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长岭县妇女儿童医院专家咨询They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it seems that often it is even more powerful if that beholder is from a different country.人们都说情人眼里出西施,但似乎异国人往往更能欣赏你的美。Much like how people with straight hair want curly hair or those with pale skin indulge in fake tanning, men and women often find that they are significantly more attractive when visiting another country.就像是天生直发的人总是想换头卷发,皮肤白的人总对小麦色无法自拔一样,人们发现,当他们去外国旅游时,他们往往会变得更加有魅力。Travellers have taken to social media to share their tales of this confusing yet pleasant phenomenon.针对这一让人困惑又愉悦的现象,旅游者们纷纷在社交媒体上分享自己的故事。Men from Asian countries who claim they are considered distinctly average at home say they have become studs in Western countries while Eastern European ladies of a similar ilk said they have attracted huge amounts of attention in places like China.一些自称在本国被认为相貌平平的亚洲男性发现,他们在西方国家会魅力大增;同样的,在本国貌不惊人的东欧女性在中国等地会变得格外引人注目。Tourists have now been sharing the details of these eye-opening visits on Quora.现在,旅游者们正在问答网站Quora上分享他们令人大开眼界的旅行经历。In a forum post, they detailed just how much more attractive they were considered in a country other than their own, and why.在论坛上的一篇帖子里,游客们详细地讲述自己在外国魅力如何大增,而且还说明了原因。For some, it was that their dark skin seemed exotic to locals, in other cases it was the colour of their hair or slim build.一些人说,他们之所以受欢迎,是因为黝黑的皮肤充满了异域风情,还有一些人表示,是头发的颜色或是苗条的身材令他们魅力大增。To find out where you need to holiday next for a bit of an ego boost, on.想知道去哪个地方度假会让你的自我感觉变好么?接着往下看吧!An American woman in Scandinavia一名在斯堪的纳维亚的美国女性Marie Horace from South Florida said:来自南佛罗里达州的玛丽.荷瑞斯说:#39;I am mostly of Latin Afro Caribbean descent and it#39;s quite diverse where I live, so I am considered pretty average looking.“我基本上是拉丁美洲加勒比黑人的血统,这并不符合当地人的审美,所以大家都觉得我相貌平平。”#39;Most guys go for full-figured women like the Kardashians but I am what most people here would label as ;skinny; and I got teased at school quite a bit actually because of it.“大部分男生追求像卡戴珊那样丰乳肥臀的女生,但我总会被贴上‘瘦骨嶙峋’的标签,为此我在学校受了不少取笑。”#39;Imagine my surprise when at University I went on a trip to Scandinavia, and got reactions there from men I never in a million years thought possible - I was called beautiful more times than I could count and I#39;ve seen Swedish women, they are gorgeous!#39;“但读大学期间,我去斯堪的纳维亚旅行了一趟,你想象不到我有多惊讶。我从来没想过会有那么多男人夸我漂亮,我都数不过来了。我还见到了瑞典的女性,她们真的很美!”An Indonesian woman in Europe一位在欧洲的印度尼西亚女性LLolyta from Indonesian said:来自印度尼西亚的洛丽塔说:#39;In my home country, I am not considered as beautiful but when I went to Europe last summer I got a lot of attention, especially from Western guys.“在我的故乡,人们并不认为我漂亮,但去年夏天我去欧洲时,我得到了很多关注,尤其是西方男人的目光。”In Indonesia, having a tanned skin tone is not considered beautiful - fair or light skinned with long straight hair are the basics ;rules; of being attractive.在印度尼西亚人眼中,黝黑的肤色并不好看——白皙的皮肤加上长而直的头发才是美丽的基本标准。