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2019年10月15日 11:05:02

France bank fraud The man accused of defrauding French bank Societe Generale is now in police custody. CNN's Jim Bittermann reportsKerviel's lawyer said a couple of days ago that in fact he was not on the run and he was in France, and he would cooperate with police and in fact that's what's happened just in the last few hours here.He was brought in to the headquarters of the French Financial police, the Financial Brigade, they are the ones who have looked into business matters and he has been undergoing questioning there since although no one really saw him go. he came in a completely anonymous car with the windows blacked-out so it was impossible to see him in the back of the car. But in fact the authorities did confirm that he's in the headquarters of the Financial Brigade and is being questioned right now. Now that questioning could go on for up to 48 hours without any kind of charges being filed and it'll probably take all of that given the complexities of this case.The Financial police raided Kerviel's apartment the other night and took off computer material, but in an indication that they may be just as interested in what he did as what the bank did. They also have, pulled off a raid on the Societe Generale headquarter's building and have carried off computer tapes and computer data from that raid, so they are looking into this whole thing.The Finance minister, the French Finance Minister basically is directing this investigation, because she is under orders from the Prime Minister to come up with the facts in this case as quickly as possible. Here is what she had to say.I've been tasked by my Prime Minister to give him a report within 8 days and I want to focus on 3 things. One is what really happened and I want that chronology of events and recital of facts to be based on actual hard data. I am not going to satisfy myself with allegations, rumors, conspiracy and what have you. I want hard facts. Second is understand why controls did not work and three, make some recommendations preliminary, I suppose because you know 8 days is a short period of time. About recommendations as to how controls should be improved and what additional controls should be put in place if necessary.Many financial analysts have suggested that others could have been involved in the losses and up till now, we've only heard the bank's side of the story. Jim Bittermann,CNN Paris. 02/62901郴州哪里看前列腺比较专业Iraq's Cabinet Approves Security Pact With US伊拉克内阁批准美伊安全协议 The Iraqi government's council of ministers has voted to approve a three-year military pact with the ed States, despite the bitter opposition of several hardline Shi'ite leaders. The agreement, which replaces a U.N. mandate that expires on December 31, must be ratified by the Iraqi parliament. 伊拉克政府的部长委员会投票批准伊拉克同美国为期三年的军事协议。但是这项协议受到一些强硬什叶派领导人的强烈反对。这项协议将取代今年12月31日到期的联合国授权。协议生效之前必须得到伊拉克议会的批准。The Iraqi Cabinet voted overwhelmingly to approve a new military pact with the ed States, after weeks of bitter debate and fiery opposition from several influential shi'ite leaders. 在经过几个星期的激烈辩论,以及一些有影响力的什叶派领导人的强烈反对后,伊拉克内阁以压倒多数投票批准一项同美国的军事协议。The new three-year pact will be put to a parliament vote on November 24, according to the legislative body's deputy speaker. The new pact, which calls for U.S. troops to withdraw from Iraq completely by the end of 2011, replaces the U.N. mandate that expires December 31. 伊拉克议会副议长说,这项新协议将于11月24日在议会投票表决。新协议将要求美军在2011年底之前全部从伊拉克撤军。该协议将取代12月31日到期的联合国授权。Iraqi government spokesman Ali Debbagh underscored the proviso in the text that all U.S. forces would withdraw from the country by the end of 2011, although he said it is up to the government, at that point, to reach a new agreement. 伊拉克政府发言人达巴格强调,协议中的有关条款规定,美军在2011年底之前从伊拉克全部撤军。