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成都输卵管再通术多少钱成都去哪家医院性激素检查Hacker group targets China黑客组织将目标对准中国The details of a national-level hacker attack targeting China have been disclosed for the first time in a report by an Internet security firm.某网络安全公司发布报告,首次披露一起针对中国的国家级黑客攻击细节。Called OceanLotus, the overseas hacker group has been attacking China#39;s maritime organizations, marine construction departments, research institutes and shipping enterprises since April 2012. Their precise and well-organized cyber attack is an advanced persistent threat which is obviously supported by foreign governments.该境外黑客组织被命名为;海莲花(OceanLotus);,自2012年4月起,;海莲花;针对中国政府的海事机构、海域建设部门、科研院所和航运企业,展开了精密组织的网络攻击,很明显是一个有国外政府持的APT(高级持续性威胁)行动。 /201506/378100崇州市妇幼保健院上环咨询 History is filled with great, enduring love stories, from Napoleon and Josephine to Prince Edward and Wallis Simpson.Here are some of history’s most consequential trysts:历史上写满了精,隽永的爱情故事。从拿破仑与约瑟芬的故事到爱德华王子与华里丝-辛普森的故事。下面这些故事都曾对历史进程产生重大影响:1. Mary Godwin amp; Percy Bysshe Shelley 戈德温-玛丽与珀西-比希-雪莱One of the great unions of literary history began in 1814, when the 16-year-old Mary Godwin and the dreamy, but very married, 21-year-old romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley met in secret at the grave of Mary’s famous suffragette mother, Mary Wollstonecraft. There, as Mary later recounted, the two touched each other with the “full ardour of love,” an ardor that would eventually leave the aspiring writer pregnant and Shelley estranged from his wife。这段恋情堪称文学史最伟大的结合之一:故事始于1814年,16岁的玛丽-戈德温与那位耽于幻想、却已然成婚的21岁浪漫主义诗人雪莱在玛丽母亲的墓前秘密相会了。玛丽的母亲玛丽-沃斯通克拉夫特是当时著名的妇女参政权论者。在那里,据玛丽之后回忆,两个“怀着满心爱恋”的人儿有了肌肤之亲。这份爱恋最终让这位有抱负的女作家怀了,而雪莱与妻子的关系日益疏远。The 了Fallout: The lovers were married a few years later after Shelley’s pregnant wife drowned herself in Hyde Park, but their tumultuous partnership ended when the poet drowned a few years later. Still, it would produce some literary masterpieces, including Mary’s classic Frankenstein, which she conceived while on holiday in Switzerland with Shelley and Lord Byron in 1816.结局:雪莱的妻子怀着身在海德公园投水自尽。数年之后,雪莱和玛丽这对情人结婚了。可是,这段多舛的爱情故事最终的结局却是——几年后,诗人溺死水中。不过,这段爱情还是启发他们创作了许多文学佳作,比如玛丽的《弗兰克斯坦》,她构思这篇小说的时间正是1816年,她与雪莱、拜伦伯爵在瑞典度假的时候。2. Catherine the Great amp; Grigory Potemkin 叶卡捷琳娜女皇与格里高利-波将军Every great empress needs a counselor, military strategist, soul mate and boy toy, or, in the case of Grigory Potemkin, one man capable of wearing all of those hats. Catherine the Great first encountered the dashing Potemkin when the young commander (10 years her junior) helped the 33-year-old overthrow her disappointing husband, Czar Peter III,in 1762.每位伟大的女皇都会需要一名顾问,一位军事谋士,一个灵魂伴侣,加上一个男宠。而格里高利-波将军一人担当了这所有的角色。1762年他们第一次相遇了——当时33岁的皇后在这位勇猛的将领(比她年轻10岁)的帮助下,颠覆了她那位不成气候的皇夫,沙皇彼得三世。The Fallout: The coupling produced a powerful political alliance for decades. Yet even as Potemkin’s role at court expanded, he grew more marginalized in Catherine’s bedroom, increasingly relegated to the third wheel of a ménage à trois or consigned to the role of pimp, acquiring younger male specimens for one of the most powerful women in history。结局:这对佳偶在数十年间组成了一对强势的政治联盟。可是,随着波将军在政坛上势力的扩张,他在叶卡捷琳娜女皇卧室里的地位却越来越被边缘化,越来越变成“三角家庭(ménage à trois)里的第三者,甚至被委任为拉皮条者,为这位历史上最有权力的女人搜集更年轻的男子。3. Charles Dickens amp; Nelly Ternan 查尔斯-狄更斯与娜莉-特南Even literary giants are not immune to the midlife crisis. By 1857, the 45-year-old Victorian novelist was at the height of his powers, a literary superstar — who was also married with nine children and living, by all appearances, a virtuous family life. Then he began an adulterous affair with Ellen “Nelly” Ternan, a gifted young actress in his employ who was just a year older than his 17-year-old daughter。即使是文学巨擘也无可避免的会感染上中年危机症。在1857年,那位45岁维多利亚时代的伟大小说家成为了文学界的超级巨星,正处于事业的巅峰时期——已婚,有9个子女,过着父慈子孝的幸福生活,至少从表面上看是如此。这时,他却与一位受雇于自己的年轻女演员开始了一段婚外情,这位颇具天赋的年轻女演员名叫艾伦·“娜莉”-特南,比他17岁的女儿仅年长一岁。