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SEOUL (Reuters) - A Korean Air Lines Coexecutive, whose dismay over the way she was served macadamia nuts led to aplane returning to its gate to expel the cabin crew chief, has stepped down as head of in-flight service, the airline said on Tuesday.首尔(路透社)——据一韩国航空公司周二表示,该公司副社长因对乘务员上澳洲坚果的方式感到不快,致飞机飞回登机口将乘务工作负责人赶下飞机,这位副社长已经辞去其在航空公司的职位。Korean Air apologized for Fridays incident at New Yorks John F. Kennedy International Airport in which Heather Cho, a vice president of the airline, took issue with a crew member for substandard service.大韩航空公司就周五发生在纽约肯尼迪国际机场的事件致歉,事件经过是该航空公司副社长赵显娥因务规格与乘务员发生争论。The incident aboard an Airbus A380 jumbojet that had been pushed back from its gate bound for Incheon, near Seoul, provoked outrage in South Korea when it was reported on Monday.发生在空客A380大型喷气式客机上的事件导致这班飞往首尔附近城市仁川市的客机折返,据周一新闻报道,韩国民众对此感到愤怒;I am sorry to our customers and the Korean people that I unintentionally caused social uproar and I ask forgiveness from anyone who has been hurt by me,; a company official, speaking to Reuters by telephone, ed Heather Cho as saying late on Tuesday.该航空公司一名官员于周二晚些时候援引赵显娥的话回应路透社的电话采访,“我就自己无意间引发社会骚动向我们的顾客以及韩国人民致歉,我请求所有受到影响的人员的谅解”;I take responsibility for the incident,; the official ed her as saying.官方原因她的话说,“这件事情的责任在我”。Cho was seated in first-class when she took issue with a flight attendant who handed her macadamia nuts in a bag, not on adish, according to an industry official briefed on the matter, who declined to be identified.一名不愿透露身份的业内人士简要说明了事件,当时,坐在头等舱的赵显娥同递给她袋装澳洲坚果的乘务员发生了争论。Cho ;took issue with the cabin crew chiefs qualifications,; and the plane was returned by the pilot to its gate to expel the crew chief, the airline said.航空公司说,赵显娥“争论起乘务工作负责人的资质”,飞行员将飞机飞回登记口将乘务工作负责人赶下了飞机。The flight arrived in Incheon 11 minutes behind schedule.结果,客机晚点了11分钟才到达仁川市。来 /201412/347796。

  • Europe is not quite the basket case it was a few years ago. But with low-as-you-can-go-growth, mounds of debt, throngs of unemployed youth and a rising tide of Euroskepticism, the European Union, to put it kindly, is still in a tough spot.如今的欧洲已经不再是几年前那个毫无希望的人。但一点点经济增长、一大堆债务、大批失业的年轻人和欧元怀疑论不断升温,欧盟往好了说也仍旧困难重重。As if the above didn’t make it obvious aly, it’s also in need of a strong leader.如果上面这些还说得不够清楚,换句话说,欧盟还需要一位强大的领袖。In theory, Europe has a spot at the top in which a real leader might sit and wield some gavel of authority, clarity, and resolute power—and that is the high office of President of the European Commission.理论上欧洲有一个最高职位,一位真正的领袖可以在这个位置上施展权威,廓清迷雾,行使绝对权力——这个职位就是欧盟委员会(European Commission)主席一职。In reality, Europe has nothing of the kind. Which would explain why few but his immediate family and a handful of bureaucrats in Brussels know precisely who the current holder of that office is. (For the record, it’s Jose-Manuel Barroso, a former Prime Minister of Portugal, law professor, and one-time student at Georgetown.)但事实上,欧洲根本没有这样一个职位。这可以解释为什么只有他的直系近亲与布鲁塞尔的几位官员明确知道目前的欧盟委员会主席到底是谁。(他就是若曼努埃尔o巴罗佐,葡萄牙前总理,法学教授,曾在美国乔治敦大学求学。)All of which brings us to Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and No. 13 on Fortune’s 2014 list of the 50 World’s Greatest Leaders. There are some who now hope that Lagarde will emerge as a candidate for the European Commission presidency—whose role is to oversee the body that proposes and enforces EU laws—when the current office-holder’s second five-year term ends later this year.由此,人们将目标投向了国际货币基金组织总裁克里斯蒂娜o拉加德,2014年《财富》全0位领导力榜样排行榜排名第13。有些人希望,今年晚些时候现任欧盟主席结束第二个5年任期后,拉加德能成为候选人,负责管理欧盟立法和执法机构。