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Word Groups and PhrasingPauses for Related Thoughts, Ideas, or for BreathingBy now youve begun developing a strong intonation, with clear peaks and reduced valleys, so youre y for the next step.You may find yourself ing the paragraph in Exercise 1-15 like this:Hello my name is So-and-So Im taking American Accent Training. There salot to learn but I hope to make it as enjoy able as possible.If so, your audience wont completely comprehend or enjoy your presentation.In addition to intonation, there is another aspect of speech that indicates meaning.This can be called phrasing or tone.Have you ever caught just a snippet of a conversation in your own language, and somehow known how to piece together what came before or after the part you heard?This has to do with phrasing.In a sentence, phrasing tells the listener where the speaker is at the moment, where the speaker is going, and if the speaker is finished or not.Notice that the intonation stays on the nouns. /201508/392235绿园区中医医院电话挂号Jeremy: So Abidemi, you were a teacher at one time but now youve gone back to school. Can you tell me what thats like?杰里米:阿比德米,你曾经当过老师,现在你又回到学校继续学习。你能和我说说你的感受吗?Abidemi: Well, Jeremy, I think its great. I think its awesome to be able to go back and play the role of a student after being a teacher for a few years. Im actually loving it. I really enjoy learning. So that aspect of it is great. I love the fact that I have less responsibility as a student now, whereas before, as a teacher, I had the full pressure of all the students on me. If I had 30 students, that means 30 times as much pressure or so it felt like. But now, I just have to concern myself with only me. So that aspect I love.阿比德米:杰里米,我认为那太棒了。在当了几年老师以后再回到学校体验学生的生活,这真的太美好了。我非常喜欢这种感觉。我很享受学习的过程。从这方面来看还是不错的。现在我是学生,所以我的责任少了很多,以前当老师的时候,我感觉所有学生都在向我施加压力。如果我教30个学生,那我就有30倍的压力。不过现在,我只要关心自己就可以了。从这个角度来说我很喜欢现在的生活。Jeremy: Is there anything you miss about being a teacher?杰里米:那老师这份工作,有没有令你怀念的?Abidemi: Maybe, yeah. I miss standing in front of a whole bunch of people and getting to teach them something that they dont know about, share my own opinions and lead discussions. I really miss that. And getting to know each of my students in a different way, I miss that. So yeah, for sure.阿比德米:也许,有的。我想念站在一群学生面前将他们不知道的知识传授给他们的那种感觉,我想念和他们分享我的观点并主持讨论的那些时光。我非常想念这些。还有,用不同的方式去了解每个学生,这也是我所怀念的。Jeremy: Do you think you have a new appreciation of being a student now that you didnt have before you became a teacher?杰里米:那你现在对学生这一身份是不是有了新的认识,你当老师前没有的那种认识?Abidemi: Yes, definitely. Definitely. I wished I had been able to go back to be a student a long—way before this time. And I would love for every teacher to go back and become a student because personally, I think I was very strict as a teacher before. Some of students said it but I didnt realize. I didnt understand how but maybe I did give away too much homework and expected way too much. So now, if I had to go back, I would, yeah, be more lenient, I think.阿比德米:对,当然了,的确如此。我在很久以前就一直希望能重新做回学生。我希望每名教师都能返回校园再去体验一下学生的生活,因为就我个人来说,我以前当老师的时候非常严厉。有学生说过这点,可是当时我没有意识到。