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It was when Murray marched south and wallace moved north to meet here on the Forth at Stirling当默里向南进军时 华莱士引军北上 他们在弗斯河畔的斯特林会师the key to Scotland that a chaotic wildfire uprising turned into a major military compaign.成为苏格兰战争的关键 它使得凌乱的星星之火 汇成了燎原的烈焰On the eve of the battle of Stirling Bridge,Wallace told the English We are not here to make peace,在斯特林桥之战前夜 华莱士传信给英国人 我们不是为和平而来but to do battle and to liberate our kingdom.而是要为王国的自由 浴血奋战The Scots gathered on the Abbey Craig Bridge.苏格兰士兵聚集在艾比科莱克桥Below, a narrow wooden bridge led to the castle and to the English脚下是一座狭窄的木桥 通向城堡和里面的英国人Wallace allowed about half of them to cross the fragile structure,enough for his forces to deal with.大约一半的人马被华莱士派去 穿越这脆弱的建筑 他觉得这些兵力足够了And so they did, rushing down from their perch, through the woods,and into the English ranks.他们没让人失望 从高处直冲下来 穿过树林 直抵英格兰军队驻扎地Wallace, on foot, with a great sharp sword,goes amongst the very thickest of his foes.华莱士 手提锋利的宝剑 徒步冲锋陷阵 奋勇杀敌The Scots vanquished the savage English,whom they put into mourning for death.苏格兰战士击溃了野蛮的英国人 他们在哀嚎中死去Some had their throats cut by swords,others were taken prisoners, others drowned.利剑刺穿了他们的喉咙 有些人做了俘虏 剩下的则被溺死One, the hated English taxman Cressingham, was skinned,His fat body made into a belt for Wallaces victorious sword.一个招致民愤的英国税官克莱斯汉姆被剥皮 他的臭皮囊被制成剑带 佩在华莱士的胜利之剑上 /201610/474376。

Sorry, guys! Do you ever have those days when you just dont have the energy to do all that much?对不起,小伙伴们!你们曾经有过做什么都没力气的时候吗?And when you do move, you move really slowly?当你动时,却动得很慢?Well, thats pretty much what every day is like for a sloth.好吧,这种状况和树懒的日常活动很类似。Sloths are the slowest mammals on Earth.树懒是地球上行动最慢的哺乳动物。Just how slow are they? Well, it can take a sloth up to an entire month to travel a single mile on the ground.到底有多慢呢?树懒花费整整一个月的时间,才在地面上挪动一英里。But thats OK, because sloths spend most of their lives in trees,但是,没关系,因为树懒一生中的大部分时间都花在树上,where they can move just a little bit faster.在树上,它们可以移得快些儿。Their powerful arms and curved claws let them move easily from branch to branch它们强有力的上臂和带钩的爪子能让它们在美洲中部和南部的雨林in the rain forests of Central and South America, where theyre from.树枝间自由移动,它们来自那里。Sloths are identified by the number of these claws that they have on their front feet.树懒是以它们前足上爪子的数目来分类的。There are two-toed sloths and three-toed sloths.它们分为二趾树懒和三趾树懒。But good luck actually spotting a sloth swinging through the trees—幸运的话,我们可以看到树懒在树间荡秋千。these guys spend very little time moving, and a whole lot of time sleeping and eating.但是这些家伙很少花时间运动,大量的时间都用来睡觉和吃东西。Sounds sort of boring, doesnt it? Wrong!听起来有点儿无聊,不是吗?你错了!If you ask me, sloths are super cool.如果你问我的意见,我会觉得树懒非常聪明。Theyre not lazy—theyre just really good at conserving, or saving, their energy.它们并不是懒,只是非常懂得保存或者说节省能量。Their diet of leaves and bark doesnt provide them with a whole lot of nutrition,它们吃得树叶和树皮不能为它们提供很多能量,so they need to save as much energy as they can.因此它们需要尽其所能地节省能量。One way sloths manage to conserve their energy is by keeping their food in their bodies for as long as possible.树懒设法储存能量的方法之一就是让食物在体内停留尽可能长的时间。Sloths have big stomachs that can hold a large amount of food.树懒们的胃很大,可以储存大量的食物。While it might take you or I just a few hours to digest our breakfast,也许你我只需要花几个小时就能消化早餐,it can take a sloth 30 days to digest a single leaf.但树懒却可以花30天的时间来消化一片树叶。Since they digest their food so slowly, sloths dont get a lot of energy very quickly from their food,因为它们消化食物的速度太慢了,所以不能通过食物快速地获得大量的能量,but they also dont use a lot of energy to break it down.但同时它们也不需要消耗大量的能量去分解食物。Plus, because their stomachs work so slowly, they dont need to go to the bathroom as often as we do.此外,因为它们的胃工作得很慢,它们也不需要像我们一样经常上厕所。In fact, one of the few times that three-toed sloths come down from the trees is for their weekly potty break.事实上,三趾树懒每周也偶有几次从树上下来稍作休息。Once a week! Thats it!一个星期一次!是的!Another weird way sloths conserve energy is by having a naturally low body temperature.它们保存能量的另一种特殊方法是低体温。If our body temperature changes more than three degrees, it probably means that were sick.如果人类的体温上下波动超过三度,那可能意味着我们生病了。But thats not so for the two-toed sloth.但对于二趾树懒来说不是这样。It has the lowest body temperature of any mammal in the world—it can dip as low as 30 degrees Celsius.它是世界上所有哺乳动物中体温最低的,可以低到30摄氏度。Most mammals, including us, have body temperatures of 36 degrees Celsius or higher.大多数哺乳动物,包括人类,体温都是36摄氏度甚至更高。After all, it takes a lot of energy to keep your body warm.毕竟,保持体温需要消耗大量能量。So when sloths arent active, most of time,所以,大部分时候,树懒不动时,their bodies just automatically switch into low-energy mode, and their body temperature drops.它们的身体会自动调到低能耗模式,体温也会随之下降。The last weird way that sloths save energy is my personal favorite.树赖最后一个节省体能的奇怪方法是我自己最喜欢的。Three-toed sloths are the only mammal that can rotate their heads almost all the way around their bodies, like owls do.三趾树赖像猫头鹰那样,是唯一一种可以几乎全方位旋转头部的哺乳动物。This is because they have more vertebrae, or bones in their neck, than other mammals do.这是因为它们和其他哺乳动物相比,有更多的脊椎骨或者颈骨。This cool trick helps them look for food and keep an eye out for predators without having to go anywhere or do anything.这种很酷的技巧能帮助它们寻找食物,时刻小心捕食者的行动,而不用去任何地方或做点什么。They can just hang out, and twist their heads around, observing the world around them.它们只需要躲起来,转动它们的头,观察周围的世界。So sure, sloths are slow—but not because theyre lazy.所以可以肯定,树赖行动缓慢不是因为懒。Theyve just adapted to a nice, mellow, low-energy lifestyle that works out well for them.它们只是适应了一种成熟低耗能的良好生活方式,这对它们来说很有用。Theyre basically the ultimate energy-saving machine!它们基本上可以称作终极节能机器!Thanks for joining us on SciShow Kids! Im Jessi, this is Squeaks, and well see you next time.感谢收看儿童科学秀!我是杰西,这是Squeaks,我们下次再见!201706/515308。

