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漂塘钨矿职工医院几点上班石城医院开展无痛人流吗When he was a student in linguistics and English at the University of California, Berkeley, David Peterson worked on a secret language for two months. It was called “Megdevi”. This was an amalgam of both his own name and Megan, his girlfriend at the time. Once satisfied with his new words and grammar rules, he presented it to her. It was his grand romantic gesture: a private language they could use to communicate only with each other.戴维#8226;彼得森(David Peterson)在美国加州大学伯克利分校(University of California, Berkeley)学习语言学和英文时,花两个月时间发明了一种秘密语言,给它取名为“梅戴语”(Megdevi)——这是大卫和他当时的女友梅甘(Megan)名字的结合体。待新词和语法规则令他满意后,他将成果展示给女友。这是他送出的一份非常浪漫的爱情大礼:一种只在他俩之间使用的私密语言。“We didn’t use it”, the 33-year-old admits today, 15 years later. While Megan appreciated the effort, she did not want to learn the language. “It was far too much work.” Now married to someone else, he is more agitated about the technical shortcomings of Megdevi, describing it as “an abomination”. He laments: “It tried to be a bunch of different things at once and ended up being nothing.”不过15年后,33岁的彼得森承认:“我们没用过它。”梅甘虽然赞赏了他的努力,但并不想学习这门语言。“太费力了。”如今,已娶别人为妻的彼得森对“梅戴语”的技术缺陷更为心烦,称之“令人讨厌”。他叹道:“它想一次实现许多个目标,结果落得一无是处。”Back then he was under the illusion he was the first person to create a language just for himself. “I thought I’d cornered the market and there would be demand for invented languages.” Later, when he searched the internet, he saw there were legions of people just like him, picking holes in grammar rules and admiring the poetry of their new lexicons in chat rooms around the world.当时,他还以为自己是头一个为自己创造一门语言的人。“我以为自己会垄断市场,人们对新语言的发明会有需求。”后来,他在网上搜索后发现,世界上有许多像他这样的人,他们在聊天室里给语法规则挑毛病,欣赏用自己新发明的词汇写成的诗歌。The invention of new languages has a rich history. Some have a political purpose such as Esperanto, created in the 19th century to foster peace, or the feminist Láadan, created in 1982. Another, Toki Pona, uses positive words to engender positive thinking.新语言的发明史丰富多。一些语言带有政治目的,例如,发明于19世纪的世界语(Esperanto)是为了促进和平,发明于1982年的拉丹语(Láadan)带有女权主义色。还有一种道本语(Toki Pona),这种语言使用积极词汇,以鼓励积极思维。Today Mr Peterson is a professional “conlanger” – the name that those who construct languages give to themselves. What transformed his hobby into a trade was the growing desire by television and film producers to infuse science fiction and fantasy dramas with authenticity, including completely fabricated and naturalistic languages. Fans scrutinise the languages, sharing inconsistencies on Twitter and discussion forums.如今,彼得森是职业的“语言设计师”(conlanger)——那些自造语言的人以此相称。他的爱好缘何变成职业?这是因为科幻和奇幻类影视剧制片商越来越追求在剧中营造一种真实感,包括创造完全虚构的自然主义语言。影迷剧迷们对这些语言的研究细致入微,还在Twitter和论坛上分享剧中语言的破绽。Mr Peterson’s big break was Game of Thrones, the lavish HBO drama, which next month starts its fourth season.彼得森的重大突破是《权力的游戏》(Game of Thrones)。这部HBO的豪华大剧下月将开播第4季。In 2008, after completing a masters in linguistics and teaching English at a community college, Mr Peterson found himself unemployed. He entered a competition set by the Game of Thrones producers for members of the Language Creation Society, a group he had co-founded, to promote, discuss and deconstruct invented languages.2008年,在修完语言学硕士学位、并在一所社区学院教授了一段时间的英语之后,彼得森失业了。他参加了《权力的游戏》制片商面向“语言创造协会”(Language Creation Society)会员设立的一场竞赛。彼得森是协会的联合创始人之一,协会宗旨是推广、讨论和解构人造语言。The group was invited to devise a language – Dothraki – for the show. He won both rounds – the first, judged by his peers, the second by the television executives. It changed his working life.协会受邀为电视剧设计一门语言——多斯拉克语(Dothraki)。他在两轮比赛中均告胜出——第一轮是会员评审,第二轮是电视制片方评审。这改变了他的职业道路。Unlike previous languages he had worked on, Dothraki had some basics aly in place. George RR Martin, author of the five volumes of A Song of Ice and Fire, the fantasy saga on which the TV series is based, had created some words aly. By analysing these, he fleshed it out to create a “naturalistic” language, reflecting the feudal pseudo-Mongolian society’s preoccupations. There are, for example, seven different words in Dothraki for striking with a sword. These include: “hlizi#64257;kh”, a wild but powerful strike; and “kolverikh”, a straight sword thrust.