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南康区做产检多少钱全南县人民医院好吗You might think you have the figure of Marilyn Monroe but according to research the truth is likely to be far more prosaic.你可能以为你是玛丽莲·梦露的身材,不过据一项调查显示,现实可能没你想象的那么好。A study found nine in ten women didn’t know their body shape – with many mistakenly believing they have a wasp waist and hourglass curves.调查显示,十分之九的女性不知道自己的体型,很多人误以为自己有蜂腰和沙漏曲线。In fact, the majority have a straight up and down figure, known rather unflatteringly, as ‘the rectangle’. Rectangles – who include Kim Cattrall and Nicole Kidman – have bust, hips and shoulders of the same width. They also have no waist to speak of.实际上,大多数女性是笔直体型,说句大实话,就是矩形身材。矩形身材的代表女性包括金·凯特罗尔和妮可·基德曼,这种身材的特点是胸、臀部和肩部一样宽,没有腰可言。Some 240 women had body scans to obtain their measurements and proportions. These were then used to identify their body type. Options included hourglass, rectangle, pear and triangle – a woman with a big belly and hips.有240名女性接受身体扫描以获得体型测量和比例,这些数据就用来判别他们的体型。基本体型分为沙漏型、矩形、梨型和三角形(即即肚子和臀部较大)。The scans revealed 63 per cent of the women to be rectangular, with waists getting bigger and their curves becoming less defined with age.扫描结果显示63%的女性是矩形身材,他们的腰部越来越粗,腰部曲线随着年龄增长日趋减少。Just 38 per cent of 18- to 35-year-olds had the rectangular proportions but 80 per cent of those aged 56-plus met the criteria. Similarly, 30 per cent of young women had an hourglass shape, but the figure fell to 4 per cent in older women.在18-35岁人群中,只有38%的女性是矩形身材,而在56岁以上人群中,有80%的人符合此标准。同样地,30%的年轻女性符合沙漏型身材标准,而在年老女性中,只有4%的人符合此标准。The results, said shopping website isme.com, were even more telling when women were asked to pick their own shape. Whether they#39;re an hourglass, rectangle, triangle (a leaner version of a pear), bottom hourglass, inverted triangle or top hourglass - only one in ten women can identify their own body shape.据购物网站isme.com的调查,当女性被要求选出自己的体型时,对比结果更生动。无论他们是沙漏型、矩形、三角形(梨形身材的瘦弱版)、下半身沙漏型(肩部较窄,下身较宽)、倒三角型和上半身沙漏型(上身较大,臀部较小),只有十分之一的女性能准确选出来。On top of this, a quarter don’t believe their figure fits in with any of these traditional body shapes.此外,四分之一的女性认为自己不属于上述传统身材中的任意一种。A common frustration for women when buying clothes to fit their shape was spending money on adjusting a garment to get a more appropriate fit, according to nearly half (42 per cent) of those questioned.根据调查,有近一半(42%)的人需要花钱在改衣上,以便使它更合身。On the back of this, 63 per cent of those surveyed also stated they would like more help and advice from retailers when shopping to fit their size and shape.另外,63%的受访女性表示在店里买衣时会向店员寻求帮助和建议,以便买到合适的尺寸和版型。The report goes on to reveal that women are out of touch with their true shape because of the body’s tendency to change and shift with age.这份报告也显示女性对自己的真实身材不甚了解,因为体型会随着年龄不断变化。A spokesperson for Manchester Metropolitan University, who carried out the survey with isme.com, said: #39;The research so far has shown that a woman’s body size, shape and posture can change - sometimes substantially - as a result of the ageing process.一位与isme.com网站合作此调查的曼彻斯特城市大学发言人说道:“这项调查已经明女性的身材有时会随着年龄有很大程度的变化。”