延的帮助才得以实现的。格兰特说,从那些了解乔布斯的人我们可以获知,乔布斯就是一个总是拖延的家伙。此外,比尔·克林顿是一个被形容为有;慢性拖延症;的人,直到最后一刻他才会修改他的演讲。Aaron Sorkin, the screenwriter, is known to put off writing until the last minute. He once said, ;You call it procrastination, I call it thinking.;此外,编剧艾伦·索金曾说过,;你认为是拖延,我认为是思考。;众所周知,他的剧本总是要拖到最后一刻才会动笔。 /201601/423159



  More than 70 percent of Chinese people are not satisfied with their sex lives because of stress and depression, according to the results of a national survey released on National Men#39;s Health Day Wednesday.28日为全国男性健康日,一项针对男性健康的调查显示,全国超百分之七十的男性由于生活压力的困扰对自己的性生活不满意。Nearly 90 percent of interviewees said satisfaction with their sex lives contributes greatly to their marital happiness and self-confidence.近90%的受访者表示性生活有助于提高他们婚姻生活质量和自信心。But more than 40 percent said they had reduced their sexual activity because of depression or stress.但多于40%的受访者表示迫于生活的压力,他们减少了性生活的频率。The survey, based on more than 72,000 questionnaires, focused mainly on people aged between 26 and 55. About 60 percent of the interviewees were men and more than 50 percent were office workers.这项调查总计收到了超过7.2万份问卷结果,受查者年龄以26-55岁为主,约六成为男性,超过一半为办公室职员。About 90 percent of Chinese men with erectile dysfunction turned to traditional Chinese herbs or folk remedies, according to the survey, which was released to mark National Men#39;s Health Day on Wednesday.受访者中有近九成的中国男士称受困于没有性爱兴趣,比如早泄和性功能障碍的男士转向中药和民间疗法医治。It was conducted by the Chinese Medical Association#39;s Society of Andrology and the China Sexology Association. Work on the survey started in the middle of the year.这项调查是由中华医学会和中国性学会男科学会进行的。调查工作在年年中开始。About 75 percent of respondents said the biggest obstacles to achieving a high-quality sex life are depression and pressure from life and work, resulting in health problems including insomnia, smoking and alcohol addiction.约75%的问卷者表示高质量的性生活的最大的阻碍就是来自生活和工作的压力,由此导致了诸如失眠,吸烟和酗酒的健康问题。The survey found that nearly 90 percent of Chinese men suffering from a low sex drive, premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction have turned to Chinese herbs or folk remedies.受访者中有近九成的中国男士称受困于低性爱兴趣,比如早泄和性功能障碍的男士转向中药和民间疗法医治。Liu Defeng, a physician at Peking University Third Hospital, said, ;Most of them feel shy about telling doctors about their problems, or are overly concerned about the side-effects of pills.;北京大学第三医院的医师刘德峰说,“大多数人羞于告诉医生自己的问题或者太过忧虑吃药的副作用。”The survey found that only seven men out of 100 with sex problems in China had been treated with Western medicine. ;Compared with the rate in many Western countries, the number in China is very low,; Liu said.这项调查显示,在受性功能困扰的男士中,只有百分之七用过西药治疗。“这个数据和西方国家相比真的是太低了,”刘说道。It also found that more than 80 percent of Chinese people believe that erectile function is the most important factor in the quality of their sex lives.这项调查显示,多于80%的中国人认为勃起功能是性生活的重要影响因素。In the ed States, about 30 million men suffer from erectile dysfunction. Liu said 23 million of them had used Viagra, a Western medicine to treat the problem, after being prescribed it by doctors.在美国,有3千万男士受困于勃起功能障碍。刘医生说有2300万人用过医生开的西药Viagra。Pierre Gaudreault, chief marketing officer in China for Pfizer, the manufacturer of Viagra, said, ;The problem of erectile dysfunction is not life-threatening, but will affect people#39;s mental and physical health, or even the happiness of their family.;辉瑞公司的首席市场经理Pierre Gaudreault说道,“勃起功能障碍问题并不会给生活造成威胁,但是它会影响到人们的心理和身体健康,甚至影响到家庭的幸福。” /201510/406595