我不知道他们为什么会那样认为,也许我之前的确留了太多作业,而且期待的太多了。现在,如果我能回到我当老师的那个时候,我会更宽容一些。Jeremy: So you think becoming a student again has made you, maybe, into a better teacher.杰里米:你认为再次回到学生身份可能会使你成为更好的老师。Abidemi: For sure, definitely, definitely. Its made me appreciate what my students do a lot more.阿比德米:当然了,就是这样。那让我更理解我学生所做的事。Jeremy: So do you have any desire to become a teacher again after you finish your degree?杰里米:那你完成学业以后还想当老师吗?Abidemi: Yes, I do. Yes, I do. I would love to go back into the classroom as a teacher, whether itd be to teach English or teach something else. I enjoyed that role a lot, so I look forward to it.阿比德米:想。我很想。我想回到课堂去教课,无论是教英语还是教其他的内容。我很享受老师这个角色,我期盼能再次当老师。Jeremy: Yeah, I can say that I had a very similar experience. I was a teacher after I graduated my undergraduate, and I taught for a year in Korea. And just that experience really made me appreciate how much freedom you have as a student but also how much motivation you have to push yourself forward. How it has to be up to you to do it. You know, you dont have anybody else breathing down your neck to do stuff. So I really found my second go as being a student was much, much more successful than my first go because I enjoyed being in the classroom. I didnt feel I had to be in the classroom. So yeah, Id like being a teacher made me a much better student. And being a student for many, many years, my graduate degree also made me a much better teacher, I think.杰里米:对,可以说,我的经历和你非常类似。我本科毕业以后做了老师,我在韩国任教一年。那个经历不仅让我更加珍惜学生时代所拥有的自由,也让我意识到应该投入更多的动力推动自己进步。这一切都要靠自己。因为没有人盯着你做事。我发现,我再回到校园比我之前上学的时候要更成功,因为我学会了享受课堂学习。我没有那种我不得不在教室学习的感觉。我想之前当老师的经历让我成为了更好的学生。而在学习了很多年之后,研究生毕业以后,我成为了更好的老师。Abidemi: Thats great.阿比德米:太好了。Jeremy: Yeah.杰里米:对。Abidemi: Thats great.阿比德米:那真的太好了。 译文属 /201705/506840吉林长春市中心医院不孕不育中心Positive正面Im crazy about n.p...我非常喜欢N.P. ..I love n.p.…我爱N.P....I really like n.p.…我真的很喜欢N.P....…,n.p. is really good...,n.p才是真的好I quite like n.p. …我很喜欢N.P. ...Im rather keen on n.p.我比较热衷于N.P.…n.p. is OK.... n.p。为确定。Negative负面I cant stand n.p. ...我不能忍受N.P. ...I cant bear n.p…我无法忍受n.p...I really dont like n.p. ...我真的不喜欢N.P. ...I dont really like n.p. ...我真的不喜欢N.P. ...Im not so keen on n.p.,…我不那么喜欢于N.P.,... /201604/438471长春哪家医院人流做的好

长春子宫里有血刮宫多少钱吉林长春市妇幼保健门诊专家预约01. Thats it I have to take off some weight!真的受够了,我必须要减肥了。02. Im supposed to go on a diet.我要开始节食。03. I tried losing weight, but nothing works.我曾试过减肥,但没什么效果。04. Girls are never satisfied with their figures.女孩们总是不满意自己的身材。05. To be slim, its a fashion.变得苗条是时尚。06. The ice-cream has a lot of fat and oil.冰漠淋中含有很多油脂。07. You dont exercise enough.你锻炼不够。08. Never do any harmful things to your health for a slim figure.不要为了苗条而做些有损自己健康的事情。09. Ive taken off three kilograms this month.我这个月瘦了三公斤。10. Yoga and Pilates are very good ways to lose weight.瑜伽和普拉提都是很好的瘦身方法。11. I have to do away with my love handles.我必须对我腰上的“游泳圈”采取12. Youre pleasantly plump, but you arent obese.你很丰满,但你不算肥胖的那种。13. Youd better stay away from sweetened and fizzy drinks.你最好远离碳酸饮料。14. I think a low fat diet is good for your health.我觉得低脂肪食物对你的健康很有益。15. Keep that greasy hamburger away from me.让那个油腻的汉堡包离我远点。