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达州哪里能做复通手术蒲江县不孕不育医院Here are some of the descriptions you’ll be hearing in coming days about Dave Goldberg, who died suddenly Friday at 47: friend, dad, husband, brother, Midwesterner, entrepreneur, poker player, mensch, investor, mentor.戴夫·戈德伯格上周五突然去世,年仅47岁。今后几天,你会听到人们用这些词描述他:朋友、父亲、丈夫、兄弟、美国中西部人、企业家、扑克爱好者、正人君子、投资者、创业导师。It is with no hyperbole to say Goldberg was one of the most beloved among the truly successful people in Silicon Valley. He was a bright kid from Minnesota who graduated from Harvard and landed in Los Angeles working in the music industry. He made his bones selling a music startup to Yahoo, where he stayed on for a time as an executive in the Terry Semel era.毫不夸张地说,戈德伯格是硅谷最受敬爱的成功人士之一。他的家乡在明尼苏达州,从小聪明过人。从哈佛大学毕业后,他远赴洛杉矶投身音乐行业。由于将一手成立的音乐公司卖给了雅虎,戈德伯格在业内声名鹊起。之后他还留在公司管理过一段时间,时任雅虎CEO是特里o塞梅尔。He was aly a big deal when he met a big-deal executive at Google, Sheryl Sandberg. He eventually moved north when they became a couple. Goldberg went on to lead the investment group that bought SurveyMonkey, the cash-generating online company that pioneered the “freemium” business model so popular today with next-generation software companies like Evernote, Dropbox, and Eventbrite.戈德伯格认识谢莉尔o桑德伯格时,桑德伯格是风头正劲的谷歌高管,他自己在业内也颇有声名。两人结为伉俪后,戈德伯格最终选择北上硅谷。随后,戈德伯格领导的投资集团收购了非常赚钱的网络调查务公司SurveyMonkey,并开创了“免费增值”商业模式,这种模式如今盛行于Evernote、Dropbox和Eventbrite等新一代软件公司。(I wrote about SurveyMonkey in Fortune when Goldbergraised debt in 2013 as a way of delaying an IPO and again just recently when he debuted a new benchmarking service. Dave is the first person who explained to me that “freemium” was going to be a big deal. He also was a natural manager, and he spoke about talent in 2013 at Brainstorm Tech in Aspen. Check out the now poignant Qamp;A he did right before the conference. )【2013年,我曾为《财富》杂志写过一篇有关戈德伯格的报道。当时,戈德伯格选择发债来推迟让公司上市。前不久他带领下的SurveyMonkey推出了一项新的标杆性务,我也写了文章。戈德伯格是第一个向我解释为何免费增值模式前途无量的人。】Let’s cut straight to the chase about what everyone said about Dave Goldberg: Had he not been married to one of the most famous personalities in Silicon Valley, he would have been known first as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the Valley. I’ve known Goldberg for years, and being known as Sheryl Sandberg’s husband never bothered him in the least. He knew exactly who he was. A handful of years ago we had lunch because someone had suggested to him that he might hire me to work at SurveyMonkey. It took me about a minute to politely explain why I was fantastically happy doing what I was doing, which he understood immediately because he felt the same way about what he was doing. We spent the next part of lunch comparing notes about how blessed we were to be busy, fulfilled people who managed to spend plenty of time being dads and husbands too.回到正题,让我们来听听人们如何评价戈德伯格:即便当初没与硅谷最有名的女性结婚,他也会作为硅谷最成功的企业家之一为人所知。我与戈德伯格相识多年,身为雪莉o桑德伯格的丈夫这一事实从未对他有一丝一毫困扰。他很清楚地知道自己是谁。