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池州市贵池区中医院做血常规检查池州药物人流哪家医院好池州市东至妇幼保健院预约 Science and technology科学技术Stopping asteroid strikes阻止小行星撞击地球Defenders of the Earth地球的守护者The cosmic near-miss in February has boosted research on space rocks二月一颗小行星掠过地球,促进了对太空岩石的研究ON JUNE 24th NASA, Americas space agency, announced it had discovered the 10,000th Near Earth Object,6月24日,美国宇航局NASA宣布已发现第10000颗近地天体。the rather dry name given to asteroids and comets that orbit the sun in the vicinity of Earth and which might, therefore, one day smash into it.这个颇为平淡的名称指的是在地球邻近区域围绕太阳运动的小行星和彗星,它们可能说不定哪天就撞向地球。Ten thousand potentially dangerous objects sounds a lot, but NASA reckons there could be ten times as many still waiting to be found.一万颗潜在危险物体听起来很多,但NASA认为尚待发现的NEO数量,可能是这个数字的10倍。A week earlier, on June 18th, the agency therefore launched a Grand Challenge intended to recruit and co-ordinate help from industry, academia and anyone else who is interested for a project to detect any asteroid that could threaten Earth.一星期前的6月18日,NASA因此发布了一项大挑战,为一个探测可能威胁地球的小行星的工程,向企业界和学术界求助,意图从中招募人才和协调力量,任何对此有兴趣的个人也可以参与进来。All ideas are welcome.NASA对各方建议一概欢迎。NASAs bosses are also thinking of allocating extra time on the ground-based telescopes they control to the search for such threats.NASA的领导们也在考虑将旗下的地面望远镜更多地用于搜索此类威胁。They have plans, too, to revive a mothballed space telescope called the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer to aid in the hunt.同时,他们还打算唤醒一台休眠中的太空望远镜—广域红外巡天探测者—来协助搜寻工作。And Lori Garver, the agencys deputy administrator, has asked for the budget of a programme to find 90% of NEOs with a diameter above 140 metres to be doubled.NASA还有一个项目,旨在找出90%的直径在140米以上的NEO,NASA副署长洛瑞-伽尔瓦已申请将该项目的预算加倍。So far, NASA reckons it has a quarter of these in the bag, but finishing the job at the present rate of discovery will take decades.目前,NASA估算自己已确认了这些NEO中的四分之一,但按照目前的探测进度计算,完成这项工作还需要几十年时间。Nor is this renewed effort all NASAs.在这股NEO探测复兴中努力的不只有NASA一家。The European Space Agency is chipping in, too.欧洲航天局也参与其中,In May it opened a NEO Co-ordination Centre, to help scientists organise their work and share data.5月开放了一个NEO协调中心,该中心能帮助众科学家组织工作和分享数据。And the B612 Foundation, a charity which hopes to build and launch an asteroid-hunting space telescope called Sentinel, has also reported a substantial rise in donations.此外还有一个叫做B612基金会的慈善组织,希望建造和发射一台名为哨兵的太空望远镜,用于小行星搜寻。该基金会报告称其获得捐款数显著上升。The reason for all this activity is the events of February 15th, when an asteroid a mere 15-20 metres across exploded with the force of a medium-sized atom bomb over Chelyabinsk, in Russia, and another, much larger one buzzed Earth a few hours later.上述所有行动,都是因为2月15日发生了一些事情,一颗半径只有15-20米的小行星在俄罗斯车里亚宾斯克州上空爆炸,威力相当于中等大小的原子弹;就在数小时之后,又有一颗比这大得多的小行星掠过地球。What had been regarded as the stuff of science-fiction novels suddenly became a clear and present danger—but one that, unlike earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and hurricanes, might actually be prevented by timely human action.原先认为是科幻小说里的情节,突然变成了实实在在的危险—但与地震、火山喷发、海啸和飓风等灾难不同的是,人类可以采取及时的行动阻止小行星撞击地球。