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盐城市哪家医院看妇科病好响水县包皮手术怎么样滨海县人民医院体检多少钱 Welcome back!欢迎回来!This is whats happening today: as a result some of embarrassing mistakes in deliveries,这是今天的情况:由于在送货上出现了一些令人难堪的错误,Tip Top Tradings big boss in America has ordered a re-check of every order this month.Tip Top Trading在美国的大老板命令重新核查本月所有的订单。So, Paul is talking to key customers to see if theyve got what they needed.所以保罗正在与重要客户们谈话,看看他们的货物是否没问题。I just want to check youre happy with the grapes?我只是想核对一下你对你的葡萄很满意。Tom, whom we all know was responsible for the disaster, is phoning his clients to make sure he has the correct information about what they want.我们都知道汤姆该对这场灾难负责,他正在给他的客户打电话确保他们的信息正确。I just want to make absolutely sure we get the order right for you and have the correct number of fruit...我只是想百分百确定我们的订单无误,而且水果的数目也是对的。Denise is, well, talking on the phone to a friend.丹尼斯正在打电话和朋友聊天。Brown shoes dont look right on him!棕色的鞋子不配他!Hes not a brown shoe sort of person...他不是穿棕色鞋子的那种人……Anna has to go down to the warehouse, where the products are prepared for delivery.安娜必须下到仓库去,那里有准备运送的产品。I have to speak to Mr Ingle. Apparently hes not very friendly!我必须要跟英格尔先生谈谈。显然他不是很友好!He might not like me asking lots of questions!他可能不喜欢我问这么多问题!Well, be polite, and start your sentences with things like: I just want to make sure that...要有礼貌,比如开始的时候这么说:我只是想确定……Could you possibly clarify...您能澄清一下……I just want to check...我只是想核对…… /201612/483616Insolation台展搭建A: Did you the organizers build the stands?A: 摊位是由组织者建造吗?B: Generally, organizers provide basic shells or modules and then the exhibitors complete themselve And also the exhibitors can design and build their own stands from scratch ,We are doing in this case.B: -般来说,组织者提供基本的摊位外壳和单元, 参展单位自己布置完成。当然参展单位也可以自己从头开始设计建造 我们这一次就这么干。A: Oh,no.I am afraid we can not construct the stands ourselves.A: 不,恐怕我们自己不能动手亲自建吧。B: Of course,We will employ a firm of contractor ho specializes in stand construction and discuss the design of our stand with them in detail tomorrow.B: 当然。我们准备雇用一家专业公司作为摊 位建筑承包商。明天和他们详谈摊位的设计问题。 A: Thats a good idea.A: 不错的主意 。B: We have many things to be takes into our consideration range of products to be displayed amenities to be provided the number of staff on duty and so on,See to it that the estimate of the amount of space should be accounted.B: 我们有很多方面需要考虑:参展的产品范围、提供的务设施、值班的人数等等。务必确保面积估计的准确。A: When will the contracor produce the design?A: 承包商什么时候设计啊?B: After we book our space through the organizer.B: 在我们向组织者预订位置之后了。 /201603/430584盐城协和医院做包皮手术差不多多少钱

盐城治疗包皮过长哪家好Tom, could you let go of my hand?汤姆,你能松开我的手吗?Sorry, its just I get nervous flying.对不起,坐飞机让我感到紧张。Well, weve landed in Marseille now so youre safe… oh, I like your passport photo.我们现在已经到马赛了,你安全了。我喜欢你护照的照片。Oh do you?是吗?I didnt know your middle name was Stanley.我还不知道你中间的名字叫斯坦利。After my great-great-grandfather.随我高曾祖父的名字。Really? Come on we need to get a taxi. Taxi! Taxi!是吗?来吧,我们得打辆车。出租车!Hello again. Anna and Tom are on a very important business trip to try and sign a deal to sell their plastic fruit to a company in France.又见面了。安娜和汤姆在做一次非常重要的商务旅行,试着与法国的公司达成卖塑料水果的协议。The company has received a better offer so Anna needs to convince them that Tip Top Tradings lemons are best.该公司收到了更好的报价,所以安娜要说他们Tip Top Trading的柠檬才是最好的。Are you feeling confident Anna?你有信心吗,安娜?Not really.没有。It was OK speaking to them on the phone but seeing them face-to-face is quite scary.电话谈话还好,但是有些害怕面对面与他们交谈。Youll be fine. Stay calm.你没问题的,冷静。Theyll be pleased youve taken the time to fly out and see them – but tell them youre grateful for their time and recap what you told them on the phone.他们会很高兴你能特意飞过去面谈,但要告诉他们很感激他们能腾出时间见你,并且总结一下你在电话中说过的话。 /201705/507576盐城看男科医院 to put something on the back burner ———— 将某事搁置(成语)英文释义 (IDIOM) To delay something by making it a low priority. (NOTE: ;burner; refers to the heating element of a stove)例句 I was disappointed when our management team decided to put my favorite project on the back burner, because I knew it would be a full year before they reconsidered their decision.管理团队决定把我钟爱的项目搁置,我很失望,因为我知道要过整整一年,他们才会重新考虑他们的决定。 /201606/450534东台市人民医院治疗妇科疾病多少钱

