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This would be bad enough on its own这简直糟透了but if the melt water is also causing the glaciers to accelerate into the sea,it could have very serious consequences.如果融化的冰水促使冰河加速流入大海 将产生非常严重的后果There seems to be no doubt that Greenland#39;s ice毫无疑问,格陵兰冰层is moving and changing faster正在加速流动和变化than we ever conceived of even five years ago.比我们五年前预测的要快得多What#39;s more, because this process continues every summer,更重要的是,每个夏天这个过程都在加剧the whole ice cap loses elevation1整个冰帽的损失提高which means it#39;ll be sitting in warmer temperatures将会导致温度的进一步升高and that, of course, means more melting,当然,这就意味着更多冰层的融化more of these moulins and so an even faster demise.更多的冰川锅穴产生冰层更快的消亡And it isn#39;t only Greenland#39;s ice that#39;s under threat.而且不仅只有格陵兰冰层正处于危险中Around the world, it#39;s the same story.全世界都是一样的This is the Columbia Glacier in Alaska.这是阿拉斯加的哥伦比亚冰河LikeJakobshavn, this is a fast moving glacier that ends up in the sea.类似雅各布港,冰河快速的流入大海It#39;s about a mile and a half wide and about half a mile thick.冰河宽三千米,深五百米But just 20 years ago, it was nearly twice as thick.可二十年前是现在的两倍深 Article/201510/406899宜宾市第一人民医院检查看妇科炎症病多少钱Somewhere inside of every raindrop is a tiny impurity a touch of salt,a speck of soot,a grain of clay- that#39;s absolutely crucial to the raindrop#39;s existence.In fact,without these microscopic pieces of dirt,there would be no rain,because water vapor can#39;t condense into droplets on its own.每个雨滴里都藏着一些小杂质。一丁点盐。一点点灰。或是一粒泥沙。杂质是雨滴形成的决定性因素之一。事实上,没有这些小杂质,就没有雨,因为水蒸气仅靠自身无法凝结成水滴。Which is kind of weird,because water molecules like each other if they didin#39;t,they wouldn#39;t cling to each other like this!And in the air,vaporized water molecules collide and stick together all the time but they also break apart all the time,thanks to bond-breaking heat energy.Only when the air cools down past a certain point-called the dew point-does this breaking-apart slow down enough for little clusters of water molecules to grow into droplets.这很奇怪,因为水分子明明很相亲相爱,要不,它们不会像这样互相抱成团!空气中,汽化的水分子时刻发生碰撞凝聚,但与此同时,由于断键热能的作用,它们也时刻发生分散。只有在空气冷却到特定温度————即霜点温度————才能令断键过程减缓到可以让一小撮的水分子凝结成水滴。But actually,that#39;s only true if the cluster is big to start with.If it#39;s too small,its surface is so curved that the molecules on the outside have few neighbors to bond to,which makes them easy to break off,so the cluster as a whole has higher chances of losing molecules than gaining them,even below the dew point.但事实上。只有当这撮水分子足够多时,才能凝成水珠。如果数量太少,那么由于表面凹凸不平,位于表面的水分子可以结合的邻里就很少,这会使它们很容易脱离群体,因此即使使温度低于霜点温度,这堆水分子丢失伙伴的概率还是大于凝聚的概率。Which means that up until that critical size,a cluster#39;s odds of shrinking are much better than its odds of growing.Unfortunately,that critical size is 150 million molecules.And while there are millions of five-molecule clusters in a golf-ball sized volume of air at dew point,odds are that only one of those clusters will grow to a size of ten.也就是说,在达到临界体积之前,这团水汽缩小的几率远大于增大的几率。不幸的是,这个临界体积是1.5亿个分子。在霜点温度下,一个高尔夫球体积大小的空气中存在无数由5个分子组成的水汽团,其中只有一个水汽团最终能聚到10个分子。