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青羊区妇幼保健院割包皮多少钱成都华西是私立的还是公立的四川八院网上咨询 India#39;s airline industry is a mess. Taxesare sky-high, infrastructure is poor and profit margins are razor thin. Astring of carriers have gone out of business, and many others are struggling to stay afloat.印度的航空业非常混乱。税收奇高,基础设施落后,利润空间又非常稀薄。已经有好多航空公司破产,剩余的好多航空公司艰难生存。Yet the big winners might beprice-conscious consumers -- and any carrier strong enough to survive the pricewars that have made India the cheapest place to fly on Earth.然而,最大的赢家可能就是对价格保持警觉的消费者了,而那些在价格战中生存下来的航空公司让印度成为了世界上飞行票价最低的地方。Consider this: In India, airlines charge anaverage .20 to travel 100 kilometers, according to a survey by Go Euro. Air travelers in China pay twice as much to go thesame distance, and Brazilians pay four times more. Even India#39;s rail lines demand a higher price per kilometer.考虑一下以下的事实:在印度,航空公司100公里的收费平均是10.2美元,这是GoEuro机构调查后得出的数据。而在中国,相同的距离可能要付两倍的价格,在巴西可能要超过四倍。即使是印度的铁路票价也比机票来得昂贵。The airlines would like to charge more, but they are locked in a race to capture market share -- sometimes operating flights at a loss. Even Air India, the state-owned recipient of seemingly endless bailouts, offers fares that would be more suited to a budget airline.当然,航空公司肯定想提高票价,但是他们为了争夺市场份额正在进行价格战,以至于有时候都亏损了。即使是经常接受政府救助的国有的印度航空公司所提供的票价都让人觉这是一家廉价航空公司开出的票价。Helped along by pricing chaos, private carrier Kingfisher Airlines has gone out of business. The government was forcedlate last year to rescue SpiceJet, the country#39;s third largest carrier.由于定价混乱,私人的翠鸟航空公司已经倒闭。印度政府去年不得不救助该国第三大的香料航空公司。In total, Indian airlines have reported accumulated losses of more than billion in the last seven years and thereby increased their cumulative debt burden to billion, according to a recent report by industry analytics firm Center for Aviation.总之,印度航空公司在过去7年里总共损失了100多亿美元,所以他们的累积债务负担已经达到160亿美元,这是行业分析公司航空中心最近的一份报告所得出的。Yet as with many sectors in India, optimismis creeping in around the edges. Funds from foreign investors have provided aboost, and analysts hope that newly-elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi will push through meaningful reforms.然而,和印度的很多行业一样,印度航空业开始变得乐观起来。外国投资者的资金提振了印度航空业,而分析家们也希望新当选的莫迪能通过有意义的改革。The potential for rapid growth is hard toignore. India#39;s cities are rapidly growing, and middle-class consumers have money to spend on luxuries like air travel.显然快速增长的潜力还是不容忽视的。印度城市在快速发展,中产阶级有能力进行奢侈品消费,比如坐飞机。Anurag Bhatia, Executive Director of Bird Group, a provider of aviation services to India#39;s biggest airports, believe sairlines have a long way to go before tapping the true potential of the market.印度最大机场的航空务供应商BirdGroup的行政董事AnuragBhatia认为在航空市场的潜力得到真正开发之前航空公司还有很长的路要走。;There are 25 to 30 million people that use airplanes in India, whereas there are nearly 300 million that canactually afford to travel but don#39;t because of unavailability of flights or the lack of airports,; he said.“印度有2500-3000万人坐飞机,而有3亿人有能力去旅游,但由于航班和机场的缺乏,导致人们无法出行,”他说。 /201501/354629龙泉驿区流产哪家医院最好的