  Only about 8 percent of Americans doze off in their birthday suits, but many more should consider going to bed in the buff. In addition to not having to launder any jammies or crank up the A/C, there are some major, healthy benefits to snoozing au naturel:仅有约8%的美国人光溜溜地睡觉,但更多人应该考虑裸睡。裸睡除了让人们睡觉不用再穿睡衣或是开空调,还对身体健康有以下几大好处:1.You#39;ll sleep better.1.你的睡眠质量会更好。The body is wired to drop its temperature during shut-eye, and the process is necessary for quality sleep. Fuzzy pajamas can keep the body too warm, preventing you from achieving an optimal temperature. This can lead to tossing, turning and restlessness. Your skin works naturally with the rest of the body to cool down so you can drift off.闭眼时人的身体会运作,使得机体温度下降。而这一必要过程保了睡眠质量。穿有绒的睡衣睡觉,身体会太热,从而难以达到最佳温度。因此,你会不断地辗转反侧。(裸睡的话)你的皮肤会自然降低身体其他部位的温度,使你与周公相会。2.The skin-to-skin contact will relax you.2.亲昵的接触将放松你的身心。If you share a bed with your partner, the two of you can benefit from resting unrobed. Skin-to-skin contact can lower your blood pressure, decrease stress levels and really just make you happier.如果你和伴侣同床共枕,你俩皆能得益于裸睡。肌肤间亲昵的触碰会降低你们的血压,缓解紧张情绪,使两人世界更为甜蜜。3.You might even fall harder for your partner.3.你也许会更爱你的伴侣。A 2014 poll that surveyed about 1,000 married British people found that naked sleepers were most content in their relationships. Fifty-seven percent of people who sleep naked reported feeling happy in their relationships, while only 48 percent who sleep in standard PJs reported the same. Just 15 percent of those who sleep in onesies said they were satisfied with their partner. Moral of this story? Burn your onesies.2014年一项关于1000名英国已婚人士的调查发现,裸睡者对夫妻之间关系的满意度最高。而其中有57%称他们与配偶相处时感到幸福,而穿标准睡衣睡觉的人中仅有48%的人有这种幸福感。穿连体衣睡觉的人只有15%表示他们满意自己的伴侣。从中获得怎样的教训呢?烧了你的连体衣吧。4.You#39;ll get the chance to air out.4.你将让你的皮肤自由呼吸。Sleeping in underpants creates a warm, moist environment for bacteria and yeast to thrive. Snoozing in your birthday suit reduces the risk for yeast infections, among other ailments.穿内裤睡觉会营造温暖潮湿的环境,滋生细菌和酵母菌。裸睡能减少你于其他疾病中感染细菌的风险。 /201510/405144For a man who once weighed 980 pounds and had aly lost 650 of them, the loss of 50 more — the amount that vanished after Paul Mason#39;s nine-and-a-half-hour operation last month — might not seem like a big deal.对于一个曾重达980磅(约为445公斤),并已经减掉650磅(约为295公斤)的人来说,再减掉50磅好像根本不算什么。保罗·梅森就是这样,他上个月刚刚通过9个半小时的手术减掉了50磅(23公斤)。But Mr. Mason, who at his heaviest was known informally as the world#39;s fattest man, had been all but crippled by those 50 pounds, loose skin that hung over his body like melted wax over a candlestick. And so its absence has made all the difference.但是对于梅森——这个体重最重时被民间传为世界上最胖的人来说, 身上50磅松松垮垮的皮肤就像融化的烛蜡堪堪挂在烛台上一样,这50磅消失后,一切都不一样了。It means he can get out of his wheelchair and go for a walk. It means he can take a shower standing up. It means that his knees no longer ache, that he can slip easily in and out of bed without feeling like he has anvils strapped to his thighs, that he has sensation in his feet, and that when he puts his pants on he does not have to contend with an apron of extra flesh flopping from his waist to his thighs.现在的他可以甩掉轮椅独立行走;可以站着洗澡。现在的他膝盖不再疼痛;上下床时不再像大腿绑着铁砧一样;双脚也有了知觉;穿裤子时也不用再和从腰上耷拉到大腿的一圈肉做斗争。;It seems a bit weird,; Mr. Mason said recently. ;I#39;d got so used to maneuvering my excess skin out of the way.;;感觉有点诡异,;梅森最近说道。;毕竟我已经习惯随时把我多余的皮肤想办法拨开了。