#39;The study confirmed this, and also highlighted that shape change occurs not only into terms of posture and body shape but also in terms of circumferential measurement differences between the front and back of the body in the waist region.#39;“这项调查实并强调了形体变化不仅表现在姿态和身体形状上,也表现在腰部前后测量的不同上。”Carol Vorderman, ambassador for isme.com, added: #39;It#39;s no surprise that women#39;s body shapes change so dramatically as they get older, with motherhood and a slowing metabolism taking its toll.isme.com的代表Carol Vorderman补充道:“随着成为母亲和新陈代谢缓慢的损害,女性年老以后体型变化巨大并不意外。”#39;My body shape has changed a lot over the years but the key is understanding what styles your body suits and then finding clothes that fit properly.#39;“我的体型这么些年来变化巨大,但关键是找到适合你体型的穿衣风格,然后挑选合适的衣。”#39;Size is just a number and varies from retailer to retailer, it#39;s important that shape is the main consideration when choosing items for your wardrobe.#39;“衣尺寸只是一个号码,而且不同的店里并不一样,所以购买衣时体型时是最主要的考虑因素。”ed that Gates had been her mystery gift giver, writing “I want to start by giving a HUGE THANK YOU to Mr. Bill Gates for an amazing gift and secret santa experience. Bill—you ROCK (can I call you Bill?! I feel like we’re friends now!).”在一篇题为“注意:比尔·盖茨没有找你,是因为他找到我了”的帖子中,一位名叫蕾切尔的Reddit用户透露,盖茨是她神秘的礼物派送者,并写道,“首先,我非常感谢比尔·盖茨先生给我带来这么棒的礼物和神秘圣诞老人的经历。比尔——你好厉害(我能喊你比尔吗?!我想我们现在是朋友吧!)。”She goes on to describe Gates’ gift—which could have come from a particularly thoughtful uncle—of a stuffed cow, along with a donation in her name to the non-profit Heifer International她继续形容盖茨的这份礼物——本该是来自一位特别体贴的叔叔——填充奶牛玩偶,和以她的名义向非盈利组织国际小母牛组织(Heifer International)捐赠一头小牛(该组织贫困地区的家庭免费提供家畜)。该礼物中还包括一本《国家地理:一生必游的500经典路线》(National Geographic Journeys of a Lifetime)。Gates exposed his identity in a note explaining the donation, and included a picture of himself (above) holding the stuffed bovine and the note as confirmation. For anyone thinking this was a cheap gift from the country’s wealthiest man, the donation of one heifer to a family in need rings in at 0—well above the gift ceiling of your standard Secret Santa.盖茨在一张解释这份圣诞礼物的便签中表明了自己的身份,并包括一张他拿着礼物和卡片的照片作为明。有些人会认为,美国首富的这份礼物太廉价了,但是要知道,向一个贫困家庭捐赠一头小母牛相当于500美元——这可比你最昂贵的圣诞礼物都值钱多了。Reddit Gifts is an annual gift exchange started in 2009 to connect “Redditors” around the world. Users enter their home address and information such as likes and dislikes, and Reddit matches gifters and recipients at random. After participants receive a gift, they’re encouraged to return to Reddit and post a public thank you.Reddit Gifts是一年一度的礼物交换活动,始于2009年,旨在将全球的“Redditors”联系起来。用户们输入他们的家庭住址和个人喜好,Reddit会随机对礼物赠送者和接收人进行配对,并鼓励他们在收到礼物之后回到网站发一封公开的感谢信。Rachel says in her post that it wasn’t until she saw the photo of Gates that she knew who had sent her loot, but she had an inkling it was somebody special when she received a notification email that said her gift was being overnighted and weighed in at 7 pounds.蕾切尔在她的帖子中写道,直到她看到盖茨的照片,她才知道送她礼物的神秘人是谁。但她事前她收到过一封通知邮件,告诉她有一份7磅重的礼物正连夜送达,因此她隐隐感觉到今年的圣诞老人会是个特别的人物。Gates has become an enthusiastic Reddit user over the past year, participating in an Ask Me Anything th in the spring and posting thoughts and questions periodically, such as “How much of the Earth are humans consuming?”, using the handle “thisisbillgates.”