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厦门薇格整形美容医院激光祛太田痣好吗厦门薇格门诊部祛痣多少钱This is a huge deal because as people in the movie business know the absolute hardest thing in the whole world is to persuade a straight male audience to identify with a woman protagonist to feel themselves embodied by her. This, more than any other factor, explains why we get the movies we get and the paucity of the roles where women drive the film. Its much easier for the female audience because we were all brought up grown up, identifying with male characters from Shakespeare to Salinger. We have less trouble following Hamlets dilemma viscerally or Romeos or Tybalt or Huck Finn or Peter Pan--I remember holding that sword up to Hook--I felt like him. But it is much much much harder for heterosexual boys to be able to identify with Juliet or Desdemona, or Windy in Peter Pan, or Joe in Little Women or the little Mermaid, Pocohontas. Why? I dont know, but it just is. There has always been a resistance to imaginatively assume a persona, if that persona is a she. But things are changing now and its in your generation that were seeing this. Men are adapting--about time--they are adapting consclously and also without realizing it for the better of the whole group. They are changing their deepest prejudices to accept and to regard as normal the things that their fathers would have found very very difficult and their grandfathers would have abhorred.这一点相当重要,电影行业的工作者肯定知道,世界上最难的事就是让正常性取向的男性观众在女性角色身上找到认同感,并认为他们在她的身上得到了体现。这个因素更能解释我们选择某部电影的原因,以及为什么在女性为主角的电影中角色会相对稀少。然而,这点对于女性观众来说更容易接受,因为我们从小到大接触到的,从莎士比亚到塞林格的作品中,几乎都是男性角色,因此理解哈姆雷特、罗密欧、迪波尔特、哈克·费恩或是彼得·潘内心的窘境对于我们而言并不是一件困难的事。我仍记得握住剑柄的感觉,我觉得我就是那里的男主人公。但对于异性恋的男孩们而言,要想他们与朱丽叶、黛斯迪蒙娜、《彼得·潘》中的温迪、《小妇人》中的乔、小美人鱼或是宝嘉康蒂产生共鸣,是非常非常困难的。原因我不清楚,但事实就是如此。一直以来,如果是女性角色的话,人们一般都不会去寻求认同感。而今,按你们这代人的看法,这种状况已有所改变。男人总是在不断适应,为了整个群体的利益,他们有意识地适应,甚至他们会在自己都意识不到的情况下改变自己。他们最深层的偏见也会随着社会的变化而不断地改变。同样的一件事,也许他们的父辈会觉得很难,祖辈甚至会厌恶。201403/279908福建省厦门薇格整形医院激光祛痣多少钱 We wanted something that was really affordable. The fuel cell looked great: one-tenth as many moving parts and a fuel-cell propulsion system as an internal combustion engine — and it emits just water. And we wanted to take advantage of Moores Law with electronic controls and software, and we absolutely wanted our car to be connected. So we embarked upon the reinvention around an electrochemical engine the fuel cell, hydrogen as the energy carrier. First was Autonomy. Autonomy really set the vision for where we wanted to head. We embodied all of the key components of a fuel cell propulsion system. We then had Autonomy drivable with Hy-Wire, and we showed Hy-Wire here at this conference last year. Hy-Wire is the worlds first drivable fuel cell, and we have followed up that now with Sequel. And Sequel truly is a real car.我们需要的是人们能够买得起的汽车。燃料电池似乎不错,只有其他许多移动部件的十分之一大,并且燃料电池推进系统作为内燃机——仅仅释放出水而已。我们想利用尔定律来解释电子控制系统和软件方面的更新,同时我们也希望车辆之间能互通联系。所以我开始着手改造电化学发动机里的燃料电池,使氢作为能源载体。最初,通用汽车研发出的是一款名为Autonomy的概念车。它奠定了通用汽车之后的发展方向。对于燃料电池推进系统的设计,我们整合了所有关键性的元素。之后,我们在可驱使的Autonomy 中融入氢燃料驱动一线传操控技术。去年的这个研讨会上曾展出过氢燃料驱动一线传操控技术。它是世界上第一款可驾驶的燃料电池汽车。在 Autonomy和Hy-Wire之后,现在我们又带来最新一代的氢燃料电池车Sequel。Sequel是辆真正意义上的汽车,而非概念车。