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顺德新世纪医院在哪佛山市南海区第七人民医院前列腺炎多少钱In 2008, Chinas government added an entry to the list of conditions classified as mental illnesses: ;Internet addiction.; According to numerous reports in state-run media, Chinas young people were spending too much time in Internet cafes, ignoring family or work to play online games into the wee hours, sometimes neglecting to eat, drink, or sleep, and endangering their own health.2008年,中国政府增加了一个归类为精神疾病的条目:;网瘾;。据大量官方媒体报道,中国的年轻人花太多时间泡在网吧里,不顾家人和工作玩网络游戏到凌晨,有时甚至不吃,不喝,不睡眠,严重危害了自己的健康。Anxiety about addiction to screen time gave rise to a dubious new line of businesses: boot camps, often run by ex-military personnel, promising to help wayward youth kick the habit. But investigative reports p ublished in recent days by Beijing News and the Mirror reveal abusive conditions, leading to the death of at least one student, at the Zhengzhou Boqiang New Idea Life Training School, which billed itself a s an Internet-addiction recovery camp in eastern Henan province.对于网瘾的焦虑导致了一个定位模糊的新行业的出现:网癖训练营,由退伍军人管承诺帮助青少年戒除网瘾。但由新京报与镜报在近日发表的调査报告中显示,在郑州林伯强新思路生活训练学校(该学校声称自己是河南省东部的一个网瘾康复营)中存在虐待的情况,至少一名学生死亡。A 19-year-old girl, referred to as Guo Lingling (this may be a pseudonym), was allegedly struck and kicked repeatedly by her so-called instructors after failing to ask permission to go to the bathroom. An autopsy report showed she died from skull injuries and brain damage.死者是一9岁的女孩,被称为郭玲玲(这可能是化名),据称她未经许可去卫生间后被所谓的导师反复拳打脚踢。验尸报告显示,死亡原因是因为颅骨受伤和脑损伤。When her mother came to the school to collect Guos remains, other students gave the grieving woman tt r names and phone numbers, asking for her help in contacting their own parents to get them out of the bo t camp. One of the practices of the facility, which aimed to ;reform; behavior through fear-based trainin g and harsh discipline, was to limit students contact with the outside world.当她的妈妈来到学校整理她的遗体时,其他的同学把自己的名字和电话号码给了这个悲伤的女人,要求她联系自己的父母,让他们脱离这个网瘾训练营。网瘾训练营其中一种实践方法就是限制学生与外界接触。它是通过基于恐惧的培训方式和严苟的纪律来“纠正”学生行为的。Local educational authorities have since revoked Zhengzhou Boqiang New Idea Life Training Schools license and launched an investigation into its record. Hauntingly, the schools website remains online, replete with photos of students in camouflage uniforms performing drills and attending what the site labels ;wonderful lectures.;当地教育主管部门已经撤销了郑州林伯强新思路生活培训学校的执照,并展开了备案调查。学校的网站仍然在线,网站上充满了迷装学生在表演训练的照片;精讲座;的网站标签。来 /201503/363196佛山市中医院禅城高新区医院男科 BEIJING/OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada is set tofinalize a deal with China to return ill-gotten assets seized from those suspected of economic crimes, the official China Daily reported on Monday, as Beijing works to track down corrupt officials who have fled overseas.北京/渥太华(路透社)——加拿大将和中国签订协议以归还经济犯的非法所得,《中国日报》周一报道,中国现在正致力于抓捕逃亡海外的腐败官员。China has vowed to pursue a search, dubbedOperation ;Fox Hunt,; beyond its borders for corrupt officials andbusiness executives, and their assets.中国已经开展了“猎狐行动”以抓捕逃亡海外的腐败官员和企业经理人以及他们的财产。But Western countries have balked at signing extradition deals with China, partly out of concern about the integrity of its judicial system and treatment of prisoners. Rights groups say Chinese authorities use torture and that the death penalty is common in corruption cases.但是西方国家在与中国签订引渡协议上犹豫不前,部分原因是对中国司法的公正性以及对犯人的对待上存有担忧。人权组织称中国当局使用折磨手段,而且在腐败案中判处死刑是很普遍的。With the deal, Canada, one of the top two destinations for suspected economic fugitives from China, would become the third country to agree to help Beijing deal with such offenses, following offers this year from France and Australia.一旦签订这个协议,作为中国经济犯最常去的两个国家之一,加拿大将成为第三个帮助北京遣返经济犯的国家,前两个是于今年签订协议的法国和澳洲。The agreement will cover ;the returnof property related to people who would have fled to Canada and would have been involved in corrupt activities,; the China Daily reported Guy Saint-Jacques,Canadas ambassador to the country, as saying in an interview.《中国日报》援引加拿大驻中国大使的话说,这项协议所涵盖的财产将包括“打算潜逃加拿大的腐败分子的财产”。China and Canada announced the deal in July2013, but both countries are still in the course of ratifying it.中国与加拿大013月宣布了这项协议,但是两个国家仍然还处于批准这个协议的过程中。Canadas Public Safety Ministry, which oversees the agency that handles deportation cases, said authorities had expelled 1,766 Chinese nationals from Jan. 1, 2011 to Nov. 7, 2014.监管驱逐案件机构的加拿大公共安全部称加拿大当局已经011号到20141号间驱逐了1766名中国公民。Although the vast majority were sent back for minor offenses such as over staying a visa, 70 had committed serious crimes and a further seven had engaged in organized crime. The ministry did not give more details.尽管大部分被遣返的都是因为一些小的罪行,比如签过期,但其中70人犯有严重罪行,还有另外7人涉及有组织犯罪。该部门没有给出更多的细节。Canada has a policy of not sending people to countries where they might face execution.加拿大的政策是不把人遣返回可能面临死刑的国家。来 /201412/348870佛山哪些医院看泌尿外科好?

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