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Ladies from Argentina are popular as beauty conscious people, giving their skin and hair utmost care and attention, always seeking to look their best. They are also updated with the latest fashion trends. Wearing this along with dusky, shiny skin makes them look hot and bold. 阿根廷女性以爱美著称,她们给予肌肤和头发极致精心的护理和关爱,总是希望以最美的一面展现在世人面前。她们当然也对时尚流行趋势了如指掌。那微暗而富有光泽的肌肤总是让她们看起来既性感又大胆。France法国French Women are famous for their outgoing personality and attitude, energetic vibes and strong fashion sense. They are blonde with a very romantic nature and sophisticated appeal. 法国女人以其开朗外向的性格和态度闻名,她们总是精力充沛又富有强烈的时尚气息。她们的白肤金发碧眼天生富有浪漫气息和难以捉摸的魅力。India印度 A multiracial land filled with many cultures, India has produced quite a number of the prettiest female individuals in the entire world. Their dusky complexion and radiant skin are regarded as very beautiful by many experts. What makes them even more charming is their femininity and modest etiquette explicitly shown in their ways and movements. 拥有多民族多文化的印度也为全球缔造了许多独具特色的最美女性。很多专家都认为她们微暗的肤色和散发光泽的皮肤看起来很美。而她们生活中谦逊温柔的方式和动作更是为她们增添了更多迷人的风采。Venezuela委内瑞拉Home of many Miss Universe and Miss World beauty pageant winners, Venezuela is certainly one vast piece of land gifted and flourishing with beautiful faces. A typical woman from Venezuela would have a long, slim body matched with an appealing face which makes them nothing else but smoking hot! 作为众多世界和环球的佳丽盛产国,委内瑞拉这个国家自然是拥有众多才华横溢,绝代佳人的。典型的委内瑞拉美女拥有修长的身材和迷人的脸颊,这些无疑都是她们美丽性感的财富。Italy意大利Italian beauty is defined by extremely pretty Mediterranean women who have olive tanned skin, brown hair with a nice aura and character which makes them truly gorgeous. 意大利美女极具地中海特色,她们拥有橄榄色肌肤,褐色的头发带着宜人的香气,加上她们自身的性格特点,这些无疑都使她们看起来光耀人。Serbia塞尔维亚Slavic and Mediterranean heredity are the main features of Serbia girls. Almost all of them, around 99 percent have a tall and eye-catchy curvy figure dressed in stylish clothes, accentuated with their expressive and appealing eyes, which makes women including celebrities envious of their beauty. 说着一口斯拉夫语,带着浓郁的地中海风情是塞尔维亚女孩儿们的典型特点。在塞尔维亚,几乎所有的女性(高达99%)都是身材高挑,曲线婀娜,穿着时尚靓丽的饰。尤其是她们那双会说话又迷人的大眼睛更是让人(包括名人)嫉妒她们的美丽。Russia俄罗斯 Russian women are extensively appreciated all over the world for their alluring blue eyes, flawless fair skin, great figure added onto a good height. Most of them have gorgeous and proportional bodies. 俄罗斯女性以其迷人的蓝眼睛,洁白无瑕的肌肤再配上身高与身材的适当搭配,备受世界各国关注。大部分俄罗斯女性都拥有骄人的身材比例。Ukraine乌克兰 Some of the rare, pretty and bold women in this world come from Ukraine. They are simple yet hot and captivating, resembling Russian ladies with their attitude and looks. Their femininity is of high value for each of them and take great care of themselves, and also love to wear clothing which enhances their fine attributes even more. 世界上少有的集美丽、勇敢于一身的女性来自于乌克兰。她们淳朴而又性感迷人,在外表和态度上很像俄罗斯女性。她们以温柔著称,同时又善待自己,更热衷于穿着彰显个人特质的饰。