The Fallout: The affair proved the best and worst of times for the writer. Dickens’s marriage fell apart, but his 13-year relationship with Nelly continued until his death, though his tireless (and successful) efforts to keep his double life a secret may have hastened his demise. Nelly is believed to have inspired the dark secrets characteristic of his later novels and several of their characters, including Estella in Great Expectations。结局:这段恋情最终成为作家一生中“最好的时代,同时也是最糟糕的时代”(《双城记》)。尽管狄更斯不遗余力的为自己的婚外情生活保守秘密(并且成功做到了),但最终他的婚姻崩塌了,不过他与娜莉的爱情关系却持续了13年,直至他去世。人们相信,狄更斯后期作品中黑暗神秘的风格特征正是诗人受到娜莉影响的结果,同时娜莉还启发狄更斯创造了许多文学形象,包括《远大前程》中的伊思黛拉。4. Henry VIII amp; Anne Boleyn 亨利八氏与安-波琳This historic pairing, portrayed in countless films, books and television shows, has long captured the public imagination, though the precise details of the courtship remain fuzzy。这对具有历史影响的佳偶曾在电影、书籍和电视剧中被无数次描绘,长久吸引着世人的想象,可是,他们关系的真实细节却一直扑朔迷离。The Fallout: Henry’s attempt to legitimize his marriage to Anne would famously lead to England’s break from the Roman Catholic Church, while Anne’s brief stint as Henry’s second queen would lead to the birth of the future Elizabeth I and Anne’s ultimate beheading。结局:亨利力图使自己与安的婚姻合法化,众所周知,正因为此才导致了英国与罗马天主教教廷的决裂。而正因有了安作为亨利第二任皇后的短暂生涯,才有了后来伊丽莎白女王一世的诞生,也才有了安最终的被送上断头台的命运。5. Elizabeth Taylor amp; Richard Burton 伊莉莎白-泰勒与理查德-波顿It seems fitting that the famous Hollywood duo met while playing another famously doomed couple in Cleopatra (1963). Both Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were married to others at the time but the attraction was epic and a ferocious affair ensued。这对人儿是在饰演电影《克里奥佩特拉》(1963)中另一对(和他俩一样)命中注定的恋人时相遇的,这似乎再合适不过了。当时伊丽莎白-泰勒和理查德-波顿都已经结婚,可是他们却被彼此吸引,由此展开一段史诗般的、热烈的恋情。The Fallout: The couple’s 10-year “marriage of the century” became the closest thing to reality television in the 1960s, a constant magnet for gossip and hordes of paparazzi. They would divorce in 1974, remarry the following year and divorce again shortly after that。结局:这对恋人维系了十年的“世纪婚姻”成为了20世纪60年代最贴近真人秀的爱情故事,它像磁铁一样不断吸引着流言蜚语和无数的八卦新闻。他们在1974年离婚,又在一年之后复婚,但不久又再次分开了。 /201508/393319The 6.2 version software update, which was announced by Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Thursday during a press conference, includes several new features, including range assurance, an app that communicates in real time with Tesla’s supercharger networks and destination chargers. The app advises drivers when they’re at risk of driving beyond the range of reliable charging locations. Once alerted, a map guides the driver to the closest charger, factoring in elevation and wind speed to determine range with extreme accuracy, Musk said during the call.本周四的新闻发布会上,特斯拉首席执行官埃隆o穆斯克发布了更新版的6.2版本软件。更新后,该软件将具有多种新的特色功能,包括一款保障里程的应用,它可以实时与特斯拉的超级充电站网络及目的地充电桩联系。穆斯克在发布会上说,当特斯拉车可能驶出可靠充电地点的覆盖范围时,该软件将提醒驾驶者注意。一旦发出警示,软件就会根据车所在的海拔高度、风速等因素,极其精确地判断里程范围,提供路线图,指引司机将车开到距离最近的充电站。“All the complexity is taken care of automatically. You don’t need to think ahead or do any calculations,” Musk said. “It’s impossible to run out unless you do so intentionally. The car will even double check and you’ll have to say, ‘yes, I’m sure’ twice before it’s possible to actually run out of range.”“所有复杂操作都会自动完成。您不需要提前考虑,也不需要做任何计算,”穆斯克说,“除非有意为之,否则驾驶者不可能超出充电的里程范围。(软件)甚至会对此复查。在可能超出充电的里程范围以前,驾驶者将不得不两次回复(软件):‘是的,我确定。’”Tesla TSLA -2.52% has also added a trip planner that automatically picks a route through the appropriate superchargers if charging is needed. The planner selects the fastest route to the destination and breaks it into three- to four-hour legs between superchargers. Once the vehicle is charged, the car messages the driver via the Tesla phone app.特斯拉还增加了一款规划路线的应用。如果需要充电,该应用会自动选择一条路线,前往适合所在车辆的超级充电站。这款应用会挑选最快到达目的地的路线,并确保每行驶三到四小时就会有一座超级充电站。一完成充电,车就会通过特斯拉的电话应用通知驾驶者。The route should match up to when a driver would normally want to stop, use the restroom, have a bite to eat or grab a coffee, Musk said.穆斯克说,这条路线应当符合驾驶者正常的需求,比如考虑到他们可能中途停下车休息、去洗手间、吃点东西或喝杯咖啡。“There’s maybe the rare occasion where someone wants to drive non-stop for 10 hours and wears diapers or something, but that’s unusual,” Musk said. “For almost any trip, the time driven to time charging ratio works out really well.”“可能在极少数时候,有人想不停歇地连续开十小时车,或者开车时穿了尿布什么的,但那是不常见的,”穆斯克说。“驾驶时长与充电时间要成比例,这几乎适用于所有的行程。”The software update should be released to all Model S owners in about 10 days, Musk said.穆斯克还说,大约十天内,所有特斯拉Model S型车的车主就能使用这款更新版的软件。 /201503/367079雅安市人民医院是私立