几年前,我们曾一起吃过一顿午餐,因为有人建议他邀请我加入SurveyMonkey。我花了大概一分钟礼貌地解释,我对当时手头的工作非常满意。他迅速心领神会,因为他对自己的事业也有同感。那次午餐剩下的时间,我们都在讨论自己有多么幸运:工作忙碌又充实,还能有很多时间花在家庭中,当好父亲和丈夫。Goldberg had an encyclopedic knowledge of the history and nuanced relationships in the music industry and Silicon Valley. He had a talent for explaining the relevant fact in business transactions that were more complex than they needed to be. He was a quiet “angel” investor in multiple Silicon Valley deals, both individually and through VC funds that wanted access to his smarts and his contacts. He tended always to know what was going on, and if he didn’t he was the kind of guy who said he didn’t know.戈德伯格熟知音乐产业和硅谷的种种过往,对业内的微妙关系了如指掌。他有一种天赋,能将复杂的商业交易解释得清晰透彻。硅谷好几笔交易中,他都悄无声息地做了天使投资人,有时以个人身份,有时则通过一些风投基金。而风投之所以邀他参与,多是看中他的眼光和人脉。他总能看透事情本质,如果看不清也会坦然相告。Goldberg was humble about his success, and he also was a gracious and generous connector. Every year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas he and brother Rob, a Los Angeles entrepreneur, hosted a dinner for their many, many friends in the technology and entertainment industries. I think Dave took great pride in knowing that the guest list was a combination of A-list industry players and his close personal friends. Often they were the same person. (No true recollection of Goldberg could fail to mention that he loved to play poker, often late into the night. He possessed a keen mathematical mind, and I’m told by reliable sources he usually won.)戈德伯格对个人成功非常低调,在朋友圈中是谦和大度的核心人物。每年CES国际消费电子产品展期间,他和在洛杉矶做企业的兄弟罗伯特都会组织晚宴,邀请众多科技界和界的朋友参加。往来嘉宾中既有业界大腕也有他私交甚笃的好友,而且来宾往往兼具这两个身份,这点应该让戈德伯格感到骄傲吧。(回忆起他,就不能漏掉酷爱玩扑克牌这一点,他经常玩到深夜。而且有可靠消息人士向我透露,他算牌能力超强,所以经常赢。)I reached out by email to Goldberg for help on a story three days ago. He called an hour later, but I missed his call. He tried me again Thursday morning, and we spoke as he and Sandberg were on their way to the airport for a weekend getaway. As a journalist and a friend, it was a classic and amusing moment for me. I could hear Sandberg next to him doing business on the phone in her direct, businesslike manner. Goldberg did exactly what I asked him to: He made a helpful connection to a friend of his who might be helpful to me. That’s the kind of guy he was.三天前,我曾发电邮向戈德伯格求助。一小时后他就给我打来电话,可我没接到。周四上午,他打过来。我们说话的时候,他和桑德伯格正赶往机场准备周末出游。身为记者,同时也身为戈德伯格的朋友,这种场景经常出现而且很有趣:我能听到,电话那头他身边的桑德伯格正在打工作电话,口气直接干练。另一边,戈德伯格也迅速解决了我的问题:介绍了一个可能帮得上忙的朋友给我。他就是这样乐于助人。You just don’t meet many people who are talented, successful, bright, kind, humble, and universally admired and liked.在这个世界上,你很难碰到既才华出众、事业有成、聪明友善,又谦逊、广受敬仰和喜爱的人物。而戈德伯格就是这样的人。Words can’t begin to describe how much Dave Goldberg will be missed.这一刻,言辞已无法形容对他的怀念。 /201505/375622四川第二人民医院医生咨询 London — The Christmas Truce, when British and German soldiers were said to have suddenly stopped fighting on the Western Front for a few hours on Christmas Day 1914, is written in history.伦敦——据说,1914年圣诞节,英军和德军士兵在西线突然停战数小时——这就是被载入史册的圣诞休战(The Christmas Truce)。