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Bull#39;s-eye.Feels like it#39;s caught.正中目标 感觉很稳固了I#39;ve chosen this one because looking back,it really could#39;ve ended very, very differently.我选择了这一时刻 因为事后想想 结局很可能会迥然不同It#39;s risky stuff. It#39;s hot in the mouth.The rope#39;s holding so far.这个任务很艰巨 人都口干舌燥的 到目前为止 绳子还算稳固But there was always that chance it could slip.但很可能会松动And it blooming did while he was on it.而他在绳上时 还真就松动了This is working quite nicely,Oh, my god.绳子质量还不错 天呐Bad place for the anchor to slip!停在这儿 可真是糟透了It#39;s that ability to use that level of fear and anxiety.他需要利用那种情况下的恐惧和不安Not let it take over you.Because that could be disastrous.而不是让它左右你 因为那样很糟糕Number 17 happened in Vietnam,when I was given a brutal reminder of the awesome power of water.第17个经典片段发生在越南 那一次 洪流强劲的水力 让我永生难忘When you#39;re operating in an extreme environment,things can change really quickly.你在极限环境中行动时 事物变化极快Stop, stop!The water level here is definitely rising.停下 停下 这水面肯定在往上涨Look back up to the waterfall.There#39;s definitely more water coming down that.看后面的瀑布 很明显 流下来的水量也越来越大Okay, I want us out of the water. Okay?我们快点上岸And suddenly, the level of risk goes from fairly steady to...pooh!危险系数从比较稳定瞬间蹿升到...With the water level rising by the second,I knew we had to act fast.因为水面上涨速度过快 我明白我们得赶紧行动了Up you come, up you come, up you come.Good, I#39;ve got you, I#39;ve got you.往上爬 往上爬 往上爬 很好 我够到你了 够到你了 Article/201612/482645It all started with a voyage that no one can fully explain, even to this day.起因是一次时至今日 仍无人能解释清楚的航行In 1064,Harold and a group of men set sail across the Chanel for Normandy.1064年 哈罗德带人横跨英吉利海峡前往诺曼底Maybe it was to rescue his younger brother,Wulfstan, who had been taken hostage by William.也许他是想去营救 被威廉扣作人质的弟弟 沃尔夫斯坦But for the Norman chroniclers,the journey could only have one purpose.但根据诺曼史料记载 此次旅程的目的只有一个Harold was confirming Edward#39;s offer of the crown.哈罗德前去宣布爱德华传给自己的王位Why would Harold do something so against his own best interests?哈罗德怎会做出这等损害自己利益的事呢Perhaps that#39;s why it makes up the first bit of the story或许正是这令人费解之处of the most grandiose piece of Norman propaganda,the 70-metre long Bayeux Tapestry.才让它在巨幅的诺曼史宣传画中占了首席 这宣传画便是七十米长的贝叶挂毯The tapestry was commissioned by William#39;s half-brother,此挂毯是在征后几年 威廉同父异母的兄弟Bishop Odo of Bayeux, a few years after the conquest.主教贝叶的厄德受委任制作的But it well may have been made by English women embroiders in Canterbury,但它也可能是由 坎特伯雷的英格兰绣女制成who were regarded as the most skilled stitchers in Europe.她们被认为是欧洲最熟练的绣工Who else would have made such a glamorous hero?不然还有谁能绣出这样一位迷人的英雄呢Something seems to have gone wrong in the Channel,perhaps a storm.船在行驶过程中出现了事故 可能是遇上了风暴Landing in the territory of Guy of Ponthieu,被迫停在了蓬蒂约的盖伊的领地they were arrested and handed over to Guy#39;s liege lord,William of Normandy.他们被逮捕 并交给了盖伊的君主 诺曼底的威廉 /201607/456855六,Jurisprudence 法理1,A subsequent ratification has a retrospective affect, and be equivalent to a prior command.事后追认有溯及力,等同先前命令.2,Absolute power corrupts absolutely.绝对权力绝对腐败.3,Fairness and justice in a jurisdiction are realized case by case being settled properly.司法的公正和正义是通过案件逐一得到妥善解决予以实现的.4,Give a thief enough rope and he'll hang himself.多行不义必自毙.5,Good order is the foundation of all things.良好的秩序是一切之基础.6,Ignorance of law excuses no one.不知法不能成为任何人逃避法律的借口.7,In a healthy legal system the values of order and justice are not normally at cross-purposes.在健全的法律制度中,秩序和正义这两个价值一般不会冲突.8,In doubt, the milder course is to be followed.遇有疑义时应遵循从宽原则.9,Infancy is a shield, not a sword.未成年可作为抗辩之理由,但不能作为攻击之借口.10,It is an important step to replace the rule of men with the rule of law in China's justice reforms.以法治代替人治是中国司法改革的重要一步.11,It is better to fight for justice than to rail at the ill.与其责骂罪恶,不如伸张正义.12,Justice must not only be done, but must be seen to be done.正义不仅应得到实现,而且还应以人们看得见的方式得到实现.13,Let right be done, though the heavens fall.秉公办事,何惧天塌下来.14,Like reason makes like law.相似的理由导致相似的规则.15,No man should benefit from his own injustice.没有人应当从自己的过错中获益.16,Nobody has a more sacred obligation to obey the law than those who make the law.法律制定者比谁都更具有守法之神圣义务。17,She who comes to equity come with clean hands.自身清白者方能获得衡平救济。18,State ways cannot change folkways.国家手段不能改变社会习俗。19,Suppression of the thuth is the expression of what is false.压抑真相,犹如做伪。20,The history of liberty has largely been the history of the observance of procedural safeguards.自由的历史在很大程度上是遵守秩序保障条款的历史。21,The place governs the act.场所配行为。22,The rules must not be constantly changing.规则不得朝令夕改。23,The same transaction give rise to both a civil and a criminal action.同一活动可能会导致民事和刑事诉讼。24,The spoken word flies; the written word remains.口说无凭,立此为。25,Though few are punished, the fear of punishment affects all.惩一儆百。26,Truth is afraid of nothing but concealment.真相无所惧,唯怕被隐瞒。27,We must follow a strict interpretation of the rules.我们必须对规则严格解释。28,Who pardons the bad, injures the good.宽恕坏人必伤及好人。29,Without judicial review, statutory limits would be naught but empty words.没有司法审查,法定权限将只是一句空话。30,Wrong laws makes short government.法制不健全,统治也短命。 /200704/11802

