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广安市人民医院打孩子成都检查不孕不育价格乐宁外教口语天天练No.40I do my laundry on Sundays.laundry意指clothes that need cleaningI do my laundry on Sundays.译文:我一般周日洗衣。 /200610/9485成都阳光妇科医院人流手术 The conventional wisdom about our world today is that this is a time of terrible decline.关于当今世界的传统观点认为:这是一个急剧衰退的时代And thats not surprising, given the bad news all around us,而这也并不令人奇怪,考虑到我们身边无处不在的坏消息from ISIS to inequality, political dysfunction, climate change, Brexit, and on and on.从伊斯兰国到不平等,政治机能失调、气候变化、英国脱欧等等But heres the thing, and this may sound a little weird.但我是这么想的,而我的想法可能听起来有些奇怪I actually dont buy this gloomy narrative, and I dont think you should either.我对那些沮丧的观点并不买帐,并且我希望你们也一样Look, its not that I dont see the problems.并不是说我没有看到那些问题I the same headlines that you do.我也跟你们看一样的头条What I dispute is the conclusion that so many people draw from them, namely that were all screwed我所质疑的是很多人从这些头条中得出的结论,即我们把一切都搞砸了because the problems are unsolvable and our governments are useless. Now, why do I say this?因为这些问题都无解,而我们的政府又没有用。那么我为什么要说些呢?Its not like Im particularly optimistic by nature.并不是说我生性特别的乐观。But something about the medias constant doom-mongering而是媒体的那种不断地执拗于问题with its fixation on problems and not on answers has always really bugged me.而不是解决之道的悲观论调一直困扰着我So a few years ago I decided, well, Im a journalist,因此几年前我决定,嗯,既然我是一名记者I should see if I can do any better by going around the world and actually asking folks那么我应该看看是否可以通过周游世界并问问各地的人们if and how theyve tackled their big economic and political challenges.他们是否并且是如何解决他们所面临的大的经济和政治挑战的And what I found astonished me.而我的发现震惊了我It turns out that there are remarkable signs of progress out there, often in the most unexpected places,原来已经有了很多显着的进步的迹象,并且经常是在那些出人意料的地方and theyve convinced me that our great global challenges may not be so unsolvable after all.而这也使我确信我们面临的那些重大全球挑战,也许并不是那么的完全无解。201706/512255Our founders understood that America does not stand still we are dynamic, not static We look forward, not back. 我们的开国元勋认识到美国并非一成不变 我们充满活力不会停滞不前 我们向前看 不回头And now that new doors have been opened for you youve got an obligation to seize those opportunities You need to do this not just for yourself. 既然新的大门已为你们敞开你们就有义务把握这些机会你们需要这么做 不仅是为了你们自己But for those who dont yet enjoy the choices that youve had the choices you will have And one reason many workplaces still have outdated policies. 也是为了那些没有得到你们已经有过以及还将拥有的种种选择的人许多工作场所仍在实行过时的政策Is because women only account for 3 percent of the ceos at Fortune 500 companies One reason were actually refighting long-settled battles. 原因之一就是妇女只占财富500强公司首席行政官的3%我们仍在为争取妇女权利Over womens rights is because women occupy fewer than one in five seats in Congress. 而再次进行早已完成的抗争原因之一就是妇女在国会所占的席位还不到五分之一Im not saying that the only way to achieve success is by climbing to the top of the corporate ladder or running for office. 我不是说取得成功的唯一途径是晋升到公司的最高层或是竞选公职Although, lets face it Congress would get a lot more done if you did That I think were sure about. 不过 请让我们面对这个事实如果你们竞选公职 国会将能大有作为我想大家对此是深信无疑的But if you decide not to sit yourself at the table at the very least youve got to make sure you have a say in who does. 但如果你们决定不亲身参政至少也应该确保自己有权选择议员It matters Before women like Barbara Mikulski and Olympia Snowe and others got to Congress. 这很重要例如 在像芭芭拉.米库尔斯基和奥林匹娅.斯诺201609/467408新都区治疗子宫内膜炎哪家医院最好的