与他之前设计的语言不同,多斯拉克语已经具备了一些基本成分。电视剧根据魔幻传奇小说《冰与火之歌》(A Song of Ice and Fire)五部曲改编,小说作者乔治#8226;马丁(George RR Martin)已经创造了一些单词。彼得森对单词进行了分析,为它们添枝加叶,创造出了一门“自然主义”语言,并反映出那个虚构的蒙古封建社会更关注哪些方面。例如,在多斯拉克语中,有7个单词可以形容使剑的动作,比如,“hlizifikh”指偏离目标但相当有力的一击,“kolverikh”形容笔直的一刺。While Mr Martin has insisted he did not pay attention to linguistic rules, Mr Peterson believes the author has a “natural language affinity”. Typically, he says, fantasy writers “do a terrible job”. Their languages are inconsistent and merely bastardised English.虽然马丁坚称自己并未刻意关注语言学规则,但彼得森认为他很有“创造语言的天赋”。彼得森表示,魔幻作家创造的语言通常“是一团糟”,不仅漏洞百出,而且往往只不过是换了个样子的英语。By the start of the first season, Mr Peterson had created 1,700 words and now has added another 2,000. He has set a goal of 10,000, though he has become derailed by working on other science fiction and fantasy projects.到第一季开始播出时,彼得森已经发明了1700个单词,如今又新创了2000个单词。他将目标设在1万个,但眼下其他科幻和魔幻方面的项目开始分散他的精力。He records every line that he writes in Dothraki so that actors can learn how to pronounce the words. Actors do a pretty good job, he says, although when he sees the final product he often cringes (mistakes are made, he says, by editors and directors who do not have an ear for his language and might choose a clip best left on the cutting floor).他将自己写下的每一句多斯拉克语台词都录了下来,以便演员学习发音。他说,演员们学得不错,但剪辑好的最终成品常常让他感到非常无奈(他说,错误都出在剪辑师和导演那里,他们听不懂多斯拉克语,往往把本应该剪掉的片段留下。)Originally Mr Peterson’s goal had been to become an English teacher in high school. While an undergraduate at Berkeley, Mr Peterson, who is half-Mexican and speaks Spanish, studied different languages for fun: basic Arabic, a term of Russian. At his mother’s suggestion he learnt linguistics, which sparked his interest in language creation.彼得森最初的目标是当一名高中英文教师。在伯克利念本科时,有一半墨西哥血统、会说西班牙语的彼得森出于兴趣学习过不同语言。他学过一点阿拉伯文,还学了一学期的俄文。在母亲的建议下,他开始学习语言学,这激发了他对创造语言的兴趣。Once he started he realised there was no chance he would ever stop. “It’s addictive,” he says. He has always had tunnel vision when it comes to his personal passions. When he was very young it was drawing, then writing, until he became focused on languages.他发现自己的研究一发不可收拾。他表示:“这会让人上瘾。”他对自己的兴趣一向非常投入。小时候他迷过绘画,然后是写作,最后,他的兴趣集中到了语言学上。The work satisfies the mathematical side of his brain, he says, by trying to “solve the problem of communication”. But it is also artistic. “Filling out a lexicon means filling out the back story. It is not purely mechanical.”他表示,尝试“解决沟通的问题”,满足了他头脑中的数学一面。但这一工作也具有艺术性。“填写一个词语,意味着填写一段历史。这不是纯粹机械的工作。”The transformational moment for conlangers was Klingon. Marc Okrand, a linguist, was hired to create a language for Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (Klingons had largely spoken English in the original Star Trek television series), which was released in 1984.语言设计师的转折点是克林贡语(Klingon)。语言学家马克#8226;奥克兰德(Marc Okrand)受聘为1984年上映的《星际迷航3:石破天惊》(Star Trek III: The Search for Spock)创造一门新语言(在《星际迷航》原版电视剧中,克林贡人主要说英语)。Later came James Cameron’s science fiction extravaganza, Avatar. For that the director hired Paul Frommer, a linguistics expert from the University of Southern California, to create the Na’vi language spoken by a 10-foot-tall alien tribe.之后是詹姆斯#8226;卡梅隆(James Cameron)的科幻巨制《阿凡达》(Avatar)。卡梅隆聘请了美国南加州大学(University of Southern California)的语言学专家保罗#8226;弗罗默(Paul Frommer),为片中10英尺高的外星人——纳威人(Na#39;vi)——创造一门纳威语。Professor Frommer’s modus operandi includes determining the sound of the language (deciding which sounds are included and pronunciation rules); the morphology (word-building rules); and the syntax (rules for combining words into phrases and sentences). It was also important to plan how the Na’vi culture would be reflected in the language.