South Korea韩国The women of South Korea look young with their innocent, girly cute faces that match their bubbly and very likable personality. They have fair and clear skin that glows amidst their glossy black hair and has bodily curves built within a good, medium height. 韩国女性外表清纯、笑容甜美加上温婉可人的性格使她们看起来总是很年轻。她们那白皙而水润的肌肤在一头乌黑靓丽的秀发映衬下更加光耀人。完美适中的体重下包裹着婀娜多姿的曲线。Brazil巴西Brazil, home to the greatest number of fitness models within the Latin region, is a place where you’ll find women who rank among the most beautiful on the planet. Both blonde and brunette Brazilian girls are well known for their sexy, sporty and very attractive bodies which greatly complements their ravishing looks. Most famed women from Brazil have medium complexion with glowing skin. 巴西,拉丁语国家中大部分健身模特都来自这个国家。在这里你会发现地球上排名靠前的最美女人很多来自巴西。不仅有白肤金发碧眼的,而且还有浅黑肤色的,这些巴西女孩都以性感,撩人,魅力超凡的身材闻名遐迩,这也为她们的迷人的外表增添光。大部分来自巴西的著名女性都拥有散发光泽的中性肤色。 /201508/393751


  As Chinese lunar new year approaches, going back home to stay with family members becomes the recurring and eternal theme of the festival.随着春节脚步的临近,返乡和家人团聚也成了这个节日恒久不变的主题。For many young people, it is not only an occasion for a warm reunion, but a stressful and expensive time.对于很多年轻人来说,春节不单单只是一个和家人温情相聚的场合,同时也一位着重重压力和不菲的花销。;I#39;m reluctant to return to my hometown in Shandong, and now the trouble is how to tell my parents,; said Luo Jingjing, 28, an employee who has lived in Shenzhen for five years.28岁的罗晶晶(音译)在深圳工作已有五年时间了,她说:;我不想回山东老家过年,但郁闷的是不知道怎么和父母讲。;Luo, who is under pressure at work, said that she wanted to relax and chill out during her holidays.罗晶晶平时的工作压力很大,她表示自己想要一个放松、清净的假期。;I would face even more stress at home;, she said. ;My parents and relatives keep pushing me to get married before I#39;m 30. We#39;ve aly had many quarrels over boyfriends.;她说:;我回家会面对更大的压力。父母和亲戚都会不停地催我30岁前结婚。在男朋友这个问题上我们已经争吵过很多次了。;It#39;s unrealistic for Luo who is single to take a fake boyfriend home like in the movies or in TV dramas. Her marriage status will be an inevitable topic of conversation at home.想要罗晶晶像影视剧中那样带个冒牌男友回家,这似乎不太现实。她的个人问题已成为回家无法逃避的话题之一。Luo is not the only one to feel under pressure if they go home during the Spring Festival. Nearly 70 percent of people living in six major cities including Beijing and Shanghai have ;woes about going home during the Spring Festival;, according to a recent survey by the China Association of Social Workers.在众多春节返乡大军中,并不单单只有罗晶晶一人感到如此压力重重。中国社会工作协会进行的一项最新调查显示,在京沪等六大主要城市中,有近七成的人;因春节返乡而愁眉不展;。The causes include travel fatigue, financial pressures and emotional stress, according to the survey.该调查同时还找出了该现象背后的种种原因,包括旅途疲劳、经济以及情绪上的压力。For some new graduates, the return home presents some financial and emotional problems.对于一些应届毕业生来说,春节返乡意味着金钱和情感上的双重难题。Those in their 20s are not yet financially secure, so gifts and envelopes stuffed with cash are beyond their means.这群20岁左右的年轻人经济状况尚不稳定,所以负担不起置办礼物和压岁钱的开。Chen Jiayi, who works in Shanghai and earns a 3,000 yuan a month, could not afford to go to home to Xinjiang for the Chinese lunar new year.