不过,他表示,这将取决于伊拉克政府根据当时的具体情况是否要达成一项新协议。He says that a majority of ministers, present, voted to approve the agreement that centers around the ultimate withdrawal of all U.S. forces from Iraq. He adds the December 2011 withdrawal date is not subject to change, but the Iraqi government, at that point, will come up with a new agreement with the ed States. 他说,目前大部分的部长投票同意这项协议。该协议的重点是美军最终从伊拉克撤出其所有军队。他补充说,2011年12月撤军的日期将不会改变,但是伊拉克政府届时可能会同美国达成新协议。Debbagh alluded to the up-until-now acrimonious debate within the government and among Iraq's ruling Shi'ite coalition over approving the pact, but insisted that bickering had been resolved and consensus reached. 达巴格所指的是,在伊拉克政府和伊拉克执政的什叶派联盟中,围绕协议批准进行的尖锐辩论一直持续到现在。但是他认为,已经解决了相互之间的争论不休,并达成了一致。He says the pact was discussed by all factions represented in the government during a meeting Saturday with Prime Minister Nouri Maliki, and that everyone expressed his views and agreement was reached. 他说,政府中各派系代表在星期六的会议上同总理马利基讨论了这项协议,每个人都表达了他们的意见,并达成了协议。Only one of the 28 cabinet members present at Sunday's extraordinary session reportedly voted against the pact, although nine others did not attend. 据报导,在出席星期天内阁特别会议的28名部长中,只有一名部长投票反对该协议。另外还有9名部长没有出席。U.S. Embassy spokesman Adam Ereli told the Associated Press the vote was an "important and positive step." 美国驻伊拉克大使馆发言人埃尔利对美联社说,这次投票是“一项重要和积极的步骤”。Iraq's top negotiator on the pact, National Security Advisor Muwafaq al-Rubaie, said earlier that he believed the agreement was a "very good document" and added that he expected parliament to ratify it. 伊拉克负责这项协议的首席谈判代表、国家安全顾问鲁巴伊早些时候表示,他认为这项协议是“一份非常好的文件”,他预计伊拉克议会将会批准这项协议。Virulent opposition from anti-U.S. Shi'ite cleric Muqtada Sadr and from other Shi'ite leaders close to Iran had threatened to derail the new pact.Sadr announced Friday that he was creating a new militia, which he dubbed the "Brigades of the Promised Day" to fight the ed States, and demanded that the ed States "quit Iraq without leaving behind any bases."Iranian state television called the vote "a victory for the government of Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki," which "imposed its views on everyone." Iran has long said it opposes the new pact, claiming that it threatens its own security and stability. 伊朗国营电视台称这次投票是“马利基总理政府的胜利”,协议将其内容“强加于每个人”。长期以来伊朗一直表示,反对美伊新协议,认为新协议将危及其自身的安全和稳定。200811/56373郴州宜章县人民医院妇幼保健男科专家Where Are Those 8 Gold Medals? 菲尔普斯 Michael Phelps reflects on his record-breaking Olympics.Our ESPN colleague Jerry Michele sat down with Phelps and calls him "serene", like a man who achieved everything he'd hoped to , which of course is exactly what he did. Here are some of their conversation/. You think separates the people who are merely gifted from those like you who in this instance won? You know for me when I watch/ all the sport, you know when I watch, you know, when I watch Tiger, when I watch Federer and I watch Nadal, the best athletes can compete under any circumstances. And you know, no matter what it is, no matter what the pressure, you can always overcome anything that is put in your way,you know when Jordan was sick, he still put up 60 points. When you won the 100 butterfly by one, one hundredth of a second, what were you thinking about the role of fame, the role of luck? After the race, Crack said to me, he goes, you have that angels with you or something, he goes, I have no idea what it is(he goes). And you know I feel that, yeah, you know that there has to be luck in it, there has to be some luck involved, that you know everything has been pretty much perfect, you know for me to be able to do what I just did. You got eight gold medals now, where are they?It's a great question. I saw them earlier, I think my agent has them, I put them all on this morning, it looked pretty cool, it was a pretty neat feeling. You put them on just to see them or with a photo.Just to see them. You're 23; you've achieved everything you wanted to achieve, what are your goals now?I wanna change sport to something. I look up to Michael Jordan, what he did in sport of basketball, how he completely changed it, this sport has changed my life in so many ways and you know, I just wanna other people to be able to be a part of that. 