成都看男科哪来好四川成都妇女医院妇科专家 Dieters have long sworn that grapefruit helps them lose weight。长期以来节食者们一直信誓旦旦地宣称葡萄柚有助减肥。 Now, scientists are beginning to believe them。如今科学家们也开始相信他们的论断。A study has found that drinking grapefruit juice when eating fatty food lowers the amount of weight put on by up to a fifth。一项研究表明食用油脂食物时饮用西柚汁最多可以减少五分之一的增重。The research also suggested that grapefruit could be as good as prescription drugs at keeping blood sugar levels under control – a key part of managing diabetes。该研究还指出,在维持血糖处于正常水平方面,葡萄柚可与处方药媲美,而这正是控制糖尿病病发的关键。The experiments were conducted on mice – but researchers say the results justify studies on humans. Professor Joseph Napoli, of the University of California, Berkeley, said: ‘We see all sorts of scams about nutrition. But these results, based on controlled experiments, warrant further study of the potential health-promoting properties of grapefruit juice.’虽然试验对象为老鼠,但研究人员表示结果仍适用于人群。加州大学伯克利分校的约瑟夫·那不勒斯教授说:“我们看过形形色色有关营养品的骗局。但这些控制试验的试验结果已经向我们明,我们有必要对西柚汁提高人体健康方面的潜力作进一步的研究。”The Grapefruit Diet, also called the Hollywood Diet, dates back to the 1930s and has a host of celebrity fans including singer Kylie Minogue. It involves having grapefruit or grapefruit juice with every meal while cutting back on calories。葡萄柚减脂法也称好莱坞减脂法,最早可追溯到20世纪40年代,受到歌手凯莉·米洛等众多好莱坞明星的热烈追捧。那时人们便开始通过每餐食用葡萄柚或饮用西柚汁减低卡路里。The researchers found that when the mice were fed fatty food for three months, those given grapefruit juice to drink gained up to 18 per cent less weight than those given water。研究人员发现同样食用了三个月油脂食物的老鼠,与只喝水的老鼠相比,喝过西柚汁的老鼠的增重仅为前者的82%。They also had lower blood sugar and insulin levels – despite eating the same number of calories and doing the same amount of exercise as the mice who drank water. In fact, grapefruit juice was as good at controlling insulin as the widely used diabetes drug metformin, the journal PLOS ONE reports。不仅如此,后者的血糖指数和胰岛素指标也相对较低,尽管其卡路里摄入量和运动量与前者没什么区别。据科学公共图书杂志报道,实际上,西柚汁在控制胰岛素方面的作用也不亚于广泛使用的糖尿病药物二甲双胍。However, the fruit juice only had an effect on weight when the animals ate fatty food.The researchers said they did not know how grapefruit stops the pounds from piling on。但实验中只有在老鼠食用油脂食物时饮用西柚汁才对减肥有效。研究人员表示他们也不知道为什么葡萄柚能够阻止脂肪的形成。The British Dietetic Association said the fruit now needs to be thoroughly tested in humans to see if it could help with weight loss and stem the rise of obesity and diabetes。英国饮食健康协会声称,还需在人体上进行大量试验,以判断葡萄柚是否真的有助于减肥,是否真的能够阻止肥胖和糖尿病的产生。Spokesman Mariette Abrahams, a dietician, said until then it is too early for people to try grapefruit diets. ‘Grapefruit should be part of a healthy balanced diet, but it shouldn’t be the focus of the diet,’ she said。反对此做法的代表饮食专家玛丽埃塔·亚伯拉罕曾表示,至少在当时,把食用西柚当作减脂良方还为时过早。“ 食用葡萄柚可以作为健康均衡饮食的一部分,但不能成为节食菜单的主要部分,”玛丽埃塔说道。 /201507/386123四川第二人民医院无痛人流要多少钱

江油市人民医院地址7.The Weeping Woman Of Sudetenland7.苏台德哭泣的妇女This photo of a weeping Sudeten woman is one of the most controversial photographs of World War II. It was also a propaganda tool used by both the Allies and the Nazis. The photograph was taken in Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia, in October 1938 after the city was captured and annexed by Germany just before World War II officially began. The photograph shows a weeping Sudeten woman raising one of her arms to salute the invading German troops while the other hand holds a handkerchief over one of her tear-filled eyes.这张记录苏台德哭泣妇女的照片是二战期间最受争议的照片之一。同盟国和纳粹都将其作为宣传之用。该照片摄于1938年10月,地点是(前)捷克斯洛伐克(Czechoslovakia)的苏台德,彼时正值二战爆发前夕,德国刚刚攻破并殖民这座城市。照片里这个哭泣的苏台德妇女抬起一只手向德国侵略军致敬,另一只手拿着手帕擦拭热泪盈眶的眼睛。The photograph appeared in different newspapers in different countries with different captions. It was first published by a German newspaper, Volkischer Beobachter, which said that the Sudeten woman was so overjoyed by the advancing German soldiers that she could not hide her feelings. In the ed States, one newspaper said that the women could not hide her misery as she ;dutifully; saluted Hitler.