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2019年10月22日 23:12:33 | 作者:中国面诊 | 来源:新华社
China created the country#39;s largest chip maker last week, taking a giant step forward towards Beijing#39;s plan of becoming less reliant on foreign technology.上周,中国境内最大的芯片制造商诞生了,这使得中国政府距离减少对国外科技依赖的目标又前进了一大步。Under Beijing#39;s direction, Tsinghua Unigroup, China#39;s largest chip designer, acquired a majority stake in XMC, one of the China#39;s leading chip maker and backed by the national semiconductor fund, the Wall Street Journal reported. A new holding company was created for XMC called Yangtze River Storage Technology, which has a registered capital of 18.9 billion yuan (.8 billion).据华尔街日报报道,在政府的授意下,中国大陆最大的芯片设计商清华紫光集团完成了对行业领先的芯片制造商、由国家集成电路产业投资基金扶持的武汉新芯多数股权的收购,成立名为;武汉长江存储科技有限公司;的新控股公司,注册资金高达189亿人民币(28亿美元)。Yangtze combines Tsinghua Unigroup#39;s investment power and XMC#39;s engineering team, said Roger Sheng, a Shanghai-based research director for semiconductors at Gartner IT , adding that the merger is the first case between two Chinese companies in the semiconductor industry.武汉长江存储科技有限公司整合了清华紫光的投资能力和武汉新芯的技术团队。高德纳咨询(全球最具权威的IT研究与顾问咨询公司)上海公司总监Roger Sheng表示,两个中国本土企业合并在半导体制造业尚属首例。China imports around 0 billion of chips a year, which is the biggest trade deficit in the global semiconductor market, according to state-run Xinhua news agency. The creation of Yangtze would indeed benefit the country in the long run, but it will first have a negative impact on the smaller domestic players, said Sheng.根据新华社的报道,中国每年进口芯片的费用高达200亿美元,是全球半导体市场中最大的贸易逆差。Roger Sheng表示,从长远来看,武汉长江存储科技有限公司的成立有利于中国在该行业的发展,不过首当其冲受到影响的是中国国内规模较小的芯片制造商。;Currently, I think other Chinese companies that want to invest in the memory business are most impacted because the new company will get the most resources and support from the Chinese government,; he said. ;The other companies or regional governments can#39;t get as big an investment as Yangtze. Global chip makers are safe for at least a few years, with Yangtze needing at least two to three years to get commercialization capability, unless Tsinghua Unigroup can acquire companies with current mainstream 3D NAND (a next-generation flash memory chip) or DRAM (computer memory chips).;Roger Sheng说道:;我认为想要投资存储行业的国内企业受到的冲击应该最严重,因为武汉长江存储将会垄断大部分的资源,而且它还有政府的持。其他制造商或是地方企业不可能获得像长江存储那么大的投资。全球性的芯片制造商暂时不会受到大的影响,因为武汉长江存储至少需要两到三年的时间培养商业化的能力,除非清华紫光可以并购拥有目前主流的3D NAND闪存技术和DRAM存储技术的企业。;XMC, however, is developing today#39;s leading-edge 3D NAND chips to be test-y by the end of this year, said Hui He, a senior analyst for China#39;s semiconductor market at IHS Technology.不过,IHS公司半导体行业的资深分析师何慧却表示,目前武汉新芯已经在研制高水平3D NAND闪存芯片,即将在今年年末投入测试。After the proven product ramp-up period, ;all global memory vendors will be affected,; said Gartner#39;s Sheng. ;Chinese companies could own the market with proven product manufacturing capabilities. It will definitely impact existing market players through cheaper and volume product supply.;Roger Sheng表示:;在爬坡量产过后,全球的存储芯片供应商都会受到影响。届时,中国企业将拥有过硬的产品生产能力,有能力向市场提供更多,更便宜的产品。毫无疑问,目前半导体芯片市场的主要制造商一定会受到冲击。; /201608/461157Chinese regulators said they would be working this Friday to tackle any abuses by merchants on Singles Day, China’s festival of consumption and the biggest online shopping day worldwide.中国监管机构表示,在本星期五的“光棍节”,他们将努力打击商家的任何不端行为。那一天是中国的购物节、全球网购成交额最高的一天。Every November 11 — Singles Day is named after the “double elevens” (11-11) celebrating single life — Chinese consumers go online in droves to buy sale-priced merchandise on ecommerce sites such as Alibaba and JD.com. Alibaba’s transactions alone exceeded bn last year and are expected to grow this year.每年11月11日——人们会在“双十一”(11-11)庆祝单身生活,“光棍节”由此得名——大量中国消费者到阿里巴巴(Alibaba)和京东(JD.com)等电商平台购买折价商品。去年光棍节,仅仅阿里巴巴一家的成交额便超过了140亿美元,今年预计还会更高。