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资阳哪家医院脱毛好THE Middle East is arid. But it is also home to some of the world’s most fertile rivers, such as the Nile. So it is all the more alarming that one of its great river basins, the Tigris-Euphrates—which flows through the so-called fertile crescent that gave birth to agriculture itself—is getting drier. According to a study in Water Resources Research, an American scientific journal, between 2003 and 2009 the region that stretches from eastern Turkey to western Iran lost 144 cubic kilometres of fresh water.中东地区气候干旱、土地贫瘠,但世界上育沃土的几大河流均发源于此,尼罗河就是其中之一。“底格里斯河—幼发拉底河”流域属世界之最,其河水流经“新月沃土”——昔日当地的农业发源地。如今两河却日渐枯竭,让人格外忧心。据美国科学期刊《水资源研究》的一项研究显示,2003至2009年间,土耳其东部至伊朗西部地区共失去了144立方千米的淡水。That figure is vast. It is equivalent in volume to the Dead Sea and, according to the study’s senior author, Jay Famiglietti of the University of California, Irvine, implies that the region is suffering the world’s second-fastest rate of water depletion after northern India. The water table sank by 0.3 metres (one foot) a year in 2006-09. At the point where the Euphrates crosses from Syria into Iraq, it now flows at only 70% of the rate it once did. All this in an area that aly faces severe water shortages.这相当于一个死海的容量,数字十分庞大。据该研究的指导作者——加州大学欧文分校的简?费米格利提(Jay Famiglietti)所示,如今该地区的水资源耗竭速度仅次于印度北部地区,为世界第二。2006至2009年间,地下水位每年降低0.3米(1英尺)。在叙利亚、伊拉克边境处的幼发拉底河,水流速度仅为过去的70%。该地区的水资源本来就严重短缺,如今更是雪上加霜。The study provides the first accurate estimate of all the water in the basin. National statistics are flawed and incomplete; some figures are even state secrets. But the study uses satellite data from America’s NASA which is not subject to these restrictions. These satellites not only measure surface water by photographs but, thanks to precise measurements of the effect of bodies of water on the atmosphere, can even calculate the amount of water in the aquifer below them.该研究首次为两河流域的所有河流提供了一份准确的评估。各国国家统计局的数据并不准确,而且还不完整;有些数据甚至属于国家机密。但该研究使用的是美国国家宇航局(NASA)发来的卫星数据,所以并不会受到这些限制的影响。那些卫星不仅可以通过照片测量地表水的容量,甚至还可以计算出地下的蓄水层所含水量,因为卫星能够精准地测量水体对大气的影响。The main reason for the depletion turns out to be that more water is being taken out of the underground aquifer, mainly by farmers. The rate of loss accelerated after drought hit the region in 2007. Between 2007 and 2009, in response to reduced flows of water in the rivers, Iraq’s government dug 1,000 new wells and abstracted four-fifths of all its groundwater reserves. The aquifer is not being replenished at anything like that rate, so this cannot continue for long.原来,水资源之所以耗竭,主要是因为人们(主要是农民)从地下蓄水层抽出的水过多。2007年该地区遭遇了旱灾,因而水资源流失速度加快。在2007至2009年间,由于河流的水量减少,伊拉克政府新挖了1000口井,境内4/5的地下水资源都被抽干。水资源消耗速度如此之快,蓄水层却一直无法恢复到正常水量。所以这种状况也持续不了多久。The rapid depletion has implications for managing the basin, which is shared by Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. All the countries have extensive dams, reservoirs and other sorts of infrastructure on both rivers which control the water’s flow. But they have no international treaty governing when and by how much they can shut the flow down.水资源的迅速枯竭为两河流域的治理带来了一定启示。该地区为土耳其、叙利亚、伊拉克和伊朗共有,所有国家都在两河上建了大量水坝、水库和其他基础设施,对水流进行控制。但他们并没有达成国际条约,约定应何时阻截水流、以及阻截多少。Over the years, this has not mattered much. The countries have rubbed along, sometimes amicably, sometimes not, with downstream ones (notably Syria and Iraq) assuming there would always be enough water in the upstream reservoirs of Turkey for them all. But if the new study is any guide, that assumption may not hold for much longer. As Mr Famiglietti says, “The region is ripe for collaborating on the science of water management. Whether it is y for an international legal framework, I have no idea.”多年来,这并没有造成很大影响。国家之间也算相安无事,有时相处融洽,有时也不尽然,因为下游区域的国家(尤其是叙利亚和伊拉克)总认为土耳其在上游区域的水库能为他们提供充沛的水资源。但如果这份新研究有可借鉴之处,那样的说法可能就撑不了多久了。正如费米格利提所说,“两河流域地区是该共同合作、科学管理水资源了。