新英语900句视频版 第44课:只要再五天 文本如下:ALI: How many days to my birthday?我的生日还有几天到?MRS.NIKZAD: Five.五天.ALI: Are we going to invite Mr. Yamamoto, the vegetable man, to my party?我们要不要邀请山本先生, 卖菜的, 参加我的派对?MRS.NIKZAD: I don#39;t think so, dear.我想不邀请他, 孩子.MRS.NIKZAD: We don#39;t know him very well,我们和他不很熟,MRS.NIKZAD: and he might be too busy to come.而且他可能太忙.MRS.NIKZAD: I understand his store is being renovated next week.我听说他的商店下个星期要整修内部.ALI: Oh. And what about Mr. O#39;Neill? Is he coming?噢, 那欧尼尔先生呢? 他来不来?MRS.NIKZAD: He#39;s been invited.他已经被邀请了.ALI: But is he coming?但是他会来吗?MRS.NIKZAD: We haven#39;t heard from him yet, Ali.阿里, 他还没有答覆我们呢.ALI: I hope he comes.我希望他能来.MRS.NIKZAD: Don#39;t worry, Ali. I#39;m sure he#39;ll try his best.阿里, 你放心好了. 我相信他会尽量赶来的.ALI: What about Mr. Yamamoto?那么山本先生呢?MRS.NIKZAD: I don#39;t know, dear.我不知道, 孩子.ALI: But I want to invite him.我要请他来嘛.MRS.NIKZAD: Let#39;s wait and ask your father.我们等一下问你爸爸好了.ALI: Do we have to wait?我们一定要等吗?MRS.NIKZAD: Of course, Ali. But don#39;t be upset. The invitation can be sent out first thing in the morning.阿里, 当然要等. 但是不要那么烦恼了. 明天早上第一件事就是将请帖寄出去.ALI: I#39;m going outside. OK?我要到外面走走. 好不好?MRS.NIKZAD: All right, dear. Don#39;t be too long. It#39;s almost lunch time.好的, 孩子. 别出去太久. 快要吃午餐的了.MRS.NIKZAD: Hello, Simon. Have you seen Ali this afternoon?塞门你好. 你今天下午有没有看到阿里?MR.NIKZAD: No, Zahra. Why?没有, 萨拉. 出了什么事吗?MRS.NIKZAD: Oh, dear. I can#39;t find him anywhere. I thought he might have gone to the Fair. I#39;ve looked all over.噢, 亲爱的. 我到处都找不到他. 我以为他可能是到万会去了. 我已经到处找过了.MRS.NIKZAD: I don#39;t know what to do.我不知道怎么办才好.MRS.NIKZAD: He should have been back an hour ago.他一个钟头前就应该回来了.MR.NIKZAD: Don#39;t worry, Zahra. Probably, he#39;s visiting a friend and forgot about the time.萨拉, 别着急. 大概 他去找朋友而忘了时间.MRS.NIKZAD: But an hour and a half?但会一个半钟头吗?MRS.NIKZAD: That#39;s not like him.这不像他.MRS.NIKZAD: He could have had an accident.他可能发生了意外.MR.NIKZAD: Yes, he could have, Zahra, but he probably didn#39;t. Did anything happen this morning? What were you talking about before he left?可能是可能, 萨拉, 但他也可能没发生什么事. 今天早上有没有发生什么事情? 他走以前你们谈了些什么?MRS.NIKZAD: His birthday party.他生日派对的事.MRS.NIKZAD: It#39;s all he talks about lately.最近他所谈到的就是这件事.MR.NIKZAD: Is it possible you said something to upset him?可不可能是你说了些什么话, 使他不高兴?MRS.NIKZAD: I must have. I know he was upset because we haven#39;t received Mr. O#39;Neill#39;s reply to our invitation, and...一定是这样子. 我们邀请了欧尼尔先生, 但还没收到他的答覆我知道他有点难过, 还有...MR.NIKZAD: And?还有什么?MRS.NIKZAD: And because we haven#39;t invited Mr. Yamamoto.还有, 因为我们没有邀请山本先生.MR.NIKZAD: Anything else?还有别的吗?MRS.NIKZAD: No. He left the house right after that. I suppose I should have called you earlier.没有了. 谈过这些以后他就出去了. 我应该早一点打电话给你的.MR.NIKZAD: Zahra, I#39;m sure there#39;s nothing to worry about. He#39;s probably on his way to the Fair to see Mr. O#39;Neill, or else he#39;s with Mr. Yamamoto.萨拉, 我想我们没有什么好担心的. 他大概到万会去探望欧尼尔先生, 或者在山本先生那边.MRS.NIKZAD: Oh, wait! Here he is! And Mr. Yamamoto is with him. You were right, Simon. He must have gone to Mr. Yamamoto#39;s.噢, 等一下! 他来了! 山本先生跟他一道. 塞门, 你说对了. 他一定是到山本先生那里去了. /200809/48040