16. Im considering being a vegetarian我正考虑做个素食主义者。17. Carrot juice is low in calories.胡萝卡汁的卡路里很低。18. You can do acupressure along with your diet.你可以一边节食一边做穴位。19. Dont be silly, youre slim enough, its ridiculous for you to lose weight.别傻了,你已经够苗条了,还减什么肥啊?20. I have to get my clothes at the House of Large Sizes now.我现在不得不到大号装店买衣了。 /201506/381168Matt: Hey, Rachel, so do you the newspaper these days?马特:嗨,蕾切尔,你最近看报纸了吗?Rachel: Actually, no. I used to get a newspaper delivered and I didnt it at all, so I cancelled it cause I was worried about wasting trees, and wasting paper and therefore trees.蕾切尔:没有。我以前有订报纸,但是我完全没有看,因为我担心浪费树木、浪费纸,所以我取消了订阅。Matt: Right, right. Yeah, me neither. I dont get any of my news from Newspapers themselves.马特:好,好的。我也是。我现在也不会从报纸上获取新闻了。Rachel: So how do you find out whats going on?蕾切尔:那你怎么了解发生了什么事呢?Matt: Most times I just look on the Internet, and Ive got, you know ... my first page that pops up lists about six or seven headlines, and actually I find myself clicking on them quite a bit. You know, you see one sentence is enough to draw me in, and then I end up ing online my news.马特:大部分时间我会在网上浏览新闻 ,首页会弹出六七条头条新闻标题,我发现我经常会点击这些标题去查看详细新闻。一句话就足以吸引我了,然后我就在网上浏览新闻 。Rachel: Yeah, yeah, me too. But Im a bit worried about it because I always like, when you can choose news, which news article to you tend to just choose the light entertainment article or maybe not the really serious news as much as you would if was on the front page.蕾切尔:对,我也是。不过我对此有些担心,因为我发现,在可以选择阅读哪些新闻时,你通常会选择头版新闻中性不强的文章,或者不太严肃的新闻。Matt: Right, right. And I wonder where those headlines, like, who chooses what appears? So I worry about that too. But I wonder in the future if theyll even be newspapers anymore.马特:对,对。我想知道这些新闻是谁挑选出来放在头版的?我也担心这点。我想知道未来报纸还会不会存在。Rachel: I heard that they are actually really struggling to make money and even the most famous newspapers are starting to go bankrupt.蕾切尔:我听说报纸业现在获利非常困难,甚至最出名的报纸也开始走向破产。Matt: Really?马特:真的吗?Rachel: Yeah.蕾切尔:对。Matt: And what ...? Do you think those companies will make a shift to being completely online then at some point?马特:那……你认为这些公司会在某个时间点完全转向网络新闻吗?Rachel: Yeah, I think they would have to. Yeah, yeah. Which is a shame because I mean cause I like the idea of the newspaper.蕾切尔:对,我认为他们必须这样做。对,这真遗憾,因为我喜欢报纸这个概念。Matt: Right, right.马特:对,没错。Rachel: Do you think books will disappear though?蕾切尔:你认为书籍也会消失吗?Matt: That I dont know. I mean I think a lot of people ... like you were maybe saying, but like the feel of a book and like and I think people ing on a screen. Ive never been able to a book online. Me neither. Ive always only through something I can hold and take with me anywhere. But these days with the little handheld units! Have you ever tried to online? Like an actual novel?马特:这个我不知道。我想许多人,包括你在内都曾这样说过,不过我喜欢读书的感觉,现在人们都在屏幕上阅读。我一直不能在线阅读。我看书的话,必须要看拿在手里且可以随身携带的实体书。不过最近出了很多掌上设备。你有试过在线阅读吗?比较在线阅读小说之类的?Rachel: No, I just dont like the idea of it. I dont think my eyes could take that sort of electronic screen for like 300 pages, so no.蕾切尔:没有,我不喜欢在线阅读。我想我的眼睛不能在电子屏上看300页,所以我没试过。 译文属 /201608/459252榆树市妇幼保健妇保医院的营业时间长春朝阳妇幼保健院流产多少钱

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