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7.The Technological Singularity7.技术奇点Artificial intelligence (AI) has come a long way since computers first made the scene. Yet we#39;re not at the edge of a dystopian society in which the machines run amok and humankind fights for its survival. At least, not yet.人工智能(artificial intelligence,缩写:AI)在电脑诞生后取得了很大的成就。然而我们并不是生活在反乌托邦社会,还不需要为存活而对抗抓狂暴走的机器。至少,现在还不用。In 1993, Vernor Vinge, a math professor at San Diego State University, proposed what he called the singularity -- a time at which computer networks may become self-aware through advanced AI, and interfaces between people and computers help humankind evolve. Biological advancements may become so sophisticated that doctors can even engineer human intelligence. There is a possibility, however, that AI might allow machines to take over the world. There#39;s no guarantee that such a scenario will really happen, and technological limitations may prevent it. Still, the idea that machines might someday decide we#39;re irrelevant and arrange for our destruction is more than a little creepy.1993年,圣地亚哥州立大学(San Diego State University)的数学教授,弗诺·文奇(Vernor Vinge)提出了技术奇点(singularity)的概念——在未来,计算机网络通过先进的人工智能获得了意识,并可以与人类直接连接来帮助其进化。生物学的进步如此精密,先进到医生就可以对人的智力进行改造。不过,人工智能的发展也使机器攻占世界成为可能性。我们无法确定这些事情以后是否会发生,但暂时以我们的技术水平还无法实现。不过,也许有一天,机器可能觉得人类没有利用价值就摧毁我们,想想就不寒而栗。6.Google Glass6.谷歌眼镜Google Glass, the high-tech specs with a built-in camera and pop-up display, turns the idea of Big Brother on its head. Maybe the surveillance menace of the future won#39;t be a fascist regime with spy cameras on every corner, but rather an army of geeks recording every waking moment of their lives with a nod of the head and the wink of an eye.谷歌眼镜是一款高科技眼镜,配置了一台嵌入式摄像头和一个(位于镜框右侧的宽条状的)电脑处理器装置。它比日本兄弟公司更早推出了(高科技眼镜)这个产品。也许在未来被监视的威胁并不是来自于专制政府的间谍照相机,而是来自于一群极客们,在他们平时行走的过程中,点点头和眨下眼睛就可以获取信息了。Aside from the inherent dorkiness of Glass, privacy is the biggest concern with the search giant#39;s latest foray into world domination. What#39;s to stop a Glasshead from turning on his camera in the subway, the doctor#39;s office or the gym locker room? Several U.S. casinos, bars and movie theaters have aly banned Glass. Google says that Glass isn#39;t that creepy. For example, a small light indicates when is being recorded and Glass wearers have to look at a subject and wink to take a picture. Yeah, that#39;s not creepy at all.除眼镜自身的一些缺点外,泄露隐私是搜索巨头谷歌侵占世界市场、成为霸主的最大担忧。如何阻止眼镜使用者在地铁、医生办公室或健身房更衣室使用摄像头?在美国的一些,酒吧和电影院已经明令禁止使用谷歌眼镜。谷歌则表示,谷歌眼镜并不是那么可怕,比如,在眼镜录像时会有一个小灯提示,佩戴者必须看向一个物体并且眨眼才能够拍照。是啊,这难道还不够可怕么?Another scary prospect is the combination of Glass, social media and facial recognition technology. Some app developers are excited about the prospect of a Glass app that can recognize a stranger#39;s face and pull up information about the person scoured from their Facebook and LinkedIn pages. While Google rejects the idea of facial recognition on Glass, the company has patented eye-tracking technology that would record what ads you look at in the real world and charge fees to advertisers on a ;pay-per-gaze; basis.谷歌眼镜另一个令人担忧的性能是,眼镜可以与社会媒体和面部识别技术相结合。