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  Time magazine has named German Chancellor Angela Merkel its 2015 ;Person of the Year,; noting her leadership during the Syrian refugee crisis, the Greek economic bailout, currency turmoil in the European Union, and Russia’s intervention in Ukraine.时代周刊将德国总理默克尔选为2015年的“年度人物”,指出她在叙利亚难民危机、希腊经济救助计划、欧盟货币动荡以及俄罗斯干预乌克兰问题上起到了领导作用。The magazine said Merkel “stepped inevery time Europe faced a serious crisis.时代周刊说,欧洲每次面临严重危机,默克尔都会“挺身而出”。It said while much of the world is debating the balance between safety and freedom, Merkel is asking Germany and the rest of the world to believe that great civilizations build bridges, not walls. She says wars are won both on and off the battlefield.时代周刊说,世界上大多数人都在讨论如果在安全与自由之间寻找平衡的同时,默克尔却要求德国和世界其他地区相信,伟大的文明要构筑桥梁,而不是设置围墙。默克尔说,战争不光是在战场,也是在战场外赢得的。Time editor Nancy Gibbs wrote Wednesday, ”Leaders are tested only when people dont want to follow;... and Merkel provides ;steadfast moral leadership in a world where it is in short supply.时代周刊编辑吉布斯星期三写道,“领导人只有在人民不想跟随的时候才会受到考验”,默克尔展现了“坚定的道义领导能力,这种能力如今在国际社会上十分欠缺。”Merkel became Germanys first female chancellor 10 years ago and one of the leading figures of the European Union.10年前,默克尔成为德国第一位女总理以及欧盟的重要领导人之一。来 /201512/415496



  Visitors from mainland China queue at a Hong Kong railway station on their way home with goods bought in the territory在香港一火车站排队的内地游客,他们带着在香港购买的商品准备返程From London’s trendy Shoreditch to a downtown revitalisation project in Las Vegas, pop-up shopping malls have become all the rage among urbanites keen to sample craft beer and buy designer sneakers.从伦敦时尚的肖迪奇区(Shoreditch),到的市中心改造项目,“临时性购物中心pop-up shopping malls)在都市人中间风靡一时,他们可以在此品尝手工精酿啤酒,购买出自设计师之手的运动鞋等等。But, in Hong Kong, plans for the first temporary mall are designed to assuage popular anger with visiting shoppers from mainland China derided by locals as “locustsrather than cater to the whims of hipsters.但在香港,兴建首座临时性购物中心的计划,却是为了缓解民众对从内地涌入的购物者——香港人讥称他们为“蝗虫”——的不满,而非为了迎合潮人们的兴致。As political tensions between Hong Kong and Beijing have risen, the semi-autonomous Chinese territory has seen a growing backlash against the thousands of “parallel traderswho come from the mainland every day in search of cheap baby milk, jewellery and other goods they can sell back home for a profit.随着香港和北京方面的政治紧张气氛升温,在这块半自治的中国领土上,民众对成千上万名每日往返香港内地之间的“水货客”日益反感。这些水货客从内地来到香港,四处寻找便宜的婴幼儿奶粉、珠宝以及其他各种商品,然后回到内地转手卖掉获利。Now two of Hong Kong’s biggest property developers have teamed up with lawmakers to turn a car park near the Chinese border into a mall made out of shipping containers that is meant to serve mainland visitors attracted by the city’s low-tax shopping.香港最大的房地产开发商中的两家,与多位立法会议员联手,计划通过改造港深边境附近的一座停车场,用货运集装箱建成购物中心,主要面向被香港较低购物税率吸引的内地游客。Wong Ting-kwong, one of the legislative council members promoting the project, said it would “reduce the nuisance brought by excessive mainland tourists and relieve the traffic inside the city倡导该项目的立法会议员之一黄定Wong Ting-kwong)称,这座购物城将“减少因内地游客过多而造成的问题、缓解市内的客流压力”。Mr Wong is a member of the main pro-Beijing political party in Hong Kong, which has frequently come under attack for failing to defend residentsinterests in the face of pressure from the central government in China.黄定光是香港主要亲北京政党的成员,该党经常被诟病在面对中央政府压力时未能维护本港居民利益。He hopes that the mall, which will be about the size of two football pitches, according to a recently submitted planning application, will open for business early next year.黄定光希望购物城于明年初开业。根据最近提交的规划申请,购物城面积约有两个足球场大。The land for the pop-up mall is jointly owned by Henderson Land and Sun Hung Kai Properties, which are controlled respectively by Hong Kong billionaires Lee Shau-kee and the Kwok brothers.