A Russian woman in China在中国的俄罗斯女性Katherine Mesh, from Siberia in Russia said:来自俄罗斯西伯利亚的凯瑟琳.梅舍说:#39;One of the best countries to feel more attractive is indeed China.“中国是最能让你觉得自己魅力大增的国家之一。”#39;I am from Siberia, where there are more beautiful and uptight ladies than anywhere else.“我来自西伯利亚,那儿漂亮又保守的女士比任何一个地方都要多。“#39;But in China, even after workout or with no make-up at all you are still beautiful and exotic to Chinese people.#39;“但在中国,即使你刚刚结束锻炼,或者压根没有化妆,在中国人眼里,你依旧无比美丽,充满异域风情。”An Asian-American in Singapore在新加坡的亚裔美国女性Wansai Ounkeo from the US, said:来自美国的万塞.奥恩寇说:#39;In America, my dating life was pretty barren - I was this 5#39;7;, introverted Asian guy, with what my brother considered to be ;bland Asian physical characteristics that make you forgettable;.“在美国,我的约会经历几乎是一片空白。我身高170cm,是个性格内向的亚洲男生。我哥哥认为这是“典型的亚裔温和性格,不容易给人留下深刻印象。”#39;After landing in Singapore, my dating life basically exploded and just kept exploding.“但自从我到了新加坡,和我约会的人一下子多了起来,而且还在不断增加。”#39;I even had strangers follow me and proposition me for various sexual activities.#39;“我甚至还被陌生人跟踪过,他们邀请我参加各种性派对。”A Nepalese woman in Eastern Europe在东欧的尼泊尔女性Pooja Gautam from Nepal said:来自尼泊尔的普加.高塔姆说:#39;In Nepal, I used to be considered average looking and girls with lighter skin always got way more attention than myself.“在尼泊尔,我总被看做一个相貌平平的人,那些皮肤更白的女生总是比我更加耀眼。”#39;Here in Poland though, it’s not very common to see darker foreigners and I have received unusually high levels of attention from the locals.“但在波兰,因为很少看到皮肤较黑的外国人,所以我受到了当地人很高的关注。”#39;Tanning salons are a big thing in Polish cities and some Poles find it hard to believe when I tell them that many Nepalese people carry umbrellas on hot, sunny days to prevent their skin from turning darker.“在波兰的城市中,日光浴沙龙是很流行的一件事。所以当我告诉一些波兰人,很多尼泊尔人会在炎热的太阳下撑伞以防皮肤被晒黑时,他们表示难以置信。”An Indian woman in Africa在非洲的印度女性Sonali Gupta from India said:来自印度的索娜丽.笈多说:#39;I am a typical Indian girl and I certainly don#39;t fit in the category of beautiful.“我是一个典型的印度女孩,并且我肯定与‘漂亮’这个词不沾边。”#39;I recently went on a trip to South Africa and was pleasantly surprised to receive so many compliments on my looks.“但前不久我去南非旅行,我惊喜地收到了很多人对我相貌的夸赞。”#39;It felt really nice to be called beautiful and receive comments on my smile, as well as hair.#39;“被夸漂亮的感觉真的是太好了,他们说我微笑的样子好看,还夸我的头发也不错。”An Eastern European woman in the UK在英国的东欧女性Alzbeta Ze from the Czech Republic said:来自捷克共和国的阿尔兹贝塔#8226;泽说:#39;I have never been considered particularly beautiful - the beauty standard in the Czech Republic is tanned women with slim bodies but proper boobs and hips, long hair, clear skin and symmetrical faces.“我在本国人眼里从来也不是很漂亮的那种类型——捷克人心目中的美女是那种拥有浅褐色的光洁肌肤,身材苗条但胸部和臀部丰满,一头长发,面部匀称的女性。”#39;I#39;m not fat but I have quite a lot of curves and my skin is really, really pale.“我虽然不胖,但我有一些赘肉,另外皮肤也极其苍白。”#39;But whenever I go to the UK, I am approached and invited on dates a lot and and when I lived in Sweden and I got a lot of attention from men there.#39;“但我只要去英国,就会被很多人搭讪并收到很多约会邀请;在瑞典时,我也受到了男性的许多关注。” /201612/481150长春都市丽人妇科医院做吊带手术好吗 长春人流医院哪家最好