在过去一年,盖茨已经成为Reddit热情的用户,他不仅在今年春天参与该网站组织的“Ask Me Anything”问答活动,还定期以我是“我是比尔·盖茨”的句柄发表想法和问题,诸如,“地球有多少正在被人类消耗着?”A Gates spokesman told GeekWire he joined the gift exchange in part to raise awareness for Heifer International.盖茨的一位发言人告诉GeekWire说,他参与礼物交换活动,在某种程度上是为了提高对国际小母牛组织的意识。Gates hasn’t posted a response to Rachel’s public thank you just yet, but whoever drew the name “Bill Gates” from Reddit’s virtual hat better come up with something extra thoughtful for the man who truly has everything.盖茨尚未对蕾切尔的公开感谢做出回复,不过,无论是谁在Reddit的抽签游戏中抽中“比尔·盖茨”的名字,都想不到一个真正拥有一切的人会想得这么周到。 /201401/271644赣州市中西医结合医院网上预约电话 1. Cable TV1. 有线电视Cable television#39;s heyday is over. Subscribers have been declining since 2004, and analysts say there#39;s no end in sight. Roughly 54.8 million households currently pay for cable TV, down 3.3% from 2012 and down 17.6% from a decade prior, according to research firm IHS. Cable companies are expected to shed roughly 1.3 million subscribers in 2014.有线电视的黄金时代已经结束了。有线电视用户2004年以来一直在减少,分析师称,预计这种态势还将继续保持下去。研究公司IHS的数据显示,目前约有5,480万个家庭付费收看有线电视,较2012年减少3.3%,较十年前减少17.6%。预计在2014年有线电视公司将损失约130万用户。The decline is due in part to so-called cord-cutters: consumers who are canceling cable and transitioning to lower-cost services, such as Hulu and Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) , which provide much of the same programming at a fraction of the price. Using an Internet connection, consumers can stream many cable shows, news programs and sports games, as well as movies, directly to their TVs. Some channels#39; websites also provide viewers access to their shows. (MarketWatch recently launched a calculator - Are you y to cut the cord? - that allows consumers to find the shows they normally watch through such lower-cost options.)有线电视用户的减少在一定程度上要归因于所谓的“剪线族”(cord-cutter):这些消费者取消有线务,转向Hulu和Netflix等费用较低的务,后者提供的节目与有线电视基本相同,但价格要便宜得多。通过互联网连接,用户可以将许多有线电视节目、新闻报道、体育比赛和电影直接串流到电视上观看。一些电视频道还允许观众通过其网站收看节目。(MarketWatch近期推出了一个名为“你为剪线做好准备了吗?”的计算工具,可让消费者通过这类费用较低的选择方案找到他们通常收看的节目)These services are mostly beneficial for people who do not mind watching shows after they#39;ve aired and are willing to part with most live programming.这些务主要适合那些不介意观看非实时节目,愿意与大多数直播节目挥手告别的人士。 /201401/272944寻乌县人民医院是不是医保定点医院

石城县医院开展无痛人流吗How to Pick the Right Pair of Running Shoes怎样挑选一双合适的运动鞋Are you y to start a new healthy habit of runningor a seasoned runner looking to replace an old pairof shoes Either way, it is very important to buy theright pair of shoes for you - not necessarily the onesthat are the most technically advanced or on the salerack!无论你是刚准备开始培养一个新的健康的跑步习惯的人,或者已经是一个有着丰富跑步经验的人,都要注意替换掉旧的运动鞋。不管怎么说,买一双适合自己的运动鞋是很重要的,——当然它不必是最先进科技产品或者是名店里的折扣鞋就挺不错的。At least for me, it is so tempting to hit the sale rackwhen I begin my search for new shoes. It kills me tospend anymore than I absolutely have to, but withrunning shoes, I have found, it is one thing to notspare any expense. Finding a great pair of running shoes is sure to save most people money with comfortand safety. Finding a pair for does not do a lot of good if you hurt your knee the next day!至少对我来说,只要我一打算买新鞋时,我就会一头扎进折扣区寻找。