What started with the singing of “Stille Nacht” on the German side, followed by a response of “Silent Night,” was said to have included an impromptu soccer game on the No Man’s Land between the opposing trenches.先是德军士兵用德语唱《平安夜》(Stille Nacht),然后英军士兵以英语的《平安夜》(Silent Night)回应。据说他们在两军战壕间的无人区进行了一场即兴足球比赛。“We all grew up with the story of soldiers from both sides putting down their arms on Christmas Day when gunfire gave way to gifts,” Prince William said at a ceremony in England two weeks ago to unveil a memorial to the event.“我们从小就听过这个故事,两军士兵在圣诞节那天放下武器,不再交火,而是交换礼物,”两周前威廉王子(Prince William)在英格兰为该事件树立的纪念碑的揭幕仪式上说。“Football,” the prince continued, “has the power to bring people together and break down barriers. It is vital that 100 years on, we keep the Christmas Truce story alive. It remains wholly relevant today as a message of hope and humanity, even in the bleakest of times.”王子继续说道,“足球具有使人团结、打破壁垒的力量。重要的是,一百年来,我们把圣诞休战的故事流传下来。直至今日,它仍具有重要意义——它在最灰暗的日子里传递出希望和仁慈。”Hope and humanity and perhaps, ultimately, futility.希望和仁慈,也许最终还是徒劳。Soccer is a remarkable game that crosses boundaries around this world. But whatever took place on that day a century ago did not stop the carnage that took an estimated 16 million lives, nor did it break down barriers to prevent wars today.足球是一项打破国界的伟大运动。但是,一百年前的圣诞节发生的任何事情都未能阻止那场夺去约1600万条生命的大屠杀,也未能消除壁垒,阻止当今战争的发生。“Sport, not war” has to be among the most contrite of phrases.“要体育,不要战争”已成为最有悔悟色的句子之一。The sculpture unveiled by Prince William was designed by a 10-year-old boy, Spencer Turner. It depicts two hands clasped in friendship inside the outline of a ball. It is simple, brilliant and full of boyish hope.威廉王子揭幕的雕塑是十岁男孩斯潘塞·特纳(Spencer Turner)设计的。它塑造出一个球的轮廓,里面有两只因友谊而紧握的手。它简洁、绝妙,充满孩子气的希望。And grown men are running with that hope. There have been re-enactments of the reported No Man’s Land game, including a match between the British Army and German Army teams in Aldershot, England, and a game in Belgium this week near the Flemish field where the truce happened.成年人也在为那种希望而努力。他们在英格兰奥尔德肖特重演了传说中的无人区游戏,包括英军和德军之间的一场足球赛。本周还有一场比赛,将在休战所发生的比利时佛兰德战场附近举行。UEFA, the European soccer authority, put together a short in which former stars — England’s Bobby Charlton, Germany’s Paul Breitner and France’s Didier Deschamps — a narrative and current players — Wayne Rooney, Philipp Lahm and Hugo Lloris — aloud soldiers’ letters from the front lines in 1914.欧洲足联拍了一个短视频,前足球明星——英格兰的鲍比·查尔顿(Bobby Charlton)、德国的保罗·布莱特纳(Paul Breitner)和法国的迪迪埃·德尚(Didier Deschamps)——朗读关于此事的叙述;现役球员韦恩·鲁尼(Wayne Rooney)、菲利普·拉姆(Philipp Lahm)和乌戈·洛里(Hugo Lloris)朗读1914年士兵们的前线来信。All of it is heartfelt. For the record, Germany, the current world champion, has won four World Cups to England’s one in the sport now played by 209 national associations.这一切都很感人。德国是目前的世界杯冠军,它总共夺冠四次,英国曾夺冠一次。目前共有209个国家参与世界杯。