弗罗默教授的工作方法包括,确定该语言的发音(决定取用哪些音素,以及确定发音规则)、词形(构词法)以及句法(如何将词语组合为短语和句子)。在语言设计中将该语言对纳威文化的反映考虑进入,这也是很重要的一点。Good language creators, Prof Frommer says, have a deep understanding of linguistic principles; knowledge of a wide variety of languages; sensitivity to the interplay between language, culture and environment; imagination and a clear idea of purpose – how and why will the language be used. Without a goal, Mr Peterson says, a language is “a jumble, with choices made seemingly at random”.弗罗默表示,优秀的语言设计师熟谙语言学规则,通晓多门语言,注意语言、文化、环境的相互作用,想象力丰富,并且目标清晰,即对这门语言的使用方式以及目的心中有数。彼得森表示,没有目的性的语言将“乱七八糟,好像随意拼凑起来的一样”。Science fiction and fantasy films inspire fierce devotion. Some fans have tattoos using the writing system Mr Peterson created for the sci-fi TV series Defiance. “That blows my mind,” he says.科幻和魔幻电影引发了狂热的追随。有的影迷在纹身时使用了彼得森为科幻电视剧《抗争》(Defiance)创造的语言文字。“这让我很激动,”彼得森说。Video games should be a rich source of work yet developers care more about the artwork and gaming than linguistic consistency, he says. However, he makes an exception for one game in development, which he declines to name.彼得森表示,本应是语言设计师大显身手的舞台,但开发商更关注艺术效果和游戏体验,而不是语言的严密性。他表示有一款正在开发的游戏是个例外,不过他不愿透露游戏名称。Professional linguists can be rather sniffy about conlangers, although Prof Frommer insists conlangs “can serve as laboratories to test ideas about language”. Mr Peterson, who believes linguistic construction should be taught at school, sees television’s use of conlangs as educational. “People are coming to linguistics because they are interested in my work.”专业的语言学家可能会瞧不起语言设计师,但弗罗默教授坚持认为人造语言“可以作为测试语言理念的实验室”。彼得森认为学校应该教授构建语言的学问,在他看来,电视节目对人造语言的使用起到了教育作用。“人们因为对我的工作感兴趣,开始接触语言学。” /201403/280691瑞金市医院体检多少钱 Beware first-class travellers! Passengers sitting in the rear of a plane have the best chance of survival in the event of a crash, an extraordinary and costly aviation experiment ever conducted has revealed.[qh]头等舱的乘客要当心了!一项耗资巨大的特别飞行试验揭示,在坠机事故中生还机会最大的是坐在飞机尾部的乘客。[qh]In a unique aviation experiment recently, the 170-seat Boeing 727 was made to crash in a controlled manner in a remote part of Mexico`s Sonoran Desert.[qh]在近日开展的一项独特的飞行试验中,一架有170个座位的波音727飞机被控坠落在墨西哥索诺拉沙漠的一个偏远地带。[qh]After pilot James Slocum parachuted out of the plane at 2,500ft, the jet was guided into the ground by a pilot in a following Cessna via a remote-control device, the reporters reported.[qh]据报道,在飞行员詹姆斯#8226;索罗克姆于2500英尺高空跳伞离开飞机后,后面跟着的赛斯纳飞机上的一名飞行员用遥控设备操纵飞机向地面降落。[qh]On board the jet were three sophisticated crash-test dummies designed to move like humans.[qh]试验飞机上有三具精密的坠机测试专用人偶,这些假人的四肢可以像真人一样移动。[qh]They were arranged in three positions: one in the classic brace and wearing a seat-belt; one belted but not in the brace position; and one neither belted nor in the brace.[qh]它们以三种姿势摆放:一个人偶用标准方式系紧安全带,一个人偶扣上安全带但没系牢,还有一个人偶完全没有系安全带。[qh]After the jet hit the ground nose-first, experts found that the dummy in the brace position would have survived the impact, the one not in the brace would have suffered serious head injuries, and the dummy not wearing a seat-belt would have perished.[qh]在飞机以头朝地的形式坠落到地面后,专家发现,安全带系得很紧的人偶会逃过坠机这一劫,松松地系着安全带的人偶头部会严重受伤,没有系安全带的人偶会毁掉。[qh]Using this, experts predicted that 78 percent of passengers on board would have survived the impact, but that coming down nose-first, all the first-class travellers would have died because the front of the fuselage sheared off.[qh]根据这一试验结果,专家预测,78%的飞机乘客会生还,但因为飞机是头朝下落地,所以所有头等舱的乘客都会死亡,因为机身前端被削掉了。[qh]Those sitting at the back would have had the best chance of survival.[qh]那些坐在飞机尾部的乘客生还机会最大。[qh]The 1 million pound project, to be screened on Channel 4 next month, aimed to recreate a serious but survivable incident and allow scientists to study the crashworthiness of the aircraft`s frame and cabin, as well as the impact on the human body.[qh]这一耗资100万英镑的试验项目将于下个月在第四频道播放。该项目的目的是通过再现一场严重但有生还机会的坠机事故,让科学家研究飞机机架和机舱的耐撞性能,以及坠机对人体的影响。