一些应用软件的开发者们欣喜的预计,通过制作一款谷歌眼镜软件,就可以在识别陌生人的脸之后,从脸书和领英这类社交软件上获取个人信息。虽然谷歌反驳了这种通过眼镜进行面部识别的理念,公司却已经注册了眼球追踪技术的专利,可以记录用户在生活中看了什么广告,并且向广告商按注视收取费用。While we#39;re on the subject of scary surveillance, let#39;s take to the skies.如果生活中到处都是监视,我们只能飞上蓝天了。5.Drones5.无人驾驶飞机A CIA operator in Virginia can fly a near-silent Predator drone through the night sky of Pakistan, locate his target on a screen and rain down Hellfire missiles from the comfort of his cubicle. While counterterrorism officials and the White House defend unmanned drones as a ;cleaner; alternative to military action, the use of drones raises important questions about government-sanctioned assassination and the inevitable deaths of innocent civilians.弗吉尼亚州,美国中央情报局的指挥人员可以舒的坐在控制室小隔间里,指挥近乎无声的“捕食者”无人机穿过夜空飞到巴基斯坦,通过荧光屏控制飞机降落到指定位置,指挥其发射大量地狱火导弹。尽管美国白宫和反恐官员都辩称无人机只是用来”扫除障碍”而不是军事行动,但是无人机的使用还是产生了一些重要问题,像政府批准的暗杀和不可避免的无辜平民的死亡。As scary as military drones are, people are truly creeped out by the prospect of domestic spy drones. In 2012, the U.S. Congress passed a bill allowing the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to draw up rules for the use of commercial and police drones in U.S. airspace. And New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg commented that the presence of drones hovering over American cities was ;inevitable;. Law enforcement is buzzed over the idea of trailing suspects from the skies, but privacy advocates worry that it#39;s a small step from targeted surveillance to indiscriminate 24/7 spying on everyone.和军用无人机一样可怕的是,人们对国内无人侦查机的使用前景感到极为恐惧。在2012年,美国国会(U.S.Congress)通过法案,允许联邦航空(FAA)草拟商用和警用无人机在美国领空的使用法规。纽约市市长迈克尔·布隆伯格(Michael Bloomberg)道,无人机在美国城市上空盘旋的景象是“不可避免的”。执法部门想利用这项技术从空中搜索嫌疑人,但隐私权益的倡导者则担心,这样做离对所有人进行无差别的全年无休监视仅有一步之遥。For a totally different kind of creepy, let#39;s look at the desktop technology that promises to revolutionize manufacturing if it doesn#39;t get outlawed first.接下来再让我们将眼光投向桌面上的技术,虽然与无人机技术迥然不同,但同样令人毛骨悚然。这项科技承诺将革新制造业,但很有可能在那之前它就已触犯了法律的底线。4.3D Printers4.3D打印机The MakerBot Replicator 2 offers the remarkable ability to print out a 3-D plastic model of just about anything you can imagine: a child#39;s toy, a gear for a wind turbine, or a perfectly rendered model of your own butt. Desktop 3-D printing is undoubtedly a great leap forward for small-scale manufacturing, but it#39;s also a potential boon for thieves and low-budget terrorists.3D打印机MakerBot Replicator 2的神奇之处就在于它能够打印出任何你能想到的塑胶模型,例如儿童玩具、风力涡轮机的齿轮、或是与你自己的臀部完美贴合的臀模。3D打印技术无疑是小型制造业的一大突破,但是,同时这也给小偷和没有太多预算的恐怖分子带来可趁之机。In 2011, an enterprising gang of crooks used a 3-D printer to replicate the plastic front of an ATM terminal. By placing their fake terminal on top of a real cash machine, they were able to skim unsuspecting victims#39; ATM cards and steal more than 0,000 from their accounts.2011年,一个居心不良的犯罪团伙利用3D打印机仿制了ATM终端机正面的塑料部分。他们把假终端安放在提现机的真终端上面,轻而易举的读取了毫无防备的受害者的信用卡信息,最终盗走了40余万美元。