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重庆无痛脱毛价格多少钱巫溪县去额头上的皱纹价格重庆妇幼保健激光去斑手术多少钱 An appeals court on Monday upheld the bulk of Apple’s patent victory against Samsung Electronics in 2012, but overturned part of the decision and said that a lower court should reduce the total amount that Samsung would have to pay.本周一,一家上诉法院维持了苹果(Apple)2012年在三星电子(Samsung Electronics)专利侵权案中获得的大部分胜诉裁决,但推翻了其中一部分。它表示,一家下级法院应该减少三星必须付的赔偿总金额。The ed States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, which deals with patent lawsuit appeals, said that the overall aesthetic of the iPhone — a rectangular product with rounded corners, black borders and a flat, clear surface — could not be protected and part of the damages would have to be recalculated.美国联邦巡回上诉法院(ed States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit)处理涉及专利诉讼的上诉,它表示,iPhone的整体美学造型——长方形的产品、圆角、黑色边框、平整的表面——不能受到保护,苹果的部分损失必须重新计算。Apple had accused Samsung of diluting its brand by copying the overall look of its iPhones. But the court said Apple failed to prove that the iPhone aesthetic was not “functional.” In other words, giving Apple protection for the overall look and shape of a smartphone would essentially grant it a perpetual monopoly over making smartphones work better, and the three-judge panel decided not to go in that direction.苹果此前指控三星抄袭其iPhone手机的整体外观,令其品牌蒙受损失。但该法院表示,苹果未能明iPhone的美学造型不是“功能性的”。换句话说,在一部智能手机的整体外观和形状上为苹果提供保护,基本上会为其在智能手机的功能改善上提供一个永久性垄断地位,由三名法官组成的合议庭决定不这么做。“We therefore vacate the jury’s damages awards against the Samsung products that were found liable for trade dress dilution and remand for further proceedings consistent with this opinion,” the appeals court wrote in its decision.“因此,对于发现三星在产品外观上进行模仿,我们取消了陪审团在损害赔偿上的决定,并将这个案件发回,根据这个意见进行重审,”上诉法院在裁决中写到。Josh Rosenstock, an Apple spokesman, lauded the decision as having “confirmed Samsung blatantly copied Apple products.”苹果发言人乔希·罗森斯托克(Josh Rosenstock)称赞这个决定“明三星明目张胆地抄袭了苹果的产品”。“This is a victory for design and those who respect it,” he said.“这是设计的胜利,是那些尊重设计的人的胜利,”他说。Samsung did not have a comment.三星并未予以置评。In 2012, a jury unanimously decided that Samsung had violated a series of Apple patents and needed to pay more than billion in damages, an amount that was recalculated to 0 million by another jury in a separate trial in 2013. The lawsuit was prominent, pitting two of the world’s top smartphone makers against each other.2012年,陪审团一致裁定三星侵犯了苹果的一系列专利,需要付逾10亿美元的赔偿金。2013年,一个不同的陪审团参加的另一次庭审对这笔金额进行了重新计算,调整为9.3亿美元。由于原被告是全球两大智能手机制造商,该案件令世人瞩目。The two companies have gone on to duel in other legal entanglements, before calling something of a truce. Last year, in a separate case, a federal jury found that Apple and Samsung had infringed on each other’s patents in some mobile devices and awarded most of the damages to Apple. In August, however, the companies said they agreed to drop suits against each other outside the ed States.这两家公司也因其他一些法律纠纷对簿公堂,后来基本宣告休战。去年,在另一个案件中,联邦陪审团认为,苹果和三星均在一些移动设备上侵犯了对方的专利,并裁定苹果获得大部分赔偿。但在去年8月,这两家公司表示,他们同意在美国以外的地方放弃针对对方的诉讼。Separately on Monday, Carl C. Icahn, the activist investor, published an open letter to Apple. In the 2,200-word letter, he said Apple’s shares were still “dramatically undervalued,” and urged Timothy D. Cook, the chief executive, to buy back more of Apple’s stock because the company was sitting on too much cash.另外,在本周一,激进投资者卡尔·C·伊坎(Carl C. Icahn)向苹果发出了一封2200字的公开信。他在信中说苹果公司的股价依然“被严重低估”,并敦促苹果首席执行官蒂莫西·D·库克(Timothy D. Cook)回购更多苹果的股票,因为该公司目前坐拥太多现金。 /201505/376331遂宁假体隆胸的价格

