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I have some really good news for all of us here in California.我要告诉加州的观众一个好消息Our long drought is over. Yeah.旱灾终于结束了 是的After 23 months, Meryl Streep has been nominated for an Oscar. So finally...23个月过去了 梅里尔·斯特里普终于获得了一项奥斯卡提名 终于It was 2 years!两年了耶!The Oscar nominations were announced yesterday.奥斯卡提名于昨日公布There are 9 nominees for best picture this year.今年最佳电影的提名有9个Uh... I have not seen all of them yet.我没有看过所有的提名电影Because there are 9 movies. Thats 18 hours.毕竟有9部 要花18个小时Or 2 episodes of the Bachelor相当于看两集《单身汉》And I just dont have... If Im gonna choose, you know. Bachelor.我没那么多时间 如果要我选的话 我会选《单身汉》One thing that everybody is happy about is that the best picture nominees are a lot more diverse than ever before.让大家感到高兴的是 今年的最佳影片提名比以往更富多样性Uh... thats a good news.嗯 这是个好消息Yep, this year they range from sad all the way to extremely depressing.是的 今年被提名的电影的风格十分多样 从有点伤感到抑郁至极One favorite this year that is not depressing is La La Land.不过大家今年最爱的一部电影一点也不伤感 它就是《爱乐之城》That has uh... 14 nominations.它获得了 14项奥斯卡提名Its a movie about an incredibly attractive young woman and a ridiculously handsome young man,这部电影讲述了一个美得不行的年轻女人和一个帅到掉渣的年轻男人之间的故事Who find each other and become famous. Its a story that had to be told.他们找到了彼此 并一起成名 这是一个不得不说的故事La La Land was tied with Titanic for the most nominations.《爱乐之城》的奥斯卡提名被拿来和《泰坦尼克号》作比较Those are 2... I know, 2 very different movies.这是两部 两部非常不同的电影One has people spontaneously breaking into song.一部有张口就唱歌的人The other one has a boat sinking in the middle of the ocean.另一部有随意就下沉的船One of them is my worst nightmare. The other is Titanic.一部是我最糟糕的噩梦 另一部是《泰坦尼克号》Every year there are more snubs.每年都有更多被冷落的电影And uh... people are like, Oh no! Movies should have been nominated and they werent.大家会说:“噢 不!” 许多人们觉得应该被提名的电影都没有Unfortunately, Finding Dory did not get nominated.不幸的是 《寻找多莉》没有被提名According to alternative facts, it did. Uh, so...不过根据不同的事实 它被提名了 所以……And in the documentary category, a lot of people thought the movie Anthony Weiner很多人以为 在最佳纪录片奖项下 电影《安东尼·韦纳》Uh... about Anthony Weiner. Its called Weiner. Was gonna get a nomination.不对 关于安东尼·韦纳 名叫《韦纳》的电影会被提名So Weiner got snubbed. Thats gotta hurt.所以《韦纳》被冷落了 肯定很受伤吧Ive got another one too.我还有一个梗People think... people think it didnt get nominated because it was a summer movie.人们认为 它没有被提名是因为它在夏天上映Theyre saying, Weiner might have come out too early.他们是想说 《韦纳》可能出来得太早了Two jokes. Two jokes.两个梗 两个梗噢I thought about stoping at one. Then I thought, No, two!我本来想说一个就算了 但后来我又想:“说两个吧!”To all the nominees this year, I say congratulations. And I dedicate this dance to you.恭喜今年所有获得提名的电影 接下来我将为你献上这舞蹈201705/508596

关键词:crying towel 擦眼泪的毛巾关键词:在以前的节目中我们学过和cry有关的短语to cry in ones beer表示“自我可怜”,今天我们要学习另外一个和cry有关的短语crying towel。首先来看看今天的插图,照片中姚明拿着衣在大哭crying。I think he really needs a crying towel,我觉得他现在需要一条擦眼泪的毛巾。Crying 指正在哭泣的,towel是毛巾,crying towel自然不是指会哭的毛巾,而是指用来擦眼泪的毛巾,意思很简单,但在口语中是能经常用到的。Crying towel对于crybaby来说是最好的东西。Crybaby指那种很软弱,碰不碰就会抱怨,哭哭啼啼的人,他们都需要Crying towel。情景领悟:1. Music has been my playmate, my lover, and my crying towel.音乐一直是我的玩伴,我的情侣,我拭泪的毛巾。2. Peter,you are really a crybaby one of these days well have to get you a crying towel! 皮特,你真是一个爱哭的娃娃,总有一天,我们会去给你弄一条擦眼泪的毛巾。本节目属 /201311/265840