成都医学院附属医院做流产打胎怎么样SCENE① B 晚上八点半 在酒吧里【你一定要踏出第一步】Herbert: Every time I’m near a girl, I get 1) tongue-tied.赫伯特: 每次我一靠近女孩子,就会变得结结巴巴。Don: You have to 2) make the first move, Herbert.唐: 你一定要踏出第一步,赫伯特。Herbert: Like what?赫伯特: 比如说?Don: Why not write a letter?唐: 为什么不写封信?Herbert: I’m not 3) good with words.赫伯特: 我的文笔不好。 Don: I'll write a great love letter for you.唐: 我来帮你写一封很棒的情书。Herbert: Would you? Thanks!赫伯特: 真的?谢啦。 语言详解 A: I get all tongue-tied when I talk to him. 我跟 他说话时舌头都紧张得打结。 B: Ah, that's love... 喔,那是恋爱了…… 【Why not write a letter?为什么不写封信?】 这句省略句还原为Why don't you write a letter?,当你建议别人去做什么事的时候,就可以说Why not...? (为什么不……) 【Would you?你真的要吗?】 当别人表示要帮你做事的时候,你可以说Would you?来表示意外得助的感谢,这句省略句还原为Would you do that for me? A: Would you ever consider marrying me? 你有没有可能考虑跟我结婚?B: No. We have absolutely nothing in common. 没有。我们完全没有共通点。 1) tongue-tied (a.) 结巴的2) make the first move 踏出第一步3) good with words 文笔好 /200708/16577泸州医学院附属医院不孕不育多少钱 [这部分对话对话发生在母亲与儿子、父亲与女儿、母亲与准女婿以及夫妻之间。对话的情绪复杂,语言有些琐碎,场景多为家庭的餐桌上,因为这往往是一家人聚在一起的最佳时光。]The Coming of Relatives亲戚的到来What’s Cooking《感恩节盛宴》 感恩节,亲戚来访,门铃响了,一家人赶紧迎上前,免不了寒暄一阵……Mother: Hello, it’s good to see you.Man: Well, was the traffic bad or…Mother: OK. I know you like my ... Aunt: Hey, oh, Rachel, honey, you look great.Daughter: Oh, thank you.Aunt: Doesn’t she look beautiful?Man: Just like a movie star.Daughter: Thank you. Good to see you.Carla: Hello.Aunt: Is this your roommate?Daughter: This is Carla.Carla: Carla.Aunt: Oh, Carla, nice to meet you.Carla: Nice to meet you too.母亲:嗨,见到你真高兴。男人:哦,如果交通顺畅的话……母亲:是啊。我知道你喜欢我的……姑姑:嘿,哦,拉歇尔,你气色很好。女儿:哦,谢谢。姑姑:她看上去很漂亮,是不是?男人:就象是电影明星。女儿:谢谢。很高兴见到你。卡拉:你好。姑姑:这是你的室友?女儿:这是卡拉。卡拉:卡拉。姑姑:哦,卡拉,很高兴认识你。卡拉:我也很高兴认识你。 /200603/5375成都哪里孕前检查

成都无精子症治疗点击此处下载音频大家好!广播学口语又和您见面了.不知道你过得怎么样.Andy可是有了一点小麻烦. 那 就让Andy和大家说说吧.(音乐)自从Andy被剥夺了财政大权后,行动受到了极大的限制,可不久Andy就学乖了.偷偷的留 了一个小金库.终于,今天又和朋友们坐到一起吃了一顿,但是一身酒气的回家,自然会让 老婆发现.Andy came close to tell her the whole truth, but then he changed his mind: ;my friend treated me.; ;Really? I you as a book: you will give the shirt off your back.; (Andy差一点就把情况向妻子和盘托出了,可是很快他打消了这个念头:;朋友请了我一顿.;;真的吗?我对你太了解了,你连衬衫都可 以脱给别人;). "give the shirt off your back"连衬衫都可以脱给别人,可见这人有多少的慷慨. 这里的意思就是"慷慨成性".Andy always gives shirt to others off his back. No wonder his wife doesnrsquo;t believe that he can let his friend pay the bill.( Andy是一个慷慨的家伙.怪不得老婆不相信是朋友为他付的钱.)(音乐)就Andy的小金库的问题,妻子好好的给他上了一课,直到最后Andy求饶:;I know I made a mistake but can you cushion the below? ;cushion;是什么意思呢.本意是垫子. 那么在下面垫个垫子,即是说,"说话温柔一些.以免打击太重了".Andy said:;I know I made a mistake but can you cushion the below? ;(我知道 我错了,但你说话的时候委婉一点行吗).这就可见说话委婉好处了吧.一个优秀的老师从不会劈头盖脸的把他的学生批评一通的.而是委婉的教导他的学生.怪不得多年以后他的学生们说:"Although I made a lot of mistakes,my teacner cushioned the below instead of criticizing me seriously in the class,so I confessed the mistakes I made and became a good student .I love my teacher. ( 虽然我做了很错事儿,但老师并没有当着全班同学的面批评我.只是委婉的给我指了出 来.于是我承认了我的错误并成为一个好学生.我爱我的老师.)(音乐)今天我们学习了两个句子来看一下:(1)You will give the shirt off your back.你是个慷慨成性的家伙.(2)Can you cushion the below?说话委婉点好吗.好了,让我们下次再见! /200605/7244 新东方最新英语口语学习词典P部分暂无文本 /200707/15346成都不孕不育基地成都看不孕不育医院好的



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