But the real key question Im sure thats on your mind: wheres the hydrogen going to come from? And secondly, when are these kinds of cars going to be available? So let me talk about hydrogen first. The beauty of hydrogen is it can come from so many different sources: it can come from fossil fuels, it can come from any way that you can create electricity, including renewables. And it can come from biofuels. And thats quite exciting. The vision here is to have each local community play to its natural strength in creating the hydrogen. A lot of hydrogens produced today in the world. Its produced to get sulphur out of gasoline — which I find is somewhat ironic. Its produced in the fertilizer industry; its produced in the chemical manufacturing industry. That hydrogens being made because theres a good business reason for its use. But it tells us that we know how to create it, we know how to create it cost effectively, we know how to handle it safely.但我敢肯定萦绕在你们脑海中的一个关键问题是:氢气从何而来?这种燃料电池汽车什么时候能真正面世?我先谈谈氢气吧。氢气的奇妙之处在于它来源丰富:石油、任何能产生电能的方式,包括可再生能源。生物燃料也能产生氢气。这很令人兴奋。我们的愿望是每一个社区内都能够稀松平常地获得氢气。世界上每天产生很多氢气。 为了将硫磺从汽油中分离,顺带就产生了氢气——这让我觉得有点讽刺意味。化肥工业生产氢气。化学工业生产氢气。生产氢气是因为它具有良好的经济效益,但关键是我们知道如何生产氢气,如何降低生产氢气的成本,以及如何进行安全生产。201408/324552Adam Ostrow: Hello.亚当·奥斯丘:你好。Death: Adam?死神:亚当?AO: Yeah.亚当:是。Death: Death can catch you anywhere, anytime,死神:死神可以在任何时间,任何地点抓到你,even at the Organic.甚至在你还是有机体的时候。AO: Who is this?亚当:你是谁?Death: Go to ifidie.net死神:去如果我死了.netbefore its too late.在一切都太迟以前。Adam Ostrow: Kind of creepy, right?亚当·奥斯丘:有点吓人,对吧?So what that service does, quite simply,这种务,其实很简单,is let you create a message or a 就是让你准备一条信息或一段视频,that can be posted to Facebook after you die.它们会在你死后被发布在脸书上。Another service right now最近的另一种务,is called 1,000 Memories.叫做1000个回忆。And what this lets you do is create an online tribute to your loved ones,这种务可以让你创造一种在线的称赞给你的亲友们,complete with photos and s and stories他们可以在你去世后,that they can post after you die.发布照片、视频、和你们之间的故事。But what I think comes next is far more interesting.但是我认为下面的这个例子要有趣的多。Now a lot of you are probably familiar with Deb Roy现在,你们中的很多人可能都很熟悉戴·罗伊who, back in March,他在3月份的演讲中,demonstrated how he was able to analyze more than 90,000 hours of home .演示了他是如何那长于9万小时的家庭录影。I think as machines ability我想既然机器有能力to understand human language and process vast amounts of data去理解人类的语言,并处理大量的数据,continues to improve,如果持续地改进,its going to become possible很有可能,它们将可以to analyze an entire lifes worth of content --一个人的一生--the Tweets, the photos, the s, the blog posts --微,照片,视频,客--that were producing in such massive numbers.所有我们产生的,大量的信息。And I think as that happens,并且我认为,如果那真的发生了,its going to become possible for our digital personas我们的数码角色就很有可能to continue to interact in the real world long after were gone在我们离开很久之后持续地与现实世界中的我们互动。thanks to the vastness of the amount of content were creating这要归功于我们创造的大量的内容and technologys ability to make sense of it all.和科技的力量,让它们得以付诸实践。Now were aly starting to see some experiments here.现在,我们已经开始着手一些实验。One service called My Next Tweet其中一个务叫做”我的下一条微“,analyzes your entire Twitter stream, everything youve posted onto Twitter,分析你的整个微档案,所有你在微上发布的信息,to make some predictions as to what you might say next.去预测你接下来会说什么。Well right now, as you can see,现在,正如你看到的,the results can be somewhat comical.结果会有点滑稽。You can imagine what something like this might look like你可以想象这样的事物在5年、10年,或者20年后five, 10 or 20 years from now会看起来怎样,as our technical capabilities improve.基于我们的科技能力在不断提升。Taking it a step further,进一步地说,MITs media lab is working on robots麻省理工的媒体实验室正忙于研究that can interact more like humans.能更像人类那样互动的机器人。But what if those robots were able to interact但是如果这些机器人能够正常互动,based on the unique characteristics of a specific person基于具体个人的独特个性,based on the hundreds of thousands of pieces of content基于人一生中创造的千千万万条的内容,that person produces in their lifetime?那将会怎样?Finally, think back to this famous scene最后,让我们的思绪回到这个著名的一幕,from election night 20082008年的选举之夜,back in the ed States,在美国,where CNN beamed a live hologramCNN发送了一张嘻哈歌手”我是威尔“的of hip hop artist will.i.am into their studio现场全息图去他们的演播室,for an interview with Anderson Cooper.