梁平县做眼角除皱手术多少钱China#39;s space authorities have announced plans to launch over 40 different spacecrafts into orbit in 20 separatelaunches this year.中国航天机构称今年将进行20次的航天发射,将40多个不同的航天器送入轨道。One of the vessels to be launched is theground-breaking Yuanzheng 1 - also known as the #39;space bus#39; - which can launch10 different satellites at once.其中最引人注目的要数远征1号了,也称作太空巴士,一次可以发射10个不同的卫星。2013 was a massive year for China whosescientists launched 16 spacecraft to firmly establish their cosmic credentials.2013年,中国成功的发射了16枚航天器。In October 2003, it became only the thirdcountry in history to independently launch a manned mission int o space on the Shenzhou 5.2003年10月,中国成功完成了神舟5号的载人计划,成为了第三个拥有这种能力的国家。A spokesman for the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation said thevessels going up this yt r will mostly be #39;communication satellites#39; orbitingat around 36,000ft.中国发言人称今年送入轨道的主要是通信卫星,将在36000英尺的轨道上飞行。Director of its Space Department ZhaoXiaojin added: There will also be some remote sensing satellites s ent up toobserve the earth as well as navigation satellites.#39;中国空间部门的主任赵晓金说:“还会发送一些用以观测地球的远程遥感卫星以及导航卫星。”Chinese space authorities also said anumber of #39;cutting edge* technologies will be tested for the first time.including the highly anticipated #39;space bus#39;.中国空间当局说一些“前沿”的技术也会首次进行测试,包括非常受人们期待的“空间巴士”。The Yuanzheng 1 is China#39;s largest everrocket with a diameter of 5.2 meters. It needs to be assembled at the launchsite because trains carrying it would not be able to pass through tunnels.远征1号是中国最大的火箭,直径5.2米。必须在发射现场进行组装,因为火车运载这种火箭的话,是无法通过隧道的。Its engine can restart over 20 times when flying in orbit and it is thought tobe 75 per cent more efficient than spacecraft of the same size.在轨道中飞行时其引擎可以重启20多次,而且据说比同样大小的航天器要高效75%。It also has the capability to move old,scrapped satellites out of useful orbit and into so-called #39;cemetery orbits#39; toprevent them from hindering other space-faring vehicles.它还具备将老旧的废弃的卫星从有用的轨道送到所谓的“墓地轨道”中去,以防止它们阻碍其他的航天运输工具。Meanwhile, the Chinese government hasaly begun opening up its its lunar exploration program to private investment.与此同时,中国政府已经向私人投资开放月球探索项目。 /201503/366339万州区隆鼻手术多少钱 He only had himself to blame, Mike Weston thought ruefully as he strapped a Fitbit to his wrist one cold February morning. His company was about to start tracking him 24 hours a day, gathering data on everything from his sleep quality and heart rate to his location and web browsing habits.在今年2月的一个寒冷的早上,迈克#8226;韦斯顿(Mike Weston)把一个Fitbit手环套在手腕上,沮丧地想这只能怪自己。他将受到自己公司全天候的追踪,并被采集从睡眠质量和心率到所处位置和上网习惯等各种数据。“I was really quite grumpy about it, I didn’t want to put myself on display like that,” he says. But as chief executive of Profusion, a data science consultancy, he had been urging his team of number crunchers to plan more ambitious internal projects — and this was the one they had come up with.韦斯顿说道:“我真的感到非常不爽,我不想这么展示自己。”但作为数据科学咨询公司Profusion的首席执行官,他一直在敦促自己的数据分析团队策划一些更具雄心的内部项目,于是他们就提出了这个项目。For 10 days, Profusion’s data scientists used Fitbits and other apps to track 171 personal metrics for 31 staff who volunteered (including the somewhat reluctant Mr Weston). Combing through the data, the analysts found they could group the staff into clusters, based on shared patterns of behaviour. They labelled one group “Busy and Coping”; another “Irritated and Unsettled”.