在上海工作,月薪3000元的陈佳怡(音译)表示自己无法负担春节回新疆老家过年的费用。;Travel tickets plus buying gifts for my relatives would cost me two months#39; pay,; she said.她说:;车票再加上给亲戚买礼物的钱,这就花去了我两个月的工资。;However, for many, the contrast between reality and expectations becomes another factor to remain in the big cities.而对于很多仍在大城市打拼的人来说,现实与期望之间的对比也成为他们不愿返乡的原因之一。Sun Lingling, 25, who landed a job in Shanghai two years ago, found homecoming a dful emotional experience.25岁的孙玲玲(音译)两年前在上海找到一份工作,她现在发现回家开始成为一种烦人的心理折磨。;I was exhausted traveling from Shanghai to Shaanxi. Friends who hadn#39;t been in touch for a long time wanted to know about my life.;孙玲玲说:;从上海奔波回到陕西老家已经令我筋疲力尽。好久没联系的朋友都想知道我在上海的生活状况。;;They asked if I had a car or an apartment,; said Sun who had mixed feelings about their curiosity.;他们会问你是否买房买车。;对于他们的好奇心,孙玲玲的心里实在是五味陈杂。Huang Xi, who graduated from Peking University, has the same problem. He has worked as a civil servant in Xiamen for two years.毕业于北京大学的黄熙(音译)也面临着同样的问题。他是一名公务员,已经在厦门工作了两年时间。He wavered about returning home to a small town in Jiangxi. ;In the past, everyone asked about whether I was going to be promoted,; said Huang.对于是否回江西小镇的老家过年,他显得犹豫不决。黄熙说:;过去,每个人都会问我是不是要升官了。;He thought that his return home only increased his elderly relatives#39; anxieties. ;Watching their disappointed expressions, I would feel at a loss.;他觉得自己回家只会徒增自家亲戚长辈们的烦恼。;看到他们失望的表情,我会觉得自己很失败。;He Ming, a professor of sociology at Shenzhen University suggested young people should return home with an open mind.深圳大学社会学教授何明(音译)建议年轻人们可以对于回家过年这件事抱着一种开明的态度。;Just realize that everything springs from a family#39;s concern,; he said. ;Young people should think about enjoying their families#39; love and care.;他说:;要意识到所有这些状况都源于家人的关注。年轻人应该考虑如何去好好享受家人的关爱。;Experts also notice many young people only return home once a year. The result is that families tend to focus on discussing big issues and ignore basic emotional communications between parents and children.专家还指出,很多年轻人一年只回家一次。这样的结果是家庭成员只是关注一些大事,而忽略了家长与子女间最基本的情感交流。;If you go home more often, you could understand each other better and communication would be easier,; said Zhao Peng, vice president of the China Association of Social Workers.中国社会工作协会赵蓬表示:;如果你回家次数能更多,你和家人就能更好地相互理解,沟通交流也就变得更加容易了。; /201201/168875。

  AQUARIUS and ARIES:水瓶-白羊:This is an excellent match. You both enjoy a large variety of entertainment. A truly adventuresome union as long as neither one of you tries to dominate or regulate activities.这是一对优秀的组合。你俩都喜爱玩乐,一方不试图占主导地位的话,这对搭配也存在一定的风险。AQUARIUS and TAURUS:水瓶-金牛:The stubborn Bull will have difficulties understanding the unpredictable side of you. Concessions will be necessary on the part of both of you if success is to follow.变幻莫测的你很难被固执的牛儿理解。要想让双方的关系维持下去的话,瓶子做出让步是很有必要的。AQUARIUS and GEMINI:水瓶-双子:This is a delightful, intellectually stimulating relationship. Not always smooth but certainly an exciting and entertaining connection.你们是开开心心的好搭档,能从对方那里寻求智力刺激。