In previous years, merchants have been accused of a number of abuses — most annoying to Chinese online shoppers are “fake discounts”, in which sellers jack up prices in the weeks before Singles Day only to lower them dramatically on the day itself. Sellers say they are under huge pressure from Alibaba to offer discounts, in return for which they are given advantageous placement online.过去几年,商家被指责进行了大量舞弊做法——最令中国网购者讨厌的是“假打折”,即商家在光棍节之前的几周把价格调高,到光棍节当天再戏剧性调低价格。卖家们表示,阿里巴巴向他们施加了巨大压力,要求他们打折,以换取有利的线上位置。Other problems endemic to ecommerce in China, such as selling fake goods and fake reporting of sales — are also in the crosshairs of Chinese regulators.中国电子商务大量存在的其他问题——如出售假冒伪劣产品和虚报销售数字——也都成为中国监管机构的打击目标。On Tuesday, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) said it had met Alibaba, JD.com and several other Chinese internet companies, warning them against tolerating abuses by merchants online.周二,中国国家工商行政管理总局(SAIC)表示,已约谈了阿里巴巴、京东和其他几家中国互联网公司,警告他们不要容忍网上商家的不端行为。“The SAIC will strengthen market supervision#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;monitor and manage online marketplaces according to law, and together with the majority of industry players, jointly create an online market environment of fair competition and an environment for online consumption that is safe and secure,” it said.工商总局表示,“我们将加强市场监管……依法监控和管理网购平台,并与广大业内人士一起,共同营造公平竞争的在线市场环境和安全可靠的在线消费环境。”An Alibaba spokesperson said “We are the industry leader in combating unfair and illicit practices; We never tolerate malpractices by merchants on our marketplaces.”阿里巴巴的一名发言人表示:“我们是打击不正当和非法行为的行业领导者;我们绝不容忍商家在我们平台上的不端行为。”A JD.com spokesperson said: “Our commitment to quality products and service has always been a key differentiator for us in this market and we employ additional resources for major sales to keep that promise even during the busiest periods.”京东的一名发言人表示:“我们对于优质产品和务的承诺,一直是我们在这个市场上与众不同的一个关键特点,对于重大销售,我们投入更多资源确保在最繁忙时期也坚持履行我们的承诺。”The SAIC is not the only regulator wanting to police Singles Day: last month, the National Development and Reform Commission, a government agency in charge of economic planning, said it would focus on combating fake reviews on Singles Day.工商总局并不是有意整顿光棍节的唯一监管机构。上月,政府经济规划部门国家发改委(NDRC)表示,将把重点放在打击光棍节的虚假上。 /201611/476853Apple has approached McLaren Technology Group, the British supercar engineer and Formula One team owner, about a potential acquisition, in the clearest sign yet that the iPhone maker is seeking to transform the automotive industry.苹果(Apple)已接洽英国超级跑车工程企业、一级方程式(Formula One)车队东家迈凯伦技术集团(McLaren Technology Group),商谈潜在收购事宜,这是迄今表明这家iPhone制造商正寻求改变汽车业的最明确迹象。The California technology group, which has been working on a self-driving electric vehicle for more than two years, was considering a full takeover of McLaren or a strategic investment, according to three people briefed on the negotiations who said talks started several months ago.听取了情况介绍的三名人士称,谈判是在几个月之前开始的。苹果致力于开发一款自动驾驶电动汽车已有两年多,这家加州科技集团考虑全面收购迈凯伦,或对其进行战略投资。A tie-up with McLaren, whose expertise ranges from automotive engineering and on-board computer systems to novel chassis materials such as carbon fibre and aluminium, could push forward Apple’s secretive automotive project.迈凯伦的技术专长包括汽车工程、车载计算机系统以及新颖底盘材料(如碳素纤维和铝合金)。与迈凯伦结盟可能有助于推进苹果神秘的汽车项目。Apple and McLaren declined to comment.苹果和迈凯伦均拒绝置评。The lossmaking automotive group was likely to be valued at between £1bn and £1.5bn, the people said, adding that it was not clear a deal would be done. 上述人士称,亏损的迈凯伦有望达到10亿至15亿英镑的估值;他们补充称,尚不清楚能否达成交易。That would make it Apple’s biggest acquisition since the bn purchase of Beats Electronics, the audio group founded by Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine, in 2014.若成功,那将是苹果自2014年以30亿美元收购Beats Electronics以来最大收购;Beats是由Dr Dre和吉米#8226;约维内(Jimmy Iovine)创立的音响集团。