NEOShield, a research project involving several European Union countries, as well as Russia and the ed States, is looking at three main ways of diverting incoming asteroids.近地轨道防护盾是几个欧盟国家与俄罗斯美国合作开展的研究项目,研究让来袭的小行星改变方向的三个主要办法。One is to use a kinetic impactor—in effect employing a heavy, fast-moving spacecraft as the cue ball in a game of interplanetary billiards.一种办法是使用动能冲击飞船—就好像把一种重型快速移动的飞船当做白球,在太空打台球一样。The second is a gravity tractor.第二种是重力牵引飞船,This is a spacecraft parked near an asteroid, so that its minute gravitational pull will slowly tug the rock into a safer orbit.这种航天器会靠在小行星旁边,利用微小的引力效应,慢慢把岩石牵引到安全的轨道。And if an incoming object is particularly large, or is detected particularly late, the third course of action would be to blast it into a new orbit with nuclear weapons.如果来袭的物体特别大,或者侦测得特别晚,就轮到第三种应对措施了—使用核武器把它炸到新的轨道上。If all else fails, or if a threat is spotted too late to deflect, there is also the option of evacuation.如果所有手段失败的话,或者威胁发现得太晚以至于无法让它转向,我们还有疏散的选择。In 2008, for example, a small asteroid was detected 20 hours before it hit Earth. The worlds astronomers scrambled, and its likely point of impact was calculated with what turned out to be reasonable accuracy.举例来说,2008年,一颗小行星在撞击地球前的20小时才侦测到。全世界的天文学家急忙开始行动,结果明,计算撞击点的精确度还是不错的。It blew up over the Nubian Desert, in Sudan, and no one was injured.这颗小行星在苏丹的努比亚沙漠上空爆炸,无人受伤。But this incident showed that a properly organised early-warning system might pay dividends if ground zero turned out to be a populated area.但这个事件说明,如果地面零点是居住区域的话,组织恰当的预警系统就能显示出它的价值了。John Tonry, of the University of Hawaii, hopes to provide one.夏威夷大学的约翰-通瑞希望自己能提供一个预警系统。He is working on an eight-telescope system called ATLAS.他正在开发一个8台望远镜组成的系统,名为ATLAS。It is designed to scan the whole sky twice a night, looking for fast-moving objects.根据设计,该系统每晚会对天空全面扫描两次,搜寻快速移动的物体。Unlike most astronomers, Dr Tonry presumably hopes he will not find what he is looking for.与大多数天文学家不同的是,通瑞士可能不太希望找到他要找的东西。But if he does, many people who would not otherwise have lived to tell the tale may thank him.但如果他找到了,会有许多人感谢他的—否则他们都无法幸存下来,向他人诉说这次惨遇。 /201311/263425池州第一人民医院是私立

池州中医医院就诊怎么样东至县妇幼保健院是正规医院吗 Microsoft and the PC industry微软和个人电脑业Defenestrated被抛弃Steve Ballmer is a casualty of the personal computer’s rapid decline史蒂夫鲍尔默是个人电脑迅速衰败的罪魁祸首Aug 31st 2013 |From the print editionUNTIL August 23rd few people would have described Steve Ballmer as “retiring”. Microsoft’s chief executive has played both tiger and Tigger: snarling (toothlessly, as it turned out) at Apple’s gadgets; and bouncing, with a whoop, onto conference stages to extol his company’s wares. But retiring he is, within a year.在8月23日之前很少人会想到史蒂夫鲍尔默会退休。微软的首席执行官即使老虎也是跳跳虎,与苹果的产品叫板,但是结果却没什么威胁,在发布会上吹嘘其产品。但是他将会在一年之内退休。Mr Ballmer’s departure is a surprise. He had announced a reorganisation of the company only in July and had hoped to oversee much of the change. Some celebrated his going: Microsoft’s share price went up by 7.3% on the day the news broke. Mr Ballmer has plenty of critics, although Microsoft’s revenues have trebled on his 13-year watch, to .8 billion in the year to June, and profits have grown similarly, to .9 billion. The critics point at the rise of Apple and Google, and say Microsoft should have done better—or handed some of its billion of cash to shareholders. In an interview with the Seattle Times, Mr Ballmer denied that pressure from ValueAct, a fund with a small stake in the firm, helped push him out.