菲尔普斯就他在奥运会上打破的记录做出回应。我们ESPN的同事Jerry Michele现在正和菲尔普斯坐在一起,说他很“平静” ,就像一个得到了一切他想要的东西的人一样,当然,他确实做到了。下面是他们两个之间的对话。很多人像你一样有天赋,但是你却赢了,你觉得你们之间的差别是什么呢?你知道,对我来说,当我观看比赛的时候,当我看Tiger, Federer 和Nadal参加比赛的时候,我发现,最好的运动员在任何情况下都能参加比赛。你知道,无论是什么,无论是多大的压力,你都能克前进路上的一切困难。你知道,乔丹生病的时候参加比赛仍然能投得60分。当你以超过第二名0.01秒的成绩赢得100米蝶泳的时候,你怎样认为名声的作用,运气的作用?比赛之后,Crack过来对我说“你有天使相助”之类的话。我不知道他指的是什么。你知道,我确实感觉到,肯定是运气,肯定含有运气的成分在里面。你知道所有的一切都非常完美,能够做到我想做的。你获得了8枚金牌,现在在哪里呢?这个问题很好。我之前看见过,我想我的经理人现在保管着,今天早上我戴上的。看上去非常酷,非常整洁的感觉。你戴上他们只是为了看到他们或者为了拍照?只是为了看一下。现在你23岁了,你已经获得了你想要的一切。今后你的目标是什么呢?我想把运动改变成更有意义的事情。我一直像乔丹看齐,他在篮球运动中所做的事情彻底改变了这项运动。这项运动也在很多方面改变了我的生活。我希望其他人也可以是这项运动的一部分。200811/56554Celebrations in honour of the dead take place in July and August in Japan. Prayers are set and graves are tended during the festival of O-Bon. In Tokushima city around 100 thousand costumed people dance in the streets."This is an incredible scale, there's this whole river, thing going on, there's three blocks on either side of the river. It’s the biggest I've ever seen."There are a number of different theories explaining the origins of Tokushima’ s Awa Odori(阿波踊り) or "our dance festival". But some see it as a form of the wider Japanese custom of Bon Odori (盆踊) or Bon-dance. "Awa Odori began around 450 years ago. It was originally a regional custom performed decent spirits back to the realms of the dead after their brief stay in the living world during the O-Bon season. Now participation isn't limited to the people of Tokushima city or Tokushima prefecture. It has grown into a festival that attracts people from all over Japan."Awa is the former name of the Tokushima prefecture and the dance festival is thought to have gained its local character in 1587 when the feudal lord handed out sake to celebrate the completion of his newly-built castle. Legend says the citizens became so drunk they started to dance with abandon in an unsteady gate. One of Tokushima's most famous dance teams is called the Ahou Ren."The lyrics of one of the festival songs says fool's dance and fool's watch. If both are fools you might as well dance. So I think that this is where our Ren gets its name."For the most part, women wear traditional straw hat, known as amigasa (編み笠) that is shaped like a half moon. A colorful yukada (浴衣)and wooden sandals known as gata(木屐)."Men should dance in a very masculine way. Women should dance in a feminine and graceful way."Onna Odori (女踊り), the female dance style, is distinguished by its upright stance and physical discipline and it's intended to an embodiment of feminine grace and beauty. By contrast, Otoko Odori(男踊り), the male dance style, is distinguished by a lower stance and more fluid vigorous movements and resemble the moves of a drunken fool. "It's extremely fun, you know, Japanese are not known for this spontaneity, but you see people very spontaneous and people are approaching you in the street and asking you where you are from and getting to know you, which is extremely welcoming to visitors."07/78648郴州第一人民医院南院包皮手术多少钱