The brief cease-fire on the Western Front in Belgium followed a published letter from women’s suffrage advocates in England calling upon “the Women of Germany and Austria” to demand peace at Christmastime in 1914. Undoubtedly, some men on the front lines did leave their frozen, muddied trenches to not only bury their dead, but to exchange gifts of tobacco or even tunic button.比利时西线短暂停火之前,英国的妇女投票权倡议者们发表了一封公开信,号召“德国和奥地利的女人们”要求1914年圣诞节期间保持和平。毋庸置疑,在前线,有些男人的确离开了冰冷泥泞的战壕,不仅为了埋葬死者,也是为了交换礼物——烟草,甚至是外衣钮扣。Henry Williamson, then a 19-year-old private in the London Rifle Brigade who survived the war to become an author, sent a letter from the front to his mother. “In my mouth,” he wrote, “is a pipe presented by the Princess Mary. In the pipe is German tobacco. Ha ha, you say, from a prisoner or found in a captured trench, Oh dear, no! From a German soldier. Yes a live German soldier from his own trench. Marvelous, isn’t it?”当时,伦敦步旅的19岁二等兵亨利·威廉姆森(Henry Williamson)从前线给母亲写了一封信。信中写道,“我嘴里的烟斗是英国制造的。里面的烟草可是德国的。哈哈,你可能会说,你是从俘虏那里得到的,或者是在被占领的战壕里找到的。哦,亲爱的,不是!我是从一位德军士兵那里得到的。是的,是从一位活着的德军士兵的战壕里得到的。很不可思议,是吧?”威廉姆森后来从战争中生还,成了一位作家。Other letters, published in The Times of London, alluded to the game or games that broke out. Some suggest that they were kick-abouts, mainly between English soldiers using made up balls — some say a can of corned beef served as a substitute.《泰晤士报》公布的其他信件提到了那场,以及许多场足球赛。有些信件表明,比赛主要是在英军士兵之间进行,只是随便踢着玩,球是自制的——有人说是用一罐咸牛肉当球。Fewer accounts came from the German side, although Richard Schirrmann wrote the following December that his regiment, which was holding a position in the hills of occupied Belgium, received a request from Belgian troops to be allowed to send letters to their families. “Something fantastically unmilitary occurred,” Schirrmann reported. “German and French troops spontaneously made peace and ceased hostilities. They visited each other and exchanged wine, cognac and cigarettes for Westphalian black b, biscuits and ham.”德国那边的记录更少,不过理查德·席尔曼(Richard Schirrmann)在翌年12月写道,他所在的团驻扎在被占领的比利时山区的一个据点,他们收到比利时军队的一项请求,要求允许比利时军人给家人写信。席尔曼报告说:“发生了一些违反军规的事,真是难以置信。德军和法军自发讲和,停止敌对。他们互相访问,用葡萄酒、白兰地和香烟交换威斯特伐利亚黑面包、饼干和火腿。”Schirrmann survived the war and set up the German Youth Hostel Association in 1919.席尔曼从战争中生还,1919年创立了德国青年旅社协会。By the following Christmas, the truce was banned under threat of a court marshal for any soldier on either side who dared to fraternize with the enemy.到下一个圣诞节,休战被禁止了,双方任何士兵胆敢与敌军亲近,都将面临军事审判。The story of the Christmas Truce, and soccer’s part in it, became gilded over the decades. It is implausible, but not impossible, that any soldier smuggled a leather ball — or even the inflatable pig’s bladder inside the casing — to the trenches. But that is how it has become depicted in accounts fictionalized and made more beautiful.多年以来,圣诞休战的故事以及其中的足球赛被美化了。某个士兵偷偷在战壕里藏了个皮球或者充气猪脬球——这难以置信,但并非不可能。不过后来这个事件被演绎得更像小说,更美好了。Robert Graves, the British poet and writer, in 1962 reconstructed a story of the event, with Germany’s 133rd Royal Saxon Regiment taking on what he called Scottish troops. In Graves’s account, the Germans won, 3-2.1962年,英国诗人、作家罗伯特·格雷夫斯(Robert Graves)根据这个事件虚构了一个故事,在这个故事里,德军第133皇家撒克逊团和他所称的苏格兰军队比赛。