鲍尔默的离职是一个意外。就在七月他还宣布了公司的重组,希望能看到改变。一些人为他的离开叫好,微软的股价在鲍尔默退休消息传出的一天内上涨了7.3%。尽管微软的营收在鲍尔默的13年掌舵期间翻了三倍,达到了219亿美元,但是他还是饱受批评。批评者瞄向苹果和谷歌的崛起,表示微软应该比现在做的更好,或者将其770亿现金部分返给股东。在一次来自西雅图时报的采访中,鲍尔默否认了其迫于拥有微软小部分股份的基金ValueAct而离开的说法。Microsoft sits atop a pyramid of companies that prospered from the long boom in personal computers (PCs). The vast majority of PCs run on Microsoft’s Windows operating system and are powered by Intel’s processors. They bear the brands of Dell, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Lenovo and others, and nowadays are mostly made by Taiwanese contractors. The trouble is that people increasingly prefer to buy mobile devices, made by Apple or running Google’s Android operating system. Sales of PCs have been falling at double-digit rates. From the pyramid’s apex to its base, companies are desperate both to refresh the PC and reduce their reliance on it. Few are having much success.微软坐在受益于个人电脑长期繁荣的公司金字塔顶端。大部分的个人电脑跑的是微软的视窗操作系统,用的是英特尔的处理器。它们撑着戴尔,惠普,联想和其他品牌,大部分是有台湾代工厂完成的。现在的麻烦是人们越来越多的倾向于苹果生产或者运行谷歌安卓操作系统的移动设备。个人电脑销量以两位数的速率在下降。金字塔上的公司个个都昂着更新个人电脑,减少它们对个人电脑业务的依赖。几乎没有一家取得成功。Frank Gillett of Forrester, a research firm, reckons that Windows’ share of the market for personal devices, once 95% or more, has dropped to around 30%. Microsoft responded belatedly with Windows 8, a new edition intended for touchscreen PCs and tablets launched last October, with variations for cheaper tablets and phones. Applications lie behind oblong tiles designed for fingertips rather than icons for mouse-clicks. Microsoft’s successful Xbox entertainment system was given the same look. The idea was that this uniform style would help to transfer Microsoft’s dominance of the desktop to mobile devices, and refresh the PC too.调查公司Forrester的Frank Gillett认为微软一度站个人设备市场95%以上的视窗系统现在所占份额跌到了大概30%。微软随后的回应是适用于触屏个人电脑和平板电脑的视窗8系统,发布于去年十月,同时拥有廉价平板和电话的版本。应用以矩形磁贴展示在桌面,为了使用手指触控而不是鼠标点击。微软成功的Xbox系统也使用同样的外观。微软的想法是这种风格上的统一会帮助微软从桌面霸主转变成移动设备霸主,同时也更新个人电脑。It has not happened yet. Few businesses were likely to hurry to buy Windows 8 anyway; some have yet to switch to its predecessor, Windows 7. Consumers have not taken to tiles on PC screens: a new version, Windows 8.1, due in October, will make it easier for them to stick with the old look. Only now is a wide choice of touch PCs and tablet-PC hybrids appearing.然而这个愿景还没有实现。很少的企业急着想购买视窗8系统,有些甚至都没有使用前代的视窗7系统。消费者也没有习惯笔记本屏幕上的磁贴,将于10月发布的最新版本的视窗8.1会让消费者更简单的回到传统桌面。现在有很多混合型平板电脑机型出现在市面上。Microsoft’s own tablet, the Surface, has been a flop, forcing it to make a 0m write-off in its latest results. Windows phones, mostly made by Nokia of Finland, are far behind iPhones and Android devices, with just 3.3% of the world market according to Gartner, another research firm. They have ousted BlackBerry from third place, but that is not saying much.