But the real scary prospect is terrorists or fringe groups using 3-D printers to build guns, bombs and other weapons with nothing more than downloadable files. In 2013, a University of Texas law student Cody Wilson announced the creation of the Liberator, a fully functional .380 caliber handgun made entirely on a 3-D printer. The fact that it was plastic raised the fright factor, since it could conceivably elude metal detectors. Wilson summed up the threat nicely to Forbes magazine: ;Anywhere there#39;s a computer and an Internet connection, there would be the promise of a gun.;更可怕的是,只要拥有可下载的文件资料,恐怖分子和边缘群体就能利用3D打印机制造出、炸弹等武器。2013年,德克萨斯州的一名法学系大学生科迪·威尔森(Cody Wilson)发布了他的作品“解放者”,这是一款完全靠3D打印技术制成的功能齐全的380口径手。这把手的塑料材质正是令人恐惧的原因——它能轻松躲过金属探测仪的搜查。威尔森在福布斯杂志上很好地归纳了这项技术的可怕之处:“只要有一台能联网的电脑,就能制造出。”Thanks, Cody! While we#39;re on the topic of really great ideas with potentially horrible consequences, let#39;s talk driverless cars.感谢科迪!谈到这些绝妙发明的可怕潜在威胁,又怎能不说到无人驾驶汽车呢。审校:Fiona 校对:落花生 Freya然 /201507/385023Where do dogs come from?是从哪里来的?Gray wolves are their ancestors. Scientists are pretty consistent about that. And researchers have suggested that dogs’ origins can be traced to Europe, the Near East, Siberia and South China.灰狼是的祖先。在这件事上,科学家们的意见相当一致。研究人员认为,的起源可以追溯到欧洲、近东、西伯利亚和中国南方。Central Asia is the newest and best candidate, according to a large study of dogs from around the world.对世界各地犬只进行的一项大型研究最新显示,最有可能的起源地是中亚。Laura M. Shannon and Adam R. Boyko at Cornell University, and an international group of other scientists, studied not only purebred dogs, but also street or village dogs — the free-ranging scavengers that make up about 75 percent of the planet’s one billion dogs.康奈尔大学(Cornell University)的劳拉·M·莎伦(Laura M. Shannon)和亚当·R·伊科(Adam R. Boyko)与其他科学家一起,组成了一个国际研究小组。该小组不只调查纯种犬,也包括街上或乡村里的——全球共有十亿只,其中大约75%是自由来去的流浪。Dr. Shannon analyzed three different kinds of DNA, Dr. Boyko said, the first time this has been done for such a large and diverse group of dogs, more than 4,500 dogs of 161 breeds and 549 village dogs from 38 countries. That allowed the researchers to determine which geographic groups of modern dogs were closest to ancestral populations genetically. And that led them to Central Asia as the place of origin for dogs in much the same way that genetic studies have located the origin of modern humans in East Africa.莎伦士分析了三种不同类型的DNA,伊科士说,这是第一次对如此众多、如此多样化的犬只进行研究,包括了161个品种的逾4500只,以及来自38个国家的549只乡村。因此研究人员能够分析出哪些现代犬只的地理群落在基因上最接近其祖先群体。基因研究确定了现代人类起源于东非,而他们也采用大致一样的方式,确定了犬类的起源地是中亚。The analysis, Dr. Boyko said, pointed to Central Asia, including Mongolia and Nepal, as the place where “all the dogs alive today” come from. The data did not allow precise dating of the origin, he said, but showed it occurred at least 15,000 years ago. They reported their findings Monday in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.伊科士说,分析显示,包括蒙古和尼泊尔在内的中亚地区是“目前所有尚存的犬种”的来源地。他说这些数据不足以对起源进行精确测年,但从中可以看到是在至少1.5万年前。本周一,他们的报告发表在《美国国家科学院院刊》(Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences)上。Greger Larson of Oxford University, who is leading a large international effort to analyze ancient DNA from fossilized bones, said he was impressed by the scope of the study. “It’s really great to see not just the sheer number of street dogs, but also the geographic bth and the number of remote locations where the dogs were sampled,” he said in an email. He also praised the sampling of different kinds of DNA and the analytic methods.