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How To Have A Healthy Body And Mind如何保持健康的身心 Tony Buzan is a best-selling author and leading expert on the brain and learning, and has worked as an adviser to Olympic athletes. Tony aims to educate the world in how to think and live more efficiently. In this film he talks about the need for a healthy mind and body, to get the best performance in all areas of life.Step 1: Mind amp; Body Connection身体与心理的关系To be mentally healthy, you need to be physically healthy, and vice versa.Step 2: Mind amp; Body Foods心理与身体所需的养料 The body and mind need to be fed with: Oxygen. Good nutrition, so eat well. Stimulation of the senses. Friendship, affection and love.Step 3: Be physically fit身体健康的要求Fitness requires: Cardiovascular exercise, which makes the heart beat fast for 20 minutes or more, at least 2-3 times a week. Flexibility, which is gained from activities like yoga, stretching etc.Step 4: Poise amp; Balance保持平衡Poise and balance, gained from Pilates, yoga, Alexander technique, martial arts. etc. Article/201109/154222UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Today ;Shoutout; goes out to Mrs. Driggers#39; class at Spectrum Jr. - Sr. High School in Stuart, Florida.今天的“大声喊出来”来到了Driggers女士的课堂。Which U.S. state is home to college football teams named the Bulls, Knights, Seminoles and Hurricanes?哪个州是这些橄榄球队——公牛,骑士,米诺尔人和飓风——的家乡?Here we go.开始吧!Is it California, Texas, Florida or Georgia. You#39;ve got three seconds. Go!它是加利福尼亚州,德克萨斯州,福罗里达州还是乔治亚州?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!Mrs. Driggers#39; students probably knew this one, because it#39;s their home state of Florida.Driggers女士的学生大概知道这个,因为它是他们的老家福罗里达州。That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your ;Shoutout.;那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: So, those were all college teams.所以呢,这些都是学院球队。Florida is also home to South Plantation High School#39;s Paladins.佛罗里达州也是南普兰泰申高中的圣骑士对的所在地。The team played its homecoming game last week.这是队伍上周回到学校进行了比赛。And the Paladins third string quarterback had to pull double duty.圣骑士队的三线四分卫有承担双份责任。That#39;s because she -- yes, she -- was also crowned homecoming queen.那是因为它——对的,就是她——也被封为返校日皇后。Erin Damiglio (ph) didn#39;t get any playing time in her team#39;s win, but she has been on the field this season, and it#39;s believed that when that happened, Erin became the first female quarterback to play high school football in Florida.她在她的队伍胜利的一战中并没有上场,但她今年又重新站到了赛场上。当这成为现实时,它将成为第一个佛罗里达州高中橄榄球队的女四分卫。When she was crowned homecoming queen, she had a teammate by her side, one of the team#39;s receivers who said it was an honor to be there with her, was crowned king. /201210/204356How to Make Up Your Mind on HowcastMaking certain decisions, like whether or not to lose weight or file for divorce, can be difficult. Make the right choice and make up your mind.做某些决定,比如决定是否减肥或离婚都有难度。做正确的选择并下定决心。Step 1: Do not make decisionsDo not make any decisions when you are upset.心烦时不要做决定当你心烦时,不要做任何决定。Tip:Make sure you are calm and thinking clearly before you begin.小贴士:在你开始前要确保自己情绪平和并已经考虑清楚了。Step 2: FocusWrite down your options on the piece of paper. Focus on which options are in your best interest.精力集中将你的选择写在纸上。将精力集中在你最感兴趣的那些选择上。Step 3: WriteWrite down the problem and what is causing the problem to exist.写将问题和导致问题存在的原因写下来。Step 4: LookLook at your goals and what challenges or opportunities exist with each option.看看下你的目标和每种选择面临的挑战或机遇。Step 5: Talk with othersTalk with others who may be affected by your decision.和别人交谈和那些可能会受到你决定影响的人交谈。Step 6: ListenListen to what others have to say and see if there are different alternatives that you may not have thought of.倾听倾听他人所说,看下是否有你没有想到的其他选择。Step 7: Make a decisionMake up your mind and make a decision you can live with.做决定下定决心并做你自己能接受的决定。 Article/201103/128257The Love Coach in this suggests that you make a date to break up with the person you love. Breaking up should be a time to communicate what you appreciated about them during the relationship, and it#39;s a time to thank them. Make the break up as important as the beginning of the relationship.这段视频中的爱情教练建议安排一次约会来和自己爱的人分手。分手的时候应该说出在这段恋情中你比较欣赏对方的地方,应该感谢他们。对待分手应该像对待这段恋情开始时一样重要。I#39;m now going to talk to you about how to break up with someone that you love. Breaking up is as important as beginning,because if you don#39;t close well, it will be left with you, for perhaps years to come. So, what I would like to suggest to you is that you make a date to break up, and make this date as important and as special as your first date for you are honoring this person that you spent all this time with.现在我为大家讲述一下怎样和自己爱的人分手。分手和恋情开始一样重要,因为如果没有好好分手,这段恋情可能会困扰你几年的时间。所以,我建议你安排一次约会来分手,让这次约会像第一次约会那么重要,那么特别,以表示自己对这个相处了几年的人的尊重。You are honoring them, you are thanking them, you are appreciating them for what you have learned, for how you#39;ve grown, and you are being authentic, for you are telling them that you realize now that it is no longer true for you to be with them, and that you wish to set yourself free and set them free. So, set the time for this date, ask them to come on this important date and tell them that this is a date to communicate the end of the relationship. Tell them what you appreciate about them, what you wish to thank them for and that now, you realize that for your own personal growth that you need to move on, for this is not a moment to dump on them, but a moment to appreciate them, thank them, and say goodbye.你要尊重他们,感谢他们,感激你从中学习到的,感激你的成长,你要真诚的告诉他们,现在两人在一起已经不太合适了,希望给双方自由。所以,安排时间来约会,邀请他们一定要赴约,告诉他们这次约会是为了沟通这段恋情的结局。告诉他们你欣赏他们的地方,告诉他们你想感谢他们,你意识到为了自己的成长两人应该分手,寻求自己的发展。这个时刻不应该打击他们,而是应该表示对他们的感激和感谢,好聚好散。Thanks for watching How To Break Up With Someone You Love感谢收看“怎样和你爱的人分手”视频节目。 Article/201210/203714

