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意大利被盗油画从乌克兰寻回 价值达00万欧元 -- :37:36 来源:   意大利文化部长日表示,去年在维罗纳市一间物馆被偷走的包括鲁本斯和丁托列托杰作在内的共幅珍贵油画,价值达00万欧元,目前已在乌克兰寻回Paintings including masterpieces by Rubens and Tintoretto that were stolen from a Verona museum last year have been found in Ukraine, Italyrsquo;s culture minister said Wednesday.  意大利文化部长日表示,去年在维罗纳市一间物馆被偷走的包括鲁本斯和丁托列托的杰作在内的珍贵油画,目前已在乌克兰寻回  ;It is a great day,; the minister, Dario Franceschini, said in a statement.  意大利文化部长弗兰切斯基尼在一份声明中说,;这真是一个大喜的日子;  ;The artworks will soon be back in the Castelvecchio (museum) in Verona.;  ;这批艺术品很快会被送回维罗纳的卡斯特维奇奥物馆;  The recovery of the paintings, which had a combined estimated value of million euros ($ million) follows the arrest in March of suspected members or accomplices of a Moldovan gang which the Italian authorities believe carried out the h the heist in November .  这幅寻回的油画总价值估计达00万欧元(00万美元)意大利当局认为此盗窃案是一个尔多瓦团伙于去年月所为,名嫌疑人已于今年3月被捕  Franceschini thanked the Ukrainian authorities their help in tracing the artworks, which Italian media reported had been stolen a buyer based in Chechnya.  弗兰切斯基尼感谢乌克兰当局协助寻回这批油画据意大利媒体报道,该团伙是应车臣一个买家的要求盗取这批油画  Ukrainian President Petro Porochenko said the recovery of the paintings was a sign to the world that ;Ukraine is starting to effectively combat smuggling, including smuggling of artworks, but also to combat corruption.;  乌克兰总统Petro Porochenko表示,这些珍贵名画的发现是在向全世界发出一个信号;;;乌克兰正在开始有效地打击走私,不仅是艺术品走私,还包括打击腐败行为;  The thievesrsquo; haul included Portrait of a Lady by Peter Paul Rubens.  被盗作品还包括彼得.保罗.鲁本斯的一幅女士肖像画什么?漫威与DC的名角竟然都一样! -- :1: 来源:sohu 漫威与DC的粉丝一直为捍卫各自的英雄而战斗不止,可是如果你是超级粉丝,对比两大阵营,你会发现很多相似的人物呢 创作各种与众不同的人物来构造一个长达80年的虚构世界本来就是一个非常艰难的任务这些人物之间还存在着竞争关系,他们还要有各自新奇的想法那么创造这些人物就更加艰难了有时,你会有似曾相识的感觉,或是发现一些共同点有时,一些人物出奇地相似,甚至会让你感到吃惊 Creating unique characters over the course of almost 80 years to populate your fictional worlds is a difficult enough task on its own. But to create those characters with direct competition who are also trying to create new and interesting ideas is even harder! Sometimes you might get a little deja vu or notice some inspiration and borrowed elements. Other times, the characters are ridiculously similar to the point of raising some eyebrows. 1. 海王(《多趣漫画第73期191年月)纳(《电影连环画周刊第1期1939年月)Aquaman (More Fun Comics #73November 191) and Namor the Submariner (Motion Picture Funnies WeeklyApril 1939) 两者都是海底之国亚特兰蒂斯的皇室,能够在水下呼吸,海底之国亚特兰蒂斯的统治者他们都喜欢穿鱼鳞裤 The Royalty of the Lost City of Atlantis with the ability to breathe underwater and lord over their oceanic realms. They also both love fish scale pants. . 快银(《X战警第期196年3月)闪电侠(《闪电侠第1期190年1月)Quicksilver (The X-Men# March 196) and The Flash (Flash Comics #1January 190) 两者都是宇宙中速度最快的人虽然有本质上的区别,但总的来说都是“他跑得太太太太快了“ The fastest men alive of their respective universes – there are some nitty-gritty differences, but it all comes down to ;he runs really, really, ridiculously fast.; 3. 诺瓦军团(《神奇四侠第期1979年3月)绿灯军团(《全美漫画第期190年7月)The Nova Corps (Fantastic Four# March 1979) and The Green Lantern Corps (All-American Comics #July 190) 两者都负责系治安,同伴在临死前赐予了主人公超能力 An intergalactic police ce with super powers granted to the main character by a dying member they stumbled upon. . 自杀小队(《英勇与无畏第5期1959年9月)雷霆特工队(《无敌浩克第9期1997年1月)The Suicide Squad (The Brave and the Bold #5September 1959) and The Thunderbolts (The Incredible Hulk #9January 1997) 两者都是超级反派团队,因为体内被植入炸弹而执行任务,多年来整容发生彻底的改变 Teams of super villains being ced to do good, usually convinced via explosives implanted in them, and have had radically changing line-ups over the years. 5. 死侍(《新变种人第98期1991年月)丧钟(《新少年泰坦第期1980年月)Deadpool (New Mutants #98February 1991) and Deathstroke (New Teen Titans #December 1980) 这一对的人气都很高韦德;威尔逊(死侍)是参考另一个具有超能力,超再生能力的特种兵 斯莱德;威尔逊(丧钟)而得名死侍之前的装扮也和 斯莱德一样 This one's pretty blatant... Wade Wilson (Deadpool) was named as a reference to the other super-skilled, hyper-regenerative merc-master Slade Wilson (Deathstroke). Deadpool has even dressed up as Slade bee. 6. 