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Hi, I am expert communication trainer, Dan O#39;Connor. And this week I#39;m going to give you three magic phrases that you can use to instantly boost your confidence when you need to present an idea, make a request, and so much more. You know, many of us, when we walk into what we know is going to be, maybe a challenging communication situation, we lack confidence, because we simply do not have the tools. And this week, what I am going to give you are three magic phrases as I said, and these are going to be what we call ;navigational phrases.;嗨,我是专业沟通训练师, Dan O#39;Connor。而这周我要带给你能用来快速提升自信的三句神奇短语,当你需要表达一个构想、提出一个要求、还有更多其他需求的时候。你知道,我们之中许多人,当我们走进一个我们知道会是怎样的场合,或许是个有挑战性的沟通情境时,我们缺乏自信,因为我们根本没有工具。因此本周,我要带给你们的就是刚刚说的三句神奇短语,而这些就是我们所谓的“引导式短语”。Navigational phrases—you use when it seems as though your message might be going off track to help steer you back on track. We all know that some of us communicate with people who intentionally try to throw our message off track. And when that happens to you the next time, these three magic navigational phrases will be exactly what will get you out of that pickle. They are... Are you y?引导式短语--当你的讯息似乎要偏离轨道时,你用来帮助自己导回正轨。我们全都知道我们有些人会和一些刻意尝试将我们的讯息导偏的人交谈。而当那种事下次发生在你身上时,这三句神奇的引导式短语正好是能让你逃出困境的东西。它们是...你准备好了吗?Magic phrase number one, ;That may be but...; Repeat that, ;That may be but...; Magic phrase number two, ;I understand, however...; Repeat that, ;I understand, however...; And magic phrase number three, ;I see your point, and...; Repeat that, ;I see your point, and...; The way we use this is we couple them with the broken record, and remember that the broken record is different from simply repeating yourself. That might be what some novice communicators do, but not a savvy, polished communicator such as yourself.神奇短语一号:“也许是那样但...”覆诵一遍:“也许是那样但...”神奇短语二号:“我了解,不过...”重复一遍:“我了解,不过...”然后神奇短语三号:“我懂你的意思,但...”再说一遍:“我懂你的意思,但...”我们使用这个的方法是将它们和“跳针(注一)”结合运用,但记得“跳针”和单纯覆诵自己的话不同。那可能是一些新手沟通者做的事,但不是像你这样一个机智、文雅的沟通者会做的事。The broken record is I#39;m going to repeat the exact same word that I used a moment ago, because that sends a very clear signal to the person to whom you#39;re speaking that you are a professional, polished, powerful communicator. And the way we would use these particular magic phrases is like this: for example, let#39;s say that you talk to the scheduler at work, and you say to the scheduler... Now I#39;m saying scheduler rather than boss because I would wanna do a cost-benefit analysis before I might use any communication strategy with my boss.“跳针”是我会重复和我前一刻用过的完全相同的字,因为那会向你正在交谈的人,传递出你是一个专业、文雅、有力的沟通者这样一种非常清楚的信号。而我们使用这些特定神奇短语的方法是像这样:例如,假使说你和工作上的人事管理专员对话,然后你跟专员说... 我现在讲的是专员、而非老板,因为在我可能对我的老板运用任何沟通策略前,我会想先做个利弊分析。But let#39;s say that I#39;m just speaking to the scheduler, and I say, ; Hi, Susan, I#39;d like to request the last week in May off for personal business.; And she would have said to me, ;You just had a week off in January.; Remember, use one of your navigational magic phrases. ;That may be but I#39;d like to request the last week off in May for personal business.; And she might say, ;Asking a lot of time off these days, aren#39;t you?; And I can simply respond, keeping my cool and confidence, by again using that magic navigational phrase, ;That may be but I#39;d like to request the last week off in May for personal business.;但假使说我只是在和专员说话,而我说:“嗨,Susan,因为私人事务,我想要请五月最后一星期的假。”然后她会对我说:“你一月才请过一星期的假。”