新都区治疗原发性不孕多少钱DALIAN — The plan here seems far-fetched — a billion tunnel that would run twice the length of the one under the English Channel, and bore deep into one of Asia’s active earthquake zones. When completed, it would be the world’s longest underwater tunnel, creating a rail link between two northern port cities.大连——这是个太过离奇的规划——在亚洲最活跃的一个地震带上,深挖一条比英吉利海峡海底隧道长出一倍、造价高达360亿美元的隧道。建成后,它将成为世界上最长的水下隧道,用铁路连接中国北方两座港口城市。Throughout China, equally ambitious projects with multibillion-dollar price tags are aly underway. The world’s largest bridge. The biggest airport. The longest gas pipeline. An billion effort to divert water from the south of the country, where it is abundant, to a parched section of the north, along a route that covers more than 1,500 miles.在中国各地,造价动辄数十、上百亿美元、同样雄心勃勃的项目已经上马,比如世界最长的大桥、世界最大的机场以及世界最长的天然气输送管道。耗资800亿美元的南水北调工程绵延1500英里。Such enormous infrastructure projects are a Chinese tradition. From the Great Wall to the Grand Canal and the Three Gorges Dam, this nation for centuries has used colossal public-works projects to showcase its engineering prowess and project its economic might.中国有筑造此类巨型基建工程的传统。从长城到大运河再到三峡大坝,数百年来,这个国家一直用庞大的公共建设项目展示着非凡的工程技能和经济实力。Now, as doubts emerge about the country’s three-decade boom, China’s leaders are moving even more aggressively, doubling down on mega infrastructure. In November, for instance, the powerful National Development and Reform Commission approved plans to spend nearly 5 billion on 21 supersize infrastructure projects, including new airports and high-speed rail lines现在,随着人们对中国持续了30年的繁荣心生疑虑,该国领导人的举措反而变得愈发激进,把更多赌注投向了大型基础设施。举例来说,2014年11月,手握重权的国家发改委批复了包括新机场和新高铁在内的21个超大基建项目,总投资额接近1150亿美元。“China has always had this history of mega projects,” says Huang Yukon, an economist and senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a think tank based in Washington. “It’s part of the blood, the culture, the nature of its society. To have an impact on the country, they’ve got to be big.”“中国对大型项目的偏好由来已久,”经济学家、卡内基国际和平研究院(Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)高级研究员黄育川(Yukon Huang)说。“它是这个社会的血脉和文化的一部分,是骨子里的东西。工程只有够大,才能对这个国家有影响。”卡内基国际和平研究院是总部设在华盛顿的一家智库。Whether China really needs this much big infrastructure — or can even afford it — is a contentious issue.至于中国是否真的需要——或者能否负担得起——这么多大型基础设施,则是一个存在争议的问题。The infrastructure plans run counter to Beijing’s commitment to reduce its heavy reliance on government-led investment to fuel growth. And some economists worry that the country might eventually be mired in mega debt.北京方面正致力于扭转过度依赖政府主导型投资推动经济增长的局面,建造大型基础设施的计划与这种努力背道而驰。此外,一些经济学家担心中国最终会为巨额债务所累。According to China’s National Audit Office, local government debt alone stood at about .1 trillion in 2013, more than a third the size of the entire economy. The high level of debt, analysts warn, could stunt growth for a long time.根据中国国家审计署的数据,2013年,仅是地方政府债务就已经高达3.1万亿美元,占经济总量的的三分之一强。分析人士警告称,高企的债务水平可能会在很长一段时间内妨碍经济的增长。“People should be concerned because very few of these big projects generate cash,” said Victor Shih, a China specialist who teaches political economy at the University of California, San Diego.“人们应该感到担心,因为这些大型项目中盈利的寥寥无几,”在加州大学圣地亚哥分校(University of California, San Diego)教授政治经济学的中国问题专家史宗瀚(Victor Shih)说。And yet China’s leaders are so confident of the value and necessity of building on an epic scale that engineers are mapping out plans for decades to come.但中国领导人坚信史诗般的大规模工程建设有其价值和必要性,工程师们正制定未来数十年的规划。