那是为安德森·库珀的采访准备的。What if we were able to use that same type of technology如果我们可以用同样的科技to beam a representation of our loved ones into our living rooms --发送一个我们亲人的重现影像到我们的客厅,interacting in a very lifelike way非常逼真地互动,based on all the content they created while they were alive?基于他们活着时候创造的内容,那将会怎样?I think thats going to become completely possible我认为这是完全有可能的,as the amount of data were producing因为我们使用的数据流量and technologys ability to understand it和科技对其认知的能力,both expand exponentially.都在成倍地增长。Now in closing, I think what we all need to be thinking about在结束之际,我认为我们都需要思考的是,is if we want that to become our reality --我们是否想要此成为现实,and if so,如果是,what it means for a definition of life and everything that comes after it.它对生命的定义,以及随之而来的一切事物,又意味着什么?Thank you very much.非常感谢。201508/389782厦门薇格整形打瘦脸针多少钱

厦门微格医院双眼皮多少钱And we talked about swarm networks earlier. And talking about the ultimate swarm, about having all of the processors and all of the cars when theyre sitting idle being part of a global grid for computing capability. We find that premise quite exciting. The automobile becomes, then, an appliance, not in a commodity sense, but in an appliance, mobile power, mobile platform for information and computing and communication, as well as a form of transportation.之前我们谈到群网络。最强大的群,是将所有的处理器、所有未处于使用状态的汽车集合起来,作为全球电网的一部分来使用,这个假想让我们振奋不已。汽车能够成为一种电器但不是商品意义上的电器,而是作为一种能够提供信息、计算、通讯的电器、移动电源、移动平台,当然也是一种交通工具。And the key to all of this is to make it affordable, to make it exciting, to get it on a pathway where theres a way to make money doing it. And again, this is a pretty big march to take here. And a lot of people say, how do you sleep at night when youre rustling with a problem of that magnitude? And I tell them I sleep like a baby: I wake up crying every two hours. Actually the theme of this conference, I think, has hit on really one of the major keys to pull that off — and thats relationships and working together. Thank you very much. (Applause).但最重要的是我们要让汽车价廉物美,变得令人兴奋,并且有足够的资金进行研发。要实现我们的设想还有很长的路要走。许多人说,你全身心考虑这样一个巨大的工程的时候,晚上怎么睡得着?我告诉他们我的睡眠像小婴儿一样,每两个小时就醒来哭一次。我认为这次研讨会的主题,实际上就是策划出关键要素,并予以实现——那就是关系网的建立与相互合作。非常感谢大家。Chris Anderson: Larry, Larry, wait, wait, wait, wait, Larry, wait, wait one sec. Just — Ive got so many questions I could ask you. I just want to ask one. You know, I could be wrong about this, but my sense is that in the public mind, today, that GM is not viewed as serious about some of these environmental ideas as some of your Japanese competitors, maybe even as Ford. Are you serious about it, and not just, you know, when the consumers want it, when the regulators force us to do it we will go there. Are you guys really going to try and show leadership on this?克里斯·安德森(译者注:他是TED大会主席):拉里,拉里,等等,先别,先等会儿。我有很多问题想问你。一个问题是,也许我的想法有误,不过在我看来,大众认为,与日本的竞争对手,甚至是福特汽车公司比起来,通用汽车公司对那些环保汽车方面的想法和计划并不严肃认真。你怎么看待这个问题呢?是不是因为消费者的需求,执政者的敦促,你们才开始认真对待这些想法?你们通用汽车是不是真的打算在这方面大展拳脚,做领头人?Larry Burns: Yeah, were absolutely serious. Were into this over a billion dollars aly, so I would hope people would think were serious when were spending that kind of money. And secondly, its a fundamental business proposition. Ill be honest with you: were into it because of business growth opportunities. We cant grow our business unless we solve these problems. The growth of the auto industry will be capped by sustainability issues if we dont solve the problems. And theres a simple principle of strategy that says: Do unto yourself before others do unto you. If we can see this possible future, others can too. And we want to be the first to create it, Chris.拉里·伯恩斯:那是当然,我们是非常认真的。我们已经在这方面投资了十多亿美元,所以当我们花费巨资投资时,我希望人们看到我们对环保汽车的诚意。另外,关注环保也应该是企业最基本的任务。实话告诉你:我们进入这个领域是因为其商业利润空间的增长。如果不解决这些问题,我们的业务就无法继续扩展。如果我们不解决这些问题,汽车行业的发展将会因为可持续发展的问题而受阻。有这么一个简单的战略原则:在他人超越你之前先自己超越自己。如果我们能看到环保汽车的发展潜能,别人也能,但我们要做的是成为先驱者,克里斯。201409/325073厦门打美白针的价格 厦门哪个医院丰唇好

