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She's a Hollywood actress with her own career and millions in the bank. But when it comes to love, it seems Blake Lively prefers the old-fashioned approached. The Gossip Girl star is rumoured to have turned to cult dating manual 'The Rules' to hook Leonardo di Caprio. Not calling him, making him jealous and acting 'busy', are just some of the commandments in the bestselling book by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider, published in 1995, that Blake reportedly heeded to win the Inception actor over.   据报道,好莱坞英俊小生·莱奥纳多在电影《逍遥法外》中的片酬已经超过“剪刀手”约翰尼·德普,成为“好莱坞最吸金男星”,而作为莱奥纳多的新女友,同样是在美剧《绯闻女孩》中一炮而红的演员布莱克在5月份成功搭上这个“摇钱树”后想尽各种方法挽留住男友,招数可谓一样接一样。然而这位表面看起来光鲜照人的女星却在使用约会中最最传统、最最老套的方法企图“拴住”她的这位“人见人爱”的男友,除了自曝新闻莱奥纳多之母不喜欢自己、还曝出两人分手的传闻,这些看似“欲擒故纵”的把戏在她与莱奥纳多的恋爱过程中玩转自如,貌似取得了良好的效果,这不,由Ellen Fein和Sherrie Schneider出版的《约会宝典》(The Rules)中详细分析了绯闻女孩拴住莱奥纳多的秘诀。   A friend of Blake's told Now Magazine: ‘Blake loves dating book The Rules and has been following it to the letter. 'She knew Leo could have any girl he wanted and she figured she had to stand out from the crowd.' The blonde 23-year-old even made sure Leo officially broke up with supermodel girlfriend Bar Refaeli before dating him. The source said: ‘Blake told him he had to break up with Bar before she'd even go on a date with him, so he did. 'She's making him work for it - and he's fallen hard for her.'   布莱克的一位闺蜜告诉杂志,她说:“布莱克十分喜爱《约会宝典》这本书,她一有时间就仔细阅读,她知道她男友的万人迷特性,就是因为如此,她希望从众多女孩中脱颖而出,最终捕获男友的芳心。就在莱奥纳多与相恋多年的以色列女友分手后,布莱克还一再确定自己的男友有没有从旧恋情中走出来。”以下是《约会宝典》中的几条约会守则,供大家分享。   TOP TEN RULES TO B A MAN   1.Be a creature unlike any other   时时刻刻展现出与众不同的特质   2.Possess a sense of confidence and radiance that permeates your being from head to toe   从头到脚都要展现出自己的自信,记住了,自信是由内而外散发的 /201108/148660

Is Your Job Keeping You Single?   是工作让你单身吗?   U.S. government data reveals that up to 44% of the U.S. workforceis single -- and it may be because of work. Here are four reasons why your job might be keeping you single and what to do about it.   美国政府公布的数据显示有接近44%的职场人士是单身,而单身的原因很有可能是工作。以下列举了工作可能造成单身的四点原因以及应对措施: /201001/95857

Enter some men’s wear departments these days, and you could be forgiven for thinking Christmas has come early. Velvet jackets, the stuff of end-of-year-dinners and festive get-togethers, festoon the rails even before the inevitable racks of tinsel, cards and wrapping paper have appeared in stores。  随便走进几家男装店,恍然感觉圣诞已然到来。这也不怪你,通常岁末年终赴宴以及节庆欢聚时才穿的天鹅绒夹克已经琳琅满目地摆满了货架,甚至比亮箔、卡片和包装纸年复一年的上架时间还要早。  The current crop of velvet jackets, however, has a rather more casual feel, more blazer in style rather than resembling something pulled from the black tie or evening wear section. Designers from Giorgio Armani to Dolce amp;Gabbana and Gucci have taken this luxurious, louche fabric and brought it squarely in to the daylight。  但是,当前这批天鹅绒夹克更具休闲与运动风格,而非随意模仿半正式礼和晚装款式。从乔治·阿玛尼(Giorgio Armani)到杜嘉班纳(Dolce amp;Gabbana)以及古姿(Gucci),设计师们都认可了这种原本属于公子哥穿的奢侈面料,并让它堂而皇之地登堂入室。   Case in point: her predecessor at Gucci, Tom Ford, a man at home in a glossy velvet jacket, whose current eponymous men’s wear campaign features actor Nicholas Hoult (who appeared in the film Ford directed, A Single Man) in a zingy midnight blue velvet blazer complete with jaunty playboy cravat, a pair of sultry shades, and a flock of psychotic ravens perched on his shoulders for effect. Available in eight colours, from emerald green to ruby red, ebony and aubergine, Ford’s blazers are cut from fine Italian velvet (the “daytime” version – yes, there is a “daytime” version – retails for a cool ?2,370, the evening version for ?2,290)。  举个例子:汤姆·福特(Tom Ford)是贾娜妮之前的前任古姿创意总监,在家喜欢穿亮光色天鹅绒夹克,他目前举行了以其名字命名的男装推介会,主打款以男演员尼古拉斯·霍尔特(Nicholas Hoult,曾出演福特导演的影片《单身男子》(A Single Man))为偶像,穿的是活力四射的午夜款蓝色天鹅绒运动夹克,配以时髦的牛仔围巾,佩戴一副让人想入非非的遮阳镜,模特肩上还蹲了几只“精神不正常”的乌鸦以增加视觉效果。福特设计的运动夹克(哦,本系列还有“日款”,零售价卖到了让人咂舌的2370欧元,晚装款零售价则为2290欧元)由上等意大利天鹅绒面料裁剪而成,共有8种颜色的款式面市,从翠绿、宝石红、乌黑到紫红色不等。 /201012/120009

In the quest for youthful beauty, no treatment is too outlandish. From the use of wild ingredients like bird poo and human placenta to plastic surgery for the nether regions, look back at some of the craziest lengths1 people went to for beauty in the ’00s。  为了追求青春美丽,什么方法都称不上太古怪。从使用鸟屎和人的胎盘等怪异的成分到为阴部做整形手术,让我们来回顾一下人们在21世纪头十年为追求美丽所采用的一些最疯狂的方法。  为了寻求美丽,人们可以将任何东西涂在脸上   1.Is that poo on your face?   你脸上敷的是屎吗?  Exotic facials were one way to turn back the hands of time, to help uncover that baby face hidden under the wrinkles and acne. But desperate times did indeed call for desperate measures. From human placenta and snail secretion to bird poo, people were y to put anything and everything on their faces in the name of beauty。  奇特的面部护理是返老还童、有助于展现隐藏在皱纹和痤疮下幼嫩肌肤的一个方法,但对自己这张脸绝望时你的确会采取一些极端的方法。从人的胎盘和蜗牛分泌物到鸟屎,为了寻求美丽,人们随时准备好将任何东西涂在脸上。 /201007/109714

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