你们不会一直平淡,肯定会是对充满刺激和愉悦的理想组合。AQUARIUS and CANCER:水瓶-巨蟹:You are far too aloof for the insecure Crab. Not a likely encounter, highly dangerous for Cancer and somewhat binding for you.你对没有安全感的蟹子太冷淡了,而巨蟹座的人老想绑住你,这确实也不是什么好事。AQUARIUS and LEO:水瓶-狮子:You are polar opposites. There is plenty of chemistry, however the Lion is more physical in nature then you are. You on the other hand are concerned with the intellectual aspect of the relationship that is often lacking.你们的性格大为不同。虽然会产生强烈的化学效应,但与你相比,狮子有更高的生理上的需要。另一方面,你很注重精神生活,这正是狮子座人所欠缺的。AQUARIUS and VIRGO:水瓶-处女:You are both into the intellect, however you might be a little bit too progressive for the practical Virgoan. Virgo#39;s are just not social enough to hang on to you or hold your interest.你们都很聪明,不过相较于处女座的实际来说,你有一点太激进了。他/她还并没有达到紧跟你的兴趣和生活节奏的水平。AQUARIUS and LIBRA:水瓶-天秤:Very well-suited couple both mentally and physically. Exciting, fun loving and carefree connection. Your spending habits are the only foreseeable dilemma.无论在心理还是在生理上,你们都是绝配。这是一对令人兴奋、充满乐趣、轻松愉快的组合。只不过你的消费习惯会让天秤座人有一点为难。AQUARIUS and SCORPIO:水瓶-天蝎:This is not the best coalition. You are both fixed in your beliefs and your free-spirited nature arouses suspicious side of the Scorpion.这对搭配不太合适。你俩都坚持自己的想法,而你自由纯真的天性则会招致嫉妒心强的蝎子的质疑。AQUARIUS and SITTARIUS:水瓶-射手:This is a wonderful affair, two ships that pass in the night. You are an active and outgoing couple, but seldom lasting because eventually you will both go in your own direction.让人拍手叫绝的组合。你们都很活泼,对人友好。但最终都朝自己的方向前进,因而很少能持久。AQUARIUS and CAPRICORN:水瓶-羯:This is not good. You both have totally different goals in life. You are far too humanitarian to live with the Goat#39;s manipulative, ambitious ways.你们不太合适。完全不同的生活方式很难将你们系在一起。热爱自由的你很难接受控制欲强的山羊座的伴侣。AQUARIUS and AQUARIUS:水瓶-水瓶:Although this is probably the most inventive coalition, it is lacking in the sexual arena. Not a lasting relationship but it can be fun for the moment.这也许是最有创意的一对组合,但他们在性生活上不太和谐。这对搭档只会有片刻的欢乐,不会有长久稳定的关系。AQUARIUS and PISCES:水瓶-双鱼:This is a pretty dicey combination. The Fish#39;s emotional blackmail only drives you further away. This Pisces is likely to end up hurt and confused.这绝对是最冒险的一对搭档。情绪化的鱼儿只会让你敬而远之,最终可怜的鱼儿也会受到伤害。 /201508/390231

  参考译文: 在开车上班的路上,我边刮胡子,边吃早点,同时还发了短信,打了电话,穿好衣,而且还一直跟着电台里音乐用脚打拍子。这可真相当于做了30分钟的运动啊。


  很多中学男生开始抽烟都是因为周围的同学抽烟,自己如果不加入就会被孤立。这样类似的经历大概每个人都曾经有过,在英语里这种现象叫做peer pressure(同伴压力)。毕竟,没有一个人是能够孤立于人群、社会而存在的。Peer pressure can happen when we are influenced to do something we usually would not do, or we are stopped from doing something we would like to do. This may be because we want to be accepted by our peers.我们受同辈影响做一些我们平时不会做的事情,或者因为同伴而不再做我们原本喜欢做的事情,这就是“同伴压力”(peer pressure)。我们之所以会受影响是因为我们想要得到同伴的认可和接受。A peer can be anyone you look up to or someone who you would think is an equal in age or ability. A peer could be a friend, someone in the community or even someone on TV. You may experience peer pressure as you live up to either the individual#39;s or group#39;s expectations, or follow a particular fashion or trend.