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大数据分析认为中国房价可能要下跌 -- :9:53 来源: 中国房地产市场最近的招聘趋势,向我们传达了重要警告 The current hiring trend in China’s housing market is eerily similar to that of , and that sends an important warning signal.中国房地产市场最近的招聘趋势,与年惊人地相似,而这向我们传达了一个重要的警告信号Keeping China’s property market in good shape is paramount to the country. It’s a huge driver of the country’s economic growth. The housing market is a key driver of loan growth, commodities demand, and employment.保持中国房地产市场的良好状态对于国家十分重要它是国家经济增长的巨大驱动力房地产市场是贷款增长,大宗商品需求和就业的关键驱动力Chinese officials tried to clear a housing glut by loosening lending standards and delivering a range of stimulus measures last year.去年中国官员试图通过放松信贷标准和一系列刺激措施,来解决住房过剩问题Real-estate investment picked up, and property prices in first-tier cities exploded. Even when the government tightened standards in mid-March, the buying frenzy carried on. Housing prices jumped in 65 out of 70 cities in April, according to the National Bureau of Statistics.房地产投资回升,一线城市房产价格暴增甚至当政府3月份提高标准后,抢购狂潮也持续进行根据国家统计局,四月份70个城市中65个城市的房价都上涨That could be about to change. Guidepoint, a firm that analyzes big data across various industries, recently released a report on China job postings.Guidepoint,一个分析各行业大数据的公司,最近根据中国招聘信息发表一项报道说,这可能要改变The firm found that since early , the spikes and drops in new job postings from property agencies have preceded a similar pattern in the overall housing market by about six months.该公司发现:自从年,房地产机构招聘信息数量的增长和降低,与大约6个月范围的房地产市场变化规律相似The number of new job postings from property agencies now seems to be topping out, according to the research, suggesting a drop in property prices could be on the way."If this continues, the recent topping off of new job posting growth would signal that the housing prices across China may be y to turn yet again," said Erik Haines, who leads the data and analytics team at Guidepoint.根据这项研究,房地产机构最近的招聘信息数量已经平顶,这表明房地产价格要下跌“如果这种现象持续,最近招聘信息增长平顶,是中国房价将再次转变方向的信号,”Erik Haines说,他是Guidepoint公司数据和分析团队的领头人The homebuilding industry shows a similar trend, which again points to the likelihood of a price drop and fewer construction jobs to fill.住宅建筑行业也表示出相同趋势,也再次明房价要下跌,建筑工作要减少That could have some dark consequences. By the IMF’s calculations, residential investment made up % of fixed-asset investment and % of total urban employment in China in . With about 9 million working-age people, that means more than 6 million jobs may be at risk.这可能有一些不好的后果根据国际贷币基金组织的计算,年中国住宅投资占固定资产投资的%,也占城镇就业的%大约9亿10万适龄劳动人口,这意味着超过1亿3600万人的工作将不保Let’s not get thatChina’s labor market is the No. 1 concern the country’s leadership.让我们不要忘记,中国的劳动力市场,是该国领导人首要关注的问题Industry watchers are increasingly worried about investors’ speculative behavior and an impending burst of the real-estate bubble. Analysts at Capital Economics, example, have warned of a "sharp correction in prices at some point."行业观察者越来越担心投资者的投机行为和一触即发的房地产泡沫例如,Capital Economics的分析师警告了“迟早发生的价格大幅回调”Well, this may be the time.好吧,可能到时候了欧洲杯:俄罗斯球迷被法国驱逐出境 -- 19:39: 来源: 由于俄罗斯球迷屡教不改,多次挑起暴力冲突,目前部分俄罗斯球迷已经被法国驱逐出境 French police blamed 0 "well-trained" Russian hooligans clashes bee England played Russia in Marseille.法国警方之前曾谴责了0“训练有素”的俄罗斯流氓,在英格兰和俄罗斯于马赛的比赛开始前,这伙人和英格兰的球迷爆发了打斗冲突Six English fans were jailed on Monday their roles in the disorder and Uefa has threatened to disqualify both teams if there is further violence.本周一,六名英国球迷因为参与这场骚乱而入狱,而且欧足联曾威胁入过双方球迷发生更进一步暴力冲突的话,将取消两队伍的参赛资格Uefa gave Russia a fine and suspended disqualification scenes inside the stadium after Saturday’s 1-1 draw.在上周六的比赛中,英格兰和俄罗斯以1-1的成绩打成平局,后来双方球迷在球场内爆发了暴力冲突据此,欧足联对俄罗斯处以了罚金,并且暂时取消参赛资格Alexandr Shprygin, head of the Russian Union of Supporters, said 9 fans were being escorted to the airport.据俄罗斯队球迷首领亚历山大表示,有9名俄罗斯球迷被护送到了机场(驱逐出境)Shprygin claimed they had been held near Cannes and put on a bus, adding they had "violated no laws in France" and were "not involved in the events in Marseille or in the port or at the stadium".据亚历山大透露,这些俄罗斯球迷在戛纳附近被捕,然后就被塞进了一辆公共汽车里据亚历山大表示,这些俄罗斯球迷“没有违犯法国的任何法律”,也“没有参与发生在马赛、尼斯和球场里的暴力冲突事件”Fellow passenger Sergei Gorbachev told the B that some of the fans on the bus had been separated from the rest, with police saying they were to be deported.同在那辆公共汽车里的谢尔盖·戈尔巴乔夫告诉B说,车上的一些俄罗斯球迷被隔离了开来,警方称他们将被驱逐出境Russian supporters from the bus were later transferred to a Marseille police station where the fans were expected to be held overnight.这辆车上的俄罗斯球迷后来被移送到了马赛的一处警察局,在那里他们将被关押一个晚上Thirty-five people have been injured - most of them England fans - while a total of people were arrested after three days of disorder in Marseille.在马赛的这场骚乱中,共有35人受伤(大部分是英格兰球迷),有人被逮捕Football Association chairman Greg Dyke expressed "serious concerns" about security in Lille, where England fans and Russian supporters are set to gather over the next three days.英国足协主席格雷格·戴克对里尔的安保表示“严重关切”,在接下来的三天时间里,英格兰和俄罗斯的球迷还将在这里碰头Russia play Slovakia in the city on Wednesday, while England fans are expected to gather there ahead of Thursday’s Group B match against Wales in the nearby town of Lens.俄罗斯队将于本周三在里尔迎战斯洛伐克,而处于B组的英格兰队将于本周四在临近的伦斯和威尔士队较量,英国球迷在那之前也会聚集到里尔来French authorities have aly pledged to increase security in Lens, deploying ,00 police, gendarmes, security guards and a riot squad.法国政府已经承诺加强伦斯的安保力量,将部署00名警察、宪兵、安保人员和防暴部队Drinking alcohol in the streets has also been banned.街道上已经禁止饮酒Up to 50,000 England fans are expected in Lens despite the fact that the 35,000-capacity stadium has aly sold out.尽管可以容纳3万5000人的球场门票已经售罄,但是预计任然将有多达5万的英国球迷聚集在伦斯Dr Joel Rookwood, a senior lecturer in football business at Southampton Solent, says Russian hooligans will "prioritise fighting the English rather than watching their own team play".南安普顿索伦特大学的足球商务高级讲师卢克伍德士表示,俄罗斯足球流氓将“把和英国人打架作为优先事项,而不是优先观看俄罗斯队的比赛“" these very violent hooligans, it is a sport," he told B Radio 5 live. "The battle them is more significantly won off the pitch. They’re very well organised and ruthlessly effective. They don’t seem to fear the police."卢克伍德告诉B广播5台直播:“对这些非常暴力的足球流氓来说,打架就是一种运动对他们来说,打架取得胜利要比俄罗斯队在球场上取得胜利更重要他们组织有序,并且效率高得简直无情这些足球流氓不怕警察”Five England fans have been jailed throwing bottles at police, while a sixth was jailed in connection with the violence.在被关押的6名英国球迷中,有5人是因为朝警察扔瓶子而被关押,还有一人是因为参与暴力冲突而入狱Two Russians were arrested invading the pitch.两名俄罗斯球迷因侵入球场而被捕The Kremlin said "riots" involving Russian fans were "absolutely unacceptable".俄罗斯方面表示,有俄罗斯球迷参与的“骚乱”是“绝对不可饶恕的”