记得,用其中一个你的引导式神奇短语。“也许是那样,但我因为私人事务想要请五月最后一星期的假。”而她可能说:“最近你请很多假,没错吧?”而我可以仅回答,保持我的冷静和自信,借着再一次使用神奇引导式短语回答:“也许是那样,但我因为私人事务想要请五月最后一星期的假。”And saying things like that three times in a row again sends a very clear message to the person that you are communicating with that, ;Don#39;t test me. I#39;m not one of your rude communicators. I am polished, professional, and prepared.; So we can use this in a variety of circumstances. Let#39;s say that you#39;re presenting an idea, and somebody tries to throw you off track. Somebody throws a car in the wheels of your presentation, and says something like, ;We tried that idea once aly.; Remember ;that may be but; and then keep going with what you say.而像那样连续三次表达事情,再次向你正在对话的人传递一个非常清楚的讯息:“别测试我。我不是你们那种无礼的沟通者之一。我是文雅、专业、且有备而来的。”所以我们可以在各种情况运用这个。假如说你正在表达一个构想,但有人试着让你离题。有人故意妨碍你的发言,并说一些像是:“我们已经试过那点子一次了”的话。记住“也许是那样但...”然后继续你要说的。The savvy, polished communicator is not easily knocked off message, and with those three magic phrases, you can navigate back on horse and stay on the message. So for more of these tips, remember to subscribe to this channel, check out powerdiversity.com, and write us at, write me at dan@powerdiversity.com with any questions you may have.机智、文雅的沟通者不轻易被打断讯息,而借着那三句神奇短语,你可以引回主导位置且继续停留在主要讯息上。想了解更多这些秘诀,记得订阅这个频道、逛逛 powerdiversity.com、并写信给我们,写信给我到 dan@powerdiversity.com 询问任何你也许会有的问题。If your organization could use any on-site training in customer service, eliminating negativity, professional communication skills, give us a call and we#39;ll see what we can do for you. Keep tuning in and make sure to share this with your friends, I#39;ll see you next week.如果你的机构可能会需要任何顾务、减少消极态度、专业沟通技巧方面的现场训练,拨通电话给我们,我们会看看能为您做些什么。别转台,然后务必分享这个给你的朋友,我们下周见。注一:此处 broken record 是“坏掉的唱片盘”,当要用坏掉的唱片盘播放音乐时,常会因为坏轨导致不断跳针,一直重复某一段歌词的状况。此处即是将这种不断重复的“跳针”现象运用到沟通技巧上。 Article/201411/342249。

If I could invent a pill, it如果我能发明一种药物would be a thin pill with no horrible side effects.就发明一种没有可怕的副作用的减肥药I think mine would just have to be a我觉得我会发明general one for any very, very severe illness that people get.一种治愈严重疾病的药Oh, that#39;s nice, that#39;s so much less selfish than me.说的真好 你比我无私多了If I would invent any pill,如果我能发明药物的话it would be something that would cure everything我就会发明一种万能药and it would be called...给它取名叫作..infection curer.感染救星This love of pills is not without good reason.人们对药物的喜爱也是合情合理的They perform miracles on a daily basis,只要每天按时用就能创造奇迹none more so than antibiotics.尤其是抗生素药物I believe they#39;re magic, yes, antibiotics.我认为抗生素是个奇迹I#39;m all for those.我对它完全认同 Article/201503/363648。

A lovely, lovely house.真是漂亮的房子- Were the directions good? - Very good, thank you.-我指的路好找吗 -很好找 谢谢Joe Cordell is a Cronie -乔·科代尔是一个低热量饮食者a calorie restrictor on optimal nutrition.即限制摄入热量同时获取最多营养And that means a lot of fruit and veg.这就意味着摄入大量水果和蔬菜I went ahead and kind of put everything out我提前准备过 已把所有东西都拿出来了because I thought you might want to have some breakfast.因为我猜你可能想要吃点早餐That would be delicious, thank you.一定会很美味的 谢谢你When I imagine a calorie restrictor,每当想到一个低热量饮食者I imagine someone who lives basically我的脑海中总是浮现出一个on a couple of carrots, or something like that.只靠几根胡萝卜之类的食物生存的人I didn#39;t think you#39;d go in for breakfast.我都没想到你会吃早餐Joe kicks off his day with a mountain of fruit,乔的一天从成堆水果开始some of which he then throws away.但其中的有些部分会被他丢掉Then what I like to do is add some apple to it,然后我会加一些苹果but when you#39;re in my position,如果你设身处地地理解我的想法I want to get as much nutritional value as I can for the calorie,我希望在摄入相同热量时得到最多营养and virtually all the nutritional value is in the peel.