这10个形容词是美国人日常生活中最喜欢使用的,都可以独立成句。美国人比较喜欢夸张,常常用这些词来表达赞叹,也可表达对人和事的赞美。如果别人问起你对某事或某人的印象,或者问起你的日子过得如何,你都可以随时脱口而出其中一个词!  1. amazing: 使人十分惊奇的;令人惊讶的  Your English is amazing. 你的英语太让人吃惊了。  2. awesome: 极好的;很棒的  Wow! Thats totally awesome!哇!那真是太棒了!  3. cool: 好;妙;帅;酷;凉  You look cool in your new suit. 你穿这套新衣真酷。  4. cute: 漂亮的;可爱的;逗人喜爱的;聪明的  Hes really cute. 他真可爱。  5. excellent: 优秀的;杰出的  Our teacher speaks excellent English. 我们老师的英语说得好极了。  6. fabulous: 极好的;绝妙的  A: How do you like the show? 你觉得这场表演如何?  B: Fabulous! 棒极了!  7. fantastic: 极好的;了不起的  Youve got the job? Fantastic! 你得到那份工作了?太好了!  8. marvelous: 极好的;非凡的  Thats a marvelous idea! 这主意真是棒极了。  9. special: 特别的;不寻常的  You know, you are really special! 你知道吗,你真的很特别。  10. wonderful: 精的;绝妙的;令人惊奇的  She has a wonderful memory. 她的惊人 /201301/218090




  Wow,all right.Tony?yes.You are excited for teh Super Bowl this weekend I know.Cause your team is in there.Tony? 在 我知道你很期待这周的超级碗 因为你喜欢的球队进入了总决赛Yes,Im incredibly excited,go Giants!You,Go Giants.是的 非常兴奋 加油巨人队 加油 巨人队Now,I love,you know,here is the thing,我喜欢 事实是When you root for a certain team,it doesnt mean you dont like the city,人们都有自己喜欢的球队 但是并不是说你没持哪个城市的球队if you are not rooting for that city,cause I love New York.你就不喜欢这个城市 像我就很喜欢纽约Yes,I know you do,yes.And,and I love Boston,I love,you know,the Patriots.我知道 是的 我喜欢波士顿 我喜欢英格兰的爱国者队Of course I like them,I like the Giants,That doesnt mean really,you know.Yeah.我全都喜欢 我喜欢巨人队 但这并不是说 明白But,I,my teams,Yeah,they are out,they are unfortunately.They didnt make it in there.但我喜欢的队伍 他们运气不好出局了 没有进入总决赛And so Daniel Redcliffe and I have a little bet,Yes,hahah而且我和Daniel Redcliffe俩打了个赌 我知道So its a 5000 dollars.5000 dollars.I decided to root for the Patriots.Yes,yeah.5000美元的赌约 5000美元 我决定持的是爱国者队 是的 是I dont know.Hes rooting for the Giants,Hes rooting for the Giants.我也不知道 他持巨人队 他持巨人队Listen,either way we did a 5000 dollar wager for the Trevor Project.但是我们的5000美元赌约 是有关Trevor Project的So either way,the Trevor Project is gonna get some money,which is good and,Incredible.所以无论如何 Trevor Project都会得到资助 这很好 非常棒And so,but I like both team,I dont know.But I think we should have a wager too.而且 这两个对我都喜欢 我不知道 我觉得我们也应该打个赌 /201703/498618与客户周旋必备句子!1.I will send you some brochures, if you are interested. 如果您有兴趣的话,我可以寄给您一些介绍产品的小册子。2.Can you suggest an alternative﹖能否告知您其他方便时间?3.If you are interested, we may consider selecting you as our partner.如果贵公司感兴趣,我们可以考虑选择你们作为我们的合作伙伴。4.I see.But aren't these prices for your domestic customers﹖我明白了。但是这些价格是提供给国内顾客的吗?5.Yes,we take note of your comment. Prices depend also on volume. How much quantity do you forecast to sell in the first year﹖ 好的,我们会注意这一点。价格也会因数量而有所不同,贵公司预计在第一年销售多少数量呢?6.Then, let us develop together a marketing plan with yearly forecasts of volume with pricing.那么,让我们依年度数量预测来共同拟订一个市场销售计划。 /201103/129776今天我们来看一看“我不想出门”怎么说:I dont feel like going out today. 今天我不想出门。 I think Im just going to stay home today. 我今天只想留在家里。 I cant face going outside today. 我今天不想露脸。片语: Feel like+Ving 想要(做)。。。Bruno Mars 的这首Lazy Song,一定要听啊,很可爱!听完之后你就可以很好的掌握“feel like” 的用法 /201408/318471