One such booster, apparently, is Angela Merkel, Germany’s well-regarded Chancellor (and No. 2 on Fortune’s World’s Greatest Leader list), who reportedly pressed Lagarde to run for the job.显然,德国总理安吉拉o默克尔就是这样的一位持者(默克尔在《财富》全0为领导力榜样榜单中排名第二)。报道称,她力推拉加德竞争这个职位。The path to the position is hardly straightforward. Merkel raised the matter with French President Francois Hollande, who generally speaking would be the one to put Lagarde forward as a candidate—something Hollande, who is loathe to lose a compatriot at the powerful IMF, is unlikely to do. So, technically, for Lagarde to be considered, she would likely have to be nominated by one or another pan-European political parties.通往这个职位的道路并非没有曲折。默克尔与法国总统弗朗索瓦o奥朗德提起过这事,一般而言,应该由法国总统提名拉加德为候选人。但奥朗德可能不会这么做,他绝不想在有实权的IMF中失去一位亲法者。因此,从技术层面,如果拉加德要加入候选人行列,她可能必须获得一个泛欧政党的提名。Later this month, European leaders will choose from such candidates. As per the EU’s purportedly more democratic rules, they must factor into their decisions the results of May’s parliamentary election. The emergent nominee must then win majority approval of the European parliament.本月晚些时候,欧洲领导人们将从这些候选人中做出选择。按欧盟据称更为民主的条例,他们的最终决定必须考虑5月份的欧洲议会选举结果。获得提名的人选必须获得欧洲议会多数通过。May’s election results suggest that the favorite may well be Jean-Claude Juncker, a former prime minister of Luxembourg and an old-school European federalist, who Merkel initially backed. The ed Kingdom’s David Cameron, however, has been openly opposed to Juncker. Hence, the backroom negotiations that led to the conversation between Merkel and Hollande, according to reports.5月份的选举结果显示,最受欢迎的很可能是前卢森堡总理克洛德o容克,也是默克尔起初持的一位老派欧洲联邦主义者。但英国的戴维o卡梅伦已经公开表示反对容克。因此,报道称,种种幕后角力导致了默克尔与奥朗德之间的对话。Getting involved in all that politicking merely to join ranks with a mélange of underweight Eurocrats, may sound like a step back for Lagarde, whose star has been rising on the international stage ever since she replaced the disgraced Dominique Strauss-Kahn as the “World’s Bankerin 2011. And, well, it probably is.参与这些政治斗争,泯然于一群无足轻重的欧洲官员之列,对于拉加德而言可能是一种倒退。自011年她取代斯文扫地的多米尼克o斯特劳斯o卡恩成为“世界的家”后,她就已经成了国际舞台上冉冉升起的明星。嗯,可能就是这样。Indeed, Lagarde has said she is not interested in the presidency. Her current job, after all, affords her a platform from which she wields considerable influence in a global conversation on the world’s most pressing issues—from rising income inequality to banking reforms to climate change.确实,拉加德已经表态,她对主席一职不感兴趣。毕竟,她当前的职务为她提供了一个很好的平台,让她可以就全球最紧迫的一些事务在国际对话中施加相当的影响力。这些事务涵盖了从收入不平等加剧,到改革,再到气候变化的大量问题。Still, one can’t blame Merkel for trying. The German Chancellor and many other top European leaders have no doubt been spooked by the dramatic gains made by anti-EU parties in late May’s elections. Lagarde, meanwhile, is regarded as a consensus-builder who can contend with the increasing dissatisfaction among EU member states—in three years Britain plans to hold a referendum on its membership—and bring positive change to the organization.不过,人们也不能怪默克尔有这样的想法。这位德国总理以及欧洲其他很多最高领导人们无疑都月底欧洲议会选举中反欧盟党派持率的飙升给吓坏了。与此同时,拉加德还被视为共识缔造者,她能够应对欧盟成员国日益滋长的不满情绪(英国计划年内就欧盟成员身份举行全民公投),同时给欧盟组织带来积极的改变。If for some reason the EU Presidency doesn’t work out, of course, there’s always the role of President of the European Council. Or President of the European Parliament. Chances are you don’t know who holds these grand offices either. But hey, we’ll give you a hint: One of them used to be a Prime Minister of Belgium.当然,如果欧盟主席因为某种原因不起作用,总还有欧洲理事会主席这个职位。再或者,还有欧洲议会主席。或许大家还不知道这些主席是谁。我们可以给你一点提示:他们中的一位曾经是比利时首相。(财富中文网) /201406/308318。