临武县男性专科湖南省郴州治疗包皮包茎多少钱But not everybody is a fan of Apples growing influence on the music world. iTunes almost single-handedly wiped out traditional music stores. Tower records declares bankruptcy. The national music chains and plus. There have been some holdouts to iTunes. I can understand their point. Why is my song worth the same as some, you know, Bavarian folk tune, right? Its not. This is pop music. Im Kid Rock.但是并不是所有人都对苹果的音乐世界着迷。iTunes几乎独自就摧毁了传统音乐商店。Tower制片宣告破产。全国音乐链其他音乐载体持续低迷。已经有部分歌曲转战到了iTunes。我能理解他们的观点。为什么我的歌就同样有价值,你知道,巴伐利亚民俗歌曲,是吗?不是的。这是流行音乐。我只是一个摇滚男孩。But the music industry is no match for Steve Jobs. Now defining itself as more than any single product, Apple drops the word ;computer; from its official corporate name.但音乐行业似乎对史蒂夫;乔布斯不太适合。现在的定义让苹果不只成为了任意一种单一产品,苹果一词在它的官方含义中就是代表;计算机;。You just look at your Apple product, a little bit more than you would look at something else. You dont sit there with you remote control at home and just like ogle it and sort of just mentally feel it up. But you do with Apple products and you did with the iPod.看看你的苹果产品,肯定会稍微比别的东西不一样。你无需坐在那里用家里的遥控器控制,只要感觉,感受,感触它即可。只要你用过苹果产品,以后就会坚定不移的一直使用下去。词语解释:1. traditional a. 传统的2. folk a. 民间的,民俗的3. industry n. 工业,产业162922Political Experts Say Obama Faces Major Challenges奥巴马新政府将面临重大外交挑战 The celebration of Barack Obama's election to the US presidency has died down and now the president-elect and his team begin to face the many choices that confront them as they prepare to assume office in January. Political experts and foreign policy analysts say the new president will face some difficult challenges right from the start. 奥巴马当选美国总统的各种庆祝活动已经平息。现在,这位新总统和他的团队为明年1月入主白宫作准备的同时,也开始面临许多的选择。政治专家和对外政策分析人士说,新总统上任伊始将面临诸多艰难挑战。One of the most obvious problems for President-elect Obama is that he will enter office facing problems left over by outgoing President George Bush. Those problems include a financial crisis, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the prospect of Iran developing a nuclear weapon and a number of other situations all of which demand immediate attention. 当选总统奥巴马面临的一个最明显问题之一就是即将离任的布什总统留下的种种问题。这些问题包括金融危机、伊拉克和阿富汗战争、伊朗可能在研制核武器的问题以及其他需要马上应对的一系列问题。Rice University Political Science professor Earl Black, co-author of the book Divided America, says new presidents have often had to deal with the problems left behind by their predecessor."He will face the situation, for example, that faced Ronald Reagan when he became the Republican president in January, 1981," said Earl Black. "He will have inherited all the problems associated with the previous administration." “例如他将面临里根总统1981年1月作为共和党总统上台时所面临的问题。他将继承前任政府遗留下的所有问题。”Black says another problem for President-elect Obama may be the high expectations he has raised among the people who supported him. 布莱克说,新总统奥巴马面临的另一个问题可能是他使持者对他的期望太高。"Since a lot of Obama's message emphasized hope and change and, to a large degree he was somewhat general about those, he has attracted, obviously, millions of supporters not all of whom probably agree on what change they want and what hopes they are hoping to be satisfied," he said. “因为奥巴马的很多信息都强调希望和变革。他的许诺在很大程度上有些宽泛。很明显,他吸引了上千万的持者,但这些人在希望什么样的变革,以及希望实现哪些目标方面,并不一定都持相同意见。”Some of the biggest and most frightful challenges facing the new president will be in foreign affairs. Peter Zeihan, Vice President of Analysis for Stratfor, a Texas-based private intelligence and analysis company, says all presidents entering the White House find their options are limited. But, he says, President Obama will have some special problems to address. 新总统面临的一些最大,也是最难以处理的挑战来自外交事务。德克萨斯一家私营情报分析公司(Stratfor)副总裁彼德.泽汗说,所有入主白宫的新总统都会发现,其实,他们的选择有限。但是,泽汗说,奥巴马需要解决一些特别的问题。"First, you have Iraq," he said. "He has promised his supporters that he will pull out as soon and as quickly as possible. However, unless he wants to turn around and re-deploy and go to war with Iran a year or two later, he has to be careful in how he does that. There needs to be some sort of agreement with Iran over the future of Iraq. Barring that, if you just have a naked pullout, there is really absolutely nothing that would stop the Iranians from taking over, whether directly or indirectly." “首先是伊拉克问题。他向持者承诺将尽快从速从伊拉克撤军。不过,除非他改变立场,并进行重新部署,在一两年后与伊朗打一场仗,否则,他必须小心从事。在伊拉克问题上,他需要与伊朗达成某种协议。如若不然,仅仅是纯粹地撤离,绝对不可能阻止伊朗人占领伊拉克,不管是通过直接的,还是间接的方式。”