[qh]It is also hoped that the findings may help increase the chances of passengers surviving such a crash in the future.[qh]研究人员还希望这些研究结果能有助于提高未来这样的坠机事故中乘客的生还几率。[qh]The Boeing was packed with dozens of cameras to record the impact from the inside. Footage was also collected on the ground, in chase planes, and even from the ejecting pilot`s helmet.[qh]这架波音飞机上安装了几十个摄像机,从飞机内部来记录坠机影响力。地面上、跟踪的飞机、甚至跳伞飞行员的头盔内也安装了摄像头来采集视频。[qh] /201209/201137Google Inc executives Larry Page and Eric Schmidt and filmmaker James Cameron are among those bankrolling a venture to survey and eventually extract precious metals and rare minerals from asteroids that orbit near Earth, the company said on Tuesday.行星资源集团本周二公布了一项到近地小行星进行勘探,并最终开采贵重金属和稀有矿产的计划。谷歌公司高管拉里#8226;佩奇和埃里克#8226;施密特、以及著名导演詹姆斯-卡梅隆等人都加入了这项风险投资。Planetary Resources, based in Bellevue, Washington, initially will focus on developing and selling extremely low-cost robotic spacecraft for surveying missions.这家公司的总部位于华盛顿贝尔维尤,最初将着眼于研发并出售价格极其低廉的机器人宇宙飞船,用于勘探调查任务。A demonstration mission in orbit around Earth is expected to be launched within two years, said company co-founders Peter Diamandis and Eric Anderson.该公司联合创始人彼得-迪曼蒂斯和埃里克-安德森说,行星资源集团预计两年内在近地轨道开展首次示范任务。Planetary Resources#39; aim is to open deep-space exploration to private industry, much like the million Ansari X Prize competition, which Diamandis created.该公司的目标是在私人企业中开展外层空间勘测业务,就如同迪曼蒂斯发起的奖金高达一千万美元的安萨里X-Prize大奖赛。Planetary Resources#39; first customers are likely to be science agencies, such as NASA, as well as private research institutes.该公司的首位客户很可能是科学机构,比如美国宇航局,以及私人研究机构。Within five to 10 years, however, the company expects to progress from selling observation platforms in orbit around Earth to prospecting services. It plans to tap some of the thousands of asteroids that pass relatively close to Earth and extract their raw materials.但该公司计划在10年内将业务从出售近地轨道观测平台发展到探矿务,并计划开发数万颗近地小行星中的一部分,开采其中的稀有矿藏。Not all missions would return precious metals and minerals to Earth. In addition to mining for platinum and other precious metals, the company plans to tap asteroids#39; water to supply orbiting fuel depots, which could be used by NASA and others for robotic and human space missions.并非所有的任务都会带贵重金属和矿产回地球。除了开采白金和其它贵重金属外,该公司还计划开采小行星中的水资源,来供应轨道燃料补给站,美国宇航局和其它机构都可以利用这些补给站进行机器人进行的和载人的航天任务。;We have a long view. We#39;re not expecting this company to be an overnight financial home run. This is going to take time,; Anderson said.安德森说:“我们目光长远。我们并不期待公司能一夜暴富。这需要时间。”Planetary Resources declined to discuss specifics about how and when asteroid mining would begin. A 30-meter long (98-foot) asteroid can hold as much as billion to billion worth of platinum at today#39;s prices, Diamandis said.该公司拒绝讨论有关小行星采矿如何开展、以及何时开展等细节问题。迪曼蒂斯说,按如今的价格计算,一个直径30米(98英寸)的小行星可能含有最多价值250亿美元至500亿美元的白金。The company#39;s first step is to develop technologies to cut the cost of deep-space robotic probes to one-tenth to one-hundredth the cost of current space missions, which run hundreds of millions of dollars, Diamandis said.他还表示,该公司的第一步计划是研发能够削减外层机器人探测费用的技术,将费用削减至目前高达数亿美元的航空任务成本的1/10至1/100。 /201204/179815赣州开发区医院有人在那做过人流吗

江西省宁都县固村医院治疗不孕不育好吗Apple certainly seems committed to the idea that bigger is better.苹果(Apple)似乎决定将“越大越好”的理念贯彻到底。The tech giant reportedly plans to introduce a larger version of its iPad early next year. That’s according to a Bloomberg report, which cites anonymous sources saying that a new iPad measuring 12.9 inches diagonally is set to go into production in the first quarter of 2015.据报道,这家科技巨头计划在明年年初推出更大尺寸的iPad。彭社(Bloomberg)引用匿名人士的消息称, 一款12.9英寸的新iPad(对角线尺寸),预计将在2015年第一季度投产。Apple’s current iPads come with 7.9-inch or 9.7-inch displays. New versions in those sizes are expected to be unveiled early next month at a much-hyped, but as yet unconfirmed Apple event, according to a recent report.苹果当前的iPad屏幕尺寸分别为7.9英寸及9.7英寸两款。