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尚志市妇女儿童医院是市级医院吗哈市第二人民医院有无痛人流术吗哈尔滨怀孕了三个月做微管人流好吗 Todd: Hey Ruth, hows it going?托德:嗨,鲁斯,你最近过得怎么样?Ruth: Fine, thank you. Im fine. How are you?鲁斯:很好,谢谢你。我很好。你呢?Todd: Good. Now Ruth, I was noticing that you are eating raisins.托德:很好。鲁斯,我注意到你在吃葡萄干。Ruth: Thats right yes.鲁斯:没错,是的。Todd: What is it with the raisins? You always have raisins!托德:葡萄干怎么样?你一直在吃葡萄干!Ruth: I really like raisins. Theyre so nice. Theyre so practical because you can take them anywhere. Its not like if you take other fruits with you: they squash and they bruise but raisins are so handy and they come in a little packet and you can always have fruit with you.鲁斯:我非常喜欢葡萄干。它很好吃。而且也很方便,你可以带着去任何地方。与其他水果不同,如果你要带别的水果,那它们可能会被挤扁,会有伤痕,但是葡萄干不会,因为它方便携带,装在小袋子里带着就随时可以吃到水果了。Todd: Thats a pretty good point there actually but still, I mean, all the time? I see you with raisins every day!托德:这点非常好,不过我是说一直。我看到你每天都带着葡萄干!Ruth: I eat raisins every day. I really like them.鲁斯:我每天都吃葡萄干。我非常喜欢它们。Todd: Dont you get sick of them? I mean eating them every day?托德:每天都吃你不会吃腻吗?Ruth: I dont ever get sick of things like raisins or broccoli for that matter. I could never get sick of it.鲁斯:我对葡萄干和花椰菜这种食物从来不会厌烦。我从来不会吃腻。Todd: Well thats strange. What about grapes? Because you like raisins do you like grapes?托德:这真奇怪。那葡萄呢?既然你喜欢葡萄干,那你喜欢葡萄吗?Ruth: Actually I prefer grapes. Grapes are probably my favourite fruit but theyre not practical. You cant carry them around with you and theyre heavier and theyre more expensive as well. Raisins are cheap.鲁斯:实际上我更喜欢葡萄。葡萄是我最喜欢的水果,但是并不方便携带。你不能一直带在身上,它们又重又贵。葡萄干很便宜。Todd: Have you ever noticed that grapes, at least when I eat grapes, my mouth gets a sensation (not the taste) but something about the texture of eating grapes: my mouth gets a sensation that no other food gives me?托德:不知道你有没有注意到,不过我每次吃葡萄的时候,嘴里都会有种感觉(不是指味道),而是指葡萄的口感:我嘴里会有一种其他食物给不了我的口感。Ruth: Yeah thats true. I dont know why that is. Do you think thats because its slightly acidic maybe?鲁斯:没错。我不知道原因。你认为那是因为葡萄略带酸性吗?Todd: Ah, could be.托德:嗯,可能吧。Ruth: I dont know but I like it.鲁斯:我不知道原因,不过我喜欢。Todd: Yeah, grapes are great. Actually where Im from in California its a big producer of raisins.托德:是啊,葡萄太好吃了。我来自加利福尼亚,那里是葡萄干的主要产地。Ruth: Oh yeah thats right and you can get raisins in little red boxes cant you?鲁斯:对,没错,你可以买到装在小红盒子里的葡萄干,对吧?Todd: Yeah. The thing is, I love raisins but not just plain. Eating raisins just doesnt do it for me but I love raisins in my cereal. And I love raisin bran. Best cereal ever made.托德:对。实际上,我喜欢葡萄干,不过不是普通的那种。我并不喜欢吃葡萄干,可是我喜欢在麦片里加葡萄干。我喜欢葡萄干小麦片,那可是最棒的麦片。Ruth: I really like it too.鲁斯:我也喜欢。Todd: And I love raisins in cookies and raisin b.托德:我喜欢葡萄干饼干和葡萄干面包。Ruth: I dont think Ive ever had raisin b.鲁斯:我想我没吃过葡萄干面包。Todd: What? Youre like a big raisin fan. And youve never had raisin b?托德:什么?你这么喜欢葡萄干,你却没吃过葡萄干面包?Ruth: I dont think so. Is it like a teacake?鲁斯:我想是的。和茶叶饼干类似吗?Todd: No, its just like a sweet b with raisins in the middle.托德:不是,就是中间夹有葡萄干的甜面包。Ruth: No, Ive never had that.鲁斯:我没吃过。Todd: You are deprived!托德:你太落伍了!Ruth: Obviously!鲁斯:显然是这样的!Todd: Well Ill find some raisin b and Ill give it to you.托德:我会去买些葡萄干面包给你。Ruth: Oh youre a star, thank you.鲁斯:哦,你太贴心了,谢谢你。 译文属 /201411/344542哈尔滨医科大学附属第二医院电话号码是多少