It was too late for Louis to play the reformer.路易再想扮演改革者就已经太迟了Years of erotic self-indulgence, along with failed wars多年荒淫糜烂的生活 失败的战争and bungled diplomacy,及笨拙的外交政策had cemented his subjects#39; opinion of him,早已使民众确信他是a bad king and a bad man.一位不称职的国王和一个坏人Louis XV, towards the end of his reign, is sunk in vice,路易十五 在他执政后期积重难返and the people of Paris and the courtiers巴黎民众和大臣are all very well aware that he has, somehow,都或多或少了解taken the path of personal pleasure 他沉迷于个人享乐and not been a very successful king.没有多大的建树和功绩His reforms are falling flat,他的改革落空he#39;s got a mistress who is, frankly,他找了一名情妇 坦白说not of courtly rank,并不是一名贵族and he#39;s simply not kingly.且他也不再如国王般受人尊敬On top of it all, on Easter Sunday, 1774,之外 在1774年的复活节星期日The Abbe Beauvais,神父韦the most eloquent sermoniser at the court of Louis XV,路易十五时期最能言善辩的布道者makes this devastating sermon.做了一场灾难性的布道 Article/201206/185303

Coming Attractions: June 15 - 21Here's a rundown of the best films, plays and concerts giving you an array of exciting choices during your free time.Movie adaption of classic stage show Ma Lan Hua is a classic stage show for Chinese children. It's about a magic flower that helps those who are brave. Now, an animated version is y to open in late June. The star-studded voice line-up featured singers Kenji Wu, Valen Hsu, and Wen Lan. The show has enjoyed enduring popularity for some fifty years. The animated feature will be released on June the 19th. The big screen version retains the original storyline and its promotion of values like industry, courage, tolerance, and fortitude. Article/200906/74317

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