Shanghai is considered a model, a spectacularly rich metropolis of 25 million residents. Undergirding the city is a patchwork of supersize infrastructure — huge airports, subway lines, sewage systems and power plants.上海这个有2500万居民、无比富庶的大都市被视为典范。由大型机场、地铁、污水处理系统、发电厂等超大规模的基础设施构成的网络,为这座城市提供了有力的撑。In the city’s thriving financial center, workers are putting finishing touches on the Shanghai Tower, a .4 billion cloud-piercer that at 2,073 feet is the world’s second-tallest building. Only the Burj Khalifa in Dubai is taller, at 2,716 feet.在该市欣欣向荣的金融中心,工人门正对上海中心大厦进行最后的修饰。这座大厦耗资24亿美元,高2073英尺(632米),是世界第二高建筑。排名世界第一的是迪拜的哈利法塔(Burj Khalifa),高2716英尺。Further east, the city is building the world’s largest playground, Shanghai Disney Resort, which when it opens around 2016 will be surrounded by a 225-acre Magic Kingdom-style park, a development expected to cost more than billion. A city-owned company is helping finance the project.再往东看,该市正建造世界最大的游乐场——上海迪士尼乐园。等到2016年前后开业时,它会被面积为225英亩的“魔法王国”主题公园环绕起来。该项目的总投资预计在50亿美元以上。一家上海市属国有企业为其提供了一部分资金。Shanghai can afford the huge price tags. The fast-growing city is a financial center and a major tourist destination.上海负担得起上述大手笔的投资。这座快速发展的城市既是金融中心,又是热门旅游胜地。But other cities don’t necessarily have the means to pay for such huge infrastructure projects.但其他城市就未必有办法为此类大型基建项目买单了。In Tianjin, about 70 miles southeast of Beijing, the city has borrowed heavily to create what some have called a replica of New York City, with complexes modeled after Rockefeller Center and Lincoln Center. Today, though, the area is a virtual ghost town. Dozens of office towers and luxury developments sit empty, half completed.为了打造一些人所说的纽约的翻版,天津市大规模举债,在北京东南约70公里处兴建以洛克菲勒中心(Rockefeller Center)和林肯中心(Lincoln Center)为模板的城市综合体。现如今,这个地方实际已经成为鬼城。数十栋写字楼和豪华的住宅区空空如也,处于烂尾状态。And here in Dalian, a city of six million in the northeast, the proposed underwater rail tunnel to Yantai is just one piece of a master plan that includes a 163-mile urban transit system. Work is also underway on what the city says will be the world’s largest off-shore airport, a .3 billion development on an artificial island created with landfill, covering more than eight square miles.而在大连这座有600万人口的北方城市,拟议中的通往烟台的水下铁路隧道,只是一个宏大方案的组成部分,该方案中包括一个全长163英里的城市轨道交通系统。此外,大连还在建设号称世界最大的海上机场。机场预计耗资43亿美元,建在填海而成的人工岛屿上,面积超过8平方英里。“It makes sense to accelerate infrastructure spending during a downturn, when capital and labor are underemployed,” says David Dollar, the former country director in China for the World Bank and now at the Brookings Institution in Washington. But “if the growth rate is propped up through building unnecessary infrastructure, eventually there could be a sharp slowdown that reveals that the infrastructure was really not needed at all.”“在经济衰退,资金和劳动力利用不充分时,加快基础设施方面的出合情合理,”目前供职于华盛顿布鲁金斯学会(Brookings Institution)的世界(World Bank)前中国局局长杜大伟(David Dollar)说。但“如果撑增长率的是修建不必要的基础设施,增长率最终会大幅放缓,暴露出相关基础设施真的完全没有必要”。Many experts say such projects also exact a heavy toll on local communities and the environment, as builders displace people, clear forests, reroute rivers and erect dams.许多专家表示,随着建筑商让民众搬迁、使河流改道、砍伐森林、修建大坝,这类项目也会严重影响当地的社区和环境。In the northwest, in the city of Lanzhou, the local government has backed plans to flatten the tops of 700 low-level mountains to make way for a new business district, despite concerns about the damage to the local ecosystem. Dam-building has also wreaked havoc, creating water shortages, environmental damage and may have even helped set off earthquakes in southwest China, according to some scientists.在地处西北的兰州,尽管有人担心会破坏当地的生态系统,当地政府依然持了一项削平700座小山修建新商业区的计划。一些科学家表示,修建大坝也会造成严重影响,导致用水短缺,环境破坏,甚至西南地区的地震可能也是它引起的。“The perilous path is the notion you can control nature,” ” said Paul K. Gellert, a sociologist at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. “There will always be negative social and environmental consequences.”