美国队长(《美国队长第1期191年3月)守卫者(《星光灿烂第7期19年月)Captain America (Captain America Comics #1March 191) and The Guardian (Star-Spangled Comics #7April 19) 两者都是拿着盾牌、超级爱国、挑战不公、保护平民的英雄 Shield wielding, super-patriotic heroes who fight against injustice and defend the innocent. 7. 超人(《动作漫画第1期1938年月)角斗士(《神奇X战警第1期1977年月)Superman (Action Comics #1April 1938) and Gladiator (The Uncanny X-Men #1October 1977) 两者都是外星人英雄,具有超级力量、速度、反应、飞行、激光视力、霜冻呼吸,近乎无敌并且拥有罕见的石头 Alien heroes with super strength, speed, reflexes, flight, laser-heat vision, frost breath, and near invincibility except to a certain rare stone. 8. 猫女(《蝙蝠侠第1期190年)黑猫(《神奇蜘蛛侠第19期1979年7月)Catwoman (Batman #90) and Black Cat (The Amazing Spider-Man #19July 1979) 两者都是以猫为主题的窃贼,爱慕罪恶打击者,爱好鞭子和黑色紧身衣裤 Cat-themed cat burglars that are a potential love interest the lead crime fighter, with a penchant whips and black body suits. Subtle. 9. 绿箭(《多趣漫画第73期191年月)鹰眼(《悬疑故事第57期196年9月)Green Arrow (More Fun Comics #73November 191) and Hawkeye (Tales of Suspense #57 September 196) 两者都有不可思议的体格和特技,非常善于使用弓和所有具有创造性的箭更不必说他们的魅力以及左右逢缘已经达到超人类级别了 incredibly athletic and acrobatic, supremely good with a bow, and all sorts of creative arrow types. Not to mention charm and smarm that reaches nearly superhuman levels on its own. . 原子侠(《展台第期1961年月)蚁人(《惊异故事第7期196年1月)The Atom (Showcase #October 1961) and Ant-Man (Tales to Astonish #7January 196) 两者都是不可多得的天才发明家,发明了缩小物体的方法,发明了特殊的外衣装备使得他们能利用这种能力打击犯罪 An incredible genius and inventor discovers a way to shrink objects and decides to create a suit to allow him to use this ability to fight crime. . 黄蜂侠(《惊异故事第期1963年6月)黄蜂女(《少年泰坦第5期1976年月)Wasp (Tales to Astonish #June 1963) and Bumblebee (Teen Titans #5 December 1976) 女超人也有缩小的能力,具有飞行的能力,形象基于有螯针的昆虫 Superwomen also capable of shrinking to a tiny size, capable of flight and based off of a stinging insect. . 钢铁侠(《悬疑故事第39期1963年3月)蝙蝠侠(《侦探漫画第7期1939年5月)Iron Man (Tales of Suspense#39 March 1963) and Batman (Detective Comics #7May 1939) 两者都是超级富有的大公司继承人,发生了悲惨的事故,之后利用自己的财富创造了帮助他们打击犯罪的高科技装备 Ludicrously rich heirs to a super-corporation who have a tragic accident and thereafter use their riches to create technology that helps them fight crime. . 命运士(《多趣漫画第55期190年5月)奇异士(《奇异故事第1期 1963年7月)Doctor Fate (More Fun Comics #55May 190) and Doctor Strange (Strange Tales #1 July 1963) 两者都是士,具有非凡的神奇能力,获得了可以给他们无限力量的上古神器,打击宇宙中具有威胁性的魔法势力 Doctors with remarkable magical abilities and ancient trinkets that grant them increased abilities to fight against magical threats to their universe. . 靶眼(《超胆侠第1期1976年3月)死亡射手(《蝙蝠侠第59期1950年7月)Bullseye (Daredevil #1March 1976) and Deadshot (Batman #59JuneJuly 1950) 两者都是雇佣的杀手,对于从未任务失败感到自豪更巧的是,他们分别是雷霆特工队和自杀小队的成员 Hired assassins who are supremely accurate and pride themselves on never being able to miss. They are also, coincidentally, both members of the Thunderbolts and Suicide Squad respectively. . 达克赛德(《超人的好朋友第1期1971年月)灭霸(《钢铁侠第55期1973年月)Darkseid (ever People #1February 1971) and Thanos (Iron Man #55February 1973) 两者都是体型巨大且粗野的统治者,致力于统治和获得力量,是宇宙最大的威胁 Large, brutish rulers bent on conquering and gaining power, who are a massive threat to the universe as a whole. . 伸缩人(《闪电侠第1期1960年5月)神奇先生(《神奇四侠第1期1961年月)Elongating Man (The Flash #1in May 1960) and Mr. Fantastic (The Fantastic Four #1in November 1961) 两者都是超级天才,能够延伸并操纵自己的身体弹力强人阿姆斯特朗在他们面前脸都没处放 Super-geniuses who are able to stretch and manipulate their body. Stretch Armstrong has nothing on these guys.Cry那些你不知道的意思 -- ::50 来源:chinadaily Cry还有这么多意思!知道真相的我眼泪掉下来…… cry the moon 想要得不到的东西 Joe wants to get Lisa. It's like crying the moon. 乔想追到丽莎,简直是做梦呢 cry wolf 狼来了 Nothing's happenning here. You're just crying wolf. 啥事又没有,你就是在那咋呼 It's no use crying over spilt milk. 覆水难收 She's gone now and it's no use crying over spilt milk. 她已经离开你了,你哭也没用 crying out loud 搞什么名堂我的天啊 Will you stop babbling, crying out loud? 你能别胡说了吗,我的天啊! far cry 天壤之别; 长距离 Their lives are a far cry from his own poor childhood. 他们的生活与他那贫苦的童年生活相比大相径庭 full cry 猛烈抨击,大声疾呼 At the meeting, the parents were in full cry, demanding further government spending on schools. 会上家长们大声疾呼,要求政府增拨教育经费 cry it from the housetop 闹得满城风雨 Even if you have found the secret, there is no need to cry it from the housetop. 即使你知道了这个秘密,也没有必要闹得满城风雨