Earlier this year, Apple invested bn in Didi Chuxing, the Chinese ride-hailing company. 今年早些时候,苹果向中国网约车企业滴滴出行(Didi Chuxing)投资10亿美元。That deal was Apple’s largest equity investment to date, as chief executive Tim Cook gradually breaks with the Silicon Valley company’s aversion to large deals.那笔交易是苹果迄今作出的最大股权投资。首席执行官蒂姆#8226;库克(Tim Cook)正逐渐告别这家硅谷公司不愿做大笔投资交易的传统。McLaren produces luxury sports cars that can cost as much as m apiece and owns an advanced technologies group as well as the eponymous Formula One racing team. 迈凯伦生产售价高达100万美元的豪华跑车,并拥有一家先进技术集团以及同名的F1车队。The owners of McLaren Technology control 80 per cent of McLaren Automotive. 迈凯伦技术的东家控制着迈凯伦汽车(McLaren Automotive) 80%股份。It produced 1,654 vehicles last year, generating revenues of £450m, and has pledged to invest £1bn in the next six years on research and development.去年该公司的产量达到1654辆,营收为4.50亿英镑,公司承诺未来6年向研发投入10亿英镑。McLaren Technology reported revenues of £265m and pre-tax losses of £22.6m in 2014, its last published accounts. 根据迈凯伦技术已公布的最新财报,其2014年营收为2.65亿英镑,税前亏损2260万英镑。It is owned by Ron Dennis, its chairman, Mansour Ojjeh, and Mumtalakat, Bahrain’s sovereign wealth fund.公司所有者为董事长罗恩#8226;丹尼斯(Ron Dennis)、曼苏尔#8226;欧耶(Mansour Ojjeh)以及巴林主权财富基金Mumtalakat。Apple’s interest in the Woking-based company centres on its technology, engineering prowess and patent portfolio, according to people briefed on the talks. 据前述知情人士介绍,苹果对这家总部位于英国萨里郡沃金(Woking)的公司的兴趣集中于后者的技术、工程实力和专利组合。However, those people cautioned that it was unclear if a deal would go ahead following a recent shift in Apple’s car strategy.但这些人士告诫称,在苹果最近改变汽车战略后,不清楚会否达成交易。Since 2014, Apple has built up a team of hundreds of engineers and designers to work on the electric car venture, including recruits from companies such as Tesla and Mercedes-Benz. 自2014年以来,苹果将数百名工程师和设计师投入电动汽车项目,这团队包括从特斯拉(Tesla)和梅赛德斯-奔驰(Mercedes-Benz)挖来的人才。Its original team leader, Steve Zadesky, left earlier this year, and Apple veteran Bob Mansfield took over the project.最初的团队领导者史蒂夫#8226;扎德斯基(Steve Zadesky)今年早些时候离职,由苹果老将鲍勃#8226;曼斯菲尔德(Bob Mansfield)接手该项目。 /201609/467902

Geely is launching a mass-market car in Europe, becoming the first Chinese automaker to push into the region in its own right.吉利(Geely)准备在欧洲推出一款大众市场汽车,成为首家凭借自身力量进军欧洲的中国汽车制造商。The group, which owns Volvo Cars and the London Taxi Company, will today unveil Lynk amp; Co, which aims to compete directly with Volkswagen, the market leader in Europe, and appeal to younger buyers.旗下拥有沃尔沃汽车(Volvo Cars)和伦敦出租车公司(London Taxi Company)的吉利集团,将于今日推出Lynk amp; Co品牌汽车,旨在与欧洲市场领导者大众(Volkswagen)展开直接竞争,并吸引年轻买家。A Lynk-branded SUV will launch in China next year and be rolled out to Europe by the end of 2018, followed by smaller cars such as a saloon and a hatchback.Lynk品牌的SUV将于明年在中国发售,并将在2018年底之前在欧洲推出,随后还将推出轿车、掀背车等更小型的汽车。The move is expected to spur other Chinese companies to push into Europe to offset slowing growth at home.预计此举将刺激其他中国企业进军欧洲,以补偿国内汽车销量增长的放缓。International carmakers that want to do business in China must partner with local companies under state law. This has given Chinese manufacturers access to western technology, design and manufacturing practices.中国法律规定,想要在中国经营的跨国汽车制造商必须与当地企业成立合资公司。这使得中国制造商可以获得西方的技术、设计和制造方法。“There is no question that other [Chinese carmakers] will follow,” said Michael Dunne, an expert on the Chinese motor industry. “Their home market’s phase as a cash cow has come to an end, and the quality of Chinese-branded vehicles is now comparable with international brands.”“毫无疑问,其他(中国汽车制造商)将紧随其后,”研究中国汽车工业的专家邓凯(Michael Dunne)说,“国内市场作为摇钱树的阶段已经结束,中国品牌汽车的品质如今可以与国际品牌媲美。”Their aim, he said, was to blend the best aspects of low-cost manufacturing with European design and quality. “If they get it right, there’s plenty of space to take on European makers with heavy overheads.”