这张照片出现在不同国家的不同报刊上,并被附上了不同的解读。第一个发表该照片的是德国一家报社《人民观察报》(Volkischer Beobachter,纳粹党报),报道称这个苏台德妇女看到列队前行的德国战士无法掩饰自己激动不已的心情,喜极而泣;而美国一家报社则称该妇女难掩内心苦楚,却又不得不;忠诚地;向希特勒挥手致敬。6.The Weeping Frenchman6.垂泪的法国人In the summer of 1940, German soldiers rolled into Paris, marking the defeat of France and the beginning of ;Les Annee Noires; also known as ;The Dark Years.; By the time the German soldiers began moving in, the French government had aly abandoned the city and fled to Bordeaux in southern France, which was their last stronghold. The exact date the picture was taken is disputed. While it originally appeared in 1941, it is believed to have been taken in 1940. The man in the picture is believed to be Monsieur Jerome Barrett, who was crying as the flags of France made their way through Marseilles on their way to Africa.1940年仲夏,德军攻入巴黎,标志着法国战败,也象征着;黑暗时代;(译注:;Les Annee Noires; 也被称为;The Dark Years;)的到来。德军开始进攻之前,当局政府早就已弃城逃亡,撤退到法国南部的波尔多市(Bordeaux),那是他们最后的据点。该照片的拍摄日期尚未明确。它于1941年初次亮相,但人们却认为这张照片应是摄于1940年。法国沦陷之后,国旗经过马赛被运送至非洲的法属殖民地,照片中正为此事悲泣的男人应该是杰罗姆·巴雷特先生(Monsieur Jerome Barrett)。The defeat of France during World War II was shocking as well as disappointing. Prior to the war, it was believed that France had the best army in the whole of Europe. After France fell to Germany, Adolf Hitler insisted that the documents to acknowledge the surrender of France must be signed in the Compiegne Forest, inside the same railroad car Germany had signed the documents of its own surrender in at the end of World War I. The railroad car was aly in a museum, but it was removed and taken to the forest so the documents could be signed.二战中,法国的战败令人胆战心惊而又失望至极。战前的法军曾是欧洲公认的最骁勇善战的一军队。法国战败后,阿道夫·希特勒坚持要把签订法国投降书的地点安排在贡比涅森林(Compiegne Forest)中的一节列车车厢内。因为一战结束时,德国曾作为战败方在这节车厢里签订了投降书。当时这节车厢已然为物馆所收藏,但还是被搬回森林以举行投降仪式。5.The Gadget5.;小玩意;号原子弹The atomic bombs that went off over Hiroshima and Nagasaki are sometimes said to be the first nuclear weapons. Actually, the two bombs weren#39;t the first—they were just the first nuclear weapons deployed to kill and destroy. The first atomic bomb ever made was the Gadget (photograph above). It was completed and tested weeks before two other atomic bombs went off over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The test, called Trinity, was carried out at the Alamogordo Bombing and Gunnery Range, known today as White Sands Missile Range, in New Mexico.人们往往将两颗投放于广岛、长崎两市的原子弹视为第一代核武器。事实上,它们仅仅是;第一代;用于战争的核武器。;小玩意;(the Gadget, 见上图)才是原子弹的鼻祖。早在这两颗原子弹投放之前,;小玩意;(the Gadget)已经成功研制并顺利通过测试。该测试名为;三位一体核试;(Trinity),于新墨西哥州(New Mexico)的阿拉莫戈多导弹靶场(Alamogordo Bombing and Gunnery Range)进行。该靶场即如今的白沙导弹靶场(White Sands Missile Range)。The bomb was placed on a forest service watchtower 30 meters (100 ft) tall. Three bunkers were constructed 9,000 meters (29,000 ft) away from the tower so that the impending explosion could be observed. In the early hours of July 16, 1945, the Gadget went off. The resulting explosion sent shock waves through the desert, vaporizing the tower and producing a gigantic mushroom cloud 12,000 meters (40,000 ft) high. It produced a flash brighter than 10 Suns. The flash was so bright that it was seen in all of New Mexico and parts of Arizona, Texas, and Mexico. The heat produced was so severe that observers 16 kilometers (10 mi) away compared it to standing in front of a ;roaring; fireplace.