而事实上营养都贮存在苹果皮里So you#39;re going to slip the peel in所以你是准备把苹果皮加进去and throw away the rest of it?然后把剩下的都扔掉You#39;re going to do the reverse of what most people do.和大多数人所做的正好相反It#39;s great, because这样做很好literally 95% of the nutritional value here...因为事实上95%的营养都在这里面重点解释:1.go ahead 开始;前进例句:Go ahead and do what you like.去吧,喜欢干什么就干什么。2.a couple of 两个, 几个例句:He patched up a couple of old tires.他补了几条旧车胎。3.kick off 开始例句:Are you y to kick off?你准备好出发了吗? Article/201509/398728。

Short Turns 小回转姿态Body position is something I#39;m always looking at because it#39;s so important to your overall performance为了更好地表现,在滑雪过程要关注身体姿态。Get it wrong and it will compromise everything. Get it right and you will make big difference to your turns如果姿势错了,那所有的就都错了。如果姿势对了,那会让你的转弯动作改进不少。In short turn it#39;s important that the upper body stays facing down the hill在小弯滑行中,非常重要的一点是让上身保持面向山下(滚落线)The legs and skis will be working underneath the body while the torso is remaing still只让双腿和雪板在跨下运动,上身保持不动What we need to develop is seperation between upper and lower body你需要体会上下身分离Watch my upper body here, it#39;s facing down the hill while my legs and feet are turning underneath.看我的上半身,一直面向山下,而只有我的下半身(跨部以下)在动。A great way to visualise the seperation is imagine that you had two poles made at rest undermeath your arms一个好方法实现上下身分离,将雪仗夹在双臂下similar to gymnastics parallel bars想象成体操的双杠And upper body is gonna slide and stay still all the way down those poles while legs work underneath the body上半身沿着雪仗的方向滑动但保持稳定,双腿在身下运动Let me show you what I#39;m talking about看我做示范Imagine that the poles are running down the length of the slope想象雪仗沿着雪面向下移动(滚落线方向)My body will follow that line staying straight and level from top to bottom身体沿滚落线保持方向笔直、水平稳定,从顶到底I#39;m going to use these rollers down here to exaggerate the movement在雪包上做这种练习,放大动作幅度I#39;m gonna retract my legs as my feets come under me and extend down again into the trough.在波浪顶收缩双腿,让双脚靠近身体,在波浪底伸展双腿retract收缩extend伸展This is great way to feel these movements combined这个练习可以很好的体会稳定的上身和收腿和伸腿动作body level legs retracting and extending上身水平稳定,双腿收缩、伸展if you can only find one or two rollers to practice on it will still help即使只在少量的雪包上练习,也会很有帮助that may feel like a strange sensation to start with but it#39;s the same movement on a smooth piste刚开始感觉有点不适应,但动作和在平整雪道上是一样的doing short turns and torso remain still and calm and the legs moving underneath.小弯滑行中应保持上身稳定,双腿做动作if you find the poles are getting in the way or adding extra complications如果你觉得雪杖碍事get rid of them and repeat the same movement but keeping the arms nicely in front丢掉它,把手放前伸重复做同样的练习and maybe one less thing to think about这样能集中精神removing the poles will allow your body to stay in a more relaxed and neutral position没有雪杖让你更稳定、放松和自然的站姿remember, hands in front, it will help keep your upper body stable但是要记得,手向前伸才会让你的上身保持稳定once you get your poles back, a good pole plant will help you with rhythm雪杖拿回手里时,正确的点杖会让你保持节奏now you should be able to feel the legs retracting under the body and extending into the new turn现在你应该能感觉到双腿在跨下收起,并随着换刃伸出the upper body staying calm and still and facing straight down the hill上身保持平静和稳定并持续朝向山下(滚落线)let#39;s have a look at some longer turns下一节,让我们来看看如何进行大回转注:本文翻译由en88字幕组完成。 Article/201506/379788。