In 1258, in the very hall that defined his majesty, Westminster,1258年 就在亨利加冕的威斯敏斯特教堂里seven of the most powerful barons confronted the king.七位位高权重的男爵挑战了国王的权威Fully armed, they paused only to leave their swords outside.他们全副武装 只有卸剑的时候稍事停顿They demanded that Henry meet them at a parliament in Oxford and stop trying to turn his European dreams into reality.他们要求亨利前往牛津参与议会 并且放弃统一欧洲的梦想The barons were led, in all but name,by the most improbable revolutionary, in all of British history Simon De Montfort.实际上 男爵们的首领 发动了不列颠史上最离奇的革命 他就是西蒙·德·蒙德福特Here at Kenilworth, he presided over a little empire of culture.在凯尼尔沃思 他曾创办过 一个小小的文化帝国A French aristocrat who inherited the earldom of Leicester,这个世袭了莱斯特伯爵爵位的法国贵族Simon became convinced that he was more English than the English.坚信自己比真正的英国人更像英国人What was good for De Montfort was good for the nation.德·蒙德福特的利益就是这个国家的利益Love him or hate him,everyone knew that Simon De Montfort was a man with a mission.无论爱戴还是憎恶 人人都知道西蒙·德·蒙德福特 肩负着重大的历史使命That mission, embarked on with his fellow barons,was to bring the wayward, self-glorifying monarchy to book,这一历史使命 得到了他男爵同僚的持 就是要求任意妄为 狂妄自大的君主制to make it the servant, not the master of the realm.为民务 而不是独揽大权At Oxford, amidst wildfire rumours, a camp of soldiers,and the growling hunger of a famine,在牛津城 谣言四起 军备森严 哀鸿遍野Henry III was treated to the emasculation of his sovereignty.亨利三世不得不削弱自己的王权 /201610/470613。

