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年经典译文备考辅导:拒当房奴租房更好 -- 1::3 来源: 年经典译文备考辅导:拒当房奴租房更好,教师夏娜?里奇怀念她用Glamour Girl美女贴纸给女儿们装饰的游戏室消防员杰?费尔南德兹念念不忘自己在后院安装的迷你高尔夫球场School teacher Shana Richey misses the play room she decorated with Glamour Girl decals her daughters. Fireman Jay Fernandez misses the custom putting green he installed in his back yard.不过,打从他们不再缴纳月供、搬离自己的房子之后,却发现放弃美国梦也自有其好处But ever since they quit paying their mortgages and walked away from their homes, they've discovered that giving up on the American dream has its benefits.如今,他们两家住在加州帕姆代尔市Club Rancho Drive道的同一个街区在这一地区,楼市的不景气让他们可以租下豪华的房子其中一座是带游泳池的,孩子们可以玩;另外一座可以看到高尔夫球场上的风景而房租都只相当于过去月供的很小一部分Both now live on the 30 block of Club Rancho Drive in Palmdale, where a terrible housing market lets them rent luxurious homes -- one with a pool the kids, the other with a golf-course view -- a fraction of their mer monthly payments.里奇说,我们过上了更美好的生活,真的是这样在放弃缴纳月供之前,她的未偿贷款比房子市值高出了约3万美元'It's just a better life. It really is,' says Ms. Richey. Bee defaulting on her mortgage, she owed about ,000 more than the home was worth.人们越来越甘愿放弃自己的房子,这显示出楼市泡沫破裂所带来的一种矛盾性的改变:在楼市泡沫破裂打碎了人们近乎神圣的有房梦的同时,却可能也在为经济复苏扫清道路People's increasing willingness to abandon their own piece of America illustrates aparadoxical change wrought by the housing bust: Even as it tarnishes the near-sacred image of home ownership, it might be clearing the way an economic recovery.抵押贷款数额远远超过了房屋价值,再加上低廉的租金,这些因素少有的同时出现让越来越多的家庭得出结论,新的美国梦就是租房住Thanks to a rare confluence of factors -- mortgages that far exceed home values and bargain-basement rents -- a growing number of families are concluding that the new American dream home is a rental.有些人马上就把房子和抵押贷款都抛在了一边,也有些人只是停止缴纳月供,直到把他们从房子里踢出去这样,他们就释放了现金,可以用在别的方面Some are leaving behind their homes and mortgages right away, while others are simply halting payments until the bank kicks them out. That's freeing up cash to use in other ways.里奇的五口之家用其中一部分钱买了迪斯尼乐园的季票,并计划明年3月份去墨西哥参加狂欢节之游费尔南德兹则可以更多地请女友下馆子吃饭里奇说,我们省下很多钱Ms. Richey's family of five used some of the money to buy season tickets to Disneyland, and plans to take a Carnival cruise to Mexico in March. Mr. Fernandez takes his girlfriend out to dinner more frequently. 'We're saving lots of money,' Ms. Richey says.美国的住房自有率创下了二十多年来的最大降幅,截至9月份已经从年的峰值69.%降至67.6%此外,还会出现更多租房住的人:信贷公司Experian和咨询公司Oliver Wyman预测,那些有能力付月供、却选择“战略性违约”的房主年可能会超过0万人,较年的水平高出3倍多The U.S home-ownership rate has charted its biggest decline in more than two decades, falling to 67.6% as of September from a peak of 69.% in . And more renters are on the way: Credit firm Experian and consulting firm Oliver Wyman ecast that 'strategic defaults' by homeowners who can afd to pay are likely to exceed one million in , more than four times 's level.违约对人们的信用不利,对也不利越来越多的违约可能也意味着纳税人会因救助而蒙受更多的损失Stiffing the bank is bad peoples' credit, and bad banks. Swelling defaults could also mean more losses taxpayers through bank bailouts.。

Sly celebrities determined to show the world that their breakup was amicable and that there’s no dirt to dig up have been making sure to be photographed looking weirdly affectionate and happy post-split.。

  George Clooney, got a 77 per cent dude rating and the one-liner 'Boy's Got Game', whilst British actor Eddie Redmayne, (right,) well know his acting talents, apparently has 'skills'.。


职场新人自我介绍 -- ::5 来源: 自我介绍是社会交往中常见的礼仪活动之一,当刚刚走上某一工作岗位时,能够立刻认识和结交新的同事、朋友,是我们适应该工作环境的重要一步  W: Hello, Let me introduce myself. My name is Wang Jufeng.  你好,让我自我介绍一下,我叫王巨峰  S: Pleased to meet you. I'm Geoff Snowdon. I haven't seen you around bee.  很高兴认识你,我叫吉奥夫·斯诺登我过去没有见过你呀  W: No. I've just started work IBM. I'm in the Sales Department.  对我刚来IBM工作,在销售部  S: What do you do there?  你在那做什么工作?  W: Oh, I'm on the market research side. And you?  哦,我是搞市场调研的你呢?  S: Well, I've been with IBM years. I'm Mr. Field's Personal Assistant. He is the After Sale Service Director.  哦,我已经在IBM工作好几年了我是菲尔德先生的个人助理他是售后务部主任  W: Ah, I haven't met him. Is he at the party here?  啊,我还不认识他他来参加这次聚会了吗?  S: Yes, that's him. Let me introduce you.  来了,他就在那,让我为你介绍一下。

Liu updated his verified Weibo on Monday afternoon, saying that "each of us has the right to choose and make decisions about our lives, and Xiao Tian (apparently referring to Zhang) is the most innocent and kind-hearted person that I have ever met. I regret that I did not provide enough protection her. Thanks all of your concerns, all I'm asking now is to be able to hold hands [with her] and go down the journey of life together. [I] wish you all happiness!"。