最近有报道称,预计将在下个月初召开的苹果发布会上,这两种尺寸iPad 都将推出新款。不过虽然坊间大肆炒作,但苹果官方至今仍未传出这场发布会的确切消息。The company is also expected to use the occasion to premiere its iPhone 6, including a model with a bigger 5.5- inch screen. Currently iPhone 5s models have a 4.9-inch screen.外界预测,苹果将在此次发布会上推出iPhone 6手机,包括配备5.5英寸屏幕的大尺寸型号。目前的iPhone 5S的屏幕尺寸为4.9英寸。Rumors of a larger iPad called the “iPad Pro” emerged last summer, but MacRumorslater reported that the company had put those plans on hold.在去年夏天曾经有传言称,苹果将推出名为“iPad Pro”的大尺寸iPad,但MacRumors论坛后来报道称苹果公司暂停了该计划。 /201409/326312大余县人民医院环境 When critics of Samsung see the Korean technology mega-corporation turn out yet another huge, impressively sharp screen for a new phone or tablet computer, it makes them see red.当韩国三星集团(Samsung)推出一款针对智能手机和平板电脑的全新屏幕时,许多批评人士都觉得这款屏幕有些发红。Well, not red, actually—more like a super-saturated, unrealistically bright version of red.也许用“发红”来形容并不确切——其实它更接近一种饱和得有些不真实的亮红色。Samsung is the near-undisputed king of OLED, or organic light-emitting diode, display technology. It has been using its dominant position in that market as a source of stability as it enters an increasingly untenable situation: eroding sales on both ends of the phone price spectrum. On the low end where profit margins are thin, Samsung has been under attack by local manufacturers such as Xiaomi, which have been willing to sacrifice profit for the sake of market share. On the high end where margins are better, rivals such as Apple’s iPhone have proved to be fiercely competitive. Every company in the business hopes that large sales volumes will make their big bets pay off in the end; the question is what will prompt consumers to buy one glassy device over another.三星是OLED领域几乎无可争辩的王者。OLED的全称是有机发光二极管。近年来,随着三星在高端和低端手机市场受到了越来越大的挑战,该公司开始利用自己在OLED市场的霸权稳固。在利润较低的低端市场上,愿意牺牲利润换取市场份额的当地厂商,比如小米(Xiaomi),着实给三星造成了不小的冲击;而在利润相对较高的高端市场上,以苹果(Apple)iPhone为代表的竞争对手又给三星带来了极大的压力。每家企业都希望自家的设备销量好,问题是大家的产品大同小异,是什么刺激消费者买这一款,不买那一款呢?Samsung hopes that display technology will be one of those things as its rivals use less flashy but more trusted screen technology.三星希望它的显示技术能够成为刺激购买欲望的因素之一,因为它的竞争对手们使用的都是不那么鲜艳,但更受信赖的屏幕技术。Apple’s iPhones and iPads and roughly two-thirds of all smartphones have LCD, or liquid-crystal display, screens. LCDs essentially twist and untwist liquid crystals to allow a certain amount of light through each red, green, or blue sub-pixel, the term for the components that make up each individual pixel in a display. The technology is well-known and well-worn, but it comes with a major downside: liquid crystals provide no light of their own. The necessary backlight that accompanies such displays is a substantial draw on battery life; taken together with the crystals and other necessary technology, such displays make the resulting screen thicker and more rigid.苹果的iPhone、iPad以及大约三分之二的其他智能手机均使用LCD屏幕,即液晶显示屏。LCD显示屏通过扭转液晶来使一定量的光线穿过每个红、绿或蓝像素。这一技术很知名,也很成熟,但它也有一个比较大的缺点:液晶自己是不发光的,液晶背后的发光板会显著影响电池寿命。另外算上液晶屏本身和其它必要技术配件的厚度,LCD屏通常要更厚、更硬一些。Most of Samsung’s modern devices have AMOLED (as in “active-matrix organic light-emitting diode”) displays. The technology involves passing a current through tiny, thin films of organic material (red, green, or blue), which cause them to throw off colored light. AMOLED screens generate their own light, so they do not need a backlight. Even better, when the pixels are not needed, they are actually “off,” saving device power and allowing blacks to be deeper and truer than with LCDs. Manufacturing and material improvements have made AMOLED displays thinner, extremely pixel-dense, occasionally curved, and able to display a huge range of colors.目前三星的大多数设备采用的是AMOLED屏幕(又叫主动矩阵有机发光二极管)。这种技术使电流通过一些有机材料薄膜(红绿蓝色)来发出有色光。由于AMOLED显示屏自身可以发光,它不需要背光板。更妙的是,当不需要某些像素发光时,它们会被“关闭”掉,从而节省电力,而且AMOLED显示屏上的黑色也要比LCD显示屏更深、更纯。随着工艺和材料的进步,如今的AMOLED显示屏已经造得比以往更薄、像素密度极高,有的甚至还能弯曲,而且它的色域也非常广。