微软自家的平板Surface是一款失败的产品,到现在只销售了9亿美元。另一家调查公司Gartner表示,使用微软操作系统的手机,主要由芬兰的诺基亚生产,销量远远落后于iPhone和安卓设备,只占到手机世界市场的3.3%。它们已经取代了黑莓第三的位置,但是也说明不了什么。Next to Microsoft at the apex, Intel has also done poorly in smartphones and tablets, though it is striving to catch up and in June unveiled a new chip that it hopes will bring new zip to PCs. Among the PC-makers, HP pondered quitting altogether in 2011, then sacked the chief executive who suggested it. Meg Whitman, his successor, chose to stay in, as well as pushing into services and software and shedding 27,000 jobs. She has plenty still to do: HP’s latest results, on August 21st, sent a share-price rally into reverse. At Dell, which is scrapping for much the same ground, Michael Dell, the founder and chief executive, still hopes to win a battle to take the company private. Of the leading PC-makers, Lenovo has coped best. Its home market, China, is slowing but growing, and it is selling plenty of smartphones.跟微软地位相同的英特尔在智能手机和平板市场表现也不佳,尽管其在努力追赶,并于6月发布了一款新的处理器,希望给个人电脑注入新的力量。在所有的个人电脑生产商中,惠普在2011年曾考虑退出,然后解雇了提出这个想法的首席执行官。继任者Meg Whitman选择继续留在个人电脑市场,进军务和软件行业,并减少了27000个职位。她仍然有很多事要做:惠普8月21日最新的财报显示股价重新下跌。戴尔的境遇也非常相似,创始人兼首席执行官迈克尔戴尔仍然希望让公司私营化。在所有的个人电脑制造巨头中,联想的表现是最好的。在本土市场中国,联想在缓慢增长,同时也销售相当部分的智能手机。Despite its slow start in mobile, Microsoft remains hugely profitable. “It’s easy to get focused only on Windows,” says David Cearley of Gartner. The firm was quicker than its rivals to provide cloud services to big companies. Although Google’s free word-processor and spsheet threaten its Office software, Microsoft still has most of its customers, to whom it can sell improved services online. The direction Mr Ballmer has set “makes a lot of sense”, Mr Cearley says. Had he set out sooner, he might have seen the journey through.尽管在移动市场开始较慢,但是微软仍然有很大利润。Gartner的David Cearley表示,专注于视窗操作系统很容易。微软在给大公司提供云端务上比其他对手快了不少。尽管谷歌免费的文本处理软件和表格处理软件对微软的Office构成了威胁,但是微软仍然拥有大部分顾客,微软向其销售改进的在线务。Cearley说鲍尔默规划的方向起了很大的作用。尽管他就要离开,但是他可能看透了前景。 /201309/255929池州市第二人民医院看前列腺炎好吗

池州哪家正规医院治疗男科病比较好NO NO No,we cant manufacture enough ozone to replenish the ozone hole.没门。没门?没错,我们无法生产臭氧来取代臭氧层空洞。No, why not?为什么不行?Several reasons prevent us from doing this.我们无能为力,原因诸多。For one thing, ozone in large quantities is extremely hazardous and volatile, which makes it hard to work with, to say the least.要知道,大量的臭氧是有害且易挥发的。因此,至少不便于我们运作。Also, the ozone layer is immense-theres roughly twenty billion tons of it-and wed have no way of handling such large quantities.此外,臭氧层是密集的,大约有200亿吨,我们无法操作如此庞大的臭氧。Plus, the ozone layer requires a huge amount of energy to maintain itself, which right now it gets from the sun.再者,维护稳定的臭氧层需要不少能量,而这些目前来自太阳能。Taking over natural ozone production would require more than double the energy the ed States produces annually.要接手生产天然臭氧层需要的能源是美国每年生产的两倍以上。Thats a lot of rolling blackouts.这有可能会引发灯火管制。And that’s why the only way we know to fight ozone depletion is by cleaning up our act and giving nature the chance to take its course.这就是我们保护臭氧层消失的唯一可行办法是从我们自己做起,爱护环境,顺其自然。201311/266623 池州青阳县医院几点关门池州市中医院哪个好



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