在格雷夫斯的故事里,德军赢了,比分是3比2。In the match between the British and German army teams last week in Aldershot, the British won, 1-0.上周在奥尔德肖特举办的英军和德军比赛中,英军赢了,比分是1比0。Soccer and war have intersected again over the past century. Perhaps the most evocative of triumphs was strife-torn Iraq emerging as the winner of the 2007 Asian Cup that was played across four countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.在过去一个世纪里,足球和战争再次交织在一起。也许最令人难忘的胜利是2007年被战火撕裂的伊拉克夺得亚洲杯冠军,那年的亚洲杯决赛阶段在四个国家举行:印度尼西亚、马来西亚、泰国和越南。Soccer can indeed survive hostilities. But only at Christmastime will a story be believed that both sides would put down their arms to meet in No Man’s Land. A beautiful memory, made more beautiful in the subsequent years of man’s imagination.足球的确能战胜敌意。但只有在圣诞节,两军放下武器在无人区会面的故事才会有人相信。这个美妙的故事在之后这些年人们的想像中变得更加美好。 /201412/351170成都检查封闭抗体花多少钱

广元市第四人民医院是正规医院吗?成都不孕不育医院哪里好 The true nature of Vincent van Gogh’s death continues to be a topic ripe for mystery – after a leading forensics expert has claimed that the artist was murdered.在一位法医学专家声称画家文特森#8226;梵高是被谋杀之后,梵高之死的真相继续成为了谜团解密的热门话题。The Sunflowers painter died an agonising 29 hours after taking a bullet to the abdomen in a wheat field near Paris in 1890. On his death bed he apparently revealed he had shot himself.1890年,这位向日葵画家在陷入持续苦闷的29小时之后,于巴黎近郊的麦田里朝腹部开自杀。临终时分在床上,他说是他朝自己开了。However, Dr. Vincent Di Maio, an expert on gunshot injuries, has said that he be believes the wound was “not self-inflicted”.然而,伤专家文特森#8226;迪马尤士认为这伤口“不是自己造成的”。According to Vanity Fair, Di Maio, who was a key witness at the George Zimmerman trial, said that it was highly likely that Van Gogh “did not shoot himself”.根据《名利场》杂志的说辞, 迪马尤——这位乔治齐默尔曼试验的关键目击者声称梵高很有可能“没有朝自己开”。He made the claim in response to a request by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith, whose biography of Van Gogh disputes the long-held suicide theory.这是他对于史蒂芬#8226;奈芬和乔治#8226;怀特#8226;史密斯请求的回应。奈芬和史密斯的梵高传记对于一直以来梵高自杀理论的主张提出了争议。In Van Gogh: The Life, a 960-page book published in 2011, the Pulitzer Prize-winning authors claim that the artist had been shot, possibly accidentally, by a couple of boys and that he had decided to protect them by accepting the blame.在2011年出版的960页的《梵高的一生》中,普利策的获奖作家们表示:这位画家很有可能是被两个男孩出于意外射杀的;为了保护他们,画家选择抗下责任。American academic John Rewald had talked of hearing local rumours about such a theory in the 1930s.在20世纪30年代,美国学者约翰#8226;瓦尔德曾表示听过该理论的当地传闻。But Naifeh and Smith were attacked for publishing their theory and in 2013 Louis van Tilborgh and Teio Meedendorp published a critical review in the Burlington Magazine, which reiterated the suicide narrative.但是奈芬和史密斯这套理论的出版受到了攻击,且在2013年,路易斯#8226;范蒂尔赫和提奥#8226;梅登多普在《伯灵顿》杂志中发表,重申了自杀论调。Following this, Naifeh and Smith asked Di Maio to compare the two accounts and put forth his opinion.由此,奈芬和史密斯请求迪马尤比较两者说法并提出自己的见解。