他表示,中国车企的目标是将低成本制造业的优势与欧洲的设计和品质结合起来。“如果做得好的话,将有足够空间与经营成本高昂的欧洲制造商进行较量。”The new marque, which was designed in Sweden at Geely’s China Europe vehicle technology centre, will have a higher price tag than Geely cars but lower than Volvo. It aims to compete with VW in Europe.该款新品牌汽车由吉利在瑞典的欧洲汽车技术中心设计,售价将高于吉利汽车,但低于沃尔沃。其目标是与大众汽车在欧洲竞争。“We were told it should feel European, specifically northern European,” said Peter Horbury, Geely’s design director.吉利设计总监彼得.霍伯里(Peter Horbury)称:“我们接到的指示是,这款车应具有欧洲风格,特别是北欧风格。”Breaking into Europe would help Geely “become a global automotive company”, said An Conghui, group president. “People will ask why the world needs another car brand. That is like asking why you need Apple when you have Motorola. To build a brand takes time, but it will not take as much time to build the brand as in the past.”打入欧洲将帮助吉利“成为一家全球汽车公司”,吉利集团总裁安聪慧表示,“人们会问,为什么这个世界需要一个新的汽车品牌。这就像在问,当你手里有托罗拉(Motorola)时为什么还需要苹果(Apple)。打造一个品牌需要时间,但不会像过去那么久。”The car will be manufactured in China “but it’s entirely possible that we will move to Europe to manufacture the cars in the future”, Mr An added.这款车将在中国制造,“但未来迁至欧洲制造也是完全有可能的,”安聪慧补充道。Geely will not use a traditional dealer network or advertising to promote the new car. It will focus on social media to reach younger drivers.吉利将不会利用传统经销商网络或广告来推销该车。它将通过聚焦社交媒体来影响年轻车手。The Lynk 01 is hailed as the “most connected car”, in an effort to woo buyers who are more concerned with access to streaming services than with traditional car performance metrics such as torque or horsepower.Lynk 01车型被誉为“最互联的汽车”,旨在吸引相对扭矩或动力等传统汽车性能指标更关心获得流媒体务的买家。It will also roll out car-sharing schemes linked to the Lynk brand.吉利还将推出与Lynk品牌相关的汽车共享计划。 /201610/472910

286 million people are likely to become users of virtual reality (VR) products in China, according to a recent study jointly released by a domestic manufacturer, an advertisement academy and a consulting institute.近期由一家国内生产商、一家广告公司和一家咨询机构联合发布的一项研究显示,中国虚拟现实(VR)产品的潜在用户规模达2.86亿。According to the report that focuses on the analysis of VR users#39; behaviors, the volume of light users, who have tried out or experienced related devices, has reached about 17 million in the past year, and around 960,000 people have purchased different kinds of VR equipment.根据这一重点分析虚拟现实用户行为的报告指出,在过去一年接触过或体验过相关VR设备的浅度用户约为1700万人,购买过各种VR设备的用户约为96万人。;In the upcoming year, 83.1 percent of existing VR heavy users will purchase higher-configured VR goggles to achieve a more comfortable wearable experience,; said Xiao Mingchao, CEO of consulting firm SocialBeta.SocialBeta的CEO肖明超表示:“在接下来的这一年,现有的83.1%虚拟现实用户将购买更高配置的虚拟现实眼镜,以实现更舒适的可穿戴体验。”According to Xiao, the potential market value of the countries#39; VR industry will reach more than 1,000 billion yuan (4 billion). VR technology will be utilized in varieties of commercial and marketing fields to create new business opportunities.肖明超指出,国家虚拟现实产业的潜在市场价值将达到1万亿元(1540亿美元)。虚拟现实技术将会应用于商业领域和营销领域来创造新的商机。The report also claimed that more than 70 percent of VR heavy users are male and that 60 percent of them are aged between 25 to 34. Most of them are from the group that consumes a large amount of tech and digital products.该报告还指出,超7成VR重度用户为男性,其中6成人的年龄在25-34岁之间,且大多属于科技、数码产品的高消费人群。Meanwhile, the most heavy users of VR devices are also Mobile Internet heavy users. They spend more than 4 hours per day online on their smartphones.同时,虚拟现实设备的重度用户也是移动互联网的重度用户。他们每天要花费超过4小时的时间在智能手机上。According to the report, by spending 16 to 60 minutes, more than 70 percent of VR heavy users use their devices every day. The daily average usage time reached 34 minutes.根据报告显示,超过70%的重度用户每天使用VR设备的时长主要集中在16分钟至60分钟,平均每天使用时长是34分钟。 /201603/433490

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