在十天时间里,Profusion的数据科学家们使用Fitbit和其他应用来追踪31名员工志愿者(包括有些不情愿的韦斯顿)的171项个人指标。分析师们通过整理这些数据发现,可以按照一些共同的行为模式对这些员工分组。他们把一组员工称为“忙于应对型”,将另一组称为“烦躁不安型”。Technology has made it possible for employers to monitor employees more closely than ever, from GPS trackers for delivery drivers to software that tracks which websites office workers visit. Companies such as Profusion think wearable gadgets could open a new frontier in workplace analytics, albeit one that would further blur the lines between our work and private lives.从跟踪送货司机的GPS定位仪到追踪办公室员工浏览网站习惯的软件,技术让雇主能够比以往更严密地监控员工。Profusion等公司认为,可穿戴设备可能为办公场所分析开辟了新的前沿阵地,虽然它将会进一步模糊工作和私人生活之间的界限。“I think there’s an inevitability that it will gain ground, and there’s a backlash risk that will follow if the data get abused,” says Mr Weston.韦斯顿表示:“我认为,可穿戴设备普及开来是势所必然的,而如果数据被滥用,就有引起强烈反弹的风险。”For employers, the simplest way to use wearable gadgets (and so far the most common) is to give them to staff and try to nudge them into healthier lifestyles — a financially worthwhile goal if the company is on the hook for their health insurance. BP, for example, gives Fitbits to workers in North America and offers them rewards if they meet activity targets. Indeed, one of Fitbit’s five strategic goals is to “further penetrate the corporate wellness market”, according to its IPO prospectus. Wearables could also be straightforward tools.对雇主来说,使用可穿戴设备最简便(也是迄今最常见)的方法是,把它们发给员工,设法让他们选择更健康的生活方式——如果公司负责员工医疗保险的话,这个目标从财务上来说是有价值的。例如,英国石油公司(BP)向北美员工发放Fitbit可穿戴设备,如果他们完成了活动目标,还会给予他们奖励。实际上,按照Fitbit的IPO招股说明书所示,该公司的5个战略目标之一是“进一步渗透企业福利市场”。可穿戴设备也可能是直接的工具。But the bigger prize is to use the data from such devices to make the workforce safer or more productive. Some warehouse workers aly wear wristbands or headsets that measure their productivity and location in real-time.但更大的作用是利用此类设备获得的数据来让工作场所变得更安全或者提高生产效率。一些货仓工人已经戴上腕带或耳机来衡量他们的工作效率和进行实时定位。Kronos, the “workforce management” company whose customers include Apple, Starbucks and Ikea, makes annual revenues of more than bn by selling scheduling and real-time data tools that minimise salary bills and maximise productivity. Brenda Morris, who runs Kronos’s UK business, says the company sees applications for wearables in blue and white collar work.Kronos是一家“工作场所管理”公司,它的客户包括苹果(Apple)、星巴克(Starbucks)和宜家(Ikea),销售可以最小化薪资成本和最大化生产效率的排班和实时数据工具,年收入超过10亿美元。Kronos英国业务主管布伦达#8226;莫里斯(Brenda Morris)表示,该公司看到在蓝领和白领职员身上应用可穿戴设备很有效。“If you’re monitoring where people are, what their stress levels are, what their fatigue levels are#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.[that’s] really important when operating machinery#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;Or [in an office] you can see that person’s getting stressed because they’ve been working on that legal contract for too many hours and they don’t have enough support.”“如果你在监控人们所处位置、他们的压力水平,以及他们的疲劳程度……在操作机器时,(这)真的非常重要……或者(在办公室),你可以看到某个人因长时间研究法律合同,而且没有获得足够持而变得焦虑不堪”。Chris Brauer, a senior lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London, who runs experiments with workplace wearables, predicts a future in which managers have dashboards showing real-time employee biometrics such as sleep quality that are leading indicators for performance. “It becomes a predictive tool and possibly also a prescriptive one.”伦敦大学金史密斯学院(Goldsmiths, University of London)高级讲师克里斯#8226;布劳尔(Chris Brauer)负责有关工作场所可穿戴设备的试验,他预计未来经理们将会用仪表盘显示员工睡眠质量等实时生物指标,这些是预示业绩表现的先行指标。