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A 14-year-old girl married a 23-year-old teacher. Oh, it did not take place in Africa, a Middle East country or a hidden tribe in Papua New Guinea, but Malaysia. 一位14岁的女孩出嫁了。男方23岁,是位教师。 这不是非洲,这不是中东,这不是巴布亚新几内亚深山老林里的原始部落,这是马来西亚。To be honest, I felt nausea after ing the news. Alas, 14 years old! At the age of 14, girls are not fully grown yet and they are not physically and mentally mature. At this age, they should be studying and nestling in the arms of their parents. Their life has just started and there are many things waiting for them to experience and complete. 说真的,看到这个新闻,我一阵眩晕。唉,才14岁呀!14岁,还是个孩子,身心都未成熟。这个年龄的孩子,应该还在学校读书,应该还在父母的怀里撒娇。她们的生活才刚刚开始,有太多的事情需要她们去经历,去完成。Of course, if some are premature, a 14-year-old girl might fall in love with a boy or a man, such as her teacher. She might also want to marry him. It is not a big deal. It is just a girl's fantasy, or some call it puppy love. However, it definitely does not mean that she should marry the man or have sexual relations with him as it is just an illusion and cannot become a reality. 当然,如果早熟,一个14岁的女孩也许会爱上一个男孩,或者一个男子,比如她的老师,憧憬着和他步入婚姻殿堂。 但这能算什么呢?这只是少女的懵懂情感,只是少女不切实际的幻想,有人称之为早恋。但绝不意味着女孩真的嫁给他,和他同床共眠。After a period of time, she will find how childish she was and awake from her fantasy. She will then say goodbye to the Prince Charming in her dream and continue to grow up. Of course, there are some exceptions. Some girls might be obsessed with their fantasy and refuse to wake up. When this happens, family and society, as well as morality and law will have to step in and play a role to prevent underage sexual relations and young marriage. The life of an underage girl, after all, has just started and there are still many ideals to be realised. They should not be a man's wife and children's mother in advance. 过上一段时间,女孩就会从这种幻想中醒来,那时她会发现自己的那些想法是多么的幼稚。于是她会道别梦中的白马王子,重新踏上人生旅程。当然也有例外。有些女孩沉迷于幻想不愿醒来。 此时,家庭与社会、道德和法律将会介入,以阻止这种过早的婚姻和性。一个女孩,尚未到结婚年龄,她们的生活才刚刚开始,她们的心中还充满梦想。不应过早地为人妇、为人母。 /201012/121354

A Indian woman who was the victim of a gang rape and brutal beating earlier this month in New Delhi has been flown to Singapore for further treatment, while the Indian prime minister is pledging to focus on the issue of women#39;s safety.本月早些时候在新德里惨遭轮奸和毒打的一名印度女子已被飞机送往新加坡做进一步治疗,与此同时,印度总理誓言一定要关心妇女安全问题。Singapore#39;s Mount Elizabeth Hospital said the 23-year-old victim arrived at the facility early Thursday in ;extremely critical condition.;新加坡伊丽莎白山医院说,这名23岁的受害女子已在星期四早晨抵达医院,她的情况“极度危急”。Earlier in the day, B.D. Athani, medical superintendent at the Indian hospital where she had been treated, said the woman has aly undergone three operations and remains in critical condition.同天早些时候,治疗受害女子的印度医院的医务总监B.D.阿塔尼说,受害人已经接受了三次手术,但情况仍处在危急状态。He said the hospital in Singapore has an advanced multi-organ transplant facility, and that arrangements have been made for the woman#39;s family to accompany her there.他说,新加坡的这家医院有着先进的多种器官移植设施,而且有关方面还做出安排,让女子的家人随行。Indian Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde said in a statement that ;despite the best efforts of our doctors, the victim continues to be critical and her fluctuating health remains a big cause of concern for all of us.;印度内政部长辛德发表声明说,“虽然我们的医生进了最大努力,但受害者仍处在危急状态,她的身体状况仍然不稳定,这让我们所有的人都感到担心。”The woman was traveling on a charter bus on December 16 when a group of men on board raped and beat her with an iron rod and then threw her from the bus.12月16日,这名女子搭乘一辆包租大巴时遭到车上一群男子的轮奸,他们还用一根铁棒打她,然后把她扔出车外。Police have arrested six alleged attackers, who are accused of rape and attempted murder.警方逮捕了六名据称参与袭击的人,他们被控强奸和谋杀未遂。Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told a development conference Thursday that attacks against women happen ;in all states and regions; and require greater attention from national and local officials.印度总理辛格在星期四的一次发展会议上说,针对妇女的袭击发生在“所有的邦和地区”,国家和地方官员必须加大关注力度。;The safety and security of women is of the highest concern to our government. A commission of inquiry is being set up to look into precisely these issues in the capital.;他说:“妇女的安全是我们政府的最高关注。目前正在组建一个调查委员会,就是要查看首都的这些问题。”He said India cannot have meaningful development without the active participation of women, and that their security must be assured.他说,如果没有女性的积极参与,如果她们的安全得不到保障,印度就谈不上什么真正的发展。The gang rape has sparked days of widesp protests in New Delhi urging the government to address crimes against women. On Thursday, hundreds of demonstrators tried to march to government buildings in the capital but were stopped by riot police armed with tear gas and water cannons.轮奸事件在新德里激起了数日的大规模积抗议。星期四,数百名示威者试图游行走到新德里的政府建筑,但被配备着催泪瓦斯和高压水龙头的防暴警察拦住。Meanwhile, Indian President Pranab Mukherjee#39;s son, Abhijit, was sharply criticized Thursday for saying the protesters were not students but ;dented and painted; women who wear heavy makeup and think it is fashionable to protest. He said the demonstrations ;must be part of some hidden agenda of some political party.;与此同时,印度总统普拉纳布·慕克吉的儿子阿比吉特的一番讲话星期四激起众怒。他说,抗议者不是学生,而是“脸上有坑被涂抹”的女人,她们浓妆艳抹,把抗议当时髦。他说,示威“一定是某政党不可告人目的的一部分”。Mukherjee later apologized after activists, political leaders and his sister came out against his remarks.活动人士、政界领袖和阿比吉特·慕克吉的都表态反对他的讲话,他随后为自己的言论做了道歉。 /201212/217555

Route 66 is establishedNovember 11,1926, U.S. Route 66 is established. 美国66号公路建成 1926年的11月11日,美国的66号公路建成。Constitution of Kuwait is ratified November 11,1962, Kuwait's National Assembly ratifies the Constitution of Kuwait. 科威特宪法通过 1962年的11月11日,在科威特的国民大会上通过了科威特的宪法。NASA launches spaceship Gemini 12November 11,1966, NASA launches spaceship Gemini 12. “双子座12号”发射 1966的11月11日,美国航空航天局发射宇宙飞船“双子座12号”。Women in England is allowed to beNovember 11,1992, The Church of England votes to allow women to become priests. 英格兰女性被许可作牧师 1992年的11月11日,英格兰教堂投票允许女性成为牧师。NZ Tomb of the Unkonw Warrior dedicatedNovember 11,2004, New Zealand Tomb of the Unknown Warrior dedicated at the National War Memorial, Wellington.新西兰无名勇士墓落成2004年的11月11日,新西兰无名勇士墓在惠灵顿落成。 /201011/117940

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