关于拳王阿里:你不曾听说的5件事儿 -- :53: 来源:chinadaily Muhammad Ali is remembered his influence inside and outside of the boxing ring and standing up his principles in the face of fierce backlash.穆罕默德?阿里在拳击台上台下展现出他十足的影响力;在面临突如其来的人生变故时,他也能坚定自己的信念;这一切都让人们铭记在心Known his quick jab and a lightning-fast wit, Ali seemed to be able to adapt his skills to any situation, be it to get himself into trouble or right back out again.阿里擅长快速猛击且反应敏捷,无论是在赛况危急时刻,还是在力挽狂澜之时,他似乎都能够凭借自己的技能在赛场上应对自如The boxing legend died on Friday night at 7, after a long battle with Parkinson's disease.这位拳击界的传奇人物与帕金森综合症经过长期斗争后,于上周五晚(当地时间6月3日晚)去世,享年7岁You'll hear a lot of crazy stories about him over the next few days. He permed magic tricks like a champion. He had Irish roots and family ties to Katie Couric. He released a spoken word album titled, "I am the greatest." But here are some of our favorites:拳王去世后,这几天你可能会听说有关他的许多不可思议的故事例如,他像冠军似的表演魔术;他有爱尔兰血统,与凯蒂?柯丽克是亲戚;他发行过音乐说唱专辑《我是最强者等等然而,下面将讲述人们最感兴趣的五个故事1. The NSA wiretapped Ali's phone美国国家安全局曾监听过阿里的手机Declassified documents revealed in that the National Security Agency tapped overseas communications of Vietnam War critics, including Martin Luther King Jr. and Ali, The Washington Post reported at the time.据华盛顿邮报报道,年披露的美国政府解密文件显示,美国国家安全局曾监控反越战人士(包括马丁·路德·金和阿里)的海外通讯A brief of those government documents suggests that Ali was surveilled during his efts to avoid the draft. During 1966 and 1967, the heavyweight boxer appealed his draft status, saying, "I can fight in wars declared only by Allah himself." He was sentenced to five years in prison, though the Supreme Court ruled in 1971 that he was entitled to conscientious objector status.这些政府文件摘要表明,在阿里拒绝兵役期间,国家安全局一直监控阿里在1966和1967年期间,这名重量级拳击选手向法院申请不去兵役,他说,“我只有在真主的召唤下才会应征入伍”尽管最高法院于1971年裁定阿里为“因宗教信仰原因不肯兵役者”,但在那之前,阿里依旧被判处五年有期徒刑. He starred in a Broadway musical他在百老汇音乐剧中担任主角In 1969, during his suspension from boxing over his refusal to go to Vietnam, Ali was reportedly drowning in debt and still appealing his conviction. He made pocket change by touring colleges to discuss the war, and, as Playbill points out, he starred in the Broadway musical, "Buck White."阿里因拒绝加入越南战争而被吊销了拳击执照1969年,据说在被迫离开赛场的这段时间里,阿里债务缠身,但他仍然一直在为自己上诉他在大学做巡回演讲,与学生们讨论战争问题,通过这种方式挣点儿小钱人们从以前的百老汇海报中能看出,他还主演了音乐剧《巴克?怀特大时代Ali sang nearly every song in the musical, playing a militant black lecturer addressing a meeting organized by a black political group. But he would never return to the stage after his conviction was overturned.音乐剧中几乎每一首歌都是阿里演唱的,阿里在剧中扮演一名激进的黑人演说者,剧中这位演说者正在一个由黑人政治团体组织的会议上发言然而,在最高法院为他翻案之后,他再也没有登上音乐剧舞台3. He started training in boxing to beat up the kid who stole his bike为打败偷车小孩学习拳击Cassius Clay (Ali) was just years old in 195 when he got y to "whup" the boy who stole his bicycle in his hometown of Louisville, Ky.195年,年仅岁的卡修斯·克莱(穆罕默德·阿里)准备教训家乡路易斯维尔的一个偷了他的自行车的男孩But a local cop warned him that he'd need to learn to box first.但当地一名警察提醒他应该先学习拳击At just 89 pounds, Clay had his first fight — and his first win — just weeks later, according to Bleacher Report. By 196, he was the heavyweight champion of the world, after upsetting Sonny Liston.据“看台报告”报道,就在几周后,体重仅有89磅的克莱首战报捷到196年,他取代了桑尼·里斯顿,成为世界重量级拳击冠军No word on whether he got his bike back.然而他是否拿回了自己的单车,我们不得而知. Rumor has it that his Olympic gold medal is sitting at the bottom of a river传闻他的奥运金牌正躺在河底In 1960, the 18-year-old fighter traveled to Rome and won the light heavyweight gold medal in the Summer Olympics.1960年,18岁的拳击运动员克莱(阿里)来到罗马,赢得了夏季奥林匹克运动会轻重量级冠军The story goes that Clay(Ali) hurled his gold medal into the Ohio River. But Clay gave different s of that act, and according to Thomas Hauser, author of the oral history "Muhammad Ali: His Life and Times," Clay had simply lost the medal.传闻克莱将金牌扔进俄亥俄河而克莱给出了不同的解释,据据阿里口述传记《穆罕默德·阿里的一生的作者托马斯·豪泽的说法,“克莱只是弄丢了自己的奖牌”Luckily, he got a replacement medal — and ongoing support from his commy — in 1996.幸运的是,他在1996年补领了一枚奥运金牌,也赢得了黑人的持与尊重5. He secured the release of US prisoners in Iraq他在伊拉克解救了名美国人质In November 1990, Ali met with Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in Baghdad on a "goodwill tour" in an attempt to negotiate the release of Americans held hostage in Iraq and Kuwait.1990年月,阿里对伊拉克进行友好访问,在巴格达拜访伊拉克独裁者萨达姆·侯赛因,试图说对方释放名被扣留在伊拉克和科威特的美国人质Ali was instantly criticized, taking flak from the likes of then-President George H.W. Bush and The New York Times, both of whom expressed concerns that he was fueling a propaganda machine.很快,批评声四起,时任美国总统的老布什和《纽约时报对他大加指责,担心阿里会助长一种舆论氛围Despite running out of medication his crippling disease and waiting more than a week to talk to Hussein, Ali was able to bring all of a group of captive American soldiers home.虽然因为随身携带的治疗帕金森症的药物耗尽,不得不多等一周才跟萨达姆·侯赛因见了面,阿里依然成功地将名被监禁的美国士兵带回了家Vocabularybacklash: 反冲;强烈对抗反应tap: 窃听flak: 抨击;谴责英文来源:赫芬顿邮报译者:杜馨乐审校#38;编辑:丹妮

奇妙的朋友!剖腹产的猩猩宝宝(图) -- :5: 来源:   On January 7, this shaggy little bundle of joy was delivered by Caesarean section at the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center. Her mom is a 7-year-old Sumatranorangutan named Mariska, from the Como Park Zoo Conservatory in Saint Paul, Minn.  1月7日,在明尼苏达大学的兽医中心,这只毛绒绒的小猩猩通过剖腹产来到了世上她的妈妈是一只苏门答腊猩猩,名叫玛丽丝卡,7岁,来自明尼苏达州圣保罗的科莫公园动物园温室暖房  We thought you'd enjoy having the baby girl brought to your attention.  我们觉得你会喜欢这个小女孩儿的  It was mother Mariska's second required C-section, both of which were permed at the university's medical center. "C-sections are very rare in that there are only about a dozen recorded within the International Orangutan Studbook that has tracked more than 1,0 births in captivity throughout history," said Como Zoo's primate keeper Megan Elder.  这是她妈妈玛丽丝卡的第二次剖腹产了,两次剖腹产都是在大学的兽医中心里进行的“剖腹产非常罕见国际猩猩血统档案纪录有历史上超过00例人工饲养猩猩的生产,其中只有十多例是剖腹产”科莫动物园的灵长动物看管员梅根·埃尔德说到  The new arrival weighed in at a spry 3.5 pounds.  这个新生的小宝宝大约有3.5磅  She and her mom certainly drew a crowd.  不用说,她和她的妈妈肯定吸引来了很多人   The obstetrical team boasted more than a dozen professionals -- from the disciplines of human and animal neonatal intensive care, human maternal-fetal medicine, veterinarysurgery, veterinary anesthesiology, and nutrition.  接生队伍阵容比普通的专家要强大得多——他们全都来自人类及动物新生儿重症监护科、人类母胎医学科、兽医外科、兽医麻醉科和兽医营养科  The newborn should be proud. Her mother Mariska is considered one of the most genetically valuable female Sumatran orangutans in North America and was recommended breeding by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and the Orangutan Species Survival Plan.  小宝宝应该感到非常骄傲她的妈妈玛丽丝卡被认为是北美基因最有价值的雌性苏门答腊猩猩之一,并且被动物园暨水族馆协会和猩猩物种生存计划推选育种  The little girl of the hour was bottle fed by Como Zoo staff while her mom was recovering from the surgery. She and Mariska would soon be reed at Como Zoo.  科莫动物园的工作人员用奶瓶给这只刚出生不久的可人儿喂奶,而她的妈妈还在术后休养中她和玛丽丝卡很快就能在科莫动物园里团聚了  About 0 orangutans are currently on exhibit in zoos throughout the U.S., Como Zoo notes. In the wild, they're found primarily in Sumatra and Borneo.  科莫动物园指出,现今全美国的动物园大约共饲养着0只猩猩而野生的猩猩主要出没在苏门答腊和婆罗洲  Orangutan populations have tumbled downward and the species is under the threat of extinction. Commercial logging, agriculture, hunting and poaching all have contributed to the animal's decline.  猩猩的数量已经在迅速减少,并面临着灭绝的威胁商业伐木、农耕、捕杀和偷猎都导致了猩猩数量的减少  So it's always happy news when a baby gives a small ray of hope to a species in trouble.  所以每当新生命的诞生给困境中的物种带来一线希望的时候,我们都会感到十分欣慰

