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2020年01月20日 14:58:47 | 作者:快乐对话 | 来源:新华社
You cannot hear me. I am static and unmoving. But, I can hear your murmurs and your cries of pain and sadness. Your sons and daughters ask why? There are no answers. I am very old. I have seen everything and I am none the wiser the pain and suffering and I have witnessed since I rose from the bowels of the earth. I have witnessed the conflict, the death, the civilizations, and the societies that have come bee you. Yet I remain mystified about this day.  你听不到我的声音,因为我是静止的但我却听到了你的低声诉语,你的痛苦哀号你的子女们问“为什么?”这没有我已经老了我看到了一切但我承认面对自己所目睹的苦难沧桑我并不是一个智者我目睹了战争、死亡、人类文明,还有你不曾经历的人类社会,但我至今依然困惑不解 I feel sad yet alive with a purpose. I have come to know those who are now an integral part of the reason my being here at this place and time. That purpose has become apparent as I stand bee you on this day while your brethren gather to witness my reflections and the changes of light that mirror your soul.我感到悲伤,却清楚地感受到自己存在的目的我渐渐了解那些刻在我身上的名字,是他们让我有了存在的理由今天,当你们围聚在我身边,看那些名字在我身上的反射,而光线的变化也折射出你们的灵魂——我越发清楚我存在的目的I am a reflection of you… 我是你的映像……  I am all of you… 我是你的全部……   I am your spirit..  我是你的灵魂…… I am The Wall.  我就是那面墙…… 38Iron Man 3 is an American superhero film featuring the Marvel Comics character Iron Man. It is produced byMarvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios. It is the sequel to Iron Man and Iron Man , and the seventh installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Robert Downey, Jr. continues in the role of the title character of billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist Tony Stark, with Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadleco-starring. Marvel says: ;Iron Man 3 pits brash but brilliant industrialist Tony StarkIron Man against an enemy whose reach knows no bounds. When Stark finds his personal world destroyed at his enemy hands, he embarks on a harrowing quest to find those responsible.;钢铁侠3是美国超级英雄电影,它改编自漫威漫画公司的同名漫画由漫威电影工作室出品,迪斯尼电影发行它是钢铁侠1和的续集,也是是漫威电影宇宙的第七部影片小罗伯特·唐尼继续扮演钢铁侠,他饰演一位千万富翁、慈善家、托尼·斯塔克,配角有格温妮丝·帕特洛,唐·钱德尔漫威电影公司称:“实业家钢铁侠勇敢地与敌人作斗争,他的潜力无限大当斯塔克发现他的私人世界遭到敌人毁灭时,他开启了一段寻找凶手的旅程”Gwyneth Paltrow was asked about making Iron Man 3 and said: ;I think this movie ends in a really unexpected way and there so much heart to it. It about discovering yourself and what really important. And, of course, it done with all the fireworks and action and excitement.; Downey Jr. said of the movie that, ;this might be our best eft yet.; Marvel says that Downey Jr. character, Tony Stark, finds the answerto a question that he has been thinking about throughout the Iron Man trilogy. He has wondered how important the technology-filled suits are that he wears to give him special powers. He asks: ;Does the man make the suit or does the suit make the man?;格温妮丝·帕特洛曾经被问到拍摄钢铁侠3时的感受,她说:“我认为这部影片结尾出人意料,这是一部催人泪下的影片它能够让人们发现自己,并让我们了解什么是最重要的当然,这些都是在激烈的动作中得到的小罗伯特说:“我为这部影片付出了我最大的努力”漫威电影公司认为小罗伯特的钢铁侠角色让人们找到了,通过这三部钢铁侠系列电影,他终于想明白了这个问题他还明白了他所穿着的高科技装为他的特效表演增添了不少魅力他问道:“是钢铁侠成就了这身行头,还是这身行头成就了钢铁侠?”译文属原创,,不得转载 636Page: 93What is this?The man has an umbrella in his hand.It is open.He has it over his head.Why?Because it is raining.Water is coming down from the sky.The water is raining.Rain is coming down.Rain is falling.It is raining.The rain made the man put up his umbrella.That was the effect of the rain.Today is Monday.Yesterday the sun was bright.There were no clouds in the sky.Today there are dark clouds in the sky.They come between us and the sun.The dark clouds keep the light of the sun from us.Page: 9The rain comes down from the clouds on me.It comes down on my head.The rain comes down from the clouds on us.It comes down on our heads.Why is it raining today?Yesterday the weather was good.The sun was bright.The air was warm.Today the weather is bad.The rain is coming down.The wind is blowing.It is cold and the rain makes us wet.Page: 95Tomorrow the weather may be worse.It may be very cold.All the water may be ice.Snow may be coming down making everything white.Will tomorrow be like this?Is this winter or summer?Or tomorrow the weather may be better.The sun may be bright again.The air may be warm agin and the streets may be dry again.Will tomorrow be like this?Page: 96What are the causes of these changes in the weather?Change?What is that?Here is a line.Here is a change in the direction of the line.This bird was wet.It was in the rain.Now it is dry.That is a change.It was wet.It is dry.What is the cause of these changes in the weather?Why are there these changes of weather?There was not one cause only.There are numbers of causes.Changes in the heat which comes to us from the sun are one cause of changes of weather.Page: 97The amount of heat which the earth gets from the sun is different from time to time.There are changes in the sun.If you take a look at sun through a bit of dark glass you may see small marks on the face of the sun.Amount?One dollar is a small amount of money.A million dollars is a great amount of money.A drop of rain is a very small amount of water.There is a small amount of water in this glass.There is a great amount of water in the sea.This is the sea.Those are ships which are on the sea.Page: 98Changes in the heat which comes to the earth from the sun are one cause of changes in the weather.This discovery is new.A man of science made the discovery in 19.He made it by measuring the heat which comes to the earth every day from the sun.The amount of heat is different from day to day.On some days the sun sends more heat to the earth.On other days it sends less heat to the earth.There is more water in this glass than in that.We are making new discoveries every day.Columbus made the discovery of America in 9.Columbus came to America in his ship in 9.Page: 99What were some other great discoveries?One of them was fire.Fire is very great use to us.It gives us heat.Another great discovery was the wheel.Wheels are round.They go round.A cartThey are of very great use to us.Another great discover was clothing.What are these?These are some other sorts of clothing.The making of cloth was a great discovery.This is how we make cloth.These are ths.They go across from one side to the other of a frame. 390