金曲奖林俊杰获歌王苏打绿包揽5奖 -- 1:50: 来源:chinadaily 6月5日,第7届金曲奖颁奖典礼在台北举行新加坡歌手林俊杰获得最佳华语男歌手奖,台湾歌手彭佳慧获得最佳华语女歌手奖 The 7th Golden Melody Awards has concluded with the awarding ceremony held in Taipei, Taiwan, on June 5th, . Singaporean singer JJ Lin won the Best Male Mandarin Singer and Julia Peng was awarded the Best Female Mandarin Singer. 苏打绿获得5个奖项,包括最佳专辑奖、最佳编曲人奖、最佳乐团奖、最佳专辑制作人奖,以及主唱吴青峰获得最佳作词人奖 Sodagreen picked five awards, including Best Mandarin Album, Best Musical Arranger, Best Band, Best Album Producer with Wu Tsing-Fong, the lead singer, winning Best Lyricist. 著名歌手莫文蔚、张惠、萧敬腾、蔡依林也出席了颁奖典礼 Famous stars such as Karen Mok, A-mei, Jam Hsiao, Jolin Tsai also attended the awarding ceremony.

女王的衣橱:白金汉宫展出女王装 --9 :: 来源:chinadaily Her bright suits and bold hats put the Duchess of Cambridge’s nude court shoes in the shade. The Queen may have turned 90, but there is little doubt she is still the ultimate style icon, as a new exhibition at Buckingham Palace from tomorrow reveals. 女王亮眼的套装和大胆出挑的帽子让凯特王妃那双裸色高跟鞋黯然失色女王已经九十,但毫无疑问她仍是永不过时的时尚偶像这一点可以在七月二十二日起在白金汉宫举办的一场女王装展览中展现出来Her Majesty wears jewel-coloured outfits to ensure she can be seen by her subjects - and even uses them as a tool of diplomacy. Who knew that she dresses to echo the flag of the country she is visiting so as to flatter her hosts, and sometimes even has their national emblem sewn into them.为了让她的国民能清楚地看到她,女王一直身穿宝石色的套装,甚至还将这些套装作为一种外交工具为了对接待她的国家表示友好,她会穿与那个国家国旗颜色一样的套装,甚至有时会将那个国家的国徽缝在衣上Fashioning A Reign: 90 Years Of Style From The Queen’s Wardrobe shows off almost 80 of her outfits and 6 of her iconic hats. Here, we take a look at a glorious selection... “造就一个朝代:女王衣橱时尚九十年”展示了近80套套装及6顶标志性的帽子接下来,我们来看看其中的几套精选装THE ONE-SHOULDERED DRESS 露肩礼Made from duchesse satin, lace, sequins, diamante and beads, this asymmetric crinoline-skirted gown of pale yellow and turquoise - made by Sir Norman Hartnell, her favourite couturier of the time - is a perfect example of the Queen’s Fifties fashions. 这件浅黄与宝绿色相衬的露肩膨鼓裙礼是诺曼?哈特内尔设计并完成的,用全丝硬缎、花边、珠片、镶钻、及绿松石制成哈特内尔是女王当时最欣赏的设计师这件礼是上世纪五十年代女王时尚最完美的代表Worn on a state visit to the Netherlands in 1958, it features a one-shouldered bodice, the line of which is continued by a gathered panel of satin across the skirt. 女王身穿此礼于1958年出访荷兰礼的特点是其露肩的连衣裙上身,全丝硬缎的镶片将肩部线条延续到整条裙子上The dress is appliqued with tape lace ming stylised floral motifs and is richly embroidered with heavy beading. 裙子上还饰有带有风格化的花朵图案的长条蕾丝并且镶满了珠子This, says the Royal Collection, is another perfect example of the Queen’s unique championing of British couture. 英国皇家收藏信托表示,这件礼也完美地展现了女王对英国女士时装的持THE INVESTITURE OUTFIT 授权仪式装An ensemble that bears all the hallmarks of Sixties fashion: the princess-line coat hides a tunic as well as an underdress. 这是一套具备了所有六十年代时尚特点的装:公主线外套遮盖住了女士短上衣和衬裙Made in a striking pale primrose yellow, the silk outfit also includes pearls, bugle beads and embroidery on the cuffs, collar and hem. 这件淡黄色的丝绸外套的袖口、衣领和下摆处缝有珍珠和玻璃小珠,并带有刺绣The most interesting thing about it, however, is the matching hat made by a favourite milliner of the time, Simone Mirman. 然而,最有趣的还数与之相配的帽子是由当时最受欢迎的女帽设计师西蒙娜?米尔曼制作的Her Majesty took inspiration from the medieval age, which suited the surroundings of Caernarvon Castle, where the Queen was investing her son and heir, Prince Charles, as Prince of Wales in July 1969. 她的灵感来源于中世纪1969年7月,女王在卡那封城堡授予她的儿子即继承人查尔斯王子以威尔士亲王的头衔她的灵感与卡那封城堡的环境很相配The section at the back of the hat represents a ‘caul’, a m of head-dress covering the hair and hung down over the neck. 帽子后面部分采用了“发网”这一形式,即一种覆盖头发并自然垂下至颈部的发饰‘The philosophy behind the design is that the Queen would largely be seen from behind as she placed the coronet on the prince’s head, so having good design from the back was just as important as the outfit looking successful from the front,’ says exhibition curator Caroline de Guitaut. 