不过,我不清楚它是否愿意接受国际法律框架的束缚。” /201303/229701重庆人民医院在线医生咨询白领更易患抑郁症Money really can't buy happiness, according to a new survey showing lawyers and other well-paid white-collar workers are more likely to sufferdepression.A national survey of more than 7500 professionals has found that almost one in 10 reported moderate to severe depressive symptoms.The legal profession had the worst result, with almost 16 per cent reporting symptoms of clinical depression. Next were accountants and insuranceunderwriters, both on 10 per cent.People in IT services, architecture and engineering also had depression rates above the average.The survey conducted by Beyondblue, an organizationdevoted to fighting depression, also showed that those under 30 had the highest rates of depression and were the most likely to "self-medicate" with drugs and alcohol.Beyondblue deputy chief executive and psychologist, Dr Nicole Highet, said the survey-the largest of its kind- was first to reveal the extent of the problem."We often associate depression with the most socially disadvantaged (and) people under financial pressure, but here's a whole different group," Dr Highet said.She said while it was difficult to know exactly what made some groups more prone to depression, it was likely to be driven by work pressures."It seems, with law in particular, there's a problem with employee expectations and their working reality," Dr Highet said."People base their whole identities on being successful in their role and when it doesn't live up to expectations, and they fail to keep a work-life balance, that impacts on their mental health."Among female lawyers, the average age of first pregnancy was 39, "reflecting the all-or-nothing pressure that the sector places on individuals", she said.Law Institute of Victoria chief executive Michael Brett Young said the survey supported anecdotal evidence that depression was a growing problem."Our message is no one should feel ashamed about being stressed," Mr Young said."Ask for help from your colleagues rather than suffer in silence." 看来金钱确实买不到快乐。一项最新调查表明,律师和其他一些高薪白领患抑郁症的几率较大。一项对7500多名职员开展的全国性调查发现,近十分之一的受访者称自己有中度至重度的抑郁症症状。法律行业的情况更糟糕,近16%的人称自己有临床抑郁症的症状。会计和保险承保人的这一比例位居其后,均为10%。IT务、建筑和工程行业的人患抑郁症的比例也高于平均水平。此外,这项由抗抑郁症组织Beyondblue开展的调查表明,30岁以下的人患抑郁症的比例最高,而且这一人群用药物和酒精饮料进行“自行治疗"的几率最大。Beyondblue副首席执行官、心理学家妮可·海耶特士说,该调查是此领域目前规模最大的一次,首次暴露了这个问题的严重程度。海耶特士说:“我们常把抑郁症与最弱势的社会群体以及有经济压力的人联系在一起,但事实上是另一个完全不同的人群存在这个问题。”她说,至于为什么有些人群更容易患抑郁症还难以解释,但这可能是由于工作压力造成的。海耶特说:“员工的期望值与他们实际工作状况的差别可能是个主要问题,尤其对于法律行业的人来说。”“人们将事业成功作为自己的首要目标,当实际情况达不到期望值时,他们就无法维持工作与生活的平衡了,这便会对他们的心理健康产生影响。”她说,女律师首次怀的平均年龄为39岁,“这反映了这个行业对从业者的压力是一种极端的状况,要么压力很大,要么没有压力。”维克多利亚律师事务所的首席执行官迈克尔·布雷特·杨说,这项调查明抑郁症是个越来越严重的问题。杨说:“我们的观点是,患抑郁症的人不应该觉得这是一种羞耻。”“向你的同事求助,不要自己默默的承受。” /200803/32583重庆开双眼皮

重庆注射玻尿酸哪家医院好重庆儿童医院疤痕多少钱重庆新桥医院几点营业Does the idea of expressing your feelings to someone you care for make you feel nervous and tongue-tied? Writing a letter of love gives you the chance to take your time and use the right words to express your admiration and appreciation for your nearest and dearest. Whether you make the letter silly, funny, funky,or romantic, your words will come from the heart.对你关心的人的表达你的感受,一想到这个是否让你感到紧张,舌头打结?写一封情书可以让你花时间,使用正确的词语来对你最亲近和亲爱的人表达你的爱慕和赞赏。不管你把情书写得很傻很搞笑,还是很潮很浪漫,你的话语将发自内心。1. Use an intriguing opener. 使用吸引人的开场。Do you have a special name who you call your beloved? You might want to use it at the start to immediately catch his or her attention. If not, consider using words like “My Dear,” “My Darling,” or “My Love” or something that is meaningful to you.你对你爱的人有没有特别的称呼?你可能希望用它来吸引他/她的注意力。如果没有,考虑使用“我亲爱的”或者“我的爱”或者其他对你们来说有意义的称呼。2. Tell the person exactly why you’re taking the time to write.告诉那个人你为什么要写这份情书。A love letter is different from any other type of correspondence, so make sure you tell the object of your affection from the outset the reason for your letter.情书不同于其他任何形式的通信,因此确保在情书的开始你告诉对方你的感情。3. Discuss a happy memory the two of you shared.分享一两个你们的快乐记忆。