哈尔滨红十字医院专家预约1.Can I take it through security? 这个可以通过安检吗? /201408/323864哈尔滨妇科医院在线咨询 The first time I moved to Poland I wanted to live with a foreign family so that I could learn Polish language. I went to live with couple in their seventies whose children had moved away from home. They started treating me like a second daughter.我第一次来到波兰,我打算和波兰家庭住在一起,这样我能学习波兰语。我和一对70多岁的老夫妇住在一起,他们的孩子已经搬离他们了。这对老夫妇对到我如亲生女儿一样。At first it was really fun because theyd encourage me to speak and theyd act everything out for me, including my landlords experiences during the Second World War in Poland, where hed stand up and perform, but after awhile it got a bit wearing becuase when I was out the house he would go into my bedroom and start picking up my dirty underwear from the floor, all he used to leave on the bookshelf for me. He would also go into the bathroom, take my underwear off the line and hang it outside so it would smell fresher.一开始我们相处得很好,他们鼓励我和他们交谈,他们什么都告诉我,包括房东在二战时期的经历,而且他会站起来表演。但后来他们有些让人受不了,当我不在的时候,房东会进我的房间,从地板上捡起我穿脏的内裤,并按照他的习惯都放在书架上。他还会到卫生间,把我的内衣拿到外面晒,这样我的内裤闻起来会更清新。Sometimes he would cook for me, which is great up to a point, because I got to taste some real Polish home cooked food. But when he decided that I really was his long-lost-daughter and started chopping my egg for me and then trying to feed it to me I began to feel that maybe it was starting to get time to move out.有时候,他会为我做饭,这点我很喜欢,因为这样我能尝到波兰真正的家常菜。但当他意识到我是他未来长期的“女儿”的时候,他就为我包鸡蛋,然后喂我吃,我开始觉得也许是时候我该搬走了。He would also invite me into the living room so that I could watch the Polish TV and improve my language and then spend half the television show prodding me and getting me to speak to him in very fast Polish. He was very kind to my friend Kathy when she came over to stay, but unfortunately he wanted me to translate his thoughts on the Polish economy from very fast Polish into English and the same time she was asking me to translate her ideas on English Cricket to Polish. None the less, it was an experience I would not have missed! 他还会邀请到他的房间看波兰电视来帮助提升我的语言能力,鼓励我和他用波兰语快速地交谈。在我邀请我的朋友Kathy来做客的时候,他十分友好,但很不幸的是,他要我把他对波兰经济的想法从语速很快的波兰语翻译成英文讲给我的朋友,同时要求我把Kathy关于英国板球的描述从英语翻译成波兰语讲给他。不管哪件事,多于我来说都是不能忘怀的经历。注:译文属原创,,。 /201210/204004黑龙江省阳光图片

南岗区人民医院人流收费标准William: Hello, Im William Kremer and this is The English We Speak.威廉:大家好,我是威廉·克莱默,这里是地道英语节目。Wang Fei: Hi there. Im Wang Fei.王飞:大家好。我是王飞。William: So, Wang Fei, today is 3 May.威廉:王飞,今天是5月3日。Wang Fei: Yes.王飞:是啊。William: Do you know what 3 May is?威廉:你知道5月3日是什么日子吗?Wang Fei: Hmm… a Tuesday?王飞:嗯……星期二?William: Yes, its a Tuesday, but its not just any Tuesday. Today is World Press Freedom Day. This is the day that the ed Nations has chosen to highlight the importance of a free press around the world.威廉:对,就是星期二,不过并不是指所有的星期二。今天是世界新闻自由日。今天是联合国选定的日子,用来突显全世界新闻自由的重要性。Wang Fei: A free press. So, newspapers that are free to write anything they think the public need to know and TV news that can report anything?王飞:新闻自由。那报纸可以自由的报道他们认为民众需要知道的事情吗?电视新闻也可以报道任何事吗?William: Yes they can report anything, including things that look bad for the government! Scandals.威廉:是的,他们可以报道任何事,包括那些对政府不太好的事情!可以报道丑闻。Wang Fei: A scandal, so something very bad that damages someones reputation.王飞:丑闻,就是非常糟糕的事情,它会损害某人的名声。William: Exactly. And one of the most famous scandals from American history is the Watergate scandal of the early 1970s.威廉:没错。美国历史上最著名的丑闻之一就是上世纪70年代早期发生的水门事件。Wang Fei: Watergate… that was why President Nixon had to resign wasnt it?王飞:水门事件……那就是导致尼克松总统辞职的丑闻吗?William: Exactly, yes, because he was shown to have lied to the American people and basically obstructed the course of justice. The whole thing started when five men were arrested for breaking into an office block called Watergate. This was where the Democratic Party had their headquarters. Later on, the men were linked to the campaign to re-elect President Nixon, who was in the Republican Party.威廉:完全正确,因为他对美国人民说谎,而且阻挠了司法公正。事件的起因是五名男子因闯入名为水门的办公大楼而被捕。这座大楼是民主党的总部。之后,这些男子被发现和共和党总统尼克松的连任有关系。Wang Fei: Well, this is very interesting but what has it got to do with The English We Speak, William?