;It took a lot of planning and a great deal of good fortune for Mr. Mason, who is 54 and comes from Ipswich, England, to have the operation at all. Lenox Hill Hospital on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, where it was performed, waived all its fees. So did the four plastic surgeons who operated, and so did the general surgeon, the anesthesiologist and the nurses who took part.来自英国伊普斯维奇现年54岁的梅森做足了准备才终于完成了这项手术。进行手术的曼哈顿上东区勒诺克斯山医院免去了一切手术费用。同时,执刀的四名整形外科医生、普通外科医生、麻醉师和参加手术的护士都没收取任何费用。Mr. Mason#39;s bills would probably have exceeded 0,000, said Dr. Jennifer Capla, the surgeon who led the team at Lenox Hill.据勒诺克斯山医院领导这手术队伍的医师珍妮弗·卡普拉说,梅森的账单大概会超出25万美元(约合155.2万元)。It took Mr. Mason a long time to get as fat as he was, and it has taken him a long time to try to shed all that weight and find a life approaching normalcy. Bullied, sexually abused and unloved as a child, he said he dulled his feelings with more and more food. Eventually he got into bed and kept eating until he became too heavy to get out. Finally, spurred by a sympathetic therapist, he had gastric bypass surgery, in England, overhauled his diet and dropped to 350 pounds.梅森经历了很长时间才变得这么胖,又花了很长时间瘦下来,过上正常人的生活。幼年时期遭遇的欺凌、性虐待、失宠让他依赖越来越多地进食来发泄情绪。结果他躺到床上,一直不停地吃,吃到胖得没法下床。最终,在一名同情他的临床医师的鼓励下,他在英国进行了胃分流手术,彻底改变了饮食,把体重减到了350磅。Back at home now in Orange, Mass., where Mr. Mason has moved to be with Ms. Mountain, the couple still faces many obstacles.如今梅森已经回到家乡马萨诸塞州的奥兰治市,并和蒙特恩住在了一起。然而这对眷侣面前的路途依旧坎坷。Though her cat-furniture business is beginning to take off, Ms. Mountain said, she does all the work herself and she struggles to keep up with orders. Money is very tight, and there are issues surrounding Mr. Mason#39;s immigration status.蒙特恩说,尽管她的猫家具事业正有所起色,但她要独立负担所有工作,疲于及时处理接到的订单。家里财政紧缺,同时梅森的移民身份也有些问题。His visa is scheduled to run out in a few months. He and Ms. Mountain cannot get married and live together in the ed States until she can prove to the authorities that she has the means to support him as well as herself, she said.梅森的签还有几个月就到期了。如果蒙特恩不能明自己有能力同时养活他和自己,他们就不能在美国结婚生活,她解释道。;Somehow or other he will find a way to stay, and then he can maybe take a part-time job in town,; she said.;总有办法能留下的,到时候他大概可以在城里做份兼职吧,;她说。;Stacking shelves, whatever I can do,; Mr. Mason said. ;I don#39;t mind.;;摆架子,只要是我能做的就行,;梅森说。;我不在意具体是什么工作。;Down the line, he hopes to have at least one more operation, to remove the flesh that still hangs from his upper arms. But that is in the future. At the moment Mr. Mason is just adjusting to his new self, emerging into a different life; one with more possibility.梅森希望将来至少能再进行一次手术,切除他耷拉在上臂的肉。但这些都是后话,现在的梅森还在适应全新的自己,步入完全不同的人生,感受新人生的万千可能。He does not get as tired as he did just after the operation and is now walking his dog, Duke, in the garden every morning, something that was unthinkable before. He and Ms. Mountain have done some gardening, and are starting to make plans to grow vegetables and fruit.梅森觉得和术后初期相比已经没那么累了。现在他每天早上在花园里遛他的,杜克(Duke),这在以前想都不敢想。他和蒙特恩一起修建了花园,并筹划着种上蔬菜水果。The other day, they went to the movies. It seems like a small thing, but it wasn#39;t.前几天他们还一起去看了场电影。听上去没什么但实际上却很特别。;I was able to sit in a cinema seat for the first time in 30 years and hold hands and cuddle, like couples do,; he said.;这是我人生三十年来第一次能坐在电影院座位里,还能像情侣一样牵手拥抱,;他说。 /201509/400193Tang Dynasty唐朝Establishment唐朝的建立Li Yuan, who was a former governor under the Sui dynasty rose in rebellion after being urged on by his second son (later Tang Taizong).