And you#39;d need a golf ball of air ten million miles across to find one 50 moleculd cluster!Which,basiclly ,means that clusters of water molecules never get to 150 million on their own.Fortunately,they don#39;t have to they can start off at that critical size by condensing onto one of the badjillions of little pieces of dirt floating in our atmosphere,and then grow and grow until they#39;re a droplet in a raincloud.一个直径一千万英里的空气球里,只有一个水汽团能凝聚到50个分子那么大!也就是说,仅凭水分子自身无法聚到1.5亿个分子。幸运的是,它们无需孤军奋战,它们可以将附着到大气中的尘埃上作为,最终凝聚到临界体积的起点,不断凝聚,直到变成雨云中的一粒小水滴。So,ultimately,it#39;s these little pieces of dirt,surrounded by water,that make life possible on our big piece of dirt surrounded by water.因此,正是这些被水分子包裹的小尘埃,成就了我们这颗被水所覆盖的宇宙大尘埃————地球。 Article/201506/378043成都市子宫肌瘤医院栏目简介:How new technologies can change the way we live at home? Some of the latest products of this field are being shown at this year#39;s Consumer Electronic Show, or CES Asia. The new technologies will bring you a new home that is safer, cleaner and more convenient to your life. Wu Ying has more... Article/201703/492626None of these opulent culinary inventions could have been created without ample seasoning and the primary spice would have been pepper.这样丰富的菜单自然离不开大量的调味品,而当时最主要的香料便是胡椒。Why has this particular spice remained so constantly attractive? We asked the author and academic Christine McFadden about the importance of adding a bit of pepper to your recipe:为何这种香料具有如此持久的吸引力呢?我曾询问过作家克莉丝汀麦克法登在食物中加入胡椒的重要性:;As an early twentieth-century French chef said - no other spice can do so much for so many different types of food, both sweet and savoury. It contains an alkaloid called piperine, which is responsible for the pungency, and what it does to the body is ... it promotes sweating, which cools the body, which is essential for comfort in hot climates. It also aids digestion, it titivates the taste buds and makes the mouth water. And the other thing-there is research which suggests that it might be a factor in transforming the chemical energy we get from food into what is called heating energy, so in other words, it keeps us warm.;人们对胡椒的欲望永无止境,甚至为了它大动干戈。每一份罗马食谱的开头都是:“把胡椒放进…”一位二十世纪早期的大厨认为,没有别的哪种香料能为如此众多的食物提味,不管甜咸,都能搭配。它含有一种名为胡椒碱的生物碱,能给人辛辣的口感,让人大量出汗,从而降低体温,使人在炎热的天气里感觉舒适,同时也能促进消化,剌激味蕾,促进唾液分泌。而其他物质,有研究表明可能是一个因素将我们从饮食中获得的化学能转换成所谓的加热能源,换句话说,为我们保暖。The closest place to Rome where pepper actually grew was India, and so the Romans had to find a way of sending ships to and fro across the Indian Ocean and then carrying their cargo overland to the Mediterranean. Whole fleets and caravans laden with pepper would travel from India to the Red Sea, then across the desert to the Nile. It was then traded around the Roman Empire by river, sea and road. This was an immense network of trade; complicated and dangerous, but highly profitable. Here#39;s Roberta Tomber again:离罗马最近的胡椒原产地是印度。罗马人让货船往返于印度洋上,将货物运抵地中海。整商队满载着胡椒从印度来到红海,然后穿越沙漠到达尼罗河岸,再通过河路,陆路到达罗马帝国。这一贸易网络关系复杂危险,但利润奇高。罗伯塔补充道:;We have Strabo in the first century AD saying that 120 boats left every year from Myos Hormos-that#39;s a port on the Red Sea-to India.斯特雷波称,一世纪时,每年都有120艘船从港口米奥斯-霍密斯前往印度。 Article/201502/360827绵阳那个医院看女性不孕好

简阳市妇幼保健医院官方网攀枝花市中心医院不孕不育科TED演讲者们对这个世界各抒己见。 Article/201505/375928在这令人愉快的谈话中,哲学家杨·达拉利奥(Yann Dall#39;Aglio)探讨我们对温柔的普遍寻索,并谈论温柔与那日渐专注于个体世界中的暖昧关系。事实上,爱情这东西比你想象的简单得多。这是一个关于当代爱情的聪慧,有趣思考 Article/201410/335417绵阳哪个医院治输卵管堵塞好成都不孕不育什么医院好

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