Most importantly, these manufacturing improvements come largely from one single maker: Samsung Display, a division of Samsung Electronics. “There may be a couple of other players, technically, but, really, these displays come from Samsung,” says Vinita Jakhanwal, senior director of analyst firm IHS. “There is no other OLED or AMOLED maker making displays for mobile phones or tablets.”最重要的是,这些工艺进步很大程度上来自同一个制造商,即三星电子集团旗下的三星显示公司(Samsung Display)。IHS公司高级总监维尼塔o贾克汉瓦表示:“可能还有其他几家公司涉及这项技术领域,但这些显示屏实际上都来自三星,除此以外,市场上再没有其他厂家为手机或平板电脑生产OLED或AMOLED显示屏了。”Samsung certainly wants to talk about its display technology. In a promotion for its Galaxy Tab S tablet this summer, women purchase salad bowls, dresses, and shoes online, only to sigh in deep exasperation when a different shade of blue-green, yellow, or shale comes out of the box. The Galaxy Tab S, the voice-over claims, displays the “professional RGB standard” and each pixel is a “living pixel, capable of producing a variety of color combinations.” The message: Samsung’s screens are organic, different, and simply better at colors.三星当然乐于谈谈它的显示技术。在今年夏天发布的一段Galaxy Tab S平板电脑推广视频中,一位女士在网上购买了沙拉碗、裙子和高跟鞋,等快递到了,却发现实物的颜色跟网站上的图片颜色偏差很大,不由得唉声叹气。这时旁白说道,三星Galaxy Tab S平板电脑可以展示“专业的RGB标准”,每个像素“都是一个活的像素,能够创造一系列色组合。”潜台词就是说,三星的屏幕是有机的,是不一样的,在色显示上做得更好。In reality, this is the opposite of what many industry pundits claim. The colors displayed on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S, according to Dieter Bohn, an editor for the tech-lifestyle website The Verge, “still tend to look over-saturated to my eyes,” though he added that “Samsung has toned things down considerably from years past.” In an otherwise positive review of a newer Galaxy S5 smartphone model, Anandtech, a computer hardware site, made note of “minor issues with excessive green in the color balance.” In essence, people seem to agree that the colors of AMOLED displays are more vivid. Whether or not those colors are natural or accurate based on what the eye would see in real life is another matter entirely.然而在现实中,许多行业权威反馈的情况却恰恰相反。科技生活网站The Verge的编辑迪特尔o波恩表示,Galaxy Tab S的显示屏颜色“在我看来仍然有过于饱和的倾向”,不过他补充道:“但和前几年相比,三星还是显著改善了失真的情况。”硬件网站Anandtech在一篇对Galaxy S5总体还算比较正面的评测中指出,这部手机在“色平衡上还存在稍微偏绿的小问题”。实际上,用户似乎也认同AMOLED显示屏的颜色要更加生动。至于这些颜色在实际生活中怎么样,是否还像显示屏里那样自然或饱满,那就是另一回事了。Samsung may be sensitive to accusations of color problems because one of its main rivals is on record about it. Apple CEO Tim Cook told a Goldman Sachs investors’ conference in February 2013 that “the color saturation is awful” on OLED displays. He added: “If you ever buy anything online and you want to really know what the color is . . . you should really think twice before you depend on the color of the OLED display.”三星可能对色饱和度问题很敏感,因为一位主要竞争对手曾经公开抨击过这个问题。苹果公司CEO蒂姆o库克曾于2013年2月在高盛(Goldman Sachs)投资人大会上指出,OLED屏幕的“颜色饱和度太糟糕了”。他还称:“如果你想在网上买东西,而且你想知道它是什么颜色……在你根据OLED屏幕上的颜色做决定前,最好再慎重考虑一遍。”Part of the issue has to do with a seeming strength of AMOLED technology. It can create a wider range of colors than other display technologies. While the colors of most images are limited to fit inside the 18-year-old sRGB color gamut, AMOLED screens can technically reach far beyond that range, and Samsung often lets them. Some Samsung devices offer a display-correcting “mode”— “Professional Photo” is one—but for the most part, Samsung allows colors to run bolder and more saturated, especially in the red part of the visible spectrum.AMOLED之所以会被揪住这根辫子,部分原因恰恰和它一个看似优势的因素有关。AMOLED技术的色域比其它显示技术更宽。目前大多图像的颜色还限制在已经有18年历史的RGB标准里,但是AMOLED在技术上可以远远超越这个色域,而且三星也经常允许它“超纲发挥”。三星的有些设备提供了颜色校正模式。但大多数情况下,三星允许显示屏的颜色更加醒目和饱满,尤其是在可见光谱的红色部分。“The colors look really off to me, but it’s up to you whether you like this effect or not,” says Erica Griffin, an in-depth device reviewer, in her take on Samsung’s Galaxy S5. “I know Samsung is heading for an effect that’s eye-catching, to get people’s attention . . . For some people, that looks pretty, and for others it’s just an eyesore.”