王飞:嗯,这非常有趣,不过威廉,这和地道英语节目有什么关系?William: Well, because Watergate was such a massive scandal, Wang Fei, the word -gate is now sometimes used as a suffix to suggest that something is a scandal. So, to give you an example from last year, when Gordon Brown was trying to get re-elected as British Prime Minister, he was overheard calling an old lady a ;bigot;–a very strong word for somebody who is intolerant and close-minded. Anyway, this was a big scandal and it came to be known in the media as bigotgate.威廉:因为水门事件是大规模的丑闻,王飞,单词-gate现在用作后缀,用来形容某件事是个丑闻。给你举个例子,去年戈登·布朗试图寻求连任英国首相,有人听到他称一名老妇人是“偏执者”,这是一个非常强烈的词,用来形容某人偏执而且思想封闭。不管怎么样说,这是一个大的丑闻事件,媒体称之为“偏执门”。Wang Fei: Bigotgate. That sounds almost a little bit funny.王飞:偏执门。这听起来有点好笑。William: Yes, youre right. I think using -gate on the end of a word can make it seem a little humorous. This term -gate is used more in the USA, but another recent example from the UK is Climategate–that was when some emails and other documents from a university in England led to people asking questions about the way that scientists researched climate change. Climategate.威廉:你说得对。我想在词的后面加上后缀-gate听上去会有一些滑稽。后缀-gate在美国应用的更广,不过近期英国发生了“气候门”丑闻,英国某大学的一些电邮和文件被公开,这使人们质疑科学家研究气候变化的方法。这就是气候门。Wang Fei: So, can we use -gate in normal English conversation too?王飞:那-gate这个后缀也能用在一般的英语对话中吗?William: Yes, you can–if you want to make a joke. Listen to this:威廉:是的,可以,如果你想开玩笑的话。来听这个例子:Man A: Have you seen Mark recently?男A:你最近见过马克吗?Man B: Mark–he hasnt spoken to me since beergate!男B:马克,啤酒门之后他就不跟我说话了!Man A: Beergate? What do you mean?男A:啤酒门?你什么意思啊?Man B: We had a big argument because I said Mark never bought a round of beer in the pub! He got very upset and went home.男B:我们大吵了一架,因为我说马克从来没在酒吧请我们喝过啤酒!他非常难过,然后就回家了。Wang Fei: So in that example, the speaker coined the word beergate to describe an argument about paying for beer!王飞:在这个例子中,说话者创造了啤酒门这个词来形容因为付啤酒钱而爆发的争吵!William: Yeah, which is obviously very silly. But of course, this suffix -gate is used in very serious situations too. And it was thanks to members of the free press, including the Washington Post journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, that the public came to know about Watergate.威廉:对,显然这非常傻。不过当然,-gate这个后缀也用在非常严肃的场合中。多亏新闻自由组织的成员,《华盛顿邮报》的记者鲍勃·伍德沃德和卡尔·伯恩斯坦,公众才了解了水门事件。Wang Fei: Yes. Check our website this week for more information and learning English programmes about World Press Freedom Day. Goodbye.王飞:好的。大家可以在本周浏览我们的网页了解更多有关世界新闻自由日的信息并学习英语节目。再见。William: Bye!威廉:再见! /201407/312927 Your august father is my friend.(误译)你父亲八月份成为我的朋友。(正译)令尊是我的朋友。augustadj. 威严的;令人敬畏的n. 八月(简写为Aug)1. father n. 父亲,爸爸;神父;祖先;前辈vt. 发明,创立;当;的父亲I see you are a proud father.我看得出来你是一个自豪的父亲。The grieving father helps to solve the mystery.悲痛中的父亲帮助解决了谜团。2. old man 情人;丈夫;老头子;父亲After the old man died, his children found that his will was invalid.这位老人死后,他的子女们才发现他的遗嘱是作废的。The old man cherished the girl as if she were his daughter.老人很疼爱那女孩子,就像亲生女儿一样。3. male parent [农学] 父本;父亲In the Great Lakes area, mother gulls are sharing nests and raising eggs together because their male partners hae forgotten how to parent.在北美五大湖区,雌海鸥正共同分享巢穴和下蛋因为它们的伴侣忘记了如何抚养。Chinese chive used as male parent showed some incompatibility when crooned to onion and Japanese bunching onion, which required longer time for pollen tube to penetrate entire style.韮菜为雄亲与葱及洋葱杂交有不亲和现象,花粉管虽能伸入,但生长速缓慢。4. pater n. 父亲Highest grade was of Pater (father) under Saturn.最高级别就是土星之下的佩特(父亲)级别。He wrote and told the pater I was an immoral young dog and corrupting his house.他写信给我父亲,说我是只堕落的小,败坏了他的门风。 /201203/176033哈尔滨市立医院做人流多少钱哈市妇女儿童医院是三甲医院吗



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