该枚原子弹放置于一座高30米(100英尺)的林务局瞭望塔内。距离塔身9000米(29000英尺)处建有三个掩体,旨在观测将要发生的核爆炸。1945年7月16日凌晨,;小玩意;(the Gadget)爆炸了。爆炸产生的冲击波穿越了整片沙漠,整座瞭望塔瞬间化为虚无,一朵高为12000米(40000英尺)的巨型蘑菇云直冲天际。爆炸瞬间产生的亮光远超10个太阳散发的光亮。整个新墨西哥州(New Mexico)连同亚利桑那州(Arizona)、德克萨斯州(Texas)及墨西哥州(Mexico)部分地区都能看到亮如白昼的光芒。爆炸同时释放出极高的热能,根据离爆炸点16千米(10英里)远的观察员描述,他们当时仿佛置身于一个;熊熊燃烧;的壁炉前。4.The Warsaw Ghetto Boy4.华沙的犹太小男孩We#39;ve aly talked about the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, when Jews in Warsaw, Poland, launched a 10-day revolt against German soldiers. The Jews knew quite well that they would be defeated, but they didn#39;t want to give up without a fight. ;The Warsaw ghetto boy; is the name given to a young Jewish boy, not more than 10 years old, who was arrested by German soldiers in the ghetto after the uprising had been crushed. The unidentified boy#39;s hands were raised in the air while a German soldier pointed a machine gun at him. Although the photograph is one of the most circulated images of the Holocaust, no one knows who the boy is or what happened to him.我们都知道华沙犹太人起义(Warsaw Ghetto Uprising),当时波兰华沙的犹太人发动起义,与德军对抗十天之久。犹太人知道起义肯定会失败,但是他们不想连一次反抗都没有就这样坐以待毙。;华沙犹太小男孩;指的是一个不满十岁的犹太小男孩,他在那次起义失败后被德国士兵抓进了;犹太区;。照片中,这个身份不明的小男孩双手举起,一名德国士兵拿瞄准了他。尽管这张照片是大屠杀时期流传得最广的照片,但是依然没有人知道他是谁,也没人知道他发生了什么。Some sources say he was gassed to death at Treblinka camp, while others say he survived. In 1999, a man named Avrahim Zeilinwarger contacted an Israeli museum saying that the boy was his son, Levi Zeilinwarger, who was gassed to death in a concentration camp in 1943. In 1978, an unnamed man contacted the Jewish Chronicle saying that the boy was his son. In 1977, a woman named Jadwiga Piesecka claimed that the boy was Artur Dab Siemiatek, who was born in 1935. In 1982, a New York ear, nose, and throat specialist claimed that he could be the boy, although he himself doubted it. While he was arrested in Warsaw, he had never been to the ghetto. Besides, he was arrested on July 13, 1943, months after the picture is said to have been taken.一些消息说他在特雷布林卡集中营(Treblinka camp)被毒气杀死,也有人说他活了下来。1999年,一个叫亚伯拉罕(Avrahim Zeilinwarger)的男士联系了以色列物馆,说这个小男孩是他的儿子利瓦伊(Levi Zeilinwarger)已于1943年死于集中营的毒气室。1978年,一位不知名的男士联系犹太纪事报(Jewish Chronicle)也说小男孩是他的孩子。1977年,一位叫雅德维加(Jadwiga Piesecka)的女士声称这个小男孩叫阿特(Artur Dab Siemiatek),出生于1935年。1982年,一位纽约耳鼻喉专科医生说自己很可能就是照片中的小男孩,不过他也不是很确定。虽然他也曾在华沙被捕,但从来没有在犹太区待过。此外,他是在1943年7月13号被捕的,比这张照片拍摄的时间晚了几个月。审稿:Freya然 校对:CMX /201507/385025 A young woman went to her doctor complaining of pain .有名年轻女子去看医生,怨忿地说着她的病痛。;Where are you hurting?;asked the doctor.医生问她:“你哪里痛?”;You have to help me,I hurt all over;,said the woman,女子说:“你一定要帮帮我,我全身痛。”;What do you mean ,all over ?;asked the doctor,;be a little more specific.;医生问说:“什么意思呀,全身?讲更明确一点吧”The woman toughed her right knee with her index finger and yelled,这名女子用她的指碰触右膝,痛得直叫;;Ow,that hurts.;Then she toughed her left cheek and again yelled,“哎唷,那里好痛呀。”然后她碰触左脸颊,又痛得直叫:;Ouch!That hurts ,too.”Then she toughed her right earlobe ,“哎呀,那里也好痛呀。”然后她碰触右耳垂,她哭喊说:;Ow,even THAT hurts ,she cried.“哎呀,连那里也好痛呀。”The doctor checked her thoughtfull for a moment and told her his diagnosis,;You have a broken finger.;医生体贴地替她检查了一会儿,然后把诊断结果告诉她:“你的手指断了啦。” /201503/361473四川妇保医院几点开门四川成都市三院可以做人流吗



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