如果是我不需要的物品我绝对不会再花一分钱在它上面,但是运动鞋除外。我发现它是唯一不能节省的钱。买到一双好的舒适又安全的运动鞋事实上也能给人省很多钱。你图便宜买一双49美元的运动鞋不见得能有多好,说不准你穿上它的第二天就摔坏膝盖了呢!There are so many brands and styles of shoes that it#39;s hard to know where to start when you walk into aretailer. If you#39;re not sure where to start in the process, note the techniques listed below for finding theperfect shoe for your needs.现在鞋的品牌实在太多了,以至于有时候走进鞋店,都很难知道应该从何下手挑选。如果你在买鞋过程中不知道该怎么开始挑选,那么请注意一些下面讲述的技巧,关于怎样挑选一双满足你需要的好鞋。Find Your Foot Type:了解自己的脚的类型Figure out how you run (outside of your foot, outside to inside, or straight down the middle). The easiestway to determine how you run is to look at an old pair of running shoes. If the shoe is worn on the outside ofthe heel and rolls inward excessively, you have a pronated foot type - the majority of the population (60%)fits into this category. You#39;re more likely to have this foot type if you are flat footed.判断跑步的方式(脚外旋呈八字形,由外旋到内旋,或者两脚平直)判断你跑步方式最容易的方法就是看你的就运动鞋磨损的情况。如果你的鞋总是在脚后跟的外侧受力,然后被过度的磨损,那就说明你是内旋脚——大多数人(60%)的脚都是这样。如果你一般是慢跑的话就更有可能是内旋脚这种脚型。If you have high arches, your foot is rigid and doesn#39;t pronate (roll inward) so there is not an effective shockabsorber. Roughly 30% of the population has high-arched or supinated foot types.如果你的脚弓的高,还比较僵硬,并不内旋(朝里旋),那就没法有效的吸振。大约有30%的人是高足的或者内翻型高足的脚型。If you land on the outside of your heel and roll inward slightly to absorb shock, you are of normal weight, youare considered the most sound (biomechanically) runner. Only about 10% of the population hasneutral/ideal feet.如果你是脚跟外翻着地,然后脚尖轻微朝里来吸振的话,那么你就是正常足。那你就是大多数人认为的(生物力学上的)的高效跑步者。只有10%的人能拥有这样的中型/完美的脚型。Tips for Your Trip to the Shoe Store: Examine your old shoes for t wear. Socks are important. Wear your running socks when you try on. If your feet are different sizes, buy for the larger one. Shoes with better breathability will help curb sweating. Grooves in the sole offer more flexibility. Flat feet need support rather than flexibility. If you tend to overpronate, look for shoes that will lace higher up so you can better customize the fit of theshoe. Shoe should feel comfortable right way - they don#39;t need to be broken in.鞋店购鞋过程之小建议检查你旧鞋的脚底胎面的磨损袜子很重要。试鞋的时候记得穿上你的运动袜如果你的脚大小不一致,那就买大脚适合的鞋子鞋的通透性较好的话有利于减少出汗鞋底的凹槽有利于增加灵活性平足更注重对脚的撑而非灵活性如果你是过度内旋的话,那就找一双可以系紧点的鞋,因此你最好定制一双合适的鞋。鞋子必须一穿上就给你你舒适的当的感觉——不需要你去适应它。When to Buy New Running Shoes: Look at the soles. If they are worn out or very unevenly worn it is time for a new pair. If you#39;ve traveled roughly 400-500 miles on your tmill or it#39;s been six months, it is time for a new pair.Remember, if you are wearing your shoes for other activities, those miles count too!什么时候去买一双新的运动鞋呢?看鞋底,如果他们已经被磨损严重,穿起来有点不平衡了,就该换双新鞋了。如果你在跑步机上大概已经跑了400—500英里或者是已经穿了六个月,那也应该买双新的了。记住,如果你参加别的活动也穿了这双鞋,那那些路程也要算上。What questions should the salespeople ask How long have you been running How much mileage are you doing per week Are you training for a particular event Where do you do most of your running How much do you weigh Are you aware of any foot problems售卖员应该询问哪些问题呢你跑步时间为多长?你每周大概跑几英里?你是接受特殊的培训吗?你一般在哪里跑步?