“当你认为人能控制自然时,就是走上了一条危险的路,”诺克斯维尔田纳西大学(University of Tennessee)的社会学家保罗·K·盖勒特(Paul K. Gellert)说。“对社会和环境势必造成不利影响。”As a one-party state controlled by the Communist Party, China can easily muster the political will and financial resources to undertake such huge projects. And for now, it is backing — and even encouraging — municipalities to think big.作为共产党一党执政的国家,中国很容易就能聚集起进行这种大项目所需的政治意志和财政资源。而且目前,中国持甚至鼓励地方往大了想。“They have an authoritarian system. And so they can do all this without opposition — this is key,” says Gerardo del Cerro Santamaría, an expert on mega projects at Cooper Union in New York. “In the West, civil society participates, and in many cases, opposes big projects.”“他们有一个威权主义制度。所以他们这么做不会遭到任何反对,这一点很关键,”纽约库珀联盟学院(Cooper Union)研究大型项目的专家杰拉尔多·德切罗·圣玛丽亚(Gerardo del Cerro Santamaría)说。“在西方,公民社会会参与,并且在很多情况下会反对大型项目。”Proponents say mega projects can bring greater efficiencies. Big dams and wind farms can cut carbon emissions, while mass transit can help reduce oil consumption, thus delivering greener solutions.持者称大型项目会带来更高的效率。大型水坝和风力发电厂能减少碳排放,而大型运输项目能有助于降低石油消耗,进而实现更环保的解决方案。Other mega projects could bolster China’s position as a manufacturing and trading powerhouse. In November, the government said its freight rail link between eastern China and Spain had opened, allowing factory goods to reach Spain in just over 20 days. It is now the world’s longest rail journey, far surpassing the route of the famed Trans-Siberian Railway.其他一些大型项目可能会巩固中国作为一个制造业和贸易大国的地位。去年11月,政府宣布已开通了连接中国东部和西班牙的铁路货运线,出厂的商品只需20多天便可抵达西班牙。这是目前世界上最长的铁路线,远远超过了大名鼎鼎的西伯利亚大铁路(Trans-Siberian Railway)的里程。China also sees hidden benefits in such projects, including the ability to gain new scientific and technical expertise.中国也看到了这类项目隐藏的利益,包括能获得科技领域新的专业知识。As a result, bridge-building in China has become something akin to an Olympic event. In 2007, after China completed the longest sea-crossing bridge in Hangzhou, the nation has regularly broken records. China now claims the longest bridge of any kind, the highest bridge and, in 2011, a new successor to the longest sea-crossing bridge, 26.4 miles long, in the eastern city of Qingdao.桥梁建设因此在中国成了奥运会比赛一般。2007年,杭州建成了当时最长的跨海大桥。此后,记录在这个国家频频被打破。目前各种类型的桥梁的最长记录都由中国保持,还有最高的桥梁,而2011年,东部城市青岛的一座长达36.48公里的大桥,接过了最长跨海大桥的称号。“For China, a lot of this is about building a national identity. Mega projects are suited for that,” says Bent Flyvbjerg, an authority on mega projects who teaches at Oxford University. “It’s a lighthouse for all to see what the Chinese nation can do.”“对中国来说,这么做很大程度上和构建民族认同有关。大型项目和这一点是契合的,”在牛津大学(Oxford University)执教的本特·弗吕布耶格(Bent Flyvbjerg)说。弗吕布耶格是大型项目研究领域的权威。“这是一座灯塔,让我们所有人看到中华民族的能力。”It is the type of engineering expertise the government wants its state-owned enterprises to export — and that is aly happening. Boston is buying subway cars from China. Argentina, Pakistan and Russia have asked China to upgrade their infrastructure. Last month, Chinese construction teams began work on an ambitious billion canal across Nicaragua that could some day rival the Panama Canal.这也是政府希望国有企业能输出的工程领域的专业知识,而这一点已经实现了。波士顿正在从中国购买地铁列车。阿根廷、巴基斯坦和俄罗斯已经请中国升级它们的基础设施。上月,中国的施工队在一条贯穿尼加拉瓜的运河工地开工。这个雄心勃勃的项目投资500亿美元,有一天可能会与巴拿马运河(Panama Canal)相匹敌。“They have the idea that they’re going to be doing infrastructure for the rest of the world,” says Mr. Huang at the Carnegie Institute.“他们认为自己将会给全世界其他所有地方修建基础设施,”卡内基国际和平研究院的黄育川说。In doing so, China is pushing the boundaries of infrastructure-building, with ever bolder proposals. The Dalian tunnel looks small compared to the latest idea to build an “international railway” that would link China to the ed States by burrowing under the Bering Strait and creating a tunnel between Russia and Alaska.中国正在以此扩展基础设施建设的疆土,提出越来越大胆的方案。最近,有人提出修建一条“跨国铁路”,通过在俄罗斯和阿拉斯加之间的白令海峡海底挖一条隧道,将中国和美国连接起来。相比之下,大连这条隧道的规模就很小了。“The technology is aly there,” said Wang Mengshu, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and an adviser on the Dalian tunnel proposal. “Think about it. If we can build a railway to the North Pole, it would be convenient for us to go to the North Pole.”