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201611/478374

FLASH知性英语:请求帮助Asking For Directions本作品来自英语帮帮网(www.english88.com),版权归英语帮帮网所有. /200703/11588

This was the middle-class parish at work 这是由中产阶级信徒兴起的well off, busily charitable and as much interested in virtue as in wit.他们生活小康而乐善好施 并且德才兼备There had been philanthropy before, of course,慈善事业自然是古已有之but this was the first time that businessmen但这还是第一次 商人得以came together with high-profile artists, writers and sculptors与声望卓著的艺术家 作家和雕刻家一起in a campaign of conscience to attack a hideous evil凭着良心 在一个基督教的都市中in what was supposed to be a Christian modern metropolis.并肩和疾苦作斗争The charges of the hospital, if they survived如果孩子们能活下来would be employed in the service of the nation.代价就是献身为国In the Navy if they were boys or in domestic service if they were girls.男孩应诏加入海军 女孩子去当女仆The Foundling Hospital was philanthropy with a purpose.育婴堂的慈善是有目的的Its charges would be model Britons of the future,长大的孤儿会成为未来的模范英国人not gin-soaked, syphilitic rakes.取代酗酒作乐 行为不检的浪荡子They were going to be sober, educated,他们将文质彬彬 气度不凡 industrious, God-fearing and, above all, patriotic.勤劳持家 虔诚为神 还有更重要的 忠心为国This was Britannia#39;s time.这是大不列颠的时代 /201705/511760

And leading the dance, of course, was Charles himself,引导人们寻欢作乐的 是查理本人constitutionally incapable of being so churlish他天生不会贸然无礼地as to spurn any woman generous enough to invite him into her bed.They all did.拒绝任何邀请他共赴巫山的女士 他是大众情人This was the golden age of ogling.这是个眉目传情的黄金时代If Puritan England had been governed by the ear,如果说英格兰清教徒受控于;耳;wide open to receive the word of God,聆听上帝的教诲the Restoration restored the sovereignty of the eye.那么复辟则让;眼;重掌大权Its ruling passion was ;Scopophilia;,the addiction of the gaze,而统治的便在于;窥视症; 窥视成瘾whether eyeballing an outrageous wig, a plunging neckline,窥视撩人的发间 窥视开襟的领口a louse caught in the lens of a microscope or the constellations of the stars.显微镜下的虱子 或者是满天繁星Charles#39;s boyish enthusiasm for latest optical instruments suggested he might turn out to be a new kind of Stuart,查理对最新的光学仪器有着孩童般的热忱 预示着他可能是一名不同寻常的斯图亚特王whose vision dwelled not in cloudy realms of absolutism,他的眼界不会耽于皇权but which was precisely focused, concerned to observe reality political as well as physical.而会放眼开来 关心现实 政治生活 还有声色犬马He might, in fact, turn out to be that most unlikely thing a reasonable Stuart king.最后 也许会变成意料之外的人 一位人精于世故的斯图亚特王This was the Stuart for whom the physical world was his alpha and omega,who was earthy in his realism.这位斯图亚特王 在他眼中 声色是他的全部 人生苦短 何不尽欢All too earthy, some thought, as they looked down in disgust一些人不无鄙夷地看着at a theatre of indolence, punctuated by debauchery,that had become the court.宫廷生活变成了无所事事 只知纵情酒色的闹剧They were not so worldly, not so rational, as to be free of the fear that some day there would be a reckoning.试图忘却清算之日 终将来临 这不合常情 也绝不理智Some day soon, as it turned out.这一天 的确来得很快 /201704/504407

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