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A team of US researchers have found that those who have a high genetic risk of cardiovascular disease can cut the probability of a heart attack in half by following a healthy lifestyle.美国的一组研究人员发现对于那些遗传性心脏病患病率极高的人来说,通过健康的生活方式可降低一半的患病率。Carried out by a team from Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), the researchers looked at whether a healthy lifestyle could modify and reduce the genetic risk of heart disease by analyzing genetic and clinical data from more than 55,000 participants taken from four large-scale studies.马萨诸塞州总院的团队开展了此项研究,研究员们从四项大型研究中挑选了55,000多名受试者,通过分析这些受试者的遗传和临床数据,研究员们观察了健康的生活方式是否能改正并降低遗传性心脏病患病率。Three of the studies -- the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study, the Women#39;s Genome Health Study, and the Malm#246; Diet and Cancer Study -- are prospective studies that have followed participants for up to 20 years.四项研究中有三项研究是前瞻性研究,已跟踪调查受试者长达20年之久。这三项研究是:社区人员动脉粥样硬化风险研究、女性基因组健康研究和马尔莫饮食和癌症研究。The fourth study included was the BioImage Study which assessed a variety of risk factors. Each participant was assigned a genetic risk score based on whether they carried any of 50 gene variants that previous studies had found were associated with an increased risk of a heart attack.第四项研究是评估多种风险因素的生物图像研究。基于受试者是否携带先前研究中发现的与心脏病风险增加的50种基因变异,每位受试者都有一个遗传风险评分。The team also gave the participants a lifestyle score based on four lifestyle factors -- no current smoking, a body mass index below 30, physical exercise at least once a week, and a healthy diet. A favorable lifestyle score was defined as following three or four of these health factors, intermediate was two factors and unfavorable was one or no healthy factors.基于四种生活方式因素:目前不抽烟、身体质量指数低于30、每周至少锻炼一次和健康的饮食,该研究团队也会给出受试者的生活方式评分。生活方式评分良好需遵循3—4种健康因素,中等评分为2种因素,不及格则为一种或零种因素。Across all three of the prospective studies, the researchers saw that a higher genetic risk score significantly increased the risk of heart disease, by as much as 90 percent in those at the highest risk. Risk factors such as a family history and a high level of LDL cholesterol were also associated with an elevated genetic risk score, although it was genetic risk that was the most powerful contributor to an increased probability of heart attack.在所有这三项前瞻性研究中,研究员们发现更高的遗传性风险评分会在很大程度上增加心脏病患病风险,遗传性风险最高的受试者增加心脏病患病的风险率高达90%。家族史和高水平的低密度脂蛋白胆固醇等风险因素也与风险遗传评分过高相关,尽管遗传因素是心脏病患病风险增加的最主要因素。However the team also found that each healthy lifestyle factor reduced risk of heart disease, with the results showing that following a favorable lifestyle could reduce the incidence of coronary events by 50 percent, even in those with the highest genetic risk scores. And among the participants in the BioImage study, which looked at the levels of atherosclerotic plaques in the coronary arteries, healthy lifestyle factors were associated with less extensive plaque in each genetic risk group.然而,该团队还发现每一种健康的生活方式因素都能降低心脏病患病风险,研究结果表明生活方式健康可降低50%的冠状动脉病发率,即使对那些有着最高遗传风险评分的人来说也是如此。生物图像研究观察在冠状动脉中动脉粥样硬化的斑块水平,对于该研究的受试者而言,健康的生活方式可降低每一遗传风险小组的斑块程度。译文属 /201611/479115

A couple were slammed for their body size at a Costa Coffee shop after they ordered full fat milk.日前,一对夫妻在咖世家咖啡点了全脂牛奶后,其身材受到店员的抨击和侮辱。Sherrie White, 21, and husband Robert took offense after their receipt was marked #39;fatty fat milk#39; at the Winchester coffee house.21岁的雪莉·怀特和丈夫罗伯特在温彻斯特一家咖啡厅点餐时,发现他们的收据上标记着“胖子的全脂牛奶”,遂火冒三丈。Mrs White, who weighs 15 stone, confronted staff who said it was just an in joke and wasn#39;t meant to be taken seriously.怀特太太重15英石(190斤),而接待她的店员称这只是一个小玩笑,没想到会被当真。Mr White, who weighs 13 stone and describes himself as medium or large, ordered the full fat milk for his Americano.怀特先生重13英石(165斤),自称是中等或中等偏胖的身材。他点了一杯加全脂牛奶的美式咖啡。He told The Sun: #39;It was aimed at both of us. It#39;s blatant and is an insult to a fat person.#39;他向《太阳报》透露:“这是针对我们两人的。这对于肥胖人群而言,是一种公然的侮辱。”#39;I pointed it out to my partner and she confronted them. We picked the receipt up so we could keep it, because they wanted to throw it away but we kept hold it of it.#39;“我把收据给我妻子看了,她跑去找了店员。我们捡起了收据以作为保留,因为他们想销毁掉,但我们一直拿着那张收据。”Costa bosses said the incident was not acceptable and the employee who wrote the remark no longer works for them, The Sun reported.据《太阳报》报道,这家咖世家咖啡店的老板声称,这种事件是不可容忍的,在收据上做该标记的店员已被开除。A Costa Coffee spokesman said: #39;We were concerned to hear about this incident and have been in contact with the customer to apologise.#39;咖世家咖啡的一位发言人称:“听到这件事后我们一直非常关注,并与顾客联系向他们道歉。” /201612/481509

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