牛津大学的格雷格·拉尔森(Greger Larson)是一个大型国际项目的领导者,主持对骨化石中古代DNA的分析工作。拉尔森说这项犬只研究的规模给他留下了深刻的印象。“该研究涵盖的流浪数目,以及采样犬只所涉及的地域广度和边远地区的数量,让人觉得很了不起,”他在一封电邮中说。他还称赞了对不同种类DNA进行采样的做法以及分析方法。But in the world of dog studies, very little is definitive. The most recent common ancestor of today’s dogs lived in Central Asia, Dr. Boyko said, although he cannot rule out the possibility that some dogs could have been domesticated elsewhere and died out. Or dogs domesticated elsewhere could have gone to Central Asia from somewhere else and then diversified into all the canines alive today, he said.但在犬类研究领域,很少有研究是确定的。伊科士表示,现存犬种的最近共祖生活在中亚地区,但他无法排除一些犬只可能在其他地方受到驯化并灭绝的可能性。他表示,或者在其他地方经过驯化的犬只从别的地方来到中亚,然后经过多样化发展,演化成现存的所有犬种。Dr. Larson, who was not involved with the study, said he thought the Central Asia finding required further testing. He said he suspected that the origins of modern dogs were “extremely messy” and that no amount of sampling of living populations will be definitive. He said a combination of studies of modern and ancient DNA is necessary.没有参与这项研究的拉尔森表示,他认为起源于中亚的结果需要进一步的检验。他认为现代犬只的起源“非常混乱”,即使对再多的现存犬只取样也无法确定。他表示,需要把对现代及古代DNA的研究结合起来。Dr. Boyko said the new research for the first time analyzed three sources of DNA from both purebred and village dogs worldwide. The team analyzed DNA from all the chromosomes in the cell nucleus, from the Y chromosome specifically, found only in males, and from mitochondria, cellular energy machines outside the nucleus that are inherited from the mother.伊科士表示,新研究首次分析了世界各地的纯种和乡村的三种DNA。该团队分析了细胞核的所有染色体、只有公犬携带的Y染色体及线粒体的DNA,线粒体是位于遗传自母体的细胞核外的细胞能量制造结构。Dr. Boyko traveled to a number of the locations where blood was drawn from village dogs. He said, “The great thing about working with dogs is that if you show up with food you don’t usually have trouble recruiting subjects. Usually.”伊科士走访了很多乡村的采血点。他表示,“与一起工作最棒的一点就是,如果你拿着食物,征召作为实验对象通常不会遇到困难。通常是这样。”He added: “We showed up in Puerto Rico at a fishing village and the dogs turned up their noses at roast beef sandwiches. They were used to eating fish entrails.”他还表示,“我们去了波多黎各的一个渔村,那里的过来嗅烤牛肉三明治。它们通常吃鱼内脏。” /201510/404917The US has been handed a proposal that would end the last vestiges of its control over the internet, sparking a potentially contentious political debate in Washington over the future of cyberspace. 美国接到一项提议,该提议将结束其对互联网域名的管控权,这可能在华盛顿引发围绕网络空间未来的激烈政治辩论。 Under the proposal put forward yesterday by ICANN, the international body that oversees the internet’s addressing system, the US would hand over its role as the ultimate authority for internet naming. ICANN’s governance arrangements would be overhauled to protect it from government meddling in future. 根据监管互联网域名系统的国际机构——互联网名称与数字地址分配机构(ICANN)——昨日提出的建议,美国将让出其在管理互联网域名方面的最高主管角色。ICANN的治理安排将被彻底整改,以保护其未来免受政府干预。 Washington offered two years ago to give up its remaining internet oversight, in response to the international outcry over the Snowden revelations about illicit US internet surveillance. 两年前,华盛顿方面提出放弃手中剩下的互联网控管权,以回应国际上针对斯诺登(Snowden)爆料的、美国对互联网进行非法监听的强烈抗议。 