  你有没有这样的经历:早上闹钟响了之后会按下snooze button(止闹按钮),继续have a short doze(小睡一会),然后才会起床上班。不过即使起床之后,人一天也还会打很多个盹,我们一起来看一下吧! 工作无聊的时候,你可能会在办公室have a cat nap(打个小盹),但是要小心别让老板caught you napping(抓到你睡觉)。Caught napping的意思并不只是“睡觉被抓”,它还可以表示“对突发事件毫无准备,措手不及”。例如:The police were caught napping when the thieves broke into the bank through the toilet window.那些小偷从厕所窗户溜进了,警察根本毫无防备。另一个表示“打个小盹”的说法是“forty winks”。例如:I am going to grab forty winks before we go out to the party. I think it will be a late night.在我们去参加派对之前我得打个盹,我觉得派对会开到很晚。有时候我们一点都睡不着,就可以用“I havent slept a wink.(我压根就没睡着。)”来表示。表示“眨眼”的时候,wink和blink不同,wink表示“睁一只眼闭一只眼”式的眨眼,这种表情有时候也用来传递某些信息,例如:My friend gave me a knowing wink when I told my parents I had been studying all evening. He knew I had been at the KTV.我告诉我父母我一晚上都在学习时,我朋友朝我眨了眨眼,露出那种他什么都知道的表情。他知道其实我是去KTV唱歌了。而blink则是表示两只眼一起眨,一个人一分钟平均要眨16次眼睛,来保持眼睛湿润清爽。在很多国家人们喜欢在饭后have a siesta(午睡),但是随着现代人生活节奏越来越快,午睡的想法也变得越来越奢侈。不过为了消除drowsiness(困意),以便更有精神工作,很多人都会在办公室进行15到20分钟的power nap(有效打盹)。一天劳累的工作结束后,很多人都迫不及待地想早点turn in for the night(睡觉),早睡也被称为是beauty sleep(美容觉)。一些人slumer(沉睡)的时候会snore(打鼾),对于同住的light sleeper(睡觉轻的人)来说,打鼾声简直就是nightmare(噩梦)。 /201211/209598Over Thanksgiving weekend in Wilmington, North Carolina, fisherman Riahn Brewington reportedly caught a giant catfish that weighed more than 112 pounds. 据报道,在北卡罗莱纳威尔明顿感恩节周末,渔夫Riahn Brewington捕获巨型鲶鱼,重量超过112磅。In a pic, the massive fish can be seen completely covering the top half of Brewington’s body. 在照片里,能看到这条大鱼完全盖住了Brewington的上半身。According to the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, the record for biggest catfish weighs in at 117 pounds, 8 ounces, which was caught earlier this year on June 11. 据北卡罗莱纳野生动物资源委员会,纪录最大的鲶鱼重117磅8盎司,是在今年早些时候6月11日抓获的。According to his friends, Brewington released the humongous creature after getting his picture in hopes of catching a bigger version sometime in the future.据他的朋友透露,拍完照后Brewington放走了这条大鱼,希望未来能捕获更大的。译文属。201612/482767


  大家好,欢迎《Faith口语课堂-天天学》的老学员们,同时也给予新加入我们这个在线口语课堂的新学员们热烈的掌声,我是Faith老师。这里是一个快乐的英语学习乐园,在轻松,愉快的气氛中每日积累英语口语知识。1. 听众Donna询问如何表示陪某人做某事,可以用这个词;accompany;,vt. 陪伴,陪同May we accompany you on your walk? 我们陪你一起散步好吗?Would you like to accompany me this weekend? 这个周末你能来陪我吗?Ill accompany you home. 我陪你回家。Hell remain to accompany you. 他将留下来陪你。Successes always accompany prepared people. 成功总是伴随着有准备的人。;accompany;还有;伴随;;同时发生;的意思,是个及物动词:Thunder often accompanies lightning. 雷声常伴着闪电。;accompany;还有;伴奏;的意思:He accompanied me at the guitar. 他用吉他给我伴奏。2. 那么,;accompany;的名词形式是;company;, 最普通的一个意思是;公司;,同时也有陪伴的意思。This company is badly in need of new blood. 这个公司亟需新人。Im in need of company at this moment. 此刻,我特别需要人来陪。Thank you for being a company to me when Im in need. 谢谢你在我需要的时候陪着我。最后,来认识一下这个和;company;很接近的词:companion, n. 同伴,伙伴;成双成对的物品之一The companion volume will soon be published. 这卷书的姊篇即将问世。你在孤独,伤心,无助的时候有谁陪在你的身边呢? /163718。