购物城的建设用地为恒基兆业地Henderson Land)和新鸿基地产(Sun Hung Kai Properties)共同所有,两家公司分别由香港亿万富翁李兆基(Lee Shau-kee)和郭氏兄弟控股。SHKP said that if the plan was approved by the government, they would lease the land for a nominal HK (An Egyptian appeals court says ousted President Hosni Mubarak and his two sons will get a retrial in the embezzlement case that earned them multi-year sentences last year.埃及首都开罗一个上诉法庭星期二宣布,将重审被废黜总统穆巴拉克及其两个儿子被控挪用公款案。去年这三人被判多年监禁。The court in Cairo announced its decision Tuesday, a move that rolls back the only remaining conviction against Mr. Mubarak.法庭的这个决定推翻了穆巴拉克仅剩的一项罪名。Judicial sources say Mr. Mubarak, currently detained at a military hospital, could be freed at some point. But a security official told Egypts official MENA news agency that will not happen until the judiciary orders his release.司法界消息来源说,穆巴拉克目前被关在一所军队医院,可能在某个时候获释。但是一名安全官员告诉埃及官方的中东通讯社说,要等司法机关下令才能释放他。A lower court found the former Egyptian president and his two sons guilty in May, saying they embezzled about million in funds to be used to renovate presidential palaces.去年5月,一个下级法院判定穆巴拉克和他的两个儿子挪用了原本用于修缮总统府的大约1700万美元。The 86-year-old Mr. Mubarak has been serving a three-year sentence in a military hospital, while sons Alaa and Gamal were each given four-year terms.现年86岁的穆巴拉克在一家军队医院里刑三年,他的两个儿子阿拉和贾迈勒被判处四年监禁。The former president is also facing a retrial in another case involving the deaths of protesters during the 2011 uprising that ended his three decades in power.穆巴拉克还将011年抗议者死亡案再次受审。那次民众起义导致穆巴拉克三十年的统治终结。He was originally convicted in that case and sentenced to life in prison in 2012, but the verdict was later overturned, and a court dropped the charges in November.穆巴拉克2012年被判处有罪并被判处终身监禁,但法院后来推翻这一判决,法院去1月取消对他的指控。Prosecutors have appealed the dismissal.检方对这一决定提出上诉。来 /201501/355507.13) per square metre to a charitable foundation, which would run the pop-up mall on a non-profit basis for two years.新鸿基地产称,如果政府批准该规划,他们将以每平米1港元(合0.13美元)的象征性价格,将地块租给一个慈善基金会,后者将在非营利基础上运营购物中心两年。After that period, the developers expect to remove the shipping containers and start construction of a permanent mall on the same site.在那之后,开发商们预计将拆除集装箱,在原址开始建设永久性购物中心。The initiative has succeeded in grabbing the headlines in Hong Kong, but those who have organised protests against mainland shoppers are far from convinced it will solve their problem.边境购物城计划成功抢占了香港媒体的新闻头条位置,但那些组织反内地购物客抗议的人不相信这会解决他们的问题。Ray Wong, a member of HK Indigenous, a group that campaigns against mainland Chinese influence in Hong Kong, said that while the pop-up mall could alleviate some pressures, it could also disturb local residents if it generated too much traffic.“本土民主前线”是一个发起运动号召抑制内地人在港影响的组织。该组织成员黄台Ray Wong)称,尽管这座临时性购物中心或许可以纾解一些压力,但如果它带来太多客流,也会干扰当地居民的生活。“I think the root of the problem is that mainlanders don’t trust Chinese goods so they have to turn to Hong Kong for guaranteed quality,he said.“我认为问题的根源是内地人不信任中国货,所以他们不得不转向香港寻找质量有保障的产品,”他表示。来 /201508/393766Voters in Turkey are deciding Sunday whether President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will get another term, and possibly reform the constitution in a manner that might give him more power.土耳其星期天举行议会选举,投票结果将决定埃尔多安总统是否连任以及是否有可能改革宪法,扩大总统的权力。Sundays vote is considered one countrys tightest parliamentary elections in years. Despite a slump in the popularity of Mr. Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party, some voters and a pollster believe the party will not lose its power.星期天的议会选举被认为是多年来最紧张的一次。