展览负责人卡罗琳?德?吉托说:“这样设计是因为当女王将小冠冕授予王子时,大部分时间大家只能看到她的背影,所以帽子从后面看起来好看和装从前面看起来完美一样重要” THE OFFICIAL PORTRAIT GOWN 官方肖像照礼With its crinoline-style skirt, nipped-in waist and sweetheart neckline, this gown - a highlight of the exhibition - is a perfect example of the Queen’s style in the Fifties. 这件有裙撑,腰部收紧,鸡心领的礼是此次展览最精的部分它是女王五十年代时尚的完美展示Made by Sir Norman Hartnell, the Queen wore it in 1956 a series of official portraits taken by Baron Studios. 在由男爵工作室于1956年拍摄的一系列官方肖像照中,女王就穿了这件哈特内尔设计的礼It was fashioned from oyster-coloured duchesse satin and gold lamé, embellished with diamante, pearls, sequins and beads in tones of gold and silver. 它用牡蛎色的全丝硬缎和金银锦缎制成,装饰了深浅不同的金银色镶钻、珍珠、亮片和小珠子‘This is about beauty, about the best of British, about elegance,’ says Caroline de Guitaut. ‘It is another superb example of British couture, which the Queen champions.’ 吉托认为“这件衣代表了美,代表了英国最好的一面,代表了优雅,是女王所持的英国女士装的又一优秀范例” GOWN FIT A HISTORIC VISIT 历史性访问场合礼Designed by Savile Row’s Hardy Amies, the Queen first wore this turquoise dress in 1965 when she became the first British head of state to visit Germany after World War II. It is made from organza silk, sequins, silver th, beads and pearls and was worn to an official state banquet. 萨维尔街的哈迪?埃米斯设计了这件礼1965年,女王出访德国时首次穿了这套蓝绿色的衣当时女王是首位二战后出访德国的英国首脑这件衣的材质有欧根纱、闪光装饰片、银线、珠子和珍珠女王穿着这件礼参加了国宴The ornate embroidery over the bodice was inspired by the Rococo interiors of the palaces at Schloss Bruhl, which Amies researched prior to the Queen’s visit. 礼上半身的华丽刺绣的灵感来源于德国布鲁尔城堡内部洛可可风格的室内设计埃米斯在女王出访前特意做了一番研究Her Majesty loved the dress so much so that (with her usual eye economy), she wore it again an official portrait by Cecil Beaton in the White Drawing Room at Buckingham Palace in 1968. 女王十分喜爱这件裙子,再加上她不铺张浪费的观念,1968年在白金汉宫白色会客厅由塞西尔?比顿帮她拍摄官方肖像照时,她再一次穿上了这件衣 THE QUEEN’S WEDDING DRESS 女王的结婚礼When commissioned to design Princess Elizabeth’s 197 wedding dress, Sir Norman Hartnell set out to produce ‘the most beautiful dress I had made so far’. His magnificent creation is in ivory silk, decorated with crystals and ,000 seed pearls. 当哈特内尔被任命设计197年伊丽莎白公主的结婚礼时,他就开始着手做这件“有史以来做过最漂亮的裙子”这件华丽的设计采用了乳白色的丝绸,并用水晶和一万粒珍珠点缀The accompanying shoes are tiny. Her shoe size has never been officially revealed, but is believed to be a two-and-a-half to three. 配套的鞋子很小女王的鞋码从未正式公布过,但一般认为是英码.5码-3码左右THE CORONATION DRESS 加冕仪式装The Queen’s 1953 Normal Hartnell-designed Coronation dress is regarded as a tour de ce of British design. 这件由哈特内尔设计,女王1953年登基加冕时所穿的礼被认为是英国设计的巅峰之作The duchesse satin gown, which took eight months to design and create, features national and Commonwealth floral emblems in gold and silver th, encrusted with seed pearls, sequins and crystals. It had to be reinced to support the weight of the embroidery. Unbeknown to the Queen, Hartnell added a four-leaf shamrock on the left of the skirt luck, and was delighted to see her hand brush it as she walked into Westminster Abbey. 这件全丝硬缎的礼花费了八个月的时间来设计并且制作,用金银丝线绣上了英国和英联邦的代表花朵,外面装饰有珍珠、亮片和水晶为了能够撑起外面这么多的装饰,哈特内尔还加固了这件衣女王不知情的情况下,哈特内尔在裙子左侧加了一株四叶草,以求幸运之神眷顾女王而且令他高兴的是,女王在走入威斯敏斯特教堂时,摆动的手拂过了这株幸运草‘The Queen wanted a dress that would stand up to the occasion - it was the first coronation fully televised - and the dress she chose was the eighth of nine he sketched. It is timeless,’ said exhibition curator Caroline de Guitaut. 吉托说:“女王想要一件能镇得住场面的礼,毕竟这是第一次全程直播的加冕仪式女王在哈特内尔的九张手稿中选择了第八件它是永恒的”THE QUEEN’S JUBILEE STYLE 周年庆典装One section of the exhibition is devoted to an example of the Queen’s style from each decade of her life - and this green Hartnell silk dress is typical of the Seventies. 展览有一部分是每十年女王穿衣风格的展示这件哈特内尔设计的绿色丝绸连衣裙是典型的七十年代风格Along with a matching silk and straw Simone Mirman hat, it was worn by Queen on several occasions during her Silver Jubilee tour in 1977, when she travelled the length and bth of the ed Kingdom bee heading overseas. 1977年迎来了女王的二十五周年纪念之旅在她出访海外前,她游遍了整个英国在这期间,她多次穿着这件衣,同时佩戴了米尔曼设计的丝绸草帽The soft silhouette, bow-tie neck and floral print silk are all hallmarks of Seventies design. 