If you’re still living in the Ice Age—that is, with a non-defrosting freezer—you’ll need these ancient skills.如果你仍然生活在冰河世纪——冰箱没有解冻——那么你需要下面这些古老的方法。You Will Need你需要Cardboard boxes纸板盒Newspaper or cloths报纸或布A pan that will fit at the bottom of your freezer可以放在冰箱底部的平底锅A towel毛巾Steps步骤STEP 1 Empty freezer1.清空冷冻室Remove all food from your freezer and place it in cardboard boxes. Cover them with newspaper or cloths to keep the food from thawing.把冷藏室里所有的食物拿出来,放在纸板盒里。用报纸或布盖上,防止食物融解。If you have a neighbor who can store some items in her freezer, that’s the best way to go. Or plan a feast around your newly-thawed food.如果可以把你的食物暂时放在邻居的冰箱里,那再好不过了。或者用刚刚融化的食物做一顿大餐。STEP 2 Empty trays2.清空托盘Remove ice trays and empty the cubes into the sink. Let them melt down the drain.取下冰块盘,把冰块倒入水槽中。让他们融化后流入下水道。STEP 3 Empty fridge3.清空冷藏室Remove all the food from your refrigerator and place it in cardboard boxes covered with newspapers or cloth.把冰箱里所有的食物取出来,放在盖有报纸或布的纸板箱里。STEP 4 Set to “defrost”4.设置解冻Turn your temperature control to #39;defrost.#39;把温控开到“解冻”状态。If you don’t have a #39;defrost#39; setting, simply unplug your refrigerator.如果没有“解冻”开关,直接拔掉电源插头。STEP 5 Place a pan5.放置平底锅Place a large square pan at the bottom of your freezer to catch the melting water. Empty and replace it as necessary.在冰箱底部放一个大的方形平底锅,用来装融化的水。如果必要的话,倒空,替换。If your unit aly has a pan there’s no need to use another one.如果冰箱里已经有一个平底锅,没必要专门放置一个。STEP 6 Place a towel6.放一条毛巾Place a dry towel underneath the refrigerator to catch melting water.在冰箱下面放一条干毛巾来吸收融化的水。Never use a sharp object to chip away at the ice coating your freezer. This could severely damage your unit.千万不要用锋利的物体刮冰箱表层覆盖的冰,否则会损坏设备。STEP 7 Wash trays7.清洗托盘While the ice is melting, wash and dry your ice cube trays.在冰融化的同时,清洗并干燥冰块托盘。To speed up the melting, put a pan of hot water in the freezer.为了加速融化过程,可以在冰箱里放一盘热水。STEP 8 Chill8.冷冻Return food and newly-filled ice cube trays to the freezer. Then return the food to fridge. Now you’re y to chill.把食物和新装满的冰块托盘放回冰箱里。然后把食物放到冷冻室。然后把食物放回冷藏室。现在冰箱可以开始工作了。Up until the 1920s, when electric refrigerators came into use, people kept their food fresh in ice boxes—literally boxy cabinets that held a huge chunk of ice.20世纪20年代之前,当电冰箱开始使用之前,人们把新鲜的食物放在用冰制成的箱子里——名副其实的用一大块冰做成的箱子。 Article/201502/360319。

How do rovers drive on Mars? First of all there#39;s no joystick for driving a Mars rover,Before a rover ;hits the road;.Engineers send computer commands overnight,Telling it where to go the next day,Depending on how tricky the terrain is Rover drives have two options.探测器如何再火星上漫游?首先,驾驶好奇号可没有操纵杆可用,在好奇号上路之前,工程师会在头天晚上下达指令,告诉它第二天要去的地方,根据地形的棘手程度,驾驶员可有两种选择。They can send a string of specific commands like:Drive forward five meters;then turn right 90 degrees,The rover turns its wheels enough times to add up to five meters,And then turns in place,Or if it looks safe,They can let the rover think on its own,They write commands like:See that rock over there?他们可以发送一条特定的指令比如:向前直行5米,然后右转90度,好奇号开始转动轱辘直到累计达到5米远,然后原地转向,或者在没有危险的时候,他们可以让好奇号自己想法子,他们会给出这样的指令:奇奇,看到那块石头了么?Find your way there safely,Then using two cameras like human eyes,The rover gets a 3D view of hazards,Such as large rocks and steep slopes,After mapping the danger zones,It plots the safest route to avoid them,Either way,Did the rover complete its drive as planned? Engineers double-check when the rover sends back A postcard of its new spot on Mars!自己找条安全的路过去吧,他们使用了如人眼一般的两架相机,好奇号便可以得到一个三维视角,在绘制完有大石头或陡峭山坡,这样的危险区域的地图后,它找出最安全的一条路开避开危险,无论哪种方式,好奇号最后是按计划完成任务了么?工程师会根据好奇号传回的明信片,再次它在火星上最新的位置! Article/201503/364737。

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201509/400094。