影响我们的同伴可能是你仰慕的一个人,也可能是跟你同龄或实力相当的某个人。可以是你的朋友,也可以是同一社区的一个人,或者是电视上的什么人。当你为了达到某人或者某个团体的期许而努力或者追逐某个时尚风潮时,你其实就在经历“同伴压力”。Peer pressure may influence us in a number of ways, including our:同伴压力对我们的影响有很多方面,包括:1. fashion choice1. 时尚选择2. alcohol and other drug use2. 酒精和毒品使用3. decision to have a boyfriend/girlfriend3. 是否要交男/女朋友4. choice of who our friends are4. 朋友的选择5. academic performance5. 学业表现 /201206/185685

  Hairstyle fans know the fringe frames the face, but a new trend is allowing young women to wear their hearts in their bangs instead.热衷于发型设计的潮人们懂得如何通过刘海来修饰脸型,但年轻女性间广为流行的最新发型是用刘海来展示爱心。The fad has kicked off in South Korea, with young women and girls styling their fringe turning inwards to form upside down heart shapes.爱心刘海最先在韩国流行,年轻姑娘们将刘海向内弯成一个倒心形。Called hateu aapmuhri - literally #39;heart-bangs hair#39; - it#39;s thought to have been an influence on Kendall Jenner.韩文叫做hateu aapmuhri,也就是“爱心刘海”。据信这一发型甚至还影响了肯达尔·詹娜(Kendall Jenner)。The celebrity shared an image on Instagram of her tumbling locks styled into hearts which broke last month#39;s record with 2.9 million likes.肯达尔·詹娜在Instagram主页分享了一张照片,照片中她披散的长发形成了一个个心形图案,这张照片共有290万人点赞,打破了上个月的记录。But young Korean girls have taken the trend to new levels, according to Kotaku, styling their fringes and sharing pictures online.不过据Kotaku的报道,年轻的韩国子们又将这股潮流发扬光大了,子们做出爱心刘海后会在网上晒出照片。Apparently it#39;s not an #39;everyday#39; style, more a viral attempt to have some fun with curling tongs, but these women look great with their fringes styled.显然,爱心刘海并不是个日常发型,更大程度上是大家一时兴起拿卷发器找点乐趣,但是这些子们的新发型看起来确实不错。And thanks to the flurry of interest, young Korean men have been taking up the challenge too - with surprisingly effective results.在这股热潮的影响下,韩国的年轻小伙们也纷纷开始尝试这一发型,并且看到了令人惊喜的效果。It remains to be seen if it#39;s something that UK posters will adopt online.究竟这一趋势能否感染英国的俊男靓女,再次掀起网络晒发型热潮,让我们拭目以待。 /201508/391953。



  1. Darkle1. 变黑The opposite of ;sparkle;. To become dark.“变亮”的反义词,变暗2. Misophonia2. 恐音症Getting mad at someone for eating or breathing too loudly (among other things). It#39;s also a brain disorder.对吃东西或呼吸很大声的人很生气;也表示一种大脑异常。3. River3. 空格The white spaces that randomly line up in a paragraph of text.文章段落中随机排列起来的(图中)白色空间4. Nurdle4. 少量牙膏A tiny dab of toothpaste.少量牙膏5. The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon5. 巴德尔-迈因霍夫现象When you see something for the first time and then start to see it EVERYWHERE.一种现象:如果你第一次看到某物,你就开始在任何地方总是会看到它。6. Collywobbles6. 肚子疼Butterflies in your stomach.肚子疼7. Frisson7. 颤抖The chills you get when listening to a really good piece of music. Or just anything really good.当你听到很好听的音乐,或者任何好的东西的时候发出的抖动。8. Overmorrow8. 后天The day after tomorrow.后天9. Tittle9. 点The dot over an #39;i#39; or #39;j.#39;字母 i 或 j 上的点10. Lunule10. 指甲半月状部分The white, crescent shaped part at the top of a nail.指甲上白色月牙形部分 /201212/211854

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