厦门薇格激光除皱手术多少钱The trend in data storage is even more impressive. In the early 80s, the standard unit of computer storage, one mega-byte, or one million bytes of information, cost about 100 dollars. Today, it is 10 cents. In two years, it will cost 2 cents. 数据存储技术的发展趋势更是令人瞠目。八十年代初期,一个标准单位的计算机存储能力,即 1MB,或者说 1 百万字节,售价是 100 美元,而现在却只要 10 美分,两年内还将降到 2 美分。These gains are driven by continuous advances in how we pack information into smaller and smaller spaces. 这种结果是在技术不断进步的推动下产生的,我们可以把信息存储到越来越小的空间。If the US Library of Congress could shrink its collections of 17 million books by the same factor we just discussed, it could replace 800 kilometers of shelf space with less than 40 meters of space. 如果把这种技术用到美国国会图书馆的 1700 百万册存书上,其书架长度将由 800 公里变成不到 40 米。These advances are going to continue and accelerate the rate microprocessors, storage, communications, memory, and all the other engines that are propelling this industry or continue to lead to the products of the faster, smaller, and less expensive, just as they have for 30 years. 这种进步将继续下去,并且会加速微处理器、存储设备、通信、内存以及所有其它正在推动信息产业前进的“发动机”式的产品的发展,或者会继续创造出更快、更小、更便宜的产品。过去 30 年的情况就是如此。But as we stand here today, the opening of CeBIT, we are on the threshold of a very important change and the evolution of this industry. 然而当我们今天站在这里,出席 CeBIT 的开幕式的时候,我们面对的是一场业界非常重要的变化和革命。In many ways, this industry, a very emitory industry, is about to play out in its most important dimension. That is because the technology has become so powerful and so pervasive that its future impact on people and governments and all institutions will dwarf what has happened today.在很多方面,信息产业将成为最重要的产业。这是因为信息技术已经变得如此强大、如此普遍,以致于未来它对人们、政府和各个机构的影响将使目前发生的事相形见绌。201312/267718 But I would encourage you to call upon the same hope and hard work that brought you to this day. Call upon that optimism and tenacity that built the University of California at Merced to invest in the future of Merced in your own towns all across this country. By using what youve learned here, you can shorten the path perhaps for kids who may not see a path at all.但是我要鼓励你们拿出过去的让你们取得今日成就的希望和努力,拿出建设加州大学赛德校区的乐观和不屈不挠的精神,将其投入到建设赛德的美好未来之中,投入到建设分布在全国各地的你们的家乡中去。运用你们在这所大学学到的知识,你们能够帮助那些也许根本看不到出路的孩子们找到通往成功的捷径。And I was once one of those kids.Most of you were once one of those kids. I grew up just a few miles from the University of Chicago in my hometown. The university, like most institutions, was a major cultural, economic institution in my neighborhood. My mother even worked as a secretary there for several years.我曾经就是那些看不到出路的孩子中的一员。你们中的大多数人也曾经是那些孩子中的一员。我的家乡距离芝加哥大学只有几英里。和大多数学校一样,芝加哥大学就是我邻近地区的一个文化经济中心。我的母亲甚至在那里做了几年的秘书工作。Yet that university never played a meaningful role in my academic development. The institution made no effort to reach out to me—a bright and promising student in their midst—and I had no reason to believe there was a place for me there. Therefore, when it came time for me to apply to college, I never for one second considered the university in my own backyard as a viable option.但是那所大学从来没有在我的学业发展中发挥积极的作用。它没做出任何努力来吸引我这样一个有着大好前程的学生,而我也没有任何理由相信在那里有我是一席之地。因此,当到了申请大学的时候,我根本没有考虑选择自己家门口的那所大学。And as fate would have it, I ultimately went on and accepted a position in student affairs at the university of Chicago more than a decade later.就像命中注定一样,十多年后我最终接受了芝加哥大学一个负责学生事务的职位。 /201302/227358厦门薇格医院徐凯做双眼皮好不好厦门微格整形医院激光祛斑手术多少钱



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