It had promised full privatisation of the internet in 1998, but the idea was put on hold over concerns in Congress that ICANN could become captive to repressive governments. 美国曾在1998年承诺对互联网进行全面私有化,但由于美国国会担忧ICANN可能受制于专制政府,这一想法被搁置。 Stirrings in Washington suggest that such opposition could resurface. Ted Cruz, one of the Republican presidential candidates, and two other senators fired a shot across ICANN’s bows last week with a letter questioning its contacts with China and the risks if it was cut free from US control. 华盛顿方面的迹象似乎表明,此类反对声音可能将重现。上周,共和党总统竞选人之一特德#8226;克鲁兹(Ted Cruz)与另外两名参议员通过一封公开信向ICANN开火,他们质疑该机构与中国的接触以及脱离美国控制可能带来的风险。 Approving a Chinese internet registrar was a sign of the body’s “desire to build a close relationship with the Chinese government which could continue to move in a troubling direction once the US government ends its oversight”, they wrote. 他们写道,批准中文网络域名注册标志着该机构“渴望与中国政府建立密切关系,而一旦美国政府不再进行控管,中国可能继续朝着令人不安的方向前进”。 ICANN has clashed with several countries over how much control they should have over its operations. But despite worries that China and Russia would lead a push for more government control, opposition centred on a wider group of countries that included Argentina, Brazil and France. ICANN曾与好几个国家就后者应在多大程度上对其运营进行管控发生过冲突。但是,尽管人们担心中国、俄罗斯将带头推动更多的政府管控,但反对态度实际上集中于一个更广泛的国家集团,包括阿根廷、巴西和法国。 /201603/431229

7.Slow Computer7.电脑运行缓慢Whenever a computer becomes slow, viruses are almost always blamed. There are a small number of viruses that hog RAM in the background, but it will become obvious very quickly. The truth is that computers slow down over time for numerous reasons, and most of the time, it doesn#39;t have anything to do with viruses.无论何时,只要电脑运行开始变慢,病毒总是第一个躺。有少数病毒隐藏在后台内存中,但它会很快会被发现。事实是,电脑不断运行缓慢是有很多原因,大多数与病毒没有关系。One problem may be that, like anything, computers get old. Your computer may have been really nice when you first bought it, but the constant demands placed on the system make it harder to keep going. Also, the longer you own a computer, the more programs you are likely to have downloaded, which exhausts your RAM. Computers may also slow down when their hard drives start to fail, and not much short of replacing it is going to fix that. Sometimes, Internet connections slow down due to outdated browsers or Flash programming.电脑像所有东西一样会出现一个问题,变旧。电脑在刚买时很好使用,但是对系统不断破坏使电脑变得难以使用。同样,电脑使用越长,程序下载越多,从而消耗内存。当硬盘驱动开始衰退,电脑就会变慢,少有可能通过替换修复它。有时,网络连接变慢是因为浏览器和Flash编程过时。So if your computer is starting to get slower, don#39;t jump to the virus scanner. Check the health of your hardware, stop unnecessary programs running in the background, and make sure all of your software is up to date. If all of that is okay, the problem may be a virus, but there#39;s still a good chance that it#39;s something else.所以,如果你的电脑开始运行缓慢,不要扫毒。检查硬件的健康状况,停止后台不必要的程序运行,确保所有软件已更新。如果一切都没问题,问题就可能是病毒,但仍有可能是别的原因。6.Smartphone Viruses6.智能手机病毒Many people don#39;t really think of their smartphones as tiny computers, but that#39;s essentially what they are. Unfortunately, malicious people are now targeting smartphones the way they target computers.许多人不认为他们的智能手机是台小型电脑,但是它们本身就是。所以有人用攻击电脑的方式恶意攻击智能手机。