“技术已经具备了,”中国工程院院士、大连隧道项目方案的顾问王梦恕说。“想想看,如果能修一条通向北极的铁路,那我们去北极就方便了。” /201501/354507四川成都市妇女医院哪个医生比较好 Microsoft is to offer hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers who use pirated software a free upgrade to legitimate copies of the Windows operating system, as it seeks to consolidate its unofficial position as a leading technology supplier to the world’s most populous country.微软(Microsoft)拟让使用盗版Windows软件的数亿中国消费者免费升级至正版Windows操作系统。该公司正寻求在全球人口最多的国家巩固其“非正式”领先技术供应商的地位。Piracy has long bedevilled Microsoft in China, where it is estimated that 80 per cent of PCs running Windows are using pirated software.盗版长期困扰着微软在华业务。在中国,运行Windows的个人电脑(PC)估计有80%在使用盗版软件。Ironically the illegitimate software has ensured that Windows remains the dominant PC operating system in the country, reducing the risk that consumers will turn to free alternatives such as Linux.具有讽刺意味的是,这些非法软件确保了Windows仍是中国占主导地位的PC操作系统,减少了消费者转向免费替代品(如Linux)的风险。That has given Microsoft a foot in the door to one of the world’s most promising tech markets — and a chance to sell its online services and other products — at a time when rivals including Google and Facebook are in effect shut out.这使微软在全球最有前途的技术市场之一获得立足点,并为其带来销售其在线务和其他产品的机会。相比之下,谷歌(Google)和Facebook等竞争对手目前实际上被中国拒之门外。Terry Myerson, head of Windows, announced the giveaway plan at an event in Shenzhen yesterday. He also used the occasion to reveal that Windows 10, which had been expected to be released late in the year, would be made available “this summer”.微软Windows部门负责人特里#8226;迈尔森(Terry Myerson)昨日在深圳举行的Windows硬件工程产业创新峰会(WinHEC)上宣布了免费升级计划。他还利用这个机会透露,此前预计将在今年底发布的Windows 10,会在“今年夏天”出炉。The offer of a free upgrade is a smart way for Microsoft to “keep users in the fold,” said Al Hilwa, an analyst at IDC, a tech research firm. Giving away the technology also reflects the fact that the way the company makes money “will ultimately shift to apps, services, content and hardware as opposed to direct OS licences,” he said.科技研究公司IDC的分析师阿尔#8226;希尔瓦(Al Hilwa)表示,提供免费升级的机会是微软“留住用户”的高明方式。他表示,免费赠送软件还反映出这样一个事实,即该公司赚钱的方式“最终将转移到应用、务、内容和硬件,而不是直接的操作系统许可”。The free copies of Windows 10 in China will be distributed through partnerships with local tech companies, which will be able to use the offer to cement their own relationships with consumers.免费版本的Windows 10将通过与中国当地科技公司的合作伙伴关系进行分发,让后者能够借此机会巩固它们与消费者的关系。Microsoft declined to comment on the commercial terms it had reached with these companies, or the precise methods it would use to “legitimise” PCs that have been using stolen software. Qihu 360, a Chinese security company, will let the more than 500m customers it has on Windows PCs download the new version of the software “with just a few clicks with accelerated download speeds”, the US software company said. The security company’s vast customer base represents a large share of the 1.5bn devices that Microsoft says run Windows.微软拒绝其与这些公司达成的商业条款,或者它究竟将用什么方式让使用盗版软件的PC“合法化”。这家美国软件公司表示,中国安全软件公司奇虎360 (Qihu 360)将让其超过5亿的PC用户“仅需加速下载的几次点击”即可实现Windows 10升级。奇虎360的庞大客户群在微软所称的15亿Windows设备中代表着很大一块份额。PC maker Lenovo, social networking and gaming company Tencent and smartphone maker Xiaomi will also take part in the free upgrade plan, which will cover tablet and smartphone versions of Windows 10 as well as PCs.PC制造商联想(Lenovo)、社交网络和游戏公司腾讯(Tencent)以及智能手机制造商小米(Xiaomi)也将参与免费升级计划。除了PC以外,该计划还将覆盖Windows 10的平板电脑和智能手机版本。Microsoft said this year that customers who are using legitimate versions of Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone 8 would be offered a free upgrade to Windows 10 for the first year it is available.微软今年早些时候宣布,使用正版Windows 7、Windows 8.1或Windows Phone 8的用户,将可以在Windows 10上柜销售后的第一年里免费升级至该版本。 /201503/365382四川妇幼保健医院人流怎样