Van Tilborgh and Meedendorp wrote that the son of the attendant physician at Van Gogh’s death bed, Paul Junior, said Van Gogh’s wound had a “brown and purple haloaround [it].”范蒂尔赫和梅登多普写道, 保罗二世——这位梵高临终床边医师随从的儿子说过,梵高的伤口周围有一圈“棕色和紫色的晕”。According to the authors, this meant “the gun must have been fired at very close range … and was caused by the bullet’s impact.”根据作者们所言,这意味着“开范围肯定是近距离的……而且是子弹冲击的影响。”But Di Maio said: “In fact, [the purple halo] is subcutaneous bleeding from vessels cut by the bullet and is usually seen in individuals who live awhile.但是迪马尤说道:“事实上,(紫色的晕圈)是子弹中伤血管后皮下流血造成的,而且常见于中后还留有一口气的死者。”“Its presence or absence means nothing.”“它存不存在并不能说明问题。”Meanwhile, he said the brown ring is “an abrasion ring and seen around virtually all entrance wounds”.与此同时,他说道棕色的晕圈是“擦伤晕圈,并且几乎所有伤口入口都有”。Di Maio also said that if Van Gogh did shoot himself there would have been “soot, powder tattooing and searing of the skin around the entrance”.迪马尤也声称:如果梵高没有自己开射杀自己,那么伤口入口就该是“被煤烟弄脏,出现粉末的纹身样,且入口处的皮肤是灼伤的”。He said: “These would have been grossly evident. None of this is described [in any of the forensic accounts]. This indicates the muzzle was more than a foot or two away (closer to two rather than one).”他说:“这些本该是充分的据。但没有一条在任何法医学条目中被描述出来。这说明了开点距离一英尺或者两英尺以外(更有可能是两英尺)。”In conclusion he said: “It is my opinion that, in all medical probability, the wound incurred by Van Gogh was not self-inflicted. In other words, he did not shoot himself.”在结论中他说道:“我的见解是这样的,在所有医学的可能性中,梵高的伤口不是自己造成的,换而言之。他没有朝自己开。”However, it may take more than Di Maio to sway academic opinion.然而,要去撼动学术界的观点,有了迪马尤的持还远远不够。A curator at the Van Gogh Museum told Naifeh and Smith in an email. “I think it would be like Vincent to protect the boys and take the ‘accident’ as an unexpected way out of his burdened life.梵高物馆的馆长在一封邮件中告知奈芬和史密斯,“我觉得很有可能文特森他为了保护男孩们,把这次意外当作自己不堪重负的一生所意想不到的终结。““But I think the biggest problem you’ll find after publishing your theory is that the suicide is more or less printed in the brains of past and present generations and has become a sort of self-evident truth. Vincent’s suicide has become the grand finale of the story of the martyr for art, it’s his crown of thorns.”“但是我认为你们会发现一个大问题:你们出版了自己的理论后会发现,自杀论或多或少已在过去人的脑海中根深蒂固了,并且通过代代相传成为了某种意义上不言而喻的事实。梵高的自杀已成为艺术殉道之路上伟大的终章,这是他的荆棘之冠。” /201411/345147攀枝花市治疗妇科炎症多少钱

成都检查不孕不育花多少钱The season of music festivals kicks off with May Day holiday. Not only about stars and music, today’s music festival is also about fashion. How to choose the right style for certain concerts is a tricky issue. Whether you are pursuing a chic, hippie or artistic look, check out the following styles to get inspiration.五#8226;一小长假已经开始,大大小小的音乐节也将拉开帷幕。如今的音乐节不只有明星和音乐,时尚也是不可或缺的元素。观看不同的演出需要不同的搭配。想要穿的恰如其分,确实是个难题。但是,不管你倾心新潮风、嬉皮风,还是文艺风,下面的风格都能给你带来灵感。