李渊原先是隋朝的一名官员,在自己的二儿子(后来的唐太宗)的力劝之下,他在农民起义中揭竿而起。Li Yuan installed a puppet child emperor of the Sui dynasty in 617 but he eventually removed the child emperor and established the Tang dynasty in 618.李渊于617年扶立了隋朝的一位幼年天子作为傀儡皇帝但是最终他取而代之并在618年建立了唐朝。Li Yuan ruled until 626 before being deposed by his son, Li Shimin, known as “Tang Taizong” in history.李渊在位八年,626年时被自己的儿子李世明,也就是历史上的唐太宗罢黜。Taizong then set out to solve internal problems within the government, internal problems had constantly plagued past dynasties.太宗之后开始着手解决政府的内部问题,这些问题在之前那些朝代一直是一个麻烦。The Emperor had three administrations (省, shěng), which were obliged to draft, review, and implement policies respectively.国家设立三省,分别负责起草、审核和补充决策,每个部门都被分配不同的任务。There were also six divisions (bù) under the administration that implemented policy, each of which was assigned different tasks.三省下设六部来执行政策,其中每个部被分配了不同的任务。It was during the Tang dynasty that the only female ruler of China, Empress Wu Zetian, made her mark.唐代的武则天是中国历史上唯一一位女皇帝。Her rule was one of only a handful of examples in which women seized power and ruled China,她的执政仅仅是一小部分女性掌权或统治国家的例子之一,and was the only example of a woman who ruled in her own right.她也是唯一一个自立为帝的女性。The 7th to the 8th century was generally considered the zenith point of the Tang dynasty, and arguably the whole Chinese civilization.七到八世纪被普遍认为是唐朝甚至整个中国文明的顶峰。Emperor Tang Xuanzong brought the Middle Kingdom to its golden age and Tang hegemony reached all the way to Japan and Korea in the east, Indochina in the south and central and western Asia in the west.唐玄宗将唐朝中期带入了黄金时代,国家的霸权向东延伸至日本和韩国、南至印度那、西至中亚和西亚。China was the protector of Kashmir and master of the Pamirs.中国是克什米尔的保护者和帕米尔的领导者。Its authority as far as Tokmak in present-day Uzbekistan (west of Lake Issyk Kul in Kyrgyzstan), Tohuolu or Kabul in Afghanistan, and as far west as the Aral Sea and the Caspian Sea.它的权威远至今日乌兹别克斯坦的托克马克(吉尔吉斯斯坦伊塞克湖西边)、阿富汗的吐火罗,西边远达咸海和里海。Some of the major kingdoms paying tribute to the Tang Dynasty included Kashmir, Neparo (Nepal), Vietnam, Japan, Korea, over nine kingdoms located in Amu Darya and Syr Darya valley in south of mid-Asia.各大王国包括克什米尔、尼泊尔、越南、日本、韩国、分布在阿姆河附近的超过9个国家和中亚南部的锡尔河都向大唐进贡。Nomadic kingdoms addressed the Emperor of Tang respectfully as Tian Kehan (Celestial Kaghan)(天可汗).游牧王国尊称大唐皇帝为“天可汗”。Due to its prosperity,the Tang dynasty was also an era of development of a highly educated society.因为国家的繁荣,唐朝同样也是一个高度教化社会不断发展的时代。The Tang dynasty became synonymous to the birth of famous poems and literatures created by individuals such as Li Bai, Du Fu, Meng Haoran and many others.唐代成为了李白、杜甫、孟浩然和其他一些诗人创作诗文的发源地的代名词。They wrote some of the most famous poems of their time which are still recited to this day.他们当时创作的一些著名作品直到今日还被人交口传颂。 /201511/405193

  There#39;s no simple answer to what constitutes #39;smart#39;. These days, we#39;re inclined to think you can#39;t go by intelligence ient (IQ) results alone, because while these tests are great for measuring separate mental faculties, an IQ number doesn#39;t seem to predict overall intelligence accurately enough.“聪明”的组成要素是什么?该问题没有个简单的。如今,我们倾向于认为不能单一靠智商测试结果来判断,因为这些测验只适用于测试独立的心智能力,IQ值目测无法精确地预测整体智力。