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Most of the time, we are all stellar parents doing everything we can to raise our little rascals in the best way possible. But dayyyuuummm, parenting is hard. And let#39;s be honest, sometimes we do things just to make it through the day. Whatever the case, we are all trying our best, right? Here are things parents have done but will never, ever admit.大多数时候,我们都是称职的父母,竭尽全力的抚养淘气鬼。但是,养孩子实在是太难了。说实话,有时候我们会做些事情以顺利度过一整天。不管是上述哪种情况,我们都已尽力了,对不?以下就是父母做了但却永远不会承认的事儿。1. Pretended to be deep in slumber so that the other parent had to get up and answer the toddler#39;s middle-of-the-night cries1. 宝宝半夜大哭时,自己假装睡得很沉,这样另一半就不得不起来哄小宝宝。2. Let your kid stay home from school because you just didn#39;t have the energy to get her y and there on time2. 因为你没有精力让孩子准时到校,所以你就让他/她待在家里不去上学。3. Gone through the kids#39; Halloween candy and kept the best picks3. 你会翻遍孩子们万圣节要来的糖果,然后把最好的留下。4. Felt better about yourself when you saw that mom at the mall whose kid was throwing a level 10 tantrum4. 当你在商场里看到别的小孩子对妈妈大发脾气时,会突然觉得自己是个好母亲/父亲。5. Caught yourself doing the exact same thing you recently yelled at your kid for doing5. 当初因为小孩做了一些事情而对他/她大吼,但却猛然间发现自己也在做这些事情。6. Made those awful broccoli tater tots on Pinterest6. 在照片分享网站上做了难吃的西兰花油炸土豆丸子。7. Lost your shit when trying to get your kids to eat7. 哄孩子吃饭的时候失去了理智。8. Hated every bite of breakfast in bed prepared by your kids8. 你并不喜欢孩子们为你端来的自制早餐。9. Jumped to your feet in combat mode when you wake to find your child standing next to your bed ... staring at you9. 醒来的时候发现自己的孩子就在床边盯着你看的时候,会立马跳起来进入战斗模式。10. Dressed your kid a certain way just to avoid being judged by others10. 会让你的孩子穿特定的衣,避免被别人说三道四。11. Given your kid the expired milk11. 给孩子喝过期牛奶。12. Tried to scare your kid with your face12. 试图扮鬼脸吓唬孩子。13. Made up some lame excuse for the tooth fairy not coming13. 因为牙仙子没有出现,而编一些蹩脚的借口。14. Thought that maybe you were raising a serial killer14. 有时候会觉得自己养了个连环杀手。15. Lied about when you last showered15. 别人问你上一次洗澡是什么时候时,你撒了谎。16. Lied about what time you put your kids to sleep16. 在孩子的睡觉时间上撒了谎。17. Made them work for you17. 让孩子为你做事。18. Had a nightmare about Caillou18. 做了有关卡由(儿童动画)的噩梦。19. Had a panic attack trying to move your arm from underneath a sleeping baby19. 试着从熟睡婴儿的脖子下抽出自己的手臂时,受到了惊吓。译文属 /201612/484923

Eating: In Your Country, What Are The foods Usually Eaten For breakfast?在你的国家,人们早餐一般吃什么?In Mexico, like in any other big country what you eat on a daily basis depends on where you live.在墨西哥,像在任何其他大国家一样,你每天吃什么取决于你住的地方。Zacahuil is extremely popular on Sundays. Zacahuil, like most other southern Mexican food is made mostly of corn.Zacahuil在星期日非常受欢迎。 Zacahuil,像大多数其他墨西哥南部食物一样,主要是用玉米做的 。1. The corn undergoes Nixtamalization like it usually does in a lot of our food items. It is then soaked with lots of spices.1.先要把玉米碱化,就像通常在我们的很多其他食品中一样(包括玉米饼)。然后,把它浸泡在大量的香料里。2. You tied this mix like a giant tamal with the banana leaves and the banana stems as string.2.你把这个混合物用香蕉叶捆绑成一个巨大的粽子,用香蕉茎做捆绑的绳子。3. For a big tamal to cook thoroughly, you need a big oven.3.要让一个大粽子彻底煮熟,你需要一个大烤箱。这是一个典型的烤箱。In the Philippines, a typical breakfast includes pandesal (Filipino b rolls) and coffee. Pandesal can be eaten as is or with butter, cheeses, ham, hotdog, corned beef, etc.在菲律宾,典型的早餐包括pandesal(菲律宾面包卷)和咖啡。 Pandesal可以就这样吃或与黄油、奶酪、火腿、热、咸牛肉等食用。Other breakfast items include:其他早餐项目包括:Champorado (chocolate rice porridge), typically served with a swirl of condensed milk.Champorado(巧克力米粥),通常淋上一圈炼乳。Pancit (rice noodles) flavoured with soy sauce and calamansi, with chopped vegetables (such as carrots and cabbage) and bite-sized pork, chicken strips, or shrimp.Pancit(米粉)用酱油和酸橙调味的,加上切碎的蔬菜(如胡萝卜和卷心菜)和一口大小的猪肉、鸡肉条或虾。In Iran, a typical breakfast includes: sweetened black tea, fresh wheat b, butter (unsalted) and feta cheese occasionally with walnuts, fresh tomato, cucumber, vegetables, dates, sweets, homemade fruit jam or honey.在伊朗,一个典型的早餐包括:甜的红茶,新鲜的小麦面包、黄油(无盐)和羊奶酪,偶尔也有核桃、新鲜番茄、黄瓜、蔬菜、枣、糖果、自制果酱或蜂蜜。Now that you#39;ve so far, let me share with you the oddest thing Iranians have for breakfast.现在,既然你已经读到这里了,那么让我来分享一下伊朗人早饭里最奇葩的东西。Ladies and gents! The ded, disgusting Lamb Kalleh-Paacheh (i.e., Head amp; Knuckles):女士们和男士!可怕的、令人作呕的羊肉卡勒帕贺(即头和关节):We eat everything in that Kalleh including but not limited to its tongue and brain.我们吃羊身上的一切东西的一切,包括但不限于它的舌头和大脑。 /201701/488740

