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On the day of the robbery, its security cameras were disabled.在案发当天,的监控摄像全部失效了。A number of security protocols need to be met before the SWIFT system authorises a payment: one step, a physical key or dongle, was left plugged in for weeks, rather than locked away.在SWIFT系统授权转账之前,需要满足许多安全协议:其中一步就是物理钥匙或者加密忘了插上长达数周,而不是被锁定。Five of the hackers 70 messages were accepted as genuine by the New York Fed.黑客发送的70条信息中的5条被纽约联邦政府认。But for basic slip-ups (some payment instructions, for example, were incomplete) the thieves could have made off with bn.但是,由于有一些基本的错误(例如,转账指示不完整),不然这些盗贼就可以带着十亿美元逃之夭夭。SWIFT has not commented on the investigation.SWIFT公司方面对这次调查一直没有发表任何言论。Last year Gottfried Leibbrandt, its chief executive, took pains to stress that it was the banks security, and not SWIFTs, that had been compromised.去年,该公司的执行总裁Gottfried Leibbrandt千方百计地强调,这是安全方面的原因,并非SWIFT的过错。Investigators have been silent in public on the role of Bangladeshi nationals in the crime.调查人员在本案中作为孟加拉国人民,一直在公众面前保持沉默。Reluctance to expose failings at home may help explain why their findings have yet to be published.不情愿在国家面前暴露自己的不足可能有助于解释为何他们的发现还没有公之于众。The official line is that they do not want to jeopardise ongoing inquiries.官方说法是,他们不愿破坏持续进行的调查。Bangladesh has recovered only m of the m wired to the Philippines. (Payments made to Sri Lanka were reversed before they could be withdrawn. )孟加拉国仅仅追回了被转移到菲律宾的8100万美元中的1500万(被转移到斯里兰卡的赃款在能够追回之前就已经被转移)。The main plotters have yet to be traced.本案的主谋仍然不知所踪。考研英语时事阅读 /201706/513792。

  • Subject : The dark horse in this year’s football cup was Korea!第一, 迷你对话A: The dark house in this year’s football cup was Korea!这届足球赛的黑马是韩国队。B: You bet! Lots of people thought they would be champions.那还用说!许多人认为他们可以夺冠了。第二, 地道表达dark house1. 解词释义Dark house用来形容令人刮目相看,制造冷门的异军突起者,也可以指一举成名的后起之秀,或泛指那些那些没有名气而实力难测的竞争者。在俚语词典中解释如下:One who achieves unexpected support and success as a political candidate, typically during a partys convention.2. 拓展范例e.g. He s a bit of a dark horse : he was earning a fortune, but nobody knew.他可算是藏龙卧虎——赚大钱,可谁也不知道。e.g. A dark horse candidate came from behind to win the election.那位候选员在此次选举中脱颖而出,意外当选。e.g. Gerald would be a dark horse to the end.杰罗尔德将永远做个实力难测的竞争者。e.g. Annas such a dark horse--I had no idea shed published a novel.安娜真叫人看不出来,我没想到她会出版了一本小说。第三, 咬文嚼字1. “You bet!”这个短句用于表示非常赞同别人说到的情况,翻译为:当然,肯定。例如:You bet! I cant wait to get over there and hit those slopes.没错!我真恨不得马上就去那儿,上滑雪道。Yes, you bet. Could you give me some advice to solve this problem?正是这样。你能给我一些建议解决这个问题吗?2. in this year’s football cup:在今年的足球杯比赛中 lots of:许多 /201505/372940。
  • 大家好,欢迎来到,生活中处处都是小道消息,我们也分不清哪些是真哪些是假,当你要告诉别人你听到的传闻时,怎么用英语表达呢?1. Word on the street is Chad has a fan club.听说查得有个粉丝俱乐部。Word on the street is这个表达就是“坊间传言”的意思,字面含义是街道上呢有一些这样的话语 Word on the street is,来了解一下英文释义:Word on the street is a rumor or piece of information that is currently being talked about. Word on the street表示流言蜚语或部分正在被讨论的信息。Word on the street is Chad has a fan club. 听说查得有个粉丝俱乐部。2. I heard on the grapevine that she was pregnant, but Im not sure.Grapevine是“葡萄藤”的意思,也有“信息散播路径,秘密信息网,谣言”等含义,“从哪听说”“小道消息”用英语来讲的话可以表达为hear (something) on/through the grapevine。I heard on the grapevine that she was pregnant, but Im not sure. 小道消息听说她怀了,但我不能肯定。3. A little bird told me that its your birthday today!对于生日这件事我不喜欢告诉太多人,收到意外祝福的时候,人家是这么解释的:A little bird told me that its your birthday today!A little bird told me字面意思是一只小鸟告诉我...,当老外说A little bird told me的时候,不是真的表示自己懂得鸟语,只是用开玩笑口吻避免透露消息来源,例如:;How did you know he was going to resign?;(你是怎么知道他会辞职的?); Ah, a little bird told me.;(啊,是小鸟告诉我的。)A little bird told me that its your birthday today! 有个消息灵通的人告诉我今天是你的生日。这里是,我是主播Canace,每期节目为您放送实用英语口语表达,我们下期再见,拜拜!背景音乐:Stevie Hoang - Summer Love本节目属 /201506/382253。
  • 听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):From a youthful act that landed him in prison, to becoming a man whose life work is mentoring youth in Flint, Hubert Roberts offers a powerful lesson in redemption.Now that story is being told through the work of a Michigan State University professor and her team.Their project is called Hubert: His-Story. Its a documentary film and a comic book that feature the life and work of Hubert Roberts of Flint.Roberts joined us today, along with Geri Alumit Zeldes, associate professor and director of Journalism Graduate Studies at MSU.Roberts was convicted of conspiracy to commit kidnapping and aggravated assault when he was 29. He served 17 years in prison.Since his release, hes been working to ensure other young people dont make the same mistakes that he did.Zeldes and her team followed Roberts for a year, and met some of his students at Northwest High School.;We show through the days that we followed Mr. Roberts, how much he means to these young men and women,; she says. ;He really has become a father figure for not just one student, but many of the young men.;Roberts says getting young people to know their history is ;the foundation; of his work.;If you dont know what happened behind you, how are you going to have a clue whats happening around you or in front of you? So thats really, really important,; he says.;Were trying to get these children to think outside of the box, and they have to have an understanding about where they came from for that to be a possibility.;Listen to our full conversation above for more about Roberts work and the upcoming documentary.Hubert: His-Story will debut Friday, November 4 at Northwestern High School in Flint.201611/475972。
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