“它会成为一种预测性工具,可能也会成为一种规定性的工具”。But that vision is a long way off — and there are a number of practical, legal and ethical hurdles in the way.但这一设想距离实现还有很长的路要走,面临着许多实践、法律和道德方面的障碍。First, no one seems to have worked out yet how to analyse or draw useful conclusions from wearables data. Profusion plans to do more trials in larger companies, overlaying the personal metrics with workplace performance data. But so far, the experience of Rob Symes, co-founder of a London start-up called The Outside View, is typical. He tracked all his employees with wearables last year, only to realise: “Right, I’ve got all this data, what the hell does it mean?”首先,似乎还没有人研究出,如何对可穿戴设备产生的数据进行分析,或者如何从中得出有用的结论。Profusion计划在较大型公司开展更多试验,将个人指标和整体工作场所业绩表现数据叠加起来。但到目前为止,通常会看到的情况是伦敦初创公司The Outside View的联合创始人罗布#8226;赛姆斯(Rob Symes)的经历。去年他利用可穿戴设备追踪了所有员工,最后意识到:“好吧,我掌握了所有数据,但这些数据到底意味着什么?”Meanwhile, wearable devices crossing over corporate “digital perimeters” every day are an obvious target for hackers, says Dave Palmer, who spent 13 years at GCHQ and MI5 before joining cyber security company Darktrace as head of technology. “You might think that’s a bit alarmist — what are the chances of my watch or heartrate monitor getting hacked — but this idea of the ‘internet of things’ is racing farther ahead in terms of functionality than in terms of security.”另一方面,每天穿越企业“数据边界”的可穿戴设备明显会成为黑客的目标,在英国政府通信总部(GCHQ)和军情五处(MI5)工作13年后加入网络安全公司Darktrace担任技术主管的戴夫#8226;帕尔马(Dave Palmer)表示。“你可能会认为这有点危言耸听——我的手表或者心率监测器被黑客入侵的几率能有多大呢——但‘物联网’这个概念在功能性方面已经走在了安全性的前面。”The gadgets are also easy to game. Adam Miller’s employer gives him cash rewards if his Fitbit shows he has taken a certain number of steps a day. But it registers “steps” when jolted, so if he has not met his daily target, “I might watch TV and wave my arm around#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;or my kids will grab it and start shaking it to see what the numbers get to.”这些小玩意也很容易糊弄。对于亚当#8226;米勒(Adam Miller)来说,如果Fitbit显示他一天走到了一定的步数,他的雇主就会给予他现金奖励。但Fitbit是在摇晃的情况下记录“步数”的。因此如果米勒没有完成每日的目标,“我可能一边看电视一边挥舞我的手臂……或者我的孩子们会抓着它摇晃,看上面的数字会到多少。”For Dane Atkinson, chief executive of tech company Sumall, this highlights a serious problem with workplace metrics. “It has a law of physics — as soon as people know it’s being observed it changes the outcome.” His solution as a young CEO was to come up with a secret metric his employees did not know about: he tracked the volume and length of their work emails, which he found a surprisingly good indicator of who was in “professional distress”.科技公司Sumall的首席执行官戴恩#8226;阿特金森(Dane Atkinson)认为,这凸显了工作场所指标存在的一个严重问题。“这其中存在物理法则——一旦人们知道一个指标在被观测,结果就会改变。”作为一名年轻的首席执行官,阿特金森的解决方案是提出一个他的员工不知道的秘密指标:追踪员工工作邮件的数量和长度,他发现在显示谁处于“职业困难期”方面,这种指标效果好得惊人。“I was struggling with empathy#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;the data really helped me catch up,” he says. “In watching those patterns I could start a conversation and say, hey, what’s going on, and there was almost always a huge unload.”“我之前难以对员工感同身受……数据的确帮助我弥补了这一点,”他说,“看到那些情况后,我就可以与员工交谈,并且对员工说,嗨,怎么了,几乎总是会听到大量倾诉的话语。”He thinks it is reasonable for an employer to monitor work emails, “but there’s a moral line that’s not been navigated by public conversation yet”.他认为雇主监视工作邮件是合理的,“但这其中有一条道德的界线,公共舆论还没有找到这条线的位置。”The legal line has not been navigated yet, either. Lawyers say companies would have to gain the explicit informed consent of employees before gathering personal data from wearables — and further consent to correlate it with other data, such as performance metrics.