  大学拒向同性恋学生发毕业 75000人要求公开道歉 --30 :58:33 来源: 广东一大学竟然拒绝向同性恋学生颁发毕业,理由是这对女同高调求婚国际同性恋团体提交请愿书,要求该校向两位学生道歉 An international LGBT group has submitted a petition asking a Guangdong-based university to apologize to a Guangzhou lesbian student couple not issuing them diplomas as punishment their highly publicized marriage proposal.广东一所高校拒绝向一对高调求婚的女同性恋学生颁发毕业国际同性恋团体提交请愿书,要求该校向两位学生道歉The LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) group All Out sent signatures collected from more than 75,000 people in more than 30 countries to Guangdong University of eign Studies on Thursday, requesting that the university apologize to the two students.同性恋(包括女同性恋者、男同性恋者、双性恋者和跨性别者)团体All Out收集了30多个国家75000位同性恋者的签名,并于周四将其寄给广东外语外贸大学,要求该校向两位学生道歉"I call on you [the university] to apologize publicly to the two students and their families and to take comprehensive measures to prevent discrimination and homophobic harassment on campus," All Out said on its official website.“我希望贵校向两位学生和她们的家人公开道歉,并采取综合措施杜绝校园里的歧视和骚扰同性恋的现象,” All Out在官网上写道"The university received the signatures and said they will look at it," a student who participated in organizing the petition and asked anonymity told the Global Times on Thursday, adding that he hopes the university can foster more communication with LGBT students instead of discriminating against them.“学校收到了他们的签名,并表示会考虑一下,”一位参与组织请愿书的匿名学生周四告诉《环球时报,并希望学校能够加强和同性恋学生的沟通,而不是歧视他们The university refused to give the lesbian couple diplomas because their public proposal in June had "violated certain regulations," one of the women, surnamed Ouyang, confirmed with the Global Times.其中一位姓欧阳的女生告诉《环球时报说,学校之所以拒绝向她们颁发书,是因她们六月份的公开求婚“违反了相关规定”Ouyang said that although the two have now received their diplomas, the mental and emotional harm caused by the university’s actions cannot be erased, and the university has not given any apology as requested.欧阳表示,虽然她们已经收到了毕业,但学校的所作所为对她们造成的精神和感情伤害无法抹去,而且学校尚未向她们表示道歉The university could not be reached comment as of press time.截至发稿时,该校尚未就此事发表任何Peng Yanhui, a member of a Guangzhou-based NGO that helped organize the petition, told the Global Times on Thursday that his group suggested that the university offer lessons to educate its faculty about the harm caused by homophobia.广州非政府组织成员彭延辉(音)帮助组织了请愿书他周四告诉《环球时报说,他的组织建议该校向师生们普及恐同症可能造成的后果According to a survey conducted by Pan Suiming, a well-known sexologist from Renmin University of China, . percent of college students in the country display homosexual tendencies.中国人民大学著名性学专家潘绥铭的研究表明,.%的中国大学生有同性恋倾向Yet according to a Aibai Center poll of 1 students, most of whom identified themselves as gay, 77 percent said they had been subjected to bullying on campus because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.爱白网年对1名学生的调查表明,77%的同性恋者表示曾因自己的性取向或性身份而受到欺负

  哥伦比亚政府与反政府武装签署最终停火协议:结束五十年内战 -- ::58 来源: 全部哥伦比亚人一同庆祝政府与最大反政府武装“哥伦比亚革命武装力量”签署最终停火协议,结束了长达五十年的内战 Colombians are celebrating the signing of a ceasefire by the government and the Farc rebel movement, which ended 50 years of civil war.全部哥伦比亚人一同庆祝政府与最大反政府武装“哥伦比亚革命武装力量”签署最终停火协议,结束了长达五十年的内战In the capital, Bogota, people took to the streets, hugging each other and singing the national anthem.在首都波哥大,人们走上街头,互相拥抱并唱起国歌The announcement is seen as one of the last steps bee a full peace deal is signed, which is expected within weeks.该停火协议是全面和平协议签署前的最后一步,全面和平协议据估计会在几周内签署The longest-running insurgency in the Western hemisphere left some ,000 people dead and millions displaced.西半球旷日持久的叛乱造成了大约000人死亡以及百万人流离失所Thursday’s announcement in Havana caps mal peace talks that started three years ago in the Cuban capital.周四的协议签署于哈瓦那帽正式和谈,这场和谈是三年前在古巴首都开始的But it does not mark the start of the ceasefire, which will only begin with the signing of a final accord.但是和谈并没有带来停火,停火只在最后协议签署后才开始Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos has previously said he hopes to sign that by the end of July.哥伦比亚总统Juan Manuel Santos之前说过他希望停火协议能在七月底之前签署The Farc in the 1st Century is a strange beast.二十一世纪的哥伦比亚革命武装力量是一只可怕的猛兽Gone is the bipolar vision of the Cold War, and gone too are most of the group’s original intellectual architects, many killed in combat.冷战时的两级景象结束了,但是大部分的学识渊的建设者也不在了,他们大多死在了战场上Today, somewhat anchorless, the rebels continue to go through motions of an armed insurgency but they know a new future is beckoning.到今天,仍然有一些事情没有彻底平息,反政府军还在继续进行武装叛乱活动,但是他们知道新的未来已经来临了They remain primed war - machine guns by their beds, handguns under their pillows, all night lookouts keeping watch an enemy that no longer seems to be searching them.他们仍然延续着战争时候的习惯——藏在床上,手放在枕头下,整夜地巡视以防敌人偷袭,但是再也没有人会来偷袭他们了Thursday’s announcement included:周四签署的停火协议内容包括:A commitment that rebels will lay down arms within 180 days of a final peace deal反政府武装承诺会在最终的和平协定签订后的180天内缴械The creation of temporary transition zones and camps the estimated 7,000 rebels为反政府武装分子建立临时过渡区和营地,据估计约有7000人A provision that no civilians will be allowed to enter Farc camps, to guarantee rebel security不允许任何平民进入哥伦比亚革命武装力量的营地以保障反政府军的安全A provision that UN monitors will receive all the group’s weapons联合国观察员将会收到该组织所有的武器。

  黑科技:手机贴手机就能充电 --31 ::19 来源:chinadaily Seeing the 'Low Battery' alert on your smartphone is enough to send anyone into a frenzy. But a group of researchers have developed a solution that not only lets you power your own device, but allows you to share your charge with others in need - without using a power pack. 手机显示电量不足时我们就会莫名感到焦虑一组研究人员已经找到了解决办法,不仅可以让你自己给自己的设备充电,还可以在没有电源组的情况下将自己的电量分享给需要的人Called PowerShare, this technology consists of flexible coils and docking aids embedded in a smartphone or smartwatch to transfer power to devices just by touching them together. 这款名为“能源分享”的设备主要由软线圈和对接工具组成,将其贴在智能手机或智能手表上,只要把另一只手机贴上去就可以“借”电来充There are a number of products on the market that provide Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) smartphone users that power their phones without the need of an outlet. Although power packs and mobile hand generators are good back-ups, they can be bulky and a nuisance when traveling. 市面上可供智能手机用户在无需电源插座的情况下充电的无线输电设备不在少数虽然一些电源组和移动手摇发电还可以起到救急作用,但是对于旅行者来说笨重又麻烦Once the technology is placed inside a smartwatch or smartphone, simply tap it with another device and watch it charge. 只要在智能手表或智能手机应用此项技术,两种设备轻轻碰触便可进行充电The creators estimate that around seconds of charging would give users one minute of talk time and two minutes would generate enough power to watch four minutes of a . 