During the time you have spent together, there have no doubt been many happy times. As you are writing your letter, relive one in detail and share your impressions of the event with your beloved. You’ll get bonus points if it’s something that he or she may have forgotten over time.在你们一起度过的时间中,无疑有很多快乐的时光。在你写情书时,与你爱的人重温一件事情的细节或者分享你的感受。如果这是他/她随时间推移已经忘记的事,这将给你的情书加分。4. Mention your beloved’s best qualities.提及你爱人的闪光点。What makes your special person stand out from anyone else you know? Write it down and put it in your letter. The things you appreciate most may not be the things your beloved considers to be his or her most obvious strengths, so just speak from your heart. If you need a writing prompt, start with a partial sentence like:是什么使得你的爱人从你认识的人中脱颖而出?写下来,写进情书中。你称赞的事情需要是你爱的人自己认为是长处的地方,因此发自内心的表达。如果你需要提示,请以下面的句子开始:“I appreciate you most when you…”“当你……时我特别欣赏你。”“Your greatest strength is…”“你最大的优势是……”“The thing I think of first when your name comes to mind is…”“当我想你的名字,我能想到的是……”Complete the sentence with the first impression that you get. It will more than likely be the right one for your letter.以你的第一反应来完成这些句子。这很有可能是最正确的。5. Talk about the difference he or she has made in your life.谈谈他对你人生带来的改变。Naturally, your life has changed for the better since you met the person to whom you are writing, and you’ll want to share this information in your love letter. This is not the place to mention any past loves, since that part of your life is over (and hopefully done with). You do want to share how much richer and fulfilling your life is now that your special someone is part of it.显然,在你遇见他/她时,你的人生已经变美好了,你会想在你的情书中与之分享这个信息。这里不能提及任何前男女友,因为那部分生活已经结束了(希望如此)。你确实需要与之分享的是:当某人出现在你生活中时,你的生活变得多么丰富和满意。6. Choose the right stationery for your letter.选择合适的信纸。Since a love letter is not a standard piece of correspondence, you don’t necessarily want to write it on plain paper. Pay a visit to a store and look for some special paper in a favorite color or style that will set it apart. Don’t forget to buy an envelope, too. You’ll have to decide whether you want to hand-deliver your letter, mail it, or leave it somewhere for your beloved to find. Another option is to arrange for your letter to be delivered by a courier company, which means you will be sure that it reaches your beloved on a particular day.由于情书不是标准意义的书信,你不需要在素色的纸上写它。去商店看看,买一点喜爱的颜色或样式的特别的纸。别忘了也要买个信封。你需要决定是否亲自送你的信,是寄出去或者留在你心爱的人能找到的地方。另一个选择是把你的信交给一个快递公司,这将确保它能在特定的一天抵达。7. Pen and paper is best for short notes.短情书最好使用笔和纸。If you are writing a short love letter, then do pick up a pen and paper. Not everyone has good penmanship skills, and if you are going to be writing a letter that is several pages in length, you can do your composing in a keyboard. The advantage of this option is that you can edit and move your text around if you don’t like the way you have written it in your first draft.如果你在写一个短情书,请用笔和纸。并不是所有人都有很好的书法,如果你打算写好几页很长的情书,你可以用电脑打稿。这种选择的好处是,如果你不满意你的初稿,你可以编辑或删除你的文字。8. Choose a romantic font.选择浪漫的字体。If you decide to use your keyboard to compose your love letter, be sure to change your font. Now is not the time to stick to a standard business font like Times New Roman 12 or Helvetica Regular 12. Experiment with the fonts in your word processing program to find one that you like and that fits the occasion.如果你想用电脑来写情书,记得更改你的字体。现在不是使用标准商务字体例如12号Times New Roman或者12号Helvetica Regular的时候。在你处理文字的过程中可以尝试使用不同的字体,来找到你最喜欢的最应景的字体。9. Write your letter and let it sit for a day or two before sending.写完信后过一两天再寄出去。Love letters are, by definition, highly emotional exercises. Read what you have written before sending it to your beloved after you have had some time to digest it. If you are happy with the results, send it.按照定义我们就能看出,情书是情感的高度体现。在寄给你爱的人前,读几遍你写的东西,这样你有时间消化它。如果你对结果很满意,就把情书寄出去吧。10. Your letter doesn’t have to be perfect to be meaningful.并不是完美的才有意义。No one is looking for perfection in a love letter. Just write what is in your heart, and you’ll be using exactly the right language.没有人会渴望完美的情书。仅仅写一下你心里的想法,你就会找到最合适的语言。 /201306/243351重庆妇幼保健院大概需要多少钱

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