吉大第一医院治疗妇科炎症好吗Vague Texts Every Woman Has Sent to a Guy每位女生都给男生发过这些含糊其辞的短信Every woman has been there. You#39;re lying on the couch in a blissful Netflix coma when suddenly you#39;re hit with block after block after block of run-on texts from a guy. You try to politely eject yourself, but they#39;re not getting the message. You keep sending the same smiley emoji and nothing else, but. They. Keep. Sending. Links.每位女生都经历过这样的事。你躺在沙发上,幸福的看着Netflix上的喜剧,突然你就被一个男生的短信轰炸打断了。你尽量礼貌的回复,但他们却没有明白内涵意义。你继续发着同样的表情,除此之外再无其它。但他们却继续给你发短信、链接。Basically, texting is the worst and no one should ever do it, but since everyone does, here are a few of the vaguest, all-too-familiar texts every woman has definitely sent a guy who is just not getting it.总的来说,发短信最糟糕了,任何人都不该发短信,但既然每个人都发的话,下列就是一些每位女性都发过的最为模糊且大致一样的短信,但男生们就是不懂。Text: ;haha;短信内容:;哈哈;Translation: ;I need this chat to end aly.;含义:;赶快终止这段对话吧。;By responding to a stream of ;jokes; about Kim Kardashian with variations of ;ha; ;hahahaha; and the ever-powerful ;haha,; this is an attempt to bore the texter in question into fading away. Like a road possum playing dead, I#39;m just hoping this conversation will hop in its Hummer and drive out of my life forever.用;哈;;哈哈哈哈;和最有力的;哈哈;等各种变体来回复对方发送的有关金·卡戴珊的一系列;笑话;,就是为了让对方感到无趣,不要再发短信了。就像装傻一样,我希望这段对话能赶紧终止。Text: ;lol;短信内容:;大笑;Translation: ;Your sense of humor is GIFs of people getting hurt and trash-talking everyone, and I feel like I#39;m cringing my way into a bleak abyss.;含义:;你的幽默感就是人们受伤的动图,以及不断讲废话的动图,我感觉自己正在陷入一个黑暗的深渊。;Similar to ;haha;, but with a stronger undercurrent of vitriol.与;哈哈;一样,但杀伤力更强。Text: ;lmaoooo;短信内容:;大笑;Translation: ;I genuinely liked this and want you to not mistake this for an #39;lol#39;!;含义:;我真的很喜欢这个,希望你不要以为我只是#39;大笑#39;!;You actually did send an A+ dog meme, but I#39;m with people right now. But I want you to know that you did a great job - my friend asked me why I cracked a smile while she was in the middle of venting about her roommate. So nicely done! Gotta go now though! 实际上你还发了一个A+的模因,但现在我和其他人在一起。但我想让你知道你做的很棒--在我朋友向舍友发泄时,我大笑了一声,她问我为什么要笑。干得真漂亮!但现在我必须得走了!Text: ;wow!;短信内容:;哇!;Translation: ;I have no idea what to say!;含义:;我完全不知道该说什么!;You just sent me a link on the difference between true craft beer and craft beer posers. I#39;m no t sure why you did or how you even feel about it yourself, so I will go with the very safe ;wow!; and work with whatever you say next. Unless it was meant for a different girl all along, in which case, BYE.你只是给我发了一个有关真正工艺啤酒和工艺啤酒装饰差别的链接。我不知道你为什么要发这个给我,也不知道你对这个链接有什么想法,所以我就说个安全词;哇!;,然后看你会发什么。除非你至始至终都是想给另一个女孩儿看,但如果是这样的话,那就再见! /201701/488351 长春妇女医院位置长春都市丽人妇科医院人流价格



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