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  生活大爆炸 The Big Bang Theory

跳槽者如何开口说辞职 --5 :7:36 来源: How Many Ways Can You Say Goodbye to a Job?  有多少种方式可以和当前工作说“拜拜”?  As talk of a thaw in hiring freezes rises above a whisper, many people are aly planning to look a new position when the job market picks up.  随着关于招聘市场解冻的传言渐起,许多人都琢磨着要在就业市场回暖时找份新工作  Some 60% of workers say intend to leave their jobs when the economy approves, according to a survey by Right Management, a talent and careermanagement consulting firm in Philadelphia. It might be tempting to give the boss an earful if you land a new job in the coming months. But the way you quit can have a long term impact on your career. How to resign on good terms:  在接受费城职业管理咨询公司Right Management调查的美国雇员中,约有六成的人说希望在经济好转后辞去现有工作假如未来几个月你能找到下家,那么在临别前你可能颇有那么点想向老板甩上几句狠话不过,你离职的方式有可能给你的职业生涯带来长期影响以下是几种恰当的职场“分手”礼仪:  Be prepared. 有备而来  Review your employee handbook or employment contract bee announcing your decision, so you know what company policy is regarding resignations, severance, the return of company property and pay unused vacation time. Also, find out the company's reference policy to see what inmation will be disclosed to a prospective employer. If you have another job lined up, be sure to have your offer in writing bee you resign.  在宣布离职决定之前,看看自己的员工手册或劳动合同,这样你会了解公司在辞职、解约、返还公司财物以及未休假补薪等方面有什么政策此外,阅读一下公司的参考政策条例,了解你的哪些信息将可能披露给未来的雇主如果你已经找到了新的工作,确保在递交辞呈之前已是聘书在手  Use it or lose it. 休还是不休?  If you haven't used vacation time and will lose it if you quit, you might want to use your time bee leaving or link it to your resignation date. States like Calinia consider accrued vacation time to be part of wages and must be paid upon resignation or termination says employment attorney Michael J. Goldfarb, president of Northridge Calif.based Holman HR. But if you don't want to burn any bridges, don't take vacation and announce your departure just after you return.  如果你还有假期未休,而且在辞职后也将清零的话,你或许想要在离职前把它们休完或基于它考虑自己的离职日期加州北岭职业顾问公司Holman HR总裁、雇佣法律师迈克尔戈德法尔(Michael J. Goldfarb)说,在加州等州,应计休假时间是薪资计算的组成部分,雇主必须在离职或解约之前把这笔钱付给雇员不过,如果你要是想给自己留条后路,就不要休了假然后回来就马上宣布辞职  Make an appointment. 与老板约谈  'Be mal and make an appointment with your boss,' recommends Tanya Maslach, a San Diego, Calif., career expert who specializes in relationship management issues. 'Prepare what you want to say. Be direct and engaging and be transparent,' Ms. Maslach says. She also recommends offering to help make the transition easier; ask your boss how you can best do that. After the discussion, put your resignation in a hardcopy letter that includes your last day and any transitional help you've offered. Keep a copy. Two weeks advance notice is still standard but experts recommend offering more time if you've worked at the company more than five years. You also need to be prepared to leave right away some companies require it.  主攻管理关系问题的职业顾问泰娅?马斯拉奇(Tanya Maslach)建议,辞职也要郑重其事,并和老板约谈一下她说,准备好自己要说的话,要直接、诚恳和明了她建议辞职者主动提出帮助进行工作交接,问问老板自己怎样做才好在讨论之后,向你的老板提交一封仔细措辞的辞职信,标明你具体的离职时间以及你在交接过程中可以提供怎样的帮助自己保留一份复印件通行做法是留出两周的离职通知时间,但是专家建议,如果你在一家公司供职五年以上,你应该为老东家留出更多的交接时间你也要做好立即离职的准备,有的公司有此要求  Don't take the stapler. 顺手牵羊使不得  'It's not worth it,' says Mr. Goldfarb. 'If there are security cameras or coworkers with a grudge, stealing from the company doesn't look good.' In some cases, you could also end up getting billed the missing equipment or even taken to court, he says.  戈德法尔说,千万别顺走订书机之类的小东西,那样不值得他说,如果公司装有安全摄像头,或你的同事对你有意见,那么你这种在公司小偷小摸的行为会让自己很难看在某些情况下,你可能要为丢失的物件埋单,甚至会被告上法庭  Scrub your digital footprint. 抹去你的电子足迹  Clear your browser cache, remove passwords to Web sites you use from work, such as your personal email or online bank and delete any personal files on your work computer that aren't relevant to work. Don't delete anything work related if you're required to keep it.  清空你的浏览器缓存,删去你在办公室登入个人邮箱或网上帐户时输入的密码,并删除你电脑上任何与工作无关的个人文件如果公司要求你保留一些工作文件的话,那么不要删掉它们  Be honest but remain positive. 诚实,但要保持正面姿态  Be helpful during the exit interview but keep responses simple and professional. Don't use the session to lay blame or rant about the workplace. 'Whatever you do, don't confess about how much you disliked working there,' says Ms. Maslach. 'If you want to leave a helpful bit of advice or opinion, consider offering your expertise to your soontobe exboss . . . offer to be available to them advice when they get in a rut.'  在离职面谈中要表示愿意为公司提供帮助,但你的回答应力求简单而专业不要在这个时候抱怨或斥责现在的这份工作马斯拉奇说,你无论如何都不要明说自己有多么讨厌这份工作她说,如果你想留下一些有用的建议或看法,就把它们告诉即将成为你前老板的人吧……告诉他们如果以后在工作中想听到建议的话,自己愿意伸出援手  Stay close. 保持密切联系  Consider joining an employee alumni association, which often serves as a networking group mer employees. It can be a good way to keep up with changes in the company and industry and find leads to new jobs down the road. Keep in touch with coworkers you worked closely with; they may end up in management roles.  考虑加入前雇员组成的小团体,建立一个联络平台这是紧跟公司和行业变化的好办法,而且你还能并从中发现可能的工作机会和你的前同事保持联系,因为他们日后有可能跻身管理层

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