柔和的线条、蝶形领结、花朵图案的丝绸都是七十年代设计的标志‘There is a strong print, and the dress is made of lightweight silk the sake of practicality,’ observes the curator of the exhibition.. 展览负责人说:“出于实用考虑,裙子使用了轻薄的丝绸,还配上了浓烈的印花” THAT OLYMPIC DRESS 奥运礼Among the most globally recognisable outfits on show is the dress worn by the Queen at the London Olympics Opening Ceremony. 女王在年伦敦奥运会开幕式上穿的衣也在展览之列这套衣全球闻名The gown was designed by the Queen’s senior dresser, Angela Kelly, and made from silk in a peachy-pink colour, embellished with lace, sequins and beads, with matching feather fascinator.这件礼由女王的资深造型师安吉拉?凯莉设计,用桃粉色的丝绸做成,加上蕾丝,亮片和珠子的装饰,并且搭配羽毛边饰Caroline de Guitaut says: ‘The philosophy behind the design was to have a colour that wouldn’t in any way be representative of any of the countries participating in the Games and also to have striking, strong design lines, so the illusion of the Queen supposedly jumping [out of a plane at the ceremony] wouldn’t be lost.’ 吉托说道:“使用桃粉色是因为需要一个不代表任何参赛国家的颜色这件衣还需要拥有突出、强烈的线条,这样当女王的替身从飞机上跳下时才够显眼”英文来源:每日邮报翻译:王慧雯(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)编审:yaning古驰因阿里巴巴加入而退出美反假联盟 -- :00:53 来源: (上海)在四月份中国电商巨头阿里巴巴加入国际反假联盟之后,古驰(美国)成为第二个退出该联盟的公司SHANGHAI (AP) ; Gucci America has quit the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition, the second defection since the Washington, D.C.-based group allowed Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba to become a member in April.(上海)在四月份中国电商巨头阿里巴巴加入国际反假联盟之后,古驰(美国)成为第二个退出该联盟的公司Michael Kors walked out of the IACC last month, calling Alibaba ;our most dangerous and damaging adversary.;上月,Michael Kors退出国际反假联盟,并将阿里巴巴称作;我们最危险有害的竞争对手;The outrage over Alibabarsquo;s membership raises fresh questions about how effective Alibaba has been in fighting fakes as it pushes to take its e-commerce juggernaut global. It has also allowed the deep loathing some harbor one of Chinarsquo;s global champions to burst into view.对于阿里巴巴加入的愤慨伴随着阿里巴巴在完成全球电商布局之时会如何打击假货的疑惑这也让对中国商业巨头之一的嫌恶浮出水面Gucci, along with other Kering Group brands like Balenciaga, is suing Alibaba in New York federal court. They accuse Alibaba of knowingly encouraging and profiting from the sale of counterfeit goods on its e-commerce platms. Alibaba has dismissed the suit as ;wasteful litigation.;古驰和开云集团旗下的品牌如巴黎世家正在纽约联邦法庭上起诉阿里巴巴它们控诉阿里巴巴在其电商品台上有意识地鼓励贩售假货,并从中牟利By Saturday, Guccirsquo;s name had been struck from the IACCrsquo;s website. ;They were not happy about Alibaba joining,; said IACC vice-president Candice Li-Uzoigwe. She said Gucci inmed the group of its decision to leave on Wednesday.截止周六,古驰已经不在反假联盟的网站上了反假联盟的副主席Candice Li-Uzoigwe说:;他们对阿里巴巴的加入感到十分不悦;她还说,古驰在周三告知联盟退出的决定;The IACC stands by its decision and is committed to lean into the future and lead a coalition of the willing,; IACC president Robert Barchiesi said by email Saturday. ;Whether itrsquo;s payment processors or online marketplaces, the choice is clear, they must be an integral part of the solution.;周六,反假联盟的主席Robert Barchiesi在电邮中表示:;反假联盟不会改变决定,并致力于和品牌们一起发展美好的未来;Alibabarsquo;s membership falls into a special category, without leadership positions and voting rights. Barchiesi said that it was created in response to eBayrsquo;s request membership. eBay ultimately did not join the coalition.阿里巴巴的成员身份比较特殊,没有领导席位和投票权Barchiesi表示,这个身份是为了易贝的申请而特别设立的然而最终易贝也没有加入该联盟Alibaba has said IACC membership would allow it to work more closely and effectively with brands to proactively ence intellectual property rights.阿里巴巴表示,反假联盟成员的身份能让其和各个品牌一同更加有效地保护知识产权The IACC has over 50 members, including Apple, Cisco Systems and Chanel.国际反假联盟有超过50名成员,其中包括苹果公司、思科以及香奈儿Gucci and Alibaba did not immediately respond to requests comment.古驰和阿里巴巴并未立即就此事作出强强联合:华为通用联手提高生产力 --1 :: 来源: 美国通用电气最近和华为达成了一项协议,双方将利用互联网来提高产品生产力、降低成本、同时减少排放 US manufacturing giant General Electric has agreed a deal with Chinese technology and smartphone giant Huawei to help it improve production.