发明者估计,用户只需充电大约秒便可通话1分钟,充电分钟可看视频分钟The average Wireless Power Transfer gadget consist of at least two coils, one located in the power transmitter and the other in the power receiver, reports LiveScience. 美国生活科学网报道说,通常无线输电设备至少包含两个线圈,一个在功率发射器中,一个在功率接收器中As electricity moves through the power transmitter coil, it creates an electromagnetic field that sends a charge to the next coil. 当电流穿过功率发射器中的线圈时会产生电磁场,向接收器输送电量To develop PowerShare, researcher experimented with a variety of different power transmitters and receiver coils. 为了研发“能源分享”设备,研究人员对多种不同的功率发射和接收线圈进行试验In order to recreate the magnetic shielding, they used ferrite plate and copper tape placed on the back of coils – this hindered transmitted energy from getting close to human tissue. 他们将铁酸盐板和铜带置于线圈背部形成磁屏蔽,这样可以避免传输的电量过于接近人体The researchers also found that flexible coils can be used in the system and are ideal smartwatch straps. 他们还发现这种软线圈正好适合,是智能手表带的最佳选择'Our design emphasizes safety, minimizes m factor, presents flexible coils and shows real world power transfer up to 3.1 volts,' said the researchers. 研究者表示:“我们的设计以安全性为主要考量,最小化外形因素,以软线圈为材料,真正实现了电力传输高达3.1伏特However, just like most new technology PowerShare does have its limitations – twice as much energy needs to be transmitted as is received. 然而,与大多数新技术一样,“能源分享”也有自身的局限性,即接收的电量只有发送电量的一半Vocabularyhand generator: 手摇发电机electromagnetic field: 电磁场来源:英国每日邮报翻译:吴丹编审:yaning

  哥伦比亚半透明自行车队引发争议 --18 :3:1 来源:   A Colombian women's cycling team unim is causing quite a stir. As some point out, the garment's light-colored section appears to make the riders look partially nude.  近日,哥伦比亚女子自行车队的队引起了不小的争议因为这款队中间的裸色部分让队员们看起来就像是身体中间裸了一截  Photos of the unimed Bogota Humana team riders at the women's Giro Toscana race in Italy this weekend have sp like wildfire across social media, where users were quick to point out the untunately placed portion of the unim, or kit.  本周在意大利举行的女子Giro Toscana自行车比赛上,来自哥伦比亚的Bogota Humana队的队员合照在社交网站上被疯转,网友们很快都注意到了队中间那截让人无法直视的设计  In the wake of the social media firestorm, the president of union Cyclist International (UCI), Brian Cookson, took to Twitter to say the unim is "unacceptable by any standard of decency" and that the UCI is "on the case."  这场风波发生之后,国际自行车联盟主席布莱恩·库克森很快做出了回应,他在推特上表示这款队“无论以哪种标准判断都是让人无法接受的”,并称国际自行车联盟“正在调查此事”  According to local media, the kit was designed by one of the team's riders and has been worn in previous races. Only now, after images of the kit appeared on social media, has it been made a topic of debate. Some say the section of the unim may actually be gold and that the color untunately appears lighter in photos.  据当地媒体报道,这套队是由该队的一名队员设计的,在之前的比赛中也穿过只是现在,合照被上传至社交网络才引起了轩然有人说队中间那截其实是金色的,只是不幸在照片中出现色差显得更浅了  "One of the riders appears to have designed it without the intent on making it look as though they were partially nude," Colombian cycling journalist Klaus Bellon told B.  哥伦比亚自行车比赛记者克劳斯·贝龙说:“这款队是由其中一名队员设计的,设计时没有考虑到队穿在身上时会像是中间裸了一截”  Still, many were not pleased. mer Olympian cyclist Nicole Cooke went so far as to say it's turned cycling into a joke.  即便如此,许多人还是表示不能接受前奥运会自行车运动员妮科尔·库克也表示这次风波让自行车比赛成为了笑话俄罗斯或因兴奋剂丑闻无缘里约奥运 -- 18:: 来源:chinadaily Russia should be banned from this summer's Olympics and Paralympics after evidence was found of a four-year, state-sponsored doping programme, says the World Anti-Doping Agency.世界反兴奋剂机构称,应禁止俄罗斯参加本届夏奥会和残奥会有据显示,俄罗斯官方持了长达四年的兴奋剂使用A Wada-commissioned report found urine samples of Russian competitors were manipulated across the "vast majority" of summer and winter Olympic sports from late to August .该机构委托的一项调查报告发现,从年末至年8月,“绝大多数”夏季和冬季奥运会项目中,俄罗斯选手的尿样都被动过手脚The International Olympic Committee (IOC) will decide on Tuesday whether to provisionally ban Russia from the Rio Olympics, which start on 5 August.国际奥委会将于周二决定是否临时禁止俄罗斯参加8月5日开幕的里约奥运会IOC president Thomas Bach will host a telephone conference call to decide on "provisional measures and sanctions".奥委会主席托马斯?巴赫将主持电话会议,决定“临时性措施和制裁”He has promised the "toughest sanctions available" and said the findings are a "shocking and unprecedented attack on the integrity of sport and on the Olympic Games".他承诺会采取“可能的最严厉制裁”,并表示调查结果是“对体育公正性和奥林匹克运动前所未有的可怕打击”Dr Richard McLaren's report found 580 positive tests were covered up across 30 different sports, including in the build-up to London , and at the Winter Olympics in the Russian city of Sochi.理查德?麦克拉伦士的报告发现,包括年伦敦奥运会热身赛和年俄罗斯索契冬奥会在内,30个不同运动项目中有580例阳性检测结果遭掩盖McLaren said he had "only skimmed the surface" in his 57-day investigation, and Wada wants the Canadian to "complete his mandate" by identifying athletes who benefited from the programme.加拿大人麦克拉伦表示,其57天的调查“仅仅触及皮毛”,世界反兴奋剂机构希望麦克拉伦“完成委托”,确认使用兴奋剂而获益的运动员身份The IOC should "decline entries, Rio , of all athletes" submitted by the Russian Olympic Committee and the Russian Paralympic Committee, says Wada.该机构称,国际奥委会应当“取消”俄罗斯奥委会和残奥委员会提交的“所有运动员参加里约奥运会的资格”Its president, Sir Craig Reedie, described the "scope and scale" of the findings as a "real horror story".机构主席克雷格?里迪爵士表示,调查结果呈现的兴奋剂使用“范围和规模”如同“真正的恐怖故事”He told B Radio 5 live: "There are lots of potential samples to examine and that work will continue. We will almost certainly extend McLaren's mandate him to do that."他在B电台第5台直播中说:“还有许多存疑的样本需要检验,检测工作将持续进行我们几乎肯定会延长对麦克拉伦的授权,让他继续工作下去”Russia's track and field athletes are aly barred from competing in Rio after the International Association of Athletics Federations voted in June to maintain a global competition ban on the All-Russia Athletic Federation (Araf).鉴于国际田联在六月投票表决,维持俄罗斯田协全球禁赛的处罚,俄罗斯田径选手已不能参与里约赛场的争夺Araf hopes to overturn the suspension and will find out by Thursday if its appeal to the Court of Arbitration Sport has been successful.俄罗斯田协希望推翻禁赛决定周四将得知其向国际体育仲裁庭提起的上诉是否成功President Vladimir Putin said he would suspend officials named in the McLaren report.俄罗斯总统普京表示,麦克拉伦调查报告所涉官员会被停职英文来源:B翻译:实习生徐晓彤审校#38;编辑:丹妮两名女性进行党魁角逐 英国将迎来第二位女首相 -- :: 来源:chinadaily Theresa May(left) and Andrea Leadsom(right)Britain is to have its second female Prime Minister after Conservative party members were given the choice between Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom.现在英国保守党成员需要在特雷莎?梅和安德烈娅?利德索姆二人之间进行选择,这意味着英国将迎来历史上第二位女首相The winner, to be announced on September 9th, will face one of the most difficult tasks in post-war history, renegotiating Britain's place in world.英国将于9月9日宣布大选获胜者,而当选的首相将面对英国战后以来最艰巨的任务之一,即就英国在世界上的地位进行重新谈判In the second ballot of Conservative MPs in the leadership contest, Mrs May won the support of 199 MPs, against 8 MPs Mrs Leadsom.在保守党议员对保守党领袖选举的第二轮投票中,特雷莎?梅赢得了199名议员的持,对手安德烈娅?利德索姆则获得了8名议员的持Michael Gove, the Justice Secretary, was eliminated after he received the backing of just 6 MPs, two fewer than had voted him in the first round.司法部长迈克尔?