在评测完Galaxy S5手机后,视频设备评测师埃里卡o格里芬表示:“这些颜色在我看来很不舒,但是你喜不喜欢这种效果则取决于你自己。我明白三星在追求一种吸引眼球的效果,以吸引人们的注意力……对于有些人,它看起来是挺漂亮的,但在另一些人看来却觉得很难受。”It’s also a look that may change as you use your device. The organic materials used to make blues in OLED displays wear out far more quickly than the reds or greens. As they start to wear out, the overall balance of color shifts. Samsung and other device makers often try to correct for this—for example, by making blue sub-pixels twice as large—but it remains an unsolved issue.此外,在你使用设备的过程中,这种色的感觉可能还会有所变化。OLED显示屏用来发蓝色光的有机材料衰减得很快,远远超过红色或绿色。一旦它开始衰减,总体的颜色平衡就会产生变化。三星和其它设备厂商也想了一些办法解决这个问题,比如把蓝色像素的尺寸增加一倍,但目前这个问题仍然没有彻底解决。A Samsung spokesperson pointed to the company’s latest displays, dubbed Quad-HD Super AMOLED, as having “an immersive viewing experience with a high contrast ratio and a wider color range” than the competition. The Galaxy Tab S featured in the aforementioned ad has a dedicated chip in it that can stabilize colors. At its most basic setting, tech site Anandtech says it mostly has the desired effect.一位三星发言人表示,三星最新推出的Quad-HD Super AMOLED屏幕具有“沉浸式观赏体验、很高的对比度,而且有比竞争对手更广的色域”。前文提到的Galaxy Tab S平板电脑内置了一块用于稳定颜色的专用芯片。科技网站Anandtech表示,在最基本的设置上,它基本达到了预期效果。Colors are important on mobile devices for one overarching reason: managed expectations. Knowing that Twitter uses a sky blue color for its logo, it can be jarring for users and marketers alike to see a version with a tinge of green. LCD display technology certainly is not standing still—displays are becoming thinner, brighter, and even more high-definition. But IHS’s Jakhanwal notes that it is more than just colors, battery life, or thinness that gets a device into buyers’ hands.显示屏的颜色显示对于移动设备是非常重要的,尤其是它必须要满足用户的预期。我们都知道Twitter的Logo是天蓝色的,如果用户和营销人员发现自己手上的设备显示的Logo带点绿色,非抓狂不可。LCD显示屏当然也并非毫无进步,如今的LCD屏幕也变得更薄、更明亮,分辨率也变得更高。不过IHS公司的贾克汉瓦指出,消费者选择一款移动设备时,看重的并不只是色、电池寿命或厚度。“The winners are going to be the device that has not just superior display technology, but superior overall performance,” she says. “Nobody is really going to feel good that, ‘Now I have the brightest tablet,’ or ‘Now my colors are more real.’ It’s a combination of features that make the display and the device.” Which may be good reason for Samsung and its market-moving AMOLED research teams more time to move its displays out of the red.她表示:“这个行业的胜者不仅要有很好的显示技术,还要有很好的总体性能。没有人真的会因为‘我用的是最亮的平板电脑’或者‘我的颜色更真实’而感觉良好。最终造就一款显示屏和设备的,是一系列功能的组合。”这可能解释了为什么三星及其AMOLED研究团队还需要更多时间来解决屏幕发红问题。 /201411/343048会昌医院网上预约

漂塘钨矿职工医院妇科预约From a patent Apple filed in 2011.苹果2011年申请的一项专利。Led by Peter Burrows, a veteran tech reporter with more than two decades under his belt, Bloomberg has taken a second crack at the Apple (AAPL) iWatch story that the New York Times and Wall Street Journal broke three weeks ago.彼得巴罗斯是一位有着二十多年从业经验的资深科技记者。在他带领下,彭公司(Bloomberg)在三周前的《纽约时报》(New York Times)和《华尔街日报》(Wall Street Journal)对苹果公司(Apple)iWatch所做报道的基础上,再次对此进行了深入挖掘。Bloomberg#39;s contribution that first week was a report, sourced by two people ;familiar with the company#39;s plans,; that Apple had 100 product designers working on a wristwatch-like device that could perform some of the tasks now handled by the iPhone and iPad.根据两位“熟悉苹果公司计划”的知情人士透露的线索,彭在第一周发表了一篇报道。报道称,苹果调用了100位产品设计师,正在开发一款腕表式的设备,能执行一些目前由iPhone和iPad完成的任务。Monday#39;s piece offers an analysis of the smart watch business that makes it look considerably more attractive than the prevailing view on the Internet -- which is that nobody wears a watch anymore except as a fashion statement.星期一的这篇报道分析了智能手表行业。互联网上有一种普遍观点:现在没人戴手表了,除非是把它当成一种时尚表达。相比之下,这篇文章的看法非常独特。Among the points the Bloomberg story makes:彭这篇报道的主要观点如下:Watches are a big business. The global watch industry will generate billion in sales in 2013.手表是个大产业。2013年全球手表业销售额将达600亿美元。