成都医学院附属不孕不育专科医院怎么样好吗 Every silver lining has a cloud. The technologies that offer human beings comforts and opportunities that would have been unimaginable two centuries ago ultimately depend on an abundance of energy. Fire is the source of that energy. But the burning of fossil fuels, from which we gain so much, also releases the carbon dioxide that threatens to destabilise the climate.每一线光明都伴随一片乌云。技术给人类带来的舒适生活和机遇,是两百年前无法想象的,这些技术从根本上来说都要依赖大量的能量。而火是能量的来源。但化石燃料的燃烧虽然给我们带来许多好处,其释放的二氧化碳却会威胁气候稳定。For some, the answer to this challenge is to embrace poverty. But humanity will not — and should not be expected to — give up the prosperity that some aly enjoy and others greatly desire. The answer lies instead in breaking the links between prosperity and fossil fuels, fossil fuels and emissions, and emissions and the climate. We must not reject technology, but transform it.有些人认为,解决这一问题的办法就是安于贫困。但人类不会——也不应当——放弃一些人已经享有、而其他人还极其渴望的繁荣。相反,解决办法在于打破繁荣与化石燃料之间、化石燃料与排放之间以及排放与气候之间的联系。我们决不能抵制技术,而是要进行技术变革。This is not yet happening. BP’s latest Statistical Review of World Energy shows that global demand for commercial energy continues to grow, largely driven by growth of emerging countries, despite improvements in energy efficiency. Moreover, fossil fuels meet the bulk of that demand. In 2014, renewables contributed just over 2 per cent of global primary energy consumption. Together, nuclear power, hydroelectricity and renewables contributed merely 14 per cent. (See chart.)然而,目前还未形成这种局面。英国石油公司(BP)最新的《世界能源统计年鉴》(Statistical Review of World Energy)显示,虽然能源效率有所提高,但全球对商业能源的需求仍在继续增长,主要受新兴国家增长的驱动。此外,化石燃料满足了其中大部分需求。2014年,可再生能源仅占全球一次能源消费的2%多一点。核电、水电和可再生能源加在一起仅占14%。(见图表)A report entitled “A Global Apollo Programme to Combat Climate Change”, written by a number of high-profile British scientists and economists, offers a bold answer. It argues that carbon-free energy has to become competitive with fossil fuels. “Once this happened, the coal, gas and oil would simply stay in the ground.”由英国多位著名科学家和经济学家撰写、题为《应对气候变化全球阿波罗计划》(A Global Apollo Programme to Combat Climate Change)的报告,提出了一个大胆的解决方法。该报告认为,无碳能源必须能够与化石燃料竞争。“在那种情况下,煤炭、天然气以及石油就会保留在地下了。”The need, then, is to generate a technological revolution. The paper (named after the successful mission to the moon of the 1960s) argues that this will require rapid technological advances. Progress is happening, notably the collapse in the price of photovoltaic panels. But this is not enough. The sun provides 5,000 times more energy than humans demand from industrial sources. But we do not know how to exploit enough of it.所以,我们需要的是一场技术革命。该报告(根据上世纪60年代的登月计划命名)认为,这将要求快速的技术进步。进步正在发生,尤其是光伏电池板价格在大幅下跌。但这还不够。太阳提供的能源是人类在工业方面的能源需求的5000倍,但我们还不知道如何充分利用太阳能。Despite the evident need, publicly-funded research and development on renewable energy is under 2 per cent of all publicly-funded Ramp;D. At just bn a year, worldwide, it is dwarfed by the 1bn spent on subsidies for renewable production and the amazing total of 0bn spent on subsidising fossil fuel production and consumption.尽管有明显的需求,但在公共资金持的所有研发活动中,可再生能源研发仅占不到2%。全世界每年仅有60亿美元的资金用于可再生能源研发。相比之下,用于补贴可再生能源生产的资金为1010亿美元,补贴化石燃料生产和消费的资金更是高达5500亿美元。This is a grotesque picture. Far more money needs to go to publicly funded research. The public sector has long played a vital role in funding scientific and technological breakthroughs. In this case, that role is particularly important, given the agreed goal of reducing emissions and the fact that the energy sector spends relatively little on Ramp;D.这是一幅怪诞景象。必须在可再生能源研发方面投入更多的资金。长期以来,来自公共部门的资金在实现科学技术突破方面发挥了至关重要的作用。就可再生能源领域来说,考虑到各国协商的减排目标以及能源行业在研发上投入相对较少的事实,公共部门的作用显得尤为重要。The envisaged programme would have a single purpose: “To develop renewable energy supplies that are cheaper than those from fossil fuels.” The authors suggest that to do this, research should focus on electricity generation, storage and smart grids. The suggested programme would amount to bn a year, still a mere 0.02 per cent of world output. That is indeed a minimal amount, given the goal’s importance.