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Virtue 美德 Sweet day,so cool,so calm,so bright! 甜美的白昼,如此凉爽、安宁、明媚! The bridal of the earth and sky- 天地间完美的匹配----- The dew shall weep thy fall to-night; 今宵的露珠儿将为你的消逝而落泪; thou must die. 因为你必须离去 Sweet rose,whose hue angry and brave, 美丽的玫瑰,色泽红润艳丽, Bids the rash gazer wipe his eye, 令匆匆而过的人拭目而视, Thy root is ever in its grave, 你的根永远扎在坟墓里, And thou must die. 而你必须消逝 Sweet spring,full of sweet days and roses, 美妙的春天,充满了美好的日子和芳香的玫瑰, A box where sweets compacted lie, 如一芬芳满溢的盒子, My music shows ye have your closes, 我的音乐表明你们也有终止, And all must die, 万物都得消逝 Only a sweet and virtuous soul, 唯有美好而正直的心灵, Like season'd timber,never gives; 犹如干燥备用的木料,永不走样; But though the whole world turn to coal, 纵然整个世界变为灰烬, Then chiefly lives. 它依然流光溢 671On His Seventieth BirthdayOf late years the public have been trying to tackle me in every way they possibly can, and failing to make anything of it they have turned to treating me as a great man. This is a dful fate to overtake anybody. There has been a distinct attempt to do it again now, and that reason I absolutely decline to say anything about the celebration of my seventieth birthday. But when the Labor Party, my old friends the Labor Party, invited me here I knew that l should be all right.A man who holds public property must hold it on the pub1ic condition on which, instance, I carry my walking stick. I am not allowed to do what I like with it. I must not knock you on the head with it. We say that if distribution goes wrong, everything else goes wrong-religion, morals, government.And we say, theree, we must begin with distribution and take all the necessary steps. I think we are keeping it in our minds because our business is to take care of the distribution of wealth in the worId and I tell you, as I have told you bee, that I don't think there are two men, or perhaps one man, in our 7 000 000 who approves of the existing distribution of wealth.I will go even further and say that you will not find a single person in the whole of the civilized world who agrees with the existing system of the distribution of wealth. It has been reduced to a blank absurdity. I think the day will come when we will be able to make the distinction between us and the capitalists.We must get certain leading ideas bee the people. We should announce that we are not going in what was the old-fashioned idea of redistribution, but the redistribution of income. Let it always be a question of income. I have been very happy here tonight. I entirely understand the distinction made by our Chairman tonight when he said you hold me in social esteem and a certain amount of personal affection.I am not a sentimental man, but l am not sensible to all that. I know the value of all that, and it gives me, now that I have come to the age of seventy (it will not occur again and I am saying it the first time), a great feeling of pleasure that l can say what a good many people can't say. 56口语小词误用大总结:Areciate() -- :5:30 来源: 感谢以上各位捧场,祝你们好运!I'm pretty busy, but I promise I'll keep this th updated!I really appreciate your replies and your encouragement!Any constructive ideas would be highly appreciated!这个词一般就这样用表示“感激”礼貌用语,必不可少总评:使用频率:造句功能:西方思维: 总结 口语 your 这个在这个国家里我最喜欢的地方其实一直有很多这些年来,由于我们自己和情况的变迁,我最爱的地方也随着改变虽然如此,过去我喜爱过的任何一个地方我并没有真正地失去它们我或许不再居住在那儿,但它们却存在于我的心里,成为我记忆中的片段,时常浮现在脑海中……此刻我最喜爱的地方相当不同,但我想它仍具有和老早的那个地方(即明湖,Clear Lake)相同的某些特质这个地方是安大略省南方奥托拿比河边的一间松木小屋我在那儿居住了三个夏天:写作、赏鸟、观河有时候我为那些来此地度周末,却驾着快艇以极速在河上往来呼啸的人感到难过,因为这些人看见的河岸只不过是绿色的混凝土岸,而河流本身也仿佛只是条闪亮的流动塑料 019387

常用英语900句:关于学校和教育 School And Education -01-7 ::01 来源: 781. Every one must receive 9 years of compulsory education.每人必须接受九年的义务教育78. Children enter primary school at the age of 7. 孩子们7岁进小学783. Some students quit school due to poverty. 一些学生因贫困而辍学78. There is fierce competition in the college EntranceExamination. 高考竞争激烈785. He majored in Computers. 他主修计算机786. She is working her double major in English and Economics.她正在修英语和经济双学位787. I graduated from Yale University 5 years ago. 五年前,我从耶鲁大学毕业788. It is desirable to apply to good schools. 申请好学校是令人向往的789. Mary is in her freshman year. 玛丽大学一年级790. Lily is a Sophomore now. 莉莉现在大学二年级791. Mike is aly a junior. 迈克已经大学三年级了79. As a senior, Peter is writing his thesis. 作为大学四年级学生,彼得正在写毕业论文793. Mr. Green is a member of the faculty. 格林先生是大学教员79. In Britain, there are open universities. 在英国,有成人大学795. There are many training classed and night classes. 有许多培训班与夜校 教育 学校 英语 关于

Oil Refining An important new industry, oil refining, grew after the Civil War. Crude oil, or petroleum -- a dark, thick ooze from the earth -- had been known hundreds of years, but little use had ever been made of it. In the 1850's Samuel M. Kier, a manufacturer in western Pennsylvania, began collecting the oil from local seepages and refining it into kerosene. Refining, like smelting, is a process of removing impurities from a raw material. Kerosene was used to light lamps.It was a cheap substitute whale oil,which was becoming harder to get. Soon there was a large demand kerosene. People began to search new supplies of petroleum. The first oil well was drilled by E. L. Drake, a retired railroad conductor. In 1859 he began drilling in Titusville, Pennsylvania. The whole venture seemed so impractical and foolish that onlookers called it "Drake's Folly".But when he had drilled down about 70 feet (1 meters), Drake struck oil. His well began to yield barrels of crude oil a day. News of Drake's success brought oil prospectors to the scene. By the early 1860's these wildcatters were drilling "black gold" all over western Pennsylvania. The boom rivaled the Calinia gold rush of 188 in its excitement and Wild West atmosphere. And it brought far more wealth to the prospectors than any gold rush. Crude oil could be refined into many products. some years kerosene continued to be the principal one. It was sold in grocery stores and door-to-door. In the 1880's refiners learned how to make other petroleum products such as waxes and lubricating oils. Petroleum was not then used to make gasoline or heating oil. 595

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