Tribal style部落风The wild tribal style gives you an exotic appearance. This fashion trend has sp to music festival stages in recent years. It’s taken over festival fashion with vibrant prints, warm tones and rich accessories, notes stylemotivation.com. The main elements are African-inspired textiles, bold prints and beaded accessories. To make it eye-catching, you can even try a feathered tribal headdress, which uses geometric prints, stripes and beads in a big way, according to The Huffington Post. But in the mixing process, simplicity is the key. Avoid overdoing it with other added patterns like eye-catching jewelry.狂野的部落风会带给你一丝异域情调。这几年,部落风已经席卷了音乐节的各大舞台。如时尚网站stylemotivation.com所写:活力四射的印花、暖色调、以及浓重的配饰正是现在音乐节的时尚主流。非洲风面料、大胆的印花图案、还有串珠配饰都是其主要元素。如果想要令人眼前一亮,《赫芬顿邮报》的建议是试试羽毛部落头饰,那上面既有几何印花还有条纹和珠子装饰。不过,在搭配时,简洁还是王道;此时,就不必再画蛇添足增添更多元素,比如引人注目的珠宝配饰。Hippie style嬉皮士风For those who want to attend rock festivals, the hippie style is a good choice. Chic and cool, it can reflect your pursuit of freedom and uniqueness because the philosophy of the hippie is “doing your own thing”, wrote an article on hippie24.com. Originally popular in the 1960s, this style is particularly welcomed at Coachella Valley Music Festival held in the US every April. The main elements of hippie style include bellbottoms, wide-brimmed hats, fringes, headbands, beads and decorative necklaces. To pull it off, the key is to “let one thing you are wearing speak the loudest”, hippiecouture.com suggests. For example, if your dress is a wild print, let it be the focus and wear a delicate headband. But if your dress is a solid color, choose chunky rings or a necklace to be the highlight.如果你要参加的摇滚音乐节,那嬉皮士风就是佳选。网站hippie24.com在一篇文章中写到:这种风格时髦又新潮,将你自由自在、与众不同的追求彰显无遗,因为嬉皮士的人生哲学就是“我行我素”。嬉皮士风格最初流行于二十世纪六十年代。美国每年四月举办的科切拉音乐节上,这种风格都格外受欢迎。喇叭裤、宽边草帽、流苏、发带、串珠、装饰性项链,这些都是嬉皮士风的主要元素。hippiecouture.com网站的建议是:“突出你身上的某一个元素”才是关键。如果你选择了一条豹纹裙,那就让它成为重点,再搭配一条清新的小发带就够了;但如果你身穿纯色裙装,那么就再搭配几枚粗戒指或是一条宽项链,让它们成为亮点。Bohemian style波西米亚风格If you want to leave others with the impression that you’re a romantic individualist, try the Bohemian style. Bohemian also refers to “a state of mind regarding fashion that is individual, romantic, and free-spirited”, noted wikihow.com. Having developed into a lifestyle movement, it encouraged the use of simple instruments like drums and basic flutes in the music industry. Gradually, this style has entered the mainstream of music festival fashion, wrote Cailyn Cox from thetrendspotter.net. Many stars like British actress Sienna Miller and model Kate Moss are crazy about it. The main elements include flowers, braided hairstyles and long dresses worn with boots. To look chic, the key is to keep your appearance natural with minimalistic makeup, said Cox.如果你想给人留下浪漫而理想主义的印象,那么波西米亚风格便可一试。正如维基百科对“波西米亚风”的定义,它将时尚视为一种“个性、浪漫而又自由的精神状态”。来自thetrendspotter.net. 网站的卡琳#8226;考克斯则写到:波西米亚风不仅进入了人们的生活,也进入了音乐界,更多使用如鼓、长笛等简单乐器正是波西米亚风音乐的特点。渐渐地,波西米亚风也进入了主流音乐节。英国女演员西耶娜#8226;米勒和模特凯特#8226;斯都是该风格的狂热爱好者。花朵、辫子发型、长裙搭配靴子都是波西米亚风的主要元素。想要让你的打扮更时尚,考克斯认为自然才是关键,你可以试着画点淡妆。 /201505/372654 四川省成都市第八人民医院名中医成都市治疗无精症要多少费用



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