  • Benjamin Netanyahu says he will warn against a possible nuclear deal with Iran “that could threaten the survival of Israelwhen he addresses the US Congress today.本雅#8226;内塔尼亚Benjamin Netanyahu)表示,他将在今日对美国国会发表演讲时就与伊朗可能达成的一项核协议发出警告,称其“可能危及以色列的生存”。Ahead of the much anticipated and controversial speech, the Israeli prime minister denied that his decision to take his message on Iran directly to the Republican-controlled legislature despite White House objections was a sign of disrespect for Barack Obama.尽管白宫反对,但以色列总理决定直接向由共和党控制的美国立法机构介绍自己对伊朗问题的看法。在发表此次既受期待又有争议的演讲之前,他否认这一决定表明他对巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)不敬。The US president, who is leading delicate negotiations on a diplomatic deal to contain Iran’s nuclear programme, told Reuters that Mr Netanyahu’s warnings on the 2013 interim deal with Iran had not come true but said the dispute over the speech would not be “permanently destructiveto US-Israel relations.美国总统奥巴马正领导微妙的谈判,争取就限制伊朗核计划达成一项外交协议。他告诉路透社(Reuters),内塔尼亚胡013年与伊朗达成的临时协议发出的警告并没有成为现实,但他表示,有关此次演讲的争议不会“永久破坏”美国与以色列的关系。Mr Obama said a diplomatic agreement was the best way to deal with Iran’s nuclear programme, adding that any deal needed to last at least 10 years, but cautioned that the odds were still against reaching a final agreement.奥巴马表示,外交协议是处理伊朗核计划的最佳方式,他补充称,任何协议都需要持续至0年,但他告诫称,目前来看,达成最终协议的前景仍不容乐观。“If they do agree to it, it would be far more effective in controlling their nuclear programme than any military action we could take, any military action Israel could take and far more effective than sanctions will be,he said.他表示:“如果他们果真同意该协议,那将比我们可能采取、以色列可能采取的任何军事行动有效得多,也将比制裁有效得多。”Mr Netanyahu told the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in Washington yesterday that he would speak up in front of Congress on the threat of a potential deal with Iran. He was greeted by a standing ovation and applauded warmly several times.内塔尼亚胡昨日在华盛顿告诉美国以色列公共事务委员American Israel Public Affairs Committee),他将在美国国会就与伊朗可能达成的一项协议的威胁坦率直言。他的讲话得到台下听众起立喝,并多次得热烈掌声。来 /201503/362192。
  • The Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries has lowered its long-term estimates for oil demand but says tn of investment will still be needed between now and 2040 to cover future needs and prevent a spike in prices.石油输出国组织(OPEC,简称欧佩克)降低了长期石油需求预期,但表示,从现在到2040年将需0万亿美元投资才能满足未来需求和阻止价格飙涨。The forecasts, contained in the group’s World Oil Outlook, highlight the delicate balancing act facing Opec and its most powerful member Saudi Arabia as it persists with a strategy that puts long-term exports and market share over short-term financial gain.欧佩克在其《世界能源展望World Energy Outlook)中做出了上述预期,突显出该集团及其实力最强大的成员国沙特面临微妙的平衡,沙特正推行将长期出口和市场份额置于短期财务收益之上的战略。Lower spending by major companies and oil prices at below a barrel for a prolonged period could have an impact on future oil supplies and lead to a surge in prices.大型石油公司降低出,以及石油价格长期低于每0美元,可能对未来石油供应产生影响,导致价格飙升。“If the right signals are not forthcoming, there is a possibility that the market could find that there is not enough new capacity and infrastructure in place to meet future rising demand levels, and this would obviously have a knock-on impact on prices,said Abdalla El-Badri, secretary-general of Opec, in the report.欧佩克秘书长阿卜杜拉巴德Abdalla El-Badri)在报告中表示:“如果正确的信号没有出现,那么市场很可能发现,缺乏足够的新产能和基础设施来满足未来不断增长的需求水平,这显然会对价格产生连锁影响。”来 /201512/418850。