法律的界线也还没有确定。律师们表示,企业通过可穿戴设备收集个人数据前,应该在员工知情的情况下取得员工的明确同意——在将这些数据与工作表现指标等其他数据进行关联前,还要进一步取得员工的同意。Even then, there is a risk employees would feel implicit pressure to agree, says Daniel Cooper, head of the data privacy team at the law firm Covington.科文顿#8226;柏灵律师事务所(Covington and Burling)数据隐私小组主管丹尼尔#8226;库珀(Daniel Cooper)表示,即使如此,还存在员工因感到隐性压力而勉强同意的可能性。“Historically European regulators in the data protection area have been very sceptical you can ever get a valid employee consent — they feel that for existing employees, [the relationship] is almost inherently coercive.”“欧洲在数据保护领域的监管机构历来对此抱着非常怀疑的态度,认为你根本得不到切实的员工同意——他们觉得对于现有员工来说,(雇佣关系)几乎有一种固有的强制性。”How many workers would say yes, uncoerced, and under what conditions? PwC asked 2,000 people recently: 40 per cent said they would wear a workplace wearable, rising to just over half if they knew it would be used to improve their wellbeing at work.在不强制的情况下,有多少员工会同意,又需要什么条件呢?普华永道(PwC)最近询问了2000人:有40%的人表示他们会佩戴工作场所可穿戴设备。如果他们知道这将用于改善他们的工作状况,这个比例会提高到略高于一半。Employers and employees might share the same goals (less stress in the workplace, say) but then again, they might not. Many of those who said “no way” did not trust their employer not to use the data against them. A promise to anonymise the data and only analyse them in aggregated form would help win people over, PwC found.雇主和员工或许有一些相同的目标(比如降低工作压力),但他们也可能意见相左。许多回答“不行”的人不相信雇主不会用这些数据来针对他们。普华永道发现,匿名收集数据,只从整体上分析数据的承诺有助于争取人们的持。For Mike Weston of Profusion, the reaction of his staff to their wearables experiment was as interesting as the data it produced. Some found it enlightening and useful, while others found it “quite disturbing.” One ended up “the most stressed I’ve ever seen her”.对于Profusion公司的迈克#8226;韦斯顿来说,员工对可穿戴设备试验的反应和试验产生的数据一样有趣。一些人觉得可穿戴设备很有用,富有启发性,另一些人则认为这些设备“相当令人烦恼”。其中有一个人到最后变成一副“我认识她以来最焦虑的样子”。As for him? “I still don’t know if I love it, but I haven’t taken it off.”他本人怎么看?“我还不知道自己是否喜欢可穿戴设备,不过我没把它脱下来。” /201506/381521重庆医科大学附属第二医院在哪

重庆激光去痣SINGAPORE — Savir Singh’s taxi rolled into downtown Singapore, taking an overpass that provides a stunning view of the popular hotels and tourist attractions around Marina Bay.新加坡——萨维尔·辛格(Savir Singh)的出租车驶进新加坡市中心,开上了一座立交桥。那里景色壮丽,人们可以将滨海湾周边的热门酒店和旅游景点一览眼底。The only problem was that he could barely see them. Thick haze from forest fires set in neighboring Indonesia to clear land for agriculture has blanketed this island state for weeks, and has sp to Malaysia and southern Thailand.唯一的问题是,他几乎看不到那些美景。数周来,邻国印度尼西亚烧林垦荒造成的浓重烟雾笼罩着这个岛国,并已向马来西亚和泰国南部扩散。While many Singaporeans have sought refuge from the pollution in their homes, offices or shopping malls, Mr. Singh’s only haven is his mobile workplace, and a small bottle of eyedrops lying near his armrest.为了躲避污染,很多新加坡人待在家、办公室或商场里,但对辛格来说,出租车这个移动工作场所,和车座扶手旁边放着的一瓶滴眼液,是他仅有的庇护。“Look at this,” he said, pointing to the partly obscured Singapore Flyer, a 540-foot-tall Ferris wheel. “I wish they had haze in Jakarta. Then the government there would do something about it.”“你看看,”他指着有些模糊的新加坡天观景轮(Singapore Flyer)说。“我希望雅加达也有雾霾。这样那里的政府就会采取点行动了。”新加坡天观景轮是一座高540英尺(约合165米)的天轮。Mr. Singh’s anger is part and parcel of a near-annual ritual: Fires set in Sumatra and the Indonesian side of Borneo blanket parts of Southeast Asia with smoke for weeks. While this has been going on for decades, an especially long dry season this year coupled with the effects of El Ni漀, threaten to make it the worst on record, scientists say.