美国制造业巨头通用电气已经和中国科技和智能手机巨头华为达成了协议,通用将帮助华为提高生产GE hopes that by connecting all areas within a production process via the internet it can improve productivity, lower costs and reduce emissions.通用希望通过互联网将一件产品生产过程中所涉及的所有领域全都连接起来,这样就能够提高生产力、降低成本、减少排放量It predicts that the improvements will help it to save 0m (381m pound) this year.通用预测这一改进将帮助该公司今年节省5亿美元(约合3.81亿英镑)Both sides see the concept as a key step towards "smart manufacturing."通用和华为都将这一概念视作迈向“智能制造”的关键一步Shenzhen-based Huawei is one of the world’s biggest smartphone vendors behind Apple and Samsung.深圳华为是全球最大的智能手机厂商之一,仅次于三星和苹果Huawei’s managing director, William Xu, said it was "very pleased" with the deal.华为常务董事徐文伟表示说,华为对这一协议感到“非常满意”"The next ten years are an important period the traditional economy to move to a digital economy... Companies can not cope with all the challenges alone," he added.徐文伟补充说道:“未来十年将是传统经济迈向数字经济的一个重要时期公司不能单独应对所有的挑战”The move came as GE said that it still saw plenty of opporties in China, despite the country’s slowing growth.通用方面也有所动作尽管中国的经济增长速度正在放缓,但是通用表示说他们仍然在中国看到了大量的机会"Yes the economy is growing at a slower growth rate... (but) it’s the the world’s second-largest economy so there’s plenty of opporty," said GE vice chairman John Rice, speaking in Shanghai.通用副主席约翰·瑞斯在上海讲到:“是的,经济增长速度正在放缓,但是中国是世界第二大经济体,这里有很多机会”China’s economy grew at an annual rate of 6.7% in the first quarter of the year, its slowest quarterly growth seven years.年第一季度,中国经济年增长率为6.7%,为7年来最低的季度增长率Sterling boost英镑的促进作用Mr Rice also said the fall in sterling following the outcome of the EU referendum vote would boost the company’s exports.据约翰·瑞斯表示,英国退欧导致英镑大跌,而英镑大跌将大大提振该公司的出口业务The US-based multinational firm is a huge conglomerate, whose business interests include everything from manufacturing jet engines, to providing firms with finance, developing software, and making consumer goods such as dishwashers and coffee-makers.美国通用是一家庞大的跨国企业集团,该公司的业务领域包括制造喷气式发动机、为公司提供融资、开发软件、以及制造洗碗机和咖啡机之类的消费品

[国际]金正恩玩小黄鸭 ?婴儿版国家首脑 (双语) --5 :56:5 来源:sohu 一名来自孟加拉达卡市的视觉流行艺术家善于从媒体文化中汲取艺术灵感 近日,他把几位世界领导人“变”成了小婴儿 A visual pop artist from Dhaka, Bangladesh is good at getting inspiration from media culture, and recently, he painted few world leaders as babies. 这些小故事、人格特质和搞笑包袱带来了很多乐趣到目前为止,已经有朝鲜领导人金正恩、印度总理纳伦德拉?莫迪、美国总统奥巴马和乌拉圭总统何塞;穆希卡的童年画像相信每个人都会喜欢这些好看的婴儿画! These bundles of joy come with little stories, personality traits and baggage. So far we've got Kim Jong-un, Narendra Damodardas Modi, Barack Obama and Joseacute; Mujica. Everyone loves a nice baby photo! 最高领袖 Reign Supreme 朝鲜最高领导人金正恩是一个神秘的男人在画中,他变身都市肥皂泡男——一个普通的脑袋,没有光环,正打量着一个小宝宝才会喜欢的塑料玩具——小黄鸭 Kim Jong-un, titled Supreme Leader of North Korea, is a man of mystery. And soap bubbles. Here he is portrayed with one of his own - an ordinary brain-dead glossy-eyed plastic being in awe of its owner - the rubber duck. 大厨奥巴马 Chef Obama 用手指在每个油馅饼里戳一下,我们的大厨奥巴马宝宝还在创作中有星星和条纹作伴,他还是个美国宝宝! With a finger in every oil pie, chef Obama is out on the prowl. And he isn't alone either. Stars and Stripes, baby! 沙滩上的莫迪 Modi At The Beach 印度总理纳伦德拉?莫迪高兴地穿着沙滩短裤 Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi happily clad in beach shorts. Search giant Google apologized to the PM in after his picture kept cropping up under the search ;top criminals in India;. 穆希卡,最后一个行动派英雄 Mujica,the last action hero 何塞;穆希卡,通过激进的改革使同性恋婚姻、贩卖大麻和堕胎合法化他捐出了出任乌拉圭总统期间90%的薪水他是一个政治的传奇和英雄人物他的“总统府”并不是金碧辉煌,而只是一间小房子,“专车”是开一辆开了5年的甲壳虫 Jo?e Mujica, the radical revolutionary who legalized gay marriage, cannabis and abortion and gave away 90% of his salary as the President of Uruguay is a political legend and hero. He lived in a tiny house instead of his Presidential quarters and drives a 5 year old Beetle. 这些创意是不是让人耳目一新?小编还期待这系列作品的持续更新呢 不知道下一位宝宝会是谁? 而你们又期待看到哪个宝宝呢? English Source: Bored Panda买买买不用剁手 直接电击 -- ::0 来源:sohu 再买就剁手!虽然很多人口上这么说,但实际做起来还是控制不了,看到卡余额才会目瞪口呆现在购物狂们有福音啦,英国一家公司生产出一款手环,这款手环可与账户绑定,一旦余额降到一定程度,它就会发射55伏的电击,给你带来生理上的犹如“剁手”的真实触觉 many of us, checking our bank balances can result in a nasty shock if they have been unable to control their spending habits. But now a British company is hoping to turn this into a real physical sensation. A wristband that delivers a 55 volt electric shock can now be linked to bank s, to send a shock when the user's bank reaches below a certain threshold. 