英国每日电讯:中国科学家研制新式武器,清除公共厕所中的难闻臭味儿.中国科学院的研究人员表示,最多能有75%的臭味被清除掉,其余的则可以通过自然,令人感到舒适的香气盖掉.这种不可思议的魔力主要来自于乳酸菌属的细菌,它们以人类的废弃物为食,释放出乳酸,能够抑制大多数产生臭味的细菌的生长繁殖.The Telegraph: After three years of research, Chinese scientists say they can turn even the most putrid public lavatory into a sweet-smelling sanctuary.Many people believe that entering a public lavatory in China can be a horrifying experience.In smaller cities, or the countryside, the sight of an open trench, coupled with a suffocating stench of sulphur and ammonia, is often enough to send even the bravest tourist whimpering back to their hotel.Today, however, Chinese scientists have claimed victory in their battle to improve public rest rooms, unveiling a bacterial spray that can, they say, almost eliminate the smell of putrefaction.

Now let go to Amy the social square with the speed feed. 现在让我们马上进入艾米社交广场节目环节Good morning, Amy. Good morning guys. 早上好,艾米大家早上好Everyone feeds this morning are filled with two names. 今天早上每个人的反馈都是两个名字You are gonna hear a lot of Ashley Gram and Hanna Davis. 你会很想了解很多关于阿什利·格拉汉姆及汉娜·戴维斯的事情Gram is topping facebook trends this morning because she is the first plus size model to appear in this Sport illustrated swim suit issue. 格拉汉姆今早一跃成为facebook上最炙手可热的谈论话题,因为她是在这家体育画报游泳装专辑上所刊载的第一位超大尺寸模特But there is a catch. 但是有一个问题It is actually an AD the company “swim suits all”. 这实际上是一家名为swim suits all的公司所进行的宣传造势This is actually a teaser of the Ad to come has nearly 700,000 views on the social media. 这段视频实际上在社交媒体上引发了近700,000的点击率And in the statement Grammy says I know my curves are sexy and I want everyone else to know theirs are too. 而格拉汉姆的声明中说,我知道我有着性感迷人的曲线,我也想让别人一窥究竟There is no reason to hide and every reason to flaunt it. 没有理由隐藏而且用作炫耀皆可成为理由Wed better to do it than on sport illustrated. 我们最好去做而非出现在体育画报上And speaking of that, Hanna Davis, also trending on facebook, she scored the cover of SI traditionally most popular issue. 既然谈到这个问题,汉娜·戴维斯也是facebook上的流行趋势,她拿下的SI封面成为最受欢迎的热议话题Take a look at what we can show you of that photo. 看看我们展示给你的这些照片We have it cropped because it is very revealing photo. 我们已经经过裁剪,因为这些照片非常开放Davis does have a sport connection. 戴维斯也出现在运动画报上She is the girlfriend of baseball legend Derik Jiter. 她是棒球传奇德瑞克加特勒的女友So I am gonna say guys, I am pretty sure she is gonna hit a homerun sales because of this picture. 所以我想说,我很确定因为这张照片她会成为风云人物Tell us what in your feed this morning with the hash tag social square.告诉我们你作何感想,并且在社交广场同我们进行分享吧 363

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