辛格的愤怒是一项几近年度仪式中必不可少的一部分:苏门答腊岛和婆罗洲印尼一侧点燃的大火,让东南亚部分地区数周都处在浓烟的笼罩下。这种情况已经持续了数十年,但科学家称,今年的干季特别漫长,再加上厄尔尼诺现象的影响,可能会造成有记载以来最恶劣的后果。Around the region, flights have been grounded, schools have been closed, and tens of thousands of people have sought medical treatment for respiratory problems, allergies, eczema and other ailments. The first night of an international sports competition, the FINA Swimming World Cup, set for last Saturday and hosted by Singapore, was canceled because of health concerns — as was a marathon in Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysia capital, set to be run the next morning.在该地区各地,航班停飞,学校停课,数万人因呼吸疾病、过敏、湿疹和其他病症而求医。出于健康方面的考虑,由新加坡主办、定于上周六举行的国际性体育赛事国际泳联世界杯短池游泳赛(FINA Swimming World Cup)第一天晚上的活动被取消。此外,定于第二天早上在马来西亚首都吉隆坡举行的一场马拉松比赛也被取消。This year, there have been more vocal complaints from people affected in Singapore, Malaysia and even in Indonesia. There has also been high-profile sniping among government leaders, along with lawsuits, investigations and arrests of accused fire-starters — a familiar replay from 2013, when the region suffered its last major bout of haze.今年,在新加坡、马来西亚乃至印度尼西亚,受到影响的人们表示了更强烈的不满。政府领导人也进行了高调的抨击,此外还出现了诉讼、调查和被控点火的人遭到逮捕的情况。这一幕很眼熟,实际上是2013年,也就是该地区上一次深受浓烟之苦时的情景再现。After the skies cleared in 2013, the issue was once again forgotten — until last month, when the crisis erupted anew.在2013年,碧空重现后,这个问题就被抛之脑后,直到上个月危机再次爆发。The consensus this year is the same as it was then: The slash-and-burn techniques used in Indonesia’s palm oil industry are continuing unabated, and there is no magic bullet for ending the practice — or the haze it causes — in the short term.人们今年所持的一致看法和那时一样:印尼棕榈油行业使用的刀耕火种做法保持不减,且短期没有灵丹妙药能结束这种做法,及其带来的浓烟。Finding the long-term solution requires reducing agriculture in Indonesia’s carbon-rich peatland, curtailing slash-and-burn methods for clearing land and halting the conversions of forests to agricultural uses including palm oil, said Peter Holmgren, director general of the Center for International Forestry Research, a global scientific organization with its headquarters in Bogor, Indonesia.总部位于印尼茂物的全球性科学组织国际林业研究中心(Center for International Forestry Research)总干事彼得·霍姆格伦(Peter Holmgren)表示,找到长期解决办法需要减少印尼在碳含量丰富的泥炭地的农业种植、限制砍烧这种开荒方式,并停止把林地变成农业用地和生产棕榈油的土地。“Fire is the most cost-effective way of clearing, which is why it is done,” he said.“放火烧是最省钱的开荒方式,这就是个中缘由,”他说。Finding a permanent solution is daunting enough, but more than a month into the crisis, it seems that the region cannot curb the haze in the short term. Indonesia says that its military personnel are battling more than 1,000 forest-fire clusters, while Greenpeace says that figure does not include fires that started aboveground on peatland and are now burning out of control.找到永久性的解决办法是很难,但危机已出现一月有余,而该地区似乎无法在短期内控制烟雾。印尼称,该国军事人员正在1000多个林火现场奋战,但绿色和平(Greenpeace)表示,这个数字未包括泥炭地上燃烧起来的,以及眼下火势失控的大火。Up until Wednesday, Indonesia had rebuffed offers by neighbors to help it battle the blazes and had even admonished Singaporean and Malaysian leaders for daring to complain about the haze.在周三之前,印度尼西亚都还在断然回绝邻国协助灭火的提议,甚至还斥责新加坡和马来西亚领导人竟敢抱怨浓烟。On Thursday, President Joko Widodo of Indonesia said his government had requested “help and assistance” the day before from Singapore and Malaysia, as well as Russia and Japan, in getting the peatland fires under control, according to a statement released by his cabinet secretariat.