戈夫只获得了6名议员的持,比第一轮投票时还少了两票,被淘汰出局Because of the scale of support among the parliamentary party - largely because of her experience of running the Home Office the last six years - Mrs May is now the front runner to become the country's first woman Prime Minister since Margaret Thatcher.由于议会政党给予了大规模持——很大程度上是因为她过去六年担任内政大臣的经验——特雷莎?梅现在遥遥领先,最可能成为自玛格丽特?撒切尔之后英国第一任女首相However, unlike Mrs Leadsom she backed remaining in the European Union in the recent referendum campaign, which may prove unpopular among Tory rank and file.然而,与安德烈娅?利德索姆不同,特雷莎?梅在最近的公投活动中持留欧,这可能造成她在保守党民众中不受欢迎In a statement outside the House of Commons, Mrs May said that the size of her lead in the contest showed that the Conservative party can “come together” under her leadership.在下议院之外发布的一份声明中,特雷莎?梅说,她在竞选中获得的持规模表明,保守党可以在她的领导下“走到一起”Mrs May also pledged “to make Britain a country that works not a privileged few but every one of us”.特雷莎?梅还承诺“使英国成为一个不为少数特权阶层,而是为我们每一个人运转的国家”Mrs May said that she would provide “strong leadership to negotiate the best deal Britain as we leave the European Union, to e our Party and our country”.特雷莎?梅表示,“既然现在英国已经离开了欧盟,她将提供强有力的领导,争取为英国达成最佳协议,团结我们的党和国家”Meanwhile, Mrs Leadsom said that she was “absolutely delighted”.与此同时,安德烈娅?利德索姆表示她“欣喜万分”She added: “The great news is we have an all-female shortlist with no positive discrimination or anything, isn't that fantastic?”她补充道:“最激动人心的消息是我们的决选名单中全是女性,没有正面歧视或任何其他东西这真是太棒了”Michael GoveThe result caps a disastrous campaign Mr Gove, who chose to stand as leader at the last minute effectively cing Boris Johnson to pull out of the race, but will now not be in the race to become Prime Minister.对迈克尔?戈夫来说,这次投票结果意味着他本次竞选以悲剧告终戈夫在最后一刻选择参与竞选,有效地迫使鲍里斯?约翰逊退出,但现在他本人也将不能参与首相的角逐Mr Gove, who declined to say whom he will be backing, said the next leader would be “a female prime minister who has midable skills and I know whichever one of the two wins they will lead this country well”.戈夫拒绝透露自己持谁,他表示,下一任领导人将是“一个才能杰出的女首相,我知道她们二人无论谁胜出,都将会很好地领导这个国家”Mrs May and Mrs Leadsom will spend the next nine weeks travelling around the country trying to win the support of the party's 0,000 members.未来九个星期,特雷莎?梅和安德烈娅?利德索姆将会在全国各地四处游说,努力赢得党内万名成员的持Vocabularyrank and file: 民众,老百姓英文来源:每日电讯报翻译:实习生朱善美审校#38;编辑:丹妮

  八个月大的潮流女娃:绝对比你时尚! -- :3:56 来源: Smiling up at the camera, wearing coloured headbands and fashion-ward patterned jumpsuits, this model has all the makings of an Instagram style queen – except that she is only eight months old.  镜头前,她面带微笑,头戴色发带,身穿时尚图案的连衣裤这个小模特具备了一个Instagram时尚小天后的所有特质——尽管她只有八个月大  Tiny Freya is still too young to stand up - but that hasn't stopped the adorable youngster from becoming one of Britain's most stylish babies.  蒂尼·弗雷亚太小,还不能站立——但是这丝毫不能阻止这个可爱的萌娃成为英国最潮宝贝之一  Mum, Kirsty Whelan, 6, has photographed Freya in bright and eclectic outfits since she was just weeks old.  弗雷亚的妈妈,科斯蒂·蕙兰,6岁,在弗雷亚周大的时候,就给她穿色各异的个性装,并拍照留念  Freya has become a representative baby clothes companies who send her clothes to model on Instragram.  弗雷亚已经是一些婴儿饰公司的代言人,这些公司会寄一些衣给她试穿,并拍照传到Instagram上  Kirsty, studied textiles and was inspired to start creating outfits of her own Freya.  科斯蒂在研究纺织面料,并受启发开始为弗雷亚设计和制作自己原创的衣  Kirsty is getting requests from as far away as the US and Australia from mums clamouring to get hold of Freya's outfits.  科斯蒂已经收到了来自美国和澳大利亚的妈妈们想要弗雷亚衣的诉求  Eclectic and bright: Kirsty teams her homemade clothes with items from Gap, Mini River Island and Primark.  色鲜艳而个性:科斯蒂将她自制的衣用不同标签进行分类,以此同Gap,Mini River Island 和 Primark这些品牌的衣区分开来  Loving the limelight: Kirsty will continue posting pictures of Freya online, as long as Freya is happy to model.  爱在聚光灯下的潮娃:只要弗雷亚乐意,科斯蒂将会继续在网上晒出弗雷亚的照片里约奥运会谁将成为中国举旗手?(双语) --30 18::9 来源:sohu 里约奥运会开幕式中国旗手公布在即, 谁会成为代表中国的幸运儿,再次成为了社会媒体的热门焦点担任开幕式举旗手对任何运动员来讲,都是一个至高无上的荣誉︰引领中国奥运代表团走进体育场,高举中国国旗接受全世界的见举旗手象征着国家体育方面的旗帜性人物例如曾经的刘长春,姚明,易建联等,都是全国乃至世界上十分有影响力的运动员但在老一批运动健儿们相继退役后,今年的奥运谁将为中国举旗手?不少健儿们都具备举旗的资格 China's flag bearer the opening ceremony at the Rio Summer Olympics is expected to be announced soon, and this has once again become a hot topic on social media. Flag bearing is a huge honor any athlete: leading the parade of China's Olympians into the stadium and carrying the national flag while being witnessed by a huge global audience. 在 年,篮球运动员易建联光荣担任了伦敦夏季奥运会引领中国代表团的举旗手 In , basketball player Yi Jianlian carried China's flag in front of Team China at the London Summer Olympics. No.1 易建联 Yi Jianlian 难道又是他?很有可能! Him again? Very likely! 事实上,中国篮球运动员最容易成为举旗手,因为他们符合担任这份工作的三个标准︰高大,英俊,有影响力,有利于树立亚洲体育强国的积极形象 As a matter of fact, Chinese basketball stars are favored to carry the national flag as they match three standards the job: tall, handsome and influential, so as to provide a positive image of the Asian sporting superpower. 现在里约奥运已经开始倒数计时,只剩最后几天,我们列出了历届举旗手的名单 Now with the Rio Olympic countdown whittled down to justa few days, we have put together a list of deserving candidates. No. 周鹏 Zhou Peng 目前,周鹏担任了中国男子篮球队的队长米零6的身高(6英尺9英寸)的周鹏是队里的前锋,被认为是中国篮球界未来一颗冉冉升起的新星 Currently Zhou Peng is the captain of China's men's national basketball team. At . meters (6 ft 9 in), Zhou plays ward in the team, and is considered to be a pillar in the new era of Chinese basketball where hyped young stars are beginning to m. No. 3 孙杨 Sun Yang 孙杨被认为是亚洲乃至世界和奥运会中国最优秀的游泳运动员他出生于1991 年 月 1 日,身高1米98(6英尺6英寸)——他的父亲是一名排球运动员,孙杨遗传了他的身高这次奥运将是孙杨的第三次奥运征战 Sun Yang is widely known as the most successful Chinese swimmer in history with World, Asian, Olympic,. Sun was born December 1, 1991, and stands 1.98 meters (6 ft 6 in) – he inherited his height from his father, who was a volleyball player. This will be Sun Yang's third Olympic adventure. No. 宁泽涛 Ning Zetao 宁泽涛作为中国竞技游泳运动员,尤其擅长短距离自由泳 Ning Zetao is a Chinese competitive swimmer who specializes in sprint freestyle events. 他曾被评为仁川亚运会最有吸引力男运动员他健壮的身材,帅气的相貌和得体的举止,都吸引了大批网友的追捧 He was voted as the most attractive male athlete at the Incheon Asian Games. With his muscular body, good looks and great manners, he has attracted a huge number of online followers. No. 5 林丹 Lin Dan 周所周知“超级丹”林丹是两届奥运会的羽毛球冠军 Also known as 'Super Dan', Lin Dan is a two-time Olympic champion badminton player. 他也是五次世界冠军、六次全英赛冠军得主岁的林丹被认为是最优秀的羽毛球运动员,完成了;超级大满贯;,成为第一个也是唯一的一个取得这一傲人成绩的运动员 He is also a five-time world champion, and a six-time All England champion. Considered to be the greatest badminton player of all time, by the age of Lin had completed the ;Super Grand Slam;, becoming the first and only player to achieve this feat. Editor's note: 到目前为止,中国还没有女性运动员担任举旗手或者候选人 To date, no female Chinese athlete has ever carried the flag or been in serious contention the role. 还有其它你认为可能成为举旗手的运动员吗?给我们留言吧! Do you think another athlete has flag-bearing potential? Please let us know in the comments!