原味人文风情:Much like hurricanes with names like Sandy, Dennis, and Katrina, typhoons, which originate in the Pacific, are also named. This may come to a surprise to folks in Japan, who do not refer to typhoons by a proper name at all but instead utilize a numbering system, in which the first typhoon of the year is number one, the second number two, and so on. This numbering system seems to serve the Japanese quite well, but let#39;s look into the more interesting, creative, and official names for typhoons.就像飓风有着珊迪、丹尼斯和卡崔娜这些名字一样,台风,源自太平洋,也有被命名。这对日本人来说可能很意外,他们完全不用专有名称来讨论台风,而是使用一套编号系统,当年度首个台风是一号台风、第二个是二号台风,依此类推。这套编号系统对日本人来说颇管用的,不过让我们来研究一些更有趣、有创意且正式的台风名称。In the year 2000, a system was introduced by the World Meteorological Organization to name typhoons. A pool of 140 names is arranged into five lists—one list for each year. These names are quite diverse as they are supplied by 14 different countries in the Asia-Pacific region, including Cambodia, China, North Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Micronesia, the Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, the ed States, and Vietnam, who each provide 10 names for the list.在 2000 年时,世界气象组织推出一套台风命名系统。总共有一百四十个名字被分成五份名单--每年用一份。这些名字相当多元化,因为它们是由亚太地区十四个不同国家所提供的,包含柬埔寨、中国、北韩、香港、日本、寮国、、马来西亚、密克罗西尼亚、菲律宾、南韩、泰国、美国,以及越南,这些国家各自提供名单十个名字。Unlike the hurricane system of strictly using first names of people, typhoon-naming goes a bit differently. Typhoon names are based on plants, like Rumbia, which is ;palm tree; in Malay; animals, like Usagi, which is ;bunny rabbit; in Japanese; places, like Halong, a scenic spot in Vietnam; concepts, like Lupit, which means ;brutality; in the Philippines; mythological figures, like Wukong, the Chinese Monkey King. And there are some names thrown in there too, like Typhoon Francisco that touched the coast of Japan in October 2013.不像谨循人名的飓风命名系统,台风命名有点不一样。台风的名字是依据植物,象是伦比亚,这是马来语中的「棕榈树」;动物,象是乌莎吉,日文中的「兔子」;地名,象是哈隆,越南的一个景点;抽象观念,象是卢碧,这在菲律宾是「残暴」的意思;神话人物,象是悟空,中国美猴王。也有一些名字被丢进名单里,象是 2013 年十月对日本海岸造成损害的台风范斯高。Now, some confusion does arise in the variety of cultures and languages involved in these name origins. While Mindulle is a cute form of destruction approaching from the sea to the Koreans, to the rest of the world, it#39;s just a long, hard-to-pronounce foreign word. And when typhoons with foreign names come to town, like Typhoon Francisco, people are like, ;Francisco? He#39;s not from around here, is he?;—which is why perhaps going with the simple number system is a bit more understandable.现在,这些名字起源中牵涉到的文化和语言多样性确实引起一些困惑。尽管敏督利对韩国人来说是从海上靠近的破坏王的可爱版,对世界上其他人来说,这就只是一个冗长、难发音的外来字。而当有着外国名字的台风到来时,象是台风范斯高,人们就会这样说:「范斯高?他不是这附近来的,对吧?」--这就是为什么或许接受简单的编号系统会稍微比较好理解一些。 Article/201612/484592。

Every single one unique,每一个兵马俑神态各异believed by some to be modeled on real people.想必是按照真人的模子铸造而成While in China the age of iron forges an empire,正当铁器时代在中国铸造了一个王朝时Off the coast of Africa a fleet sails on an expedition非洲一舰队正扬帆起航That launches mankind#39;s first great age of exploration.人类历史上首个伟大的探索时代拉开帷幕Leading a fleet of 60 ships,率领了六十艘船的Hanno, king of carthage.是迦太基的国王汉诺Adventurer, pioneer.他是个冒险家 也是位先驱者He#39;s on one of the first recorded voyages of discovery,他是有记录以来最早扬帆起航Pushing into the unknown.探寻未知世界的先驱之一Hanno#39;s people are the phoenicians,汉诺的手下是腓尼基人A maritime trading empire腓尼基是一个从事海上贸易的王国With colonies all over the Mediterranean.其殖民地均分布在地中海区域It#39;s made them the best shipbuilders in the world.这让腓尼基人成为了世界上最棒的造船者Their secret: iron.他们造船的秘诀是铁 Article/201509/401011。