尽管埃尔多安的正义与发展党人气低迷,但一些选民和民意调查认为该党不会失去权力;Lately violence and breach of law, especially by Erdogan, caused a public reaction. I think thats the reason of the decrease and I think it could have been even lower but my guess is that people didnt think the opposition party was y to take the lead.;民调人员塔尔汗·埃德姆说,最近的暴力和违法行为,特别是埃尔多安的一些被视为违法的行为引起了公众反应,所以执政党持率下降,但是人们并不认为反对党具备领导能力。Voters from the Peoples Democratic Party, which represents Turkeys Kurdish minority, will be crucial in determining whether Mr. Erdogan’s AKP party gets the super-majority it seeks of the 550 seats in parliament.代表土耳其库尔德少数民族的人民民主党的投票是此次选举的关键。他们的投票将决定埃尔多安的政党能否获得议会550个席位的三分之二绝对多数。If successful, the AKP is expected to seek changes to the constitution to give the president more power.如果得到这样的超级多数,预计正义与发展党将寻求修改宪法,给总统更多权力;When we wake up Monday morning, I hope everyone will be happy and satisfied with the results of the election.;一位土耳其选民说,希望大家星期一醒来的时候对选举结果感到高兴和满意。Polls have indicated the AKP vote could be well below the almost 50 percent tally it reaped in the last elections in 2011. It may even need to form a coalition.最近的民调结果显示,正义与发展党这次的得票率可能大大低011年的0%的得票率。该党甚至可能不得不组成联合政府。来 /201506/379180U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has been ticketed for failing to clear the sidewalk outside his Boston home after a snow storm pummeled the northeastern ed States this week.美国国务卿克里因没有及时清扫波士顿自己住宅外面人行道上的积雪,收0美元的罚单。本星期,美国东北部地区遭到暴风雪侵袭。After a blizzard dumped 60 centimeters of snow on his city, Boston Mayor Martin Walsh vowed to crack down on anyone who left the sidewalks around their homes and businesses buried in snow.波士顿的降雪量达0厘米。波士顿市长沃尔什誓言,无论何人,只要不清扫住所周围人行道上的积雪,就要受到惩罚。On Thursday, officials tagged Kerry with a fine Thursday morning for failing to clear the snow from the side of his Beacon Hill mansion.星期四上午,克里灯塔山住宅一侧的积雪仍未清扫,于是有关官员开0美元罚单。Kerry was in Saudi Arabia attending the funeral of King Abdullah with President Barack Obama.当时克里在沙特阿拉伯,与奥巴马总统一道参加阿卜杜拉国王的葬礼。A spokesman for Kerry said the countrys top diplomat will promptly pay the fine.克里的发言人说,克里将马上缴付罚款。Snow shovelers hired by Kerry finished clearing the sidewalk late Thursday morning.星期四上午晚些时候,克里雇人清扫了积雪。来 /201502/357451

  The White House says it is not targeting French President Francois Hollandes communications and will not do so, after transparency website WikiLeaks released documents that it says shows the U.S. National Security Agency spied on him and his two predecessors.白宫表示,美国现在并未对法国总统奥朗德进行窃听,而且今后也不会这样做。此前维基揭秘网站声称,该网站公布的文件显示美国国家安全局对奥朗德及法国两位前任总统进行窃听。There was no immediate confirmation of the accuracy of the documents, which were released by WikiLeaks in collaboration with French daily newspaper Liberation and investigative website Mediapart.这些文件的真实性尚未得到实。维基揭秘与法国《解放报》以及网站Mediapart联合公布了有关文件。NSA spokesman Ned Price said the Obama administration does not conduct any foreign intelligence surveillance unless there is a ;specific and validated national security purpose,; a standard he said applied to both world leaders and ;ordinary citizens.;美国国家安全局发言人普赖斯说,奥巴马政府没有进行任何外国情报侦测活动,除非出于某项具体而切实的国家安全目的。他表示,这样的标准适用于世界领导人和“普通公民”。The spokesman did not address whether French presidential communications had been wiretapped in the past.普赖斯没有说明过去是否曾对法国总统进行窃听。A French presidential aide says Mr. Hollande is expected to meet Wednesday with his defense council to evaluate the information published by Wikileaks.法国总统的一名助手说,预计奥朗德星期三将同法国国防委员会对维基揭秘公布的文件进行评估。来 /201506/382561