Then there is also a measurement called general intelligence or #39;g factor#39;. It was first described by English psychologist Charles Spearman in 1904, and refers to the phenomenon that children who tend to do well at one subject also tend to excel at others; in simple terms, there is a positive correlation between kids#39; performance in unrelated school tests, which is referred to as a #39;positive manifold#39;.有种测量方法叫作“一般智力(general intelligence)”或称“g因素”。其最先由英国心理学家查尔斯·斯皮尔曼在1904年提出——指的是在一个学科上表现很好的儿童在其它科目上也可以超过其他人;简而言之,在无关联的各种学校测验中,孩子们在这些测试中的表现是相互联系的,被看成是一种“正极相关”(positive manifold#39;)。Another commonly cited and prestigious comparison system is PISA, which measures ;the competencies of 15-year-olds in ing, mathematics, and science (with a focus on mathematics) in 65 countries and economies;, representing more than 80 percent of the world economy.另一个常被人提到、富有盛名的比较系统是PISA(国际学生能力评估计划),PISA测试“65个国家和经济体中15岁青少年在阅读、数学和科学(以数学为中心)方面的能力”,受全球80%以上经济体的认可。According to the latest PISA from 2012, Shanghai-China students are the highest performers across the board, with above OECD-average scores in mathematics, ing, and science. You#39;ll also find super-smart kids in Singapore, Hong Kong-China, Japan, Korea, and Finland.根据2012年国际学生能力评估计划(PISA)最新数据显示,中国上海的学生成绩全球最高,在数学、阅读和科学方面得分超过经济合作发展组织(OECD)的平均水平。新加坡、中国香港、日本、朝鲜和芬兰也有超级聪明的孩子。 /201510/406566

  A little outside the more popular destinations, these new or newly improved resorts in the Caribbean and Latin America can provide privacy, beauty and a sense of discovery.距离那些热门目的地稍远一点的地方,在加勒比海和拉丁美洲,有些新建或新近翻修的度假村,可为游客提供隐秘、美丽与探索感。The sheer effort of flying to destinations with few direct flights or enduring bumpy overland routes just a few clicks beyond standard tolerance often rewards the traveling faithful with fewer crowds, unpressured surfing breaksand habitats more frequented by beast than man. Expanding the tropical map in the Caribbean and Latin America, the following group of new or newly improved resorts returns the investment of time — and in some cases considerable money — with privacy, beauty and a sense of discovery.几乎没有直达航班,或者忍受稍微超出常限的陆路颠簸,往往可让你的旅行免受人头攒动的困扰,毫无压力地享受冲浪时间,游览野生动物确实比人多的栖息地。下列新建或新近翻修的度假村,分别位于加勒比海和拉丁美洲各处,它们深入热带版图,用隐秘、美丽与探索感,为投入其中的时间——有的还包括可观的金钱——带来了回报。 Barbuda巴布达岛 BarbudaBarbuda Belle巴布达百丽酒店(Barbuda Belle)On the smaller partner in the two-island nation of Antigua and Barbuda, the six-bungalow Barbuda Belle opened in June on a 17-mile undeveloped stretch of pink sand beach. Wood cottages face the sea with canopy-draped four-poster beds, peaked ceilings and generous outdoor living areas with dining tables and showers. The island is frequented by up to 5,000 pairs of magnificent migratingfrigate birds, and the resort offers bird-watching and hiking as well as scuba diving, fishing and sailing and a restaurant that focuses on local ingredients. The hotel closes seasonally and will reopen Nov. 15. Rooms from 0 per night. 在双岛国家——安提瓜和巴布达那个面积较小的岛屿上,由6栋小屋组成的巴布达百丽酒店,于6月在一片蜿蜒17英里的未开发粉色沙滩上盛大开业。这些木屋面朝大海,内有四根帷柱撑起华盖的大床,尖顶天花板,还有开阔的室外起居区,配备了餐桌与淋浴设施。岛上栖息着多达5,000对壮观的候鸟军舰鸟,度假村提供观鸟、徒步旅行以及水肺潜水、钓鱼和帆船项目,还有一间餐厅,主打本地食材。酒店目前适逢季节性歇业,将于11月15日重新开业。客房价格每晚890美元起。Information: barbudabelle.com详情:barbudabelle.com /201511/412254


