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  • David跟Sandra聊天,说起自己以前有个同事,特别喜欢name-drop. David说,D: We would be in a meeting and she would say. ;Yesterday I was chatting with Tom.; She meant Tom Solomon...our CEO.S: Basically she was trying to impress people by using the CEOs name...but who knows if she really talked to him?D: You dont know...and name-dropping is a really bad habit. It gives everyone else negative feelings about you. If you have a good idea, just speak up. You dont need to use someone else as a cover.David 举例说,他们开着开着会,那个同事就会突然说,我昨天跟 Tom 聊天,大家都知道,Tom 是公司首席执行官CEO。David说这样做其实是个坏习惯,会让别人对你有负面看法。如果你有什么好主意,just speak up. 直截了当说出来就好了,you dont need to use someone else as a cover. 不用打着别人的旗号。S: Yeah... Tim does that too sometimes. But the worst thing he does is try to push me to the sidelines.D: What do you mean?S: When we have meetings sometimes people bring up my accomplishments and Tim always has to jump in and say something like, ;Yes, but that was last year. We need fresh thinking this year.; Why cant he just be nice?Sandra说,她对Tim最反感的地方是,he tried to push me to the sidelines. sidelines is spelled s-i-d-e-l-i-n-e-s, sidelines 边线,to push someone to the sidelines 就是排挤某人的意思。另外一种说法是 stay on the sidelines 站在边线上,意思是不积极参与。Sandra举例说,比如开会时,只要一有人提到 Sandra 以前的工作成绩,Tim 就会马上说,那都是去年的事了,我们需要新思维 fresh thinking. 以此削弱 Sandra 的影响和份量。D: Well like you said earlier, he might feel threatened by you. He sees you as a rising star and hes afraid youll shine brighter than hell. Some people dont know how to react in situations like that.S: I dont hate Tim. Henot totally bad; in fact hes pretty clever sometimes. I just hate all the office power struggles!D: Unfortunately every workplace has its wars for power. Thats how the game is played.David 觉得,Tim可能真是觉得Sandra对自己构成威胁。他怕你会 shine brighter than hell 比他更耀眼,这里也可以用 outshine, Hes afraid youll outshine him. Sandra 说,其实她不恨 Tim, 她是不喜欢办公室里的权力之争,all the office power struggles. 然而,所有工作场所都难免有这种争权夺利,勾心斗角,按照 David 的话说,Thats how the game is played. 如果遇到这种争权夺利的情况,有什么好的处理办法吗?我们下次继续听。 /201205/184537。
  • The shipment has arrived in good condition.运到之货状况良好。Are you satisfied with this shipment?您对第一批货感到满意吗?Please Take care of future shipments.请多加注意今后装运的货物。We regret we cant ship as you desired.很抱歉,我们不能按你们的要求装船。Well send vessels to pick up the cargo at Tianjin.我们将派船只在天津装运。There is an over-shipment,which is not allowed.货物多装了这是不能允许的。Can we have a short-ship?我们可以少装吗?The goods are all y for shipment.货物已经准备好,待装运。Many can get preferential duty rates of the U.S.A.许多能获得美国的优惠生产率。The cargo has been shipped on board.货已装上轮船。We wish it in bulk.我们希望其散装。If shipment were effected from Hong Kong,we could receive the goods much earlier.如果在香港交货,我们可以更早些收到货物。The facilities for shipping goods have changed a lot.装运条件已大大改善了。Can our order of products be shipped as soon as possible?我们订的产品能尽快装运吗?We must speed shipment.我们必须加速装船。Could you manage to hasten the delivery?你们能否加快装运?Could you possibly effect shipment more promptly?你们能不能提前一点交货呢?We wish a timely delivery.我们希望及时交货。We can advance the time of delivery.我们能把交货期提前。Can you ensure a prompt delivery of the goods?你可以确保即期交货吗?Could you do something to advance your shipment?你们能不能设法提前交货?They hold a discussion on the time of shipment for fireworks.他们就礼花的装运期间问题进行了谈判。The time of shipment cannot be fixed.交货期还没定下来。Tell us a definite date of shipment.告诉我们确切的装船日期。Can you effect shipment of the order at once?您看这批货能马上装运吗?Is it possible to effect shipment at once?能不能马上装船?I want the goods to be delivered at once.我希望你们能马上发货。How many weeks it will take altogether before the goods can reach our retailers after shipment?从交货到零售商收到货物总共需要几个星期?We can effect shipment in December.我们在今年12月交货。We assure you that shipment will be made soon.请您放心,我们不久交货。You expect us to make delivery in less than 2 month.我们希望您在不到2个月的时间内交货。Im terribly sorry about late shipment.我非常抱歉货物迟交了。Its better to designate Port x as the loading port.在X港装货比较合适。Both sides hold a discussion on the loading port.双方就装运港问题进行了洽谈。Wed better have a brief talk about the loading port.我们最好能就装运港问题简短地谈一谈。You may choose Port y as port of shipment.你可以选择Y港作为交货港。How about shipping them from Port x instead of Port y?把Y港改为X港交货怎么样?You insist that Port x is the loading port,right?您坚持把X港定为装运港,对吗?We are always willing to choose the big ports as the loading ports.我们总希望用较大的港口作为装运港。Wed like to designate Shanghai as the loading port because it is the biggest.我们希望把上海定为装运港,因为它最大。It makes no difference to us to change the loading port from x to y.将装运港由X改为Y对我们来说问题不大。He exchanged views on the choice of the unloading port with Mr.Smith.他和史密斯先生就选择卸货港问题交换了意见。Whats your unloading port please?你们的卸货港定在哪里?Do you think its proper to unload the Chinese tea at London?你认为把伦敦作为中国茶叶的卸货港合适吗?Wed like to appoint x as the unloading port.我们选择X作为卸货港。There are more sailings at Shanghai,so we have chosen it as the unloading port.因为上海的船次多,我们把这里定为卸货港。Its not reasonable to have the goods unloaded at Hamburg.把货卸在汉堡不太合适。Dont you think its troublesome to transship the goods at Sydney?您不认为在悉尼转船太麻烦了吗?Do you wish to transship the goods to Macao at Hong Kong?您是不是想把货物由香港转至?We have been able to transship cargoes at Hong Kong.我们能在香港转货。Sometimes,we have to make a transshipment.有时我们不得不转船。There are risks of damage to the goods during transshipment.在转船期间有货物被损坏的风险。All transport transshipment charges will be included in the C.I.F. price.所有的转运费用都包括在到岸价格里面了。Partial shipment is allowed.允许分批装运。I heard that partial shipment wasnt permitted.我听说不允许分批装运。Transshipment is(not) allowed.(不)准许转船。In case of transshipment,we have to pay extra transportation charges.货物如果转运,我们得多付运费。 /201501/355118。
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