  Britain英国The Brexit Process: ;Lords-a-leaping;脱欧进程:“贵族式跳跃”The Article 50 bill will pass, but the real debate about Brexit is yet to begin.《里斯本条约》第五十条会被通过,但关于脱欧的真正谈判才正要开始。It was certainly a majestic setting.英国的上议院十分壮丽。The House of Lords was resplendent with gilt, glass, a bevy of bishops and many geriatric former politicians crammed onto its red leather benches.有金碧辉煌的墙壁,装饰着花纹的玻璃,上议院的红皮长椅上坐满了神职议员、年长的前任政客们。And there perched on a parapet just below the glittering royal throne sat Theresa May, on a highly unusual visit to the upper house.特蕾莎梅闪闪发光的御座下有一个矮护墙,在这里开始了一次不同寻常的讨论。The reason for the prime ministers presence on February 20th was that the Lords were starting to debate the bill authorising her to invoke Article 50, the treaty procedure for leaving the European Union.上议院开始就是否允许特雷莎·梅援引关于脱欧程序的《里斯本条约》第五十条展开辩论,于是英国首相特蕾莎梅在2月20日出席上议院会议。Although (or because) they are unelected, the quality of their debate far exceeded that in the Commons a fortnight ago.虽然上议院的大多数议员都是未经过选举的,但就两周前下议院同样就第五十条法案展开辩论的来看,其辩论水平远远不如这次。Lord Hague, a former Tory leader, loudly denounced Tony Blair, a former Labour prime minister, for inviting people to “rise up” against Brexit.前保守党领导人黑格强烈谴责前英国首相布莱尔怂恿民众“起义”反对脱欧。Lord Mandelson, Mr Blairs close ally, responded that Brexit supporters did not want Britain to be poorer and politically isolated, and so should be entitled to change their minds.布莱尔的亲信曼德尔森回应说,脱欧持者不希望英国出现国力衰退,政治上被孤立的情况,当然他们也有权利改变他们的主意。Lords Lawson and Lamont, both former Tory chancellors, attacked as undemocratic the idea of amending a bill that had not only passed the Commons unscathed but also reflected one of the biggest votes in British history.前保守党大臣劳森和拉蒙特将此修改条款的做法视为非民主的行为,这不仅能毫发无损地通过下议院颁布这项法令,也反映了英国史上影响力范围最大的一次投票。Even so, because the government lacks a majority in the upper house, the Lords will try to amend the bill.即使如此,因为特雷莎·梅的保守党在上议院没有占多数席位,上议院将设法修改法案。One amendment could demand a bigger role for Parliament.其中一项修改是需要议会发挥更大的作用。Another would try to guarantee the rights of EU citizens in Britain to stay put.另一项是设法保欧盟人民在英国的权利。Their Lordships might even demand a second referendum on the precise terms of Brexit.苏格兰当局就关于是否脱欧推动苏格兰进行第二次公投。This idea was supported not just by Liberal Democrats and Scottish Nationalists but by other luminaries, including Lord Butler, a former cabinet secretary.这个想法不仅得到了自由民主党和苏格兰民族主义者的持,还得到了其他名人的持,如前内阁秘书巴特勒勋爵。译文来源考研英语时事阅读201705/509115

  听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):You might recall the Legislature recently rejected lowering the income tax rate. The judgment of the majority and the Governor was that Michigan just couldnt afford it.Despite revenue increases since recovery from the Great Recession, the State of Michigan says its still tight. It cant increase revenue sharing to municipalities and couldnt afford to fix the roads without new fees and taxes.But Michigan still has money for what critics would call ;corporate welfare.;One part of that is a legacy of tax credits costing Michigan billions of dollars over several years. A second part is funneling money to the Michigan Economic Development Corporation to invest in Michigan businesses.The conservative, free market think tank Mackinac Center for Public Policy has been writing and testifying about its concerns over MEDC for years.James Hohman is assistant director of fiscal policy at the center. He said tax credits handed out in the last decade remain liabilities to the state today.;We racked up around billion worth of these refundable business tax credits,; he said. ;And thats really kind of a misnomer because these credits were over and above these companies tax liabilities—theyre just subsidies. We paid off some of them, but we have at least billion left to go.;Information on the recipients and size of the credits is not available to the public. There is even uncertainty about the timing of the credits among the governor and Legislature, which has created problems for budget forecasters in recent years.There are similar transparency issues surrounding the MEDC, which awards tax credits and other incentives to companies for projects that could create jobs.;Because they administer these taxpayer subsidies through the tax code instead of through direct spending, they say that because these awards are ostensibly for tax credits that they are subject to taxpayer confidentiality rules,; Hohman said. ;I dont think thats fair. I dont think thats appropriate.;Listen to our full interview with James Hohman of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy above.201703/495751


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