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成都不孕不育检查项目多少钱四川省成都市第十医院产科A: I've been looking a swimming pool, but I haven't found one yet.B: We have no pool, sir, but we do have swim stations in our gym.A: Swim stations? Could you be a little more explicit?B: You know how you run on a tmill but don't go anywhere? Well, it's the same thing.A: Gee, that's a great idea. Now, how much do I have to pay?B: The stations are absolutely free to guests, sir.A: Great! Now, when can I go down there and use the stations?B: The swim stations are open daily from 7 a.m. to p.m.A: Boy, oh boy! I can't wait to change into my swim trunks.B: Be warned, sir. At certain hours the swim stations are very crowded. 39广元市不孕不育 眉山市妇幼保健院治疗宫颈糜烂多少钱

成都省妇幼保健院男科怎么样8.Would you please complete this registration m?请您填写一下这张登记表,好吗?9.Could you please put your nationality there,sir?先生,请将您的国籍写在这0.May I ask you to put your name in block capitals?请用大写字母写您的名字好吗?1.What’s your occupation,please?请问您的职业?.What’s your address in your native country,please?请问您在本国的地址? 3.Could you sign your name,please?请您签一下名,好吗?.I’ll need your signature. 我需要您的签名5.Sign here,please. 请在这签6.Would you put your signature here,please?请您在这签一下名,好吗?7.May I see your passport,please?我可以看看您的护照吗?8.Have you got any identification?您有什么可以明您身份的吗?9.Here is your key,hope you enjoy your stay in our hotel. 这是您的钥匙,祝您住店愉快0.Could you please put your key on the Reception Counter when you are out the sake of safety?为安全期间,请您在外出时把房间钥匙放到接待台来好吗?1.Could you keep your room key until you check out?请您在住点期间自己保管钥匙,直到离店.The porter will show you to your room.行李员会领您去您的房间的3.Your room number is 5. on the fifth floor. 您的房号是5房,在5楼.The porter will take your luggage and show you the way. 行李员会为您提行李,并为您领路5.I’m afraid your room is not y yet. Would you mind waiting,please?We are very sorry the inconvenience. 恐怕您的房间还没有整理好,希望您不会介意在这里等一下,给您带来的不便真对不起6.Our check-in time is noon,I’m afraid we have no vacant rooms now. would you mind waiting until then?我们登记入住的时间是中午点,恐怕现在没有空房,烦请您等到那是好吗?7.Untunately,we are fully booked tonight,would you like me to get you a room in another hotel?很抱歉,我们今晚的房间已全部订满,我帮您联系另外一家酒店,好吗?8.Please wait a moment,I have to check if there is a room available. 请稍等,我要查一下看是否有空房间可以出租9.As a hotel policy,we require one day’s room charge as a deposit guests without reservation. 饭店规定没有预订的客人入住需交一天的房费押金0.The room rate is 5 per day including % service charge. 房费是每天5美元,包括%的务费1.Room-to-room calls can be made from your room,please dial room number directly. 在房间内可拨打房间与房间的电话,请直接拨号.Half-day room rate will be charged if you check out after :00 noon. 如果您在中午:00点以后退房将加收半天房费3.Full-day room rate will be added if you check out after 6:00pm.如您在下午6点以后退房将收全天房费.No additional charge is required children under sharing parent’s room without extra bed. 岁以下儿童与父母同床不收加床费5.All reservation are held until 6:00pm unless guaranteed or inmed earlier,as a hotel policy. 饭店规定,除保类预订或提前预订外,其他预订均保留房间至预订日当天下午6点6.Rates are subject to change by the hotel management without a prior notice. 饭店房价若有变更,恕不另行通知7.We have special corporate rates certain commercial s. 我们对某些商业团体实行特别价格8.Please show me your passport or some other identification. 