  德约科维奇法网封王,成就职业生涯全满贯 -- :9:31 来源: 德约科维奇是当今男子网坛当之无愧的No.1,击败穆雷拿下今年的法网冠军后,塞尔维亚人成为了史上第八位全满贯选手 World number one Novak Djokovic beat Britain’s Andy Murray to win his first French Open title and complete the career Grand Slam.男单世界第一诺瓦克·德约科维奇击败英国人安迪·穆雷,夺得首个法网冠军,完成职业生涯全满贯成就The Serb, 9, won 3-6 6-1 6- 6- to win his th major title and become the first man since Rod Laver in 1969 to hold all four Grand Slams at once.9岁的塞尔维亚人以大比分3-1(每盘比分为 3-6,6-1,6-,6-)击败对手,赢得第座大满贯冠军,成为继1969年的罗德·拉沃尔之后又一位包揽四大满贯的男子单打选手Murray had hoped to secure the third leg of his own career Slam, having aly won Wimbledon and the US Open.穆雷赛前曾寄望赢下自己的第三座大满贯冠军(此前穆雷已获得了温网和美网冠军)The Scot, 9, was Britain’s first male finalist in Paris since 1937.9岁的苏格兰人是自1937年以来首位进入法网决赛的英国男单选手Second seed Murray played superbly to win the first set but could not convert a break point early in the second, and Djokovic took control to win in three hours.二号种子穆雷在首盘表现极为出色,顺利拿下首盘,然而第二盘伊始穆雷未能把握住一个难得的破发点,德约科维奇就此掌控了局面,耗时三个小时拿下了比赛He becomes only the eighth man in history to have won all four of the sport’s major singles prizes - and could yet match Laver’s achievement of winning all four in a calendar year.德约科维奇成为了史上第八位包揽四大满贯的男单选手,他和拉沃尔还是仅有的两位在个月内依次夺得四个冠军的球员Djokovic fell back on the clay in delight and relief after requiring two breaks of serve and four match points in a desperately tense end to the final.最后一局是德约科维奇的发球局,二人的争夺进入了白热化德约科维奇奋力在化解两个破发点,错失四个赛点后终于赢得了比赛With three-time champion Gustavo Kuerten watching from the stands, Djokovic then emulated the Brazilian by drawing a heart in the clay with his racquet.在看台上三届法网冠军古斯塔沃·库尔滕的注视下,德约科维奇用拍沿在场地上画了一颗心"It’s a very special moment, the biggest of my career," said Djokovic. "I felt today something that I never felt bee at Roland Garros, I felt the love of the crowd.“这是我职业生涯中一个非常特殊,极其重大的时刻”德约科维奇说“今天我在罗兰加洛斯感到了以前从未感受到的情绪,我感受到了大家对我的爱”"I drew the heart on the court, like Guga, which he gave me permission to do. My heart will always be with you on this court."“我像当年的古加(库尔滕)一样在场地上画了一颗心,当然我事先得到了他的允许我一直心系这片场地,心系观众”Murray, who has now lost five Grand Slam finals to Djokovic, had looked capable of causing an upset with an aggressive display in the opening set.穆雷如今已五次在大满贯决赛场上败在德约科维奇的手下,然而比赛伊始,穆雷强势取下首盘,似乎让人们看到了爆冷的希望However, Djokovic turned the match around early in the second set and Murray, who had played five hours’ more tennis in reaching the final, could not keep pace.然而穆雷在打进决赛前比德约科维奇多打了5个小时的比赛,体力处于劣势,从第二盘开始,德约科维奇掌控了比赛节奏"To Novak, this is his day," said Murray. "What he’s achieved the last months is phenomenal; winning all the Grand Slams in one year is an amazing achievement.“今天属于诺瓦克”穆雷说“他在过去个月内的表现是现象级的,在一年内连续夺得四大满贯的冠军令人叹为观止”"It’s so rare in tennis, and me personally, it sucks to lose the match, but I’m proud to have been part of today."“这在网坛实在太少见了输掉了比赛,我感觉很糟,但能成为这伟大一天的一部分我又感到非常骄傲”Murray cannot capitalise on early lead穆雷未能把握住领先优势Djokovic looked determined to make up losing in three previous Paris finals when he broke the Murray serve to love with a brilliant opening game, but the nerves were soon apparent.比赛首局,德约科维奇似乎卯足了劲要弥补此前三度在罗兰加洛斯失利的遗憾,直落四分强势破发,然而随后头号种子紧张的情绪慢慢显露无疑A beautiful lob saw Murray hit straight back in game two and, playing aggressively at every opporty, he powered into a -1 lead as Djokovic misfired with his ehand.穆雷以一记精的后场挑高球拿下第二局,随后一路高歌猛进;而德约科维奇的正手进攻威力锐减,很快以1-落后Murray clinched the set at the third opporty - after a generous overrule that drew boos from a crowd seemingly backing Djokovic - and some stunning defence earned the Scot a break point at the start of the second set.第一盘末局,德约科维奇因一分向裁判进行申诉却遭驳回,看上去持他的人群中爆发出阵阵嘘声穆雷把握住了第三个盘点,取得了首盘的胜利而第二盘第一局,苏格兰人几次精的防守为自己搏得了破发点Djokovic needed to turn the tide and he did so with a smash, bee grabbing the lead when Murray double-faulted at break point down.德约科维奇亟需扭转场上势头,靠着强悍的进攻和穆雷在破发点上的双误,头号种子终于取得了领先The Serb then began to dictate with his backhand, firing a winner down the line a decisive second break as Murray’s first-serve percentage slipped below the 50% mark.随后塞尔维亚人凭反手进攻统治了比赛,以一记落点极深的底线回球再度破发穆雷的一发进球率甚至跌到了50%以下Djokovic continued to press, setting up break points at 1-1 in the third set with a ehand winner and watching as Murray dropped a volley into the net with the court gaping.第三盘,德约科维奇继续向穆雷施压,两人打成1-1后,一记正手进攻逼出破发点,随后穆雷场边截击下网,德约科维奇实现了破发The crowd chanted "Nole! Nole!" as the world number one finally regained the lead he had surrendered after the opening game of the match, and he broke again with a terrific sliding winner on his way to a two-sets-to-one lead.人们大喊“诺尔!诺尔!”持自己的偶像虽然首盘早早缴械,但头号种子在第二盘末局以一记精的放短球得分实现破发,将大比分改写为-1With a 5- lead in the fourth set, and his friends and supporters preparing to celebrate in the stands, Djokovic suffered a tortuous few minutes as Murray refused to give up.德约科维奇在第四盘很快取得5-的领先,当他的朋友和持者准备开始庆祝时,不愿放弃的穆雷却在最后几分钟给世界第一制造了许多麻烦The Briton got one of the breaks back and saved two match points, bee finally netting a backhand as Djokovic clinched a historic win.英国人破发一局,又挽救了两个赛点,然而一记反手下网还是成就了塞尔维亚人历史性的胜利