In 2011, one virus found its way in through a third-party application to send messages from the user#39;s phone, which cost the user money but made the creator of the virus quite a profit. Emboldened by successes like these, viruses have begun inundating the smartphone world.2011年,一款病毒通过第三方应用程序用用户手机发短信,让用户产生费用从而获利。有了这样的成功例子,病毒开始充斥了智能的世界。These viruses usually infiltrate smartphones through downloads of applications from the marketplace. Google#39;s app store is an open marketplace where anyone can sell an app, which is good in a lot of ways, but it also means that the store is full of third-party applications that haven#39;t been vetted. People may feel like they are getting something from a trusted source, though, and unwittingly expose themselves to malicious programs.这些病毒通常从应用市场下载潜入智能手机。谷歌应用商店是一个开放的应用市场,任何人都能出售应用程序,从很多方面来说是好的,但是也说明谷歌商店中的第三方应用程序没有经过审查。人们会觉得从可信来源中得到了什么,然而不知不觉中对恶意软件暴露了自身信息。In this case, it#39;s usually best to never download anything from an untrusted source and check the permissions that applications require. If the permissions they want seem strange, don#39;t agree to them without doing your research.所以,最好的办法是不要从未信任的资源上下载应用,并检查应用程序需要的权限。如果权限看似很奇怪,不要同意它们的权限。5.Laptop Fires5.笔记本着火Many people believe that you shouldn#39;t leave a laptop running too long or leave it on a rug, bed, or anything flammable for fears that it will catch fire. However, there isn#39;t any evidence of that ever happening. On the rare occasion that a laptop does cause a fire, it#39;s because of something like a defect in the wiring.很多人认为,电脑不能运作太长时间或者将电脑放在地毯,被子和易燃的物品上,以免发生火灾。事实表明,这类事情从未发生过。只有很少情况下笔记本会因为线路故障发生火灾。More recent laptops even include better ventilation and fail-safes designed to keep the machine from overheating in any capacity. If your machine is overheating constantly, it#39;s probably a sign that something is wrong with the hardware, you are exceeding its normal capabilities, or it#39;s a really bad design.现今的笔记本都备有良好的风扇装置和自动防故障装置,让电脑在任何情况下都不会过热。如果电脑持续过热,说明电脑硬件可能出现了问题,使用超过了正常能力范围或电脑本身设计有问题。There is a much more real danger with laptops, and that is laptop burn. Many people sit with their laptops directly on their laps, and contrary to the name of the machine, this is a terrible idea. Hot laptops have caused serious burns through clothing within just a few days of moderate usage. If you must use a laptop on your lap, remove it if it starts to feel hot and find another surface to put it on.笔记本更为危险的问题是笔记本过热导致烧伤。很多人将笔记本直接放在大腿上或坐在电脑背面,这是一个可怕的现象。发热的电脑在几天的使用过程中会通过衣造成严重的烧伤。如果你一定要在大腿上使用电脑,当电脑开始发热时将它移开放到其他地方。4.Bottlenecking4.瓶颈效应Many people are under the impression that if their computer starts to fail, they can just replace whatever part is dying. However, technological advances move quickly, making upgrading much more difficult due to compatibility problems.在很多人的印象中,如果电脑出现故障就要更换出问题的部分。然而,技术的飞快进步,由于兼容性的问题让升级变得更加困难。For example, someone might find that their processor is failing, but no one makes processors anymore that work with that particular motherboard, so now they need to replace that, too. Once they#39;ve replaced the motherboard, some of the older parts won#39;t work with the new board, and now they might as well build a new system. This is known as ;bottlenecking.;比如,有人发现处理器出现了问题,但是其他处理器不能适应主板,所以主板也需要更换。