请让我看一下您的护照或其他能明您身份的件9.I’m due to check out tomorrow,but I’d like to extend my stay by two or three days. 我应该明天离店,但我想延长两至三天离店 1993青羊区中医院看男科 Just when we thought the world largest indoor theme park was hard to top, Dubai proves us wrong yet again.本以为刚刚开放的世界最大室内主题公园已经是无可匹敌,然而迪拜再次实力明我们错了Its latest jaw-dropping megaproject is a tropical rainest in a skyscraper hotel -- another world-first the emirate.其最新一项惊天大工程是在天酒店里打造热带雨林--迪拜的又一个世界第一The 7,000-square-meter rainest will be part of the upcoming Rosemont Hotel and Residences Dubai, one of the properties under Hilton luxury independent brand Curio -- A Collection by Hilton.这个面积达7000平方米的雨林将是迪拜罗斯蒙特酒店及公寓的一部分该酒店隶属希尔顿旗下的奢华自主品牌CurioThe complex, expecting to welcome its first guests in 18, consists of two 53-story-high towers including a 8-key hotel and a 0-room serviced apartment tower.该酒店预计于18年开业迎宾,由两座53层高的塔楼组成:酒店塔楼可提供8间客房,公寓塔楼则拥有0套酒店式住宅;Our client concept was to create a very unique destination the city of Dubai, and also to create a project that would be a destination itself, with every possible leisure and entertainment amenity inside the hotel,; says DJ Armin, principal architect and managing partner of ZAS Architects Dubai.迪拜ZAS建筑事务所的首席建筑师和管理合伙人DJ·阿明表示:“我们的客户理念是为迪拜打造一家个性十足的酒店,而其建筑本身也要成为亮点酒店将配备你所能想到的一切休闲设施”;As the site wasnt a beachfront location, we looked at how we could create a new type of outdoor leisure space in the city, and also fully integrate nature into the guest experience,; Armin tells CNN.阿明在接受CNN采访时表示:“建筑地点不在海滨,我们着眼的是如何打造新型的城市户外休闲空间,并且要让客人充分体验到自然的乐趣”A rainest was the answer.于是就有了热带雨林方案;Inside the rainest, weve created a landscape akin to a full-scale tropical environment -- complete with adventure trails, a sandless beach, a splash pool, waterfalls, streams and a rainest cafe,; says Armin.阿明说:“我们在雨林中创设的景观完全模拟了热带环境,同时配有探险步道、无沙海滩、嬉水池、瀑布、溪流和雨林咖啡屋”;Technological features include an advanced sensory rain system that creates a 360-degree experience, simulating the sensation of being surrounded by rainfall without actually getting wet.;“先进的感应降雨系统是一大技术特色,它能带来360度全方位体验,模拟身处雨中的感觉又不会真的淋湿”Sensors control where the rain will fall depending on where people are detected. Water will be collected, stored from condensation and recycled to create a humid environment similar to a tropical rainest.感应器可以依据检测到的人的方位,控制降雨地点而水将通过冷凝的方式收集、储存并回收再利用,以营造类似热带雨林的潮湿环境The project is still at an early stage, but it appears the rainest will be open to the public as well as hotel guests.该项目尚处于建设初期,而建成后,雨林有可能将同时向公众和酒店客人开放 6737绵阳哪家医院治输卵管积液

成都第六人民医院在线咨询5.Excuse me.对不起.Excuse me.对不起.Excuse me...请问...Excuse me.对不起.I beg your pardon.对不起.Oh,sorry.喔,对不起.That all right.没关系.Hey!Watch where yourre going!嘿,你到底往哪走!Yes,can I help you?是的,需要帮忙吗?May I help you?我可以帮你吗?One moment,please.请稍待一会.Excuse me...(Yes,can I help you?)对不起......是的,需要帮忙吗?Excuse me...(May I help you?)对不起......我可以帮你吗?Excuse me.(One moment,please.)对不起......请稍待一会.Excuse me.(Excuse me.)对不起.对不起.Excuse me.(I beg your pardon.)对不起.对不起.Excuse me.(Oh,sorry.)对不起.喔,对不起.Excuse me.(That all right.)对不起.没关系.Excuse me.(Hey!Watch where youre going!)对不起.嘿,你到底往哪走! 7 成都女性孕前检查必查项目成都第二医院检查白带多少钱



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