  • A laboratory mistake at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta may have exposed a technician to the deadly Ebola virus, federal officials said on Wednesday. The technician will be monitored for signs of infection for 21 days, the incubation period of the disease.联邦官员周三称,位于亚特兰大的疾病控制与预防中心(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,简称CDC)实验室的一个失误,可能已使一名技术人员接触到致命的埃拉病毒。这名技术人员将1天的病毒潜伏期内接受观察,看是否有感染的迹象。Other employees who entered the lab fewer than a dozen where the mistake occurred are being examined for possible exposure. So far, it appears that none of them were exposed, said Thomas Skinner, a C.D.C. spokesman.还有不到12名工作人员进入过出现失误的实验室。他们正在接受体检,以确定是否接触了病毒。CDC的发言人托马斯·斯金Thomas Skinner)称,目前来看,他们似乎都没有接触到病毒。The samples were properly contained and never left the disease centers, so there is no risk to the public, officials said.联邦官员称,这些样本已经被妥善封存,从来没有带到CDC之外的地方,因而不会对公众构成风险。The error occurred on Monday, when a high-security lab at the C.D.C., working with Ebola virus from the epidemic in West Africa, sent samples that should have been killed to another C.D.C. laboratory, down the hall.此次失误发生在本周一。当时,一间负责处理来自西非疫区的埃拉病毒的安全级别较高的CDC实验室,打算把一些灭活的病毒样本送到位于走廊另一头的另一间CDC实验室。But the first lab sent the wrong samples ones that may have contained the live virus. The second lab was not equipped to handle live Ebola. The technician who worked with the samples wore gloves and a gown, but no face shield, and may have been exposed.但是,第一间实验室送错了样本——里面可能包含活病毒。第二间实验室并没有处理活病毒的装备。经手这些样本的那名技术人员戴了手套,穿了大褂,但没有戴面罩,因此可能接触到了病毒。The mixup of the samples was discovered on Tuesday, Dr. Stuart Nichol, chief of the C.D.C.s Viral Special Pathogens Branch, said in an interview. He ascribed it to human error.CDC病毒性特殊病原体部门的主任斯图尔特·尼科尔士(Stuart Nichol)接受采访时称,这次样本混淆事件于周二浮出水面。他将责任归咎于人为失误。The accident is especially troubling because dangerous samples of anthrax and flu were similarly mishandled at the C.D.C. just months ago, eroding confidence in an agency that has long been one of the most highly respected scientific research centers in the world.这起事故格外令人不安,因为就在几个月前,CDC对炭疽和流感危险样本的处理也出现过类似的失误,影响了人们对这家长期以来在全世界广受赞誉的科研机构的信心。The C.D.C. promised last summer to improve its safety procedures and chose a panel of outside experts to advise it on how to do so.今年夏天,CDC承诺改善安全流程,并挑选了一个外部专家小组提供相关建议。“I’m working on it until the issue is resolved,the agency’s director, Dr. Thomas R. Frieden, said in an interview in July.“我将付出努力,直到这个问题得到解决,”CDC主任托马斯·R·弗里登Thomas R. Frieden)7月接受采访时说。Under harsh questioning from members of Congress that month, Dr. Frieden admitted that the errors at C.D.C. labs were not isolated mishaps, but rather part of a broad pattern of unsafe practices. He called one of the episodes a “tipping pointthat had forced agency officials to realize they needed to take action.也是在那个月,在国会议员的强烈质疑下,弗里登承认,CDC实验室的失误不是孤立的偶然事件,而是更大范围的不安全操作倾向的一部分。他表示,其中一起事件是迫使机构官员意识到必须采取行动的“引爆点”。Reacting to the latest accident, safety experts expressed outrage. Richard H. Ebright, a molecular biologist at Rutgers University and an expert on biological weapons, said: “They did not learn. They do not learn. They seem incapable of learning.”安全专家们表达了对这起最新事故的愤怒。罗格斯大学(Rutgers University)的分子生物学家与生物武器专家理查德·H·埃布赖特(Richard H. Ebright)说:“他们以前不吸取教训,现在也没有,似乎就是无法得到教训。”He said the errors were inexcusable. Labs that produce samples of killed virus should test to make sure they are dead, he said, and labs receiving those samples should test them before working with them.他认为,这些失误不可宽恕。实验室在送出灭活样本之前应该进行检测,确保它们已经失活,而接收这些样本的实验室在处理之前也应该进行检测。