  The US Navy on Tuesday launched an operation to send a warship to within 12 nautical miles of two man-made islands in the South China Sea. Here are six things to look out for as maritime tensions escalate.周二,美国海军展开了一次行动,将军舰派至南中国海两个人工岛附近12海里水域内。在海上紧张局势升级之际,有六点值得人们注意) The South China Sea is becoming increasingly militarised. In recent years, China has built five artificial islands in the South China Sea and is constructing at least three airfields that could handle military aircraft. In response to the Chinese military presence, the USS Lassen, an Arleigh Burke class destroyer, will sail close to two of those islands. Beijing, in turn, is likely to accuse the US of militarising the region.一、南中国海正变得日益军事化。最近几年,中国在南中国海修建了五座人工岛,并且正在上面建造至少三座可起降军用飞机的机场。作为对中国军事存在的回应,美国阿利伯克Arleigh Burke)驱逐舰拉森USS Lassen)驶近上述岛屿中的两座。接下来,北京方面很可能会指责美国将该地区军事化) It is about control of the seas, not about who owns the islands. The US is not sending a destroyer near the man-made islands to protest China’s sovereignty claims in the South China Sea the US insists it is neutral about the territorial disputes between China and five other countries. Instead, the US is trying to show that artificial islands do not give China control over the surrounding seas. Under international law, countries have jurisdiction over 12 nautical miles around genuine islands but not around man-made features.二、这次行动关乎的是对该海域的控制,而不是谁拥有这些岛屿。美国派驱逐舰迫近这些人工岛,不是为了抗议中国在南中国海的主权声索——美方坚称对中国与其他五国间的南中国海领土争端不持立场。实际上,美国是试图宣示,人工岛并不赋予中国对周边海域的控制权。依照国际法,各国对天然岛而非人工岛周2海里水域拥有管辖权) That means the details are important. The US Navy is sending the destroyer to Subi and Mischief reefs for a good reason according to experts in the US, both artificial islands are completely man-made. Fiery Cross reef, another of the new islands where China is building a military-capable airfield, did originally have some rocks above water, which could give it a slightly more ambiguous legal status.三、这意味着细节很重要。按照美国专家的说法,美国海军将驱逐舰派往渚碧Subi reef)和美济礁(Mischief reef)的理由很充分,这两个岛屿都是纯粹人工建造起来的。至于另一个新岛屿永暑礁(Fiery Cross Reef,中国正在上面修建可用于军事目的的机场),最初的形态中确有部分岩石在水面之上,这可能会令该岛的法律地位略微含糊一些) There is more to come. US officials say that the so-called “freedom of navigation operationis the start of a series of missions in the area. But future operations will also sail close to land features claimed by other countries, including the Philippines and Vietnam, to try to show that the US is not taking sides in the territorial disputes.四、接下来还会有行动。美国官员表示,所谓的“通航自由行动”是在该地区一系列任务的开端。不过,美国在未来的行动中还会驶近菲律宾和越南等其他国家声索的“地物land features),试图明美国并未在领土争端中选边站) China’s reaction. None of that is likely to appease Beijing, which has aly reacted angrily to the prospect of US naval missions near its new islands. Analysts think that the biggest risk a confrontation between US and Chinese vessels is unlikely at this stage. However, China could use the US move as a pretext to step up its military presence on the islands, putting in place more radar and other communications equipment and giving it greater capacity to monitor activity in the region.五、中国的反应。北京方面很可能不会心平气和地看待这一切,它之前对美国海军在其新修岛屿附近展开行动的可能性已经作出了愤怒的回应。分析人士认为,现阶段还不太可能出现美中军舰对峙这种最大的风险。不过,中国可能会把美国的举动当作一个借口,来扩大自身在这些岛屿的军事存在,安装更多的雷达和其他通信设备,从而获得更多监视该地区活动的能力) The regional response. By and large, the rest of the region will welcome the US move. Vietnam and the Philippines have been outraged in recent years by what they see as China’s power play in the South China Sea. More recently, Malaysia and even Indonesia have expressed concerns. The big long-term question is whether the US is able to use this anxiety to mobilise a coalition of nations in the region that can balance China’s growing power.六、该地区的反应。总体上看,该地区的其余国家会欢迎美国的举动。近几年来,越南和菲律宾对它们眼中中国在南中国海的高压攻势感到非常气愤。不久之前,马来西亚甚至印尼也表示过担忧。一个重要的长期问题在于,美国能否利用这种焦虑在该地区组织起一个国家联盟,以制衡中国不断增长的实力。来 /201510/406171



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