不过,印尼总统佐科·威多多(Joko Widodo)的内阁秘书处已经发表声明,说总统周四表示,他领导的政府已于前一天请求新加坡和马来西亚,以及俄罗斯和日本,在控制泥炭地上的火势上提供“帮助和援”。Mr. Joko said his government had specifically requested firefighting aircraft with a water-carrying capacity of 12 to 15 tons, saying that Indonesian planes currently fighting the blazes have carrying capacities of between two and three tons.佐科表示,以他为首的政府明确请求获得载水量在12到15吨之间的消防飞机的援,称眼下参与灭火的印尼飞机的承载能力只有两到三吨。The aid request seemed to reflect a new seriousness from the Indonesian government.求援似乎反映出印尼政府对此事的重新重视。Late last month, the country’s outspoken vice president, Jusuf Kalla, repeated a statement he made earlier in the year in which he said that neighboring countries “should be grateful” to Indonesia for the clean air they have the other 11 months of the year.上月末,该国说话并不婉转的副总统优素福·卡拉(Jusuf Kalla)重复了他今年早些时候的言论,声称对一年中其他11个月的好天气,邻国“应该感谢”印度尼西亚。During the 2013 haze crisis, Agung Laksono, a senior Indonesian cabinet minister at the time, compared Singaporean leaders to a child having a temper tantrum after they complained about the impact that thick haze was having on tourism, which is a major contributor to Singapore’s economy.2013年烟雾危机期间,在新加坡领导人抱怨浓烟影响了新加坡重要的经济柱旅游业后,当时担任印尼内阁高级部长的阿贡·拉克索诺(Agung Laksono)把他们比作乱发脾气的小孩。“It’s like a blame game,” said Bustar Maitar, global leader of the Indonesia Forest Campaign at Greenpeace.“像是在互相推卸责任,”绿色和平印度尼西亚森林项目(Indonesia Forest Campaign)全球负责人布斯塔尔·迈塔尔(Bustar Maitar)说。“Of course all the fires are coming from Indonesia, but Singapore is enjoying the ‘deforestation economy’ of Indonesia as a financial center,” he said, “and there are many Malaysian palm oil companies operating in Indonesia, and Singaporean companies are there as well.”“当然,所有的大火都来自印尼,但作为金融中心的新加坡也享受着印尼的‘毁林经济’带来的好处,”他说。“而且马来西亚的很多棕榈油公司在印尼有业务,新加坡的公司也是。”Ultimately, Mr. Maitar said, the cycle will continue until rain forest deforestation is severely curtailed in Indonesia, where it remains rampant, and the Indonesian government bans the draining and clearing of peatland for agricultural use. Currently, Indonesian government policy allows peatland of less than about nine feet deep to be cleared.迈塔尔表示,最终这个循环会继续下去,直到印尼依然很普遍的雨林砍伐现象受到严厉限制,并且印尼政府禁止把泥炭地的水排干开荒以用于农业。目前,印尼政府的政策允许开垦不足九英尺深的泥炭地。“That’s the only long-term way to stop haze,” he said.“这是唯一一个阻止烟雾的长久之计,”他说。Then there is the issue of who is responsible for the fires. As in 2013, this time around, there has been ample finger-pointing: Multinational palm oil companies, pulp and paper companies, the smaller plantations that sell to them, traditional farmers and even day laborers have all been blamed for starting the fires — and they in turn have blamed one another.然后就是谁该为大火负责的问题。和2013年一样,这一次也出现了大量的相互指责:跨国棕榈油公司、纸浆和纸业公司、为它们供货的小种植园、传统务农者乃至零工都被指是大火的始作俑者,而它们之间又相互指责。On Wednesday, NTUC FairPrice, Singapore’s largest supermarket chain, released a statement saying it had pulled from its shelves toilet paper and other products sourced from Indonesia’s Asia Pulp amp; Paper, one of the world’s largest pulp and paper companies.周三,新加坡最大的连锁超市职总平价超市(NTUC FairPrice)发布了一则声明,声称已将从印尼的亚洲浆纸业有限公司(Asia Pulp amp; Paper,又称金光纸业,简称APP)采购的厕纸等产品下架。后者是全世界最大的浆纸业公司之一。The supermarket said it had made the move “following notification from the Singapore Environment Council that it has instituted a temporary restriction on the use of the ‘Singapore Green Label’ certification for A.P.P. products,” the statement said.