The previous incidents occurred last spring and summer. In June, C.D.C. scientists sent anthrax samples, supposedly killed, to laboratories that were not equipped to handle dangerous pathogens. But the bacteria turned out to be live, because a deactivating technique too weak to wipe out anthrax spores had been used. Dozens of employees were offered antibiotics and anthrax vaccine; none became infected.此前的几次失误发生在今年春天和夏天月,CDC的科学家将本以为已经被灭活了的炭疽样本,送至多家未配备处理危险病原体设备的实验室。但后来明,这些细菌还是活的,因为之前使用的灭活技术力度不够,未能消灭炭疽孢子。数十名雇员摄入了抗生素并注射了炭疽疫苗,不过没人被感染。The head of the laboratory that shipped the bacteria resigned a few weeks after the mistakes came to light. Although C.D.C. officials gave no reason for his resignation and said it was voluntary, they had previously indicated that they feared workers in that laboratory had grown careless because of lax supervision.事故曝光几周后,送出了炭疽细菌的那家实验室的负责人辞职。尽管CDC的官员未透露他辞职的原因,并称其属于自愿,但他们之前曾表示,担心该实验室的工作人员因为监管不严而变得粗心大意。In another blunder, a C.D.C. lab accidentally contaminated a relatively benign flu sample with a dangerous H5N1 bird flu strain that can be fatal in humans, and then shipped it to a laboratory at the Department of Agriculture. Scientists at the receiving lab detected the error, and no one was harmed.在另一个重大失误中,一家CDC实验室不小心让危险的H5N1禽流感毒株污染了一份相对良性的流感样本,后又将其送到了农业部的一家实验室。接收样本的那家实验室的科学家发现了错误,无人受到感染。H5N1禽流感对人体是致命的。Although the incident occurred in May, senior C.D.C. officials were not told about it until July 7, and Dr. Frieden did not hear about it until two days after that. He said in an interview in July that he was “stunned and appalledby the incident.尽管事故月发生的,但CDC的高级官员直日才被告知此事,而弗里登本人则是在那之后两天才听说。他月接受采访时称,自己对该事故感到“震惊和错愕”。The mistakes led the C.D.C. to appoint a panel of outside safety experts in July to advise Dr. Frieden on how to correct sloppy procedures at government laboratories. The C.D.C. temporarily closed its flu and bioterrorism laboratories, and halted shipments of all infectious agents from its high-security labs until those labs could pass muster with a newly formed safety panel within the agency.这些失误促使CDC月任命了一个由外部安全专家组成的委员会,就如何纠正政府实验室马虎的程序为弗里登提供咨询意见。CDC曾短暂地关闭了下属的流感和生物恐怖主义实验室,并中止从安全级别较高的实验室运送一切致病原,直到这些实验室能得到CDC内部新成立的一个安全委员会的认可。In August, the special pathogens branch where the Ebola accident occurred on Monday received permission to start sending out infectious agents again.今年8月,特殊病原体部门——周一埃拉事故的发生地——获得许可,重新开始送出致病原。Dr. Nichol said that the high-security lab where the mistake occurred had prepared two sets of fluid samples from guinea pigs infected with Ebola. The fluid was handled as if it contained live virus, though it is not certain that the virus was present.尼科尔称,出现失误的这家安全级别较高的实验室准备了两组液体样本,均采自感染了埃拉的豚鼠。这些液体被当做含有活病毒接受了处理,但实验室并不确定其中是否真有病毒。One set of samples was to remain in the high-security lab so that researchers could try to isolate the virus from it. The other was to be treated with a solution that would kill the virus and then be sent to a lower-level laboratory where a technician would try to extract genetic material from it.按照计划,一组样本将留在这间高安全级别的实验室,以便研究人员能尝试将病毒从液体中分离出来。另一组样本中,将加入一种能杀死病毒的溶液,然后再被送到级别较低的一间实验室。那里的技术人员将尝试提取其中的遗传物质。Somehow, the samples were switched: The ones with killed virus stayed in the high-security lab, and the ones that may have contained live virus were sent to the lower-level lab and processed there.不知何故,这两组样本被调换了:已灭活的那一组样本留在了高级别实验室,而可能含有活病毒的那一组则被送到了低级别实验室,并在那里接受了处理。The accident is being investigated, said Barbara Reynolds, a C.D.C. spokeswoman.CDC发言人芭芭拉·雷诺Barbara Reynolds)表示,事故正在接受调查。“We’ll learn from this mistake as we’ve learned from the others,she said.“我们会像对待其他失误一样,从这次失误中吸取教训,”她说。来 /201412/351191。
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