  中美将构建“新型大国关系” --1 :5:56 来源: 日,国家主席习近平在会见出席第七轮中美工商领袖和前高官对话的美方代表时,就中美关系发表意见 Chinese President Xi Jinping (front row, center) meets witha group of US business leaders and mer US officials in Beijing, Sept., .[PhotoXinhua] 请看相关报道:President Xi Jinping on Thursday said that China is committed to working with the ed States to build anew type of major-power relationship.日,国家主席习近平表示,中国将致力于同美方共同构建中美新型大国关系新型大国关系(new modeltype of major power relationship)是以相互尊重(mutual respect)、互利共赢(mutual benefit and win-win)的合作伙伴关系为核心特征的大国关系,是崛起国(developing country)和既成大国(developed country)之间处理冲突和矛盾的新方式年5月3日,在北京召开的中美战略与经济对话(US–China Strategic and Economic Dialogue)期间,双方将构建中美“新型大国关系”作为主题,这一概念被高调推出习近平表示,能够实现这一目标,将是中美两国人民之幸(be good the people of China and the US),也是世界和平与发展(world peace and development)之幸他指出,中美两国拥有许多重要共同利益(common interests),也存在一些分歧(differences)只要双方从大处着眼,尊重和照顾彼此核心利益(core interests),避免战略误解误判(strategic miscalculation),坚持以建设性方式妥善处理(properly manage),分歧就可以得到管控(control differences),共同利益就可以得到维护中美作为世界上最大的两个经济体(economic powers),有责任加强对国际经济合作(economic Cooperation)的引领,维护国际金融稳定(financial stability),推动全球经济治理改革,增强世界经济长期增长潜力(potential growth)我们要积极推动双边贸易和投资便利化中国将坚持改革开放(rem and opening up)的国策习近平表示,应奥巴马总统邀请,再过几天我将对美国进行国事访问,我愿意同奥巴马总统就共同关心的重大问题(major issues of common concern)深入交换意见,并同美国社会各界广泛接触,共商两国关系发展大计我希望,在中美双方共同努力下,这次访问将加深两国人民友谊(deepen friendship between the two peoples),拓展两国各领域务实合作(pragmatic cooperation),推动两国关系得到新的更大发展(push ward the development of China-US ties)。

  音控必看:9部电影网尽各式英国口音~ -- 19:: 来源:chinadaily 作为英语学习者,大家肯定少不了听美国的VOA,英国的B啦!小天知道大家一般都会纠结自己是学英音还是学美音呢?其实,英国和美国都没有官方语言的我们平常学的英音叫做标准发音RP(Received Pronunciation),也叫女王口音,就是新概念和以前的B所用的口音,是世界公认的标准英文中最标准的据说在英国说RP的英语,可以彰显说话者的社会地位和教育程度 据英国《每日邮报报道,一项调查显示,英式标准发音与90%的积极性格特征相关,比如高智商、有魅力、有教养和值得信赖它的唯一一项弱点在于幽默感不足,在所有方言中仅排名第位 不管这个调查怎么说,RP仍然是最受广大群众喜爱的语音小天曾看到一个说法,为什么大家都喜欢RP呢,因为在英剧中,凡是长得帅的都说一口标准的RP所以大家就喜欢啦!不过今天呢,小天可不介绍RP,我要来介绍一下在哪些电影中可以学到其他魅力十足的口音!据英国的音控们说,有很多口音比RP更迷人呢! 南方口音(Southern Accents) 南方口音比较接近标准英语,容易听懂,南方人说话方式比较慢,性格比较溫和,也很礼貌,音调也趋于平缓南方口音主要分为英格兰中南部口音,标准口音和伦敦口音 1.Four Weddings and a Funeral《四个婚礼和一个葬礼 The archetype Hugh Grant romance, Four Weddings made British romantic comedies a massive international success. The robust cast represent the classy, well-spoken members of British society. It also contains some American, a little contrast. 这部剧是休;格兰特式浪漫的原型,也造就了英国爱情喜剧在国际上的巨大成功格兰特代表了举止优雅,谈吐文雅的英国人这部剧也有一些美国人,有那么一点儿对比作用 . Love Actually is an ensemble《真爱至上 Continuing the Four Weddings vibe, Love Actually is an ensemble film - meaning it has a vast range of characters. Contains various English accents and some well-spoken Irish (from Liam Neeson). 继《四个婚礼的氛围,《真爱至上是一部群星电影——就是说它有一大串演员(因为这部剧是个爱情故事窜成的喜剧杂烩)包含了各种各样的英国口音和一些优美的爱尔兰口音(来自连姆;尼森) 3. Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels《两杆大烟 The opposite extreme to Four Weddings, the film that started a modern movement of British gangster comedies, Lock Stock… has a range of horrible people talking in a range of dirty London accents. Plus two from Liverpool. 与《四个婚礼相反,这部电影引起了英国黑帮电影的现代运动《两杆大烟讲述了一群可怕的人说着一系列伦敦口音的脏话另外,有两个人来自利物浦(利物浦是以前英国的第一大港口,外来人口的混杂,形成利物浦口音Scouse) Midlands and the North Accents中北部口音 英格兰中北部包括曼彻斯特、利兹、利物浦等地所说的英语都属于此类约克郡郊区也有类似的口音 . The Full Monty《一脱到底 Dealing with the depressed industrial commies, The Full Monty is both a charming comedy and an effective portrait of 80s' Sheffield. 《一脱到底讲述的是面对不景气的工业的故事,它既是精绝伦的喜剧,也呈现出80年代谢菲尔德(英格兰北部城市)的真实景象 5. This is England《这就是英格兰 Another gritty look at 80s England, this film has a mix of midlands accents and one very strong Liverpool accent. Shane Meadows' other films contain further midlands accents, Dead Man’s Shoes is a particularly good dark comedy. 另一个关于80年代的英国值得一看的电影,它里面混杂着各种中部地区口音和一个很浓的利物浦口音 西恩;迈德斯的其他电影包含更多的中部地区口音,《死人的鞋子就是一部非常棒的黑色喜剧 6. Hour Party People《小时派对狂 A history lesson in music, Hour Party People charts the success of the Manchester music scene in the 70s. Steve Coogan, the star, may not be entirely representative of Northern accents, but the supporting cast certainly are. 你可以把《小时派对狂看作是一堂音乐历史课,它重现了在70年代曼彻斯特的音乐成功历程明星史蒂夫;库根可能不是典型的北方口音,但影片中的配角绝对是 Scottish Accents苏格兰口音 苏格兰口音在英国口音里是很特别的一个口音,格拉斯哥口音是苏格兰口音的代表,男人说话听起来很沧桑,很性感,非常有味道他们有特别的腔调,特别是很多不用升调的地方,都用了升调,一个正常的语调在你完全想不到的地方突然升了上去,非常有跳跃感和节奏,像唱歌一样这让苏格兰口音一下子就从英国口音里独立出来了,非常有特色,很容易记住 7. Braveheart《勇敢的心 Again the lead's not Scottish, but the fine supporting cast are, and it's an epic historical tale. Aside from watching it the Scottish, it's worth watching Patrick McGoohan as the wicked king of England. 这个也是,主角不是苏格兰人,但配角是这是一个史诗般的历史故事除了看苏格兰人,帕特里克;麦高汉也是值得一看的,他扮演一位恶毒的英格兰国王(爱德华一世,又称长腿爱德华) 8. Trainspotting《猜火车 Madcap, brutal and good fun, Trainspotting will really test your ability to understand the Scottish accent. something a little softer, you might consider other films starring Ewan McGregor, where he’s allowed to use his own accent. Like A Life Less Ordinary. 狂妄、残酷、有趣,《猜火车真的可以测试你对苏格兰口音的理解能力,考虑到一些更温和的东西,你可以看伊万;麦克格雷格主演的其他被允许用自己口音的电影,像《天使爱情鸟笼伴 Irish Accents爱尔兰口音 爱尔兰说话音调习惯性上扬,且音调转换幅度大比伦敦人语速要快,多数Irish说话对中国人来说算口齿比较模糊 9. In Bruges《杀手没有假期 Solid Irish accents from the two leads, and a London accent from Ralph Fiennes as a bonus. And a great, quirky film. 纯正的爱尔兰口音来自两位主角,拉尔夫;费因斯的伦敦口音简直就是一个额外的惊喜这是一部杰出而离奇诡异的电影

  在英国的百丽岛有一对夫妇约会年 终结婚 -- :33:55 来源:   在英国的百丽岛,Sally 和Colin Dunn这对夫妇在约会了长达年后终于步入了婚姻的殿堂,他们向我们明童话般的结局是要经得起时间考验的,美丽的结局值得我们用心等待He put a ring on it  他为她带上了婚戒  To all the ladies out there waiting him to put a ring on it, take heart. A British couple is proof that fairytale endings can take time, but theyrsquo;re well worth the wait.  所有在场耐心等待他为她戴上婚戒的单身女士们,要振作起来这对英国的夫妻已经向你们明,童话般的结局是要经得起时间考验的但是美丽的结局值得我们用心等待  Sally and Colin Dunn, of Belle Isle, UK, have finally walked down the aisle ... after a whopping years of dating.  在英国的百丽岛,Sally 和Colin Dunn这对夫妇在约会了长达年后终于步入了婚姻的殿堂.....  While most couples wouldnrsquo;t wait that long, Sally and Colin, both in their 80s, say itrsquo;s never too late.  