A protein in spider venom may help protect the brain from injury after a stroke, according to research.研究表明,蜘蛛毒液中的一种蛋白质或许能够保护大脑免受中风带来损伤。Scientists found a single dose of the protein Hi1a worked on lab rats. They said it showed ;great promise as a future stroke treatment; but had not yet been tested in human trials.科学家们发现一剂量的Hi1a蛋白质在小白鼠身上起了作用。他们表示,这种蛋白质“作为未来的中风治疗手段大有前途”,不过尚未进行人体试验。The Stroke Association said the research was at its early stages but it would ;welcome any treatment that has the potential to reduce the damage caused by stroke;.中风协会表示,该研究尚处于早期阶段,不过该协会“乐于接受任何可能降低中风损伤的治疗手段”。The researchers, from the University of Queensland and Monash University, travelled to Fraser Island in Australia to hunt for and capture three potentially deadly Australian funnel web spiders.来自昆士兰大学和莫纳什大学的研究者们奔赴澳大利亚的费沙岛,寻找并捕获了三种可能符合条件的、可致死的澳大利亚漏斗网蜘蛛。They then took the spiders back to their laboratory ;for milking;. This involved coaxing the spider to release its venom, which can then be sucked up using pipettes.之后他们将这些蜘蛛带回自己的实验室进行“挤乳”操作。这项操作包括诱骗蜘蛛释放毒液,接着用吸管吸取这些毒液。The scientists honed in on a protein in the venom and recreated a version of it in their lab. They then injected this Hi1a into the lab rats.科学家们仔细研究了毒液中的一种蛋白质,并在实验室中人工制造了这种蛋白。然后他们将这种名为Hi1a的蛋白质注射进小白鼠体内。They found that the protein blocked acid-sensing ion channels in the brain - something the researchers say are key drivers of brain damage after stroke.他们发现,这种蛋白质阻断了脑部的酸敏感离子通道--研究者们称这种通道是导致中风后脑损伤的关键因素。Prof Glenn King, who led the research, said the protein showed ;great promise as a future stroke treatment;.领导这项研究的格伦·金教授表示,这种蛋白质“作为未来的中风治疗手段大有前途”。;We believe that we have, for the first time, found a way to minimise the effects of brain damage after a stroke. Hi1a even provides some protection to the core brain region most affected by oxygen deprivation, which is generally considered unrecoverable due to the rapid cell death caused by stroke.;“我们相信我们已经率先找到了一种减小中风后脑损伤影响的办法。Hi1a甚至为脑部核心区域由缺氧带来的绝大部分影响提供了保护措施,由于中风会导致细胞的迅速死亡,通常认为这一损害是无法恢复的。”The research was published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.这项研究发表在了美国科学院论文集上。 /201703/500911

Beijing plans to recruit 30 junior high school students and train them into becoming professionals at restoring cultural relics for the Forbidden City amid a shortage of such talents, according to Beijing Youth Daily.据《北京青年报》报道,由于专业人才稀缺,北京市准备招收30名初中生,将他们培养成为故宫修复文物的专业匠人。Beijing Union University, Beijing International Vocational Education School and the Palace Museum this year jointly launched a pilot education program to train professional restoration experts.今年,北京联合大学、北京国际职业教育学校和故宫物院联合开展试验项目,以培养专业的修复匠人。The students will study cultural relic reconstruction at the Beijing International Vocational Education School for three years, followed by two years of vocational education at Beijing Union University. After further study, they can be awarded bachelor#39;s degrees.学生前3年将在北京国际职业教育学校学习,后由联大培养2年,再通过进一步学习,获得本科学历。The pilot program is aimed at cultivating more local professional talents.该试点项目的目的在于培养更多的专业人才。Shan Jilin, the curator of the Palace Museum, once told Chinese media that insufficient career paths for young people had resulted in a lack of professional restoration experts. The hukou, or household registration system, makes it hard for young experts to work in the museum.故宫物院院长单霁翔曾在接受媒体采访时表示,职业发展道路不畅导致故宫工匠缺乏。户口制度也导致很多年轻的匠人不能在故宫工作。To restore all of the cultural relics in the Palace Museum with existing experts will take at least 100 years, according to the museum.故宫修复部门也坦言,以现在的修复人员,要想把故宫现存文物修复一遍,至少还需100年的时间。In order to cultivate more professionals in the field, the museum launched the major in cultural relic repair with the Beijing International Vocational Education School in 2015, and recruited about 20 students in the first year. So far, 35 students have been recruited.为培养本领域更多的专业匠人,2015年,故宫方面和北京国际职业教育学校联手,首次开设了文物修复专业。首批招收20人,至今,该专业招收了35位学生。Professional restoration experts have attracted widesp attention from the general public after the success of the three-episode TV documentary, Masters in the Forbidden City, which premiered on China Central Television at the beginning of last year.自三集长的纪录片《我在故宫修文物》于去年初在中央电视台上映并引起轰动后,专业文物修复匠人就引起了人们的广泛关注。 /201705/508872

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