  BEIJING — As Beijing disappeared into the heavy smog shrouding the region in recent days, an artist covered seven models with body paint until they, too, faded against a desolate grove of trees on the eastern outskirts of the city.北京——随着最近几日北京被浓重的雾霾笼罩,一名艺术家在北京东部郊区,对七名模特进行身体绘伪装,直至他们与背后的荒凉树林融为一体。“Instead of passively disappearing, I’d rather actively make people disappear to express my attitude,” said the artist, Liu Bolin, who has been called the “Invisible Man” for blending into his surroundings by meticulously applying paint to his body.“与其被动消失,我更愿意主动使人消失,从而表达我的态度,”艺术家刘勃麟说。因为善于通过仔细地在身上进行绘,将自身融入周围环境,他被称为“隐形人”。“I’m using this active disappearance to voice my protest,” he said in an interview about his latest work, “Winter Solstice.”“我通过这种主动的消失,来表达抗议,”他在最近接受采访,谈到最新作品《冬至》时说道。Last year, he made four rows of people disappear against a photograph of Tiananmen Gate, which was grayed by smog. This time, Mr. Liu said his new work was inspired by the red alerts issued this month in Beijing for hazardous levels of air pollution.去年,他对四排人进行绘伪装,使他们融入了背景中被雾霾笼罩的天安门的照片。刘勃麟表示,这一次,作品的灵感来自北京因空气污染达到有害程度,而发布的红色预警。On Saturday, Beijing issued its second-ever red alert, the highest level of a four-tier warning system, effective through Tuesday. It came only a week after its first one, even though the capital has been plagued by heavy smog for years. By Wednesday, 10 cities in China had issued red alerts, the state news agency Xinhua reported.上周六,北京发布了有史以来的第二次红色预警——四个预警级别中的最高级别,此次预警持续到周二。而在一周之前,北京才刚刚发布首次红色预警,尽管北京多年来一直受到严重雾霾的困扰。官方通讯社新华社报道,截至周三,中国已有十座城市发布红色预警。Mr. Liu decided to name his new work “Winter Solstice” because it was carried out on Sunday, two days before the winter solstice, an important festival in the traditional Chinese calendar.刘勃麟决定将新作品命名为《冬至》,因为该作品是在周日,也就是冬至的两天之前创作的,冬至在中国是一个重要的节气。The seven models, all modern dancers, posed for photographs and then danced for a , Mr. Liu said.这七名模特都是现代舞者,他们先摆好姿势拍照,然后又拍摄了一段舞蹈视频,刘勃麟说。“These are the movements people instinctively make when their lives are suppressed,” he said of the dance moves, adding that this was the first time he had portrayed his disappearing subjects in motion.他形容其中的舞姿时说,“这些动作是人们在生活受到压制时,本能做出的动作。”他还表示,这是他首次让隐形人动起来。The work is a continuation of the political and social commentary often found in Mr. Liu’s works. He has staged disappearances into backdrops that have included the Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven, a wall painted with Communist Party slogans, a portrait of Mao and a police officer to reflect ordinary Chinese people’s sense of invisibility in a fast-changing economy.该作品延续了刘勃麟一贯以来的政治及社会风格。他曾融于长城、天坛、涂有共产党口号的墙壁、毛泽东及一名警察的画像等背景之中,以此体现普通中国民众隐形于快速变化的经济之中的感觉。Mr. Liu, 42, first went invisible in 2006. When Suo Jia Cun, an artists’ village in suburban Beijing where he worked as a sculptor’s assistant, was forcibly demolished, Mr. Liu disappeared into the ruins to protest the destruction. That became the first work in his “Hiding in the City” series, which won him international attention.42岁的刘勃麟于2006年第一次化身为隐形人。当时他在北京郊区索家村艺术区,为一位雕塑师担任助理。当索家村被强行拆除时,他隐形于废墟之中,抗议强拆行动。这成为了《城市迷》(Hiding in the City)系列的第一个作品。他凭借这一系列作品,赢得了国际关注。“Smog, as a top-level carcinogen, has created fear among Chinese people,” Mr. Liu said of “Winter Solstice.” (The World Health Organization has classified outdoor air pollution and one of its major components, particulate matter, as cancer-causing agents.)“雾霾是高度致癌的,它在中国民众当中引发了担忧,”刘勃麟评价《冬至》时说。(世界卫生组织将室外空气污染及其主要成分颗粒物质归类为致癌物。)“This work actually shows the helplessness modern people feel,” he said. “The fear in their hearts. Their struggles.”“这个作品实际上展现了现代人的无助感,”他说。“他们心中的恐惧。他们的挣扎。” /201512/419111



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