Watches are a profitable business. Gross margins on watches are about 60%, right in Apple#39;s comfort zone.手表业利润丰厚。手表的毛利率大概是60%,对苹果来说正中下怀。Watches are a more attractive business than TVs. The margin on watches is about four times bigger than for televisions.手表产业比电视产业更有吸引力。手表的利润率大概是电视的四倍。Apple is interested in watches. The company has taken out 79 patents with the word ;wrist; in them, including one for a device with a flexible screen that#39;s powered by kinetic energy.苹果对手表很感兴趣。苹果公司已取得79项含有“手腕”这个词的专利,包括一款带有折叠屏、动能驱动的设备。Jony Ive is particularly interested. Apple#39;s chief designer owns many high-end models and in the mid-2000s had a team visit Nike and bring home boxes of one of their sports watches.乔纳森艾夫尤其感兴趣。身为苹果的首席设计师,他拥有众多高端手表。2000年中,他率队造访了耐克公司(Nike),带回来耐克的一款运动手表,数量多达好几箱。The timing is right. A 2003 Microsoft-Fossil smart phone partnership fizzled, but customers are more accustomed today to using mobile apps in their everyday lives.恰逢良机。2003年,微软(Microsoft)和时尚品牌Fossil在智能手机上的合作流产了。但时至今日,用户比以往更习惯在生活中使用手机应用。Among the features under consideration, according to one of Bloomberg#39;s sources, is making phone calls, seeing the identity of incoming callers, checking map coordinates, counting steps (with a built-in pedometer) and monitoring health-related data, such as heart rates.据彭社的一位知情人士透露,苹果这款手表正在开发的性能包括:打电话、查看来电人身份、查看地图坐标、计算步数(用内置步数器)、以及监控心率等健康信息。Assuming a 10% market share of a billion market with a 60% gross margin, Bloomberg estimates that Apple could see revenues of up to .6 billion with a successful smart watch. Morgan Stanley#39;s Katy Huberty did a similar exercise and came up with incremental revenue to Apple of to billion a year, assuming 20% of Apple#39;s existing customers bought one every two years. See her spsheet below.如果苹果能在这个总额高达600亿美元的大市场中获得10%的份额,而且毛利率达到60%,彭预测,苹果能够在这款智能手表身上拿到的营收将高达36亿美元。而根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)的凯蒂休伯蒂做了类似预估,同时提出,苹果每年因此获得的增量营收为100亿到150亿美元,这个预测假定苹果现有客户中,20%的人每两年会买一个。请看她的图解。 /201303/228661 When Edward Steichen took his iconic photograph of the Flatiron Building in New York in 1904, the structure itself was only two years old, one of the tallest in the city and the very epitome of modernity. So it seemed the perfect challenge for the identical-twin artists Ryan and Trevor Oakes earlier this summer, a sidelight to the retrospective of their work I curated at the Museum of Mathematics, just up the road at 11 East 26th Street, open daily through Sept. 14. The brothers, who have been engaged in a deep colloquy on the nature of bifocal vision since toddlerhood, have recently developed one of the most intriguing breakthroughs in the depiction of physical reality since the Renaissance: They have come up with a method for tracing camera-obscura-exact renderings of the world before them onto a concave grid with no other optical equipment (no lenses, no pinholes) except their own unaided eyes. Lawrence Weschler爱德华·斯泰肯(Edward Steichen)1904年拍摄他的标志性作品——纽约熨斗大厦时,那座大厦刚建成两年,是纽约最高的建筑之一,也是现代性的象征之作。所以今年夏初,它成了双胞胎艺术家赖安和特雷弗·奥克斯(Ryan and Trevor Oakes)的绝佳挑战,也是给我在熨斗大厦北边不远处东26街11号数学物馆(Museum of Mathematics)给他们策划的作品回顾展造势,该展览每日开放,直至9月14日。两兄弟小时就曾对双焦视觉的本质进行过深刻讨论,最近他们设计出了自文艺复兴以来在描绘物理现实方面最有趣的突破:他们想出一种方法,能以针孔相机般的精准把他们面前的世界绘制到一个凹形网格上,不借助任何光学设备(不用镜头,也不用针孔),仅凭他们自己的眼睛。First recorded mention of principles behind pinhole camera obscura: Mozi, Chinese philosopher (470-390 B.C.)首个提到针孔相机原理的人:中国哲学家墨子(公元前470年至公元前390年)First description and analysis of such a camera obscura: Ibn al-Haytham (Alhazan), Arab mathematician (965-1040 A.D.)首个描述和分析这样的针孔相机的人:阿拉伯数学家伊本·海赛姆(Ibn al-Haytham,965年至1040年)European perfection and promulgation of camera obscura, with lenses: Giambattista della Porta’s “Magia Naturalis” (1558-1589)欧洲人对带镜头的针孔相机的完善和普及:詹巴蒂斯塔·黛拉·波尔塔(Giambattista della Porta)的《自然魔术》(Magia Naturalis, 1558-1589) /201409/331765石城县人民医院如何赣州石城医院无痛人流要多少钱



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