这款手环年首次推出,是一家叫做巴甫洛克的美国公司为防止暴饮暴食、养成人们良好习惯而打造的商品 The wristband was first launched in by a US-based company called Pavlok. At first it was designed as a 'personal coach on your wrist' and, to encourage the development of good habits and could even be used to help stop overeating. 此该产品还可以通过捆绑智能电表,控制恒温器,节省取暖费用首席执行官大卫?韦伯说,此手环是为了帮助消费者做出更好的选择他说:“这款设备旨在帮助人们应对财务状况的变化如果你意志力强当然很好,但不是每个人都能控制住自己” It could also be used to save heating bills, by working with smart metres and encouraging people to turn their thermostats down. Chief executive David Webber said the idea was about consumer choice.'This is about reacting to changes in your financial well-being,' he said. 'Willpower is great if you've got it - not everybody has.' 但是萨里大学网络安全专家艾伦?伍德沃德教授对B表示,绑定的设备越多,安全风险越大卡巴斯基实验室安全研究员利维乌?依托亚法说,“一些报道表明,这款手环在与顾客账户绑定的同时,也为黑客盗取账户信息提供了方便” But Professor Alan Woodward, a cybersecurity expert from Surrey University, told the B the more connections which are made between devices, the greater the risk of a security weakness.'According to reports, the device can link to a customer’s bank , which could leave the door open cybercriminals to access bank details.' Liviu Itoafa, security researcher at Kaspersky Lab said. Source:Dailymail 版权所有:CRI NEWSPlus英语环球广播中美将构建“新型大国关系” --1 :5:56 来源: 日,国家主席习近平在会见出席第七轮中美工商领袖和前高官对话的美方代表时,就中美关系发表意见 Chinese President Xi Jinping (front row, center) meets witha group of US business leaders and mer US officials in Beijing, Sept., .[PhotoXinhua] 请看相关报道:President Xi Jinping on Thursday said that China is committed to working with the ed States to build anew type of major-power relationship.日,国家主席习近平表示,中国将致力于同美方共同构建中美新型大国关系新型大国关系(new modeltype of major power relationship)是以相互尊重(mutual respect)、互利共赢(mutual benefit and win-win)的合作伙伴关系为核心特征的大国关系,是崛起国(developing country)和既成大国(developed country)之间处理冲突和矛盾的新方式年5月3日,在北京召开的中美战略与经济对话(US–China Strategic and Economic Dialogue)期间,双方将构建中美“新型大国关系”作为主题,这一概念被高调推出习近平表示,能够实现这一目标,将是中美两国人民之幸(be good the people of China and the US),也是世界和平与发展(world peace and development)之幸他指出,中美两国拥有许多重要共同利益(common interests),也存在一些分歧(differences)只要双方从大处着眼,尊重和照顾彼此核心利益(core interests),避免战略误解误判(strategic miscalculation),坚持以建设性方式妥善处理(properly manage),分歧就可以得到管控(control differences),共同利益就可以得到维护中美作为世界上最大的两个经济体(economic powers),有责任加强对国际经济合作(economic Cooperation)的引领,维护国际金融稳定(financial stability),推动全球经济治理改革,增强世界经济长期增长潜力(potential growth)我们要积极推动双边贸易和投资便利化中国将坚持改革开放(rem and opening up)的国策习近平表示,应奥巴马总统邀请,再过几天我将对美国进行国事访问,我愿意同奥巴马总统就共同关心的重大问题(major issues of common concern)深入交换意见,并同美国社会各界广泛接触,共商两国关系发展大计我希望,在中美双方共同努力下,这次访问将加深两国人民友谊(deepen friendship between the two peoples),拓展两国各领域务实合作(pragmatic cooperation),推动两国关系得到新的更大发展(push ward the development of China-US ties)

京东和沃尔玛宣布达成深度战略合作 --3 3:5:50 来源: 6月日晚间,京东集团发出内部信宣布,沃尔玛成为京东集团的战略投资者,双方达成深度战略合作 Walmart has announced a partnership with the Chinese e-commerce firm JD.com to help revive the US company’s struggling website Yihaodian.日前,沃尔玛宣布与中国的电子商务公司京东集团建立战略伙伴关系,以帮助重振这家美国公司的网站“1号店”Walmart will give JD.com ownership of Yihaodian’s marketplace, including the brand, website and app.京东将拥有1号商城主要资产,包括“1号店”的品牌、网站、APPIn exchange Walmart will take a near 5% stake in JD.com, China’s second largest e-commerce firm after Alibaba.作为交换,沃尔玛将获得京东发行总股本数的5%京东商城是中国仅次于阿里巴巴第二大电子商务平台Walmart took full control of Yihaodian last year, but has struggled to grow its market share.沃尔玛去年全权接手了“1号店”,但却难以使其业绩上涨"We’re excited about teaming up with such a strong leader in JD.com, and the potential that this new relationship creates customers in China, as well as our businesses," said Walmart chief executive Doug McMillon.沃尔玛首席执行官董明伦表示,“我们为能够与京东这样一家强有力的市场领导者携手,以及双方的合作将为中国顾客和我们的业务带来的新发展机遇而感到由衷高兴Walmart will be listed as a preferred seller on JD.com, offering it greater exposure to the Chinese market.