一旦更换了主板,其他旧的部分也不能适应新主板,最后要更换新系统。这就是;瓶颈现象;。Even if you don#39;t have any compatibility issues when you upgrade, your system will eventually bottleneck. To a certain extent, your computer is only as good as its weakest component. For example, if you decide that you need to upgrade your card, but your processor is too weak, it#39;s not going to make a noticeable difference.当电脑升级时,尽管没有遇到兼容性问题,你的系统也将出现障碍。从某种程度上说,电脑的好坏取决于电脑最低端的部分。比如,如果你决定要升级视频卡,但是处理器太低端,就不会出现明显的变化。翻译:文思捷 来源:前十网 /201507/388728

A team of scientists from University of Freiburg in Germany are developing a shoe with a sensor to automatically tie its laces that could be taken off when users click their heels together.  德国弗莱堡大学(University of Freiburg)的一个科学团队正在研究一种可利用传感器自动系鞋带的鞋,当使用者碰撞鞋跟时,鞋带就能自动解开。  It’s been 26 years since we saw them magically tightening Marty McFly’s Nike boots in Back to The Future。  在电影《回到未来》(Back to The Future)里,我们看到马丁·麦克弗莱(Marty McFly)耐克鞋自动系鞋带的神奇情景,已经有26年了。  Now, self-tying shoelaces could actually become a reality this year, proving right one of the film’s fantastical predictions for what 2015 would be like。  如今,假如电影中对2015年的虚构预言有一个能成真的话,自动鞋带今年可能真会成为现实。  Engineers have designed a shoe that can automatically lace up, adjusting itself to the shape of your foot。  工程师们设计出一款鞋可以自动系鞋带,并可根据脚型自动调节。  Simply slip the trainer on and pressure sensors will tell the ‘smart shoe’ when your foot is in position, triggering a tiny motor in the heel that pulls the laces tight。  只需滑动控制器,脚穿进去时,压力传感器就会告知“智能鞋”,触发鞋跟的小发动机,将鞋带系紧。  When you want to take off the shoes, you click your heels together twice and the motor will release a spring in the shoe’s tongue, which loosens the laces enough for you to slip them off。  当你想要脱鞋时,碰撞鞋跟两次,发动机就会释放鞋舌部位的弹簧,松开鞋带让你脱鞋。  And the ingenious invention doesn’t even need to be plugged in to charge or have its battery replaced because it runs on power generated by the swing of your foot as you walk。  这项独创性的发明甚至无需充电或更换电池,因为它仅靠你走路时双脚的摆动来发电。  Engineer Klevis Ylli, of the Institute for Micromachining and Information Technology in southern Germany, said the shoes could help a variety of different people。  德国南部微加工和信息技术研究所(The Institute for Micromachining and Information Technology)工程师克赖维斯·伊利(Klevis Ylli)表示,这种鞋可以帮助不同的人。  ;One focus is that it could be used in shoes for elderly people who have mobility problems,; he said. ;But it could also work for children, or as a lifestyle product.;  他说:“值得注意的是,这种鞋带可供行动不便的老年人使用,也可以供孩子使用,或者作为一种生活产品。”  The design, which is still in a prototype phase, cleverly captures the energy of the foot#39;s swing when opposing magnets in each shoe move past each other。  目前,这项设计还是雏形。当两只鞋中极性相反的磁铁互相移动时,设计师能巧妙地获得能量。  It then uses that power to charge a battery. An hour of walking is enough to tighten the laces once, and it requires no energy to undo the shoes because that relies on the spring alone。  然后将这些能量给电池充电,走一个小时的路,产生的电量足以系紧一次鞋带,而解鞋带时只需依靠弹簧,因此无需能量。 /201502/359613

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