虽然大多数夫妻都无法忍受如此长时间的等待,而且Sally 和 Colin也都80岁高龄了,但他们还认为永远都为时不晚  They met in 197 at Colinrsquo;s local social club where Sally worked behind the bar. It wasnrsquo;t long bee they started dating and their relationship flourished. But with previous relationships and children, the lovebirds got swept up in lifersquo;s responsibilities and never got around to tying the knot.  197年,二人在Colin经营的当地一家社交俱乐部相遇,当时Sally在这家俱乐部的柜台工作他们很快就开始约会,关系发展迅速但是考虑到双方上一段恋情和自己的孩子,这对有情人肩负起生活的责任,一直没有结婚  ;We lived as man and wife but we were always so busy looking after the children,; Colin, 8, told the Yorkshire Evening Post.?;We were happy as we were.;  ;我们以家庭的模式生活在一起,但是通常都是各自忙着照顾孩子,;8岁的Colin告诉约克郡晚报,;我们当时过的非常快乐;  But after becoming empty nesters and experiencing the difficult loss of his brother, Colin decided would be the year.  但是在成为空巢老人并经历了丧失兄弟的痛苦后,Colin决定年应该有所进展了  So over the weekend, Sally and Sally finally became man and wife. The couple married at a local church with friends and family all around. Sally wore a beautiful blue dress and matching hat and they later went to have a meal at the same social club where they first met.  在周末,Sally和 Colin正式结为夫妻在亲戚朋友的见下,这对夫妇在当地一座教堂完成了婚礼Sally身着一条精美的蓝色裙子,头戴与之相配的帽子随后,他们去第一次邂逅的那家社会俱乐部共用晚餐  As the timing of it all? Well, it seems to have worked out.  为何一切都结合的如此巧妙?嗯,一切似乎早已注定  ;It was worth the wait,; Sally, 8, said.  ;这场等待是值得的,;8岁的Sally说到  Add Sally and Colin to the long list of couples who prove itrsquo;s never too late to fall in love.?  现在,Sally和Colin已经成为模范夫妻之一,这些夫妻实了爱永远不会嫌晚

  穿高跟鞋不伤脚的六个技巧 -- :31: 来源: 无论是在工作报告、会见客户、参加婚礼或其他正式场合,大多数女性都会穿高跟鞋出席以下是六个技巧,可以减少高跟鞋对你的健康的负面影响 Whether it’s while giving a mal work presentation, meeting with clients, or attending a wedding, most women wear high-heeled shoes at one time or another. But wearing high heels can cause health problems ranging from bunions to plantar fasciitis to knee and lower back pain. Although it may be hard to avoid heels altogether, your choice of footwear doesn’t have to wreck your feet, legs, or overall health. Here are six ways to minimize the negative effects of high heels.无论是在工作报告、会见客户、参加婚礼或其他正式场合,大多数女性都会穿高跟鞋出席但是,穿高跟鞋会导致一些健康问题,包括脚趾囊肿、足底筋膜炎、膝盖疼痛、腰部疼痛完全避免穿高跟鞋似乎是不可能的,但是通过选择更舒适的高跟鞋,也可以不伤害你的脚、腿部以及整体健康状况以下是六个技巧,可以减少高跟鞋对你的健康的负面影响1. CHOOSE YOUR HEEL HEIGHT WISELY.1.理智地选择你的高跟鞋When you’re shopping fancy footwear, stilettos may catch your eye, but try to buy a heel with a gradual incline—like a platm or wedge—rather than a steep one. According to Dr. J. Scott Rosenthal of Airport Podiatry Group, the more walking you’re planning to do, the lower the heel and the wider the toe should be. “If you are going to dinner and a movie, example, the heel can be high and pointy [since you’ll be sitting most of the time]. But an event where standing more than an hour is involved, a lower heel [less than 3 inches] and a less pointy toe is recommended to avoid overloading the efoot and toes,” Rosenthal tells mental_floss.当你逛街买鞋时,细跟高跟鞋可能会更吸引你的眼球但你最好尽量选择坡跟高跟鞋,而不是细跟的美国航空足部医疗集团的J?斯科特?罗森塔尔医生说,如果你接下来要步行的路程越长,你就越应该选择低跟或鞋尖较宽的高跟鞋罗森塔尔告诉mentalfloss杂志的记者说:“如果你只是出门吃饭看电影,你就可以选择鞋跟较高、鞋尖较窄的高跟鞋(因为大部分时间里你都可以坐着)但如果你参加的活动要站立超过一个小时,那么我建议你穿鞋跟低于3英寸(约7.6厘米)的高跟鞋,并选择鞋跟较粗的高跟鞋,避免前脚掌和脚趾承受过多压力”. CONSIDER A HEEL WITH A SHOCK ABSORBING CUSHION….选择带有减震垫的高跟鞋Not all insoles are created equal: Seek out heels that have padding in the footbed. Podiatrist Dr. Phillip Vasyli told Shape that you should add an insert to your shoe or look high quality footwear that supports the ball of your foot with cushioning. Not sure where to start? Brands like Clarks and S?fft are known their padded insoles, and Dr. Scholl’s makes cute, comtable heels now, too.不是所有的鞋垫都是一样的:买那些在鞋内底有防震衬垫的高跟鞋足科医生菲利浦?瓦斯利告诉美国《Shape杂志的记者说,你应该在鞋子里贴一个脚垫或购买高质量的鞋子可以让你的脚掌接触地面时有所缓冲买鞋的时候觉得无从下手?Clarks和S?fft这两个品牌的鞋子的鞋垫就很软很舒适,爽健这个品牌也有既美观又舒适的高跟鞋3. …OR A DETACHABLE HEEL.3. 或选择鞋跟可调整的高跟鞋Lugging your sandals or flats to every event you attend while wearing high heels gets old fast. Designer Tanya Heath makes high heels with detachable heels, so you can swap your low, sensible office heels the sky-high variety bee a dinner date. At the end of the evening, just clip the lower heels back into place a more comtable walk home.随身携带你的凉鞋或平底鞋,因为穿高跟鞋让人老得更快设计师塔尼娅?海斯设计出鞋跟可调整的高跟鞋,所以你可以在晚餐出去约会之前,把在办公室穿的高度舒适的鞋跟调整为霸气的“恨天高”到了晚上回家的时候,又可以把鞋跟调低,以更舒的高度走路回家. SLIP THEM OFF WHEN YOU’RE SITTING DOWN..只要坐下就解放你的双脚According to podiatrist Dr. Jason Bruse, slipping your heels off when you don’t need to wear them can considerably lessen the pain you might feel. “Wear them in a business meeting and take [them] off when you sit in your desk,” Bruse told Salt Lake City’s Fox . Wearing your heels only when absolutely necessary can reduce the likelihood that you develop heel-related health problems such as ankle sprains, early onset osteoarthritis, and joint problems.根据足科医生杰森.布鲁斯的建议,当你不需要穿着高跟鞋的时候就脱掉,这样可以大大减少疼痛布鲁斯告诉盐湖城的Fox 新闻网站的记者:“当女性朋友穿高跟鞋参加商务会议时,在坐下以后就可以把你的双脚从鞋子里解放出来”只在真正有必要的时候才穿高跟鞋可大大减小你患高跟鞋引起的健康问题的可能性,如踝关节扭伤,早期骨关节炎和其他关节问题5. STRETCH YOUR TOES AND FEET TO MINIMIZE PAIN.5.足部伸展,减少疼痛Because chronic high heel wearing can shorten your Achilles tendon, podiatrists suggest doing simple stretches and exercises to combat any damage to your feet. Tap your toes while sitting at your desk, stretch your toes back towards your ankle, do heel raises, or stretch your calves. Women’s Health has helpful diagrams of stretches heel wearers should master.由于长期穿高跟鞋会缩短你的跟腱,医师建议做简单的伸展运动来减少高跟鞋对你的脚造成损害当你坐下的时候,轻点你的脚趾,脚趾向膝部伸展,脚跟抬起,或伸展你的小腿《健康女性杂志上有相关的伸展简图可供你参考练习6. SOAK YOUR FEET.6.泡脚When you get home after a night out, take your heels off, breathe a sigh of relief, and head to the tub. Soaking your feet in warm water minutes or so can feel relaxing, relieve pain, and bring down swelling. And add a cup of Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) to the bath to further ease pain and inflammation.晚间外出回家后,立刻脱掉你的高跟鞋,休息片刻之后,就去浴室泡脚双脚在温水中浸泡分钟左右,可以使你放松,也可以缓解疼痛,并减轻高跟鞋导致的肿胀在沐浴用的水中放一杯泻盐(硫酸镁)可以进一步减轻疼痛和炎症

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