你体重多少??Simple solutions will get your running. The more you know about your feet and what activities you will bepartaking in, the more prepared you will be to find the right pair of shoes. Shoes are important for the healthof your feet, but for the rest of your bones and joints as well.轻松解决跑步中的问题。你越了解你的脚和你参与的运动,你准备的越充分,你就越容易找到一双适合你的鞋,鞋不仅对你脚的健康十分重要 ,对你的骨头和关节也同样重要。Robb Ksiazek is an author and web publisher writing about mind, body, and soul for Body-Mass-Index-4U.com. He believes that our bodies have the power to heal themselves, we just need to allow them.Robb Ksiazek是一个关于思想、身体、Body-Mass-Index-4U.com网页精神的作家兼网络出版商,他相信我们的身体有自疗的功能,我们只需要允许他们去做就好了。 /201407/310080赣州大余四维彩超多少钱 蓉江新区妇幼保健院几点下班

瑞金市医院女子妇科医院 BORDEAUX, MAY 2003 - The name appears on millions of bottles of wine, one would almost forget it is also the name of a town in France. The place is crowded with cathedrals, statues and other monuments that remind you of its great history and cultural importance. The city became rich some centuries ago thanks to the two rivers #39;Garonne#39; and #39;Gironde#39;, as overseas ships from many continents used the port for trading. Nowadays the port has lost its importance, but the name of Bordeaux did not lost its prestige, thanks to the sweet gold... wine !波尔多,2003年5月—一个在酒瓶上出现了百万次的名字,人们几乎快忘了它还是法国一个小镇的名字。这个地方到处都是教堂,雕塑和其它让你忆起这个城市的伟大历史和文化重要性的遗迹。在几个世纪前,由于加隆河和纪龙德河流经这里,所以来自各个大陆的商船都把这里作为交易的港口,因此波尔多变得富裕了起来。现在港口已经失去了它的重要性,但是波尔多的声誉却一点也没掉价,正是由于那甘甜的琼浆—金黄色的葡萄酒!A visit to the vineyards is a pleasure in many ways. The landscapes are just fantastic - this countryside is ideal for abicycle trip - it is great way to explore the little villages, meet the locals, experience the #39;couleur locale#39;...参观葡萄园在很多方面都是一种乐趣。风景真的是太迷人了—这里的郊野特别是自行车旅行的理想之地—那正是一种探索小村落,偶遇当地人,经历地方色的绝佳方式。The landscapes are dotted with castles (chateaux) , which makes the experience sometimes like being in a fairy tale. A lot of these #39;chateaux#39; can be visited, often a guided tour with explanation about the wine making process and wine tasting is offered - this is really the good life ! A little word of warning however : it can become hot , very hot, and when with a bicycle, one better not exagerate wine tasting along the way...地平线上各式各样的城堡耸立着,那样仿佛好像就是置身于神话的世界当中。当中很多的城堡是可以参观的,通常会有导游解释葡萄酒的制作工序,并且可以提供品尝—那真是一种多么美妙的生活啊!但是,一个小小的警告:葡萄酒可能会变得很烈,非常烈,所以当你骑着自行车旅行时,最好别沿途夸大你的酒量……But don#39;t worry , the good life can be continued when one comes back in the evening and can enjoy the richness of the French cuisine. Oysters, #39;Foie gras#39;, different #39;Patés#39;, of course with the appropriate choice of Bordeaux wine...it is difficult to make a choice from the here and did I mention the deserts yet ? Many nice restaurants, often at great locations with a nice atmosphere. And dfter dinner a nice stroll in town, watch the sun set, and then a nightcap in the hotel - good life can be simple !但是也不必太担心,当夕阳西下踏上归途时,美好的生活仍然可以继续,你可以享受到丰富的法国菜,牡蛎,鹅肝,和其它各式各样的东西,当然,适度的波尔多葡萄酒更是一个不错的选择…要从这些菜单中做出选择那真是一件为难的事情,对了,我有提及甜点吗?有许多优雅的旅馆,通常坐落在很好的位置并且氛围都不错。晚饭过后,在小镇的路上缓缓而行,静观夕阳西下,然后在睡前于旅馆里喝上一杯—简单的生活也是一种幸福!Bordeaux, a place to remember and return to !波尔多,一个令人怀念和想重返的地方! /201408/320742定南县人民医院医生的QQ号码龙源坝中心卫生院农保能报销吗



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