超市在声明中称,做出此举是“遵循新加坡环境理事会(Singapore Environment Council)的通知行事。其中表示,该机构开始实行一项临时规定,禁止对APP的产品进行‘新加坡绿色标志’认”。On Monday, the council had released a statement saying that it took action after an Asia Pulp amp; Paper subsidiary was “one of five companies named by the National Environment Agency (NEA) suspected to be contributing to the haze pollution.”周一,理事会曾发表声明称,APP的一家子公司“被新加坡国家环境局(National Environment Agency,简称NEA)列为涉嫌制造烟雾污染的五家公司之一”后,促使它采取了行动。Aida Greenbury, managing director of sustainability for Asia Pulp amp; Paper, said in a statement on Thursday that the company was “firmly against” the intentional setting of forest fires and would disengage from any supplier proven guilty of illegally starting one.APP负责可持续发展的执行董事艾达·格林伯里(Aida Greenbury)在周四发表的声明中称,公司“坚决反对”故意放火烧林,并将与一切明犯有非法纵火罪行的供应商解除关系。“We understand why FairPrice feels the need to take urgent action and we feel the same urgency also in addressing this haze issue, but accuracy is just as important,” she said. “The fire situation is complex, and both the Singapore and Indonesia governments, and authorities are still investigating the situation.”“我们理解职总平价超市为什么觉得有必要采取紧急行动,我们也感觉到了应对这一烟雾问题的紧迫性,但准确也同样重要,”她说。“火情复杂,新加坡和印尼政府及权威机构仍在调查情况。”Ang Peng Hwa, a university professor and founder of an antihaze activist group in Singapore, is promoting an American model for dealing with environmental negligence: suing those responsible, using a law passed by the Singaporean Parliament in 2014.在新加坡创立了一个反烟雾活动团体的大学教授汪炳华(Ang Peng Hwa)正在倡导美国处理环境疏忽的模式:用新加坡议会2014年通过的一项法律起诉责任人。Mr. Ang noted that under the Transboundary Haze Pollution Act, Singapore-listed companies involved in illegal land clearance in Indonesia can be sued in civil court for causing financial losses to businesses and individuals.汪炳华指出,按照《跨境阴霾污染法令》(Transboundary Haze Pollution Act)的规定,与印尼非法垦荒活动有牵连的新加坡上市公司,可以因为给企业和个人造成经济损失而被告上民事法庭。People have been coming forward to say that they have lost business because of the haze, Mr. Ang said. The prospective plaintiffs include a sporting events company and a sports training academy, though no lawsuits have yet been filed under the new law.汪炳华称,人们纷纷站出来说,因为烟雾,生意受到了影响。可能的原告包括一家体育赛事公司和一家体育训练学校,不过尚未有人依据这部新通过的法律提起诉讼。Possible injured parties include upscale hotels that suffer canceled bookings during haze periods and the organizers of the annual F1 Singapore Grand Prix. The F1 race was held on Sept. 20 despite concerns about air quality.可能的受害方包括高档酒店和每年一届的F1新加坡大奖赛的组织方。烟雾出现期间,酒店遭遇了预定取消的现象。9月20日,尽管有人担心空气质量,但F1大奖赛仍照旧举行。The problem, Mr. Ang said, is that it is very difficult to determine liability because “there are layers that protect ultimate owners of companies.”汪炳华称,问题是很难界定责任,因为“有一层又一层的外壳保护公司的最终所有人”。Yet, he said, the fact that some people have aly come forward asking about financial compensation for haze through Singapore’s courts leads to an inescapable conclusion that should concern governments around the region. “People are getting more angry, more worked up.”但他表示,一些人已经站出来,询问通过新加坡的法院获得经济赔偿的可能,而这一现象会引出一个必然的结论,当令该地区的各国政府警醒。“民众正变得愈发愤怒和激动。”Whether that anger will lead to more lasting change is yet to be seen. Mr. Ang is not optimistic. “They burn for a period, everyone gets upset, and then people forget,” he said of the fires.这种愤怒是否会带来更持久的变化还有待观察。不过汪炳华对结果并不乐观。“大火烧一段时间,于是群情激奋,过后又都忘了,”他说。 /201510/402722 重庆opt祛斑哪家医院好重庆市胸科医院qq多少



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