该报告中提出的计划只有一个目的:“开发比化石燃料更便宜的可再生能源。”几位作者认为,要做到这一点,应把研究重点放在发电、存储和智能电网方面。所提议的计划每年需花费资金150亿美元,这样也仅占全球产出的0.02%。考虑到该目标的重要性,这是一个最低限度的数额。Any country that decided to join would commit to spending this proportion of its national income. While the money would be spent at each country’s discretion, the programme would generate an annually updated road-map of the breakthroughs needed to maintain the pace of cost reduction. The suggestion is that heads of government agree such a programme of accelerated and targeted research by the time of the Paris climate conference later this year.任何决定加入该计划的国家都要承诺将占国民收入0.02%的资金投入可再生能源研发。虽然各国可自行决定如何使用这些资金,该计划每年都将发布一份新的科技突破路线图,这些突破是维持成本削减步伐所需要取得的。该报告建议各国政府首脑在今年晚些时候巴黎气候会议召开之前,一致通过这一关于加快和有针对性地进行研究的计划。Improved technology might end our dependence on the burning of fossil fuels. It might also reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide that accompany that burning. But Climate Shock by Gernot Wagner and Martin Weitzman, notes that new technology might also break the final link — that between emissions and climate. This then raises the seductive, but dangerous, possibility of geo-engineering — seductive because it may seem cheap, and dangerous because its results are so uncertain.技术水平提高或许会结束我们对燃烧化石燃料的依赖。它或许也会减少伴随燃烧过程的二氧化碳排放。赫尔诺特#8226;瓦格纳(Gernot Wagner)与马丁#8226;威茨曼(Martin Weitzman)合著的《气候冲击》(Climate Shock)指出,新技术也可能打破最后一个联系——排放与气候之间的联系。这就引出了实施诱人但危险的“地球工程”(geo-engineering)的可能性——诱人,是因为它可能看起来便宜;危险,是因为其后果非常不确定。Some ideas for geo-engineering are close to carbon capture and storage, which is aimed at eliminating emissions from specific facilities. Carbon-dioxide removal might be applied to the atmosphere: this is what plants do. Another idea is “ocean fertilisation”, to accelerate natural absorption of carbon dioxide.地球工程方面的一些构想接近于碳捕获和储存,旨在消除特定设施的排放。去除二氧化碳的做法可能适用于大气:植物就起到这样的作用。另一种想法是“海洋施肥”(ocean fertilisation),加速对二氧化碳的自然吸收。Replication of the atmospheric impact of a volcanic eruption would directly offset the impact of greenhouse gases. The matter emitted by the eruption at Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines in 1991 lowered global temperatures by 0.5C. The 20m tonnes of sulphur dioxide emitted dimmed the amount of radiation from the sun by 2 to 3 per cent in the following year. If we continue on our present path, that is the sort of measure people might well try to replicate.再现火山爆发对气候的影响将直接抵消温室气体的影响。1991年菲律宾的皮纳图火山(Mount Pinatubo)爆发所产生的物质使全球气温下降了0.5摄氏度。喷发出的2000万吨二氧化硫在随后一年里削弱了来自太阳的2%至3%的辐射。如果我们继续现在的道路,将来人们很可能会尝试这类措施。It is not hard to envisage the dangers of such an intervention. It could not be a one-off, since particles put into the atmosphere would quickly fall out of it again. So the actions would have to be repeated on an ever-larger scale, as concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere increased.不难想象此种干预带来的危险。它不可能是一次性的,因为排放到大气中的微粒很快会再次掉下来。所以,随着大气中温室气体浓度的增加,这样的行动将不得不以越来越大的规模反复进行。Such a programme of deliberate pollution of the global atmosphere might well be viewed as an act of war. The consequences of repeated large-scale planetary engineering of this kind would also be highly unpredictable. This must be a very last resort.这样一个故意污染全球大气的计划很可能被视为一种战争行为。反复进行这种大规模行星工程的后果也极难预测。这只能作为最后的手段。The best way of responding to the challenge of climate change is through changed incentives and accelerated innovation aimed at making carbon-free technologies competitive with fossil fuels. Both demand more active public policies. The proposed Apollo programme would be an essential element. Its proposed costs are modest; its potential upsides are enormous. Success would be transformative. It would be far better to try and fail than not to try at all.应对气候变化挑战,最好的方法是改革激励机制,同时加快创新步伐,使无碳技术能够与化石燃料竞争。这两方面都需要更积极的公共政策。拟议的阿波罗计划将是至关重要的一环。其实施的成本并不大,而潜在的好处是巨大的。成功在于变革。试错要远胜于根本不去尝试。 /201507/384382双流县打胎多少钱成都处女膜修复手术的价格



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