The man accused of crashing into a group of bicyclists in Michigan is now facing multiple murder charges. 在密歇根被指控开车撞向一群骑自行车人的男子现在面临多重谋杀控告。Police say Charles Pickett Jr. was behind the wheel of the pickup truck that crashed into a group of nine cyclists. The Kalamazoo County prosecutor charged Pickett with five counts of second-degree murder and four counts of reckless driving.警方称,查尔斯·皮科特驾驶着小型货车撞向九个骑自行车的人。卡拉马祖县检察官以5项二级谋杀罪和4项粗心驾驶罪控告皮科特。The crash Tuesday evening killed five and injured the other four cyclists. Three of the injured are in serious condition, and the fourth is in fair condition. 周二晚上的事故造成骑自行车中5人死亡,另有4人受伤。伤者中3人伤势严重,第四人情况尚好。In the 30 minutes before the crash, area police agencies received multiple calls reporting an erratic driver in a blue pickup truck. 在事故前30分钟,地区警察机构接到多个电话,举报一辆蓝色小型货车司机开车不守规则。The bicyclists were part of ;The Chain Gang; that took weekly 30-mile bike rides. They were just five miles into this weeks ride when the truck crashed into them from behind. 骑自行车的人属于“链条帮”,每周骑行30英里。当货车从后面撞上他们的时候,他们只骑行五英里路程。译文属。201606/448485。

Several years earlier, he had a very old magazine article几年前,他从一本老杂志上看到了一篇文章by one of the most famous early dinosaur hunters.内容是关于一种最著名的早期食肉恐龙I an article by Brown.我读了一篇Barnum Brown写的文章The article was basically about his experiences in southern Alberta.主要是讲他在南亚尔伯的经历In that article is basically a one-liner, which suggests that he found somewhere文章中有一行提到它在某个地方发现了where there was a lot of tyrannosaurs remains in one single bone bed.一片埋着很多暴龙骨骼的化石场Currie realized this might be the multiple-carnivore bone bed he had been looking for,Currie意识到这个早已被遗忘的地点可能就是他一直在寻找的食肉恐龙群化石场a place which showed that several tyrannosaurs had lived and died together.一个能明很多暴龙一起生活和死去的地方Buried in the pages of National Geographic for over 80 years,但是由于在《国家地理》杂志中尘封了80多年the reference to the bone bed site had long been forgotten.化石场的资料早已被人们遗忘I got really excited. I knew that this was a really special site.我真的非常兴奋,我很清楚,这是一个很不寻常的地点And I felt that we had to refind this site.我觉得我们应该找到它It wasnt a matter any more that there was a bone bed that we might find. I had to find that site.不管还有多少化石场等着我们去发现,我必须找到这个地方Although finding this site had become crucial, there was a problem.虽然找到这个特殊地点非常重要,但却有一个很大的问题Barnum Brown had never written down where the site was.Barnum Brown并没有写明地址He died, taking the secret of its location to the grave.他去世之时也把这些秘密带进了坟墓This is one of Barnum Browns field books.这是Barnum Brown的一本记录本,There arent too many of these, just because Barnum Brown didnt take any notes.他有很多这种记录本,但大部分都没有用,因为Barnum Brown并没有记下些什么All it is is just a list of specimens and field numbers.你只要看看这本里面只列举了一些标本名称和数据Theres not much about his activities, about the geology of particular localities,涉及他活动的内容并不多,没有多少详细的地质描述except that the rocks were grey, or it took him three days to get a specimen out.只是说岩石是灰色的,诸如此类的话,或是说他花了3天才挖出一块标本Unlike a lot of paleontologists of his time, or even today, he wasnt much of a note taker.他和许多同时代的,甚至是现在的古生物学家不太一样,他不是很喜欢做记录201612/482205。

Russian President Vladimir Putin condemned U.S. missile strikes on a Syrian air base Friday, saying it ;dealt a serious blow to Russian-U.S. relations.;俄罗斯总统普京谴责周五美国导弹袭击叙利亚空军基地,称其严重打击俄美关系。The U.S. fired almost 60 Tomahawk missiles at an air base in Homs late Thursday. The missiles were launched from two U.S. Navy destroyers in the Mediterranean Sea. At least six people were killed.周四晚上,美国向霍姆斯一空军基地发射60枚战斧导弹。这些导弹是从地中海的两艘美国海军驱逐舰发射的。至少六人死亡。The strike was in response to what is believed to be a major chemical weapons attack in Syria earlier this week that killed more than 80 people. The Trump administration says Syrian President Bashar al-Assad ordered the attack.本周早些时候,叙利亚遭到重大化学武器袭击造成超过80人死亡,此次袭击是对此的回应。特朗普政府称叙利亚总统巴沙尔·阿萨德下令攻击。But in a statement, the Kremlin said Syria does not have chemical weapons.但在一份声明中,克里姆林宫称叙利亚没有化学武器。A spokesperson said Putin sees the U.S. strikes ;as an act of aggression against a sovereign state delivered in violation of international law under a far-fetched pretext.;一位发言人说,普京认为美国的袭击是以牵强的借口违反国际法对主权国家的侵略行为。Iran, who along with Russia is a major Syrian ally, was also critical of the U.S. strikes. 伊朗同俄罗斯一样是叙利亚的主要盟友,同样批评美国的袭击行为。The U.S. has received support from many other countries, including Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Japan, Australia, Israel and the U.K. 美国已经得到许多其它国家,包括沙特阿拉伯,土耳其,日本,澳大利亚,以色列和英国的持。译文属。201704/502786。

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201608/458598。