Such a move by Iran, Zeihan says, would endanger the Persian Gulf oil supplies and force a US response. Zeihan says the situation in Afghanistan and the refuge Taliban fighters have in nearby Pakistan will also challenge President Obama. 泽汗说,一旦伊朗采取这样的举措,就将危及波斯湾的石油供应,迫使美国不得不对此作出回应。泽汗说,阿富汗局势以及躲藏在邻国巴基斯坦的塔利班残余势力同样对奥巴马构成挑战。"The way that Obama has outlined that he will make a difference in this conflict is by tapping Europeans and calling on NATO allies to do more," he said. "Well, as the Bush administration has discovered, much to its chagrin, the Europeans don't have the forces in the first place to deploy, second, are not willing, as a general rule, to deploy them in combat situations and third, because of the global finance crisis, most of them are pulling their forces home from Afghanistan." 他说:“奥巴马提出的规划是,他在处理这个冲突上会有所不同,那就是,他会召集欧洲人,呼吁北约盟友采取更多的行动。但是,正如布什政府已经发现的,令他们十分苦恼的是,第一,欧洲人没有部队可以部署;第二,欧洲人一般不愿意把他们的部队部署在战斗地区;第三,受全球金融危机的影响,欧洲大多数国家都在把自己的军队从阿富汗撤军。”Zeihan says the new US president would risk provoking conflict with Pakistan if he sends US forces across the border from Afghanistan to pursue the Taliban and Al Qaeda. 泽汗说,如果新总统派遣美国部队越过阿富汗边境进入巴基斯坦,追剿塔利班和基地分子,有可能引发与巴基斯坦的冲突。He says the third security problem the Obama administration will face internationally is the increasing boldness of Russia, which is aggressively countering US attempts to expand NATO in eastern Europe. Zeihan says these are just some of the challenges for the new president. 泽汗说,奥巴马政府面临的第三个安全问题是,俄罗斯在国际上变得越来越无所顾忌。美国试图把北约扩大到东欧地区的计划,遭到俄罗斯的强势对抗。泽汗说,这些只是新总统面临的部分问题。"These are just the three security challenges, all of which, honestly, are more than enough to keep any president busy independently," said Zeihan. "All three together-Whew! I do not envy Obama. I would not have envied McCain, either." “这些仅仅是三个安全问题而已。老实说,这其中的任何一个问题就足以让新总统忙得团团转了。如果三个问题一起出现,怎么办!我不羡慕奥巴马。即使是麦凯恩,我也不会羡慕他。”Zeihan says US options will be limited in the years ahead because the country is over extended militarily and financially. 泽汗表示,由于美国近年来在军事和财政上的过度出,美国的选择其实有限。200811/55348湘南学院附属医院看泌尿科怎么样Meeting in emergency session Saturday, the 15-member Peace and Security Council expressed concern at ongoing developments in Tunisia, and urged an end to all acts of violence. 非盟和平与安全理事会15个成员国的代表星期六举行紧急会议,对突尼斯目前的事态发展表示关注,并敦促结束一切暴力行为。AU Peace and Security Director el-Ghassim Wane says the Council indicated its satisfaction with news that Tunisia's Constitutional Court had named the national assembly speaker as interim leader pending elections.理事会主席韦恩说,安理会对突尼斯宪法法院任命国会议长在选举前担任国家临时领导人的决定表示满意。"Yesterday the prime minister announced he was taking charge of the situation on the basis of Article 56," said Wane. "We just learned that the Constitutional Court has decided that they should rather follow Article 57, and we believe, at least the interpretation of counsel is that so far the Tunisians have been acting within the framework of their constitution."他说:“突尼斯总理昨天宣布,根据宪法第56条,他接管了领导责任,处理当前局势。我们刚刚得知,宪法法院决定他们要遵循宪法第57条。我们相信,至少法律顾问的理解是,突尼斯人至今为止是在宪法的框架内行事。”In cases where a leader is ousted without elections, the Peace and Security Council often suspends the country's AU membership. But Wane said in this case, President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali's ouster was considered legitimate, and no action would be taken.在一个国家的领导人未经选举就被罢免的情况下,和平与安全理事会一般会暂停这个国家的非盟成员国身份。但是,韦恩说,就突尼斯的情况而言,推翻本·阿里总统被认为是合法的,所以不需要采取任何行动。"No effect, in the sense that the transition was done in accordance with the constitution," added Wane. "The speaker of the national assembly was designated to lead the transition, and that is in line with the relevant provisions of the constitution of Tunisia."他说:“目前的过渡是符合宪法规定的,所以从这个意义上而言,不会产生任何影响。突尼斯国会议长被指定为过渡期的领导人,这与突尼斯宪法的有关条款是一致的。”201101/123745郴州前列腺炎手术治疗费用

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