盐城男人割包皮要多少钱India Prepares for First India-Africa Summit印度筹办印非峰会加强对非洲关系 India is preparing to host a two-day summit of leaders of key African countries in a bid to deepen engagement with the continent. The meeting that starts Tuesday is an effort by India to raise its political profile in the resource-rich region.  印度正在筹备主办一个为期两天的、由关键的非洲国家领导人参加的高峰会议,希望进一步加深与非洲大陆的联系。星期二开始的这个会议是印度为了提高它在资源丰富的非洲地区的政治地位所做出的努力。 The line-up of African leaders attending the summit in New Delhi spans the entire continent - from Egypt in the north to South Africa. 参加在新德里举行的印非高峰会议的非洲领导人涵盖了从北部的埃及到南非的整个大陆。Indian Junior Foreign Minister, Anand Sharma, says both India and Africa represent developing regions with shared challenges, and have much to share.  印度副外交部长阿南德.夏尔马说,印度和非洲都代表那些面临相同挑战的发展中地区,而且有很多共同点。"Both the sides are of this considered view that this summit is not only historic, but will give a new dimension and momentum to the partnership that is there and evolving between Africa and India," said Sharma.  他说:“我们双方都持这样的看法,即这次高峰会议不仅具有历史意义,而且还将给非洲和印度之间业已存在而且正在不断演变的夥伴关系提供新的深度和动力。”The Indian foreign minister says both sides will collaborate in areas like agriculture, food security, human-resource development, and infrastructure development. 这位印度副外交部长表示,双方将在农业、食品安全、人力开发以及基础设施建设方面进行合作。Political analysts say India is hosting the summit to rectify what they call New Delhi's neglect of Africa in recent decades. 政治分析人士说,印度主办这次高峰会议是为了矫正他们所说的最近几十年来新德里对非洲的忽视。India once shared close ties with the continent, and staunchly supported the African independence struggle against colonial rulers. But its influence waned in recent decades as it focused on building closer ties with ed States and Europe.  印度曾经同非洲大陆拥有紧密的关系,而且在非洲国家对抗殖民统治者的独立斗争中给予了他们坚定的持。但是在最近几十年的时间里,随著印度把注意力集中在建立同美国和欧洲更紧密的关系上,它在非洲的影响逐渐减少。Analysts say India wants to ensure it is not left behind by China, which has made deep inroads into the continent. African countries are emerging as a big market for Indian goods as they post strong growth. 分析人士说,印度要确保它不会落在已经在非洲大陆渗透很深的中国的后面。由于非洲国家强劲的增长,它们正在成为印度产品的一个巨大的市场。India also wants to tap Africa's huge reservoir of resources for its growing economy. India is aly competing fiercely with China for some of these assets, especially energy sources. 印度还希望开发非洲巨大的资源蕴藏量为它高速发展的经济务。印度已经正在同中国在非洲的一些资产上,特别是能源,展开激烈的竞争。An African expert at New Delhi's Jawaharlal Nehru University, A.K.Pasha, says Africa is emerging as the new global oil hub. 新德里尼赫鲁大学的非洲问题专家帕夏说,非洲正在成为新的全球石油中心。"India's rapid economic growth forces it to have secure sources of energy, both oil and gas away from the volatile Gulf area," said Pasha. "Large number of deals have been finalized with countries like Egypt, Libya, Algeria to Nigeria, and now we are looking for Angola and Gabon." India's trade with African countries is growing steadily, and added up to more than billion last year. But experts say that is far below potential, and point to China's billion trade with the continent in the same period. Analysts say New Delhi also wants greater political influence in Africa so that it can get support from the continent's big bloc of nations on global issues such as reform of the U.N. Security Council, world trade negotiations and climate change.But the task of wooing Africa may not be easy. African countries say they want partners who will treat them as equals and help them modernize their economies - not simply exploit their resources.The countries attending the summit, the first of its kind, include Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Libya, Algeria, Senegal, South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.200804/33876 响水县妇科官网盐城前列腺肥大最好的医院



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