沃尔玛将成为京东集团的优先供应商,为中国市场带来更丰富的产品选择Walmart’s Sam’s Club brand will launch a shop on JD.com’s website.沃尔玛的“山姆会员商店”将在京东平台上开设官方旗舰店The deal will also help grow Yihaodian in the western and northern regions of the country where it is less well-known.这次合作还将帮助“1号店”提高其在中国西部和北方的影响力,在这些区域1号店的知名度并不高"We look ward to further developing Yihaodian, which has tremendous strength in important regions of eastern and southern China," said JD.com chief executive Richard Liu.京东首席执行官刘强东表示,“1号店在中国的华东和华南等重要区域已有鲜明的优势,我们非常期待通过此次联手进一步推动1号店的发展”Yihaodian’s sale of food and beverages, home goods and electronics s just 1.5% of web sales in China, according to research firm iResearch据市场调查公司艾瑞咨询数据,1号店的食品饮料、家居电子商品占中国市场1.5%的份额According to Walmart, the website had more than 0 million registered customers in July .沃尔玛表示,年7月,1号店的会员数量超过1亿The two companies also announced plans to improve supply chain management and increase the amount of imported goods.京东和沃尔玛还宣布将在供应链管理方面展开合作,并扩大进口产品的丰富度英雇主招聘将不看求职者名字 -- :19:57 来源: Major employers including the NHS, B and civil service will consider young people's job applications without looking at their names in a bid to end race discrimination.NHS、B和政府行政机构等主要的雇主将在不看求职者名字的前提下考虑年轻人的职位申请,以告别种族歧视Private sector giants including HS, Virgin Money and Deloitte have also signed the new pledge to make most job applications 'name-blind'.汇丰(HS)、维珍理财(Virgin Money)和德勤(Deloitte)等私营企业巨头也签署了这一不看职位申请表上的名字的承诺It comes after David Cameron warned in his Tory conference speech that young people with eign-sounding names sometimes struggle to get job interviews, regardless of their credentials.此前,英国首相戴维?卡梅伦(David Cameron)在保守党大会讲话中提醒称,有时候,不管能力如何,年轻人会因为名字听起来像外国人而难以得到求职面试的机会"I said in my conference speech that I want us to end discrimination and finish the fight real equality in our country," the PM said.卡梅伦说:“我曾在会议发言中表示,我希望我们国家结束歧视,结束为真正平等而战的斗争”"Today we are delivering on that commitment and extending opporty to all."“今天我们将兑现这一承诺,为所有人提供平等的机会” most firms the pledge will apply to all new jobs at an apprenticeship or graduate level.对于大多数公司而言,此承诺适用于面向见习生和毕业生的所有新岗位The Government will go further and apply it to all civil service roles below senior level.政府将做进一步努力,高级以下所有公务员的职位都将兑现此承诺Civil service chief John Manzoni said: "It's vital the Civil Service takes a lead on this, and I'm confident that this important step will help us build an organisation that is even more talented, diverse and effective than it is today."公务员局局长约翰·曼佐尼(John Manzoni)说:“政府机构发挥先锋带头作用至关重要我相信这一重要举措将帮助我们建立一个比现在更有才能、更多样化、更有效的组织”VocabularyTory:保守党的apprenticeship: 见习中国将邀请国外记者参加抗战胜利纪念活动 -- :56:33 来源: Domestic and overseas journalists are welcome to cover events commemorating the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II in Beijing next month, the event's publicity team said on Monday.纪念二战胜利70周年宣传小组周一说到,本小组欢迎中外记者报道此事Grand celebrations will be held in Beijing on Sept and 3 to mark the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese people's war against Japanese aggression and the world's anti-Fascist war, a statement from the organizers said.该宣传小组说到,9月日和3日北京将举行盛大的庆祝仪式来庆祝中国抗击日本侵略和反法西斯战争胜利70周年Overseas journalists who wish to cover the event should register on reg.kzjn70.cn from Aug 3 to 18, the statement said.声明中说道,希望报道此事的外国记者可以在8月3日到18日之间在reg.kzjn70.cn 上注册The statement said a press center will be set up in Beijing during the celebrations to provide inmation services domestic and overseas reporters.声明中说到,在庆祝期间北京将会设立新闻中心给中外记者提供信息务China announced plans to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII in June. The country will invite eign militaries to participate in a parade on Sept 3 in Beijing.六月,中国发表了纪念二战胜利70周年的计划声明中国将会邀请国外军队来参加9月3日的活动President Xi Jinping will speak at the event. Representatives of veterans, civilians who supported the army during the war and relatives of the fallen will also take part in the parade.国家主席习近平将会在这次纪念活动中发表讲话退伍军人代表,战争中持军队的老百姓和亲属也将参加此次游行

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